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Camila... Okay, if you wouldn't mind doing me a favour and go onto Youtube as you read this. search up your first glitchtale video, Megalomaniac. Quickly skim through your slightly-old animation, then go to your most recently made animation. See the difference? See how good you've gotten over the past year? Who cares if you can't do SUPER SUPER detailed stuff, It's ANIMATION! It's ART!! Most people can't do that at all! You're amazing, and always will be, and you can see how ur getting better!

hnggggg ty

tho that gif, looking at it again, inspired me to make undyne vs betty even more spectacular than betty vs gaster.

Prepare your weaboo suit

I’m going full anime in this sh**

Stitches [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Hi! Will u pls do one where the reader is a nurse at alexandria and rick gets hurt and has to come see you so u can bandage him up? And shes younger and has always had a crush on him and he knows but has never acted on it. And maybe while shes helping him they start talking about personal stuff and she gets shy and blushes and hes teasing her about how he knows she likes him or something like that and it ends in super dirty smut?? I hope this makes sense lol. Thank u! 💓

Oh my gosh, this was so much fun to write. Hope I did it justice, anon! 😊

Words: 1,644

Warnings: smut, swearing, unprotected sex, dirty talk

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tired of reblogging that gorgeous as hell yuri on ice fanart only to realize it was made by someone who sexualizes children or ships them with adults?? (or …  likes ks??)

well there’s some good news!! my sideblog [ yoiart-without-theshit ] is now up and running! :O I check out the artists first to make sure they’re not shitty (as much as I can, anyway) before adding their stuff to the queue. check the blog out if you’re interested!

it’s just like…….if you can make some relatively small changes to your life that don’t diminish the quality of your life and in doing so save resources (not to mention the animal stuff) maybe just shut up and do it. if you’re already cooking a burrito then just use beans instead of meat and you just saved a bunch of resources and probably saved money and you’re not gonna die of protein deficiency.

people act like veganism is some huge impossible task, which for some people it is! because they live in really bad food situations!  but for most people it’s just a series of small changes that you can gradually make. i get that it takes time to change habits and stuff and i’m all for being gradual about it but it’s really not such a big deal.


Saigenos week day 7 Western AU… I guess?!

So, um.

This originally-originally stemmed from a discussion about a Western AU in the OPM Discord group. Not long after that, me and @callmekairi / @kairidoodles met up to draw together in a café, and we started talking about that AU again and uh, long story short, we spent perhaps three hours making up this cowboy crack AU?!

Attached are most of our.. er, shall we call them concept sketches?!

Meet the Lone Baldy, a bounty hunter for fun. He has unrivalled strength and is great with a lasso, but can’t aim his gun worth anything. He wears a classic cowboy outfit with a nice big hat. The hat is very important and never comes off (he’s totally not hiding his bald head under it).

One night, he runs into the Demon Kid, a young man on a quest to avenge his family. Demon Kid wears a long trench coat and gloves until when things turn Serious and he takes the coat off that you realize he’s actually a cyborg. Instead of incincerators, in this AU he fires bullets (and yes, he needs to recharge his arms).

Demon Kid rides a beautiful palomino stallion. The Lone Baldy rides a small nondescript mule which has the same expression as him for some reason. The mule is small and strong and can cover any terrain. Proper reins and saddles are expensive, the Lone Baldy just uses a blanket.

Together they… idk. Hang out? Do bounty hunting?! Sky’s the limit lol.

The blue sketches are Kairi’s. First we have the classic standard Lone Baldy and then a sketch of him being Serious.

The orange ones are mine. You’ve got Demon Kid, their respective horsies and then Lone Baldy riding into the sunset on his noble steed.

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heyy goop i been failing school and my next therapist meeting is late in the week and all i been doing is b.s-ing my way thru stuff what else should i do cause ive kinda gave up

You know? School? sucks ass, sucks ass in the bad way! 

I always said that our educational system is fucked, and yeah I mean it, I always mean it, but that should NOT take away your learning passion.

You know what I always recommend? learn for your own! theres TONS of ways to learn stuff, and we all work different, try videos, songs, charts, application (experiments), games, try all you can and see what sticks on you the most!!

I know it sounds like… a little weird to say, but as I know exams make a HUGE part of the notes and if the teacher sucks at teaching, then fuck them! find your own way! it can be a little time-consuming but getting back the love for learning is actually pretty satisfactory.

