you can see my tan line


Repainting Faux-Leather bags/accessories

This is a tutorial of how I made my Weiss Schnee satchel , using a bag I got from Good-Will.(photo of Weiss Schee bag for reference)

Top photo: The supplies you will need for this project.

- Rubbing alcohol( I used 50% because its what I had on hand, but 20-90% should work just fine as well)

 -Cotton balls(number needed variety depending on the size of your bag, I used three for this clutch)

-Paint, in the color’s you want your bag to be(in the photo there is tan, black, silver, pearl, and white, to achieve this look)

-Clean make-up sponges(or paint sponges, up to you)

-This wasn’t in the photo, my apologizes, but a seam ripper and/or scissors will also be needed.

 -Another missing item from my photo is a sealer/finish. I used a liquid mog-podge, in matte finish, but that’s just personal preference.

Photo(s) 2-4: (2)Front view, (3)back view, (4)inside view


1. Remove any piece that are not wanted for your bags look using a seam ripper, such as a zippers, tassels, handles, straps, etc. I would only use scissors if you have to, because you can ruin a piece by cutting the wrong seam.

2. Soak your cotton balls in the alcohol and clean you fax-leather bag completely. Make sure you get all creases, nooks, seam-lines, and over lapping fabric, any oil/dirty left on your piece can ruin your paint job.

3. Apply your first coat. Your paint needs to be either acrylic/leather paint. You will probably need multi-coats of your base if your are changing the color drastically, like from black to white. Use a very opaque color as a base( I used tan because it’s my most opaque color and its a neutral)

4. Keep layering your base coat until you can’t see the original color of the bag, using your sponges. Let it dry from between 10-15 min. in between coats.

5. Once you achieve complete coverage move on to your main color. Layer this color as well until its fully covered, then let dry over night.

6. Once completely dry apply your sealer/finish to your satisfaction/direction of your finish.

Note: Feel free to use painters tape to cover an area that you don’t want painted, such as a clip/decoration.

“I told yeh t’ use the sunscreen.” You couldn’t help but roll your eyes when you heard Harry’s voice from behind you - yet again. 

You liked to take advantage of Harry’s place whenever you slept over, because, well, why wouldn’t you? He had a nice swimming pool, a steaming jacuzzi, and his bed was always super soft and smelled like his cologne. It was definitely a lot better than your dinky little apartment. Your favourite part of staying over at Harry’s place (besides the 24/7 snuggles with him) was the swimming pool. You absolutely had to take a dip in the pool whenever you came over, and whenever you went for a swim, there was Harry, reminding you to slather on some sun lotion. Now, you had never gotten sunburned. In fact, you thought your body was just immune to getting sunburned, but maybe because you rarely went outside to expose yourself to some good ol’ light rays. Because now? 

“I look like a lobster.” You winced as you pressed your finger tips into your cherry-red arm, watching as the white prints slowly faded away. 

“A cute lobster?” Harry offered, reaching over to poke your raw arm. “At least yeh only burned your back… and a little bit of your arms… and a bit on your chest. Actually, I can see the tan lines of your bikin-”

“You’re not making this any better.” You whined, tugging down a bikini strap and gasping lightly at the very visible tan line. 

“I’ve never seen a lobster with a bikini tan line.” 

“Oh, cut it out.” You groaned, turning around and checking if your back was as bad as your front. Spoiler alert: It was worse. 

“Hey, I did offer to rub sunscreen on your back before you went in.”

“You told me to strip down so you could rub it all over my body.” 

“The point is, I offered, and you refused. Plus, if you’d stripped down, the sunscreen would have been applied evenly.” Harry clicked his tongue, shaking his head lightly. “I was jus’ bein’ a good boyfriend!” 

“I know you offered, but you didn’t have to be such a guy about it.” You grumbled under your breath, eyes flickering over to the tub of aloe vera gel Harry found sitting in the very back of the cabinet. (“I don’t even know why you own that. You know I don’t burn!”) “Can you help slather some aloe onto my back? I can’t reach.” 

“Strip down so I can rub it all over your body.” 

