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Awesome Mix No. 1

A/N: Tada! It’s the first part to what will be a very wonderful Cas wedding series! :) Please enjoy; and yes, I did actually make the playlist. You can find it under the playlists tag! 

Awesome Mix No. 1 // Cas x Reader

Words: 4097

Warnings: Some intoxication, fluff overload, and rainy stormy stuff. 

Requests: Cas wants to propose to the reader. So he’s looking for perfect ring and asking Dean for help(with taking Winchester for a looong shopping)and he’s nervous so brothers have to call him down and he finally propose. I’d really appreciate if he could do it while they’re stargazing and him having speech(they could be together since Apocalypse so that mean she was with him through all that crap)She starts laughing, crying, repeating yes and falling on her knees and hugging and kissing him and stuff:) ——–

——– Reader and Cas are taking a trip on a beach for ¾ days. It’s not very hot they can’t swim but they definitely can take a walks and splash water at each other, sit on a blanket. They’re stealing kisses, laughing,joking,cuddling. And when she’s sleeping in motel Cas lays his head on her chest and when she’s in a deep asleep he looks at her,smiles and makes final decision that he’s going to propose to her when they come back(he’s been thinking a lot about it but was still a little bit afraid) ——–

——– It’s summer. He takes old fashioned truck from Bunkers garage and takes her on a road trip. They listen to songs from „Awesome mix vol. 1” and sing on top of their lungs. He watches her and she smiles at him and kisses his cheek. When night falls he stops takes blanket and put in on the back of the truck. She joins him and snuggle into him, they watch sunset, talk, fool around and when it’s dark he lit the lanterns. She sees he’s nervous and after a while he kneels and propose to her ——–

——– I’d love to read story based on “One” by Ed Sheeran. Castielxreader :)

– – – – – – –

The sputtering engine, the crack on the bottom rightcorner of the windshield, the dull paint…it was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

“Are you sure you want this one? It’s just one of Bobby’s lemons,” Dean warned you as he stood a little bit behind you, him and Cas flanking your sides.

“I’m sure,” you nodded, turning your attention to a very apprehensive Cas. “What do you think?”

He was quiet for a moment, carefully calculating his answer as his eyes roamed over the truck and then back to you. “Why won’t you let me take you there myself? I’d be using a much safer method, to be clear.”

From your other side you heard Dean scoff, clearly not agreeing with that.

“You call your little bippity boppity boo trick safe? Man, I still remember the first time you did it to me.”

“What happened the first time?” you asked curiously, having never had issues with it before. Dean’s ears turned red, a dead giveaway to something secret, and remained quiet, clearly uncomfortable with whatever he’d accidentally spilled in front of you.

Cas leaned in to whisper in your ear, completely ignoring Dean’s look of death. “He told me that he couldn’t poop for a week.”

You snorted a little and rolled your eyes, giving Dean a cheeky smile.

“I don’t think it was Cas that made that happen. It’s called a diet, Dean. You might want to start eating better.”

“You know what, how about you just take your stupid, piece of crap truck and go on your stupid vacation and leave me alone,” he huffed, tossing you over the keys. You caught them easily and watched them glint in the hot sunshine before looking to Cas with big eyes.

“Can we go right now?”

Cas looked a little bewildered at first but then nodded with a slow smile, already walking towards the truck to get a move on and have a “human” experience, as you’d called it.

Before you could get behind the wheel, you snuck one last teasing look at Dean, who looked over just in time. You couldn’t help the loud laugh that escaped you when you saw Dean’s very insulted expression and those red, red ears and, through the confines of the stuffy and hot truck, you could hear his muffled voice have the last word.

“Shut up!”

– – – – – –

A road trip was all it was, a chance to get away from it all. But it was also so much more than that once you peeled away at the surface to get to the bottom of it.

Cas had never been on a road trip like this before. Sure, he’d traveled with Sam and Dean, but he’d never done it at such a relaxing pace. Your destination was nowhere and he was content with the radio and watching the sun make its way across the sky to midafternoon by the time you stopped for gas.

