you can see his heart breaking

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What do you think of Ed's character in A Fistful of Ed?

I loved how Ed defended Sarah in the cafeteria scene. It was sad for Edd but it was sweet seeing him protect his little sister. I felt so sad for Ed though. He told Edd they couldn’t be friends anymore. His heart LITERALLY breaks. And you can tell by replacing him with an egg version of him, how much he misses his friend…. But that’s just one example of how they can’t live without one another.

Please, let him be soft. 

I know you made him 
     with gunmetal bones
     and wolf’s teeth.
I know you made him to be
     a warrior
     a soldier
     a hero.

But even gunmetal can warp
and even wolf’s teeth can dull
and I do not want to see him break
the way old and worn and overused things do.

I do not want to see him go up in flames
     the way all heroes end up martyrs.

I know that you will tell me 
that the world needs him.
The world needs his heart
     and his faith
     and his courage
     and his strength
     and his bones and his teeth and his blood and his voice and his–
The world needs anything he will give them.

Damn the world,
     and damn you too.
Damn anyone that ever asked anything of him,
     damn anyone that ever took anything from him,
           damn anyone that ever prayed to his name.
You know that he will give them everything
     until there is nothing left of him
         but the imprint of dust
              where his feet once trod.
You know that he will bear the world like Atlas
    until his shoulders collapse
         and his knees buckle
              and he is crushed by all he used to carry. 

Dear God, 
you have already made an Atlas.
You have already made an Achilles and an Icarus and a Hercules. 
You have already made a sacrificial lamb of your Son.
You have already made so many heroes,
and you can make another again. 
You can have your pick of heroes. 

So please, I beg you–
he is all that I have, 
and you have so many heroes
and the world has so many more. 
Let him be soft, 
and let him be mine.

—  Please, let him be happy ( j.p. )
Take care of him. He has the kindest heart, he may not always seem like it though. He try’s to hide it with sarcasm and side comments, pretending that he has not one care in the world. If you can look past it though you will see how much love he has to give.
He won’t always text you back, but he will still think of you. Unlike the rest of us he is not glued to his phone, just because he sometimes takes an hour to answer doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.
He sleeps, a lot. There are nights where he sleeps more hours then he spent awake that day. He just sometimes needs to not be anything. Being no where is easier than being himself sometimes. Although he hates sleeping with people you’ll know he loves you if he asks you to join him.
Love to him is the scariest thing on the planet, if he tells you I love you do not take it lightly. Know that saying it took every inch of courage he has. if he disappears after know that he is just scared and hopefully he will find his way back to you. Just give him time, give him all the time in the world. He is more than worth it.
Please, just love him with everything you have because had I have been given the chance I would have given him every single part of me. Love him the way I only wish I could. If you are lucky enough for him to love you, please love him back.
—  4am

Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) is one of the best written characters and is a saint.  She is a wonderful mother.  You see that her son has a password for his fort.  She remembered the password and respected his rules, and he trusts her with the password.

You see the pride she has in providing things her kids love despite her low income.  “what kind of a mother can’t afford markers?”  You can tell it’s a struggle and that she wants the best for her kids.  Will is missing a red crayon and not only is she is taking an interest in his art, she cant stand to see him limited.

I love she knew where Jonathan wanted to go to college since he was 6.  My mom cant tell you things like that.

She’s over worked and underpaid but she takes the time to pay attention to her kids.

These scenes just break my heart and anchor her and us as the audience in her search for her missing son.

a paparazzo takes a shot of Jack and Bitty kissing

And Jack is still not out

While Jack freezes in panic and the guy turns around to leave-

‘Sir! Please wait!’ calls Bitty.

Paparazzo turns back, hoping for a shot of Zimmermann’s boyfriend.

‘Sir- I beg you, don’t publish this! My parents still don’t know I’m gay!’

Paparazzo hesitates. Bitty keeps going, his doe eyes getting bigger and wetter.

‘I’m from Georgia, sir, and my dad is a football coach, and they’re super conservative, see, and I’m scared they won’t let me back home if they ever learn, and I just wanted to wait until my Moomaw’s death because if I’m not able to see her again it would break my heart-’

The paparazzo, holding back his tears, deletes the pictures, in front of Bitty’s eyes. Bitty thanks him profusely, asking his name and noting his address so he can deliver a pie, no I assure you, sir, it would be my pleasure!