“Jesus Christ, Harry.” 


gif isn’t mine!

sometimes i don’t even know what i’m writing

The bikini headcanon was awesome, but now I actually want the reactions of Marco, Benn, Izo, Zoro and Thatch (if it’s not too much, if so, then scratch Izo and Zoro). Could you do this for me? Please. *bribes you with homemade chocolate cake, with dark and white chocolate pieces*            

S/O in a very alluring bikini + their reaction


  • The whole Whitebeard crew was, yet again, chilling at the beach- just having a nice and relaxing time with each other
  • Marco would be sitting on a towel with dem shades on and try to tan in the sun, you know, get a little tan here and there
  • He tried to catch a glimpse of Blamenco after some time, just to see what he was up to, when your figure randomly popped out behind him and….
  • Thank god he had sunglasses on
  • For a split second, his eyes grow twice the size and he might have let his eyes wander down your body for a second too long
  • You wouldn’t be noticing, I mean, he was staring into your direction, but you weren’t so sure, since you couldn’t see his eyes
  • The rest of the day though, you would feel like someone kept staring at you
  • In the evening then, after it got a bit cooler, you decided to take a little walk along the beach, when suddenly
  • lé Marco appears out of fucking nowhere
  • You’d be a bit surprised, but nevertheless very happy to have some alone time with him
  • You were distracting everyone today, yoi.” He just whispers and you smile,
  • “Does that mean, you were distracted as well?”
  • You can see his lips twitch for a second and feel your heart swell at the sight
  • He wouldn’t answer first, just hide his hands in his pocket and lean down to you- him being shirtless btw
  • “I’m always distracted by you Y/N, yoi.”
  • smooth


  • That’s a real man right here
  • The B in Benn stands for beautiful because he’s beautiful from the inside and from the outside
  • When he sees you walking up to him and his crew in a bikini, he smiles - not in a creepy way
  • “You look gorgeous.” and then he gives you a drink because that’s what I call C L A S S Y
  • He doesn’t stare at you, nor does he react in any weird way
  • Benn actually looks out for you and when he sees someone staring at certain parts of your body for a second too long, he just throws a nice heavy arm around them
  • “Get a grip :-)” aka stop or you’ll get p u n c h e d
  • He even throws you over his shoulder and runs into the water with you, just to make you laugh and everything
  • Like??? He’s a real man and such a gentleman and so great
  • I think I’m in love with Benn
  • When the wind starts to become a bit colder, he even stands in the way of it so it doesn’t hit your soft skin
  • Benn even gives you his jacket later on like
  • guys pls why is he so great
  • Get yourself a Benn, honesty


  • Izo would not stare at you at all
  • When he first saw you walking by him in your bikini, he would be surprised and maybe a bit speechless, but he wouldn’t keep looking at you for the whole day
  • He felt like it was extremely disrespectful since you weren’t an object, you were beautiful and should also be treated as such
  • Whenever you went up to talk to him, you noticed him staring into your eyes, without moving the slightest
  • It confused you a bit tbh
  • After several tries to make him look anywhere but your eyes, you just asked him
  • “Izo, are you okay?”
  • He would nod and maybe ruffle your hair a bit
  • then he’d leave
  • You wouldn’t be able to see him for the rest of the day, until you decide to put on a sundress- that’s when he’s suddenly able to talk to you again
  • He acts like nothing has happened and you have no idea why he was acting so weird the whole day
  • Only when you lay in bed that night, you suddenly realise what was going on with him
  • It’s cute, honestly


  • Oh my god
  • “Where are your clothes?! Put on something less revealing!” - “Zoro.. that’s just a bikini..” - “Bikini? You’re walking around in your underwear!!”
  • He is a total mess
  • Cheeks are red, eyes are hiding behind his swords and his words get stuck in his throat
  • On one side it’s really funny, but on the other side it’s.. even more funny
  • Nami and Robin walk around with bikinis as well, but he doesn’t care- it’s just you being in a bikini that makes him go all crazy
  • It gets to the point where he gets a towel from somewhere and just throws it at you
  • “Zoro, stop it!” yeah he doesn’t
  • Even Nami starts to get annoyed with him, so he simply turns around and leaves the group to sit somewhere all alone to take a nap- but, of course, you follow him
  • He sits there like a pouting child and he even mumbles some things that sound like him insulting the cook for staring at you but you’re not sure
  • “Are you against me wearing a bikini, because you can’t stop staring?”
  • Straight to the point
  • Roronoa Zoro? The swordsman? Not being able to get a grip on himself, because of you in a bikini? Hah! What a funny and stupid accusation
  • Too bad it’s actually the truth
  • He doesn’t say anything, but that’s already enough- his silence is saying enough
  • “Everyone else is staring at you in a way I don’t want them to.” He then says through gritted teeth
  • “Well, maybe you should make me yours then. That will make them stop staring.”
  • Oh honey did you just say that? omg smooth


