you can see my ears

when cat grant was leaving catco in 2x02, she puts kara’s hair behind her ear, she pauses almost imperceptibly at kara’s earring. and kara does not take the earring even when she’s in supergirl’s outfit.
I think it’s at that moment that cat has the full confirmation that she’s leaving both kara and supergirl.

Being “fake” (that’s such a cringey term. Can’t we come up with anything better?) doesn’t mean being nice to someone you don’t like. That’s called common courtesy.

Being “fake” (ugh) is treating someone as though you have a relationship that you don’t really want with them. It’s greeting them with a, “I’ve been thinking about you! When can we get together?” and then immediately complaining about them to someone else. It’s leading someone on. If you don’t want to be friends with someone, that’s fine. You can still be nice. But don’t act like you want a relationship with that person. All you’re going to do is hurt them.

Mystic messenger and dialovers  Crossover

Part 2

Zen: this part goes *hits high note* like this

Kou: Nooooo you are doing it wrong !!!

Kou: *hits higher note*

Kou: see

Zen: nO That just sounded like a girly shriek

Zen: I can do better

Kou: go ahead lets see what you can do ~


Seven: and that is why the earth is in fact a kingdom for cats

Reiji: ……

Reiji: so you are telling me we all are slaves of felines ?

Seven: Yup


Reiji: you are worse than ayato in science

Kou: wahhhh

Kou: A  Neko !

Kou: here kitty kitty ~

Elizabeth: meow *purring*

Kou: awww

Jumin: *enters* ………

Kou: ……..

Jumin: *takes out rifle* one seven is enough


*ln the garden*

Yui: ….did you hear that

Mc: what

Yui: that

*gunshot sounds*

MC: …..must be birds

Yui: oh *shrugs*

Yui: anyways so yesterday reiji-san poisoned my tea !

MC: thats horrible ! Reminds me of that time seven replaced all my tea leafs with crushed honey buddah chips painted black.

Yoosung: …..azusa..why do you cut yourself

Azusa: it feels good

Yoosung: *looks around to check if someone is there*

Yoosung: ……….azusa….please cut me too

Shuu: why do you always wear those reflective sunglasses ?

V: so you can see yourself through my eyes

Shuu: broooo….

*in some shady background*

Seven : all

Karlheinz: according

Seven: to

Karlheinz: keikaku

Imagine Michael being your soulmate

Word count: 675

Pairing: Michael x Reader

Request by: @ishipmichifer

A/N: This is the first Michael imagine I’ve ever done and I barely know much about character so sorry if it isn’t that good! <3

“Ghost?” you asked with hope.

“It’s not affected by iron,” Sam replied continuing to flick through endless pages of paper.

It was almost 2 in the morning, neither Sam, Dean or I have found anything about the case and the frustration within the motel room was slowly building.

You let out a long sigh as you closed another useless book. Noticing the tension within the room, you decided to grab some beers from the impala in an attempt to relax everyone.

The research felt like it was taking days to complete and we couldn’t hunt whatever it was until we knew for sure how to kill it.

Shutting the trunk of the Impala, you made your way back to the motel room with beers in your hand. As you neared the motel door, you slowed down. An eerie feeling filled your body, something wasn’t right. Your suspicions were confirmed when Deans voice loudly came from behind the door: “Who are you?” he shouted.

You reached down to your hips, hand hovering over the gun which laid there as you cautiously pushed open the door preparing for what was on the other side.

Although you were completely calm and ready, nothing could prepare you for what you saw.

Beautiful, white wings stretched across almost the entire motel room leading to a gorgeous black haired man (or angel you assumed). Instantly you felt a connection to the angel and dropped your hand away from your gun becoming enticed in his beauty.

“I… er..” you stuttered trying to form words.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Sam seemed to notice your shocked expression, Dean on the other hand, still had his gun pointed at the man who had just appeared in their room.

“You can’t see them?” you replied not taking your eyes off of the wings.

“You can see my wings?” his soft voice filled your ears as he slowly walked his way closer to you.

Dean quickly stepped in-between you two like a protective brother. “I’ll ask again, who are you?”

“I am Michael; I came to persuade Dean to let me use him as a vessel before Lucifer finds Sam yet I appear to have found my soulmate.” He locks eyes with you from behind Dean.

