you can say elsa is jack's daughter

The Icy Trio! Including Rapunzel because why the hell not? XD Not sure why, but I thought I draw my two top favorite couples together. Delsa and Jackunzel. One isn’t so popular, the other gets a lot of hate. I’m sure you can guess which one it is. But I hope to write this story out. Rapunzel may also be in it. But I’m debating whenever or not I want to include her. Because like I said, I don’t support Jelsa. I only view Jack and Elsa to be either father and daughter or just good friends. I will say I do love how Elsa came out. Danny looks fine too. Rapunzel too. But Jack…he gave me a hard time. He still looks rather odd. :/ Sometimes I just can’t draw him right. At least I’m getting better with his hair. ^^; Anyway…yeah, enjoy.

Jack Gilinsky Imagine: Christmas With Your Child

*For itsalexafelty*

*A/N: (Y/D/N) means Your Daughter’s Name*

*Alexa’s P.O.V.*

“MOMMY!!!! WAKE UP!!! IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!” My daughter, (Y/D/N), wakes me up. I laugh and get up.

“Let’s go!” I tell her, chasing her down the steps.

“Can I open my one from Santa first.”

“Go ahead.” I go sit next to Jack on the couch and we watch her open her gift from Santa.


Jack and I sit on the couch laughing.

“Okay, now open up this one,” Jack says, getting up and leaving the room to go get her actual gift.

“Okay,” (Y/D/N) replies, opening the box and finding it empty, “well, where is it?” She puts on a sad face.

“Right here,” Jack comes back in the room holding a puppy.

“OH MY GOODNESS THANK YOU SO MUCH!” (Y/D/N) screams running towards Jack. I smile and get up.

“Merry Christmas, Alexa.” Jack says, kissing me.

“Merry Christmas, Jack.” I reply.


A little bit later, I see Jack posts a picture on Twitter:

External image

@jackgilinsky: I think (Y/D/N) likes her Christmas present.

dancingunderpurpleskies  asked:

Hi. My birthdays today. Could you possiblt do a frost family fic where Jack and Rapunzel meet Elsas first boyfriend and Anna just looks on scared for when she starts dating? :3 love your work. You're great and wow.

Happy Birthday! - Frost Family AU

“Be nice.” Rapunzel said with a smile, pouring her husband a glass of wine as he leaned against the counter, looking through the doorway to the living room. He could hear his eldest giggle and his blue eyes narrowed. He took the glass he was handed and took a long drink while his wife poured herself a small glass. 

“I am.” he countered.

Rapunzel shook her head but smiled, putting her hand on the small of his back and pushing him towards the living room. He allowed his wife to maneuver him until he was standing in the living room in front of the two teenagers. Rapunzel wore a pair of capris and a white shirt with a pink cardigan, her blonde hair down her back in waves. 

Jack stood in his work slacks and button up shirt, making him look rather intimidating to the boy. Elsa was sixteen, a sophomore in high school and Rapunzel knew that this boy was at least a year older, sporting his letterman jacket.

“So how’s school, Hans?” Rapunzel asked, sitting down on the love seat, her legs crossed at her ankles in a very mom way. Her eyes were trained to catch small things like the way his hand was on Elsa’s knees, how Elsa kept looking at her father nervously, and the twelve year old sitting on the stairs listening to the drama that was bound to happen. 

“It’s good.” He said with a charming smile, “Have to keep my grades up to stay on the team." 

Rapunzel nodded and opened her mouth to reply—

"So if it wasn’t for the team, you’d be failing.” Jack stated, raising an eyebrow at the boy who gulped. Jack was intimidating without being a father. Now that he was, it made him even more so. 

“N-No, I just have motivation to-”

“Oh so you need outward motivation to function correctly?”

“N-no, Mr. Frost, I mean that—”

“Dad.” Elsa hissed. Jack took a sip of his wine. 

“So what grade are you in?” Rapunzel asked nicely.

Hans cleared his throat, his cheeks almost as red as his hair. His hand moved from Elsa’s knee and rested in his jean clad thigh now. he cleared his throat and gave the woman a smile. 

“I’m a senior, ma’am.” he replied.

“Oh, how nice.” she said, the corner of her mouth twitched. So her baby was dating a boy two years older than her who probably had older thoughts for her girl. She took a sip of her wine politely so she could calm her own nerves.

“Can we go now?” Elsa asked, looking at her parents with pleading and slightly annoyed blue eyes.

