you can only hope to ever be as classy as bianca

Older (Biadore) 4/? - nellie

A/N: In which Adore continues to make terrible life choices, but what else is new.

Also, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who’s given me such lovely feedback. This is the longest fic I think I’ve ever written and you’re all so encouraging it really inspires me to sit down and keep writing.

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The Night Before Life Goes On (Biadore) - by Sadie

A/N: Hello my loves! This was actually a personal request on my sideblog and I absolutely loved it! Just like the anonymous did, feel free to request anything on my sideblog and here on artificialqueens as well! I am always starving for your ideas and suggestions! I hope you like it as much as I did! Xx Sadie

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