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  • Jimin: How is the most beautiful person in the world doing today?
  • V : I don't know, how are you-
  • Jin, from the other side of the room: I'm doing great thanks

This just crossed my mind. 

You know how a lot of the famous kings and queens around the world, those who achieved something or “left” something, were cruel. I wondered why. And my mother said if they weren’t cruel, they wouldn’t have become “big”. Like the Great Wall, for example. If the then emperor weren’t cruel, he wouldn’t have been able to subject his people to create a wall that spans tens of thousands of kilometers long and still stand today. A benevolent king might not have been able to achieve that. Though, yes, that doesn’t mean all the cruel kings were strong while all the kind kings were weak. Neither am I saying no good king ever achieved something in his time. 

And for some reason, it crossed my mind that Akayona’s King Il is like that. King Il is seen as a weak king, because he didn’t want war and sought peace. Whereas everyone wants a stronger king. A king like how Yuhon could have been. But a stronger king like Yuhon would have went to war with every nation in the land to keep his own kingdom safe and strong. And he would have defeated all the other nations and assimilated them with his own, expanding his kingdom’s territory all the while. Though that’s not to say it was a good decision on Il’s part to let his poor, starving people be poor and starving. And not to say either that a kind, peaceful king didn’t know how to wield a sword. Il was too paranoid to keep the peace in his kingdom. Whereas Yuhon (from I gathered) seemed too blood thirsty–not enough that he’d kill right and left, but enough to know no mercy in battle. 

And then there’s Yona and Soo-won, a mixture of the two. Both seeks peace, and both wants to make the kingdom strong again. But whereas Yona seeks to strengthen her people from inside the people itself, while Soo-won seeks to make the kingdom seem strong again by amassing armed forces and quelling any potential danger anyone inside and outside posed. And ever since Yona started to become stronger and seeing all that she was doing in her kingdom, all I wanted was to see how Kusanagi was going to write this story. If she would make Yona and Soo-won work together at the end. Because I really do think they’ll be able to make their kingdom strong again if they work together.

Ya know what’s super cool is that I’m low key convinced jimin is gay but what’s even cooler is that I will probably never actually know either way because it’s none of my business and I will love and support him no matter what and you should also okcoolthanksbye :)


@swilmarillion some misc outfits of theirs… Melkor’s sweater vest almost fools you into thinking he’s someone you could bring home to your parents smh

I like to think at some point there was an Angband christmas party (talking FYD verse) and well, Mairon lost a bet to Melkor. Hence, ugly sweaters.

crowleysmoosesquirrelsangel  asked:

If God has no dominion over the Empty, how do you think Chuck resurrected Cas all those times? Did he put on a burglar outfit and sneak inside on his tippy toes or something?

what if–WHAT IF–

and the reason chuck said it would take time to resurrect archangels is because THE EMPTY WOULDN’T JUST LET HIM GET AWAY WITH IT AND HE’D HAVE TO CONVINCE IT AND IT’D TAKE TOO LONG BECAUSE HE HAS ANXIETY


names get carved in the red oak tree
of the ones who stay and the ones who leave

                                      [ P O I S O N E D   B Y   R E D ]


no I have never heard of the date tech volleyball club I swear I do not know who they are


It’s for the most part really lovely because people come to the meet and greets and they show us love. We’re standing there and this girl comes to approach us and you know, we’re both smiling at her.  [x]