Even though you had just met him, you felt as if you had spent a thousand years with Michael. Ignoring his protests not to, you made your way from behind Dean and slowly made your way up to Michael, not losing eye contact.

He placed his hands down on your hips and whispered into your ear, “your soul is beautiful.”

“As are your wings,” you replied wrapping your arms around him.

Five years later

“Five years today we met,” Michael appeared behind you on the balcony of your house as you looked out to sea. His arms sneaked around your waist from behind as you leaned into his chest.

You hummed in agreement wanting to live in this moment forever.

He spun you around so you were facing each other and placed a quick kiss on your lips. His wings were slightly open meaning he was nervous.

“Y/N,” his voice was barely audible as he grabbed your hands into his, “ever since the moment I laid eyes on you I was instantly in love. When I think of the future, I can’t imagine anyone by my side but you. I love you far more than any words could ever explain,” he got down on one knee and you covered your mouth in shock as you realised what was happening, “Y/N, will you marry me?”

“Yes, oh my god yes!” you managed to form the sentence as tears of joy flowed from your eyes.

Michael stood up slipping the most gorgeous silver wring on your hand. He cupped your face smiling as he pulled you into a passionate, love filled kiss which lasted, for what felt like, an eternity.

“Michael. I love you.” You snaked your hands around his back hoping you could hold onto him forever.

“I love you too Y/N.”

Bad Boy!Seungcheol

(so I have no idea what this is but enjoy? It’s strange but oh well! Requests are open!)

•it was your dream to become a doctor!
•at some age you had to stop idolizing them your mom thought
•you were never a “normal” kid
•your nose was always stuck in a book, or you were looking up medical terms on the web
•if one of the kids in your class felt sick, before they went to the nurse, they went to you
•you’d tell them if they’d need a shot or other things
•and you were always right!
•for career day you chose to dress up as a doctor
•with a little blue scrubs your mom made
•with an actual stethoscope!!!
•for your birthday you asked for new medical books and a setof medical tools!
•you had a doctor themed party, where you played pin the lungs on the dummy
•(it was a strange party to attend)

•as you got older, your studies became more important
•you were the top of your class, whilst taking extra classes too
•as the other kids got into drama and sports
•you were reading books about how to perform heart transplants and removing appendix
•your only close friend was a boy named Joshua who was in all your classes
•the other kids in the pa classes would complain that their parents were pushing them too hard
•while yours were begging you to chill
•so you pretended to be in a phase
•you dyed your hair a pastel pink and started to wear all black
•but you stayed on top of your studies without your parents knowing
•you’d sneak out of the house to go study
•that’s wear you met a bunch of delinquents
•they weren’t bad, they just had the mentality of ‘the world is against me’
•so there was Vernon, a boy who tried a little too hard and came off as dorky
•wonwoo, a quiet boy who liked to stand and read poems or Shakespeare aloud, who also squealed when shown pics of cats
•mingyu, when you first saw him he didn’t match with the group, he still doesn’t actually. The best way to describe him is “he doesn’t even go here.”
•and finally the leader of the mess, Seungcheol
•he always had a leather jacket on, had a lip ring and seemed to curse in every sentence
•but that’s who you hung out with when you snuck out
•even thought you were sneaking out you set a curfew for yourself
•you were home by three am
•since school began at eight
Sleep is for the weak

•so one night, you do your normal hopping out of the window and loudly stomp by your parents windows
•and begun the walk to the basketball court you guys hung out at
•your backpack was slowing you down since it was filled with books that you had promised to bring for Wonwoo
•but when you arrived it wasn’t the normal chill atmosphere, there was a group of teens arguing with the boys
•it wasn’t quite a full blown fight but it was getting worse
•so pretty much running over there, you pushed yourself to go quicker
•but as you arrived you saw the leader of the group swing at seungcheol
•boy was that a mistake
•once the hand swung, seungcheol sprang up and started fighting back
•Vernon following his lead and started to fight as well
•Wonwoo and mingyu were standing to the side watching the rest of the gang
•when you jumped the fence, you heard sirens
•the lights start to flash, and scared the group to try to run away
•which they were caught, but so were you guys
•because even though the basketball court was open, you guys were a “public disturbance”
•so guess where you were taken!!!!
•to another park where there was no noise limit!!
•lol no, to jail so your parents could pick you up
•wtf dude
•but there all of you are, sitting down waiting for the inevitable
•and your parents are the first to come
•your mom walking in with her pajamas in, and signs you out
•and she brings you back home, but before sending you off to bed she warns you about the punishment you’re sure to get

