you can see his hickeys

Fuckboy Dan - Request Sunday #13

*I had this fic queued for yesterday evening, and I just noticed that it didn´t post. But better late than never I guess*

~The Fanfic for today´s Request Sunday is based on the following Request~

Please do a fic, based around this.

Exhausted you lie cuddled up in bed. You feel like every muscle in your body hurts and your skin feels sore in some of your most delicate areas. You hear the sound of your phone vibrating on your wooden nightstand. You slowly reach over, murmuring a few fucks as your muscles ache with every inch you move. You look at your screen to see you got a text from Dan. It says ‘Look at me, I look like a literal fuckboy’ and he send a photo of him standing in front of his mirror. He is grabbing his collar and provocatively biting his lip. You can see some hickeys on his neck and chest and can´t repress your laughter, which you immediately regret as it hurts your aching muscles.

You and Dan have been friends for a while and you both knew you were attracted to each other but neither of you ever made move. Well, at least not until last night. You spend the evening at his apartment, talked and had a few glasses of wine. Throughout the evening you could feel the tension between the two of you getting bigger. You can´t even completely recall what exactly led to this moment but at one point you were laughing about a joke he made and as you calmed down you looked into his eyes. He silently looked back into yours and before you know what to do or say he pressed his lips against yours. A shiver runs through your body as you think about it. You close your eyes and think back to the last night. Everything flashes before your eyes, like a movie playing inside your head. You can still remember how is hands felt on your body as he pulled you closer into the kiss. He softly put one of his hands on your cheeks and softly kissed you. Quickly your kisses got more ardent and passionate. You let your hands run over his body, feeling the muscles under the soft fabric of his shirt. You´re still not sure if it was the adrenaline of you kissing Dan or the alcohol that got to your head but you got on his lap and pressed your body tightly against his. Dan kissed your neck while you let your fingers run through his hair, grabbing it forcefully as he gently started biting. Some hoarse moans slip out of your mouth and you involuntarily start moving your hips on his lap, rubbing your delicate area against his. You can feel his hard member through his black skinny jeans. Your hands sneak under Dan´s shirt and explore his soft warm skin. Without warning he pulls away from your neck and takes of your shirt in a swift motion before taking of his own. He throws them on the floor and gets back to kissing you. Your fingertips wander over his muscular chest to his prominent collar bones. You feel like all the sexual tension that build up between the two of you in the past few months is bursting out of you. Shivers of desire and lust run through your body in waves with every kiss or touch. Your touch gets rougher leaving small scratches on Dan´s shoulder blades. You feel Dan´s warm breath on your neck and the sound of his moans drive you crazy. You enjoy the warmth of his soft hands as he softly massages your breasts and plays with your nipples.

“Hold on tight.” He suddenly whispers in your ear and you tightly wrap your arms around his neck. He gives you a little side smirk and with a small swing he stands up from the sofa. Quickly you wrap your legs around his waist and he starts carrying you to his bed room. The room is dark except from a string of fairy lights over his bed. He softly puts you down on the mattress, giving you another smile. Immediately you pull him close again, hungry for the feeling of his skin against yours and his lips on your body. You let your lips explore the wonders of Dan´s body, going from his neck to his chest and back up, leaving small bite marks here and there when you feel like it. You know that you are probably going to leave little bite marks or hickeys but you honestly don´t care. You want him. All of him. Dan´s husky moans fill the room and his muscles clench with desire under your passionate touch. Your mind is clouded with desire and lust. You unbutton his jeans and pull them down. You can see the bulge of his hard cock through his tight black boxers. You let your fingers glide over his cock, drawing small circles with your fingertips, making Dan shiver under your touch.  Gently and slowly you pull down his boxers and pull out his hard member. Very delicately you put your lips around the tip of his cock. You barely suck on it and gently lick it. You can sense Dan going crazy and forcefully grabbing the duvet as you suck harder. But quickly sucking isn´t enough anymore, you want to feel his cock inside you. You slowly pull away and open your own jeans, taking them off in a quick motion. As you let yourself sink onto his cock Dan´s moans get louder and he grabs your ass, supporting the movement of your hips. The feeling of the full length of his member inside you is almost too much and you need a moment to adjust to the overwhelming feeling, before you start riding Dan. You pick up a quick pace, letting Dan´s cock slide in and out of your wet delicate area. You bite your lip and probably leave a few more scratch marks on Dan´s chest.

At some point Dan flips you over and he takes the lead. You burry your hands in his hair and kiss him, while he fucks you in a fast but steady pace. You can´t tell how much time has passed but you still don´t feel satisfied. Your body and mind hunger for Dan in every way possible. The rest of the night is very blurry to you. You remember changing positions a couple more times; at one point Dan was fucking you on his desk. But you very vividly remember the feeling as you came. You moaned and tightly grabbed Dan´s shoulder blades. Every muscle in your body clenched and you breathe Dan´s name over and over again. You can feel Dan coming inside you in a pulsating rhythm. And then it´s over. You both collapse on the bed, breathless and exhausted.

You open your eyes and come back into the moment. You´re still holding your phone in your hand that is still showing the picture Dan send you. The bright red colour of the hickeys stand out on his pale skin. You quickly reply to his text, before putting down the phone. You gently massage your aching muscles. What you had with Dan was definitely the best sex of your life so far, passionate and rough and endlessly satisfying. You know that the hickeys are probably going to raise a lot of questions and Dan actually looks a little like a fuckboy. You giggle at the thought and again regret it. Your phone buzzes with another text from Dan. “Wanna come over?” you read on the screen. Without hesitation you get up and dressed and make your way to Dan´s apartment. Ready for another night.