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why are you so obsessed with people reblogging your art as if liking it isn't enough

bc if you like something that’s good and all but you’re not really helping an artist or content maker. A like is something i can see and you can see but no one else can. By not reblogging art, you’re not helping the artist share their work and it’s really disheartening when you see the ratio of likes to reblogs. My most recent drawing has 372 notes and only 40ish of those are reblogs and 6 of them are from myself. It makes me think it’s bad, like i failed at one of the only thinks im decent at, that people are almost ashamed to have it appear on their blog bc it sucks. and the new tumblr update with seeing the best stuff first makes it even worse, everyone who makes content is suffering because people aren’t seeing what we create so it’s up to you to reblog so people can see. I lose followers everytime i do a self reblog, i get messages asking me to stop reblogging my art and in turn no one sees it. I get asks saying that my art is good but they’re waiting for a certain blog to reblog it so they know it’s rebloggable. Reblog art, reblog fan fic, reblog selfies, reblog gifs and edits, just reblog it okay

Kätzchen - Leon Draisaitl (smut)

NSFW imagine giveaway prompt:  Leon Draisaitl with all the rough stuff. Gags, daddy kink, tying you up, overstimulation (or orgasm denial, both are hot), anal (if you’re comfortable with it), face fucking, kinda feel like at some point there would be a threesome with Maroon (only one I can think of that would be kinky), pussy spanking, ass spanking, him making you scream, would probably constantly tell you how tight you are, would also probably make you scream his name and say that you’re his. Add anything you want.

A/N: It took me 8 hours, but I did it. Let me know what you guys think of it. Huge shoutout to @carey-pricemas and @diaries-of-pucks-and-purses for keep cheering for me after 8 hours.

Word count: 3727 


Master list

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Make sure to pick up your special Rockruff when you pick up your copy of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! Players will be able to receive a special Rockruff that can evolve into Dusk Form Lycanroc via Nintendo Network from Friday, November 17, 2017, until Wednesday, January 10, 2018. The Rockruff has the Ability Own Tempo which cannot be found in game from any other Rockruff. The moves already learned are as follows; Tackle, Bite, Thunder Fang, Happy Hour. it also comes with a Focus Band and a Classic Ribbon! You can evolve Rockruff into Dusk Lycanroc between 5:00pm and 5:59pm.

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Can I make a Kingsman request? After Agent Whiskey is rejected by Clara, he gets bored and finds another woman to pick up and spends ages flirting with her using all the charm he has. Love your stuff btw, and so glad you're writing Javi now.

Summary: What does Whiskey do when he’s rejected? He finds another target.
Pairing: Reader x Agent Whiskey.
Fandom: Kingsman.
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 1455
A/N: This turned out more fluffy than flirty, but I hope it’s still okay!

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Simself Tag

Tagged by @simmeronnie! I can’t remember what traits I gave my simself, so let’s make em up:

Clumsy / Brooding / Socially Awkward / Loner / Grumpy

Favourite season: Spring! Just the right weather to wear my favourite jacket.

Favourite book/author: I don’t actually have one! I’m currently reading a biography on Katherine Howard by Josephine Wilkinson, but I loved Alison Weir’s book on the Princes in the Tower so may find more of her works to read. if any fellow history geeks wanna squeal about theories and stuff i’d gladly invite you to my inbox 

Favourite song: Nooo! Well, I currently enjoy Friends by Justin Bieber, but I couldn’t possibly choose an all-time favourite.

Favourite food and drink: You can’t say no to a good burger. I might stop by McDonald’s on the way home from work tomorrow and get one, lmao. I’m always drinking water, but you can’t go wrong with a nice glass of cider every so often.

