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Uberhood university thought process: separating the ‘hoods?

I’ve been thinking lately about how I want to “map out” my universities in my Uberhood, since under normal circumstances you’ll mostly only play with one, but obviously my Uberhood comes with three… I don’t want it to be a case of “off to uni, you’ll attend whichever one I feel like at the time”, but I can’t really seem to agree with myself of how to distinguish the three?

I really don’t want any of the unis to “belong” to a certain ‘hood (i.e. Strangetown teens go to La Fiesta Tech, Veronaville teens to Académie Le Tour etc), and the two other possible solutions I’m considering are as follows, any opinions on what you think sounds better would be really appreciated! :)

Option A): Separating by major, interest and “personality”
It’s common in the real world, so why not in The Sims? Make a certain university reflect that most of the students attending it have a specific interest. Obviously I’d want science/paranormal etc interested teens at La Fiesta Tech, arts/music/free spirit etc at Académie Le Tour and politics/law/money/business at Sim State University. The breakdown of the majors would probably be…:

La Fiesta Tech: Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology
Académie Le Tour: Art, Drama, Literature, Philosophy
Sim State University: Economics, History, Political Science

Here are some pros and cons as far as I see it for this option:

- It has agreeable symmetry, like-minded sims would be on the same campus.
- Future building purposes: I could specialize community lots in for example La Fiesta Tech to have a lot of “sciency” buildings with bio labs, while Académie Le Tour might have art and music rooms, Sim State could have libraries and debate rooms etc.
- Legacy / lifeplan: this goes as both a pro and a con as mentioned below, but I could play knowing that all Alexander Goth wants is to attend La Fiesta Tech like his father did and study under his favorite biology professor.

- It might be “boring” and predictable. A sim like Alexander Goth whom I’d want to follow in his father’s footsteps into science is bound for La Fiesta Tech even if he goes through his teen years and I can more clearly envision him somewhere else…
- Separating siblings/couples might get annoying: What if Romeo and Juliette stay together but their interests lie in different areas? They wouldn’t be together for university. :/ Or for example Angela and Lilith Pleasant: both their interests lie in politics, they’d be at the same university when they might want to choose different ones to get away from each other?
- One uni might end up overcrowded, while another is completely empty… what if suddenly everyone is really artsy?
- What about sims with no particular interest in anything? Where do I put them?

Option B): Separating by grades, affinity and/or wealth:
This, too, is something that happens in the real world: certain universities are more prestigious than others (”YAY I GOT ACCEPTED TO SIM STATE I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!”), and it would reflect the hard work of certain sims over others who might not care. I’m sending all my teens to university regardless, so something might have to give in determining where they end up?

Here’s how I’d see it in my mind:

La Fiesta Tech: “A party school” (after all, “fiesta” pretty much means “party”, right?)… a place to grow up and sorta get an education but at the same time somewhere you can have fun and not be so uptight. Low income students, or students who didn’t really try THAT hard in school.
Académie Le Tour: Middle of the road. Somewhat interested in school, but mostly just getting a uni education “for the sake of it”, their interests and goals may lie outside things that strictly REQUIRE education (like running businesses or having a lot of babies), and a degree is mostly just an accessory to have.
Sim State University: The biggest goal of anyone aspiring heavily to be anyone of note, ivory towers and prestige and full of sims yearning to learn. Where all rich sims are expected to go, and where getting in means you need straight As and a perfect record.

- “Bella, did you hear?”, Mary Sue exclaimed excitedly, “my baby Angela was accepted into Sim State! I couldn’t be prouder!” – as mentioned, prestige. In a game where everyone attends university regardless, it might be nice to have some distinguishing factors between who goes where.
- Working towards something and reconciling over a common goal: take Angela and Dustin as an example again: Angela might afford and have been accepted into Sim State, but Dustin has no hopes beyond attending La Fiesta – Angela’s been helping Dustin get his grades up, and he manages a scholarship to Académie Le Tour: they can’t bear being separated and decide to attend ALT together. :)
- To be honest, it just sort of appeals to me, I don’t know why.

- Separating couples and siblings: again, both a pro and a con, as mentioned above… and who knows, down the line everyone might end up being good at school and moderately wealthy - do I just send everyone to Sim State?
- Segregation. I don’t want La Fiesta to appear as a “slum”…? That’s not really the way I play my game, and not my goal at all.
- “Everyone does everything everywhere” and there’s little specialization, only a matter of what school is considered better.

I’m sure there are many more pros and cons I haven’t really considered, which is why I’d really, really appreciate ANY input y’all might have about what sounds better! To me, they’re both good options, it’s just a matter of what I want to go with… obviously none of this will come into play until the premade students already there have graduated, so it would start with sims like Angela Pleasant, Dustin Broke, Hermia Capp, Gvaudoin Tricou etc – i.e. sims currently teens in my Uberhood, on the verge of becoming young adults: so I have a while to choose yet, but it’s just on my mind, haha.

ANY input appreciated! Even just “I prefer A” or “I like option B” to get a popularity poll type outcome, though feel free to type a novel with your opinion either here or in my inbox, I sorely need help! :(