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i’m taking some time off until 06/11 to deal with everything. i feel like lately my blog has become a lot more negative and i hate that. i don’t want it to be something negative for me or for any one of you, and to be honest, i hate logging in because i’m scared of what’s waiting for me in my inbox. the more followers i get, the more drama there is over nothing, and it’s my own fault for even replying to these provocative asks and giving these people what they want. i’m just in a bad place, like i’ve said so many times before, and i take everything to heart and that’s not what i’m usually like, so i’m taking this as a sign to take a step back and live my life and just realize that tumblr is something that is supposed to be fun and not something that fills me with even more anxiety. 

i’m taking some time off to deal with my personal life, with my studies, my exams and my master’s, and then i’ll be back and i’ll continue updating and posting like before. 

if you send me an ask/message and i don’t reply right away, don’t be mad, please. i’ll try to stay away from tumblr as much as i can, so i won’t be able to reply to everything as soon as you send it.

the blog will run on queue until i get back!

take care, boos! :*

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nya headcannons!! :D

I love her??

  • Jay: Nya I’m thirsty can you get me some water-
    Nya: *fires a huge jet of water right into his face*
  • She makes a body for Pixal again so she can date her because she’s like pls I need someone else who doesn’t make me want to roll my eyes so hard they roll out of my head
    • Please these boys are insufferable sometimes, they have so many stupid competitions and ideas honestly it’s a surprise they’re not dead yet
    • In season 5 when she says “can you even count the times I’ve had to rescue the boys" it’s because she literally saves their asses all the time from doing stupid stuff like “who can somersault off the higher branch of a tree and land in a split”
  • Loves the beach pls take her to the beach
  • Deceptively strong??
    • Nya: jay give me that pen I need it
      Jay: make me
      Nya: well yeet I guess *throws jay over the table*
    • 5’1” ounces of kick ass
    • Quads second to none
    • Her goal is to be able to give cole a piggy back up the stairs
    • If you want to find her she will be in the gym or sleeping surrounded by her only true friend which is food
  • Nya: I’m going on a date
    Kai: I thought you said you didn’t need to be in a relationship
    Nya: I don’t I want the free food
  • Super fast reflexes honestly you’ll be shook
    • You know those scenes in movies or whatever where someone will knock a glass off the counter and the person will catch it and put it back on without even looking up from what they’re doing? That’s Nya
    • Cole: nice work nya! *Goes to pat her on the back*
      Nya: *twists his arm and jumps on him* WHY WERE YOU TRYING TO TOUCH ME
    • don’t sneak up on her you’ll die
  • Everyone is like how do you have so much money?? And she’s like “it’s called self control”
    • She actually gets a part time job at a restaurant and she is boss and gets hella tips but she gives it up when things get busy with the team
  • She totally knew Lloyd was gonna end up being the green ninja, she was just waiting for Kai to exit his emo phase before she told everyone
    • Which is why she’s the one that went up to Lloyd with the weapons to test her theory
    • Nya: I taught Lloyd everything he knows
      Lloyd: when I was a kid you locked me in the cupboard one time so you could go be samurai-x you taught me nothing
    • No but for real her and Lloyd are bros cause she had to look after him so much
    • She was like ew why do I have to look after him but then as time went on she was like oh no he’s a sad bean?? With no love in his life?? *in a Tarzan’s mum voice* well, I’m going to be his mother now
    • She gets super proud of him all the time she’s like heck yeah that’s my son
    • Was probably like “if you don’t tell anyone I’m samurai-x you can hide in my mech when I sneak out and I’ll buy you a ‘pick n mix’ tub of sweets” and he’s like HECK YEAH
  • She just wants to have sleepovers and gossip and wear face masks so her skin stays flawless but she has no girls in her life :// and when she tells cole he’s like um I volunteer as tribute
    • So they have sleepovers every Friday where they can just chill and talk
    • “The only thing stopping me from killing you cole is the fact that I will have no one to hang with until 4am on sleepover and chill day”
  • Is often on the receiving end of the boys pranks but she takes it as a challenge to improve her ninja skills
    • The only thing she will NOT put up with is them touching her food or interrupting her when she sleeps just. don’t do it.
  • She has no memory of her family and yes she loves Kai, but she really wants a proper family? So when she meets the guys she’s really happy that she can have people to call family even if they are losers sometimes
    • But hey what else are brother’s for, right?
    • Hates seeing them sad cause she’s like you guys don’t deserve to be sad, so she’ll do whatever she can to cheer them up
  • “Nya do you like girls or boys” “I like bikes”
  • The guys are torn between “mess with our girl and we will 5 v 1 kick your ASS” and “lmao it’s not us you need to worry about she will wreck u”
  • You know those scenes in movies where they’ll go up to someone and go “give me all your weapons” and they pull weapons from every conceivable place and then just smile, and the person goes “I said all of them" and they’re just like fine and hand over their last secret weapon that’s hidden like behind their ear or something stupid? That’s Nya
  • Ok please don’t condemn her to hell or me but one time she did reenact the parting of the red sea like Moses did in the Bible
    • Look if you could control water you would do the same I’m sure
  • She asks jay to play one of his video games with him cause she’s bored and he’s like “bless don’t worry I’ll go easy on you ;))” and she’s like “haha ok” but jay is a fool. Jay forgets that Nya has Kai as a brother so of course she is going to have been playing video games her whole life. get wrekt jay.
  • “Would you like me to shave your legs for you”
  • Don’t get me wrong she’s not straight laced (ha), she makes loads of jokes at the boys expense and she’s all for it if they wanna include her in a prank on one of the others
  • She’s a mastermind
    • She has so many blueprints of vehicles she hasn’t and will probably never make because she doesn’t have the money
    • and also she needs another brain as genius as her
    • Zane is smart but he’s always like “there’s a 0.00076% chance of that working” and she’s like that’s high enough for me let’s do it
    • But Zane is a COWARD and won’t do it
  • *While doing her eyeliner* “I’m going to make my wings so big I can fly away from my problems”
  • She is anywhere and everywhere, she will just show up out of nowhere it’s spooky
    • She hears all you can hide nothing from her
  • Her hair is cut so straight it could slice someone and she said she did it herself the way Mulan did
    • Did she or didn’t she I guess we will never know
    • “Long hair obstructs my vision and I want to see the terror in my enemies’ eyes as they see me running towards them”

