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i wish i could like this more than once??

do not get me wrong, anakin is an extremely effective sith—esp after order 66 and mustafar, anakin is conflicted and full of that kind of selfish awful misery that feeds on itself, which is where so much grief and evil comes from (not unintelligence or political antagonism, but a fundamental lack of empathy, of awareness of humanity existing outside yourself—laziness has created more pain and grief in the world than active hate, it is written)

but where anakin is selfish, obi-wan is painfully reaching, desperate to be disinterested. he subordinates himself to the jedi order, to anakin’s needs and then to luke’s, to the republic. it fucking kills him, so much of his conflict is him trying to be disinterested and failing, time and time again, to be disinterested—after all, he was the one who wept when qui-gon died, who couldn’t find it in himself to kill anakin on mustafar or on the death star. he’s trying, he’s trying so hard, to be the consummate jedi that everyone else needs him to be, but he’s not, he’s angry and conflicted and mouthy and impetuous and ultimately loves anakin and padme and luke and individual people more than he should.

but he wants so much to be good, to be obedient—can you imagine if one of he the sith had managed to turn him? if dooku (bc lbr sidious was never going to turn obi-wan) had made some coherent arguments in the midst of a firefight, if obi-wan had been a little more susceptible, if grevious had flirted a little more or anakin had broken away for padme openly, or someone had promised—

obi-wan, like his master’s master before him, would have fallen. and likely, he would have been more content that way. feeling his feelings, instead of viciously suppressing them, and praying that devotion would make up the difference there.

star wars AU where everything is the same, with one exception: the skywalkers all know about each other and know they are all related. They are still loyal to their respective organizations, still raised by the same people. They just–know they are related. Like if Bail had told Leia about Anakin Skywalker, so Leia went to Tattooine and met Luke. And then Vader (because of course Vader is spying on Bail) heard about it, but otherwise nothing changes.

- so the first scene in ANH quite literally ends with “ARGH LEIA GO TO YOUR ROOM.” “FINE I WILL BUT YOU AREN’T MY REAL DAD” “I am absolutely your real dad that is WHY WE ARE HAVING THIS CONVERSATION AND YOU ARE NOT DEAD.”

- Alderaan blows up and it results in awkward shoulder pats from Vader and a half-hearted “have you considered using your rage for the dark side?” speech, which Leia promptly ignores.

- Luke rescues Leia. Leia immediately tells Luke “Do not tell Han we are related. I want to fuck with him.” to which Luke sighs “ugh Leia again?” implying that this is not the first time Leia has hooked up with a dude and made him jealous by hanging out with her brother.

- “THAT’S NOT COOL DAD! STOP KILLING OUR FRIENDS!” after Obi-Wan dies. Vader yells back “HE HID YOU FROM ME FOR 20 YEARS!!!! HE DESERVES TO DIE!” “yeah okay that’s fair”

- on Bespin: “You’re dating this idiot?” to which Leia glares and says, quite plainly, that Vader has no authority over who she chooses to date.

- instead of fighting, Luke and Vader just chill on Bespin until Leia picks Luke up. Vader once again attempts to convince Luke to join the Dark Side. Luke goes “Dad you don’t even like Palpatine. Half the time you try and convince us to join you just to defeat him. Why don’t you join the Rebel Alliance huh?” And Vader mutters some half-hearted Jedi bullshit about how once someone joins the darkside they can never leave and besides the rebels would never accepted him and HONESTLY HE JUST WANTS TO SPEND TIME WITH HIS KIDS so maybe he will think about it

- Vader finds out what happened on Tattooine, and sends both Luke and Leia like half a million credits each and a super encouraging encrypted email talking about how proud he is of them for KILLING A HUTT that Leia absolutely does not keep shhh SHUT UP HAN why are you going through her stuff anyway huh???

- basically, all of the awkward dad vader attempting to parent his children while also fighting them.

