you can see his hickeys

Shit Disturber

Hello, Love bugs! 

 Dan X Reader 

Warnings- Adult themes. swears but duh I always swear. No real smut 

omg omg omg could you please do a fan fiction where you give Dan a massive hickey and then he has to video with it and he gets loads of comments about it and you just laugh at him.- Anonymous

 Love bites. Love bites all over the base of Dan’s neck and chest. You loved to give him hickeys. He was also a huge fan of giving and receiving them himself. The night before you had been a bit wound up and had been playing around with Dan. The two of you couldn’t have sex because all thanks are given to the woman body. That doesn’t mean the two of you couldn’t have fun like a couple of teens trying not to get caught by your parents. In this case, your parents would be Phil. This evening seemed like a regular Monday to you. 

On Tuesday’s you stay late at school with a study group while Dan does his live show. The group had already dispersed for the evening so it was just you and your laptop in the library. You decided it would probably fine to turn on Dan’s You-Now while you continued working. As you stuck your headphone’s in you tuned into the show to find Dan in the same place as always. In his room on his big Mac talking about ascetics, kinks and loads of other shit.  Everything seemed pretty normal until you noticed something just above the collar of his t-shirt. There in clear red-purple colour was one of the hickeys you had given Dan the evening before. You couldn’t text fast enough to Dan to let him know to try and shift so it wouldn’t be so noticeable. You waited what felt like forever before you could hear Dan’s Phone go off in the live feed. You watched as his happy little smile went to wonder as he peered at his phone a little harder, he had to make sure he was reading your words right. Once you knew he had read the message you decided that you were at a safe enough distance away from him to tease a little by sending over a kiss face emoji. Again you waited as Dan tried to shift and look normal before looking down at your newest text. The biggest shit eating grin was placed on both of your faces. You decided to go home and deal with what you could only assume will be a crazy Dan.  

Once you got home you could hear the sound of absolutely nothing. That was strange. The apartment was always filled with music or some TV show on in the background.You made your way up the stairs to see Phil’s bedroom closed. Dan’s room, however, had the soft glow of his lamps on. You quietly enter the room to see Dan surfing on Tumblr. There on his screen, you can see every single post about his one visible hickey. If people were freaking out about that one that was noticeable they should see his collar bones. poor things. You made your presence known buy dropping your bag in the doorway with a soft thump. Dan hears the thump turning your way and looking your way, he smiles seeing you recreating the same smile.

 “Well, you did it, love. The internet is broken with pictures of a hickey on my neck. Everyone is absolutely positive that this is the doing of Phil. Little do they know there is someone else in my life that happens to be quite a little shit disturber. ” you make your way over to Dan’s desk to sit on his lap.

 “So how are you going to deal with all of this, hmm let’s say mess.” You place a kiss to Dan’s love bite that caused all of the problems.

“I’m probably not going to do a single thing. Let them assume what they want. I don’t play well with others so I, not sharing you with the world yet.” You smile against his lips as place lots of little kisses to them. “Just so you know my next few months are going to be filled with comments about it so when I bitch to you it’s your job to let me.

 "If you bitch I will just add a few more to your skin.” A laugh leaving you from the thought of All the jokes that are going to be coming his way.

“Oh, that’s it.” Before you knew it Dan as picking you up and tossing you onto the bed. You couldn’t help but giggle the entire time. “I’m going to repay ten fold my pet.” That was the last thing you heard before Dan started to place the similar love bites along your jaw, neck, and chest.

BTS as your boyfriend Part 2


• cuddles

• he’s always busy with something but finds time just for you

• foReHEAd kISSes omg definitely

• drives to your house when he needs a hug from he’s little one :(

• always praising you

“you’re so gorgeous… ah seriously can’t you stop it”

• buys you things for 3dollars bc ain’t no money enough to payback your love (he’s just a cheap ass)

• he still loves you like no other tho

• sex with Jin would be just so vanilla most of the time cause he’s the type to get tired pretty easily

• but it’d be so intense and slow and imagine scratching his back and shoulders :(


• music exchange

• buys airplanes tickets for you to visit him on tour

• supports you in everything you like and has to do

• gets shy when you compliment him randomly and gives you that gummy smile of his

• gives you advices

• asks for your opinion on important things

• this little fucker would be so into kissing you while cuddling

• fell asleep once while listening about something that upset you at work bc of the intense practice he had that day and he felt so guilty after that he spent two weeks bringing gifts to you after work

• sex with this guy would be either lazy or slowly intense

• but he can be a freak if he’s mad at something you did… Or just needy


• dancing while cleaning the house

• likes taking showers with you

• always hugging you

• keeps telling you lame dad jokes even when you tell him to stop

• cooking together

• pouts when you deny something he wants badly

*casual voice* “i think hobi deserves a kiss since hobi has been such a nice boy”

• dates at the café

• hoseok would put his dancer hips to work and torture you with slow moves during sex