Ask me ninjago headcanons!

Indefinite Hiatus

So as you probably guessed from the title, this is a (sort of) farewell.

Yesterday, I had my first real panic attack. It was mild but I’m still calming down from it. But it made me realize that I have a lot going on in my life right now and as much as I would love to just forget school and focus on this blog (because school was the cause of my panic attack) I can’t do that. So I’m gonna have to step away from this blog for a while. I still have a few things on my queue but once that runs out, I won’t be posting anymore.

I promise I’ll come back though. This blog is too important to me to just abandon it forever. But I need to figure out how to deal with this anxiety first.

I’ll still be around though. I’m way too addicted to Tumblr to leave it completely. If I see that I have an ask or a message or something I’ll answer it.

I hope you guys understand my reasons for stepping away. I just hope I can deal with this problem quickly so I can get back to normal.

  • Steve: OHMYGOD
  • Dianna: Why are you on the counter?
  • Dianna: He won’t hurt you, he’s just a little animal.
  • Dianna, picking it up: Here touch it.
  • Steve: UM NO
  • Dianna: He’s cute!
  • Steve, running away: NONONO PLEASE NO
  • *after about half an hour chasing Steve around his apartment*
  • Steve, with the spider on his head: OH MY GOD DIANNA
  • Dianna: Her* name is Dianna.
  • Steve: What does Dianna want for dinner?
  • Dianna, listening to spider Dianna: Pancakes.
  • Steve: Good choice.
Music Series: Safety Pin by 5 Seconds of Summer

Thank you for requesting, Anon, and I appreciate your readership!