When they’re left alone again, Jack tries not to smile.

‘Bittle, your dad loves you, he told you last week when he invited both of us for Christmas. And your Moomaw is the epitome of health, she will outlive all of us.’

‘Well, I wouldn’t have to tell people that if you didn’t keep kissing me in public!’

‘But you look so lovely and kissable…’

‘And you are a menace, Mister Zimmermann. I have eight pies to bake this week, five!’

‘And you love having the Providence paparazzi in your little pocket, don’t you?’

‘They’re all my bitches and I play them like a fiddle. Come, now, we need to buy enough ingredients to bake pies for every single person in Rhode Island with a camera phone.’


In this season’s exploration of Isak and his sexuality, this might have been one of the scenes that hit me hardest. This show lets you in to Isak just by watching him and it kills me how they lay out his current thought process through googling. The way he lingers on Emma’s picture, the way you can see his jaw clench and work as he contemplates these ideas, the way he hesitates and can’t quite be honest with himself on the quiz; tries to give the ‘right’ answer, the way you know he’s thought much further about his identity than he wants to admit when he asks “how to get turned on by girls if you are gay”… it’s just so raw. So utterly heart-breaking to watch, as it’s a window into the crushing reality for so many people. His face is blank and quiet, like everyone’s falls to as they browse the internet, as he considers these stifling and repressive ideas. The violence that the world can wrought upon people like him.

And it makes it so relatable too. It opens up the topic to everyone because we all have our own fears and secrets and private thoughts that sometimes we can only explore by the questions we ask through our keyboards at night. We try to arrange the quiz so it spits out the answer we want while typing the truth into the search bar. 

• Mirror rorriM •

Based off an anon ask that the lovely @stylesunchained received the other night. Who doesn’t love the idea of a some naughty fun against a mirror with Gucci suit Harry?
Thank you to @aboutalighthouse for the help and immense support while writing this!


The first thing you see when you walk into the crowded room is Harry. Harry in the Gucci suit looks like a goddamn vision; his smile breaking every heart and making knees weak. It’s like he has this bright spotlight on him and you can see everyone around you is casually trying not to stare in his direction. He’s oblivious to their stares as he works the room, his focus fully on the conversation he has with each guest.

He catches your eye when he’s posing for a picture with a beautiful woman on each arm, their bodies against him in hopes of keeping his attention when the photographer is gone. So, when his gaze lingers on you for a little longer than you can handle, you see the smile become a sort of smirk that you know can only mean trouble for someone, and you sincerely hope it’s going to be you.

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you can see how much of an integral part of louis’ life his mum was, and it didn’t take the other boys always talking about how much he called her on the phone to tell. it really hit me when he mentioned her in the brits video—they shared everything together, and i bet there’ll often be times where he’ll refer to her in casual conversation and not even realise. it breaks my heart that this happened to him, but i’m so glad he has all these memories to look back on and smile about.

Dating Alex Summers Would Include...
  • Him calling you ‘doll’ or occasionally ‘dollface’. He grew up with his father calling his mother that, and now he does it without realizing it. 
    • You love the name though, and you think it’s really cute. 
      • You tend to go around and call him ‘babe’, something he enjoys. He’ll call you that, but only sometimes.
  • Helping him with his PTSD, acquired because of Cuba/the Vietnam War.
    • Learning that you can’t always help him, and being patient when he’s triggered is something you need to constantly remember, even if it breaks your heart to see him struggle.
      • Late night hugging when he wakes up from another nightmare. Your fingers tuck into his hair, and you manage to hush down his screams to small whimpers.

  • Security touching.
    • Alex prefers to have his hand on you, in any form, whether you’re holding hands, his arm around your waist,his hands running through your hair, or his hand sitting on your thigh while sitting. He’s uncomfortable, almost painfully, unless he’s touching you and it’s taken you a while to figure out why. 
      • He’s afraid of losing you, and losing himself, and having you near him clears his head and makes him feel concreted.

