you can see it in my sketches from these days

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I absolutely love your work so much! You deserve more followers! I would get you're art tattooed on me. (If only you were a tattoo artist ❤) Hmm I guess I'm curious about where you are from and what's your inspiration. Ohh and can you recommend a book/movie/show? I hope you're having a wonderful day! ❤\(^ω^\)

Thank you! Well, you never know how life might go, so becoming a tattoo artist is not entirely out of the question. I’m from Portugal, my inspiration is my spooky muse. Last book I read was Siddhartha, last movie Whiplash and last show was rewatching Mononoke (not Princess Mononoke, although I like that one too) I think, I would recommend that weird mix and see if you like any. I hope you have a wonderful day as well, thank you for messaging!

(jellyfish sketch unrelated)

It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of my sketchbook pages!  I was going through my apartment the other day in preparation to (maybe) move when I found an older sketchbook I hadn’t finished, so I decided to fill in some half-completed pages.  Part of this is from a year ago (I wonder if you can tell which parts??) and part of it is from last week.  It’s funny to see how my art has changed in a year…I’ve gotten a lot better at rhythm and simple shape-flow I think!


Updated commission info!

  • Any fandom/ship
  • OCs
  • Mild nudity
  • Gore


  • Furries/animals (as additional to main characters it is OK)
  • Mecha
  • Complicated backgrounds
  • NSFW

If you’re interested in commissioning me, please  send me an email to with following info:

  • Your tumblr username
  • You PayPal email
  • Type of commission you want (bust, half body, etc)
  • Description of your character(s)
  • Visual references of your character(s) (art, screenshots, photos, etc)
  • Description (poses, expression, background (if it is illustration), extra details, anything you think should be mention (references are also welcomed!))


  • As i receive your message I’ll do a sketch and send it to you
  • You can request any changes at this stage and i’ll make them
  • When you accept the sketch, I’ll send you PayPal invoice and you are doing the payment
  • After payment is done, I’ll finish your commission
  • You will receive A5-A4 jpg file with 300 dpi
  • You can ask for few changes (colors or some details)

Extra info:

  • Payment via PayPal invoices in USD only
  • It can take me from three days to three weeks to finish you commission
  • First-come, first-served
  • I really love drawing couples <3
  • All commissions are for personal use only
  • You are allowed to post the commission wherever you like unless it has credits
  • You can see other examples of my art on art tag or see my previous commissions
  • If you are interested in some commission type which isn’t in this post we can discuss it via email)

I would be very grateful for signal boost!


heya commissions at last! i’m rattled! some stuff:

• excluding icons, everything will be drawn on a 6x7 300dpi canvas which means prices don’t change whether you want a portrait, something from the waist-up, or full body u o u
CAN’T do: animals, mecha, nsfw! here’s a link to my art tag so you can see what i will most likely be okay to draw!

if you’re interested in a commission, please email me at with the following details:

your name/username:
commission type:
what you want drawn + references:
can i post it publicly?:

if/when i accept your commission i will require payment after you are satisfied with the rough sketch :) it will take around 1-2 days to complete each commission! (paypal only btw!)

i’m accepting 5 commissions at a time and i will update whenever slots are open!

Far From Boring

Requested.  @clarissarae13
Who: Chris Evans
Quote: I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned. 

[Y/N] loved her job, it was what made her get up in the mornings. Although, her job wasn’t the only thing that put an extra pep in her step, it was the fact that she got to see Chris as well. Now, she knew that it was extremely unprofessional to fall for the actors but she fell prey to his charm and got swept away. 

She sat in the costumes department trailer, a pencil behind her ear while another laid in her hand. Tilting her head to the side, she sketched a few more lines and sat back to criticize her work. Frowning, she dug around in her pencil box and snatched an eraser and took away more lines than she had added. 

She looked up at the sound of knocking and Chris walking inside. A smile was instantly plastered on her face because let’s be honest, she could never not smile when he was around. “Hey you.” 