So that I am fair to everyone who waits so patiently in the queue of my inbox for me to finally get to their requests, I’m only doing one song per submitted request. So I chose the one I feel a connection to, the one that speaks to me. May sound weird, but that is quite literally how my writing happens. It’s like a supernatural indwelling or something. Can’t explain it, but that’s how it happens. If you would like to resubmit your 2nd request back into the queue, I’ll be happy to tackle it when it comes around again. Thank you for understanding!

Because I love the “Broken boy meets broken girl” concept, I chose “Safety Pin” by 5 Seconds of Summer, which can be found on Spotify through this link —> HERE! <— :) xo


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Hi, everyone - I’m leaving tomorrow for a meditation retreat that’s going to last until the end of the month, and while I’ll have wifi there (at least, I hope so, because three weeks without the internet is way beyond my comfort zone), the point of doing this is to disengage a little - just take the time to breathe and recentre myself. This means I’ll try to avoid social media, so - no tumblr. My queue will be running as usual, though, and you can send me pms or asks if you want to - but know I’ll be answering them around the end of October. If you want to talk to me about something urgent, please send me an email. My address is on my AO3 profile. And speaking about that - normally, walking away from the world for a bit makes me more creative and gives me more motivation (and time) to write, which means I’m hoping to update Blues Run the Game fairly regularly. I know some of you really want to know what happens next, and all I can say is, I’m doing the very best I can to write you a story that’ll make you happy (eventually, that is, ‘cause it’ll probably make you miserable for a while more). 

So, you know - I wish you all a happy [insert thing] - a good beginning of S13 for those who’re watching, a good DCBB season, a good back to school for those students whose classes haven’t started yet, and a good autumn weather to everyone living in a climate where autumn is a thing (and I don’t want to rub it in, but anyone who doesn’t is seriously missing out, because trees turning red and yellow and roasted chestnuts and pumpkins and soft woolen scarfs and cats finally spending their time inside and curling on your lap). See you soon and take care!

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Δεν ελπίζω τίποτα. Δε φοβούμαι τίποτα. Είμαι λέφτερος. I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free. —  Nikos Kazantzakis

New Plan Y’all

My inbox will be kept open all week, and on Sunday mornings I’ll answer all the questions as well as queue up for the next week. That way I can still keep this blog running without sacrificing too much time. 

I just feel bad because a lot of you have such great questions and I wish I had the time to go through each and every one and answer them more in-depth. Thank you so SO much for following this blog and asking questions, seriously it means so much to me.  <3

hey so I’m gonna drop in activity on tumblr a lot (I’m sure some of y'all have already noticed I’m far less active these days), in between becoming junior staff on the SCP wiki and running a new podcast and dealing with some personal stuff I’m gonna be shifting my time toward those kinds of things more, especially the personal stuff, dunno for how long but honestly at least two months at the least

I’ll probably be around lurking n shit so you’ll likely see an errant like or reblog, also you can still send me messages and asks and stuff but I might not answer them all


y’know what no one ever asked for? more singable english lyrics of love live! songs.

y’know what i have for you? more singable english lyrics of this love live! song.

NO EXIT ORION by Printemps under the cut. please enjoy.

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I’d like to keep my queue running along to show I intend to be active still, so please like for a starter! If you’d rather your starter not be on queue, then please reply to this post so I know to put it out straight away (replies afterwards will be on queue). you can also message me via im for plots and other things!

Sounds Good [DRABBLE]

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8. “Fight me.”

Choi Junhong was good at a lot of things. He could rap, he could dance, he could skateboard, he was an adept pet parent, and (according to him) he was a pretty snappy dresser. All skills that, at some point or another, may possibly be useful.

