you can see my reflection in the glasses

Chapter 6

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Mystic Messenger High School AU

Word Count: 1,312

~Yep, that’s right. Another chapter. I told you I’d write more! Hm? Didn’t believe me? Well…I guess I don’t blame you. It’s been forever, after all. Haha. Anyway, I hope that you guys enjoy. I think from here on out I can go one of two ways. I can keep the ending how I originally planned…OR I can kinda experiment a bit….with something I’ve been testing recently. I haven’t quite decided yet. Regardless, stay tuned! I really hope you guys like this chapter^^ 

Your hands grasped the fabric of the hoodie as you smiled. Saeyoung took the seat in front of you, the moonlight reflecting off of his glasses.

“It’s a beautiful night,” you finally spoke up in an effort to break the silence.

“Ya,” he smiled momentarily before turning back to the sky, “these are some of my favorite nights. You can really see the stars.”

Maybe it was the alcohol in your system that had you feeling so bold, or the feeling of happiness flowing through you? You couldn’t remember the last time you had a night as fun as this. Being away from home, surrounded by people who all seemed to be having a good time, really filled you with a strange sense of warmth and comfort. And of course…being around people you had started to feel close to. People like Saeran…and Saeyoung…

“Do you like Astronomy?” you took another sip of your wine, not wanting to slow down despite that dizzy feeling.

“Mmhm,” he nodded, “always have. When we were younger…well, Saeran and I could never afford telescopes. So, we would use the rolls from paper towels and pretend that it helped us see closer. We’d look out of our bedroom window and try to identify the constellations.”

He seemed to look away with this sudden admission, was he blushing? It was hard to imagine him and Saeran as small children, peering out of their windows in hopes of a glimpse of something greater.

“So, you know a lot of constellations, then?” you asked.

“Of course,” he chuckled lightly.

He urged you to the side of the yacht, his hand lightly pressing at your back to guide you. For some reason your heart was racing at his touch. This was different than working with him at the ice cream shop. His long arm pointed up to a series of stars above you.

“See that? It’s Ursa Major,” he says proudly.

You’re extremely aware of how close he has gotten to you. For the rest of the night, despite the noise and uproar of the party behind you, you spend the majority of the evening quietly looking at the sky between Saeyoung’s refills of your glass. You just listen to him talk as he points out various things. It’s pretty obvious that he likes to show off his knowledge and this makes your smile beam for him. It reminded you of Saeran when he talked about art. They were both passionate in their own way. What a pair they made…Before you knew it, you were starting to teeter backwards on your heels.  

“Woah, there!” Saeyoung grabbed you to hold you steady, “maybe we should sit down?”

“I’m sorry, I guess I’ve had a little more than I anticipated,” you say as he helps you into your seat again, “hey! I wanted to ask you though…”

“Hm? What about?”

It felt like the right time of the night to bring it up. You clumsily set your glass down and looked at him as you spoke.

“Is Yoosung always so careless like that?” you asked.

“Says the girl who almost just fell on her ass, drunk,” he let out a deep laugh.

“I’m serious!” you tried to be mad but ended up laughing along with him, he was right…after all.

“For real, though…” he got more serious, “he’s been a little more reckless lately.”

You leaned in a bit…eager to hear more out of concern. Saeyoung let out a sigh, pushing up his glasses onto the bridge of his nose as he thought about what to say next.

“He was really close to his cousin and…she passed away not too long ago,” he continues, “Yoosung has been a bit of a mess ever since. Saeran and I take turns kinda watching over him. But, the old Yoosung would have never acted like he did tonight,” Saeyoung looked away with a hint of sadness in his eyes. “He’ll go back to his old self one day though. I know it. He just needs to get passed this,” he said brightly.

“He mentioned something like that to me the other day,” you replied, “not about his cousin though…that’s so sad. Anyway, it’s why I asked. I’m sorry if it seemed like I was prying.”

“Nah, don’t worry,” he waved it off like it wasn’t a big deal, “anyway, we know how to deal with him. So don’t worry, okay?” he smiled.

You nodded back and continued talking about work and your various school projects you both had coming up. It was really nice to get to know him better, and to know more about Yoosung, too. You never would have guessed.

Picking up your wine glass and bringing it to your lips, you made an effort to drink what was left in the glass.

“Okay…I think that’s enough,” Saeyoung laughed.

“What? Why?” you asked as he pulled the stemware out of your hand.

“Because half of that sip ended up on your shirt,” he replied while taking a photo with his phone.