• he’d be pretty rough and dominant when it comes to sex and he probs has a kink


• always shopping

• always apologizing for forgetting something

• needs endless love and affection

• pda gets him shy but he loves it

• tries to impress you but ends up getting injured

• Netflix and chill

• keeps getting hurt on purpose just so you kiss and take care of him :(

• book exchange

• namjoon would be either fucking dominant or a whiny mess during sex

• but his role doesn’t matter to him as long as he gets to hear your soft moans as you fuck and he falls for you even more at the end


• protective

• always trying to touch you, it doesn’t matter if it’s a kiss or just a hand holding

• calls you before important performances when you can’t be with him just so he can hear your voice and calm down

• says cheesy things to you after fights to try and melt your heart such as “I wish we could meet again just so I could fall in love with you twice”

• he’d be so into giving you hickeys just so people can see that you’re his and he absolutely loves when you do the same

• hugs you and tells you sweet nothings when you’re sad

• shows he loves you everywhere bc he just can’t keep his love to himself

• places his hand on your thigh as soon as you sit beside him

• dirty talking yES

• he would be so into spanking your ass while taking you from behind sWeEt jEsUS


• brags about you

• pets your head

• serenades you narutos ending ‘wind’ even if it’s not exactly romantic bc his voice sounds nice in it

• takes you to sightseeing

• random deep talks

• you’re the best person alive for him

• he just loves you so much like he does anything and everything for you

• sometimes he giggles while looking at you cause he feels so lucky to be with you

• this motherfucker would be so into spanking your ass he’d do it even when you weren’t having sex

• he’s a dom most of the time but he likes it when you take control every now and then


• very shy when you start dating but after a while he can get really laid back

• holds your hand a lot

• neck kisses

• wants you to pet his head

• praises the shit out of you even if he’s not that good at it

• needs endless love and affection pt2

• he loves showing people that you’re his but he gets shy often so it doesn’t happen frequently

• sings for you to sleep and dances randomly to cheer you up

• sex with this big guy would be as good as everything he does like he would put a lot of effort to make you feel as good as he does

• he’s definitely a switch but most of the time he’s the dom and he loves it when you’re a brat


For @oh-mysterek who sent me a prompt for Thor getting jealous and giving Loki a hickey, and Loki wearing Thor’s shirt to show it off afterwards. I know it doesn’t fit your prompt *exactly*, but hopefully you enjoy it anyway!

“Alright boys, we won’t be back until at least midnight, so don’t wait up. You have school tomorrow,” Frigga said. She tucked her phone into her purse and smoothed her hair behind her ear. “Thor, are you sure you don’t mind staying over here?”

“Not at all, Ms. Laufeyson,” Thor said with an easy smile. Loki nudged his foot under the table and was gratified to feel Thor’s foot pressing back into him.

“Call me Frigga, please.”

Loki still wasn’t used to seeing his mom get all fancied up. She looked nice in a dress and makeup, but what really made her look beautiful and ten years younger was the way she smiled when she looked at Thor’s dad.

Which, kinda gross, but still. She was happy, so Loki was happy too.

“Sure thing, Ms. Laufeyson,” Thor said with that shit-eating grin that he got sometimes. How he managed to charm everyone all the time was baffling - Loki was sure if he said half the things that Thor did that he’d probably get beat up, no matter how pretty he smiled.

“Don’t be a smartass,” Odin said, the twinkle in his eye softening the harsh words. “Frigga, my darling, shall we?”

The minute the door closed behind them, Thor reached for Loki and tried to kiss his neck.

“Wait, you asshole,” Loki hissed. “Make sure they’ve left first.”

They peered through the living room curtains until they saw the car pull out of the driveway, and then Thor pounced again, knocking Loki onto his back on the couch and kissing him senseless.

“I’ve been waiting to do that all day,” Thor said between kisses. He smiled down at Loki through his curtain of golden hair and he was so beautiful that Loki hauled him back in for more. Thor pulled away and sat back on his heels.

“I wish we didn’t have to keep this a secret,” he said.

“It’s better this way,” Loki argued for what felt like the hundredth time. “Our parents are dating. Can you imagine the shit people would say at school? ‘Brother fucker’ would probably be the most polite.”

“I don’t care though,” Thor said. “I want everyone to know you’re mine.”

“You don’t care because you’re popular,” Loki said sadly. “Everyone loves you no matter what. It…it would be different for me.”

“Oh babe.” Thor opened his arms and Loki crawled up into them.

“I just wish they knew to keep their hands off you,” Thor rumbled in his ear. “I saw Amora flirting with you today at your locker. And Tony…I swear to god he eyefucks you so hard I’m surprised you don’t have an std from it. I hate it, babe. I hate it. You’re mine.”

Loki couldn’t deny the pleasure unfurling in his chest at Thor’s words. Thor - tall, handsome, funny, popular, charming, hot as hell - *that* Thor…wanted Loki, of all people.