But one skill that could prove useful on a more practical scale would be the skill of teaching. And that was one that Junhong was, unfortunately, lacking.

“It’s not that hard,” he whined after the fifth time you fell from the skateboard, “I don’t get what you’re doing wrong.”

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[After some thought I think I’m going to place this blog on a temporary hiatus. I want to take a step back and take a good look at my portrayal and consider how I’m playing Mika. I’m also going to be headed on a trip so I’ll be away for the first couple weeks in October so I figured I might as well tie it all in together. My queue will still be running and considering I’m as slow as molasses as it is you probably wont’ see a huge change in activity levels but i figured it only fair I give a heads up! I love all you guys and I wish you all the very best!!] 

A bit of an update

Hey guys! I’m sorry I’ve not been very active on here lately;my job is taking up about 90 percent of time now and the little time I do get off I’m spending it to make sure my life doesn’t crumble. My mental health has been a rollercoaster too so I’ve tried to stay away from social media as it can make me feel worse. I always have a queue set up so my blog still posts so you don’t miss out. I appreciate the support I get from you(I’m nearly at 400 followers how mad is that!) I still enjoy running this blog and I’m going to continue posting,just not as often as I’d like. So here’s a gif that’s summed up how I’ve been for the past few days;of course my love for DT hasn’t altered,that day will never come!

(Gif curtosy of @bbshopmom )

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Spare Me  (Avengers x reader)

Request: Can you do a fic, where the reader can manipulate people and things and she left shield and the avengers to work for hydra because she knows she’ll hurt the avengers so she figured why not get paid for it. if you were to make a love interest, Nat????

Here you go, love!  Hope you like!  

Natasha ran into the kitchen, throwing a tablet on the table, cracking its screen from the strength of her anger.  “So she just left?!  She left and no one had the presence of mind to tell me?!  Who knew about this?!”  Her eyes darted around the table, waiting for Steve, Clint, Tony or Thor to say anything.

Steve slowly put down his coffee cup, not making eye contact with her or his teammates as he cleared his throat, “I did.”

Her anger was immediately shifted; feeling the change in climate around him, Steve stood and backed towards the door.  “Romanoff, it was her choice, and she didn’t want you to be there when she left.  She wanted to protect you.”

“Protect me?  What the hell does that mean?  Protect me from what?”  Natasha was taking slow and deliberate steps towards the Captain, who now had himself inadvertently backed into a corner, missing the door as his original target.  “Protect me from an angry outburst?  Fail. Protect me from her power so I don’t get hurt?  Fail. Protect me from the pain of her leaving me?  Again, massive fail.”

Her body was now next to his, almost touching.  Her expression was stern, looking at him with an intensity that made him uneasy.  “You get her back, Rogers.  Do you hear me?”  She stepped back, pointing at him as she walked from the room.  “You get her back.”


“So, Cap, great idea you had there.”  Clint slapped Steve on the arm as he passed by, heading towards the gym for his morning workout.  “Just brilliant.”

“Yeah?  I’m glad you think so, Barton.”    

Clint stopped in his tracks, knowing what Steve was up to.  “No. This is yours to fix, I want nothing to do with it.”

“She’s your best friend, and you won’t help?”  Steve gave chase as Clint began towards the gym again, trying to avoid the conversation altogether.

“Cap, if (Y/N) left and had a good reason, then I don’t think you’re gonna get her back.  You’re just gonna have to deal with Nat.”  

Steve laughed as he shook his head, stopping in the middle of the hall.  “Barton, I’m ready to run into a HYDRA base, pull that girl out by her hair, and fight for our lives rather than deal with Romanoff.  I’m not that stupid.”

“Could’ve fooled me.” Clint sighed loudly as he wrapped his hands, glancing at Steve with an apprehensive smirk.  “I’ll help you, but if this doesn’t work, it’s all on you. Deal?”