“Where are we?” he asked you curiously as you both went inside to pay with cash and get a few other snacks for the road.

“Paris,” you announced without hesitation, and you nearly snorted at the scandalous look on Cas’ face.

“But you can’t drive to Paris, Y/N. What are you talking about?”

“Not the actual Paris in France, dummy. We’re in Paris, Texas,” you told him with beaming pride, nodding towards a rusty rack filled with cheesy postcards. Some of them just said Texas, but there were some that pinpointed your exact location.

Cas sighed to himself as you handed him the plastic bag full of road food after paying for everything, and he just gave you a defenseless look as you walked to the side of the truck to start filling up the tank.

“I think it’s awful that people name cities after other cities,” he mumbled quietly as he slunk back into the front seat, and you rolled your eyes as his door squeaked with the strain of closing again.

By the time you’d made it behind the wheel again and revved the engine, you were sweating with the sweltering heat of early summer. It was especially bad in Texas, so dry and blistering, and it didn’t help that the truck’s air conditioning took a long time to get going.

“I need a distraction,” you mumbled, and you brightened up considerably when you saw that the truck had an aux cord for you to plug your iPod into. The highway was basically empty sans a few other cars driving past on the other side, so you split your attention a little bit as you leaned over to open the glove compartment and pull out your iPod, where you’d stashed it earlier in the drive, just in case. Cas was looking at you curiously now and you motioned for him to hand over your bag that was at his feet. “There’s a thin black cord in there. Can you grab it for me?”

He found it instantly despite the clutter in there and handed it over just as he’d been told. You shifted your gaze from the road to the stereo to keep from veering onto the other side and plugged in the cord without a hitch, plugging the other end into your iPod after tugging the earbuds out.

“I’m sick of listening to the crap stations we’ve had to listen to,” you explained, shuffling through your music blandly before getting an idea. You handed the iPod to Cas, giving him a brief smile as you turned your full attention back to the road. “A person can only take so much static filled 90’s grunge stations. I’ll let you pick a playlist to give you more human experiences.”

He didn’t answer verbally; Cas browsed through the extensive selection until finally settling, the first chords from an acoustic song floating out around you into the summer air.

“Ooh, my awesome mix number one. Good choice,” you laughed, turning up the volume as you flew down the highway. Towards the middle of the song you decided to roll down the windows, letting the hot wind inside to blow your hair around, your laughter and singing getting lost in the loudness of it all.

Sneaking a peek at Cas, you saw nothing but a luminous smile and bright blue eyes, absolutely glimmering in the sunlight and just in the way they always did when he was happy.

“Sing it!” you shouted over the wind, letting your left hand drift out the open window to feel the air rush through the spaces between your fingers.

“All I need is to be struck, by, your electric love!”

Both of you were terribly off-key, but both of you were happy.

Both of you were beyond happy.

– – – – –

“Welcome to New Orleans,” you gaped, surprised you’d made it this far. The truck was running on fumes at this point and you’d steered yourselves into a basically empty gas station; it was getting close to midnight so you didn’t expect too many people to be there.

The store itself was closed but you had a credit card readily available and hopped out to pay in front of the pump. In the background of your concentration, you heard the door to Cas’ side of the truck creak open and shut, and he was by your side moments later.

“Are you tired?” he asked you seriously, and you only turned to him once the pump was inserted into the truck, fueling away.

“Nah,” you shrugged, breathing in the humidity and the slightly cooler air now that night had fallen. “But I like it here. We should stay for a little while. What do you say?”

The world melted away once Cas had gathered you into his arms, and it was only then that you realized that maybe you could go for some rest. He felt warmer than the night around you and you pressed yourself into him a little more to obtain that warm, watching the numbers go up, up, up as the truck filled up.

“I say we stay,” he agreed, and that earned a little smile from you.

You’d seen a motel not too far from the gas station and decided to head over there once you were back in the truck, your awesome mix number one still playing softly, on a low volume to help you concentrate better.

