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Hey, Jen! I was just looking through lots on the Gallery, and spotted what appears to be someone taking credit for your Aunt Jo's Farm lot. It looks practically identical on the exterior. The ID for this person is Grasveldje, and the name for the lot is, "A Farmers House." This lot is also being featured on SimsVIP. I just wanted to let you know, as I really appreciate what you create, and seeing what appears to be someone stealing your work isn't cool. Thanks for all you do! - Lindsey

Hi Lindsey! :) Thank you for your note! I truly appreciate your attentiveness and sense of fairness. However, I’m not too concerned in this case - I don’t think they uploaded my lot directly under their name. It looks like they copied the basics of my lot but built it from scratch. It’s enough where you can recognize the similarities to my lot immediately, but different enough that I can’t call it the same. I’m always encouraging people to do whatever they want with my lots (including using them as a base or inspiration), so I can’t be too upset about this. It does bug me a tiny bit that they don’t give credit, but oh well. I’ll live. ;)

i want to rally around your body
like a flag burning,
watch them gawk and stare
when my hands linger too long
underneath the table because you
don’t know what it means to keep quiet.
we’re bound to set ourselves on fire,
careless lovers with tongues too sharp
cutting away at the unexposed skin.
you’ve gotten too comfortable,
too settled into arms that no longer
quicken your breath.
sure she can touch you,
but does she recognize the want? -
the desire in the sex that doesn’t end with just
learning how to fuck until you’re satisfied.
that’s the difference, not the arm’s length
you keep me at because i wear my youth
like the perfume you can’t wash out of your clothes.

Oh, how often I forget that being a literature student means getting into futile arguments with pretentious nobs who say things like “I only read the classics because all contemporary literature is worthless crap” or who protest when a contemporary author (in her novel that was only published a couple of months ago) writing realistic fiction set in the 21st century mentions social media in the narrative.  I wash my hands of this “debate.”  Have fun only ever reading Hugo, Balzac, Zola, Céline, Camus, Moliere, etc. and trying to pretend that they didn’t engage with the conventions of their time.  If you need me, you can find me on planet Earth where we recognize that the fact of being contemporary does not nullify the worth of anything and we also write problématiques that are fewer than six lines long and are actually comprehensible.

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Just spent the whole day reading Playlist Amour! And I'm in live with it! Bughead is so amazing (you're gonna recognize my reviews bc I can't stop saying amazing apparently haha) and you portrayed it so well and so in character I thought. Tbh is 2017 we can't have The incredible Betty Cooper being mistreated by Archie. And Jughead is so perfect and has always been there for her that is just natural the 2 of them together. Anyway just loved your fic and your writting and give Riverdale a chance

OMG YES, thank you for taking the time to also send me a comment here on Tumblr! doesn’t give authors a chance to respond to “guest” reviews, and I really wanted to let you know that I appreciate you!!!

There is a special place in my heart for Betty and Jughead and I just want them TO BE HAPPY. What I loved so much about them in the comics is that they were amazing, flawed characters who really supported each other! I would love for them to be together in cannon, but just being the supportive bff they are, is also everything my heart needs.

Just Anime Con Things

-being hit in the face by someone’s wings in the dealer’s room

-having to move out of the hallway so that an unsuspecting child can take pictures with a group of furries

-buying anime merchandise for $45 dollars that you know you saw online for $20

-trying to compare the prices of pocky and hi-chew at every booth before you make your purchase

-seeing at least (1) person who does not look like they belong there in the slightest. and yet

-twelve flower crown hinatas

-people dressed in perfectly normal clothes + one attack on titan jacket

-entire booths in the artist’s alley dedicated to felt toys of food with “kawaii” eyes

-barefoot kaneki

-people changing their entire cosplays in the bathroom

-a congregation of kiritos 

-someone doing a sexy version of a pokemon

-”wow, that’s a lot of bill cypher”

-you can always recognize welcome to nightvale, even without canon designs for the characters

-vic marinara is there

A gift for my little sister, @isaacsdevil4108, who turns 20 today ♡

I thought about tidying this up, but I quite liked the sketchy look and I figured you wouldn’t mind it either. I hope you like it! And Happy Birthday :)

I realize I grew up in a very privileged situation and I think instead of me just being happy for myself, I want to give that to people that don’t necessarily get that opportunity.

Tobin Heath - CSN Tomboy

Ugh, remember that time a very popular medical drama had two gay characters in one episode, and it turned out one had a medical problem causing him to be gay, and the other was just lying and they were really both straight? And the main character insisted no one could possibly be gay and then was proven ri-

Wait. Those were asexual characters. My bad.

if you’re afraid of becoming like your parents, you won’t
if that is a genuine fear you have, you won’t

you’ll see those behaviors before anyone else does. even IF you do something they would do, you’ll see it, you’ll stop it before it starts. you’ll know how to avoid that. 

people become their parents because their parents are good people, or because they aren’t aware of anything. 

if you’re aware enough to know you don’t want to be like them, you won’t be. 

How People Watching Improves Your Writing

Sensory detail. 