He was right. Shit. As you looked down you saw a bright red stain on your shirt. Wiping your face in embarrassment you tried to fight him for his phone.

“Erase it!” you yelled as your hands grabbed at his cell.

No matter how hard you tried, he was beating you with ease. Your every move was batted away with one of his hands, all the while he had a shit-eating grin on his face, enjoying every second.

“I’ll delete it if you let me take you home. It’s a school night and it’s already pretty late.”

All you could muster was a nod.

“Are…you okay to drive?” you asked.

“I haven’t had anything but water and some soda,” he replied.

Helping you to the car, he was careful not to drive too fast.

“If you throw up in here, V is going to kill me,” Saeyoung nudged you.

“I’m not THAT drunk,” you slapped his hand away, “just sleepy…”

Saeyoung watched you nod off in the passengers seat. The street lights flashed over your face rhythmically. Every now and again he would glance over, reveling in your soft features and peaceful disposition.

He hadn’t even opened the passengers side door from the curb when he heard your parents arguing inside. Their shouts were clear as if they were on the lawn. His heart was stuck in his throat. He knew all too well what it felt like to live in a household like this. His eyes peered down with sadness as you slept.

“Hey…” he tried to wake you up,” your parents sound like they’re fighting?”

“What else is new,” you said in your sleep.

‘Hah, sarcastic as ever’, he thought. 

He couldn’t let you go home like this. Not with them arguing…And Saeran’s room would be free since he was staying with Yoosung…

He knew his mom would be passed out by now, so she wouldn’t even notice.

Getting back in the car he continued a bit further until he reached his house. Hopefully you wouldn’t freak too much when you woke up.

“Come on,” he encouraged you to get out of the car, “do you mind staying in Saeran’s room for the night?”

You shook your head ‘no’ and he helped you inside while carrying your bag. Luckily, Saeran’s room was pretty clean. He pulled the blanket up over you after you lay in bed.

“Thank you…I’m going to bed now,” you spoke in a soft voice.

He couldn’t help but caress your hair back a bit as you sighed in your sleep. He was used to taking care of Saeran. And now, even Yoosung…but this was different. He pulled his hand back, remembering Saeran’s feelings for you.

Damn it,” his hand balled into a fist.

Why did it have to be this way.

J/C - Ficlet

Just a…sorta, follow-up to Jamie’s the other day. All my stories, including that one (Pernicious Bliss) can be found here:

Once again, I am a shipper. If you don’t want anything to do with that, have a lovely day, and enjoy your journey through Tumblr-land.

I promise, this isn’t as heart-breaking as Jamie’s story. That was a…bad…day, for me.

I Saw You Today

I saw you today. Before I even knew. I felt a heat spread throughout my body. A growing feeling of love and sadness. It had been so long, I almost forgot. Your daughter was having a tantrum; upset that she was not allowed to play outside in her dress. I looked up to see her eyes like pins, her red hair, like fire under the warm Boston sun, matching her temper. And her lips purse, then open just the smallest amount, before closing again.

I remember when you looked at me like that. Not often, for we didn’t argue often. But when we did, oh, my dearest, Jamie…do you remember? We went for the throat.

Your daughter is the same. She argues with intellect far exceeding her six years, and a strong voice. Not loud. Strong. She’s a stubborn Scot, just like you.

Her constant battle with me, and she does, Jamie, she’s always fighting with me, should make me angry. But it doesn’t. She is as much you, when her temper is at its boiling point, as when she lies her head upon her pillow at night, a smile always present, as if she dreams the same things as you.

I’m speaking of her so harshly, but I think that is just my memory of seeing you. It always has the same, strange, course. I’m happy, overjoyed, overwhelmed, all the things you can think of when you first see your true love, again. But then the fog floats away, and my bloody mind is free to let reality in again. Then, when my eyes look upon the world I live in, a world you are no longer a part of, I shatter. I shatter like a crystal chandelier, dropping to the floor, the glass spilling in all directions. And Jamie, in that moment, my love, I cannot bear another moment without you. I cannot bear to look upon your daughter’s face, your reflection staring back at me in torment, her smile, turning into some sinister jack-o-lantern, the burning candles inside, consuming me.

My anger and pain turn to tears. I lock myself away, at work or on walks. I mourn you as if it was the first day; your loss, two-hundred years and only two minutes’ past. Eventually though, you break through my tears, your hand held out for me, and I take it with such urgency, grateful to let it all fall away, just to be with you again.

I hear the click of the front door, Frank finally making his way home after one of his “late nights at work”.  He ascends the stairs with care, hoping to not wake the house, and I turn my back to the door.

