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Prompt: how did the boy squad react to different parts of even's birthday video

They’re at a party, smoking, Mahdi, Mags and Jonas on one couch, Evak on another opposite them :) They are sitting there, letting the smoke fill their lungs and making their chests feel heavy Jonas found a litte pink book laying under the glass coffee table. Turns out, its one of those cheesy friend-books where your friends can write stuff about them down and naturally they decided to give it a go. (I really wanted to post this before my friend got here so if its not perfect or you want more/different stuff with it just come to my inbox again <3) 

“Favourite movie?” Mahdi read and Magnus went through his hair with both his hands, blowing his cheeks up and letting the air go. 

“Gutten som ikke klarte å holde pusten under vann.” He finally answerend and Mahdi and Jonas chuckled beside him. 

“What? Magnus? That can’t be your favourite movie.” with an eyeroll Isak let himself slumb back on the couch. Magnus frowned and shrugged. 

“Eeeh, why not? I’ve watched it about fifty times.” 

Jonas nodded and said “Yeah, me too.” and Mahdi added “Yes, somewhere around that number.” 

Isak scrunched up his face and looked at his friends disbelievingly because wtf? But before he could really be dramatic about it he felt Even beside him sit up. 

“You have?” The way he asked this made Isak’s instincts to wrap himself around his boyfriend to shield him from the world rise up. Even’s voice sounded shy and surprised and hopefull and now he had the audacity to blush slightly - cute! 

Even normally wasn’t flustered easily and when he was Isak just felt the stronge urge to be nearer and so he scooched closer - they were already sitting close, but now he sat up and pressed his leg against Even’s and put his arm over Even’s back, hand on his hip. 

“Yes! It’s so amazing, man!” Mags exclaimed and the other two agreed with eager nods while they passed the joint around. 

Even’s grin was nearly blinding. “What was your favourite part?” The way he fidgeted with his hands told Isak that he wasn’t just fishing for compliments but was really interested and curious what the guys would say. He put his free hand over Even’s restless ones.  

“Mine was when you throw each other kisses.” Mahdi voiced, face somber and Jonas made a “hmmm” sound and nodded.

“Mine was when he was his usual dramatic self in the car. And I-“ Jonas was interrupted by Magus, “right at the start?”

“Yeah, the first scene. And he is so annoying with his nerves and his dramatics and I would have just got annoyed but Even, you just look at him as if he hung the moon. Touched me.”

Mahdi and Magnus nodded again. Isak looked at his friends a little slack jawed and speechless. Because … uhhh this whole situation was weird.

“Oooh! You know what mine was though?” when Magnus exclaimed that he clapped his hands together once and bounced a bit up and down.

“My fave was when he lifted you up? Like, what?! I had no idea he could do that.”

“Almost burst his jeans, though.” Mahdi put in which had them all snort their laughter. Even grinned so much his eyes almost vanished and he practically glowed.

 Isak shook his head. When he first saw the video he was so amazed by it that he didn’t even think of the boys or all those other people he knew (and those he didn’t know) being able to see it. He expected to be dragged by his friends or gushed over by the girls but this …. This was so nice. And once again Isak was a bit blown away by his friends accepting him and Even just like they were and by how genuine they all cared for him being happy.

“My favourite part was the end.” Isak said and leaned over to place a kiss on Even’s shoulder. Voice lower and softer he murmured “Elsker deg.”

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My ADHD is so bad I can't even do homework, and if I do, it takes hours and hours. I break down and cry or just give up and stare into space. How do I cope?

Find some stims that might help you. When I have trouble working on something, I audio stim. So I will play the same song over and over again while I work, and it helps. 
Or try breaking tasks down into smaller chunks as much as you can, and work on stuff one chunk at a time. When our brains see a large task, it shuts down. If it takes more than 2 seconds of effort, our brains are like “nah im good m8″ so making each task more manageable is important

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Hi! Can I request a headcanon of home life with kyoya?