When I was fourteen or fifteen, I liked to draw. I’d look up internet tutorials on how to draw the human figure, and nearly all of them suggested going outside and sketching anyone who goes by. Not only was this relaxing, but I noticed my art style become more realistic over time. I think we can apply similar concepts as writers to improve sensory description. 

How to practice: Try writing down specific details about the people you see. How is their walking gait? What does their voice sound like? What quirks about them stand out as you observe them? Write down descriptions using all of the senses (except maybe taste) and, over time, you’ll notice your words become more lively.


You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to benefit from observation skills. Writing stories is all about noticing connections and seeing the extraordinary in ordinary life. People watching can boost your ability to notice little details and recognize them as important, and it can help you sense patterns more easily.

How to practice: In this case, remember once again that you are not Sherlock Holmes. Don’t assume that you know a person’s life story based on what socks they’re wearing (and definitely don’t try making such assumptions with friends or family). 

Try to take in people who pass by and the small, unique details about them. Notice how they’re interacting with other people and the world around them. Think about why that might be and write down any thoughts or connections that interest you.


Writing first drafts can paralyze anyone. We all know that getting the words out is the first, most important step, but that can feel like torture sometimes. If you’re a hesitant writer, freewriting can help you feel less self-conscious when writing and jot down thoughts or impressions as they come. Other exercises can help you with editing later on, but you can’t get there unless you freewrite.

How to practice: Write down anything that strikes you without worrying whether it’s important or you’ll use it later. I like to focus on one person per minute and during that time, write anything that I find interesting. Once the sixty seconds are up, I move onto another person and continue that cycle as long as I want to keep going. With time, you’ll get faster and may notice that words come more easily.


In the book Stargirl, one of my favorite parts is when Stargirl and Leo go to the park and play a game where they make up stories about the strangers they pass. As they connect together little observations, they create vivid backstories that may not necessarily be true, but that’s not the point. What matters is stretching their minds.

How to practice: Play this game for yourself. Pick a person at random and, piecing together little details you notice about them, give them a backstory. What are they doing, and where are they going (both right now and in the long-term)? Why are they hurrying so quickly to wherever they’re going or walking almost aimlessly along? Don’t worry about getting it “right” so much as creating an interesting story for this person.


Developing empathy as a writer is so important, though not often talked about. If you can put yourself in the shoes of another person and consider what complexities, challenges, and little joys life holds for them, you will create emotionally powerful pieces. People watching helps train your eye to notice those around you more and remember that yours is not the only voice in the world.

How to practice: Remember the definition of the word “sonder:” the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. Look for those complexities. Notice relationships. Notice facial expressions and emotions. Don’t just look at them but see them, and write down what strikes you about them.

something i don’t see a lot in tumblr’s rhetoric about mental illness and recovery is a distinction between recovery through suppression and conformity and recovery through coping.

suppression and conformity is not recovery.  it implies that you are simply repressing the symptoms of your mental illness or disorder and causing yourself more pain.  suppression implies that you are ignoring your mental illness, not acknowledging your symptoms, and conformity implies that you are putting on a neurotypical facade.  so many people assume that’s the end goal of therapy and medication (should people choose to do that) or general recovery. that people are trying to “cure” you.  it’s where i think a lot of the “i shouldn’t need to get better” rhetoric comes from.

but that’s not what recovery is.  recovery is coping.  it’s learning about yourself and how you tick.  it’s learning to recognize and acknowledge symptoms so you can better understand them and, ultimately, not let them control you.  it’s understanding that being “wired” differently isn’t a bad thing, but it can make things harder, and learning to recognize those distinctions and address them so you can make your life easier.  it’s recognizing that for some people, therapy and medication are the path to coping, and that the end goal of them is to make that learning and self-discovery process easier so that those people can do it independently in the long run.

recovery is not changing yourself to fit the world.  recovery is learning how to look the world in the eye and say “i now know how to coexist with you now.  i now know how to thrive.”


Final cut: ladies and gentlemen
Another page of my movie journal! This time it’s about a really special movie, that has been composed of 451 greatest international movies. I suggest you to watch the trailer first to see whether you like the style of it, but it’s really cool. Also, if you’re a movie lover, I recommend you to have a piece of paper and a pencil nearby while watching and try to write down as many movies as you can recognize, it’s pretty fun 😄

“leave the devs alone!!!!! they are trying their best!!!!! we should be thanking them for the game!!! be positive!!!!”

yea okay but did anyone tell u that u can in fact….be hyped as hell for andromeda but…..recognize there might be some problems with how they’ve marketed the game as a whole, especially their complete sidelining of lgbt+ romances? they’re completely selling this game on the “pretty good banging” and yet the only romances we’ve seen so far are straight romances? and??? people aren’t supposed to be the least upset or frustrated that sara has had 0 cinematic trailers??? bioware has marketed themselves on their inclusiveness and im sorry…..i just haven’t seen it yet

also, shocker:

they’re adults able to take constructive criticism!!! like adults!!!!!! amazing