  • “Oh damn..”
  • A man that appreciates a good body when he sees it
  • With good body, he means any body, like he doesn’t care at all how much weight there is or what size you are
  • He might even nod at you like yes
  • Kind of fuckboy- ish now that I think about it
  • But after the first few seconds, he gets a grip and continues his day on the beach
  • Get ready for compliments
  • The longer he stands underneath the sun, the more confident he gets
  • “Y/N, you’re the hottest thing here.”  or “No wonder the ice cream is already melting…” And everyone that heard him just goes… boi what is u doing
  • You think so too, but he’s kinda cute so you just laugh and thank him (kind of)
  • He even gets you a really nice drink, like he made that himself and goes like “It’s called Y/N, because it’s the best thing for a hot summer day.”
  • You can see Marco slowly walking up behind him to give him a nice slap on the head, but you just shake your head and start to laugh yet again
  • His pick- up lines are really bad but to be completely honest- he is standing in front of you shirtless with his nice tan skin and everything.
  •  He could tell you things about trigonometry and you’d still go like tell me more :-)
  • Both of you are kinda weird
Enough (M)

Requested by anonymous

“Simon, you know what we should do today,” you say walking into the living where he sat on his phone. “What?” He asks setting his phone down and smiling. “We should have a picnic at the park!” You say excitedly. The weather was finally starting to warm up and you couldn’t wait to be out in the sun. “Sounds like a plan.“ You go to your room to get dressed while Simon packs the lunches. You decide on a short, white, flowy dress with yellow flowers on it and thin straps. You spin in the mirror watching the dress spin along when you hear Simon call your name. “What’s taking so long?” He yells, “Let’s go before the sun goes down” Why is he rushing you you think to yourself.

You walk into the living once again carrying your sandals you’re gonna wear and sigh dramatically. “I guess I’m ready.” He chuckles, “Baby, you look great.” He says putting his shoes on at the door and picking up the picnic basket.

On the car ride there you two sit in a comfortable silence holding hands while Simon drives. While you’re sitting there you think of a plan. Since he wants to rush me…I’ll just get a little revenge. You finally get to the park and it’s a little crowded. You can tell there’s going to be a lot of traffic on the way home.

Once you’ve finished eating you decide it’s time to start the plan. You want start off lightly. “Oh, my gosh. I’m going to get awful tan lines,” you say more to yourself, but loud enough for Simon to hear. You see him look up and at you from your peripheral as you start pulling your arms out of your sleeves and lean back on your hands. You catch him staring down at your chest as your dress starts to move down slowly since your arms aren’t holding it up by the sleeves anymore. He moves his eyes up your neck slowly reaching your eyes eventually and looks away embarrassed to have been caught.

You take a sip from your cool lemonade and moan from how refreshing it is. You take another sip and “accidentally” spill it on your chest. “Baby, could you clean this for me?” You ask innocently. He reaches for a napkin and dabs the drops of lemonade off your chest without ever breaking eye contact. Suddenly you got an even better idea. You remembered seeing an ice cream truck sitting near the entrance for the park. “I’m going to get some ice cream or something, do you want anything?” You ask. He looks up at you, “I’ll take a chocolate ice cream.”

You actually got a popsicle instead of ice cream for yourself. When you got back to your spot Simon was on his phone waiting for you so put some of his ice cream on the back of his spoon and wiped it on his cheek from behind him. He yelped from the sudden coldness while you’re dying of laughter because of his feminine like yell. “Now who’s going to clean this?” He asked trying to keep a straight face but failing. You leaned into his face and licked the ice cream off his cheek. You may have started licking lower than necessary, but oh well.