- there’s a lot of him working too much and you trying to convince him to stop

- he has a bad habit of overworking himself

- he never listens to anyone when they tell him to stop, but he has a soft spot for you

- you bring him tea a lot when he’s working at home, especially when he’s having a stressful day

- you’ll also come in and rub his shoulders a lot which can often lead somewhere if you’re picking up what i’m puttin down here

- but he’s doing stuff for you as well

- he takes you out to eat a lot at your favorite restaurants when he has free time to make up for being busy

- he also surprisingly puts a lot of thought into anniversaries/special occasions

- like when he surprised you with a visit from your family in your burg day because he knew how much you missed them after moving away

- in the mornings, he always gets up with you (even though he doesn’t have to because he starts working later in the day). but he does it so that he can talk to you and admire you while you get ready for the day

- he always makes you coffee and a small thing for breakfast, and has it ready by the time you leave. it’s always hand made

- he’s like a mom giving a lunch to her child, especially when he hands it to you and gives you a kiss as you walk out to door to go to work/college/etc

- host club members always stop by your house randomly for impromptu visits

- it pisses kyoya off but you love having them over (especially because they tell a lot of embarrassing stories about him)

- there’s never a night where you two aren’t cuddled up closely together unless he has to work super late or you have a project/studying/extra work to do

- fights aren’t common but aren’t light either

- kyoya’s stubborn and pisses you off even more than you already would be

- there’s a lot of yelling and sometimes things are said that shouldn’t be

- but when night comes, you two always end up back in bed. both of you would much rather cuddle than fight

- so apologies fly and you both fall asleep happy again

- life with kyoya may not be perfect, but there’s no one else you would rather spend it with

Despite being a fan of MLP myself, I can get behind nearly every reason people have for hating bronies. The only thing that bothers me is when people bring up ‘that little kid that Make-a-Wish let into the show’ and how ‘bronies are awful for drawing nsfw of his oc’…because he is quite literally a good friend of mine and i can tell you none of that is really true. He isn’t some innocent pure small child who’s horrified by sexual fanart; he’s about my age, and he’s honestly 100% okay with that stuff. (tbh he wishes people drew more because he likes both nsfw stuff and fanart) The only thing he hates, is that people are twisting info about him to make bronies look worse. Don’t twist information, or even pull ‘facts’ out of your ass to make someone you hate look bad, okay? It’s wrong, plain and simple. I don’t care how much you hate a person or group, don’t go making shit up, and don’t believe things when there’s literally no evidence to back it up.

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I'm going to the beach later this summer, and would love to do something witchy there or bring something back to work with later. The only problem is, my whole family is very disapproving of 'witches' so they don't know about me. Are there any discreet ways I could go about this? I was already planning to bring a jar of seawater home but that's about the extent of my ideas 😁

Dry up some sand and bring it with you. If there are shells and stones at the beach, put some of those on top. If questioned, just say it makes a pretty decoration and you want to commemorate your time there. 

(And then you can take it apart later and use the stuff in spells, mwa ha!)

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Step Brothers AU. Sometimes when Evan and Jeremy go grocery shopping Evan gets tired and just gets in the cart and sleeps and Jeremy just pushes him throughout the store. You can continue this if you want. I didn't know what else to put here.

Oh my gosh yes. Jeremy just continues shopping with Evan in the cart and makes a game out of how much stuff he can fit around and on Evan before Evan wakes up.

One time Connor happens to be in the store so he walks up to Jeremy to say hi and is met by Evan sleeping in a card with a packet of frozen peas on his face and cans of soup in his arms.

He’s just kind of like “Jeremy…..?”

An Jeremy jus laughs nervously and pushes the cart away as quickly as possible.

Caste Inflexibility Destroys Lives

So I know this orange, right?  Orange has a stable job as a social worker.  Her grandson, though, he’s in a tight spot.  He was tracked for teaching - green kids, even, so you know he’s bright - and wound up doing a lot of logistics type stuff at his school when the central office fell down on the job, making sure the stats were taken correctly and the tests were graded blind and whatnot.  Going above and beyond, right?  So then this secretary yellow in the school office *sues* him.  He’s on the books as a teacher, right, not an administrator, and the secretary wasn’t doing his job but the orange isn’t *allowed*.  Yellow wins, because if the blue judge ever finds things mysteriously not getting done they can just shuffle personnel around, fire some hire others, till it’s fixed, so what right does this orange have to try to patch holes in his school?