Dogs or cats: DOGS DOGS DOGS! I’ve had several in my lifetime and they complete me, I love my dog Paddy to pieces, he’s my best friend. I’m also going to be getting a new puppy in the next few months if all goes to plan and my dad’s also getting a dog soon, so hooray for more doggos!

sleepover saturday!

hey everybody! i said yesterday that i’m going to do my very first sleepover saturday tonight and i’m really excited! make sure you send me stuff! this will be happening at around 8-9ish EST and if you don’t wanna see these posts, just make sure to blacklist purelyparker’s sleepover saturday; i hope you all can participate xoxo :)

  • fmk
  • crush stories
  • tumblr crushes
  • have you ever’s
  • would you rather’s
  • unpopular/popular opinions
  • confessions
  • get up in my BUSINESS and ask me stuff :-)
  • tell me something good or bad that happened this week! talk to me about your life!
  • my top five _______
  • send me/ask me for recs: fics, books, movies, tv shows, songs, bands, etc.
  • make me compliment someone else’s blog
  • ask for advice! idk if it would be helpful but i sure can try!
  • ask for a moodboard (character ones, you + a character/person, aesthetic, etc., but be aware that this might take a little bit of time bc i put a lot of effort into perfecting my moodboards HA)
  • submit stuff! your own moodboards, headcannons, blurbs, etc. i wanna see what all of you guys are creating!
  • ask for a lil headcannon/blurb? (it’s gonna be all fluff and angst just a psa)! i wanna go beyond tom, so you can ask for any of the mcu cast, including spidey hoco, holland bros and any other actor/character i know (i’d love to do some seb or chris evans ones if ya want hA)
  • send me your name and i’ll make you a name playlist! 
  • ask for a blograte! 
  • literally anything you can think of! i am READY people!

blograte format (ft. some of my favorite male characters!):

url: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | andy dwyer 

icon: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | winston bishop 

mobile theme: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | bellamy blake

desktop theme: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | dustin henderson

posts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | bucky barnes 

overall: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | peter parker

(also big shoutout to my gal @hufflepuffholland because i totally used her sleepover saturdays as inspiration and like half of these ideas came from her acc lol. love you bb!)

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loki x valkyrie headcanon; their first proper argument/fight since they've started whatever they're doing (gimme all the angst) + then them making up afterwards p.s i love your headcanons, they give me such life.

Hi hi!! Thanks so much reading my stuff! I’m glad you like them! I love this headcanon cause without a doubt Loki and Val are gonna fight, but their first fight will probably always be their biggest? And of course, them making up! Let’s see what we can come up with. 

(I’m gonna have a “Keep Reading line cause this will get long)

Valkyrie x Loki: First fight and making up

-Loki knew it would eventually happen. They’d been doing this thing with each other for a little over three months. Spending nearly every moment together. It was bound to happen and he knew he was bound to start it, be the cause of it and be the reason they broke up. He’d known that from the moment Val had let him into her room. 

-Valkyrie wants him to be his Frost Giant self more often. She wants him to be comfortable enough with her that he isn’t worried about keeping up the Asgardian glamour. She wants him to trust her. And Loki has never been good at trusting anyone. 

-”You’re making this out to be bigger than it is.” Loki drawls from his place on the bed, a book in his hands even though he’s read the same page 50 times now. Val is pacing at the end of the bed. “I don’t want to hurt—”

-”Cut the crap Loki.” Val snaps, shooting him a look. “I’m not making this out to be something it’s not. You can’t hurt me I just want you to be okay.”

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  • Baby High School Senior: So, whose girlfriend is she? I'd like to apologize to her boyfriend for seeing you know---stuff.
  • Wide Receiver: Shouldn't you apologize to HER?
  • Middle linebacker: She's everyone's girlfriend.
  • Baby High School Senior: Uhhhhh...
  • Offensive Lineman: She takes turns on us.
  • Baby High School Senior: Uhmm?
  • Offensive Lineman: Don't worry, She can shove her foot up your ass too, so long as you apologize for staring at her in the bathtub.

rosewaterwings  asked:

Two questions: how often should I clean my tires from grunge and my casters from hair and whatnot? And, are clothing guards a good investment, if my sleeves get dirty/wet pretty fast?