It looked rickety and like it had a rich history and you loved it right away. There were only a few stories but you decided to take a splurge and take a room at the top floor. Three nights.

“This is very musty,” Cas commented, a cough escaping him as you both walked into the room.

“I like it,” you countered, setting your bag down on the end of the queen-sized bed that you’d opted for. Your gaze was already focused at the window that was supposed to have a view of the city, and your eyes lit up when you pulled back the curtains to take a proper look.

It wasn’t a marvelous view, some might even call it mediocre, but you’d had your fair share of nasty motel rooms to really appreciate it. Beyond the city, though, your eyes fell upon a darkened beach, barely visible at night other than some lanterns and dimly lit bars.

“We should go to the beach tomorrow,” you suggested, already liking the idea.

Cas didn’t answer with any words. Instead, he walked up behind you to snake his arms around your waist, a bright smile visible through the reflection the window gave off. He trailed a line of kisses down your neck, completely enthralled with you, and you just watched the reflection with a shy smile before turning around in his grasp to face him. You shared one kiss, then another, and another, until you found yourself pushing him backwards towards the bed to get some proper rest.

“We’ll go to the beach tomorrow,” he finally said, watching you strip down to just a camisole to get more comfortable under the covers. He actually followed suit for once, stripping a few layers until he was able to slide in with you, and you gave him a sleepy smile as you nestled together.

There was some muffled commotion outside but you tuned it out so you could focus on Cas. You pressed some sleepy kisses along his shoulder until you were able to rest your head in the crook of his neck, nearly on top of him now as you got comfortable, but he never minded.

Within minutes, you were snoring lightly, a quirk Cas loved and noticed only happened when you were really exhausted. It wasn’t the only thing he loved about you, not by a long shot, but it was nice to be reminded of it.

He wanted to be reminded of it for the rest of his life, something he’d also taken notice of in the last couple of weeks.

Blue eyes checked to make sure you were completely asleep before glancing over to his pants, where the outline of a velvet box could be slightly made out in the darkness.

Now was the time. No backing out of it this time.

– – – – – –

2 Months Earlier

Dean had never been so irritated before. Not ever. In his whole life.

“I’ve had some pretty frustrating times. I’ve been in hell, man. But I have to tell you, I think I’ve found my match,” he whispered to Sam as the both of them watched Cas browse through an assortment of rings in glass cases, something they’d been doing all morning.

Sam scoffed a little and fought the urge to roll his eyes. “Yeah, Dean. Ring shopping is the true monster.”

“It is!” Dean replied indignantly, inwardly groaning when he saw that resigned look on Cas’ face that said he had found nothing in this jewelry store either.

“None of these rings are suited for her,” he muttered in defeat once he’d reached Sam and Dean, trench coat swaying around him as he stopped in front of them. “What am I going to do?”

Sam cut in before Dean could make some comment that would deflate Cas’ motives even more, gentle as can be despite the impatience of ring shopping. “Maybe instead of buying a generic one, you should design it personally. People do stuff like that all the time,” he offered, eyes hopeful as he watched the idea dawn on Cas.

“That’s pretty pricey, though. Where’s he gonna get the –” It only took saying it out loud for Dean to realize just what he was getting at, and he made a rude face to fight against Sam’s judgmental look. “Shut up. Just shut up. Here’s my card, Cas. Knock yourself out. But I swear to God, you better propose to her soon.”

Even with the ring shopping and the general decision to do this, Cas was scared. He couldn’t make any promises just yet. He had to wait until the moment was right; partly so you could be truly satisfied with being engaged and partly due to his terror that he needed to erase somehow.

Soon, though. You’d get this ring soon.

– – – – –

There were some advantages to Cas never being cold. It meant that whenever you were, he’d let you wear his trench coat.

“What a downer compared to Texas,” you muttered as you and him took a stroll around the city to get to the beach. Even if there was a chilly breeze and some light rain, you were stubborn on your decision to experience the New Orleans beach scene. After all, what could a slightly rainy day do?

Apparently, it could do a lot.