Clint pulled out his phone to fill his friend in on the plans that he and Steve had worked out, but Natasha wasn’t answering.  He was now at her door, banging on it to get her attention, but the loud music inside was drowning him out.  

“JARVIS, open it.”

“Mr. Barton, Miss Romanoff has requested to not be interrupted.”

“Open it.”

The door opened to not only blaring music but the sight of Natasha, curled up on her bed with a box of Kleenex and a bright red nose.  She startled when Clint walked in, unannounced.  He stifled a small laugh when he saw his friend, the feared assassin known as Black Widow, reduced to a sniffling mess before him.

“Well, this is new.”

“Fuck off, Barton.” Nat threw off the covers that she had cocooned in, turning off the music and moving to clean up her mess.  “JARVIS, you’re fired.”

“Sorry, Miss.”

Clint began to help her make her bed as he spoke, trying to help his friend come around from the mood she was in.  “We leave in 30.  You should suit up.”  He paused as she looked at him, her eyes questioning what he meant.  “Cap’s going after her.  But Nat, she’s HYDRA now.  Did you know that?”

“He is?”  She took a shaky breath and nodded, “I knew that was a possibility.  I didn’t think she would actually do it, though.”  She sat on the edge of her bed, wringing her hands together, “After the last mission, she was afraid that one of us would get hurt again.  She couldn’t let it go that I got in her crossfire, but it was my fault, Clint.  It was on me, not her.”

“Well then it’s your job to convince her.  Cap said he’s ready to drag her out by her hair, so you had better get it together, and fast.”  He stood, walking towards the door so she could get dressed.  “We’ve got one shot at this, Nat.”


“Clint, I want you up high, shoot anything that moves.  I’m going to sweep the perimeter and give you a window.  Nat, you go in and bring her out.”  Are we clear?  

“What if she doesn’t want to come with me?”  

“Then you convince her.”

Natasha laughed, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes, “Drag her out by her hair, Steve?”

He glanced at Clint, then back to her, “I meant what I said.  Don’t doubt that I won’t.”

The three ran from the back of the jet, Clint moving to take the high ground and Steve running to take out any guards that were around the building Nat was about to enter.  Steve darted to the left, easily taking out two HYDRA guards while Clint took out three more, nodding to Natasha that she was clear to make her move.  With a firm kick she pushed the door open to see…nothing.  She held up her scanner to find if there was a secret exit or hiding place within the building but found none.  She was quickly growing frustrated and confused; JARVIS had confirmed this as your last known location.

“Steve, there’s no one in here.”

“That’s because she’s out here,” Clint replied, because Steve couldn’t answer for himself.

Natasha ran from the building, seeing Steve on his knees in front of you, his shield at his side. Clint was walking down from the hillside, but his gait was rigid as if he were trying to fight the force pulling him down.  “(Y/N), don’t do this.  Let them go, please.”

You looked at her, your eyes full of sadness and regret, but you were still not releasing your former teammates.  You didn’t want to take control of her too; she was the one person who meant the most to you, the one person who loved you despite your power that would scare all others away.  But if it meant keeping her safe, then you would do what you had to.

“I’m not going to hurt them, Nat.  I don’t ever want that.  I want just the opposite, so you need to let me go, for the safety of the team.”  

Natasha could begin to feel you taking control of her and tried to force her will against you.  You were pushing her towards the jet, ready to move the other two with her and make them fly away without you once and for all. “(Y/N), I still trust you.  I still love you.  I know you wouldn’t hurt me, so don’t start now.  This hurts more than any injury you could cause.”

“You know that I don’t want to do this; but I fit better here, sweetheart.  And if that means that one day you will have to take me down with the rest of HYDRA, then I hope that yours is the last face I see.”

Natasha had successfully broken your focus, allowing Steve to take his shield in hand.  He threw it to bounce off the building behind you then into you with just enough force to knock you out.  As you fell, he reached out just in time to catch you before you hit the cold ground below you.  “I’ve got her!  Let’s get the hell out of here!”