Chris mimicked her smile, “Hey.” He always sounded so calm and collected, it drove her crazy. For once she wanted to hear him get tongue tied but she felt like she’d never see the day. 

Waltzing over towards her, he passed by dozens of outfits that she had put together for the movie. Peering over her table, he nodded in approval. “I’m liking the new suit.” 

Throwing her hands over the sketch, her brows knitted together. “Now Chris,” she scolded, “You aren’t allowed to peek, we talked about this.” 

Shrugging, “Yeah but,” moving closer, his hand moved towards the middle of her back, “I’m kind in with the head of the costume department and I don’t think she’d mind at all.” 

Quirking a brow, she scoffed. “I think we might have a disagreement on that one, buddy.” 

He chuckled, moving so close to her that all he had to do was lean down and kiss her lips. “I bet you that she wouldn’t.” 

Closing her eyes, she brushed her lips against his, “Mm, well you might be right but her boss will kill her if she lets you see it before him.” Pecking him real quick, she pulled away and motioned towards the door. “You may have a free day but this gal doesn’t so, shoo shoo.” 

Chris faked a frown, “But I’ve missed you. Can’t I spend my free day with my favorite girl?” Looking around, he snatched a random feather boa that was just laying on a mannequin, “I can be your assistant.” Wrapping it around him, he laughed alongside her. 

Shading a part on the sketch, she giggled, “Absolutely not. You’d be very distracting and,” focusing more on the drawing, she pulled the pencil from behind her ear, “they still don’t know about us. What would they think if our bosses found you in my trailer?” 

Chris huffed, “Can’t I be ‘friends’ with the people who help make the magic happen? I’m a very friendly, fun loving guy, [Y/N]. I befriend a lot of people.” 

“Don’t pout, that’s how wrinkles form.” She instructed, laughing at his expression.

Standing in front of her again, he forced her to look at him. “How about you and I hit up that vintage French restaurant tonight for dinner.” 

“Chris,” [Y/N] warned, she didn’t care to go to dinner with him but she didn’t want to jeopardize the professionalism on his part. 

Shaking his head, Chris’s hands reached up and cradled her face. “I don’t care what they say, [Y/N]. If anything it’ll be a nice story of how I’ve found the person I can spend the rest of my life with.” Pressing a warm and tender kiss against her, he smiled. “When we first met back on Winter Soldier, I thought to myself how much I was going to like you.” Kissing her again, he looked at her with a heartfelt look, “Its just  I turned out liking you a lot more than I originally planned.” 

Sighing, “I don’t want this to affect your career. Dating the costume designer sounds a bit boring than a beautiful actress or model.” 

“I’d take boring any day and [Y/N]?” His brows furrowed, “You are far from boring and absolutely beautiful, breathtaking.” Pressing his lips against her forehead, he asked again, “So that restaurant?” 

“Eight o’clock.” She said firmly. “And Chris?” 


“Get out before I throw you out.” She gave him a cheeky grin as he shook his head and chuckled. 


after learning a lot from taking a fair few commissions from some wonderful clients, and now having the entire summer ahead of me to do as much art as humanely possible, i am reopening commissions! i am in desperate need of a new graphics tablet, so all funds will go towards that as i could never afford it otherwise being a student!

on this blog I draw primarily Overwatch and RTAH art, but i am willing to draw almost anything from any fandom or original work provided i am provided with reference material (pictures or written description).

you can see examples of previous commissioned work under my commissions tag

i will keep an up to date number of queued commissions in this blog’s description, so if you want to see how many pieces im currently working on/have queued to do, take a look there! i work on a first come first served basis but will always try and get initial sketches to you within a few days

i am a Brit so prices are in the Pounds, however other currencies are chill - we’ll just go by the most up to date conversion rate :’)

questions? yell them at me!
IM me on this blog, dovahbutt, or shoot me an email at <3

At the Zoo - Chapter 3

Thank you, really, to every single one of your comments on the previous chapter.