“Oh, my goodness. What are you trying to do to me?” He leans his head back sighing. “Umm..what are you talking about?” You ask with your best poker face handing him his ice cream and opening your popsicle. “Never mind. Just forget it.” He says taking a bite of his ice cream. You smile to yourself, the plan is working. Moving on to the final part: eating the popsicle.

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Day 20

Fox Nails!

Growing up in Yorkshire there were lots of foxes about but you never really saw them unless you were lucky. 

I moved to London 2 years ago and one of the amazing things is that there are just so many foxes here but they just wander around during the day and are totally unafraid of humans. 

I now live opposite a family of 6 foxes who I see daily and often like to sit and have staring matches with my dog. 

So this is my little ode to our neighbourhood foxes!

Products used-

Base- OPI in I Can Never Hut Up

Fox- OPI in No Tan Lines

Rimmel in White Hot Love

Sinful Colors in Voodoo

Wreath- Rimmel in Loosey Goosey

OPI in Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet

OPI in Living On The Bula-vard!

Topcoat- Barry M in Plumpy Topcoat

You know how sometimes a man’s beard just does not match his hair? Like, his hair will be more brown but his beard comes in kind of reddish? 

Please consider: Kakashi’s really tired of wearing this mask but he can never take it off now because his stubble comes in a different color than his silver hair and it just looks weird af on him. Especially with the funky tan line. 

The Boys Meet Cindy
  • Prompto: hey, could you help- Oh my god those BOOBS!
  • Gladio: Prompto! You can't just- oh my god that ASS!
  • Gladio: you can see her tan line! She has tan lines on her BOOTY!
  • Noct: guys! We need to respect her and- oh my god that trucker hat.
  • Ignis: ...
  • Ignis: meh.

Fitness Jouney not close to being done with my goal but I’m close 💪💪 it only gets better from here this is about a 20- 25 difference . This year is my year I have so many goals which this is part of one I’m alot more healthier and happy I even got my self a little tan (as you can see from the tan lines) JUST A LITTLE HARD WORK AND DEDICATION
Stay Ambitious !!!


Ok so at Auckland Armageddon they had put out a message months ago telling us that John Barrowman LOVES TimTams, and decided they wanted to make him a TimTam throne. As you can see, he got A LOT, but he couldnt take them home with him.

Instead he decided to sign all of them and sell them off at $10 a packet (he gave the hall the choice of $5 or $10 and we all picked $10) and would then donate all proceeds to an NZ LGBT charity. ALL PACKETS WERE SOLD!

How awesome!

Also, here are the photos of me and my younger brother with the celebs (excuse my fugly-ness) which was cool. Tom Felton doesnt suit a tan, fyi. Cant wait to see the line up for next year!

Also my purchases, including my first ever comic book! And my badges for my badge blanket which i was stoked about. Even got a George Weasley and Thor pop vinyl! 😍😍
Starter Meme/List - TFLN Edition
  • [Text]: Dumbass I drove... you sat in the passengers seat and steered with a paper plate.
  • [Text]: My girlfriend/boyfriend/partner went down on me and as she/he/they did she/he/they hummed the theme from star wars and pretended my dick was a lightsaber...I'm buying the engagement ring tomorrow
  • [Text]: Why did i make a hit list last night containing only McDonalds?
  • [Text]: I 'm gonna go stand naked in the kitchen with a knife
  • [Text]: Maybe we should try and tone it down a notch. The neighbors changed the name of their wifi network to "i can hear you having sex".
  • [Text]: You got cut off last night after a stripper bent over in front of you and you screamed very loudly 'I can see your soul from here'
  • [Text]: A lesson I learned in the hospital....when you masturbate while attached to a heart monitor, it scares the nurses a lot.
  • [Text]: So, apparently a side effect from having sex on the beach is now i have a tan line shaped like your sister/brother.
  • [Text]: Why do I always miss the parties you're naked at?!
  • [Text]: So his/her mom/dad walked in the kitchen while I was sucking him/her off and just casually suggested that "I'd need a glass of water after that"
  • [Text]: We need large glitter to throw at people to signify our mystic nature.
  • [Text]: If I come back tomorrow to find a certain football player tied up and locked in your closet, shit's gonna get real.
  • [Text]: Dude. I've never been with a guy/girl who just wanted to go down on me all the time including while I'm shooting zombies on call of duty. My life is complete.
  • [Text]: Apparently while i was high i thought that putting a dinosaur temporary tattoo on my inner thigh would keep me from taking my pants off and having sex with him/her...
  • [Text]: Fuck you. I've got onesies to keep me warm at night. And this bottle.
  • [Text]: I remember eating bacon bits off your chest that night... I'll never look at bacon pizza the same way.
  • [Text]: We are all done wearing pants today.
  • [Text]: So apparently dinosaur erotica does, in fact, exist.
  • [Text]: I don't think it counts as a booty call at 6:30 pm.
  • [Text]: I'm sorry I tried to stab you. I just really wanted those mozzarella sticks.
  • [Text]: If you get me a sex toy for Christmas everyone in my family will question our relationship.
  • [Text]: Did you send me a cake saying 'Happy 1st One-Night Stand Ever'?
  • [Text]: After last night I never want to be in the back of a cop car again. No leg room.
  • [Text]: I have never lost more friends than while playing Uno drunk.
Get Nasty - A One Direction OT5 Smutty One-Shot

