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why isn't your mudi curly?

Because not all Mudi have curly coats. From the FCI standard:

COAT Hair:  Head  and  front  of  limbs  are  covered  by  short,  straight  and smooth  hair.  On  other  parts  of  the  body,  the  coat  is  uniformly  very wavy or slightly curled. It is dense and always shiny, about 3 to 7 cm long.  At some spots, cow-licks and ridges are formed. The coat is longest on  the  back  of  the  forearms  and  the  upper  thighs,  where  it  forms pronounced featherings.

Add into it that Khaleesi is very out of coat right now between our crappy weather and her being due to go into season again soon, and there you have it. You can still see some of waves she still has on on her back though.

Seriously though, I can’t breathe. This is the greatest thing… What were his parents even… I don’t care. Maybe just me, but it’s freaking hilarious. I can’t explain.

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How would the US and SF bros react to their SO being a vampire?

I would like to thank this anon for doing 4 characters per ask, like I mentioned in my little rules post! <3 Much love 2 u bb


US Sans: The first thing he’d ask is if you could enjoy his tacos. His next question would be how you get the blood you need, and if he can help somehow. Another would be how you look so amazing even though you can’t see yourself in a mirror. *vamp s/o swoons*

US Papyrus: Alright. It doesn’t impact his opinion of you at all. He loves ya for being you, so whatever strange behaviors he knew you had before you told him this; he had already accepted them. (He’ll have trouble admitting it, but his favorite thing ever is that you can pick him up, and carry him.)

SF Sans: Is very impressed with how incredible vampires are, and that he had no idea until you told him! He’s gonna try and make you part of the royal guard (even if you’re on the surface).

SF Papyrus: Is actually intimidated by this at first. But then he realizes he’s being silly, so he tries his best to act like his s/o is not strange. That’s how you treat him (and he thinks he’s very hard to get along with).

this is a PSA from memebot’s dadmom because i know some of you are in the US and this is your first time voting so you might not know this but



some states allow early or mail in voting BUT NO STATES LET YOU VOTE ONLINE.

if you see stuff about that IT IS PEOPLE TRYING TO OBSTRUCT VOTING

they are TRYING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. they are hoping that if they spread misinformation about the election they can keep the left-leaning, internet-aware generation from the polls

THERE IS A LONG HISTORY OF DIRTY TRICKS LIKE THIS BEING USED TO ATTEMPT TO KEEP PEOPLE FROM VOTING. in previous elections we’ve seen lists of mostly Black people being targeted for calls saying to vote on the wrong day, stuff like that.



sessshomaru’s mother | requested by @bandz-amakeher-scream



‘Where’s your helmet?’ 


when you expect your best friend to prank you, but you get this instead
Josh Hutcherson Joins '#PeacefulProtest' Against President-Elect Donald Trump, Asks Fans To Join ‘#NotMyPresident’ Rally
Actor Josh Hutcherson is engaging in a revolution that's outside of the "Hunger Games" movies, and he has since asked his fans to join him in protesting against President-elect Donald Trump.

Josh Hutcherson may not have been very vocal about his support for Hillary Clinton in the days leading to the election, but he is now making up for it by asking his fans to join him in protesting against President-elect Donald Trump. The 24-year-old actor has been taking to social media to call on to people to join the “#NotMyPresident” revolution.

Just this early Thursday, Jennifer Lawrence’s  “Hunger Games” co-star took to Twitter to point out why people should join the revolution against Trump. “#PeacefulProtest #NotMyPresident #LoveTrumpsHate REVOLUTION! Follow our president elects (sic) own words!” he wrote alongside a retweet of a circulating post showing Trump’s statements when he thought that Romney won the 2012 presidential election.


Zijun Li, Le diable matou || 2016 Cup of Russia (x)


isabel’s grandfather is abusive