I was afraid you would hate it …. really afraid.

A little reprieve for our favorite baker, now. Time for him to look at the Red Pandas. (I know, they are the cutest ever.)

My deepest thanks to @xerxia31 and @dandelion-sunset for their beta skills and their help in making the story right :)

To @akai-echo you are a true artist, a magician of the images … thank you for lending me your talent.

I know, it’s not Monday, but I’ll be busy like a bee tomorrow so … early present :)

Here on FFN / AO3

3.  Ailurus fulgens.

“Have you written or painted anything lately?”

Peeta turned away from the windows he’d been gazing through for a couple of minutes - he had been lost in the simple movement of the willow tree, whose branches had seemed to be swaying with the gentle music of the wind.

He looked at Dr. Aurelius, seated in the armchair on the other side of the little table, looking the same as ever, focused on him, the same little smile on the corner of his lips as any other day.

And nodded.

“Which one?” the doctor asked, curious.

Peeta just shrugged. What did it matter to the doctor?

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Hey fellow GTLivers! I’ve been drawing these little doodles of Steph for the past few streams. You can see which streams they are from by clicking on the pictures o: I’m uploading these on twitter while the streams are live (on the days I can watch), so if you wanna see them right away, you can follow me there :) Here’s my twitter account

I’m also offering some sketch commissions in this style at the moment, you can find more infos here!

No idea what to cook tonight ? Me neither ! But here’s a recipe you can try out !

We did this the other day and it turned out so great I decided to share it with you all. I hope you’ll like it !

Sorry for the long silence, I finished the book I was illustrating and took two weeks off work after the 3 month marathon. But I’m back now, and if you wanna see some sketches or even a excerpt from the book, there’s stuff on my instagram

See y’all soon !


So this is like, my first ever Hamilton comic where John became a ghost after he died and decided to follow Pip around bcs he’s the only one who could see him. Pip is an artist instead of a poet and he gets help from John.

One day Pip showed Ham his sketchbook but he forgot that he has a sketch of John in it and yeah,,, you can imagine what happens next :^)

You’re mine (Shawn Mendes Smut)

This is my first smut imagine, tried my best x

Summary: Y/N draws naked male model and Shawn gets really jealous.

Warning: smut.

Requests are open!

With love,


Originally posted by kissing-pleasure

Shawn is not going to be happy when he will hear what I‘m about to do, but I can‘t just say no to this. I thought, when I looked at the male model I‘m about to draw. Naked. I held my breath when he took his coat off. All I was left with was his naked body.

Trying to sketch every single line of this man onto my paper was hard, especially thinking about my boyfriend who‘s laying in bed, while waiting for me. It was a bad form of cheating.

My hands were shaking when I opened the door to our apartament, I don‘t know why I was so scared, after all it was a part of my career as an artist.

„Hi princess, how was your day?“ Shawn hugged tighly. I smiled at him while pressing my lips to his. „It was good, but tired“ I slighly shook my shoulders. „Well I hope your favorite dish will help you“ Shawn murmed while pressing his lips to my ear. „I love you“


„Hey Shawn, can you bring me my bag I was to day with?“ I yelled from upstairs. „In a sec“ I heard his voice but soon there was loud noise and I heard papers collapsing on the floor.Shit. My drawings. I snapped and quickly ran downstairs before Shawn sees my sketch of that model. „Shawn“ I said softly looking at Shawn with my sketches in his hands.“What are these?“ he mumbled showing me sketches of that guy. „It was today‘s task. I swear I didn‘t know anything about it“ Shawn‘s eyes weren‘t so bright it was a few shades darker filled with lust and jealously. Soon I was pressed against the wall. „There‘s no way I‘m letting you to get a way with it so easily“ Shawn whispered while his hands were wondering all over my body. „I want you. I want you to fuck me until I can‘t walk“ he nodded smashing his lips back to mine. His hands grabbing at me desperately as I rocked my hips against his growing erection. „Jump“ Shawn huskily murmed. Soon we were in our bedroom.