Leave me in peace, please. Just shower, before I smell another one of your women on you.

I open my eyes at the closing of a door and listen for the soothing sounds of water hitting the tile, thanking all the angel’s in heaven, and devil’s in hell, for the brief reprieve.

I rarely speak your name aloud, it’s presence upon my lips, leaving a sting that pierces my flesh to the very marrow of my bone. But there are times I need to hear it. Times I need to remind myself, you existed. Not only existed. You laughed. You lived. You loved.

My God! Did you love…

“Whadaya think, Sassenach, have I pleased you properly?”

I grabbed his shirt and pushed him away, his feet stumbling, dropping him backward into the hay-pile. I laughed, falling back against the barn door, pushing my skirts down.

“James Fraser, we’re supposed to be working. Anyone could have walked in on us.”

“Well then,” he made no move to rise from the hay, “they woulda seen a most educational show.”

I crossed my arms, feigning annoyance, “Educational?”

Jamie slid to the ground, crawling toward me, his knees scraping against the harsh stone, his kilt having been ripped off in the throes of passion. “Aye. Educational. For a man must ken how to make his woman pleasured.” He knelt below me, his hands, moving my skirts, to rest on my ankles, slowly moving upward to my calves.

“Must he?”

“Aye. When your woman is satisfied, ye have her under yer thumb. She’ll do whatever ye ask of her, all the while, thinkin it was her idea in the first place.”

“Hmpf. I think you have that turned around,” I said turning my eyes away, “Anyway,” I sharply turned back, “I thought a woman was supposed to do whatever her husband asked, regardless.”

Jamie hands pushed under my shift, his roving fingers, tickling the insides of my thighs. I clamped my thighs tight, imprisoning him. He chuckled softy.

“She is. But she is so much more,” he pushed my legs apart, his thumb pressing against my clit, “pliable? When pleased.”

I smacked his head, while simultaneously pressing into his thumb, my legs going slack against the wall.

Jamie lifted my skirts, his head ducking underneath, as the scented fabric from our sex, draped across his back. I held him through my skirts, keeping him in place, as he tasted our joint union from minutes before. I could hear Ian call for Jenny outside, but begged for his voice to die away.

Jamie always knew the perfect combination of teasing and pleasing. For every tickle and nibble, he would push and bite. We learned the workings of my body, together. He was never shy with me. Never held-back his desires to have me wholly, and I, to have him, the same.

“Jamie. Inside me. Now.”

I begged for his fullness, and he did not disappoint. He withdrew his fingers, and ceased his tongue from my lower lips, pulling free of my skirts, before bending against the stall door, hiking my skirts around my waist, and plunging his cock deep inside my body.

“It would seem, Sassenach,” he spoke in grunts and whispers, “that you’re a wee bit more…pliable, now, would it not?”

I ignored his words, choosing to pull my arm back, my hand feeling for the skin of his thrusting buttocks.

With every drive of his cock, his tongue would lick and kiss the salt off my neck. My name would spill from his lips, over and over. His love for me, declared with his words, his body and his mind, would keep me warm forever…


Oh, Jamie…

You were the most beautiful creature to ever set foot on this Earth.

The shower shut off, and the light from the bathroom, flickered before growing dark. I closed my eyes, feigning sleep, whispering your name softly, begging you to come to me in my dreams. The white sheet I clung to, bore the desires of my mind in my grasp, as I pulled it tighter around my body. I would find you, Jamie. Each night I searched in my dreams, and each night I failed. But I would find you. Even if it was in my final sleep, I would find you.

I felt the bed lower, a weight dragging it down, drowning me. I searched for your soul, with my never-ending chant to you:

We’re alright, Jamie. We’re alright. Safe. Me, and our child.

Camera Obscura | 01

☇  arranged marriage au (with a twist)

genre: angst and slight fluff

pairing: jungkook // you ft. kim taehyung + ot7

word count: 3.1k

warnings: none

DescriptionYou’re rich, beautiful, intelligent – you have it all. With your father’s illness, you step up to take his place as the CEO of his company. You’re happy, or at least, you should be. But the top of the pyramid is always the loneliest… that is, until you meet Jeon Jungkook.

EDIT: just a disclaimer, i’ve heard that this chap. seems similar to the webtoon “outside the box” but i have a completely different storyline planned!! i’ve had this idea for a while now, even before i read the webtoon. so pls don’t worry! everything is my original work.

↳  01

A/N: something new I’m trying…I’ve made the main character complex and flawed on purpose, but you’ll start seeing character development as the story goes on, should I actually have the inspiration to continue this.