Hang it in there, buddy! i know you can do it, but I also know is hard, take your time, and if you need any advice I am here!! 


These tweets were from the Calum and Nia tag on twitter, Ok so the first tweet is stupid but the rest are 👏🏽👌🏽.
Drama for 3/24/17

So basically some people created drama by being extra about the post that Arzaylea posted on her Instagram with calum. Those people said that Arzaylea was directing the caption to Nia and that basically “Nalum” broke up. Nia also posted something and deleted something which caused people to be suspicious and believe in all of this stuff. firST of all when was Nalum ever real? How can you assume two people broke up if they never even dated in the first place. Second, how is Arzaylea shading Nia? She’s dating Luke and I don’t think she gives a fck about Nia or even her and Calums non existent relationship. Third, How does Nias post relate to any of this? The proof for any Nalum drama just gets worse and worse. Times like these make me judge some people so hard.

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Do you know any blogs that do DW prompts for Art(sketching or Digital) like the story prompts?

I don’t know of any blogs that are specifically for art prompts. 

However! If artists are ever inspired by our prompts, we would love to see art work! Just make sure to tag and mention us so we can reblog it and add a link in the weekly round-up.

I believe @timepetalsprompts does something with art prompts as well, and I imagine that really, most prompt blogs would be fine with you using their prompts for art instead of fic. If you’re not sure, you can always send them an ask. 

//Just mild curiosity on my part.

I know Blue can bug @candlesticksanddaggers at any time with anything he wants. But are other people okay with this? Like if Blue just decides to walk up to your character and shove a book in their hands without explanation or shove them against a wall and punch/make out with them, are my followers cool with this? I assume you follow because you want random interaction. If not I totally understand but as fun as para is, sometimes it’s nice to do short stuff that goes no where just because. And Blue has no idea what his status is with anyone but Tristan.

The last thing I want to do is unintentionally piss someone off for Blue being Blue and someone not understanding he’s not all there sometimes.

I need to get some sort of solid foundations for some of his interactions/relationships here. Whether that be friend, enemy, or whatever I need to know what the hell is going on around here so I know what he’s allowed to do.

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Could i request namjoon with number 128: "dont touch me we're fighting?"

→drabble game! Request here!

I’ve been writing really depressing stuff so I decided to take this sort of depressing prompt and make it a little fluffier?! Hope you dont mind :)

→548 words

You huffed on the hotel bed, arms crossed in front of you and mouth turned in a huge frown. Namjoon sighed and put your bags down onto the couch before sidling up to you and putting his arms around your middle.

“Don’t touch me, we’re fighting. I can’t believe you let her ogle you like that!”

He smiled and tugged you even closer. “Babe, she wasn’t even doing anything; she was probably too scared to make any moves because you looked like you’d rip her throat out, the way you were glaring.” Chuckling, he rested his chin on your shoulder and dragged you closer to him.

“She was like touching your bicep every chance she got and then she was trying to get your number, offering bonuses and shit. She’s so blunt and direct! How dare she?!” You were fuming by now and Namjoon just smiled and began littering kisses on your neck while you continued complaining.

“You just had to entertain her huh? You were making jokes and stuff and I can’t believe she didn’t see the goddam ring on my finger and yours, isn’t it obvious? And geez, that outfit she was wearing, was way too short and tight for professional reasons. Maybe she knew we were coming? And you know you looked good in this vacation outfit of yours, dammit.” You rambled on and on. It was when Namjoon bit your sensitive spot that you began to trail off and lost your train of thought. “And she didn’t– have to come all the way to our room…and……”

“And what? Hmmmm?” He groaned lowly in your ear. Turning your upper body to face him, he moved to the other side of your neck and laved his tongue on your skin, tugging with his teeth gently and grazing with his lips. You sighed.

“I forgot.”

“Good.” And he moved to stare at you, holding your face in his hands. “Because I married you and not her. Because you’re the only one I want to spend the rest of my life with and you’re the one I want to sleep with and wake up next to, to go on this honeymoon, to enjoy every part of my existence with. So start acting like you know it, walk and talk with a little more confidence.”

