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hey um so i'm a few years into college and i'm still kinda new to the whole dating thing. i've dated a few guys in the past but the most i've done is kissing and those guys all ended up breaking my heart really bad (yikes). i'm really shy and introverted and honestly kind of a shut in but i really want to get out there and meet guys ya know? i was wondering if you had any advice as to how i'd go about doing that. tysm 💖

um tbh i dont know what to say bc i’ve literally never been shy my entire life. my issues with dating have been because the guy is a total asshole or because the guy is way too introverted lol. but do you use tinder? it’s probably the easiest/quickest way to set up multiple dates that could give you good practice at the very least.

i guess my advice is to interact with the person before meeting e.g. texting so you can know a bit more about who they are and what they like, which might ease initial tensions on a first date and you can also determine whether or not your expectations align. don’t try to be an extrovert if that’s just not you, but honestly like really really try to converse and be open!! i really hate it when i can’t move past small talk because a dude is too closed up, and then i end up oversharing to fill the holes in the convo.

and then choose something casual for your date like a drink (watch your bartender pour it) or a coffee so you can escape if need be. if you go out for food, it’s a longer process where you have to wait, order, wait, eat, wait, pay, etc. you’re trapped if service is slow lmao. 

just keep in mind that dating is a tedious process and you’re not likely to meet your soulmate immediately. there’s lots of flops along the way as you’ve experienced so i wouldn’t stress over it or invest in anyone before meeting them. i don’t believe in forcing/faking anything so i mean if you’re not comfortable enough with the person to make a good connection then that’s the way it is and you keep trying with different people. 



You are direct and go after what you want.  No one usually has to guess what you feel or who interests you!  You are a born leader and a great social spark plug who gets things moving with both friends and strangers.  You probably like kung fu movies and red cars.  You are often first to express affection but sometimes you are too obvious or pushy.  You may need to be more subtle and tactful to get what you want.  You fall in love quickly, and can fall out of love just as quickly.  You need to learn patience in love.  When you mature, you can be very devoted.  You anger easily, but when you express your feelings right away and move on, you are one of the quickest Venus signs to forgive.
What you have to give: Enthusiasm
What you need to learn most: Cooperation
Famous people with Venus in Aries: Shakira, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Keira Knightley

Relax… yours is one of the naturally smart Venus placements.  If you’re not too lazy, that is. You enjoy the simple pleasures of life – a warm place to live, soft bed, tasty food, and a big easy chair to nap in.  If you can enjoy any of these comforts in pleasant outdoor surroundings, so much the better.  You like nature, appreciate music and art, and want good quality in the things that you buy.  You are loyal and reliable but may need to make sure your relationships don’t get stale out of habit.  Your best approach is to draw people to you with your quiet strength rather than racing out after them.  You are often the calm in the center of the storm, someone your friends can count on. Avoid treating people as possessions or only liking them for their “stuff.”.
What you have to give: Stability
What you need to learn most: Change can be good!
Famous people with Venus in Taurus: Jessica Alba, Lana Del Rey, Johnny Depp, Kanye West

You have one of the more difficult Venus placements because it’s hard for you to make up your mind about what you want.  No one thing holds your interest for very long.  You are quite curious, and enjoy finding out details about people you meet every day.  You would make a good tour guide or teacher as you love learning and sharing information.  Variety is very important to you and you may have friends from many different groups at school.  Sometimes you may talk about people just to release tension.  The next time you start to do that, ask yourself, “Is what I’m about to say really necessary?”  You are naturally funny and your sense of humor attracts people to you.  Learn to keep your attention focused on the person you’re with, and develop a few relationships more deeply rather than scattering your attention
What you have to give:  A playful spirit
What you need to learn most: Nothing grows well without time and attention.
Famous people with Venus in Gemini: Jennifer Lopez, Megan Fox, Uma Thurman, Sandra Bullock