And I know this purple, right, owns a store, sells umbrellas and suitcases and crap like that, and she’s got three stocker/cashier employees and various suppliers and subscriptions to the building infrastructure contracts in case a fuse blows or a wall collapses or something.  Kind of a lot to juggle, right?  She does a hell of a business - great location, right near an airport - wants to buy the space behind her formerly the freezer of a now defunct restaurant, have a little more room, hire another person - can’t do it.  She gets any more complicated she’s not gonna be able to keep track of her accounts herself.  Now, she’s got a stocker/cashier who’s good with numbers and helps her out a little, but she’s gotta hire a yellow for it if there’s enough to actually log *hours*, and yellows charge enough to wipe out whatever she’d make from the expansion.  Wouldn’t even need one in-house, she’d go to Patna Accounts, but still.

And there’s this green, right?  She plays flute in the pit for a theater production that shall not be named, and her girlfriend’s purple, usher.  They’re not married yet, wanna guess why?  No way they can afford a green credit on a flautist pittance and an usher’s peanuts, but purple girlfriend has a condition, can’t just knock her up instead.  Haven’t decided if they can live with that, haven’t found some gay green guy to go in with them on it.  Surrogacy’s an any-caste job ‘cause you need any-caste wombs but they can’t afford that either and there’s no provision for them to buy a purple credit and grow a purple baby in a green mom.

And I could do this all day, and I wouldn’t say I’m caste abolitionist but if you tilt me just right and hold me up to a real strong light source I might cast an abolitionist shadow.

“Tumblr mobile sucks soooo bad. I ended up losing a potential rp partner because they blocked me since they were on mobile and couldn’t blacklist a trigger that I had tagged in one of my angst/drama threads. I feel awful because I always make sure to tag triggers but it doesn’t exactly help when you can’t blacklist stuff on mobile.“

Letter #1

Dear Erika,

How are you doing? How is life in Bankston? Please say hi to grandma and grandpa from me. Tell them I miss them a lot and that I love them! The palace is so incredibly beautiful, it feels like I am walking around in a fairytale. I am having the best time. I still can’t believe this is all happening.

I have had my makeover and the stylist was so nice to me. He decided that I didn’t need much of a makeover, only a little touch up. The dresses are made by my maids, who are so talented. You would love this so much! Sparkly dresses, summer dresses, big poufy dresses. They can literally make everything. They are so creative and enthusiastic! Their faces light up every time they show me a new dress. It is so amazing to see how passionate they are about this. I let them do their thing, instead of giving them commands. I know they are supposed to serve me and stuff, but to be honest that is such a crazy idea.

All of the girls are so beautiful! I have met some of them and they are all so sweet and lovely. I will start with the girls on the plane: Annette, Ingrid and Même. I don’t know if you have heard anything about them, but they are so friendly. Annette is so passionate about pasta, and oh my gosh she had even brought breadsticks with her on the plane. Même is a bit odd to say the least, but you can definitely laugh with her. I haven’t spoken to Ingrid a lot on the plane, but once at the palace I decided to go over and have a little chat. Turns out she is very kind and artistic, she likes drawing landscapes! I think that is so cool and impressive, I wish I could do stuff like that but you know I am anything but artistic. I have also had a little chat with Debbie. She is so enthusiastic and funny, you would like her a lot. I can feel that we can become very close friends during this selection. I have had a little wander around the palace with Aricia and we ended up in the library. You know how much I love books, this is like heaven for me. It is so pretty and packed with books. Any book you can think of is there! Who else? Oh right Fiona! That’s the one who sent the letter about the flowers! She is so lovely, I am going to make her cheese fondue. Can you believe someone has never eaten it? I know right haha, I will change that!

And now, the part that you have been waiting for. My interview with Prince Dom. In the beginning it all went great. You said he was very cute. Turns out he is more, he is very attractive! And very friendly as well. But right in the beginning he asked about my family.. If they were supportive. I told him that you and grandma and grandpa are very supportive of me, and that you have always motivated me to live life to the fullest. Then I made the stupid mistake to say that my parents are not that supportive. I shouldn’t have said that, I feel like it ruined the entire thing. He asked if I shared mom’s opinion on the royals. I freaked out for a second. I hope I made it clear that I don’t agree with her at all! I hope he believes me.. I guess we will see, if he doesn’t believe me I will be kicked out very soon. The one positive thing about this is that I have been honest with him, instead of keeping mom and dad a secret, and that he found out about them later on.