Jack narrowed his eyes but gave a smile, “Sure, go grab your coat, though. Its going to get cold tonight.”

Elsa nodded and got up, heading for the stairs. A small ‘move weirdo’ was heard as she passed Anna heading to her room. Hans looked between the two parents. One smiling nicely while the other sized him up. Han’s tapped his palms on his thighs awkwardly. Rapunzel let him feel nervous for a moment before she stood,

“Come on, sweetie,we’ll walk you to the door.” she said. Hans exhaled a breath as he stood, towering over the petite mother. Jack kept in step behind him as they headed to the door. Anna watched from the fifth step on the stairs, in her sleeping clothes, her hair tied in braids. She kept still and quiet as her parents met Hans at the door.

Rapunzel stood in front of her husband, holding her wine glass. Hans stood in front of the door as they waited for Elsa. he gave the mother a smile,

“It was nice meeting you, Mrs. Frost.” he said and looked at her husband. He coughed, “And Mr. Frost.”

“Oh, it was nice meeting you too. Right, honey?” she asked. Jack didnt say anything. “There is one thing before you go.”

Hans gave the woman a charming smile that probably worked on all the mothers of his girls. Little did he know that she dated men who gave that smile and is married to the one who perfected it. She pat his arm with one hand, while holding her wine glass with the other.

“If you touch my daughter inappropriately, I can’t say that I’ll be here to make sure my husband plays nice.” she gave him that same adorable smile while the blood rushed from the high schoolers face, “And I’ll be honest, no matter how many of these letterman jackets you have, Elsa’s father can still make sure that you wont be able to use the part of your anatomy that you should not be thinking with.”

Jack smirked wickedly at the boy.

“And I’ll enjoy it.” he said with that same charming smile that sent shivers down Hans spine.

“Ready!” Elsa called, jumping over her paling sister. She wore a pair of tight jeans, boots and pretty blue top. In her arms was her white jacket, just in case. She smiled at her parents and Hans.

“You okay?” she asked the boy, her lips pursed in confusion. Hans squeaked a bit and just nodded.

“Have fun Elsie.” Rapunzel said giving her daughter a hug. Elsa turned to Jack as he kissed her forehead.

“What time will you be back?” he asked.

She rolled her eyes but smiled, “Eleven.”


Elsa pulled her date from the house who seemed to be a zombie all of the sudden. He gave her a smile and gulped, afraid to look back, knowing that the parents from hell were watching him as they got into the his car.

Rapunzel waved as they drove off, Jack sipped the rest of his wine.

“We’re we too harsh on him?” She asked looking over her shoulder at her lover. Jack smirked and leaned down to kiss her lips, his eyes filled with pride. She giggled as he moved his lips to her ear and whispered,

“Guess what part of my anatomy I’m thinking with?”

Rapunzel only giggled as he kissed her ear.

“Mom! Dad! Stop I’m right here!” Anna said exasperated. Both parents turned to their second daughter. Jack raised an eyebrow,

“How long have you been there?” he asked

“Whole time.” Rapunzel replied.

Anna stood up, glaring at them, “When I date I’m never bring him here.” she turned to go back upstairs. Jack gave her a look as Rapunzel took his hand with a laugh.

“Who said you’re allowed to date?” he called up to her.

“MOM!” she cried down indignantly. Jack chuckled and leaned down to kiss his wife, peppering her jaw and cheek with soft kisses. Rapunzel only giggled to which the slam of a bedroom door was their response.

“How did we get stuck with teenagers?” he mumbled into her hair, nibbling on her ear. She put her arm around his middle, holding her glass while the other one ran down his chest. 

“They’re like puppies, they dont stay cute and small forever.” she replied. Jack chuckled and kissed her lips. “So, Mr. Frost, how do you plan to stay up till eleven for when Elsa gets back?”

The suggestion in her voice had him smirking, leaning his forehead against hers.

“I don’t know, Mrs. Frost, what did you have in mind?”

“Well, I do have to wash some clothes…” she said, looking away from him teasingly. Jack moved his hand down her waist and grabbed a firm globe of her backside,

“I’ll grab the wine and when I come back, you better be naked on that washer.” he said with a naughty smirk. She smirked back, pushing away from him and handing him her glass. She walked toward the laundry room, taking off her cardgian and tank top as she went,

“If you dont hurry, Ill start without you!” she called to him.

Oh, yeah. He’ll definately know if Elsas not home in time.