you can see my roots


Parallels between God and Her prophet. 

In case you’re wondering about the last gif, my interpretation is that the Machine’s two blinks are Morse code for “I”, which in turn is a reference to “I am that I am” (Exodus 3:14). (The episode is, after all, called YHWH.)  

i love my freckly short son with thickness and a soft squishy middle

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i just finished poi and i wanna rewatch it but not ALL of it so what eps would you reccommend i watch?? (especially for the shoot content)

Thanks for this wonderful ask :D

Personal faves (Shoot-heavy episodes bolded):

1x04 Cura Te Ipsum
1x17 Baby Blue
1x21 Many Happy Returns
1x23 Firewall

2x01 The Contingency
2x07 Critical
2x11 2πR
2x12 Prisoner’s Dilemma
2x16 Relevance

3x01 Liberty
3x03 Lady Killer
3x05 Razgovor
3x06 Mors Praematura
3x10 The Devil’s Share
3x12 Aletheia
3x17 Root Path (/)
3x19 Most Likely To…
3x21 Beta
3x23 Dues Ex Machina

4x05 Prophets
4x07 Honour Among Thieves
4x09 The Devil You Know
4x11 If-Then-Else
4x13 M.I.A.
4x21 Asylum

5x02 SNAFU
5x04 6,741
5x07 QSO
5x10 The Day The World Went Away (only if you feel up to it…)

iedolas and regis - thirty-five years ago.

currently it’s @zoegears and i versus @kingslight and @induperatcr in a war of hearts. except there are only losers here, amirite kids.

always loved the hunger games visuals, with president snow in a greenhouse full of roses… so stole that aesthetic for my iedolas. and just occasionally in times like these… you can really see my shojou manga roots showing, eh.

bonus clarus, somewhere nearby:

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What's the deal with Freshest? Are they still a parasite or for your thing have they become just their own completely different character? Are they still emotionless or did they gain them or?? I'm sorry this has just been bothering me for a while and I'd really like to know if your Freshest has any similarities to LoverOfPiggies' Fresh character besides appearance and speech!

It’s a long story. Thanks to ask!
That version of fresh I draw is born on some public drawpile. Like I was just drawing fresh without any intention to make an alternate version of him. Still I was making him talk and interact, and he kinda becomes his own character?
The headcanon I got at this time for him was kind of close to LoverOfPiggies? I think.

Huff, wait, I should start from the start.
I was drawing Fresh when Cursetale was drawing Horror on some public drawpile with friends, for giggles, that was funny and relaxing.
With time drawing them together, cursetale find a whole new concept, and horror became Dre (Thugly!Sans/comptonfell) while me, during this time, never dared change Fresh, even if his character evolved too compare to the canon fresh.
I feel like I should change his name and clothes because a lot of people are asking the same question as you, but I still don’t dare? B’cause he will still be really close to fresh, I don’t wanna feel bad about it like I’m copying fresh concept. It still his main root. 

Anyway, you can see my struggle with Freshest.
Are they still a parasite > No, I never made him being a parasite so he’s his own character, but I made him having parasiting powers.
Are they still emotionless? He was. But he learned a lot since I play Freshest. He learned a lot from Dre, and he still learning.
What is linking him to Loverofpiggies’fresh is his apparence mostly, even his speech is kinda different cuz, I still no fluent in english and it shows.

If I was daring making him his own character, He’d call himself Chad and would still wear colored clothes,and fun/fresh clothes in general.

So… like, really, don’t take freshest for something big. He’s a funny character that I draw, but I don’t involve him in the comic I draw like the canonfresh at all.
Maybe i’ll change his look in the future to make it easier to understand

re: Sofia though

once again I’m here just -

DON’T even fucking LISTEN TO HER Ozzie!

you DON’T NEED the Falcone name

the only name Gotham needs to be hearing when it comes to organised crime is PENGUIN

don’t be dazzled by the idea of her support giving you more power - you have fucking earned your OWN POWER, you have paid in blood, sweat and tears and similar lyrical sentiments for it!

there is nothing she can give you that is worth your time

don’t fall for it Ozzie don’t do it!

(but who am I fucking kidding, ofc he’s gonna do it and it’s gonna be fuuuun! :p but damn, this plot is really making me root hard for Ozzie right now, not sure where this sudden WILD championing of him has come from, heh)

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How's Jataro?

*in a room* C’mon little boy, you’re ready. We trained really hard and it’s just me right now. I can assure you that my perfect eyes won’t root upon seeing your face. They will maybe be blinded by your beauty for a bit but that’s the only thing!

Y-You promise?