You are sweet and sentimental and you hope for a happy home and family life.  Your moods go up and down and you can be insecure, often seeking reassurance from those you love.  You are fiercely protective of people and places that mean a lot to you, like a bear protecting her cubs.  Sometimes you want to be babied, and that’s okay!  But, since Cancer is the “mother” sign of the zodiac, you also have a tendency to take care of others (feeding, giving advice, finding lost things, etc.) and may sometimes need to let people do things for themselves.  You enjoy spending time at home or in the homes of your friends rather than going out a lot.  You can probably learn a lot from your relatives, especially your grandparents.  You can be easily hurt in love and must be careful about choosing the people with whom you share your heart.
What you have to give: Emotional closeness
What you need to learn most: Real security comes from inside.
Famous people with Venus in Cancer: Angelina Jolie, Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman, Halle Barry

You are a passionate person with a great wish to be noticed and appreciated.  You are very generous and want to find warmth and beauty in the lives of your friends and loved ones.  Though you can be dramatic and tend to exaggerate, you have a great capacity for devotion.  It’s a good idea for you to have some area in life where you can be a “star,” whether through drama, sports, or teaching younger children.  Dating was probably invented with you in mind, as you love romance and are very creative in thinking of new places to go and things to try.  Remember to get to know the actual person you date, rather than a vision of that person that may seem real to you, but is really only your fantasy.
What you have to give: Confidence
What you need to learn most: Humility
Famous people with Venus in Leo: Selena Gomez, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Amy Winehouse

You are often shy, and may find it hard to make friends.  Sometimes you are critical of yourself, and avoid people because you fear criticism from others.  Other people aren’t nearly as likely to notice your flaws as you are.  You often try to figure your relationships out, as if you could take them apart piece by piece.  Try being more relaxed about them and see what happens.  You are neat and orderly and like people who have good math, computer or “fix-it” skills.  You can be quite happy keeping yourself company with your friends and projects.  Don’t let people pressure you into a dating scene if you are not ready for it.  Sometimes your desire for perfection in relationships can lead you avoid them entirely or to settle for anyone.  Keep your standards high, but realize that no one is perfect.
What you have to give: Modesty
What you need to learn most: Not to worry
Famous people with Venus in Virgo: Gwen Stefani, Kim Kardashian, Eminem, Robin Williams

You have the potential to have great relationships.  You have a natural ability to cooperate, and you usually demonstrate grace and fairness in your interactions with others.  Your Venus is at the balancing point halfway through the zodiac.  This makes you a good peacemaker between your friends.  You could be a good attorney, artist, or salesperson by using your ability to negotiate, your love of beauty and balance, and your charm.  You like music and art, and find ugliness in any form quite irritating.  On the down side, sometimes it is hard for you to know what you think or feel without asking other people.  You need to try to develop opinions and standards of your own.
What you have to give: Companionship
What you need to learn most: Not caring quite as much what other people think
Famous people with Venus in Libra: Beyoncé, Freddie Mercury, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone

With Venus in Scorpio you have special responsibilities.  You have strong desires and must direct them toward your highest goals for best results.  You are passionate and intense in your relationships.  In fact, sometimes you might secretly enjoy creating a big crisis in your life just so you can fix or clean it up!  You have a strong influence on others for good or bad, and should try to use your healing (constructive) rather than mean (destructive) tendencies.  You are good at keeping secrets, but you can be jealous and controlling at times.  You are likely to learn a lot through your sexual experiences.  You tend to rush into these when it might be better to stand back and get to know a person in other ways beforehand.  You can also help others learn how to use their sexuality wisely.  Your anger can seem invisible to others until the day it boils over, so try to let off a little bit of steam at a time.
What you have to give: Intensity
What you need to learn most: How to lighten up, how to let people be free
Famous people with Venus in Scorpio: Avril Lavigne, Jay-Z, Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake

You are happy-go-lucky and optimistic about love.  You see life as a great adventure and you need the people you love to allow you freedom to travel, either in reality or in your mind.  You usually have strong beliefs that guide your life, but sometimes you throw caution to the wind a little too easily!  You freely share your feelings, and can sometimes hurt people by your directness.  You probably are happiest in relationships with people who share your philosophy of life.  You need to get away from it all from time to time, to get a bigger picture of what is going on in your life.  Going up high on a nearby mountain can help you clear your mind.  You may have talents in sports or religion and have friends from many different countries or backgrounds.  You believe the best about people, but sometimes you overlook their deepest needs.
What you have to give: Adventure
What you need to learn most: How to pay attention to little things
Famous people with Venus in Sagittarius: Nicki Minaj, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry, David Bowie

