you can recognize this is taylor right

all i have to say about the ‘better man’ conversation from last night is:

to everyone who thinks the song does not depict any sort of abuse: you’re lucky. you are so lucky you’ve never been through what we have. you are so lucky you can listen to this song and not recognize it as irreversible trauma from your past or present. you have no right, however, to tell abuse survivors that they are not interpreting the song correctly, that they are wrong, that they are stretching the meaning of taylor’s words. abuse survivors know abuse. if we recognize it, take our word for it. do not invalidate our experiences simply because it pains you to see a man painted in the negative light in which he deserves. do not tell victims that what we have experienced is incorrect. do not tell us that this song isn’t for us. do not tell us that we can’t use the word abuse when the song paints the clearest picture of emotional abuse. do not tell us that there is no other evidence of calvin being abusive to taylor. do not pretend we don’t have a dozen tweets and temper-tantrum fits illustrating the way calvin was emotionally manipulative and abusive. stop invalidating the trauma of victims and thank your lucky stars you aren’t sitting at your computer writing a post like this, begging for people to fucking understand and stop undermining what you went through. 

Which celebrity other than Taylor Swift:
  • Stays up late on tumblr for Taylurking and joking around with fans.(Taylurking=stalking)
  • Knows your name and can recognize you from any crowd and then hangs out with you.
  • Send you gifts and presents (chosen and wrapped by herself) during x’mas and valentines’ day and even visits you in your home
  • Rolls eyes at the bodyguard who says,”you can’t meet your fans right now”.
  • Takes a break from tumblr just for shooting music videos…
  • Considers fans as BFFs
  • Does many amazing things for fans but get called “greedy b**ch” just because she pulled off her music from Spotify. (Her music is available on Google Play Music and Apple Music)
  • Get called “an attention seeker” because the tabloids and magazines talks about her Charity Work.( Haters think that it is Taylor who informs the media when she does something good. Sorry haters, its actually the swifties who work in buzzfeed/Mtv etc., and the managers of Charitable Trusts who inform the media)
  • Gets called a “slut” or “serial dater” for dating just 6 guys in 10 years
  • Gets hated for liking a random post by a fan on tumblr.
  • Has haters who stalks her everyday and thinks that they know EVERYTHING about her and that whatever she does is to be hated.
  • Gets called “White Feminist” for writing a song about the feelings she had when she found out that a person who acted as a loyal friend cheated her in a way she never expected.
  • Gets hated for whatever her label does (like pulling off her music from YT, IG and vine).
  • Still don’t care about these haters and slays every sold out tour with her loyal fans….

We all must learn from her to shake haters off and get going with your business and your life