you can see my tan line

The Boys Meet Cindy
  • Prompto: hey, could you help- Oh my god those BOOBS!
  • Gladio: Prompto! You can't just- oh my god that ASS!
  • Gladio: you can see her tan line! She has tan lines on her BOOTY!
  • Noct: guys! We need to respect her and- oh my god that trucker hat.
  • Ignis: ...
  • Ignis: meh.

🐧My shorts are ridiculous
🐧If you look close you can see a thin line of white which is my fantastic tan line that will only get better.
🐧Didn’t take that picture in the app so it is way too much leg and crotch.
🐧Crotch is an ugly word.
🐧I’m not in as bad a mood as this post makes it sound.
🐧My last mile was fastest and now it’s yoga time.


At long last, the finished chamfron. This was my first time making horse armor so it took waaaay longer than it should have, but it was a lot of fun (when it wasn’t being a lot of stress), and now that I’ve got a handle on how to pattern for horses I’m keen to do more. 

The crest over the brow, with the circles of thorns, was not my design, though I did do the rest to match. The client, a woman who does mounted javelin throwing, gave me the lineart and said “black and silver” and pretty much turned me loose on it – four months later, this is what she gets.

Made of 9-10 oz veg-tan leather, carved and tooled by hand, as is my wont. Black dyed basecoat with silver acrylics for the embossing. And you can’t see it in this picture, but the underside is lined with super-soft sheepskin to prevent chafing.

So today I finally found the perfect wifi to start marathon-reading Mosspaca Advertising Department.
Even though I haven’t read this manhwa before, I’ve read theories and browse some parts of the manhwa on tumblr.

There’s this theory going on about the two old gentlemen, where one grandpa pushes the other grandpa’s wheelchair on chapter 15, that they are Jian Yi and Zheng Xi, growing old together.

Well, here’s my theory:
Tan Jiu and Old Xian was airing a radio program on that chapter while Moss was at home, seemingly shocked to the core.
Old Xian said that Moss had gathered a lot of touching stories on weibo and they started to open the call line.
A Sichuan Univ. student called, and started to tell Old Xian—basically everyone who were listening their program right than—about the two grandpas.

On chapter 16, you can see Old Xian working on his draft, said that he refused a lot of commercials lately.
Take a look closely at the paneled-sketches on the paper.
His draft he was working on was 19 Days.
That on the corner down left was Zheng Xi I think. You can see their black-yellow-stripped uniform pants there still uncoloured. On the corner right was the fight scene with the red haired punk.

What if Old Xian was actually inspired by the Siuchan Univ.’s student story?

Part 19 of Pikicast

Piki: We heard that upon tanning for the film, you have been called ‘baked!’ We prepared gifts of the classic literature, The Cloud Dream of Nine [t/n: it phonetically shares the same first two syllables with ‘baked’: goo-oon], as a wish that you continue to walk a dream-like, flower-lined path!

DKS: Wahahaha! Thank you.

KSH: Wah~ I didn’t see The Cloud Dream of Nine coming at all. The sense..!

DKS: We can pose in commemoration of this gift.

KSH: Thank you very much. I’ll read it in my free time!

(For your appreciation, thank you I love you)