1. Once a month

2. OMGWTFBBQ yes side guards are a life-saver. Get a pair and make sure they sit high enough that the top of ‘em extends just past your tires. 

As for the sleeves thing: roll ‘em up. I often wear button up dress shirts and I always roll up my sleeves past the elbow. For long sleep stuff that can’t be rolled, I just pull the sleeve up past my elbow.

Also, I always wear my shirts tucked in (even t-shirts). It would look really goofy for a walking person to have their t-shirt tucked in, but you can’t tell the difference if you’re sitting down! Plus it keeps your shirt outta your tires.

****Criiiiipppple Maaaaaaaaagic!****

“I just think life is meaningless altogether, most of the time. Yes, there is beauty in the moment, but beyond that? People come and go and you can never count on anyone, and life is just life; a mystery, and ultimately meaningless. The meaning is in the creation, and the creation is a human construct; and people just make up stuff in order to get through life.”

- René Vernor, Anything Is Possible


Hey, I’ve noticed that some of the Kaidan Week stuff hasn’t been showing up when I check the tags even though it’s tagged correctly. I’ve found it by accident when someone I follow posts it. If you’ve made something for Kaidan Week and it hasn’t been reblogged by me, it’s not that I’m ignoring you, it’s that I haven’t been able to find it. Tumblr’s tag tracking system is notoriously lame. I want all the good Kaidan stuffs to post on the blog, so just shoot me a message with the post in it, or submit it on the @spectrekaidanalenko blog and I’ll get it up. 

Also, don’t forget that the official tag is #kaidanweek2017

Tomorrow’s the last  official day of Kaidan Week. but if you are late to the party, just let me know and I’ll happily get your stuff on the blog. Next week I’ll be making a couple reference posts so y’all can find all the stuff you’re looking for, and I’ll also clean up the tags to make it easier for y’all. 

Thanks to everyone who’s participated so far. It’s been an amazing week! 

another HOT DAD appears on the scene, this time gunner’s dad!!

gunner’s parents were a couple of punk thieves who were born in ‘novus and whilst their own parents (gunner’s grandparents) were All About rata novus being a ~sparkling city of innovation~, they were both pretty.. counter culture and hated all the weird cult-like stuff and overly perfect polished smarmy sorta-psuedo intellectual shit goin down and decided 2 just learn how to shoot/stab things for a living.. ironically they ended up contributing to novus’s development anyway as when ur a thief living in a closed secret underground city u can’t make too much money killing people so you turn to killin bugs instead

i gotta draw em both and i have so many things i wanna doodle abt this fambly but nazz was a thief who preferred knives and irra, gunner’s mom, was a thief who prefer guns……… gunner (legal name: gunn) ended up getting named after the latter’s love affair JHGFKD

his parents actually were never married and ended up splitting– they were best friends before and stayed best friends after! just.. best friends havin a baby!

i can’t stop thinking about how that fan sabrina was talking about how bts inspires her and how much she loves their music and ryan seacrest was like “ok sure but which one do you have the biggest crush on” as if that was somehow more important and she was just making stuff up :/ american interviewers truly do not care about them

Fluffy Patvic ft Undertones

Do you have any fluffy PatVic headcanons?

Nope. But here they are:

  • Patrick telling Vic how soft and pretty he is.
    • Patrick trying to get Vic to eat more, or eat less, just because Vic’s body is quick to slim and fatten, and he loves being in control of that.
  • Patrick saying things, and Vic thinking he’s just being silly.
    • “God, I wanna stuff you into the trunk of my car, babe.”
    • “Oh, you!”
  • Vic’s not scared by and can’t be frightened by Patrick, he ends up giggling when Trick tries to scare him.
  • Lots of playwrestling and giggling.
  • Vic has a shrill laugh, Patrick has a hyena laugh
  • They’re really bad at making cocoa.
    • Vic splashes everywhere and Patrick likes to leave his unmixed so it’s a surprise every sip.
  • Backseat kisses.
  • Patrick trying to casually use his flamethrower to casually impress Vic and failing.
  • Vic’s in complete control of the relationship. He calls the shots.
  • Patrick needs validation and love, and loves having his hair pet.
  • Patrick often lights Vic’s cigs for him
  • Patrick’s in quiet awe of Vic. But he’d never tell Vic that.