Anyway, I will do my best to make everyone proud. I will write you soon!

Lots of love,



(o^▽^o) // 06. 24. 17

hello lovelies! so, i hit 1k last wednesday!! wHAT? i can’t believe you guys! i never expected to have so much number of followers? like, i know it’s not a big deal to all the other studyblrs out there but you know, it is an achievement for me. my only goal when i came here was to be inspired by other journalers but, through the 4 or 6 months (i can’t remember lmao) i’ve been here, i learned to have a new goal which was to inspire you guys. anyway, i’ve been thinking of a celebration we could do for hitting 1k and i’ve come up with two. one was me making a tag so i can see your posts yay! another one was, a lil sleepover get to know me thing yaknow and you can ask me questions and stuff so you can get to know me better! 

so, our tag would simply be my handle so you can easily remember: #jjournalinspo

and, our set of questions would be: ice cream asks yay! and you can ask me here

that’s it basically. again, thank you very much for the love and i hope i can inspire you guys and get to know all of you more!! if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me! i love you guys sooo much & hooray for 1k!

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i nearly killed myself today and i really would like some fluffy and loving jimin... something that can make me feel loved and stuff.. do you think you can help?

you don’t intend to fall asleep so early. in fact, every thought in your head is focused on staying awake long enough to greet jimin when he returns home from practice. but sleep is simply too tempting, and you let it steal you for an hour. 

you don’t hear jimin enter the door and you don’t hear him get changed, but you do hear him when he takes his place beside you in bed. the sound of him sliding under the covers wakes you almost instantly, and you don’t hesitate to twist your body just enough for you to be able look into the eyes you’ve missed all day. 

“shh, it’s okay,” jimin whispers as he settles in. his arms instinctively wrap around your middle and his face nestles into your neck. “just go back to sleep, I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“I missed you,” you confess, no longer making eye contact. jimin responds only with a kiss to the back of your neck. “it was kind of a bad day.”

“do you want to talk about it?” jimin’s head lifts off his pillow slightly as he speaks, and your silence settles over him. “that’s okay, we don’t have to talk.” he brings his hands up to move the hair that hangs in your face. his lips find your skin yet again, and it’s as if the very thought of not kissing you is absurd. 

whole minutes pass in his embrace, and your body and mind inch ever closer to sleep. his warmth puts you at ease, his arms make you feel safer than anything else in the world. but it’s his words that make you feel the most secure. 

“I love you, y/n. I hope you remember that. no matter what happens, I’ll be here.” the weight of his words is heavy, yet they somehow manage to make your heart feel lighter. you attempt a response, but your tongue can’t find the energy. the day was draining, yet jimin improved it in less than twenty minutes. and now, in the most positive presence you’ve felt in what seems like forever, you feel your troubles take a backseat. a certain tranquility passes over you, and the last thing you feel before letting sleep take you is the tightening of jimin’s arms around your body.

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Ok I want to write this fic where lams was a thing but they broke up for whatever reason and ham is sad but he meets Eliza and he crushes on her hard and they fall for each other and it's all happy but knowing the fandom I might get hate for it and I can handle it but I don't want it to be blown out of porportion and stuff.

Do whatever you like? Unless you make lams abusive or include inc*st or underage characters who cares?

Don’t reblog this post, but I’m losing a - lot - of followers and I think it’s because I’m so angry and political. Unfortunately that’s because I’m getting increasingly angry and political. I’ve been a doormat my entire life, abused in every way imaginable, and oppressed on every axis but race, and I’m tired of being quiet. I won’t stop advocating for myself and all oppressed people because this isn’t the political climate to stay quiet. At least for me.

I definitely understand how speaking out can put you in danger, or how the world is scary and thinking about it makes it worse. I recognize how this type of conversation can trigger you or aggravate mental illness and I’m 100% here for people taking breaks or not engaging with social justice stuff at all.