Y/N : your name  L/N : your last name  F/N : your full name  [ages are adjusted to suit story line]


You nod at the man in front of you as you approach him through the sliding glass doors, heels clicking on the polished floor. It’s been cleaned so thoroughly that you can see a clear, precise reflection of yourself. The large glass windows around the building stretch from floor to ceiling, giving you a direct view of the bustling city beneath you with its busy roads and colorful cars. The inside is a large and practical setup – crisp white walls, modern furniture and accessories, sophisticated elevators and many, many office rooms and meeting areas.

“Namjoon,” you greet calmly. “Is everything ready?”

Kim Namjoon. 25 years old, yet already so high up the corporate ladder. He was one of your father’s closest employees as secretary, and now he is your Chief Operating Officer.

“Director Lee has prepared all the files and paperwork for you,” Namjoon answers, straightening his black tie and suit as he joins you on your walk down to your office. Many of the employees stop and greet you as you walk past, giving you slight bows.

“I’m quite surprised he’s working so well with me,” you comment casually. You’ve reached your office, and you pause to adjust your black blouse before entering your password into the keypad next to your office door. It beeps before the doors slide open. “I haven’t heard a complaint from him in weeks now. If I recall correctly, he was one of the men who strongly opposed me taking my father’s position.”

“Perhaps he has decided you are fit,” suggests Namjoon as he follows you into your office. The doors slide shut behind him.

Your office is large, spacious, and clutter free. Two sofas are set around a miniature round table, where a tea set is placed neatly. A water cooler is near the wall opposite of the skyscraper windows. There is nothing laying around. All your papers are stowed and filed into their respective folders and desk drawers. You head to the back of the room where your desk is. It is shiny and sleek, with a lamp, your laptop, and office computer.

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—  EXIT WOUNDS | a.e.m.

4amfantasies  asked:

do you or rose where contact lenses?

Yes I do! Rose wears glasses sometimes when she is editing. I switch between contacts and glasses. The only reason I hardly wear glasses on camera is because I HATE that you get lens glare and you can see the reflections of things in my glasses! xxx

Norta Elementary - Modern AU (Part 1??)

Hey Guys! This is the fanfic that the Anon requested. It’s my first one pls don’t judge too hard. 😂😂 It’s Mare and Cal finally meeting/noticing each other. If you want me to write more then I can, just request! I had a lot of fun with this!

Also *NOTE* I know that Cal and Mare WOULDN’T be in the same class, but for the sake of this fanfic I kept them the same age/class.


P.S. If anyone could please teach me how to make a link of this/upload it as a pdf I would really appreciate that!!

Ship: Mare x Cal

Words: 769

Fifth Grade

     Mrs. B’s pointer hits my desk, making me jump.
     …And wake up.
     “Ms. Barrow since you quite obviously already know all of this information, would you please tell me how old Scout was at the beginning of the book?”
     I shrug. “Nope.”
     “Well, what is her father’s name?” she demands.
     “No clue.” At least I’m honest.
     “And who is the children’s next door friend?” I stare at her blankly, familiar with her method. I don’t know the answers, she knows I don’t know, and no matter how much she interrogates me today, I won’t know tomorrow.
     She gets a wicked smile on her face. “Thought so.”
     I let her win.

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Drunk RFA + V and Saeran



* Jaehee: “Oh no, the paper work… it’s all over the floor”
MC: “No, it’s not”
Jaehee: *drops the paper work all over the floor* “yes, it is…”

* “I wish I was my own boss but if that means to turn into Jumin, I might be better dead”

* *whispering* “My hands fell off… Oh no wait… it was my social life… thanks work”

* “You know what? I’m gonna tell him… Cat maniac…”

* “I need ice cream… like asap”

* “let’s go home I want to watch Zen’s DVDs”

* *super silent*
* “I’m so drunk… Please hold my dignity and give it back tomorrow at eight am sharp”


* V: *gasps and takes off his sunglasses* “MC, you are so beautiful… an art work… exquisite…”
MC: “You are blind”
V: *shoves his hand all over mc’s face* “you are so pretty”

* Answers to everything with: “I’M BLIND, I HAVE RIGHTS GODAMMIT”

* *lies down on the floor and just sleeps*

* “I don’t even know which ones are better; dogs or cats…”

* *softs mumbles*

* sleepy


* Saeran: “I like the size of your boobs, they suit you”

* *angry grumbles*

Saeyoung: “we have the same fucking face you drunk idiot”

* hugs a lot and squeezes.