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What do you think is a good hourly wage for voice actors who are still starting out?

If you are just starting out, you need experience doing it first so be prepared to work for nothing. After you get experience and take classes, really you won’t be doing much of an hourly wage at first. A lot of what you’ll be doing in flatrate stuff for as low as 15$. Eventually your voice will have some value to it, and the minimum per hour for studio work will be 75$ (which is the standard for anime), or 200$ an hour for video games. But before you get there, you’re going to have to put up with a lot of “lunch money” roles. That’s honestly how it is with most artist mediums. Gotta work until your work has value. And then you can charge appropriately.

That said, for non-commercial (stuff you won’t make money on), I’m generally like 20$ an hour (like I say in my commission post). I try to make it fair for people who aren’t big studios. I work fast anyway, so you typically won’t pay me more than 20$ period.

Sleepover Saturday

starting right now, I am doing my very first sleepover saturday! I got this idea from @purelyparker and i may have also copied a majority of their post on here… but i also added some of my own. you can send in any of these:

  • fmk
  • crush stories
  • tumblr crushes
  • have you ever’s
  • would you rather’s
  • unpopular/popular opinions
  • confessions
  • get up in my BUSINESS and ask me stuff :-) ( honestly though do it)
  • tell me something good or bad that happened this week! talk to me about your life!
  • my top five _______
  • send me/ask me for recs: fics, books, movies, tv shows, songs, bands, etc.
  • make me compliment someone else’s blog
  • ask for advice! idk if it would be helpful but i sure can try!
  • ask for a moodboard (character ones, you + a character/person, aesthetic, etc., but these will definitely have time put into them so they might take a little longer)
  • submit stuff! your own moodboards, headcannons, blurbs, etc. i wanna see what all of you guys are creating!
  • make a request
  • mlt ( most likely to )
  • headcanon requests
  • blurbs/ hc from my prompt list
  • Holiday themed things
  • literally anything you can think of! i am READY people!

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Hi there!! Do you have any tips on not getting bored with gameplay? Ive been stuck and I miss playing :(

My advice is to do a challenge! The NSB challenge is great to make yourself interact with new parts of the game, and if you don’t want to do the whole color thing you can just do the challenge part! Other than that, stories really help! Even if you don’t post your gameplay, basing it all around a story makes it so much more fun bc you give your sims more personality!

and i guess if you’re already doing that stuff then you could start up a new save w/ an occult sim if that’s not something you normally do? Or just any new gameplay with a fresh perspective! 

If you are doing a story it’s ok too! i get bored all the time even with my story and taking a step back and reevaluating what you want to do is something that everyone does and it’s ok! Until you figure it out, play with a casual save that you can BS with and don’t have to worry about aesthetics.

basically, try doing things you never do! hope this helps a bit!

so I made some big changes guys! since I’ll be hitting 2k soon I decided to up my icon game. I’ve made over 400 icons for the overwatch community so far in the past year, and I’m ready to make more!

Please check out all my icon styles and request form here! you’ll find sample icons of my 3 main styles, as well as extra stuff you want added in. want a doodle or a floral icon? or maybe you want an lgbt+ flag icon, or your icon to include a second hero? welp, you can read all about it there!

another important thing I changed is my byf. you can find it right over here. I shortened it up a bit so it isn’t a huge wall of text, but I’ll be cracking down on it more in the following days. so please, make sure to read it!

other than that, feel free to send in some requests. I’ll be posting some widow icons in style 1 in a bit, and I’ll be working on more tomorrow! I’ll also go ahead and change up my mobile theme tomorrow because I gotta head off to sleep soon 

the content literally no one asked for