  • Listening to him talk about Scott, and how Alex worries that if(more like when) his brother’s mutation arises, how Scott is going to handle it.
    • “I’m going to be the only one there for him…” Alex tells you in a quiet, deep voice, “I was afraid of my own shadow for the longest time because of my mutation, what if his is worse?”
      “I spent time in a jail cell until I found help for my power because it was the best for me, and for others… And I can tell you right now, my brother isn’t gonna like that. He doesn’t like to be in the same spot for very long.” Alex pauses and chuckles quietly. “He’s a lot like me…”

  • Feathery kisses.
    • Alex cupping your cheeks with both hands as he presses kisses against your lips and the bridge of your nose.
      • Also rough kisses when he’s feeling more dangerous. He still cups your cheeks when he does this.
        • Alex just idly stroking your cheeks as he looks at you with intense blue eyes. He likes to sit and study your face, and your expressions that change drastically as you talk to him.
  • ‘I’m taking you on a date, get ready. You should wear that purple shirt, it looks really good on you. I’ll be at your house in 10 minutes’ phone calls when Alex is feeling spontaneous. 
    • Dates usually ending in make-out sessions as you pull him over the console of his car to deep said make-out. He chuckles against your mouth, unbuckles his seat beat and murmurs to you sarcastically, “you’re so impatient.”
  • Alex holding the door open for you, and insisting on opening the car door for you when you get in and when you get out.
    • Lifting you over puddles so you don’t get your shoes wet.
      • Giving you his jacket constantly, even when he knows he may not get it back for a few weeks because you have a tendency of keeping them for a while.
  • Reminding him that his powers don’t control him, and that he won’t hurt you. “If you’re trying to scare me off, you should try again.” You tell him, pressing a kiss to his nose slowly, “I love you too much for something like that to scare me.”
    • It still bothers him sometimes, and he has to wonder what you see in him that’s so amazing.
      • Even though he knows what your answer is. “Everything about you is amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better soul mate.”
  • Alex catching eyes with you from across the room, and not breaking his glance. He watches you move with a small smile, noting how you become bashful, and move more carefully when he’s watching.
  • Always being flustered when Alex shoots you his perfectly formed half grin.
    • Being flustered when he pulls you close and talks to you in his deep voice.
  • Early Saturday mornings where the two of you watch cartoons, eating cereal as you do. He likes Frosted Flakes, and will feed you from his bowl when you decide that you wanted that instead of Cheerios you got.
    • Early Sunday mornings where you lay in his arms, looking at the ceiling as he sleeps soundly next to you, because he really does enjoy sleeping in every now and then.
  • Alex telling you he loves you during random activities during the day.
    • Taking a shower? He’s there brushing his hair in the bathroom and says “I love you” loud enough for you to hear over the running water.
      • Folding laundry? “I love you.”
        • Watching the News before bed? “I love you so much”

Dating Peter Maximoff       Dating Kurt Wagner        Dating Scott Summers.


God I fell so hard into this ship thanks to the last episode I can’t even explain it how. I was so happy with precious Yurio standing alone against the world, but suddenly this Kazakh superhero arrived with his motorbike to save the Russian Fairy and also to steal my heart away.

But there is this thing that breaks a little my happiness with this ship. There is a certain amount of posts saying how wrong it is to ship Yurio with anyone just because he is 15-16. And I’m sorry, but I don’t see were the problem is.

1) It is FICTION. Nothing that happens in fiction means that you support something in real life. Would you consider an author a murderer or psycopath for killing a character in his story? No, right? So please, stop insulting people because of what they ship. Also, the best thing about fiction is that it gives you the opportunity to explore a story in any way you can. AUs, aged-up characters, unrequired love, pinning, friends to lovers… There are so many different ways to develop a relationship in a story, depending on what aspects of it you want to explore and it is GREAT that fiction and art give us the chance to do that.

2) A romantic relationship doesn’t have to involve a sexual relationship. Let’s say it again. A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP DOESN’T HAVE TO INVOLVE A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP.
Yes, Yurio is 15-16. So? Can’t he have his first boyfriend? Can’t he have his first kiss? Can’t they start dating and stick to kissing and holding hands till Yurio is older and he feels ready? What is wrong with that? Yurio is a teenager, it is normal to start experiencing these things at that age. You can even picture him as an asexual person with romantic feelings for his partner. The possibilities are endless.