* “Has anyone seen my leather jacket?… Oh I’m wearing it, never mind”



* Yoosung: “I’M A MAN”
MC: “Get down of the table please!”
Yoosung: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but-”
Yoosung: *screams*
* “I’m sleeeeepy… Hold me, baby”
* “Can you sing a lullaby to me?”
* *mumbles*
* Yoosung: *petting MC’s hair* “it’s so soft and shiny… it’s like the perfect pillow… Be my pillow”
* “Well, if I can’t have a puppy, I will become a puppy”

* Jumin: “I have to get this out of my chest, I can’t continue my life before saying this”
MC: “Jumin, what are you talking about?”
Jumin: “I love you…”
MC: “Oh Jumin, I feel the same w-”
Jumin: “I love you, Elizabeth 3rd”
MC: *slap*
* “Assistant Kang, my leg feels funny”
* *touchy, touchy*
* “meow”
* *rolling his eyes* “peasents…”
* *raspy voice af*

* Zen: *stares into MC’s eyes for 10 minutes* “So beautiful”
MC: “What?”
Zen: “If I focus enough, I can see myself reflected into your eyes”
MC: “I hate you”
* *reciting Shakespeare*
* “I’m fucking beautiful”
* *brushes his own hair with his hands almost obsessively*
* *awooo*
* *starts laughing out of nowhere* “my beast is bigger than yours”

* Seven: “Heeeey MC… I want to ask you something?”
MC: “Sure, what is it?”
Seven: “So… You like jazz?”
* *invades everyone’s personal space*
* “MEOW!”
* *purrrrrr*
* *bad puns everywhere*
* “Don’t be afraid, Defender of Justice, Seven Zero Seven is here!”
* “Has anyone seen my glasses?”
* *compares MC with Elizabeth*
* Saeyoung: “Saeran, you are like a brother to me… Let’s never fight”
Saeran: “I hate you”
Saeyoung: “I love you too…”

anonymous asked:

Could you write something where Neil has "died" before like he flat-lined after getting shot but in the hospital their able to restart his heart and him and his mother run a couple days later and some how this comes up when the foxes are all kind of chilling and their like wtf

(this isn’t entirely what you asked for but here is something? A mess, actually.)

It knocks the breath out him, though he’s not exactly sure if it’s from surprise or pain. His vision stutters violently, tinged red and he reaches for anything to steady his tilting world. His fingertips scrape the dingy Detroit wall, clinging to the space between the rough bricks before slipping away. His knees hit the ground so hard he feels the bruises forming. That however, is the least of his worries.

Home, he thinks. He has to get home. He can feel the warmth that travels down his side. Logically, he knows it’s blood. He could touch it to see but he doesn’t want to acknowledge that just yet. He stumbles through alleyways, doing his best to avoid people. Even though this is Detriot, he can’t walk down the street covered in blood. They’ll find him again. They always do and he can’t lead them to his mother.

He takes alleyways, winding through buildings while his blood slips sluggishly through his fingers. His vest was supposed to protect him. But he moved at the last second. Had he moved any later, he would’ve been shot in the neck. Just thinking about bleeding all over a grimy alley, without his real name and at his father’s hands, makes him sick. He pauses to retch violently in an old trash can before continuing.

He doesn’t remember getting home, just remembers that he hurts. Just remembers that he’s losing so much blood. He knocks on the door, just barely. But his mother always listens carefully and within seconds, he hears the deadbolt slip back.

“William! What happened?” Mary reaches for him and he cringes backward. His alias doesn’t register for a moment. She reaches out again, gripping his arm and he groans loudly. The pain makes his head spin and he feels himself begin to fall again.

Mary drags him inside, pulls him onto the table and he feels her hands ripping his clothes away. She pokes and prods at the wound, flickers in and out of his line of sight. He hears her muttering to herself, hears supplies piling up next to his head. She fits something into his mouth. A wash cloth, he realizes. It sucks the moisture from his mouth.

“Bite down,” Mary says. He does and a moment later, the pain rips his mind into pieces.

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cupidhost  asked:

7 or 32 for stella and dani please!

32. “Your eyes are red… Were you crying?”

“Your eyes are red… were you crying?”

Leave it to Stella to be so direct. Dani tilted her chin up, swallowing.

“I’m fine, ma'am,” she replied, but inwardly cringed at the tremor in her own voice.

Stella raised one eyebrow, in her way, and said nothing. They were standing shoulder to shoulder watching an autopsy through a pane of glass. Dani could see her in the reflection.