They probably wouldn’t ever even have talked unless their parents had started seeing each other, and ironically it was their parents now forcing them into secrecy.

It was almost a little thrilling though? Being *Thor’s* secret, being the only one to hear his sweet words, being the object of his affection and lust and jealousy…it felt powerful.

“I can’t help if they want to flirt with me,” Loki said lightly.

“They should know you’re off the market,” Thor growled.

“Jealous?” Loki teased, wanting to hear Thor actually say it.

“God yes.”

Thor nuzzled behind his ear, then kissed his way down Loki’s neck and made him shiver. He bit down gently and Loki jumped and giggled, then bit down harder and Loki yelped and pushed him away.

“What are you, a fucking vampire?” he complained.

Thor laughed. “Yes, and I vant to suck your -”

“Oh my god don’t even finish that sentence.”

Loki pushed Thor onto his back and they rolled around the couch laughing and kissing and tickling, running their hands all over each other until they were panting with need. Loki hooked his legs around Thor’s waist and held him tight and Thor sucked a bruise onto the place he’d already marked with his teeth, and they came groaning in each other’s hands.

On their way to the bathroom to clean up afterwards, Loki snagged Thor’s shirt off the floor. He liked to sleep in it because it wasn’t like they could sleep in the same bed, and this way he’d at least get to smell like Thor for a little bit. It was huge and the neck gaped absurdly but Loki didn’t care.

“Look,” Thor said in the mirror, pleased, as Loki brushed his teeth.

“What?” Loki asked around a mouthful of toothbrush.

“You can see my hickey.”

Loki rolled his eyes. Thor slipped his arms around Loki’s waist from behind and stared at him in the mirror, his gaze focused and intense.

“You should wear this tomorrow,” Thor said softly, a hoarse edge to his voice. “Let everyone see.”

Loki rinsed his mouth and leaned backwards into Thor. He threaded one hand into Thor’s hair and pulled him into a deep kiss that left them both breathless.

He bumped their noses together and smiled sweetly.

“Not on your fucking life.”

Best Friends | 03

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Genre: Best Friends AU, College AU

Warnings: Slight smut

Word Count: 1642


Originally posted by nnochu

I lay in Jungkook’s bed, naked underneath the sheets, as well as him. His arm in underneath my neck as we both lay on our backs, staring up at the ceiling. We had gotten back home last night around twelve thirty, walking around the beach until our parents wanted to go home. As soon as we got home and our parents went into their rooms Jungkook pulled me into his room. We had just did two rounds and I’m exhausted.  I make sure the blanket is covering my chest before I sit up.

“What are you doing?”

I turn around to see Jungkook staring at me, his arm still out to wear I was laying and the other under his head. His right brow is lifted up in question and his chest is exposed since the blanket is only up to his hips.  

“I was going to go back into my clothes?” I say more of a question than a statement and continue to get up but he leans on  his right elbow, grabs me by my waist and pulls me down onto the bed, my bare back against his bare chest.  

“No.” He mumbles and bites down on my shoulder.

“And why not.”

“Who said I was finished with you yet?”

He pulls me until I’m under him and he’s hovering over me. He smirks at me before leaning in for a kiss. His hands move along my sides and to my hips and he squeezes. I push my body up against his and he moans, our privates brushing together. He moans into my mouth and grinds against me. I squeeze his bicep and take in the feeling of his warm chest on mine. He wraps one of his arms around my waist and pulls me closer.

He rubs himself against my folds and I moan out as he starts to kiss my neck. He starts to suck on my collar bone as he starts to put on a condom. He leans back in for a sloppy kiss and wraps my leg around his waist so he has the prefect entrance.

“Jimin! Jungkook!” Jungkook’s dad starts to bang on the door as if to wake up the two boys that are supposed to be in this room. “Start getting ready boys! We want to leave in forty-five minutes! The place we want to go to is nearly two hours away so we want to leave soon!” Jungkook groans loudly as his tip grazes my entrance and he puts his face into the crook of my neck. “Wake up!”

“We’re up dad!” Jungkook yells back to his father.  

I gently push Jungkook off of me and get up, leaving the blanket on the bed, to get my clothes that are on the ground. I grab my underwear and bra in one go and put them on. Jungkook stands up and puts on his underwear but sits back down. You can hear his father yell to “Bridgette and I” the same thing he yelled to this room. I turn around to get my romper and see Jungkook staring at me. I raise my brows at him as I bend down to get it and start to put it on. He smirks and looks down.  I put it on and grab my shoes and head for the door, standing by it to hear if his father is back in his room.

Jungkook’s arms wrap around my waist and he pulls me against his chest and starts to kiss my neck. “We still have time.”

“No no no.” I say and gently push him away and turn to face him, my back against the door. “I have to get ready.”

