you can now watch it online


finally it’s uploaded!!!! episode 10 translated is on my google drive link & if you have any trouble go to to see if you can fix it. here is my google drive link, thank you for being so patient and supportive! now GO WATCH!!!

Everyone refusing to watch For Life bc they’re angry that their bias isn’t going to be in the “For Life” MV can get their stick out of their ass tbh bc none of you were crying war when SeBaekKai were the only ones in the Lightsaber MV. But now that 1) Chanyeol the most hated member by ugly online stans and 2) Suho the member you all conveniently forget took the spots “reserved” for your bias suddenly it’s unfair? Smh be more subtle, your dislike and indifference to anyone besides your bias despite your “I love all of exo!11″ is showing 

And you think you’re over it. But then a picture pops up online of him and the girl that’s not you, and it hits you all over again. Because you watched him choose her. You watched them fall in love. And you really thought you had let it go, but then you hear her talk about him, mentioning things about him that you never knew, and you can just picture them dancing, his jacket around her shoulders, and him telling his best friend back home that he’s found the One.

And maybe, someday, a couple of weeks or months from now, you really will be over it. You’ll be able to look at them and be happy that they found each other. Just not today, not yet.
—  d.e.m. 

My first miniature (c. 2006) and (among) my latest.

I’m still well below ‘professional’ quality and I’ve accepted that I likely always will be- my hands are a bit shaky, for one thing -but also a lot of the time between when I first started out and now I simply haven’t painted, at all. You can’t improve if you don’t paint.

To anyone just starting out and unhappy with your painting and looking to improve:

  • Probably you will never be happy with your painting. That’s okay. That’s how you improve. 
  • Watch painting videos online. Listen to the tips. Try them. Try them a few times because you will screw up at first. That’s how you learn.
  • The best way to get better at painting is to paint. Like any other skill, it takes time and effort. 
  • Some people have more natural talent than others. Some will shoot past you and turn into insanely good professional-tier painters in the time it takes you to get the hang of using a wet pallette. That’s okay, as long as you keep improving. 
  • Don’t be jealous of people whose work you admire- seek them out, ask them for tips, bounce ideas off of them. Most of them care enough about their hobby to want to talk shop and will be happy to share. 
  • Okay, well, you can’t just *stop* being jealous but channel it productively into your painting rather than getting pissy at people who you should be befriending.

OK LONG STORY SHORT- CN has uploaded previews for all of the new SU episodes on their app. You can watch those for free, but if you have a working TV provider and use that to log in you can watch ALL OF THE NEW EPISODES RIGHT NOW AND IM SCREAMING.
I don’t have a working login, if anyone finds the new episodes leaked online Please Link Them To Me

First Chapter in Vintage Horror-Mystery Series 'ROTTEN' Now Online

ROTTEN follows the malevolent deeds of three lowlifes looking to make a big score, only to wind up entangled in something much greater and more volatile.

The first entry in the throwback mystery saga, starring Thomas Speed, Ivana Bellorado, and Mike Mike is now online.

You can watch the first chapter in the series below.

Click here to watch Chapter One of ROTTEN

Eyewitness Trend

Guys so in case you haven’t heard Eyewitness is in trouble of not only losing a season 2 but now they may not finishing airing season 1 and that’s a shame.

If you can’t watch set your DVR Sunday 10/9 central on USA and catch up online this show is so good it has a diverse cast, strong LGBTQ representation, amazing crime thriller plot, and it deserves to be appreciated since the main criticism in the media is “it’s good but too gay.”

Let’s trend “Save Eyewitness” tomorrow and show the cast/network how much we need this show!

((also tagging the foxhole court and raven cycle fandom you guys would love this if not for the plot which is amazing but also editing purposes for those fandoms respectively))