“It’s just,” Dani sighed, “it’s the anniversary of when my dad passed.”

“Do you need to take a day off? I believe you have comp time-” Stella began, but Dani cut in.

“No ma'am! I can focus on the case, I’m fine really,” she rushed to assure.

“I don’t doubt that,” Stella said without turning, “But it’s also important to take care of ourselves and grieve. It’s been over twenty years since I lost my father, but that day is still hard for me.”

Fingertips brushed Dani’s wrist before Stella slipped her hand into Dani’s. Surprised, Dani looked down at their joined hands. Then she gave a little squeeze.

“Yes ma'am, thank you ma'am.”

Stella squeezed back.

Inside the Commons 360.  This is not the best clip as I used my old ipad and it’s a bit fuzzy..might replace it with another vid later on.   

But as you can see.. the boys had a very clear view of everything that was going on outside of the school in broad daylight from the windows and doors..this clip was taken around 11:30 this is exactly how it would’ve looked for them at this time of the day.  They’re getting our lunch ready on the pink table clothes. :)   Conversely, JeffCo would’ve been able to see inside somewhat well viewing the Commons from outside except for the reflective issues of the sunlight on the glass distorting things more for them. The boys had a clearer advantage inside by far.. 

I also took footage of where each camera is located in the Commons as well as a video of where the boys entered from my PoV walking diagonally from the side door to the area near the pillar that we see in the newly found CCTV footage.   

draganchitsa  asked:

hurt me: please write roslin's reaction to learning about what will happen after her wedding, like her going from "zomg i get to marry edmure tully" to ;.; thankssssssss

She has never seen Riverrun before.

She hears it is a fine castle, not so great as one would expect, but nestled comfortably between the forks of the river, the wealth of the land. She has never seen Edmure Tully, either – she had been too young when the heir of the Riverlands had first come of age and Roslin’s father had paraded his line of daughters before the Tullys, offering their choice as though his girls were nothing but plums for the picking. She had been too young at the time, but as she recalls Edmure Tully is not so old even now, and she need only look at her father and his newest wife to be glad of that.

They dress her in lace, delicate and flowing, and she has never felt so beautiful, never worn anything so fine. Everything she has owned before has always belonged first to a sister, to a cousin, to an aunt or a stepmother, and this is the first that is Roslin’s own.

Her father comes to see her, and she wants to duck her head reverently and hold it high at the same time – she will be the Lady of Riverrun, the highest lady of the Riverlands, and while her father is the maker of this great match, she wants only to show him that she can live up to the great station to which she has been called. I will bring honor to House Frey, she tells herself, and her lips quirk up in the slightest of smiles – family, duty, honor, they will be my words now.

Her father’s nails cut into her shoulders as he grasps her arms, his beady eyes meeting hers in the mirror. “Now, my girl, are you ready to play your part?” he demands, and though he is looking at her Roslin is suddenly aware of how little he sees her as nothing more than the reflection in the glass – not a girl or woman of flesh at all.

“Yes, father,” she says obediently, nevertheless. “I only hope to please Lord Edmure, and you.”

“You please him in the bedchamber, and I will be well-pleased indeed,” her father cackles, a sneer twisting his cracked lips, as though she has told a jape that she is too stupid to understand, as though she is, as ever, a step behind with her second-hand knowledge in her second-hand gowns.

scars (percy, cassandra)

This kinda got away from me. Call it the conversation the two of them desperately need to have after this past episode.


Percy tells everyone he’s going to his workshop to make bullets. He even intends to do so, but he gets halfway down the stairs before he turns around and heads to Cassandra’s room.

She doesn’t answer his knock right away. He’s on the verge of giving up and going away when he hears the quiet answer. “Come in.”


When she sees Percy, she nods to the bodyguard sitting by the door. “You’re excused. Thank you.”

The man nods at both Cass and Percy before leaving the room. When the door closes again, Percy takes a deep breath. “Cass, I wanted to tell -”

That’s as far as he gets before she crosses the room and smacks him across the face. He can only raise a hand to his stinging cheek. “I suppose I deserved that.”

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plot twist (buzzfeed, hire me)

Corbyn continued to stare into the mirror of Erised as Prime Minister May turned to face him and removed her wig.  In the corner of his eye on the back of her head’s reflection in the pane he saw movement and turned to see reflected in the glass…

“Thatcher!  They… they said you were dead!” Jeremy squealed, too afraid to even take a step back.