“Why do you have to take so long to get ready?” He whines and pulls me close to him again, his lips brushing mine.

“I have to take a shower since you wanted to do an extra round.” I whisper against his lips.

He licks his lips and starts to lean in but stops when there’s a knock on the door. He whispers a quiet “fuck” when Jimin’s voice is heard through the door.

“Are you guys done? I want to take a shower.” He whisper whines.

I laugh as Jungkook rolls his eyes and opens the door. Jimin sarcastically smiles at us before brushing past us and into the bathroom. The door to my room is open and I can see Bridgette looking through her suitcase for something.

I walk into my room without looking back and close the door behind me.


After I quickly took a shower I got dressed in black tights with a white tight v-neck with a flannel wrapped around my waist and my timberlands. I leave my hair the way it is, slightly wavy after I straightened it and did my everyday makeup.

Bridgette wore jeans with her gray shirt that has a hood attached and her black timberlands. She did her everyday makeup and we were out.

I yawned as the elevator opened and Jungkook and Jimin walked out.

Jungkook wearing a white t-shirt and black jeans and his timbs. He curled his hair messily and has some rings on.

Jimin is wearing a black long sleeve loose shirt and black jeans with black converses. He has a black hat on that has little earring type things attached.

“Alright kids, start getting in the van.”

It’s a big black van. My dad is driving and Jungkook’s dad is beside him. Behind them are my mom and his mom. Then behind them is Jimin and Jungkook, then Bridgette and I. I plug my phone into the car charger and lean my head back against the head rest and close my eyes.

About ten minutes into the drive I open my eyes to see everyone’s status.

Our fathers are talking in deep conversation with our mothers. Jungkook has his head against the window and is sleeping I assume. Jimin is on his phone texting someone and Bridgette is next to me with her eyes out the window with music playing in her headphones.

I sigh and lean my head back again and go to sleep.


“Jeon Jungkook!”

I snap my eyes open and everyone’s eyes are laid on Jungkook’s mom as she stares at Jungkook with horror in her eyes. Jungkook rubs his eyes and looks around confused.

“What did I do?” He mumbles tiredly.

“What the hell is on your neck!”

My eyes widen as Bridgette glances over at me quickly but I stare at the back of Jungkook’s head as he pauses his movements and stares back at his mother. Jimin looks at Jungkook with mock concern and looks as if he’s trying to stop himself from smiling.

“It’s nothing mom, I just burned myself with the iron this morning.” He says nonchalantly and shrugs.

His mom continues to stare at him with a raised eyebrow. She turns around slowly mumbling “pabo” under her breath and sits back.

I can see Jungkook visibly become less tense. He sighs and leans his head back against the window and goes on his phone. Jimin turns around and gives me an amused face and laugh and Jungkook snaps his head to him. He glares at him then shakes his head and puts his headphones on. Jimin continues to laugh until I smack him in the back of his head and he pouts. Jungkook laughs and Bridgette shakes her head.


We made it to the paintball arena, filled with five or six courses.

We get our guns, our masks, our bullet holders, and sit down on a bench and wait for our instructor guy and start to pour paint balls into the containers.

“Okay guys we’re gonna make up the teams. I’m just going to count and give you guys a number.”

Jungkook, Bridgette , my dad and Jungkook’s mom are on one team.

Jimin, my mom and Jungkook’s dad and I are on another.

“You guys are going down!” My dad yells at us and I roll my eyes and follow the instructor as he starts to walk towards the first course.

“Team 2 stay here Team 1 start walking to the other side. Make sure you’re masks stay on the whole time you are in the fighting area. We’ll take a few minutes to make sure your guns are loaded and your masks are secure.”

I walk a bit to where I want to hide and start making sure I have enough bullets in the gun. I lift the gun up and hold it in the position I think is best for me.


I turn around quickly, startled that there’s even a voice coming from behind me. Jungkook stands with his mask on and beckons me closer with a tilt of his head. I furrow my eyebrows and walk closer. He lays his hand on my shoulder and pulls me closer so our chest our together, our guns by our legs. Once my chest touches his, he lets his hand travel down to my waist and squeezes.


I can tell he smiles by the way his eyes crinkle behind the mask and he leans into my ear. “Do you think.. next time you can leave a hickey somewhere else. Maybe somewhere no one can see?” His voice is serious but he chuckles lowly at the end of the sentence.

“Sorry, I was thinking about other things at the time.” I mumble and step away but he pulls me closer again.

“Oh what? The way I was fu-”

“Okay!” I say loudly, cutting him off and fake laugh as I walk away.

I hear him chuckle as I walk away and turn around to him to see his staring at me. He winks at me then starts to walk to the other side of the ‘arena’ with his team.


Luke- His mom sees a Hickey

Request- Can you do the hickey one, but with Luke and the hickey is on y/n and lukes mom notice :)

word count- 1300+

rating- PG-13

A/N- i wasn't sure how similar you wanted the story line so i changed it completely haha hope you like it…like all my stories its not edited very thoroughly so ignore any mistakes. 


