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ok honestly it’s late at night but this is all I can think about. I am not one to typically try to contact celebrities I like or admire because I just feel like I’m annoying them and idk it just feels like I am interfering but thatsthat24 deserves all the attention even if he doesn’t want it. Thomas you are honestly one of my favorite people on vine and tumblr and just in general. you seem like the kind of person I would be best friends with if we knew each other in person. you’re so humble and funny and kind and it makes me so happy to see your face on my tumblr dash and my snapchat and you genuinely bring a smile to my face when nothing else will. I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but if you do just know that you’ve saved me so many times from doing things because of my depression I would regret later. I first knew you as “that vine guy with the movie trailer voice” and now I know you as “Thomas Sander: the amazing, funny, badass, wonderful man who constantly makes me happy by just being on my tiny phone screen”. just….thank you. thank you so so SO much.