Please read Part 1 (Crazy Kids) and Part 2 (Wild Ones) before this final installment. Also be advised that this contains explicit hard drug use as well as het and slash smut, so if you don’t enjoy reading the boys together then don’t read this! Instead, you can check out my other one-shots here

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Set Spring Ablaze

Requested by the lovely @hades-had-a-ravenclaw-daughter

TOG/ACOTAR CROSSOVER: Aelin accidentally finds herself in the ACOTAR realm and forms a firm friendship with our beloved heroine Feyre. She then proceeds to F*ck Tamlin up. (Set post EoS)

(Will be multi-chapter)


For part one, search the hashtag SSA1.
For part two, search the hashtag SSA2.
And so on so forth. Just replace the number of the part you want at the end of SSA. For example, part three will be SSA3…

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EXO reaction to seeing your tan lines for the first time

When I was in Marching band for high school, I had TONS of different tan lines. Like, I had tan lines on top of my other tan lines xD I have no idea what I was thinking while writing this but OKAY!! ~ 사랑해요 Chas

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

STARTER: *You had to quickly change your shirt because you realized that there was a stain from when [Member] tripped and spilled something on it*


Yeol: “Does that hurt?”

You: “What does?”

Yeol: “Your tan. I see that you’re outside a lot and so you have a lot of tan lines.”

You: “Oh! No it doesn’t. I always put on sun screen. So, don’t worry!”


*He walks in to apologize but sees your tan lines from your tank tops and shirts*

Fan: “How many times did you go outside?”

You: “Many. Is it that obvious?”

Fan: “Yeah.”


Hun: “Have you been putting sun screen on?”

You: “Yeah. But I still get tans. Don’t worry, they aren’t burns.”

Hun: “Good. That way now we can have a little fun because your skin looks beautiful.”


“Walks in to give you another shirt and sees your tan lines from your shirts*

Tao: “I know that you have an outside job and all. But why do you wear many different sleeved shirts for you have to have those tan lines?”

You: “I get hot and sometimes I have to take that shirt off to wear my under shirt. That’s why I put the tank top on before my actual shirt.”


Nini: “We match.”

You: “Huh?”

Nini: “I know that you have tanned skin but now we match. I got darker from being outside yesterday.”

You: “OMG Nini!”


*Walks in without warning*

Minnie: “WHOA! Tan lines.”

You: “You weren’t suppose to see them until they were gone.”

Minnie: “Is that why you’ve been staying inside more often?”

You: “Maybe.”

Minnie: “You don’t need to do that. You’re beautiful the way you are.”


Baek: “So, you’ve been hiding those beautiful tan line from me.”

You: “I wasn’t…hiding them. I Just never showed you and you never asked.”

Baek: “Well, I like them.”


Han: “Hello tan lines.”

You: “Hello boy I’m still mad at for spilling crap on my shirt.”

Han: “I’m a little turned on. Is that weird?”

You: “Yes. Yes it is. Because it’s multiple tan lines for being outside.”

Han: “I like it.”