Luke had been on tour for two months when his mom Liz called you. since you and Luke had been in a relationship for a while you had become close with his family so it wasn’t weird for her to be calling you. she told you that she was missing her son and wanted to go visit Luke soon. having her youngest son leave home so early was hard for her so she liked to visit as much as she could. but she called to see if you wanted to come with her. 

of course you said yes. the past two months had been hard with out him and you missed him. she told you when she was wanting to go and you both bought tickets. you were so excited and it made it hard to have to wait a week to go.

she told you that you could be the one to tell him so that night while you were talking to him on the phone you decided to tell him.

“so what are your plans next Tuesday at about 6 pm?” you asked

“well that is weirdly specific…but i don’t think i have anything Tuesday. why?” he asked confused by your weird question 

“well i was wondering if you could come pick your mom and me up from the airport” you said trying to not laugh just because you were excited

“seriously? you are coming?” he said quickly because he was excited also


when the plane landed you wanted to just run out of the gate until you reached him but sadly you couldn’t.  you walked next to Liz till you could see Luke standing in the distance. once you saw him not to far away you couldn't help but run to him. when you reached him he hugged you and picked you up off the ground a little bit because of his towering height. 

after he greeted his mom you all got in a car and drove to a restaurant for dinner. you set next to Luke at the table with your hand resting on his leg. you all talked for a while but you were getting bored as his mom told him some story about something funny his dog did last week. you decided to start moving your hand up and down his thigh. each time you went up you would get dangerously close to where he wanted you to touch most…just not right now at the table while he talked to his mom. 

he reached his hand under the table to grab yours so you would stay still. he was getting turned on and didn't want to have to walk out with a boner. 

after you ate dessert you all drove back to the hotel that he was staying in and met up with the 3 other boys.  you went into Ashtons room and just talked to them all as they told stories about the tour so far.  Liz had brought little gifts that the other moms had sent with her to give to their sons, so she handed those out. 

you were sitting on the couch alone when Calum walked over and set next to you. 

“Luke is probably so happy to see you” he said

“i like to think so” you joked back

“well i know he has been missing you a lot lately…in few different ways” he said with a wink you smacked his arm and told him to shut up as you both started laughing. 

after a while Luke's mom noticed the time and said she was ready for bed so Luke and i said good bye to the boys and walked her to her room that was just a few floors down. when we said goodbye she asked what our plans were for the rest of the night. 

“well I'm sure y/n is also feeling sleepy because of the time change and flying all day, so I'm going to walk her to her room…and then go talk to the boys about what our schedule is tomorrow..and then i will go to sleep” he told her. it was believable but you had a feeling the rest of the night was going to go a little differently. 

you said your good nights and walked away. 

“So were are we really going right now?” you asked Luke as he held your hand and walked back to the elevator.

“to my room of course” he said with a smirk. 

when you walked in it was everything you were expecting it to be…a complete mess. there was clothing everywhere. once he saw you looking at his disaster he turned around. 

“new plan…lets go to you room” he told you but you walked past him and set down on the bed.

“nope…i like this one better” you said and he walked over to you. his height made him have to bed over quit a bit so his lips could reach yours. 

he picked you up and moved you so you were laying further up on the bed and you laughed as you landed on the soft mattress.  

“some one is eager” you said to him

“you have no idea” he said while pulling his shirt over his head and taking his pants off before coming down to kiss you. you laughed at his quick actions. 

he quickly removed your shirt and pulled down your pants. you kept laughing and it was starting to bother him 

“stop laughing at me…it been a long two moths and I'm horny” he said which didn't stop your giggles.

he connected his lips with yours in hopes to shut you worked. 

he kissed your lips till they started to feel swollen and then he moved down to your neck. he knew what spot made you moan so he kissed and sucked till you made the sound he had missed hearing.


You both woke up from hearing Luke's phone ringing. he reluctantly climbed out of bed and walked over to the table that he had set it on. you smiled at him standing there because he was still completely naked. 

he looked down and realized why you were looking him and i quickly picked up a shirt off the floor and held it over his man hood as he called the number back.

“hey mom sorry i missed your call" 

"yeah that would be fun”


"wait no!” he said maybe a little to quickly 

“i want to wake her up… you can just keep getting ready” he said 

“okay bye” he said hanging up. 

a few minuets later you went back to your room quickly so you could get changed and fix your hair before meeting liz for breakfast at the hotel restaurant. 

10 minuets later there was a knock at the door and Luke and his mom where there to get you. you walked down to the restaurant and got a table. when Luke told the other boys what you guys were doing they decided to join you for breakfast. 

you were all just sitting talking and eating when your hair kept trying to get in your plate so you pushed it behind your shoulder. 