I whimpered involuntarily, biting my bottom lip. „Please Shawn“

„What does my princess need?“ Shawn asked hungrily kissing every part of my body. „I want you. I need you, inside me“ I arched my back when his fingers ducked my wetness. My hips began moving again, cries echoed through the whole apartment when Shawn‘s fingers left my spot. „You didn‘t think that you wouldn‘t get punished?“ Shawn smirked looking at the mess in front of him. My whole body was burning from his touch and I needed more. „I need your cock insi-ide me, Shaw-n“ I whimpered and moved closer to him. I guess Shawn couldn‘t control himself any longer because soon his cock was inside of me. I lifted my hand to his head, yanking on his hair. His thrusts were rough and unforgiving. I was overhelmed, hands gripping the sheets, moans filling this empty room. I never wanted to stop feeling him. Shawn pressed his whole body against mine,leaving no gaps between us. „Who do you belong to princess?“ Shawn asked thrusting even harder. „You!“ shriek left my mouth as I felt warmth gush. Shawn groaned deeply. Soon he pulled out of me and collapsed. Shawn‘s hands gently touched my face „I fucking love you Y/N. You are mine“ I am his. Now and forever.

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I just went back to some of the very first drawings you did for this one-per-day and even though they were great from day one, it's super inspiring to see how much you've improved and developed throughout. Makes me wish I could be even the slightest bit arty. I look forward to the daily alert on my phone that you've put up a new work. Cheers for being great x

I’m really glad to hear that daniel, drawing is something I believe anyone can pick up and become competent at with enough time invested into it, so I wouldn’t rule myself out if I were you. Thank you for messaging!

(baby tapir sketch unrelated)

“You‘re just really outstanding“

Request: Can you do one where the reader like sketches josh when she seems him everyday at like a local cafe or something and he sees them one day and he compliments her and like you can go on from there (love your writing!)“

(A/N): This is one of my favourite requests I‘ve received, so I really hope you‘re happy with what I came up with. Thank you for submitting x

Words: 494

Originally posted by joshuasduns

You sit at your usual table, at the further back near the big window, with your sketchbook and a pencil in your hand at a local coffee shop waiting for the barista to call out your name. The reason why you frequently visit this place is because of the serene and inspirational atmosphere. You regularly come here either to work on an assignment or just simply clear your mind, which was today‘s case. 

Suddenly your thoughts get interrupted by the bell at the door, that rings every time a new customer comes in. Catching a glimpse of the stranger‘s appearance, you instantly recognise him as the gorgeous man with the striking hair. He spends at least as much time as you at the coffee shop. So every time you set a foot into the room your eyes immediately search for that familiar face of his, which you‘ve grown to truly admire and enjoy to look at. You admire it so much, that even your natural instinct drives you to sketch a portrait of it, since art is one of the things you‘re strongly passionate about - creepy much, right? - On top of that, you always try to secretly stare, or how you call it ‘visual examine‘, at him to get all the facial features of your drawing accurate. It doesn‘t take you long to notice strands of bright yellow hair sticking out of the black snapback, meaning he‘s newly dyed his hair.

There you are once again entering the familiar coffee shop just to see your preferred table to be already taken by an elderly couple. Sighing you take a seat at the counter and begin to work on your sketch. 

“Is that seat taken?“ a voice asks, causing you to jump slightly and drop the pencil in your hand. “Crap, sorry“ the man says, cursing under his breath and hurries to pick it up for you. Your breath gets sucked right out of your lungs as you recognises the stranger‘s face as he looks up to you while handing back the pencil.

“Thanks“ you choked out, barely audible, grabbing it from his hand.

“Is that supposed to be m-me?“ the bright yellow haired man wonders furrowing his eyebrows, while looking at the portrayal of him.

