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Summary: ‘All you can think of was his smile.’

Genre: Angst Angst

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader


A/N: Thank you for 700+ followers in honor of that I went ahead and made this angst. Please keep supporting my work as I dabble with other genres to sharpen my writing skills.

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effleuresense  asked:

Just a photoshop question. How do you create perspective/3D effects in edits?

Hmmm. It would depend on what you were trying to do? There’s an option to change the perspective (edit >> transform >> perspective and then drag the corners) but that only really works on objects, not so much caps of people as they distort badly.

See how the bottom wings fit Cas’ angle better? I just adjusted the perspective. It would give more depth with a background too, as everything won’t look flat and 2D. (I apologise for the gross picture, nothing was lightened or sharpened, I just wanted to give you a rough idea of the difference it makes),

You can also shadows to create a more 3D effect. You can use the built in option (right click >> blending options >> drop shadow) or what I do is, I duplicate the layer, click on the underneath layer, colour the object in black (ctrl + click on the layer thumbnail to select and then paint over with the brush tool), then nudge it a few pixels to the right/left, add a gaussian blur and lower the opacity. That really does a lot for adding a 3D feel.

(I go into this a little more on this tutorial here but shadows and highlight are my main go-to ways to give a graphic more depth)

If it’s text, I would probably use the bevel and emboss tool (right click the layer >> blending options) and adjust the settings there until I found something that worked.

If you had something specific in mind, let me know and I’ll make you a more coherent tutorial on it :)