you can see my roots

For anon - my natural hair colour is what you can see at the top of my head (around my roots) and then it goes lighter because my hair dresser fixed up my balayge! Idk what my natural hair colour is.. its mousey but golden in the sun 😊🌞

Wow, you guys are super into my gray streak. Here’s a better look at it.

I do have gray in the rest of my hair. If you look closely at the side of my head you can see my roots growing out. But the rest of the gray is sort of scattered - I’ve always had this concentrated stripe of gray over my forehead. A few years ago I started just dyeing the rest of my hair instead of all of it, and leaving my stripe natural. I get a lot of comments on it. People think it’s fake. Actually it’s the only part of my hair color that ISN’T fake, lol.

okay so i used the bleach london rose hair dye and it’s not quite what i was expecting but it was a good start! you can’t see my roots in this pic but it didn’t really take to them well so they’re still quite dark. it took to the top and front of my hair way more than the ends so in contrast, it still looks quite yellow underneath. it wasn’t nice to put in and it’s made my hair feel seriously dry and ratty. i hope that feeling goes away the next time i wash it.

(it’s also bi visibility day apparently. hello, i am bi and i am visible.)