You are reliable, serious, and tend to follow through on what you say you will do.  You see love as an investment, something you are careful to choose wisely about, because you want it to last.  You may have had a difficult early family life, in which not much affection was displayed.  For some of you, it may take longer than it does for your friends to meet that true love, and you may encounter frustrating disappointments or delays.  Since Capricorn relates to the principle of TIME, you can benefit from making the most of yourself and focusing on your own goals so you will be prepared when the right partner for you does arrive.  You are more sensible than many in love, and can be honest with those you care about regarding what is really going on.  You tend to learn from your love experiences, unlike some who keep repeating them again and again.  You also can be fearful, however.  Watch to see if you turn down perfectly good opportunities that come up.  You have more walls up that others, sometimes for good reason.  Your challenge is letting those walls down with people you can trust.
What you have to give: Reliability
What you need to learn most: Some people can be trusted
Famous people with Venus in Capricorn: Scarlett Johansson, Justin Timberlake, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears

You are a little strange, if I may say so!  Actually, what I mean is that you enjoy the offbeat, unique and different in life.  You like computers, technology and revolutionary ideas.  You enjoy trying new things and meeting unusual people, and accept almost anyone without judgment.  One of your great gifts is the ability to set other people free in a way that many Venus signs find difficult.  You see a person you love not as someone to be owned (sometimes a Venus in Taurus problem), or put on a pedestal (sometimes a Venus in Leo problem), or only merged with sexually (sometimes a Venus in Scorpio problem), but as a unique friend valuable in his or her own right.  On the down side, sometimes you keep a distance in your relationships that others find frustrating.  They may want to feel more special or singled out, whereas you enjoy having a more detached kind of connection.  Sometimes you can be too cold, and break connections off with people too suddenly.  But you can be a great friend, especially for someone going through a heartache or breakup in love.
What you have to give: Independence
What you need to learn most: Romance and devotion
Famous people with Venus in Aquarius: Taylor Swift, Ashton Kutcher, Harry Styles, Kate Moss

You are oh so sweet and usually very kind.  You love for love’s sake, not for popularity, money, security, or any other reason.  Since you are so caring, you are almost never as concerned with what people can do for you as with what you can do for them.  You can easily put yourself in other people’s shoes and feel what their lives must be like.  You enjoy giving and receiving romantic expressions of affection, such as flowers, poetry, and music, especially if you have created these yourself.  You daydream a lot and may need to make sure you see the people you love realistically.  Sometimes you would rather dream about love than make it happen!  You also need to watch a tendency to be taken advantage of by people who aren’t as nice as you are.  Some of you may be the more sneaky Pisces types, who need to learn to be direct and honest.  You like quiet, soothing places, and being near water can be enjoyable for you.
What you have to give: Peace
What you need to learn most: Persistence
Famous people with Venus in Pisces: Kurt Cobain, Justin Bieber, Emma Watson, Penélope Cruz

Museum: so we got this weird animal from Madagascar called a tenrec

Taxidermist: ok what does it look like

Museum: well I guess it has big teeth so you should probably make it scary


Museum: maybe it’s a bit too much though can you do like, rounder and cuter?


Museum: …but not TOO round


Museum: …

Taxidermist: …

Museum: you know what?

Museum: just




666: Jersey Devil

WE DID IT! Give it up for the main monster of Jersey, LEEEEEEEEEEEEEDSSSSS DEVIIILLLLLLLLL!!!!!

You’re probably wondering why this is a pattern, welll…I started a Society6 a bit back, and this puppy is slapped onto a bunch of cool biz. Like so cool that you’ll go “what?”


I’ll be back to the end of the music monsters after this day, special number and all~


I don’t know if anyone’s posted about this on Tumblr yet, but I was really pleasantly surprised to see this kind of representation on TV. This is from a UK reality show called First Dates (you can probably guess what it’s about). It’s a pretty popular show, so I’m glad people watching it can learn about what being asexual is like.

This guy’s called Richard and this isn’t the entirety of what he talked about, but it’s a good chunk of it. I’m happy to say the show doesn’t just *jump* straight into this side of his personality either, they show him talking about his schooling and interests and stuff beforehand too.