I want you a to feel safe and I tried to put social justice stuff on a sideblog and it ended up here anyway.

I guess what I’d like to say is that I’ll try and create different safe space side blogs instead.

@stimmygames is obviously about video games and apps and how they function as affordable and accessible stim toys. I’ve also got stimmy gifs and pics there as well as memes and it’s thoroughly tagged.

I’ve got a few other stim/anti-anxiety blogs that I haven’t touched in 6 months which I will start up again now. Feel free to follow any that interest you and unfollow my main if you’d like but note that because they are old and unused they are not organized or tagged and I’ll work on that.

@caseydickdraws will be for my art only. If I get back to sewing/jewelry/fidgets and what not I’ll make a blog for that too.

Here’s a list of old aesthetic/stim/anti-anxiety blogs: (not tagged or organized, take caution until I fix them)

@scifi-stims : glow, aliens, sci-fi, retro-futuristic, slime, sand, paint, 

@postapocalypticaesthetic : abandoned buildings, sunsets, regrowth, nature, 

@squeakycleancore : cleaning supplies

@clinic-core : doctor/dentist office aes

@cubicle-core : workplace aes

@lisafrankreynolds : lisa frank, rainbow, baked goods, sweets, gay stuff, toys, sprinkles, balloons.

@primarykidz primary colors, toys, geometric shapes, slime, sand, paint, comfort food, beautiful people, neon signs, legos.

@pastel-lullabies pastels, kid and baby toys,

@ahappyplaceforall warm blankets, fires, log cabins, coffee

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I feel like you don't get enough praise for your skills w/tone re: Retrograde Motion! I love how we can go from a heartwarming moment w/the Bean and Person B to the palpable fear he has re: The Joker, especially in Dick's chapters where he strives to make sure Dick doesn't go patrolling, every time he or one of the other kids was off screen i was nervous as balls, it's the small stuff that makes this fic such an experience! Well that and I mean the bean, the bean is frighteningly cute.

oh wow, thank you so much!! i teared up a little reading this. 

it’s nice to hear that things are coming across well. i have sunk a lot of time and effort into retrograde, @margoshkas and @lanternwisp have suffered a lot while i flail around and tweak things. 

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But... What can I do for now ? It's just like "You have to wear makeup, and dresses or skirts" But I can't, I just can't society want the girls to be perfect dolls, but I don even like dolls ! (Well i do love the creepy one) And I don't like princess too ! Why can't girls and women been natural ? Why have we to be dolls ? I... I just cannot understand... Because it's hard and no one unserstand... Even my best friend think It's because I like yaoi.

The thing is, you have to make an active choice to not do what “society” is telling you to be. You can go natural. You don’t have to wear make up. And when ppl give you shit about it you just say, “I dont like wearing that stuff” and when they call you names or whatever, you reply, “if you say so.” and you go on with your life.

no matter who you are, where youre from, what you like, who you want to be, people will always always tell you you have to be a certain way. you just have to decide not to be.

Another David headcannon because I can.

David doesn’t play video games often but he has an old black ds lite that he’s had ever since he graduated highschool. When his insomnia gets really bad he’ll play Harvest Moon for the DS (male or female, it’s up to you which one he plays.) It’s actually his favorite ds game and he’s had the same save file since he was 18 so he’s pretty far along in it. (I bet he has all the harvest sprites and is best friends with all the villagers and special characters.)

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I think you should still make that dating sims. It be cool and I think people would still support it

i think I’ll still work on it. @cumslutarin and i have set up too much stuff to not go on with it, and hey, you can never have too many dating sims, right?

I’m kind of jealous of people who can just…write fanfiction or character meta or just make up headcanons for characters. I’m really bad at this for some reason and when I see my friends having fan making up headcanons and scenarios and stuff I feel like I’m missing out a lot _(:‘3」∠)_

ON THE OTHER HAND you can just… Give me a prompt and five minutes and I’ll make an OC and I’ll already have an idea for their personality, what they do and how they should look, even a very basic idea for a story.
Making a more detailed plot idea is a COMPLETELY different story tho………….

Anyway yeah, idk really.