“so what is happening with-” Liz started saying as she looked towards you and Luke before stopping mid sentence. 

“what?” Luke asked her

“something tells me last night was a little more… eventful then you had said it would be” when she said this everyone was confused till Micheal looked where Liz was looking. 

he started laughing

“caught” was all he said in between his laughs. 

“nice one Luke" calum said as Luke turned you around so he could try to figure out what everyone was talking about. when he saw the large hickey on your neck his cheeks turned red as he quickly moved your hair back over your shoulder so it was hidden. you had caught on and you couldn't help but also blush. 

"well this is awkward” Luke finally said after a minuet of silence..besides Michael who was still laughing. 

Do you ever think about
because Chirrut can’t see himself, he will just walk straight out of his and Baze’s room to the kitchen looking for food while wearing nothing but an oversized shirt that is clearly belong to Baze. If you look up a little you can see his exposed neck is covered with hickeys. Bodhi nearly chokes on his breakfast. And Jyn just silently rolls her eyes.

Because I do and now I have a mighty need.


[#RANDOM ] GD uses a balloon to refer to seungri in secret? Some days ago Seungri said that he was losing his voice so GD replied “he is losing his voice because he speaks much”. In the pic that GD posted of Seungri sleeping he used a ballon emoji in description. Two days ago he used one ballon in a pic of himself where we can see some “hickeys” (you can see better in colored version) on his neck. Seungri did it in a hot Night? So I think “GD uses a balloon to illustrate Seungri’s habit?”. He did same thing to answer a fan. The fan said “GD & Seungri fighting” and in the description he used a balloon. This make some sense or am I crazy?? What you think about It?

Just some things VeeOneEye has said

I don’t want to say my name because I don’t think I need to. If anybody wants to know who I am my ask box is open so go for it. 

I used to look up to VeeOneEye. I did for a long time. He was my “sunshine” as I used to call him (cringe). I guess I sort of realised he was an odd lad after a while and I stopped idolising him and just kind of forgot about him. 
Earlier today a video was posted where a girl was talking about how Jason had gotten her drunk so he could have intercourse {x} with her and it made me want to write this post. 

Small disclaimer: Jason didn’t harass or touch me in anyway whatsoever. Only makes me uncomfortable to look back on which is bad enough, I guess. 

I was 13 when all of this was happening. He definitely knew I was underage because it’s not like I looked or acted anything over 14. I used to tweet him everyday and somehow he noticed me and I felt so special. My favourite youtuber and my idol had noticed me. I’d met him once before this at Summer in the City. I then met him again later in that year and he knew who I was and he knew my name and I was literally so overjoyed and happy. I then proceeded to tweet him in a friendly way and most of the times I’d tweet him he’d reply through twitter DMs. 

Here’s a list of some of the relevant interactions I had with him over twitter:

Obviously when you read this you’ll think “oh it was a sarcastic favourite and if it wasn’t why would you tweet him that in the first place?” but for a 20/21 year old man even jokily asking for a nude from a 13 y/o is surely not right. 

I then tweeted him “@VeeOneEye oh my gOd you were NOT supposed to see that”
To which he replied with:

This is what makes me think him favouriting that tweet was not a joke.  
I then sent him a photo of my slightly pulling down my jumper because I wanted to make him laugh and then quickly deleted it because I didn’t want it on the internet. He clearly saw it because he quickly DMed me again so I reposted it:
Messages he sent me (top one not relevant. Just don’t have screen caps of the bottom two together)

Repost of the photo I sent him. He faved this a day later 

Another time we interacted over twitter was when I was going to Brighton for the night to babysit but me and a friend were going up for the day to get lunch and hang out I guess?
I tweeted Jason in the morning “@VeeOneEye meet me in brighton 2day” (I can’t seem to locate the tweet? Maybe I deleted it. Who knows.) He replied with “Don’t make me get out of bed”, I replied with something saying get out of bed. He then said “There’s a girl here. She’s cuddling me. How do I make her leave” I do not know who this girl is. He then about half an hour later out of the blue sent me a picture of his neck covered in hickeys. 

You can see said hickeys in one of his vlogs which I’ll also find if someone asks.

These are the interactions I’ve had which I find slightly creepy/odd now and there’s also been various times where he’s looked back through my photos and tweets and favourited them but I don’t think they’re necessary as everyone stalks people’s accounts. 

I also replied to one of his selfies with “@VeeOneEye ur cute” (also cannot locate tweet) and he replied with:

This was sent at 3am with me not realising he knew my facebook and it was completely unannounced and I still don’t know what it means. 

After I stopped tweeting him completely, about a month after our last interaction, he deleted all of the messages he sent me on twitter and facebook. I don’t know why.

I also know of another young girl who I’m 90% sure Jason has made uncomfortable but right now I do not have the rights to talk about her story from what I’ve heard from a friend of hers who I spoke to at Summer in the City this year. 