You nodded, mouth curling into a smile. He smiled back, nudging your nose with his. “There’s that smile I fell in love with.” And his hands moved down to the hem of your shirt. “Now what were you saying about how good I look in this outfit?”

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Amy wtf?! I seen Keiras anons about Kirsty apparently being 2 'cringe'. That is not fair on Kirsty she hasn't done anything wrong and she's hardly cringe she just fucking cares. Would you rather her not care at all. And makes me fucking sick that your not even sticking up for her. Honestly stop being so horrible

You can fuck right off you little bitch I know exactly who this is , just because you’re on anonymous I can tell by the way you’ve said stuff👊🏼

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Hi. How often do you think I can feed my ferret a egg yolk treat? Also is that essentially whisking a raw egg? Thank you

“Raw egg is a good all round treat for ferrets. Given once a week it actually helps to prevent hairballs forming and is full of good stuff to make your ferrets coats nice and shiny. During shedding season I up this to 2 or 3 times a week.” @the-raw-ferret

 And yes, it is whisking the white and the yolk together. Never just the white. 

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Moments like /THIS/ make me wish we got a slightly larger update... but I'm a patient human bean and understand you are also human beans and work at human bean paces.


I know, we would really love to make larger updates, or even post the whole chapter monthly! But 2 updates of 2 pages is what we can do considering all the stuff we’ve going on like work and stuff.

We are considering options like setting up a patreon of finding a way to make creating content our full time job, so we can give you guys lots of content!

What do you think about that?

the content literally no one asked for

honestly i love the concept of hunk just. making jokes about galra keith all the time now. bc he knows keith is worried about allura (and possibly others) hating him now so hunk is determined to make it seem like it’s not a big deal by constantly making light of it.

  • hunk: [points to a galra drone] keith is that your brother
  • keith: [walks into the room]
    hunk: [starts blasting E.T.]
  • “his parents may still be part of the empire”
    hunk: oh my god keith what if zarkon is your mom
  • pidge: dude i’d love to see inside area 51
    hunk: same [turns to keith] can you hook us up?
  • hunk: what kind of weird alien stuff are you up to?
    keith: i’m…eating breakfast…
    hunk: man aliens are wild
  • [on a purple planet]
    hunk: keith, you’ll blend in with the scenery
    keith: i’M STILL NOT PURPLE
  • hunk: hey siri are galra allergic to taking showers

Doodle ideas 2 - floral

I’ve been drawing these simple branches and flowers in my spreads recently and wanted to make some sort of a reference sheet, but then I though it’d be nice to share it with you! You can use these in your notes, journal, diary, whatever. Many of those are pretty simple, just a line and a few dots and/or leaves :)

Doodle ideas 1 - plants

probably true things about ur sign
  • aries: is like a lil kid and a mother to u at the same time, a perfectionist, has naturally nice eyebrows, appreciates pretty things
  • taurus: can fall asleep anywhere anytime, obsessed with random ass kitchen appliances like cookie cutters and stuff, makes strange but funny noises
  • gemini: rocks anything from tie dye t-shirts to gangster hats, always up for an adventure, down for 3am bike rides, slays at making gingerbread men
  • cancer: doesn't like it when their food touches other kinds of food, will randomly attack you with a cuddle, is the best at keeping secrets, keen for getting outside and actually doing something
  • leo: they're naturally hilarious but won't admit it, thoughtful gift givers, drives with their hand on the steering wheel like they own the world
  • virgo: thinks their socially awkward but can actually make conversation with anyone, facial expressions. so many facial expressions.
  • libra: trusts everyone, does that little innocent smile when they have something to tell you, practically has an endless amount of energy
  • scorpio: they're actually vampires, obsessed with watching movies, always the first to fall asleep at sleepovers, is the one you want on your team when playing just dance on xbox
  • sagittarius: drives to maccas to get mcflurries at midnight, wants everyone to be happy, likes to facetime instead of message, great fashion taste
  • capricorn: can get mad in three seconds but screeches if they see a puppy, their stomachs are bottomless pits that want to be filled with icecream, love going on drives at night with loud music
  • aquarius: chicken nuggets are the center of their world, can lead any conversation into something funny, would trade their sibling for the newest version of sims, have nice nails
  • pisces: big doe eyes, live off cookies and sushi, want to be on everyone's good side, like nights where they have an excuse to dress up fancy,