Also his date reacted very positively and open-mindedly so, yay, good stuff all around!

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If you could make your very own destiel filled episode how would it go?

OMG, that’s probably the most difficult question ever, because there are just too many options here. D:

And I guess we can think about truth spells, and true love’s kiss, and lord knows what else… But honestly, for canon, I think the ultimate thing on my wishlist is in fact an episode where SPN is just as it is, stays as it is, but with like this one added Destiel scene where it subtly (effortlessly, at this point) goes canon. 

Whether it’s a peck on the lips before they separate before each going on a different mission, or the both of them holding hands while going back to Dean’s room and the screen fading to black after a heavily emotional episode.

Like if you’re asking me what I would genuinely want to see for Destiel in canon (that we haven’t already seen), this is it. 

Once again, I have woken up to the news of Jackson being sick… once again I am heartbroken at how much he pushes himself for us, faking to be okay, acting like the life is not being sucked out of him because of all the damn schedules and now he has been rushed to the hospital in the middle of a fansign because of his sickness…
I just want him to be ok, to care of himself as much as he tells us to, even though it must not be easy to do when your company fills you schedules and promotions just to squeeze money out of you… and then there are those ungrateful, Jackson antis.. y'all are not even part of the fandom tbh. You are always shitting all over him because of what?? Because of irrelevant shit and guess what? Y'all are irrelevant too. If y'all need to hate, you can go hate elsewhere. You don’t deserve Jackson and I can guarantee you that you probably don’t even deserve the rest of the Got7 boys because they wouldn’t want someone like that in the fandom.

To Jackson,
Please take care of yourself from now on… my thoughts and prayers go to you and hopefully give you some strength to recover fast and carry on. Please don’t push yourself so much and be careful. You are too precious for us, and since we are too far to take care of you, we need you to be safe. Jackys and real Ahgases appreciate you and your daily hardwork, we really don’t deserve you, but please accept our love and support.

Love you, always.


Sondertale: Chapter 1 - Part 4


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Yeah how hard can it be? Seeing as you’ve done this so many times

Big update! I’m pumped for a new color palette and to be moving even more forward than we have been so far. Guess what’s coming next? ;)

Introducing Soul!Frisk! This is how Frisk will be represented in the comic when we can’t see the two of them together in their soul. I think they’re too cute :) (I’ll make a character sheet for them later)

Also I’ll probably be referring to them as either Frans or Srisk (I’m more of a fan of Srisk to be honest) if I’m talking about them outside of the comic. As a heads up, I’m referring to them as them being one fused character, not as the pairing. There will be no pairings in this comic outside of any canon ones :)

Hello! This is a message from Mod Vinegar!! I just want to bring up the fact that we have a TON of asks!! And with those asks, there’s ones we can’t even read.. We mostly guess with them!! Please, if you really want an ask probably answered, please make it eligible to read! We do sloppy writing too, but at least you guys can read it! It also is very tiring seeing jumbled up asks.. So please, for the sake of all mods, type a little clearer!! We want everybody to read it if we ever respond to it! We also love the humor some people have!! Thank you for reading!!

A beautiful anon asked: Hi can you please do Solangelo with Will really liking high places but for some reason Nico thinks he was suicidal and wen’t to ‘talk some sense’ to Will only to realize he misinterpreted and now his own fear of heights got the best of him and now Will is the one doing the comforting? Your stories are great btw
Thank you so much. Here you go

This is definitely not my best work, I’m afraid. It’s kind of all over the place, there are way too many commas and… I don’t know. Hope you enjoy!

There are mentions of suicide, I guess. But nothing very explicit or detailed; it’s very brief.

If you’d ask Nico di Angelo what his greatest fear is, he’d probably answer something among the lines of I’m not afraid of anything or People fear me, I don’t fear anyone. And I suppose the last one can be seen as true to some extent. A lot of people do fear him, or at least, they used to. And maybe Nico doesn’t necessarily fear people, but he isn’t fearless. No one is. So, maybe the second statement can be taken as the truth, but the first one all but is.

