you can see my roots


Parallels between God and Her prophet. 

In case you’re wondering about the last gif, my interpretation is that the Machine’s two blinks are Morse code for “I”, which in turn is a reference to “I am that I am” (Exodus 3:14). (The episode is, after all, called YHWH.)  

anonymous asked:

i just finished poi and i wanna rewatch it but not ALL of it so what eps would you reccommend i watch?? (especially for the shoot content)

Thanks for this wonderful ask :D

Personal faves (Shoot-heavy episodes bolded):

1x04 Cura Te Ipsum
1x17 Baby Blue
1x21 Many Happy Returns
1x23 Firewall

2x01 The Contingency
2x07 Critical
2x11 2πR
2x12 Prisoner’s Dilemma
2x16 Relevance

3x01 Liberty
3x03 Lady Killer
3x05 Razgovor
3x06 Mors Praematura
3x10 The Devil’s Share
3x12 Aletheia
3x17 Root Path (/)
3x19 Most Likely To…
3x21 Beta
3x23 Dues Ex Machina

4x05 Prophets
4x07 Honour Among Thieves
4x09 The Devil You Know
4x11 If-Then-Else
4x13 M.I.A.
4x21 Asylum

5x02 SNAFU
5x04 6,741
5x07 QSO
5x10 The Day The World Went Away (only if you feel up to it…)

iedolas and regis - thirty-five years ago.

currently it’s @zoegears and i versus @kingslight and @induperatcr in a war of hearts. except there are only losers here, amirite kids.

always loved the hunger games visuals, with president snow in a greenhouse full of roses… so stole that aesthetic for my iedolas. and just occasionally in times like these… you can really see my shojou manga roots showing, eh.

bonus clarus, somewhere nearby:

This giant Graptoveria Opalina and her many pups!

Ah~ probably my favorite out of the four I gave away. Not to worry, I took a leaf cutting to propagate….fingers crossed, because it’s starting to root!

(Lol you can see my droopy Artichucky bloom in the back)

nieligator  asked:

Hello. I'm Niel and I would like an energy reading. A fact abt me: My hair color keep getting darker every year. I was born with strawberry blonde hair, have red hair most of my life, and now it's dark brown almost black; you can see the color getting darker the closer it is to my roots. Have a wonderful day!!

hello Niel! that is so cool omg !!! my hair has gone the reverse. it started out almost black, and has gotten redder and redder. with the help of dyes tho…. lol!

your energy feels like the ocean in my chest. the waves are strong, i am pulled out to sea; almost like a magnetic pull. i wade in the water with an urgency, there is something i need to find, but i need to look calm, need to act calm, need to seem, calm. there is a hint of franticness in my eyes, a hint that you would only be able to glimpse up close. soon, i am diving under the surface of the water to try to find what i seek. what is it? where is it? what is it? where is it? i know not what i seek, but i will know once it is sought. this piece that is hidden, it needs to be found. 

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