3) The age different between them is just 2 years and a half. It is really not that much: 15-17, 16-18, 17-19, 18-20… Do you really, like really, consider this a sin? Haven’t you or your friends or someone you know ever dated a person 2-3 years older than them? It is not uncommon. And it is not as if Yurio is a child, he is 15-16. There is people that started having sex at that age. Where is the problem with having sex with your two and a half years older boyfriend if you both want to?

So, if you don’t ship Yuri and Otabek is ok, truly. Stay away of the tags and be happy. But please, don’t go to the tags to post insults or to make people uncomfortable and make them feel guilty, because there is nothing wrong with it and it is very rude.

things said to or by my siblings:
  • “They break your heart, I break their face. Simple as that.”
  • “Trust me, I know people.”
  • “I’m hugging you, shut up.”
  • “Oh my god are you hugging me?”
  • “Stop doing that it’s creepy.”
  • “I tolerate you.”
  • “See this is why we can’t have nice things.”
  • “Ok but look, sometimes he gets off in his own little world all alone where he doesn’t care about anyone else. You don’t wanna be like that. No one likes that person.”
  • “If you do that again I’m hitting you…”
  • “So you’re telling me that…. You didn’t eat this because you thought it was mine, and I didn’t eat it thinking it was yours… Oh I’m eating this now.”
  • “Get out of my head please.”
  • “W h a t are you wearing?”
  • “Is that my shirt? That’s my shirt isn’t it….”
  • “No you can’t have my pants, I need them.”
  • “Eh, just go grab something from the closet and you’ll be fine.”
  • “I need you to dress me today.”
  • “I’m wearing your shirt. It’s mine now.”
  • “Would you stop taking my clothes with out asking?!”
  • “Oh hey I was looking for that…”
Copy & Paste ~ Park Jimin [Fluff/Smut]

Group: Bangtan Sonyeondan
Member: Park Jimin
Type: Fluff/Smut !TRIGGER WARNING!
Warnings: Overall kitten smut, praise kink, fluffy chimchim!
Word Count: 2.777

“I will make it clear by words and actions so you’ll never forget, butterfly.” 

