you can not unsee

anonymous asked:

No but just imagine a six of crows musical....Kaz with slow raspy songs and all the dregs singing while fighting... and I just need this in my life

I’m…I hate this. It’s killing me. The first thing I thought of was that scene in ck when he returns to the slat because it’s one of the most dramatic scenes. There’s a part where Per Haskell says “you ignorant little skiv! waltzing in here like some merch at his manor.”

And now I can’t stop picturing it being in a literal sense, like if it was a musical what if Kaz danced in and the two of them sang their arguments at each other. Just imagine how intense the music would be for that fight scene, and the choreography omg. 


Beta Hinata looks like Kiibo

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The way you posted the pictures of sans before Gaster made me think that Gaster is dripping on Sans. 😂 SANS THAT'S NOT RAIN! IT'S GASTER GOOP!!!

Ahahah oh man, you’re right! That was entirely unintentional but I can’t unsee that now