This is not a “Jason sexually harassed me over the internet” post. I know full well he didn’t. Just a few things that makes me question how safe he is.
I hope someone benefits from this and maybe it could be a starting point for anyone who’s had similar or worse experiences with this man to come forward into the light and feel confident with their decision.  

Thanks for reading. 

Fuckboy Dan - Request Sunday #13

*I had this fic queued for yesterday evening, and I just noticed that it didn´t post. But better late than never I guess*

~The Fanfic for today´s Request Sunday is based on the following Request~

Please do a fic, based around this.

Exhausted you lie cuddled up in bed. You feel like every muscle in your body hurts and your skin feels sore in some of your most delicate areas. You hear the sound of your phone vibrating on your wooden nightstand. You slowly reach over, murmuring a few fucks as your muscles ache with every inch you move. You look at your screen to see you got a text from Dan. It says ‘Look at me, I look like a literal fuckboy’ and he send a photo of him standing in front of his mirror. He is grabbing his collar and provocatively biting his lip. You can see some hickeys on his neck and chest and can´t repress your laughter, which you immediately regret as it hurts your aching muscles.

You and Dan have been friends for a while and you both knew you were attracted to each other but neither of you ever made move. Well, at least not until last night. You spend the evening at his apartment, talked and had a few glasses of wine. Throughout the evening you could feel the tension between the two of you getting bigger. You can´t even completely recall what exactly led to this moment but at one point you were laughing about a joke he made and as you calmed down you looked into his eyes. He silently looked back into yours and before you know what to do or say he pressed his lips against yours. A shiver runs through your body as you think about it. You close your eyes and think back to the last night. Everything flashes before your eyes, like a movie playing inside your head. You can still remember how is hands felt on your body as he pulled you closer into the kiss. He softly put one of his hands on your cheeks and softly kissed you. Quickly your kisses got more ardent and passionate. You let your hands run over his body, feeling the muscles under the soft fabric of his shirt. You´re still not sure if it was the adrenaline of you kissing Dan or the alcohol that got to your head but you got on his lap and pressed your body tightly against his. Dan kissed your neck while you let your fingers run through his hair, grabbing it forcefully as he gently started biting. Some hoarse moans slip out of your mouth and you involuntarily start moving your hips on his lap, rubbing your delicate area against his. You can feel his hard member through his black skinny jeans. Your hands sneak under Dan´s shirt and explore his soft warm skin. Without warning he pulls away from your neck and takes of your shirt in a swift motion before taking of his own. He throws them on the floor and gets back to kissing you. Your fingertips wander over his muscular chest to his prominent collar bones. You feel like all the sexual tension that build up between the two of you in the past few months is bursting out of you. Shivers of desire and lust run through your body in waves with every kiss or touch. Your touch gets rougher leaving small scratches on Dan´s shoulder blades. You feel Dan´s warm breath on your neck and the sound of his moans drive you crazy. You enjoy the warmth of his soft hands as he softly massages your breasts and plays with your nipples.

“Hold on tight.” He suddenly whispers in your ear and you tightly wrap your arms around his neck. He gives you a little side smirk and with a small swing he stands up from the sofa. Quickly you wrap your legs around his waist and he starts carrying you to his bed room. The room is dark except from a string of fairy lights over his bed. He softly puts you down on the mattress, giving you another smile. Immediately you pull him close again, hungry for the feeling of his skin against yours and his lips on your body. You let your lips explore the wonders of Dan´s body, going from his neck to his chest and back up, leaving small bite marks here and there when you feel like it. You know that you are probably going to leave little bite marks or hickeys but you honestly don´t care. You want him. All of him. Dan´s husky moans fill the room and his muscles clench with desire under your passionate touch. Your mind is clouded with desire and lust. You unbutton his jeans and pull them down. You can see the bulge of his hard cock through his tight black boxers. You let your fingers glide over his cock, drawing small circles with your fingertips, making Dan shiver under your touch.  Gently and slowly you pull down his boxers and pull out his hard member. Very delicately you put your lips around the tip of his cock. You barely suck on it and gently lick it. You can sense Dan going crazy and forcefully grabbing the duvet as you suck harder. But quickly sucking isn´t enough anymore, you want to feel his cock inside you. You slowly pull away and open your own jeans, taking them off in a quick motion. As you let yourself sink onto his cock Dan´s moans get louder and he grabs your ass, supporting the movement of your hips. The feeling of the full length of his member inside you is almost too much and you need a moment to adjust to the overwhelming feeling, before you start riding Dan. You pick up a quick pace, letting Dan´s cock slide in and out of your wet delicate area. You bite your lip and probably leave a few more scratch marks on Dan´s chest.