           Falling in love is one of the most devastating tragedies all of us ever get to experience. It gets to a point where you’re ready to give up everything for this one person. Love is the one thing able to make your heart break. It can be your worst enemy. Wanting him to look at you with so much adoration, seeing his hazelnut eyes light up with passion and dimples appearing while releasing a cute giggle before realizing it and quickly hiding it when he talks about you.
           But that cute desire quickly fades when you realize that he could do so much better. You start so ask yourself why he would chose to spend the rest of his life with you. Why he would chose a sick, anxious girl over a cute, healthy one. Why would he decide to endure to stay inside with you on your anxiety filled days when he could be out and enjoying the sun’s rays?
           What would make him stay with a girl who asks him the same question over and over again because she’s struggling to find the answer within herself? Why would he choose to love her if she can’t even love herself?
“Butterfly, are you okay?” the familiar voice of your boyfriend rips you out of your daydream. His voice has a gloom to it that perfectly matches how you feel. You wipe the remaining wetness of your rosy cheek with the sleeve of your sweater and look past the mess that’s your reflection, locking eyes with him through the rose gold mirror.
His eyebrows are furrowed as he looks at you, his eyes glistening with concern. You simply smile back at him, biting down on your lower lip to avoid your feelings from spilling out all at once by the reminder that he’s the person causing you this constant worry.
Jimin notices your lower lip whimpering as a single tear makes it way down your cheek and gets up from his seat on the bed, putting his laptop down before walking over to you.
           He places his hand against the side of your face, tracing the smoothness with his thumb. Your eyes close from the warmth of his hand and his powerful chill fills your body as your eyes slowly open. He wipes away the tear, a slight smile tugging on the edge of his lip.
           “Why do you love me?” you finally break out. You feel your voice trembling and try to control yourself but by his soft touch. You squeeze your eyes shut and take deep breather, feeling herself on the verge of tears.
Jimin doesn’t respond to your question at first but just stares at your reflection, his thumb caressing your cheek gently. He wraps his arms around your body and locks them in front of your tummy, placing a kiss on the back of your head.
           “Describe me what you see in yourself.” He whispers softly into your ear, sending shivers down your spine. You lift up your head to look at your reflection again, feeling your stomach tightening by the view in front of you.
“Well,” you start, your voice cracking, “I see eyes that could be brighter, hair that could be sleeker, a smile that could be straighter, skin that could be smoother, fingers that could be thinner, legs that could be longer…” He stops you midsentence.
           “You want to know what I see? I see eyes that gleam with happiness, hair with hints of honey, a smile that brightens cloudy days, skin that is slightly sprinkled with freckles, arms that are strong enough to comfort many, fingers that play beautiful music on the piano that also fit perfectly with mine, legs that are the perfect length so that your head rests on my chest when I hug you.” You start to blush but he continues, “If you could see yourself through my eyes, maybe you’d realize how beautiful you truly are.”
Your gaze meets his in the mirror as you try to sort your words, your heart beating rapidly fast by feeling his body against yours, feeling the warmth spread in your chest.
           “Why would you stay with me if you could do so much better, Jimin?”
His hand slams down on your shoulder from behind and turns you around to face him. He groans out in frustration, completely perplexed by your question.
“Because I’m crazy about you Y/N,” he answers, almost yelling at you, “When I’m close to you I feel at home, when I go away I feel like my heart is breaking. I worry when you’re sick, I get happy when you are, I need you whenever life is taking a crazy turn to keep me grounded. I don’t care if there are prettier girls than you. You’re the one I copied and pasted my heart on, the only girl in my vision and if I decide to stick around you for eternity, I will.” His voice drops to a whisper, his voice a full shade paler now as he smiles at you.
           “Until there was you, I wandered aimlessly. For a long time, like a little child, I cried in anticipation of you.”  
Something inside of you softens by his truthful words, making you able to hear the truth in his tone.  You bury your face against his chest, breathing him in, forgetting time and place and circumstance and just hold him. Jimin kisses the top of your head and rubs his hand on your back before taking a step backwards and placing his hands on each side of your face, cupping it as he locks eyes with you.
           “I will make it clear by words and actions so you’ll never forget, butterfly.” he whispers before placing his hand on the back of your head and pulling you into him, his soft lips pressing against yours in a heated kiss.
           You melt into his arms, eagerly returning his warm kisses and sighing as he deepens the kiss. There is a mix of despair and wonder in the sound. You finally give in, pressing your body against his, your lips parting. You welcome the feeling of his fingers slipping underneath your white t-shirt and circling small, soothing patterns along your spiral. The feelings sends shivers down your spine and you moan into the kiss, informing Jimin of your desire of being loved.

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Could you do 'things you said when I was crying' for wolfstar?

This thing is a fluff monster.

Sirius could feel it building in his chest. He could feel it burning in his eyes. The awful, suffocated feeling of unshed tears lodged in the back of his throat, making it harder and harder to breathe with every step towards the dormitories he took. He had been taking the stairs two at a time, only his heart was pounding too painfully for that now. You can’t run and hold your breath at the same time.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to break down. He knew how to show emotion. He knew he couldn’t stop emotion. He rode a motorcycle but that didn’t mean he wasn’t powerless under the threat of tears. He just wanted to be alone when it happened. He had to be alone when it happened—whenever it happened. It wasn’t that he didn’t want people to see…

Only it was.

The second he had read the letter from home at breakfast he had felt it. The painful clenching of his heart trying to stay at a steady pace through the waves of hurt crashing over him. He can’t even remember what excuse he’d made to the boys. He can remember Remus’ worried eyes. But none of that matters now. His head is swimming and he falls through the door to their dormitory, tugging at his tie, trying to get some air. His still unmade bed doesn’t look as inviting as it should. He doesn’t want to lay down. He doesn’t want to think about it. He doesn’t want to be alone, but he does…

Sirius slams a hand against a bedpost, cursing. He doesn’t know what he wants, but it certainly isn’t this. The first tears escape and he rests his forehead against the cool wood, breathing through his nose.

He sucks in a sharp breath at the large palms suddenly pressing under his sweater to his hips, warming his clammy skin. He curses internally this time, but he’s too far gone to contain the sobs and the fact that someone, Remus, his Remus, is there wanting to help him only makes him cry harder.

“Hey…” Remus says softly, trying to turn him around. Sirius resists at first but he finally allows himself to face Remus, bringing his hand cup to cover his eyes. He wants the help but he can’t stand needing it. He doesn’t know how to accept it—why should he if he was never offered it before?