“That wasn’t by the hair, Steve.”  Clint groaned, stretching his legs out as he sat in the pilot seat.  “I feel robbed of the experience.”  

Steve sat next to Clint while Natasha kept watch over you.  She gently stroked your hair, counting your breaths to be sure the Captain’s shield hadn’t done any damage.  “It was a bit too harsh, if you ask me.”  

“I’m not asking you.” Steve spun the chair around to face her now, with a stern look, his arms crossing over his chest.  “You wanted me to get her for you, and you’ve got her. Don’t question my methods when the end result is what you wanted.”

You woke with a start, furiously looking around the jet, slowly realizing where you were and what had happened.  “No, you guys, you can’t take me back to the tower.  I’m too much of a risk, you don’t understand.”

Finally done with the excuses and the reasons to stay away, Natasha grabbed your face and pulled you to her for a yearning kiss that seemed to go on forever.  You couldn’t help but respond and relax to her touch, missing the way you two used to be before this all started.

“Honey, I’m not safe. I’m losing control of my power.” You pulled back, and saw tears beginning to well up in her eyes, but you stood firm on your decision.  “Bruce and Tony have tried to help, and failed.  I don’t know what to do other than to run.” You pulled your hands from hers, and felt immediate sadness at her expression.  “And maybe I can take out a bit of HYDRA in the process.”  You released your grip on her and stood to back away.  “My feelings have never changed, Natasha.”  

“Clint, take me back.”

SO anyway gonna be super sporadic today, doing a bunch of last minute things (packing for the weekend, showering, finishing up the dishes, sweeping, little last minute spot cleaning around the house and filling cat bowls) before i head to my bus to TFCon tomorrow. Potentially spending the night away at mom’s to make getting dropped off at the station easier, but not sure on that yet. i’m trying to do some replies to stuff into my queue to post while i’m away, but i can’t promise more than one or two rip.

And then I’ll be gone officially from the 2 to the 2nd and on a mini hiatus for that time period! Those at TFCon, I will probably run into you there. c:

“Look, I’m no expert when it comes to matters of the heart, but I think you are over analyzing. And coming from me that is saying something.”

“So what do you suggest?” I asked.

“Let her get to know you. Don’t think about it. Take this as an opprotunity to refresh yourself on who she is as a person. The person before you.”

“Yeah, yeah all right! I can do that.”

Before we had a chance to discuss our plan further. My phone buzzed loudly on the counter top and I grabbed it before the thing nose dived to the floor. My breath hitched slightly when I saw a text from a private number. 

Just checking in to make sure Merlot hasn’t run off again.

Updates and stuff

Hello you lovely people out there!

I haven’t been really active on this blog for some time and I think you deserve an explanation about what will happen with this blog (probably).

I’m in a very stressful, but also exciting phase of my life and my studies now, so that takes up a lot of my time and energy. Although I’m happy and everything, I can’t find the energy/creativity to write as much as I did once, or write at all.

As you probably have noticed, this blog is running on a queue with old posts right now. It will last for about 34 days from now on. In this time I’ll try my best to pre-produce something to post during this time, but I can’t promise anything.

I really don’t want to abandon this blog and I won’t, but I just want to tell you that my posting will be irregular and sparse at times as soon as the queue has run out. Maybe there’ll be a week where I can put out a post everyday, maybe there’ll be weeks without any posts. I don’t know yet.

I won’t look for any new mods on this blog (although I even made a mod application form some time ago). I just like to keep my things to myself, and since I made this blog (and it’s kinda like my baby) , I don’t want to let it slip away from me. Maybe I’ll change my opinion about this sometimes, but right now I don’t want to look for another mod.

You can keep sending in requests if you want, but know that it will take ages for me to answer them, if at all.

Last of all: Thank you so much for your support and kind words! I see so many of you liking my stupid old writing and some even reblog it and leave nice tags. It means a lot to me.