Of course, I already saw up to your chin and I can assure you that it was a perfect chin. Now I need you to take this terrible mask off totally. You can do it, honey~

O-Okay then…I’m…I’m doing it….

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Hi mom, it one of your many children Kath. Could I get a ship? Literally any one from anything (® or platonic) I'm female, she/her, and bi/ace. I'm currently auburn haired but you can see my lovely brown/blonde roots, and my eyes are a blue/grey. I'm really easy to tease, but I'm one of those people who fight back with dry wit(cough sarcasm) and I'm pretty stubborn. I've been told my resting face makes me look very sad constantly. I like baking and I hate being touched (hugged) without consent:)


I’m in the DC mood right now, teehee! 

Laughter and small talk filled the air as you sipped at your drink from your spot against the wall. Your teeth slightly grazed the surface of the crystalware in your hand and you grimaced. 

Prestigious folks all gathered at another one of Bruce Wayne’s gala. The younger people danced around underneath the beautiful chandeliers without a care in the world as they tried to impress one another while the older, business individuals gathered in tight circles to discuss future plans and deals. 

‘Where was she?’

Taking another glance around the massive room, you realized the eggplant-colored dress was nowhere to be seen.

“Every friggin time…” You muttered as you put your glass down and wedged your way politely through the crowd, making your way towards the grand staircase in hopes to get a better view from the mezzanine. Picking up the bottom of your dress, you wobbled up the stairs in your brand new heels (bad mistake), bumping into Dick on the way. 

“Hey have you seen, Steph, anywhere?” You huffed in annoyance as you dropped your dress and sent a forced smile his way. 

“Nope, have you seen, Dami?” You mirrored his head shake before you both chuckled before departing ways to find the missing members. Seemed like you were not the only one wanting to hide from all the rich gossip tonight. 

Leaning against the railing of the second floor, you scanned the crowd once again before heaving your thirteenth sigh this evening. 

‘She promised she wouldn’t leave you alone again.’

You were too caught up in thinking of all the possible reasons why Stephanie was missing in action when a man a couple years older than you, spoke up, “Why the sad look, babe?”

Your face quickly contorted into disgust at the pet name from the stranger as you slowly turned your attention to him. “I believe it is none of your concern.” 

The man chuckled as he sipped at the red wine in his glass, leaning against the marble column. “It is if there is a lonely girl in need of some company.” 

“I don’t need any, especially not from a prick like you.” Your glared daggers at him as you made an attempt to keep some distance between the two of you. 

The man pushed himself off the wall and wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close. Your fingers shook with anxiety as your mind blanked out. The stranger was hugging you. 

Before you could come up with a snarky comment, the arm was violent flipped off of you and the man yelped. “I believe she told you to mind your own business?” 

Your eyes shifted from the scared and angry man in front of you to Stephanie with her hands on her hips, looking like she was ready to rip his head off if need be. 

He quickly walked off, wine glass was long forgotten on the railing as he muttered under his breath. “Should have taken the hint the first time.” You chuckled as your hands brushed the spot his arms had been, before quirking your eyebrow at the blonde girl standing next to you, “Where have you been?” 

Stephanie gave you a cheeky smile as she straightened out her dress, “Look, I know I said I wasn’t going to leave you, again, at this stupid gala but Damian saw a cat outside the manor and asked me to help him catch it.” 

Stephanie had a sheepish look on her face and you side-eyed her, “It wasn’t a cat was it?”

“Nope, it was fucking raccoon.” Stephanie laughed as brushed off her hands. “This dress is itching me, feel like getting out of here and away from this rich snobs to make naked cupcakes?”

“I’m out of umbrellas.”

“Shopping and then naked cupcakes?” Stephanie stuck her tongue out slightly and you agreed instantly. She offered her arm out, and the two of you linked up and left. 


Six Selfies of 2016 

this is the first time I’m showing my face to Tumblr so pls be gentle 

I was tagged by my buddy @lieutenant-sarcastic, and I am STILL ON TIME because it is currently 8:33 pm where I live. The reason I waited so long was cowardice because I got my roots re-bleached today (you can see them in #4), and they were looking pretty pathetic beforehand. So here are them selfies: 

  1. probably the best selfie I have ever taken and will ever take lmao 
  2. the second best selfie I have ever taken and will ever take 
  3. Me + Romper, my favorite foster kitten!! <3 
  4. Snapchat filters are a lifesaver tbh–the flower crown filter is my favorite, even though I’m thirsty af ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  5. dinosaurs are #relatable 
  6. when you don’t like your face, you hide behind your fluffy buddy Moja Moja <3