Once again, you‘re completely speechless. He carefully takes your sketchbook from the marble counter and seems to be observing every bit of it.

“No, I mean- if you want it to…“ you stutter out, stumbling over your own words

“That‘s so sick, you‘re incredibly talented. But why did you choose to draw me?“

You shrug, not wanting to tell him the full truth. “I‘m not sure to be honest, you‘re just really- outstanding. But in a good way

“Do you always draw strangers or am I just so lucky to be that special to pique your interest?“ he asks with a smug smirk plastered on his face.

Other writings

Struck (Part Four)

EXO Fanfiction: Fantasy AU
Main pairing - Female Reader x Kim Jongdae/Chen
A mysterious group move into your apartment building and you find yourself drawn to them, one in particular… but is it safe? Who are they really?

< Previous | Next >

He stood at the side of the roof top, staring at the city sprawling below him. He sighed, and let his frustration brim over. In the sky, the clouds of his mood began to boil on the horizon.

He thought this trip was meant to be liberating, but why did he feel more trapped?

He grit his teeth, trying not to let out a yell. Closing his eyes with a shaky breath, he felt a bolt of lightening rip out in the sky. He sighed, unclenching his fists, but just as he was about to turn to leave, a giggle pierced its way into his ears. He froze.

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report from Kadara’s torture chamber

Just an update on my progress so far:

This is the first request!  The original screenshot is taken by @masseffectscreenarchery (Thank you!  Hope you don’t mind I muck around with your master work!)

So the cave is very dark….really dark…where are those gorgeous lips of yours..Mr Smuggler?

Thanks the Goddess we can change the level of contrast! (this is from Manga Studio) Now we can able to see this divine creation by God aka Bioware.

And now I can sketch him.

I will now let this stew overnight and I will be able to pinpoint what I have done wrong the next day.  

Time to move on to the next one! :D Adios!

Memory Part 2.5 [Lin-Manuel Miranda X Reader]

Request/Inspiration: Lots of y’all wanted an alternate ending to Memory. Welp! I can’t give you an alternate ending because I want to keep it on this track…and because I already finished part three. Here’s the next best thing! I hope.

Summary: Lin’s thoughts and background during Memory Part Two.

@hamwriters Prompt: Reverse POV Day!
Time to get into your favorite character/actor’s mind. How do they act, what do they feel? It’s time to figure that out. A fic written from their POV can change how you see them, and unleash a whole new way of writing!

A/N: I had a hard time struggling through this one! The day this is published is also the day I’m picking my courses and classes for next year! Woop woop I guess? Back to the story, I had a general sketch out, I just didn’t know how to execute it! Expect Memory P3 sometime after the write-a-thon!

Word Count: 553


Request Here!

Part One

Part Two

Lin regretted everything. Not only did he deny you, he lost you. He tried everything to get you back, but you didn’t budge. He lost his fiance and his way. At least he was moving onto his next project, Moana. He remembered when he first told you about his next project. He couldn’t tell you the details, but you were ecstatic! It seemed as if you drifted through the wind. Never to be seen again. Sometimes, he would lie awake thinking about what would’ve been if he knew what you felt sooner. Nevertheless, it was set in stone.

The airplane was a sight all too familiar to him. The regular stops for fans and coffee occurred here. After settling down into his seat, he checked twitter. Nothing unusual appeared. The regular fan art, funny stories, and beautiful photos. However, something caught his attention. It was a photo of a beautifully crafted diamond ring. Out of sheer curiosity, he decided to see who it belonged to. That’s when his heart sunk.


Coming soon: Mrs. Y/N Evans @ryan_evans

You were getting married, and it wasn’t to him. Lin didn’t understand why he felt this way. Did he love you? Did he want you? Maybe the lack of sleep was catching up to him or maybe it was the truth.

After what seemed like a decade, Lin arrived to his hotel room. He was handed an itinerary and an address. A knock sounded throughout his room. He opened up the door, smiling to see his assistant, Reiley. “Morning, Lin! We’re leaving in about,” she checked her watch “30 minutes! Please be ready by then and I’ll pick you up!”