“No… not dead, only weakened, forced to act through the body of another,” said Margaret Thatcher, whose face had taken residence on the back of Theresa May’s head.  “Possessing my humble servant to get this far.  The blood of the poor can sustain me, but not give me a body of my own.  But, once I acquire the power of Brexit… then I shall have all the power I need to return as Britain’s iron Lady.  Now, Jeremy, where is Article 50?”

In the Shadows (Part 2)

Bucky x Reader

Summary – Bucky’s mind is finally free from Hydra and he moves into the Avengers Compound.  

Warnings – None

Word Count – 733

Notes - 

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After a few days, curiosity got the better of him and he decided to ask Steve about you.  Bucky waited until you left the room before turning to Steve.

“Is there some reason why you haven’t introduced me to the new girl?” Bucky asked.

“What are you talking about, Buck?” Steve asked in confusion.

“The new girl,” Bucky repeated. “Really pretty, kinda shy.  She just walked out of the room.”

“Bucky,” Steve responded, concern in his voice.  “Wanda and Nat are the only female Avengers in the compound.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” Bucky asked.

“Bucky,” Steve began as he laid a hand on his friend’s shoulder.  “I’m a little worried.  If you’re seeing things that aren’t there, maybe we should go let Wanda take a look inside of your head.”

Bucky brushed Steve’s hand off of his shoulder.  “Absolutely not!  That poor girl has spent entirely too much time in my head.  You saw how it was affecting her in Wakanda.  I won’t put her through that again.  Whatever this is, I’ll figure it out on my own.”

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She Don't Like The Lights - Chapter 1

A/N: So, this is just a little something I’ve been thinking of doing for a day and it’s finally come to light. The main character will be you, the reader, because why not? Hope you enjoy! 

Word Count: 1,606 


Everything seemed to happen so quick. Justin’s rise to stardom seemed to have been thrown at him as if he were a dog, and being famous was the bone. I didn’t mind it of course, because I was supposed to be the supportive girlfriend. Justin went from the ideal boyfriend to someone completely different. But, let’s not move too fast now.

I was currently enrolled at UCLA, majoring in Science because I always had a thing for science and everything in it. Justin wasn’t just your regular, typical guy. He wanted to do something with his life and that was pursuing in music. Did I agree with it? No. But, I did support him. If that’s what he wants to do then, so be it.

I knew what the music industry was like because an old friend of mine was in it and things didn’t end well for them. I didn’t want the same to happen to Justin. I could never forgive myself if Justin got hurt, I wanted the best for him. 

The lecture my professor was giving was driving me insane. He was dragging on and on about Shakespeare and his many works. I could honestly care less because I’m not majoring in British Literature. The only thing that really made this class bearable was that Justin was in here. 

Uploading covers on the Internet wasn’t going to pay your bills, getting an education would. Occasionally, Justin would send me a goofy look and I would have to try my best from laughing. I’m sure everyone else could see the faces he was making but, he didn’t care. I looked back over at the blackboard and noticed the never ending notes. When did these even get here? I quickly jotted down what I could until my teacher erased everything, leaving the bare board. 

“Alright class, so I’m going to be assigning you all with a project on Shakespeare.” My professor began, “I want you all to pick your favorite work by him and give a presentation about it. If you want, you may work with a partner.” My teacher needn’t say anymore. 

Justin and I gave each other the ’we-are-working-together’ look. The bell rang, marking the end of the class. I gathered my things and left the classroom. Justin caught up with me in the crowded halls, throwing his arm over my shoulder. “Nelson really knows how to grind my gears. He’s really going to assign a project before the weekend?” Justin questioned. 

“What did you think this was? High school?” I raised an eyebrow, looking up at him. He didn’t answer. “We’re going to have to get used to this life. We have to deal with this for the next 3 years or maybe even more.“ 

“Maybe not. If my music career takes off then, we can leave UCLA in the dust.” Justin replied. What did he mean by ‘we’? There was no we, there was maybe him but, not the two of us. 

“Yeah, alright.” I rolled my eyes. I wasn’t mad about him wanting to do something good with his life, I wanted the best for him. We walked side by side to the library, where we could begin our project. We picked a table far away from the rest and began working on Shakespeare. “So, Justin I was thinking that maybe we could do something on Romeo and Juliet maybe? I mean it’s easy so—are you even listening to me?” I glared at him annoyed. 

“Of course I’m listening, Y/N. I’m just looking at specific topics to actually write about.” He responded, not taking his eye off the laptop even once. 

“Justin, I can clearly see in the reflection of your glasses that you are not looking at topics that even pertain to this assignment,” I scoffed. “Why are you worried about what people are saying about you on YouTube? Are your viewers going to pay our bills?" 