Hey Yang, have you ever caught Blake watching animal videos online? Would you make puns or make fun of her about it? (Asked by noblejj01) (answering in the AFewDrinks!au bc they fit this question a bit better)
  • AFewDrinks!Yang, chuckles: Sometimes I'd get back to the apartment after work and Blake'll be watching cat videos online, or even documentaries about big cats. It's pretty cute, and I do make fun of her every now and then.
  • AFewDrinks!Yang, leaning forward and whispers: It's those videos that taught me cats really love...or hate, laser pointers. Best seven dollar purchase I've ever made in my life.
  • AFewDrinks!Blake, narrowing her eyes: I still can't believe you, it's such a childish thing to do! You can't just take advantage of faunus's animalistic traits, it's a terrible thing to-
  • AFewDrinks!Blake, stops dead in her tracks as Yang flicks the laser pointer onto the ground in front of Blake: To...dooo...
  • AFewDrinks!Blake, continuously pouncing onto the disappearing and reappearing dot: I....WILL....GET YOU!!!
Watch The Brunchers Online | Vimeo On Demand
A thirty something couple (Tom Burke and GAME OF THRONES and THE HUNGER GAMES - MOCKINGJAY's Natalie Dormer), concerned that they're out of touch and no…

You can PURCHASE or RENT The Brunchers outside of the USA and UK now! Click on the Vimeo link above.

Please reblog to let your Tom Burke, Rufus Sewell or Natalie Dormer loving friends now!

It really irritates me when I hear people saying that it’s impossible to become good at a language until you go to a place where it’s widely spoken. While yes, going and being immersed right amongst native speakers is probably the best way to become fluent, it’s just not the case anymore that that’s the only way to get there. It’s 2015, things are changing. There are so many resources out there, you’ve just got to actually take advantage of them and know how to use them. With the ability to have films, tv, music, you tubers, news sites, online native speakers, and more in your target language, you can easily immerse yourself from the comfort of your own home. I’m not saying it’s perfect, but it’ll still take you far. I’m so tired of people telling me I can’t become fluent in something right now because I can’t leave my country. Just watch me

More to Eyewitness than Philkas

Gabe is such a decent human being, I really love the way he treats Helen and Philip with such sincerity.

Helen is such an amazing character, she’s tough and through! I can’t wait to find out what happened is Buffalo!!

Camilla and Sita are literally day and night, with one sided loyalty.

Ryan is a pedophile killer, who I wish death upon every episode.

Eyewitness is more that just Philip/Lukas, though I started watching the show because I saw their first kiss online, but I decided to watch the full episode and I was hooked.

Everything has consequences, blind loyalty will nip you in the butt, both Camilla and Philip are understanding that right now!

Support the show not just your ship 💗

Something To Think About

I’m going to put this out here;

If you are now no longer a fan of Markiplier due to his recent video “Respect”, and are blatantly trashing him and berating him online, then I’m going to have to ask you to unfollow me. I’m sorry.

I have found a home in the Markiplier community, and I can’t stand by as friends turn against eachother and rip each others throats out. And I can’t watch as you guys go against everything we’ve fought to believe in.

The hate that we’ve all fought against? Out the window. Because now you’ve helped spread that hate.

The supportive community? Where did it go? Suddenly people are deleting blogs and trashing people and telling people to kill themselves!


I’m so disappointed in people who pretend to call themselves fans of this community and do THAT.

Two days ago we were all sharing our experiences from the Valentines Day Video and praising Teamiplier for their work. Their passion project!

This is heart breaking. I thought this community was full of love and support… What have we done to ourselves?

How about this:
Think about the meaning of one word: Respect. The one word that seemed to be a self destruct button for us. Wanna know the definition?

Respect- feeling or understanding that someone or something should be treated in an appropriate way

That’s what the Markiplier fandom BELIEVES in! Or at least what we used to believe in, huh? So what the hell happened? Anyone care to explain?

I gotta ask: if you believe in those morals and believe those words to be true, then what is your excuse?

“We’re all humans. And either, we are all humans that are equal and deserve to be treated as equals. Or we’re NOT… We need to, at the most BASIC LEVEL, respect each other.”

And this is the person you’re going to call a Nazi Sympathizer? How dare you.

(Request) INTP/INTJ Tale

INTJ: INTP. I was playing this new online game last night. This dude came out of nowhere and killed me.

INTP: I wonder why.

INTJ: So now I’m getting to know his friends, and infiltrating his guild. I am going to learn everything I can about him, and destroy him in the  most painful way possible.

INTP: When you do, let me watch.

INTJ: Alright.
End the War on Ferrets
Ferrets - If you know someone who has them, or you have one yourself, or even if you just enjoy watching cute videos of ferrets online, you probably already know how cute, loving, and playful companions they can be! They deserve to be in good homes and given lots and love and care! But unfortunately,...

Ferrets - If you know someone who has them, or you have one yourself, or even if you just enjoy watching cute videos of ferrets online, you probably already know how cute, loving, and playful companions they can be! They deserve to be in good homes and given lots and love and care!