The beach wasn’t far from the motel and you took your flats off immediately to let your toes squish into the dampened sand, nudging Cas to do it, too. He looked uncomfortable at first but eventually got used to it, mostly after seeing the smile on your face.

“There’s hardly any people,” he noted, scanning the area. It was understandable, though. The chill was picking up and the clouds were rolling in. It was really no day for some fun by the ocean.

You walked until the ocean foam lapped at your toes and you were able to peer out to the very edge of the horizon where the cloudy sky met the water. It was no longer a brilliant blue you’d pictured, but as stormy and sleek as the clouds above.

“I like having it to ourselves,” you decided, gripping Cas’ hand in yours tightly as you trekked along the shore.

His trench coat billowed around your legs as the wind kicked up and you watched Cas bury his feet in the wet sand purposefully with each step he took; it looked like he was having fun with the texture of it, and with being barefoot in public.

Nothing could be said between the two of you, though, because seemingly out of nowhere, the rain that had been light before turned violent, and you were drenched in just moments.

“Oh my gosh!” you shrieked, huddling closer to Cas as buckets of rain pelted down at you from those grey skies. You watched in amazement as the droplets plinked into the ocean, an image that was perfect and surreal, and you snapped out of it only when you felt Cas tugging on your arm.

“Let’s go back to the motel,” he suggested, but you shook your head quickly, feeling some strands of hair slap against your cheeks and stick there.

With a devilish grin, you took hold of both of his arms and steered him further into the ocean until the water splashed against your knees, and you leaned into his side as you watched the droplets of rain plunge into the ocean itself.

“I dare you to sit down with me,” you whispered in his ear, your lips dripping with salty rain, and before Cas could even respond, you were tugging him down.

You managed to sit down at a good level, the ocean crashing against your torsos as you sat, half underwater, to watch the storm meet the sea. Out of the corner of your eye, you saw Cas staring at you more than the sight in front of him, and you finally tore your gaze from the waters to smirk at him.

“I know I probably look like a crazy mess right now, but just live in the moment with me, will you?” you teased him, taking his hand in yours under the water once again, feeling some grains of sand mix in between your palms.

“I’m always living in the moment with you,” was his quiet reply, and he finally turned to look in front of him.

But now, you could see the real beauty; rain dripping from his nose and chin, the spray of ocean misting over his face, and those blue, blue eyes contradicting against the grey. Cas was the most beautiful storm of all.

– – – – –

“Cas, I’m drunk.”

“I know.”

“Then help me.”

It turned out that the storm was serious enough for the police to evacuate any beach residents out of the beach area and to a safer place on land. The safest place you could think of on the spot was the nearest bar.

You’d listened to the storm rattle the windows for a while as you ordered drink after drink, letting your clothes dry uncomfortably and placing Cas’ trench coats and both pairs of your shoes by a heater.

Unbeknownst to you, there really was such a thing as one too many drinks, and you were really feeling the weight of the whiskey and beer now that the storm had died down.

“Can you walk?”

Cas had his arm around you, sturdy and reliable, and you wobbled out with a slurred laugh back towards the motel to get some rest, though you were sure you wouldn’t make it.

“Aren’t you a little drunk?” you asked him, but all you got was a shy smile from him.

“Yes, I am.”

“Then I should help you, too.”

It ended up with both of you leaning against each other for support as you walked back to the motel, getting mildly lost a few times, but eventually making it to the parking lot before you had to collapse and take a seat on the crackled concrete.

The air was still fresh with the smell of wet pavement and the ocean nearby, and you gulped in deep breaths of that to distract yourself from passing out or puking or both.

Cas sat next to you patiently, and you waited for the ringing in your ears to subside slightly before talking.

“I don’t want to go inside. I don’t think I’ll make it.”

“Me, too,” he agreed, then nodded towards your truck, parked and waiting for you. “Let’s sleep there tonight.”

It was the perfect idea and you didn’t understand why you hadn’t thought of it before. In fact, why even waste money on a room when you had a perfectly good trunk? There were even blankets in the truck, tucked away behind the seats, and you were already making your way over to get them out.