"I haven’t looked at it all day babe, cut me some slack,” Justin whined. “I promise, after I’m done with this we can do all the Shakespeare you want.” I nodded my head, not acknowledging what he said. I began actually looking for the topics that we could do. I was too busy typing up a storm to realize a group of girls who stood around the table. 

They were clearly here for Justin. “Hey, you’re Justin Bieber, right? The one who uploads the covers on YouTube?” One of the girls spoke. I knew that voice anywhere and I knew it was Veronica Smith. She always had a thing for Justin for as long as I can remember. 

“I am him.” He replied, smiling up at her. “Can I help you with something?" 

"Well, not really. I couldn’t help but, notice how well you sing. You have the voice of an angel!” She continued, sending Justin a toothy grin. 

“Gee, thanks. Means a lot.” He said, nodding his head. “Well, ladies it’s been nice and all but, I have to get back to my work. See you guys later." 

"Oh! I almost forgot!” She was so close to leaving, why couldn’t she just forget? “Me and a few girls are having a party tonight. It’d be cool if you could be the main entertainment." 

"Oh, that’s quite the offer but, we-" 

"Sure I’ll do it! Let me know the time and address.” Justin had cut me off before I could finish what I had to say. “Great. I’ll send you the details and hope to see you soon. See you Justin.” Veronica turned on her heels, her posse followed closely behind her. I then turned my attention back to Justin and I was in complete disbelief. 

“Really Justin? We have a project to do and it’s due Monday, and you want to go out and party?” I yelled at him which resulted in me getting a few ‘shushes’ from the other people in the library. 

“It’s not partying, it’s just entertaining. You could use some color in your cheeks.” Justin suggested. I didn’t need anything except getting this damn project done. 

“I’m not going anywhere tonight. You can go out and have fun. And you know what? You can even get wasted and sleep with some random girl for as much as I care. You do you, and I’ll do me.” I hated having to guilt trip Justin but, it’s the only way he’d listen to me. 

Justin closed his laptop and got up from where he sat. “Why you never like having fun is beyond me but, I’ll see you later Y/N.” I watched as he too walked out the library. Maybe now I’d get some time alone to finish everything.

the past is
the past is passed.
and i know i need to stop
looking through the binoculars backwards,
but for some reason
i keep seeing little flecks of you
in the glass when i look through my windshield, 
and i wonder if it’s your reflection from behind me. 

i see you laughing. i want to 
be the reason for that laugh,
to be next to you so i can hear it.
but i know it’s
something she said
that’s so funny,
and that you’ve already forgotten
the way i snort when i laugh.
she doesn’t snort when she laughs.
i wonder if you like that better. 

i wonder if  you wish you could hear me
laughing too. 
i wonder if you’ll see a photo of me in a hot air balloon
in August and wish you had been there to hold my  hand
as i looked over the edge because you know 
my fear of falling 
from great heights.

—  checking up on an ex will only bring pain, i promise. // a.s.m

Yes. Sociopaths can love with a selfish intensity that puts other love to shame. Their love is a devouring, consuming sort of love. When I love someone, I feel like I want to inhale them – to literally suck out their soul. When I kiss someone, I try to do just that. 

Love may be blind for empaths, but a sociopath sees your faults clearly and loves you still. The sociopath’s piercing eyes are not only unsettling because of their unwavering constancy, but because the sociopath’s eyes can pierce through to your very soul, leaving you naked before his gaze. The sociopath’s ignorance or disinterest in social norms means that he will not see you as the world sees you but how you truly are. They’re free of the rose-colored glasses empaths falling in “love” often wear. I imagine this ability would be particularly appealing to those whose role in society doesn’t reflect their true worth: members of disfavored races or socioeconomic backgrounds, the too-smart-for-their-own-good crowd, the still-waters-run-deep. 

Sociopaths have a genius for adoring. Their understanding of your wants and needs matched with their charm and flexible personality mean that they can and will literally become the man or woman of your dreams. In fact, when I love, my first step is to gather as much information as possible about every aspect of the person’s life in order to more closely resemble their ideal mate. 

The closest analog to a sociopath’s love is probably the love of a child: intense, accepting, selfish. And finally, like a child, the sociopath will be extremely loyal. A sociopath will never put you above himself, but he will readily put you above all others.


M. E Thomas, (a sociopath) upon asked whether sociopaths can love.

(Based on my theory that Klaus is a sociopath or suffers from sociopathic tendencies)