But unfortunately, that’s not possible right now for ferret owners in California. In fact, they’re illegal to kept as domestic pets in California, and if an authority figure finds you guilty of owning any pet ferrets, the ferrets are immediately seized and often times even euthanized.

If you’re like me and so many others who care so much about animals, you might have one in your life that you hold close to your heart, it doesn’t matter if it’s a ferret, a dog, a bird or whatever else. You just know that you wouldn’t give them up for the world. I think that it’s an absolute tragedy that anyone ever has to be forcefully separated from their own pets, possibly permanently. Euthanizing an animal for simply existing in a certain place is, in every sense of the word, animal cruelty. This is an injustice against innocent people who simply want to be allowed to love and connect with their pets. As citizens of a free country, it is our collective responsibility to make the voice of the people heard, and we the people say it’s time for a change.

The most realistic way to enact legalization is to work with the interests of the state. Some conditions and regulations that will satisfy both the people and the state should be considered, as follows:

  1. Ferrets adopted or sold as pets must be spayed or neutered
  2. Mandatory vaccinations for rabies and distemper before a certain age
  3. Require medical documentation and a certain frequency of veterinary check-ups
  4. Prohibit cross-breeding between domestic ferrets and other species of Mustelidae such as black-footed ferrets or polecats
  5. Prohibit the release of ferrets into the wild

Since the last time the laws prohibiting domestic ownership of ferrets have been reviewed over 15 years ago, concerns voiced by the CDFG and other California state departments have been addressed, and the course of action suggested above will greatly minimize any remaining risks. One such concern is that escaped domestic ferrets have the potential to negatively impact native ecosystems[6] - But it would take a large, well established feral population of ferrets to affect the native ecosystem in any noticeable way. While ferrets are naturally capable of surviving in the wild, preying on small animals, ferrets are supposed to be spayed or neutered before they are capable of reproducing, so there would be no way to reasonably sustain a population on their own. There’s no convincing reason to believe that ferrets could establish any feral populations to act as an invasive species[3]. Some officials have also pointed out the potential threat they pose to public health and safety. 15 years ago, when there were no regulated vaccinations approved for ferrets, this may have been a valid concern. Now, there are well established treatments for ferret health and safety, as well as an FDA/USDA tested and approved rabies vaccination. Additionally, the frequency of reported ferret bites is no greater than that of cats or dogs[3] and is considered to be an acceptable risk, outweighed by the affection and companionship that a ferret provides.

Anything you can do to support our cause helps, even just sharing this petition with a friend. You can also post about this on social media to boost awareness, contact your local animal shelter and talk to them about advocating for the cause, or find a ferret advocacy group in your area and share this with them; Anything you can do will take us another step closer to change.

Thank you for taking this all into consideration and adding your signature to this petition.

@ the anon who sent me the link to all of the episodes of Ekaterina! 


& I don’t need closed captioning b/c Russian is my first language. 

Please watch Deutschland 83!

Hello! I’ve been meaning to make this post for weeks, and I apologize that I’m coming in after the finale. If you don’t already know, Deutschland 83 is a German series that airs on the American network, the Sundance Channel. It is America’s first full German language series, which is kind of a big deal. It may be done premiering, but now you can go binge watch all 8 episodes online. And here’s why you should:

  • It is in German! It’s America’s first German language series, which is really exciting. This historical drama is, in itself, a piece of history.
  • It’s a modern spy thriller. No, not modern as in the setting, but in the plot and themes. It’s not Bond or Borne; it’s realistic, gritty, humorous, disturbing, uplifting, and heartbreaking. The show is set in East/West Germany in 1983,and follows easterner Martin Rauch as he goes undercover in the West German army as a spy. He does so in order to score his mom a place on the kidney donation list, not an easy spot to grab in East Germany. He also wants to help build a better future for he and his girlfriend.
  • It’s a historical drama, set during the Cold War. There’s not a more interesting setting than Germany during this tumultuous time, and Deutschland 83 perfectly captures the atmosphere of both sides. There’s no clear bad guy or hero; the show reveals the good and bad sides of both East and West Germany and that people who lived there. 
  • The cinematography is beautiful. It’s captivating. It’s all kinds of fancy words. The framing and lighting for so many of the shots is so gorgeous that you won’t want to look away. They help show the emotion of the show, and there’s so much symbolism in them. 
  • Bad-ass female characters. I’m talking fleshed-out, fully-developed, emotional, loving but take-no-shit ladies. Mothers, girlfriends, sisters, wives and daughters. And when I say they are as well-developed as the male characters, I mean it. They might be even more compelling. Female spies, independent women, women who cry, women who cheat, women who are afraid to die, and women who aren’t. And the ratio of essential female characters to essential male characters is about 1:1. 
  • Gay characters!! This got me excited. And yes, they are main characters with their own character arcs that don’t revolve around them being gay. Except for one tiny thing. If you know anything about being a gay man in the 1980s, then you should be prepared for some crying. 
  • There are POC characters. Not a lot, there could be more. Only one is recurring and important. But I guess this is Germany, and it is the 1980s. But geez, if this German series set in the 1980s doesn’t have better representation than a lot of American shows set in the present. And I hope it’s a start for more POC characters in German television. 
  • The fucking soundtrack. I can’t even begin to say it. All your favorite 80s music, and 80s music that will soon be your favorite, played against a colorful Cold War drama. It’s just really good, okay?
  • It’s a series about a cute East German spy set during the 1980s, how could you not love that? And for a German tale, there’s not that much death. I mean, characters die, but not too many and nobody you’ll really come to love. 
  • It’s only 8 episodes. There’s a few episodes on the Sundance website, and the rest on plenty of websites. Just google that shit, bro. If anyone has any direct links they’d like to provide, that’s cool too. 
  • It’s super-duper important to show support and love for foreign series, so please help let Sundance and other networks know we want more foreign shows. Because America, you kind of suck in that department. 
i see what the cartoon industry is doing and i approve
  • homophobic mother: you're watching adventure time? doesn't that have lesbians?
  • child: no, mom, it's kind of hinted and some people behind the show say they are but but they could easily be interpreted as friends
  • ~later~
  • homophobic mother: i read online that that legend of korra show has lesbians now. you can't watch it anymore.
  • child: it's already over, mom. anyway, it's not explicitly stated in the show, anyway, it's just been confirmed by the creators, which is the same thing you were okay with in adventure time.
  • ~later~
  • homophobic mother: what are you watching?
  • child: steven universe.
  • homophobic mother: are those two girls... a couple???
  • child: yeah but don't worry mom!! they aren't really girls! they are aliens that don't have human genders. everyone of their kind uses "she" but they aren't actually girls they just see it as the default gender.
  • homophobic mother: i guess... that's fine...
  • ~soon~
  • homophobic mother: are those two girls in that cartoon a couple??
  • child: what's the problem? you were okay with steven universe. the difference is just semantic since sapphire and ruby are practically girls.
  • homophobic mother: ...i guess that's true...
  • ~soon after that~
  • child: but mom! you already knew they were a couple, and you were okay with it! what's the difference if we see them kiss?
  • homophobic mother: okay, fine. you can keep watching this.
  • ~soon after that~
  • homophobic mother: IS THAT TWO BOYS KISSING IN A CARTOON
  • child: it's not any different than two girls.
  • homophobic mother: i guess not. fine, go back to your show.
  • cartoon producers: *laughing evilly* yes... yes... the children are now being indoctrinated into being gay... step three of the gay agenda is almost complete. next we will move on to step 4: world domination!!!
  • gays everywhere: *many high-fives*
tips for AP Bio so far~

Buy Barron’s flash cards if you can, if not, make your own. It’s super important for the vocab and the concepts.
Draw. Even if you suck at it. Especially cells.
Condense all the information as much as you can. You’ll be thankful when it’s time to study for the test. Get study guides online, watch Bozeman videos, etc.
Get prep books (you can message me if you want them in pdf). Try to get used to the format of the AP exam, the 5 Ideas, etc.
Study your labs.
Do the FRQs online when the test comes.
This is all I can say for now, happy studying!
NaLu Doujinshi {MoL} Kapitel 1 - Ich bin mir sicher (deutsch)
Wie bereits erwähnt, trifft die Story nicht jedermanns Geschmack; das wird man hier im ersten Kapitel schon recht deutlich merken ^^" Wenn ihr aber trotz all...

The first Chapter of MoL is online now on my yt channel. It’s in german ouo You can find the english version on Deviantart!
I hope you like it ^^

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