Remus’ hands are too quick and he catches Sirius’ hand in his, bringing the fingers to his lips briefly before pressing both of his warm palms to Sirius’ cheeks, one sliding to thumb along his jaw, and the other pushing the hair out of his eyes, getting stray strands to unstick from his wet cheeks. Sirius is trying to breath, and the touch makes it easier and harder at the same time. It calms him, but it makes an entirely different emotion swell up in his chest. It makes him want to cry too.

“Pads, look at me.”

Sirius blinks heavily up at Remus, only then realizing that his fist was tightly wrapped in Remus’ school sweater, no doubt wrinkling it. Remus’ soft strokes on his cheek brought his eyes right back to his.

Remus looks at him steadily, eyebrows pulled together in an emotion that Sirius has to look twice at to read. It’s concern, but it’s also something like confusion. But the look is so gentle and goddamn caring that Sirius wants to just fall into it and never come out.

Remus pushes his hair back again where it had started to fall back, thumb wiping his cheek, “I never see you like this, you know.”

Sirius let out a shuttering breath, briefly closing his eyes, his voice coming out thick, “I know.”

Remus’ thumb catches a fresh tear, his other hand sliding from Sirius’ hair back to his hip, pulling Sirius against his chest, “Is that the point?”

Sirius couldn’t help it, he let his head drop onto Remus’ shoulder, suddenly feeling too tired to stand, “I..”

Remus’ hand moved from his cheek to the back of his neck, fingers messing with the soft hair there, “You don’t want me to see you like this?”

His questions weren’t accusing, simply an attempt to fully understand, an attempt to help. Sirius gripped Remus tighter as he answered, “I don’t- I don’t want anyone to see me like this.”

“Pads…” Remus’ voice was soft, and he pulled back enough so they were facing each other again, arms looped loosely around each other, “I- I understand others but…” He shook his head, urgency adding to his expression, “But this is me. I- I want to help. God, I’m yours, I’m all yours you just have to let me. You just…” He sighed, thumb brushing over Sirius’ bottom lip, studying his face before continuing, “I’m just trying to say I’m here.”

Sirius felt frozen to the spot, gaze locked on this boy in front of him. On willing, loving, kind Remus who, despite having been through so much, was standing there waiting for any little sign, any little word from Sirius, to help. I’m yours he had said. Sirius almost didn’t know what to do with the phrase.

“I-“ Sirius swallowed, eyes flitting over Remus’ features, “I’ve never had that before, I’ve… I’ve never had- anyone…”

I’ve never had anyone say that he had meant to say, but he supposed the former was true as well.

Remus shushed him softly, “I know. I know you didn’t and I,” A note of anger built in his voice, “hate your family for that I fucking…” He broke off, pressing his lips together before leaning forward and pressing a soft kiss to Sirius’ lips, “I’m just saying I’m here now. You’re okay.”

And maybe the words weren’t yet true, but with Remus there, with Remus saying them, Sirius felt for the first time that they might be. One day.

Guest Written by: @issamorg

  • The first time you snapped and exploded he was startled, it was a bit unexpected but admittedly not unwarranted.
  • This man now knows when you’re about to go off on someone, and he appreciates your tenacity. He has also long since learned that he’s there to hold your proverbial coat and nod when addressed.
  • He is always amazed when you draw this inner strength out and stick up for those who are either not there to stick up for themselves or too meek to do so.
  • Heck, the one time you defended him so viciously you could practically see the hearts in his eyes.
  • So when someone insults you on your weight and other factors that make you you, he waits for the “smack-down” as your tirades have been called- he’s not next to you so he can’t see it but he can hear just fine.
  • When the person continues and you don’t break in, he gets concerned and looks over- the way you had scrunched in on yourself and were meekly looking at the ground?
  • The Dragons are not mad. The Dragons are not merely ‘enraged,’ no. The Dragons are fucking pissed and screeching to come to the front, to be released, to consume those who would insult theirs.
  • This is the part where Hanzo steps in, shuts them down, verbally wrecks their shit, and pulls you away from that asshole.
  • He brings you back somewhere quiet, either to his room or yours, but he asks you if you’re alright, and why you didn’t react as you usually do?
  • If the phrases “Because it’s true,” “I deserve it,” or any variations of those two sentences are said be ready for aggressively passive Hanzo.
  • Noodle dragons are out and cuddly, you’re holding a cup of tea, you are immediately covered in a blanket that’s nice and soft and smells like Hanzo, and the man in question is behind you- limbs wrapped lovingly around your quasi-burrito self to hold you close.
  • He hums a tune you don’t know the name of in your ear, gently rocking the two of you side to side, before he starts to whisper in your ear all the reasons he loves you, interspersed with tiny kisses to wherever he can reach.
  • If you cry he doesn’t judge.
  • If you two happen to fall asleep like that, well, that’s nobody’s business but your own.