Dae: “I’m sorry about your-Whoa I’m sorry!”

You: “It’s okay! You can come in.”

Dae: “Have you always had those tan lines?”

You: “I’m used to being outside a lot. Just the way I was raised.”

Dae: “You’re beautiful.”


Soo: “You’re beautiful.”

You: “What are you talking about?”

Soo: “Your tan lines.”

You: “Those? They are nothing. I just got them from being outside a lot here recently.”


Xing: “How long have you had those?”

You: “Long enough to have multiple of them.”

Xing: “Just don’t stay outside too long. I don’t want my baby to have skin cancer or something.”


Myeon: “How many do you have?”

You: “Too many. I need to start staying inside more.”

Myeon: “I don’t need my baby to get skin cancer. Be sure when you’re outside at work you wear sun screen.”

You: “Yes, Mother.” *Cue eye roll*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

youre rlly cute anon

“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had.” Juvia deadpanned, tapping her nails against the fine granite of the countertop. “So of course…I’m in.”

Gray smiled. “Excellent. You know what to do.”

Juvia nodded. This was going to be a piece of cake.


“That’s horrible,” Juvia gasped, holding her hand over her mouth and exclaiming loudly. “Natsu’s in the hospital? What for??”

Lucy Dragneel, at the sound of her husband’s name and hospital in the same sentence, appeared with a concerned look on her face.

“Juvia, what’s-“

“Natsu’s in the hospital, he fell down the steps at work and they think he broke his leg,” Juvia whispered. Lucy gasped.

“Oh my god, where is he? I have to go see him!” Lucy wailed, taking Juvia’s bait without a hitch.

“He’s at this address,” Juvia handed her a slip of paper and Lucy nodded, not even questioning how she knew the address itself.

“Thank you so much Juvia, I’ll call you if I get any more news,” Lucy thanked, and she sped off to her car parked in the gravelly driveway.

Juvia smiled. Poor, gullible Lucy. Juvia had just given her the address of an obsolete golf course that Natsu liked to play hooky at. She would be in for a surprise when she got there and saw her husband golfing when he should’ve been contracting.

Juvia raced out the back door of the Dragneel’s cabin, her and Gray had been invited to stay the weekend there, and were now alone. Which led to Gray’s plan – to steal the Dragneel’s pontoon and take it for a little spin.

It was easy enough getting rid of the husband and wife, now they had the precious boat all to themselves.

She waved to Gray, who in turn waved back and started up the boat’s engine. He had been itching to drive it all weekend, but Natsu was fiercely protective of it, now was his only chance.

“Get in, get in, get in,” he encouraged, taking Juvia’s hand so that she could make the minor jump from the dock to the boat with ease. The he started up the boat’s engine and they were off.

“I can’t believe that actually worked,” Juvia gasped, draping herself across the fine leather seats and staring up at the sky.

“I can’t believe you had such little faith in the plan.” Gray shot back, steering the boat away from a privately owned island and enjoying his time on the boat.

“We should get a boat,” Juvia said suddenly, admiring the way the waves looked under the sun.

“Hm. Cal me when you buy the waterfront property, and I’ll be all for it.” Gray replied. She laughed and dug through the cooler.

“What do you want to drink?” She asked, the cooler was mostly filled with various pops and beers.

“Do they have Dr. Pepper?” He asked, narrowing his eyes so he could see better past the glaring sun.

“Yuh-hm.” She threw the condensing can at him and he caught it with one hand.

The boat drew close to the center of the lake, just far enough away so that the Dragneel’s cabin was invisible. Juvia rested her eyes for a moment, absorbing the feel of the sun against her legs and stomach and smiling in pure bliss.

“Heh. You kinda look like a cat.” Gray laughed in between sips of his carbonated drink. She smiled too, only because she knew it was probably true.

Gray stopped the boat and pulled the key out of the ignition. “Looks like we’ll be stuck here for a while,” he said with a heaving sigh.

Juvia lifted her front half off of the seats to make room for her long-time boyfriend, and then scooting herself closer to him when he did sit down.

“These shorts are really small,” he mumbled, sounding lightly concerned as he traced the jean shorts around her thigh.