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Why not unfollow the person and put in your rules that you don't mess with people who don't do any of that stuff? Like, I understand that you don't want to Interact with them, but why vague about it when you can either remedy the situation or straight tell them how to make their blog a friendlier place?

??????????????? idk what u think my post was about? I wouldn’t follow someone to begin with who was like that. Straight up. I also see no reason to go and invite myself to critique someone’s blog when they’re happy and having a good time, y’know. I just do NOT care enough. Let them do them, and me do me. And most of my rules (idr if it is on this blog yet) DO state I will unfollow for not trimming posts. Believe it or not a person can have an opinion and discuss it without it being a vague blog — u will learn this when u get much older, friend. I appreciate ur concern, but I am a big, grown ass adult who can handle their shit. 

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For DWC: Ridiculous conversations, your one word is "firefly." Any pairing. <3

Thank you for the prompt! For @dadrunkwriting. I need to create sweet Solavellan moments to deal with the hell that Bioware provided. Enjoy!

Title: Beautiful Purpose

Characters: Solas, Unspecific Female Lavellan.

“I don’t believe you!” she shouted into the cold air behind her.

“Where are you g—stop, wait!” Solas shouted after her, jogging down the path until he was in stride alongside her. “You are being ridiculous!”

“Oh, I’m being ridiculous, that’s all you see me as. A child! A child that you can stuff with your nonsense while you laugh later at how gullible I am.”

“You think I respect you so little that I make up stories to see how easily you believe them?” The question was ridiculous, Solas thought to himself, but there was a stinging truth to her disposition. He did not dare lie about things so trivial as she believed. He was indeed filling her head with a fairytale, making her believe the world was filled with more magic, and fewer monsters.

“There are not insects that just light up on their own. What would be the point of them? Next, you’ll tell me these ‘fireflies’ are mages wielding the power of fire,” she scoffed, kicking at a mound of dirt just in front of her feet.

Solas grabbed her arm roughly and spun her around to face him. She hit his chest due to the force and immediately worked to retreat. Solas brought his hand to her cheek, stroking over the smooth skin lovingly. “Follow me, and I can prove it.”

He led her down the path of the mountain on foot, watching her scowling face grow less distinct in the growing darkness. In a valley at the base of the Frostbacks, the chilled air was warm and comfortable, green foliage thriving with life. In a field overlooking a small farm, Solas stopped. “Sit,” he instructed gently.
She grumbled, thrusting herself to the ground, folding her legs in and crossing her arms in a huff across her chest. Solas watched her. For complaining so much about being treated as a child, she was behaving like one. He wondered if she was trying to prove a point, or if her anger and frustration regressed her behaviors.

Solas placed himself beside her gingerly, his knee just close enough to touch hers. “You spent most of your remembered life in a circle after running away from your clan. All you remembered of the world was in books, hypotheticals, theories, and fantasies. I see the way you look at the world since being in it. You look at it as though you have stepped through the pictures sketched and painted on parchments and canvases. Staring at the ground, gripping your feet into it as though the world would fall away from you if you did not.” He could see his words relaxing her shoulders down away from her ears, and her tense frame softening. Just then, she gasped.

A small light appeared before her, and as soon as it appeared, it was gone. Her eyes widened in disbelief frantically searching into the darkness for it to happen again, and it did. Solas’ slender hand came into view, catching something between his fingers. He laid his hand open, resting on her bent leg. In it, she saw a small insect, and within a moment, it was aglow with glorious soft light.  

“Sometimes, the purpose of something is to simply be beautiful and magnificent,” he whispered, looking not at his palm, but at the glow of the light on her face.

Solas watched her eyes twinkling as they focused on the spectacle on his palm. He leaned forward, brushing the side of her face with the tip of his nose. “Everything I tell you holds truth. I respect you more that you will ever truly know.” Pulling back away, his eyes caught hers, focused on him, glistening with fresh tears.

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, “it was a silly thing to fight about.”

“Do not ever apologize for questioning information. It is what keeps you smart, aware of your surroundings. You maneuver with a wisdom I have not seen since…” he allowed his voice to trail as the small creature lifted itself away from him and into the night. He looked down at his bare open palm and inhaled sharply as her delicate fingers settled between his own.