Home - Hannibal Lecter

“All the palace chambers are not lovely, light and bright. In the vaults of our hearts and brains, danger waits. There are holes in the floor of the mind.”

Part 2 in a two piece series studying the places they have hidden away inside of their minds. Both the scene and the quote never fail to break my heart, because 1. we all know why Will is asking if Hannibal could be happy in his mind palace and 2. knowing Hannibal’s backstory, it’s not hard to guess what some of his chambers contain. 

You can see Will’s counterpart here.

Rewatch 3x05

I feel everyone is so focused on their fight and the holding hands that these 5 seconds were passed over.

His eye movement, how he swallows and clenches his jaw, the way he’s staring at her…..

There’s such love in his eyes but also….. Am I the only one who see a spark of fear?

I’m so sure that this is the moment when he realizes he’s in love with her. I really think it’s the first time he’s fully aware of his romantic feelings. It seems he’s a bit afraid, afraid of being in love. Let’s be honest love can mend your heart but also break it and can save you but also destroy you.

Add in the fact that Bellamy couldn’t develop and establish an emotional relationship before coming down to earth. Clarke’s probably the first person he has considered a friend and the first girl he has fallen in love with. 

(Plus, Bob said “I think his feelings for Clarke have been realized in 3x05″)

Being Castiel's Mate...

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  • being completely fascinated by his wings
  • meeting Cas through the Winchesters and when you see him standing in front of you, his wings proudly spread out you think you are  hallucinating
  • Castiel explaining to you that you are soulmates, but telling you that you still can reject him and that he will be whatever you want him to be for you
  • Cas looking so sad when he talks about you rejecting him, your heart breaks for him
  • telling Cas that you won’t reject him, but that you want to get to know him and that you just need a bit time to get used to everything
  • Cas smiling brightly and eagerly nodding his head at your words
  • Cas following you around like a lost puppy
  • immediately feeling a pull to him
  • Cas always bringing you little trinkets from all over the world
  • asking Cas to touch his wingers
  • Cas wanting to give you some soft of normality so he asks you out on a real date – with Sam and Dean’s help of course
  • it always calms you down when you run your fingers through his soft feathers
  • always holding hands because it physically hurts to be away from each other
  • Dean and Sam making jokes about how disgustingly cute you are together
  • teaching Cas new things about humanity on a daily basis
  • Castiel wrapping his wings around you when you’re cold
  • praying to Cas every night when he’s away to take care of something in heaven
  • waking up one night to find Cas standing next to your bed – simply staring at you
  • after you screamed your lungs out, you ask him what he’s doing
  • Cas innocently explaining that he’s just watching over you
  • Cas sleeping in your bed from this moment on
  • well, not really sleeping but he lays next to you, observing how you curl up next to him and softly running his fingers through your hair – he never gets tired of watching you sleep
  • Castiel always telling you that you are his father’s greatest creation
  • Cas wings always protectively curling around you
  • for the first time in his existence Cas experiences jealousy and possessiveness
  • Sam and Dean making fun of Cas because of it
  • all the angels coming to meet you because it’s such a rare occurrence that an angel actually finds his mate
  • Gabriel being the one who really explains you the different steps of the mating ritual
  • Cas getting jealous of you spending so much time with his brothers
  • having to assure him that he’s your angel and nothing will ever change that
  • Castiel telling you stories of heaven
  • running your fingers through his feathers for hours
  • feeling completely safe whenever you’re wrapped up in his wings
  • Castiel being very protective and it’s almost cute how much he freaks out when you just get a paper cut
  • Sam and Dean laughing when Cas makes you lay down and heals your paper cut
  • being loved unconditionally