•when you go to school the next day, everyone’s eyes are on you
•and Joshua takes your hand and pulls you to the quietest spot in high school
•"y/n! What the heck were you doing with those misfits? You can’t be with them, think about your dreams!“
•and that sets you off
•because while your dream is important so are your friends
•"you can’t tell me who the fuck should and shouldn’t be my friends, Hong”
•and you storm away, and for the first time, you ditch class
•you go on to the roof, where it’s starting to rain
•but you honestly couldn’t care less and walked out to sit in the rain
•and you kinda ball up, letting the rain hit your face
•"aw don’t cry sweetheart"
•in the cockiest voice you’ve ever heard, seungcheol said
•and you let out a laugh, and tell him that while you’re not crying but it feels like you should be
•and he laughs and sits down next to you
•and both of you sit and watch as the rain gets heavier but neither of you make a move to leave
•"you guys aren’t that bad.“
•with a smirk from him, he told you that you weren’t too bad either, for a wannabe doctor that is
•so from skipping a class, it went to skipping the whole day to hang out with the boy with a lip ring

•so you had been grounded for a month, and made to dye your hair back to your natural color
•(you honestly didn’t care, but it was a little frustrating that that’s what they did)
•but you kept hanging out with the group of misfits
•every day before classes you’d go to the back of the school and chill with seungcheol
•the resident bad boy had mellowed out for the doctor
•but both of you were ignoring your feelings for each other, even though it was obvious
•he’d give you his leather jacket to wear, walk you to classes, eat lunch with you, walk home with you
•ItS PrEtTy DaNg cLEaR
•but nah y'all are wusses
•and won’t make a move
•the last day of junior year is the worst, exams and shit take a toll
•even though you’re studying you feel like it’s not enough
•therefore skipping meals and other necessary things to cram in words on a page
•and it’s killing him to see you this way
•so one day as they’ve gathered around the table to eat lunch, you’re starting to nod off
•and you keep doing the thing, y'know the head drop thing
•and he just can’t anymore so he just picks you and your bag up
•and carries you to the nurse
•and puts you in bed
•"how am I supposed to sit back and watch the person I love, push themselves this hard?”
•and it takes you a minute
“I can take care of mys- wait what… love?”
•and you can see his ears start to turn red but he nods and just repeats himself
•"yes, love"
•and you smile and sink into the pillow
•you’re starting to drift away, but before you fall asleep completely
•"I love you too idiot"
•you didn’t get to see the grin that graced his face

•you can bet that when your results were out that he picked you up in a hug and spun around
•before placing a kiss on your nose and whispering that he’s so proud of you
•sometime in senior year you made up with Joshua, who was now dating a misfit of his own
•(they came close to beating you in cutest couple but cheol would deny that)
•he lets you wear his jackets more often now, letting you keep them overnight
•when he gets them back he loves to put them on just to smell your scent around him
•he’s sof but will attac
•bad boy scoups is a cute boyfriend who is your biggest supporter in you following your dreams


More old sketches

Back when I drew him as more….conflicted.

“’It’ll be fun’, she said. ‘It’ll be RELAXIN’’, she said. The hell is so relaxin’ ‘bout gettin’ boiled alive!!?”



Extinguish my sight, and I can still see you;
plug up my ears, and I can still hear;
even without feet I can walk toward you,
and without mouth I can still implore.
Break off my arms, and I will hold you
with my heart as if it were a hand;
strangle my heart, and my brain will still throb;
and should you set fire to my brain,
I still can carry you with my blood.
—  Rainer Maria Rilke - from The Book of Hours

cman2001  asked:

What exactly are you Voxer?

“I am a Mix of an Elf and an Aero- probably the only one that ever existed since elves have gone extinct in our world. You can see it on the ears and my ability to shapeshit- but only slightly. If I do it too long I can end up in immense pain… so.. well, I’d rather not.

Aero being just like my sister Viro”