“Yup. My thighs are as white as snow, I gotta tan them,” she explained, stretching her torturously long legs across the row of seats like she owned them. “Would you rather I wear sweatpants?”

“Yes,” he answered, grabbing her hand and kissing a line up her wrist. “Those thighs are mine, I don’t want anybody seeing anything they shouldn’t.”

She laughed. “I guess you’ll have to deal then, no?”

He stopped kissing her arm and lowered it back to the seat. “Maybe not…”

“What’s that supposed to mean? You gonna chop my legs off so you can keep them all to yourself?” She asked jokingly, expecting him to agree and play along with her joke. Instead, he cradled her head in his lap and bowed down to kiss her forehead.

“I got an even better idea.” He promised, a knowing grin playing at his lips.

“Even better than dismemberment? You’ve peaked my interest.” She jeered, holding his cheeks upside-down and grinning. He stared down at her with a look of admiration.

“What are you doing? What’s with the face?” She asked, forgetting her joke and suddenly filled with worry and concern. “This isn’t like you…oh no, you’re not going to throw me in the lake, are you? Gray these are nice cloth-“

“No, I’m not.” He said. “But I will keep that idea in the bank.”

“So then, what’s wrong?” She asked, bopping his cheeks with her fingers incessantly.

“Nothing’s wrong. Nothing at all.” He smiled creepily again.

“Ok, what’s going on! You’re scaring me, Gray!” She admitted, attempting to sit up and confront the situation head-on. He didn’t stop her, only stood up to stretch.

“Nothing’s wrong Juvia, jeez. Don’t you trust me?”

She blinked.

“I mean, with certain things, I trust you. But not things like washing the dishes, doing the laundry-“

“You can stop now.”

“-setting the table, cleaning up after yourself-“

“Alright, alright,  I get it.” He grumbled. She ruffled his hair with affection and flicked his temple.

“So, what’s you plan again, better than dismemberment? I’m expecting something great, this’d better blow my mind.” She said in all honesty, folding her hands on her crossed legs like she was on Shark Tank. “Impress me, Gray.”

“You will be impressed,” he promised, before lowering himself to her level, balancing on one of his knees carefully and looking her dead in the eye.


“Sh. You’re about to hear the best idea I’ve had since asking you on that date six years ago,” he informed, digging around in his pants pocket for an abnormal amount of time.

“I…shit, hold on…” he dug around some more. Juvia concealed her laughter by faking a  coughing fit.

Finally, in a haphazard rush to finish what he started, Gray whipped out the black box and told her the best idea, ever.

“Marry me?”

Instead of a simple one-worded answer that would’ve made Gray’s day a hell of a lot better, Juvia decided to screw with him and burst out laughing.

“Oh my god,” she gasped in between bouts of giggles, “that’s one big-ass diamond…”

“You think?” He asked incredulously, “if you don’t answer in three seconds, I’m gonna lose my mind, and I might throw this overboard.”

With a panicked hand thrown over her mouth to silence her own laughter, Juvia nodded vigorously.

“Oh thank god,” he breathed out, “you scared me for a second there…”

“Yes,” she rasped, marveling at the oversized rock on her finger, “this is a great idea.”

“Told ya,” he reprimanded. “The best damn idea I’ve ever had.”

wordssometimesfail replied to your post: this just in: having a character with tan lines…

Please tell me this is based on some real shit that I can boggle over because holy crap

if you scroll a little ways down my blog you’ll see someone unironically saying that this pokemon character with very obvious tanlines is “racefaking”

i dont have the patience to read their bullshit response but you’re free to look into it because apparently they replied and it’s just as stupid as the rest of their awful logic lmao

anonymous asked:

my skin has hyper-pigmentation all over my body. I’m like several shades of the same brown (like my ass and stomach are a darker then the rest of my skin). I’m so embarrassed about it, to the point were I feel uncomfortable changing in locker rooms or letting my bf see me with the lights on (he doesn’t care but I do). Can you give me tips to help even my skin to an even brown?

Tbh I don’t think my body has ever been one color. My face is lighter than my arms/legs I still have tan lines from like August idk at this point it’s not a big deal to me.

But if it isn’t from tanning and it seems abnormal I’d go to a dermatologist or try regularly exfoliating 2 times a week.