“Got it! Thank you!” He closed the door and hopped in the shower. Shortly after, he slipped on his infamous grey sweater and jeans. He tried to make his short hair look as nice and possible. He had a few minutes to spare, so he took the time to eat a small snack. Next thing he knew, Reiley was back at the door. He picked up a notebook and headed out.

The car ride wasn’t that long. It seemed as if everything passed by too quickly. It was his dream to work on a Disney movie and here he is! It felt like a dream to him. One of the assistants approached him and gave him a quick run through. “Alright Mr. Miranda, you’ll be assigned with an animator to intertwine your ideas together and create a scene for the pitches next week! You’ll be working with-”

“Oh! Please don’t tell me! I prefer surprises! Plus, you can just call me Lin.” He smiled widely and the assistant showed him to his conference room. He took the time to settle in and drink some coffee.

He heard the voice of the assistant from last time. He guessed that his partner was here! No matter what, he was so excited! He stood up in anticipation. Unconsciously, he started smiling. The door creaked open and his smile faded. It was the one who got away, Y/N L/N. You stood there just as surprised as he was. Your ring caught his attention. “Y/N?” He was fairly sure that the assistant could feel the tension, as they closed the door.

This should be fun.

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hello!! your art is amazing and i just sorta melt when i see it!! i was wondering if you would share your brush settings? thank you!! have a great day :)

Thank you so much! <3

Well, my brush settings is a little messy and recent /since I’ve always worked on SAI and now I feel more comfortable with PS / I show you some of my favourites here:

You can download them freely from pheberoni’s dA here, mezamero’s post here, concept art and speedpainting brushes here, and these brushes here too.

I tend to reduce the flow of brushes while painting and sketching and everything while working in PS XD. 

But if you’re more into Paint Tool SAI, then these are my brushes and settings:

/ in Spanish, tho yvy I can’t remember where I downloaded them, sorry /

And nothing more, I guess? Hope this info can help you :)

Have a great day!

dabigsis  asked:

Hi! Thank you so much for creating this amazing art works, I can't stop myself from checking tumblr everyday to see whether you've posted anything. Anyway I've got a question for you, do you think you'll ever draw hinny as an old couple?

Thank you so much! I feel like they are aging in my sketches - everyday is a day on Harry’s life. However, I consider drawing them with grown up kids, but not now. I just want to keep thinking of Hinny as young parents, but I think someday  I will!


Alright, it’s about time I start up some commissions!

We are running a bit tight on money, especially since my family wants to go visit our relatives living out of the US, so a little extra help would certainly help in the long run! And in turn, you’ll get my best efforts to deliver you on some quality art ^u^

Okeydokes, now for the details!!

  • Digital only! The final file will be a jpeg at default 1200 x 1500 pixels, unless you specify the size at the beginning
  • Paypal only! In US dollars only please! Payment will be made through invoice. Please give the email you use with Paypal.
  • I will require payment upfront, once I have given you some concept sketches for your approval. So please be absolutely sure you want to commission me and follow through that decision
  • Please have ready any references, whether it be on the character, background, or colors you’d like me to use before I begin work on the final piece!
  • Please communicate to me with as much detail as possible what you would like to see in the final art piece. I am no mind reader!
  • I have the right to refuse if I deem the proposed commission to be far out of my skill zone or do not feel comfortable drawing it
  • Will not draw: nsfw, furries, mecha, detailed armor, very complex backgrounds, extreme gore
  • Ask about icons/avatars! We can negotiate the price on that depending on amount of detail desired
  • Turnaround time is from 1 to 2 weeks. 2-5 days if it is a sketch and not complex lineart. If you need it to be finished at a certain time and/or day, please specify at the beginning!!

Visit my commissions page for more info

If you are interested, please send me a message here on tumblr or email me at