“I don’t have the keys,” you realized, but it was no problem for Cas. With the flick of his wrist, the lock popped up and you were able to get in there and get all the blankets, peering over to the trunk to see if it was still sopping wet from the storm earlier. It looked fine, with just some small puddles in the corners, and you carefully avoided those as you set up all the blankets and struggled to make your way in.

Cas helped you into the trunk before climbing in himself, trench coat draped over one arm, now freshly dried, and he spread it over you like a blanket as you got comfortable and looked up at the sky. The stars were visible but dim due to the lights of New Orleans, but you could still make out the twinkling constellations if you concentrated hard enough.

“I like the stars,” you said bluntly, the haze of alcohol blurring the sky together.

The clouds were dispersed now and you could only make out wisps of them, and in your drunken stupor, you pointed to a few of them blandly as if they were significant.

“I like you. A lot,” Cas said, scooting closer to you absently as the words came out. “Sometimes I feel drunk just being with you.”

“That’s so corny. Who taught you that?”

“Nobody taught me, I’m being serious.” To prove his point, you felt Cas shift next to you until he was on his side, facing you, eyes slightly glazed over. You did the same, both of you staring at one another, and you finally offered a smile to let him continue. “If anything, you’re the one who’s taught me things, Y/N. I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be human if it wasn’t for you. I’m glad I knew how to fall in love with you.”

His words were sobering and you had to blink a few times to collect your thoughts and to keep yourself from losing yourself in him. Cas always knew how to talk to you, he was the master at making you feel better, and the smile you gave him showed that.

“I love you, too,” you reminded him, a hand on his cheek. “Always will.”

“Always,” Cas repeated, mostly to himself, and you saw his hand go down to his pocket, gaze suddenly averted.

He fished something out of his pocket and made you sit up wordlessly, placing the item in your palms without taking his hands away. You didn’t look at him, gaze steady on that lovely velvet box you were now holding, and you felt your heart start to hammer wildly as the possibilities started racing through your head.

He helped you open it, still silent, and you could have sworn your eyes were about to pop out of your head when you saw what was inside for you.

“I want to make sure that always is a promise,” he whispered, and you finally got the courage to look up at him.

You felt as if you were going to fall into pieces; Cas held a look so vulnerable and endearing in his eyes that you felt like he would shatter if you so much as moved the wrong way. You realized how terrifying this must have been for him; after all, Cas had most likely never proposed to anyone before, ever.

But, this proposal was going to go the right way.

You didn’t realize you’d been crying until you cupped Cas’ face in your hands and pulled him in for a deep and fervent kiss; the salty taste of tears mixed into your lips and you giggled out of pure elation when it actually struck you.

Cas had just proposed, and you were going to say.

The two of you were going to get married.

“It’s a promise,” you mumbled against his lips once you broke away, nodding quickly with a coy smile that stretched over your entire face as Cas fumbled to get the ring out of the box and onto your finger. It fit perfectly in size, but it also just seemed to fit you perfectly in general. The ring was just…you.

Cas had never looked so bright in all the time you’d known him, and the relief and happiness that radiated off of him was contagious. You fiddled with the new piece of jewelry on your hand, admiring it for a moment before pulling him in for another kiss, filled with all the love you could muster up for him.

“I have an idea,” he said suddenly, getting out of the trunk to rummage around in the truck before coming back with your iPod in his hand, earbuds hooked in.

He handed you a bud and tucked the other in his ear as he pressed play, your awesome mix number one greeting your ear pleasantly, suddenly perfectly fitting the mood.

“I can’t believe you proposed to me while we were drunk,” you snorted, feeling that buzz being replaced by a much better one. “You’re my hero.”

“Dean calls it liquid courage,” Cas informed you with that lovely smile of his, and you realized you were suddenly drunk on something entirely different, something cornier than whiskey and beer.

You were drunk on Cas, and music, and stars, and the fact that as of tonight, you were engaged.

The perfect storm was coming.