When he was little, Nico feared the monsters he heard about in stories told by older kids. His sister would then tell him it was all nonsense and monster don’t exist, Nico, I promise. And Bianca never lied so there was no reason to think she told anything but the truth, or so he thought. Turns out that was the first lie she told. The second was telling him she’d come back when she didn’t.

When he got older and he was alone, he was scared of himself. Of the way he didn’t understand anything of what happened with him. Oh, he was so, so scared. Of the horrors he could conjure out of nothing, out of thin air, like it was no big deal, like death was just something to be played with, to be used as a weapon. He thought that maybe if he didn’t use it as a weapon, but as a way of bringing his sister back, it wouldn’t be as bad, but he didn’t succeed. And he was scared of the loneliness and the way he was so completely alone in the world.

And when Percy saved him and looked like a hero doing so, Nico was afraid of the little flutter in his stomach. The little flutter that strongly resembled the feeling other people described as liking someone, having a crush, being in love, and he didn’t get it. Because it wasn’t supposed to be like this. When boys talked about it, it wasn’t because of other boys. It was never about other boys. It was always about the glistening of that girl, the radiant smile of another girl, but no boy ever talked about the sea-green eyes and bad jokes that made your nose crunch but laugh at the same time of another boy. So, he didn’t understand anything. And when Nico didn’t understand things, he wanted them to disappear, he wanted to dig a hole and bury those things deep, deep down the earth. Or, even better, burn them, so that there were only ashes left. White ashes, the opposite of how he felt. Maybe it would brighten him up too.

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What would Rainbow Dash say if I asked her for a hug?

Well, I can’t speak for her, it’s not my place to do so, really you should ask her. However, if I was to guess, I think it would be something like: “Uh, no, I don’t even know you, and I am way too cool for that.” The latter part isn’t true, but she is rather selective about it, so it’s probably not worth your time. She loves to sign pictures, however, if you’re a fan.

Final Fantasy XV is such a good game though??? Why are people so mad about it? Granted, I hadn’t been waiting 10 years on the edge of my seat like a lot of y'all, but I truly think this is one of the best games and gaming experiences I’ve had in a long while. FFXV is right up there with MGS, FFVII, TLoU, TLoZ and Pokemon for me. It might be the best Final Fantasy yet, in my opinion. The characters are definitely, hands down, the best. You can seriously feel everything Noctis is feeling. You are going on this huge adventure with your friends whom you’ve come to adore and care for so much. When Noctis is happy, so am I. When he’s angry, so am I. When he’s annoyed, I am too. When he’s sad, guess what? I’m balling my eyes out cause I’m fucking sad too!! Noctis and co are probably the most realistic and relatable characters ever, and that’s really what the story is about. Even when Noctis was in the crystal, and it was 10 years for him and everyone else, but only minutes for us, we where able to watch him accept his fate and forgive Ardyn and totally understand where he’s coming from. That’s powerful shit. There are flaws though, yeah. But not in the story, not in the gameplay, and certainly not in chapter 13 like everyone says, (ch13 is like, my favorite part of the whole game). I think the only flaw of FFXV is the lack thereof- what could have been. The only true flaw is what we didn’t get to see. For example, what happens during the 10 year time skip? Etc etc.. Hopefully most of these questions can be answered in the upcoming DLC and future updates. I did not hesitate to purchase the season pass as soon as it came out, and neither should y'all. (Also like, honestly the game needs more hugs. Seriously my poor baby Prompto just needs a hug from Noctis like, soo badly. And why no group hug at their farewell scene!?! C'mon!!!! I would pay good money for just one Promptis hug. No joke.) However though, If you read every scrap of available info, watch and read every piece of ffxv media, and truly pay attention to the world around you, it really paints a wonderful, true to life world and experience. Eos is a place that truly could exist, and the plight of Noctis and friends feels so real. The lore is soo intricate and cool! I have fallen in love with this game and these characters and ffxv offers so much replayability because of that. I’ve beaten the game 3 times and I’m no where near sick of it. Like, it’s only gunna get better from here you guys. FFXV is still growing. It’s not over yet. There’s still more story to delve into, more to discover. And I’m eager for every second of it. Don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this game.