At some point Dan flips you over and he takes the lead. You burry your hands in his hair and kiss him, while he fucks you in a fast but steady pace. You can´t tell how much time has passed but you still don´t feel satisfied. Your body and mind hunger for Dan in every way possible. The rest of the night is very blurry to you. You remember changing positions a couple more times; at one point Dan was fucking you on his desk. But you very vividly remember the feeling as you came. You moaned and tightly grabbed Dan´s shoulder blades. Every muscle in your body clenched and you breathe Dan´s name over and over again. You can feel Dan coming inside you in a pulsating rhythm. And then it´s over. You both collapse on the bed, breathless and exhausted.

You open your eyes and come back into the moment. You´re still holding your phone in your hand that is still showing the picture Dan send you. The bright red colour of the hickeys stand out on his pale skin. You quickly reply to his text, before putting down the phone. You gently massage your aching muscles. What you had with Dan was definitely the best sex of your life so far, passionate and rough and endlessly satisfying. You know that the hickeys are probably going to raise a lot of questions and Dan actually looks a little like a fuckboy. You giggle at the thought and again regret it. Your phone buzzes with another text from Dan. “Wanna come over?” you read on the screen. Without hesitation you get up and dressed and make your way to Dan´s apartment. Ready for another night.

Ashton- His brother sees your hickey

request- Can you write an imagine about how ashtons brother sees a hickey on y/n’s (ashtons girlfriend) neck at like lunch and asks about it?

word count- 900+

rating- PG-13

A/N- people are loving this hickey thing haha I've written 3 imagines about them in the last few days


Ashton had invited you over one night to help him look after his younger brother and sister. his mom was going away for the night so ashton was in charge. he didn't want to do it alone so he asked you to come over. 

you guys just watched a movie and ate some pizza. nothing too exciting happened but you were a Little happy when his siblings went to bed so that you could just be with your boyfriend. you guys were watching TV when he started to kiss you. you tried to ignore him and watch the show but he let out a disappointed sigh as he reached for the remote and turned the TV off. 

you looked at him and he connected his lips with yours. you loved kissing ashton…he was just so good at it. the kiss continued and soon you could feel his tongue asking for entrance and you allowed it. the kiss deepened as he laid you back on the couch so he could climb on top of you. 

“hold on mister” you said before he could kiss you again

“what?” he asked as he was now hovering on top of you.

“its late and i have to leave don't start something right now” you warned him since usually when he got on top of you things got heated.

“well i was thinking you could just stay over tonight” he said with a small smile

“i don't think your mom would approve of that…especially with your brother and sister here” you told him

“yeah she might not…but shes not here” he said as he attached his lips to your neck 

“good point” you breathed out.

after a few minuets he stood up 

“what?” you asked looking up at him

“come with me” was all he said as he took your hand and led you to his bedroom

when you got in he shut his door and made sure to lock it just in case someone woke up. he lifted your shirt over you head and you did the same to him. he quietly told you to jump and you did. he caught you and you wrapped your legs around him. he leaned you on the wall and moved his lips to your neck kissing and sucking in a spot that he knew you liked. you-let out a moan and he carried you to the bed.

he laid down and you were on top of him. you reached down and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down. when you crawled back to  his face he kissed you and flipped you so that he was on top. 


when you woke up you were under his covers naked and alone. you looked at the clock and saw that it was already 10 and decided to get up. when you got dressed you walked into the living room where Ashton and his brother were sitting. 

you peaked around the corner and tried to get ashtons attention so you knew if it was okay to walk out or not. when he saw you he got up and walked over to you.

“i woke up before him and just said i slept on the don't worry about it” he said as he walked you over to the chair.

“so what are the plans for today?” you asked 

“well my sister left already to hang out with a friend so its just us for a while. i though we could just hang out for a little bit and then go to lunch or something" ashton said with a shrug.

"what do you want to do?” he asked his brother

“that sounds good” he said 

we set around for a while and ashton played some video games with his brother before we left for lunch. 


when are food arrived i moved my hair so it was out of the way and that's when Ashtons brother noticed something on your neck.

“what is that?” he asked pointing to something

i wasn't sure what he was talking about so i turned so ashton could see. 

“oh..that…that's just… a bruise” he quickly said and realized that i must have a hickey on my neck from last night..technically his answer was the truth

“how do you get a bruise on your neck?” he asked..since he is only about 10 he didn't know what it really was and i was thankful. 

“uhh..well.. you see." ashton said as he tried to think of something to say

"did someone try to choke you last night while you slept over?” he asked worried

“yes..that is what happened" ashton replied quickly as his brothers face showed fear.

"now he wont be able to sleep tonight” i whispered to ashton. 

“okay that's not what happened" ashton reassured his younger brother

"then what is it..why are you guys being so weird about it” he asked

“you really want to know how she got it?” he asked his brother trying not to smile

“yes” he responded

“well you see when you kiss someone and-”

“eww stop…you mean you did that to her?” he asked 

“yep” he said proudly 

“you guys are gross” he said as he went back to eating

“i disagree" ashton said as he leaned over and kissed me.