A Message to Chubby/Plus Size Littles

(I’m probably not the first to make something like this but I think it deserves to be said since I forget sometimes too.)

It can be hard to feel cute sometimes but either way, you ARE cute! No matter what gender or identity, you deserve to feel beautiful!
Hip dips are not a flaw!
Nothing is more beautiful than someone who feels beautiful!
Can’t find cute tops? Make them! Cute clothes can be found in funny places so keep an eye out! Being a plus size little, I find it hard when I see clothes that won’t fit but guess what. There are tons of cute clothes for everyone so don’t be scared!
Chubby arms and tubby bellies are also cute! Double chin? Flaunt it!

Rock what you have, don’t dread what you don’t.

Always remember, be you and be happy!

Taking a break from writing to post some more headcanons for you all. What even are priorities?

Post-Ultra Space Guzma Headcanons (Nightmares)

- For a short while after Ultra Space it wasn’t just the nightmares of Nihilego that were getting to him, but certain imagery, too. The worst was when he mistook a tourist’s hat for one. He wouldn’t even have made such a dumb mistake if she hadn’t been walking too close behind him, but… he happened to glance back, saw white sparkly-iridescence inches away from his face, and… well… you can probably guess what happened. Nanu was able to save him from facing assault charges, but that was a close one.

Even though he managed to get over the visual triggers fairly quick, the nightmares haunted him for literal years afterward. The more time passed the fewer nightmares he had, but he’d still occasionally wake up in a cold sweat from time to time.

- When he wakes up from a nightmare there are a number of things that calm him down. Being close to Plumeria, holding her, and importantly being held back. Talking to her, or being quiet. Either way works just as well.

Or if she’s not around he’ll let all his pokemon out. Golisopod is usually out anyway, but he’ll have all of them. Liepard especially (nod to his battle tree team) likes nestling up by his head, which he finds super comforting.

OR, If he doesn’t want to stay in his room, and if waking up scared didn’t ruin his appetite (it’s one of the few things that can, but it doesn’t always) he’ll go find or make something to eat. If Guzma’s in the kitchen cooking something at 3am in his PJs you can pretty much guarantee the reason why.

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What film has disappointed you the most?

Probably AVP2. Alien VS Predator is a very guilty pleasure of mine - but even going into the sequel EXPECTING something at least a little bit shit and self-aware turned out to be too much to expect. When a silly idea and badass monsters are fighting each other and you turn that into an overly serious teen drama, you’ve fucked it.

Same can be said for Transformers 2, I guess. There’s nothing quite as bad for films as when you have a silly idea from the offset that then takes itself way too seriously. When you set your bar that low and still come out disappointed, you’ve fucked it.

I can’t believe this, I just can’t, fucking, believe, THIS! Things never get better or what??? Uuuuughhh seriously… the others got their payment (for a half month, I guess?) and its so fucking ridiculous, its PROBABLY enough for the rent, and the rent only. Nothing leaves for the other bills, bus cards, my school payment, or even food. uuuugghhhhhhh I want to explode. And I don’t have the face to ask for money. You guys already did too much for me last month, I feel ashamed for being a fucking beggar… What should I do… I really have no idea what to do….

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Could you do Prompto's reaction to his S/O telling him they want a baby?

He’d be a sputtering blushing mess, “What? You want a…baby? Do we have the money for that? Would I be a good father? I mean…if you want one, I guess we can try for one. I just…”

He wouldn’t know what to say. He’d probably want children too but children are such a big responsibility. He doesn’t think he’s mature enough to handle taking care of one. After much persuasion from his partner, Prompto would be for it. Of course he would be doubting himself throughout the whole 9 months and even after the child is born but it wouldn’t be as aggressive.  

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I FOUND BUNGOU STRAY DOGS CHARACTER SONGS! AND I'M SCREAMING OVER HOW BEAUTIFUL EVERYONE'S VOICES ARE!!!!!! ........ Just thought you might be interested ^_^'' (I dunno why I'm on anon? You can probably guess who this is)

Is there????!?! I thought there was some awhile ago too. :0 I think they must have been previews…. from what I remember? But still thanks for informing me! I love character songs!!! <3 <3 <3 (and I could guess lol but I have a few guesses…. i am bad at this omg )  

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