  • Valkorion: I'm going to possess you and reclaim the Eternal Throne.
  • D'leah, Hero of Tython: What the fuck did you just fucking say to me, you little bitch? I'll have you know I graduated top of my class at the Jedi Temple, and I've been involved in numerous secret raids against the Empire, and have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in lightsaber warfare and I'm the top duelist of all Jedi forces. You are nothing to me but just another Sith. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before in this galaxy, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to my face? Think again, fucker. As we speak, I am contacting my secret network of Alliance spies across the galaxy and your kids are going to kill you, so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You're fucking dead, Vitiate. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that's just with the Force. Not only am I extensively trained in lightsaber combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the Galactic Republic and Eternal Alliance, and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass out of the galaxy, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little "clever" betrayal was going to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn't, you didn't, and now you're paying the price, you goddamned idiot. I will shit justice all over you and you will drown in it. You're fucking dead, Vitiate.
Friend Like Sheev

Inspired by the idea of Anakin Skywalker: Disney Princess from my own personal Sith Lord @writegowrite and @darthluminescent I have come up with a Disney song for everyone’s least favorite murderous Shar pei Sith Lord, Sheev Palpatine/Darth Sidious for the inevitable Disney Musical re-imagining of Star Wars.

So… I give you…

Friend Like Sheev (To the tune of Friend Like Me)

Now Obi-Wan maybe a Jedi, true
And his heart is in the right place
But Ani you’re in luck cause I’ve got news
There’s a Sith right before your face!

I am the man behind the whole Clone War
I am the leader of the Senate, too
Well you and me, a team, we could go far
See all you gotta do is kill that man, for me, my boy

Come on, dear Anakin, just tell me what you need
Let’s save your wife, improve your life
You ain’t never had a friend like Sheev!

Power’s simply the best as you can surely see
Ani just tell me what it is you want
You ain’t never had a friend like Sheev!

My boy, the Dark Side’s full of power
We’re the best, it’s true, we are!
Just hear me out, I am, no doubt
The greatest Sith Lord out there by far!
I want to help you boy, and save dear Padme’s life
My powers yours, my new Sith lord
You ain’t never had a friend like Sheev!

Kill them all! (Jedi) Younglings Too! (Jedi) Windu first! (That’s my boy)

Can Jedi do this?
Can Jedi do that?
Can Obi-Wan shoot this?
From his little hands!
And didn’t he ditch you?
Lied to your face?
Can he even save dear Padme, save your kid?
Or will he put you back in your place?

So please don’t tell me that you don’t need me
I’m here to answer all your frantic prayers
I am the only Sith Lord you will need
And you know we only come in pairs

I have a powerful urge to help you out
Just kill the Jedi, then maybe Obi-Wan
I know it’s hard to hear that, Lord Vader
But I really need Kenobi gone, my son

My dear boy Anakin, what do you need from me?
I’ll save your life, maybe your wife

You ain’t never had a friend, never had a friend,
You ain’t never had a friend, never had a friend,
You ain’t never had a friend like Sheev!

You ain’t never had a friend like Sheev.

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I want Luke to have turned the entire Jedi order (at least in terms of what it believes and what it teaches) on its head. He does it after he figures out exactly why his father turned to the dark side, which was for love and being told not to love or to have emotion and Luke's just like to heck with all those rules you can love you can have emotions (just don't let either control you, that is what the Jedi missed)

Hahaha yes. Luke Skywalker is not, and will never, be a Jedi Classique ™ because his attachments do not make him weak. They give him strength. And no matter what a bullshit space frog taught him in a swamp somewhere, he knows that ‘having friends leads to fear of losing friends leads to abandoning everything you value and hold dear, killing a bunch of babbies and choosing a really emo new name for yourself and also getting better fashion sense’ isn’t the best way of raising a new generation of people powerful enough to shape the galaxy.

Balance he says and then, again (because Yoda’s force ghost just tried to say something). Balance. And he says these a lot, and sometimes – when he’s feeling a bit frustrated – he will embellish: balance doesn’t mean a rigid commitment to not having emotions. No one can do that. What cannot bend will break. What cannot love will die. No man is an island, and we are not gods. 

(occasionally, when a bit drunk, he’ll just say: fucking balance you Jedi fuckers.)

And that makes Kylo’s betrayal all the worse, doesn’t it? Because Luke did everything right; Luke was so kind, and so good, and it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t enough. 

Redemption ?

I think that kylo Ren true changing won't be a redemption.
Not in a proper sense .
he won’t fall on knees imploring the forgiveness from anyone .
He can’t erase what he has done and who he is..
what he needs now is to accept the light he has in him ,
he needs to know he can live with both sides.
Find the “balance”
And stop being torn appart .
I think Rey’s role in it
is the fact he’ll never be able to kill her when he’ll have the opportunity
And that will change him a lot.

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Prompt:  “It wasn’t supposed to be this way.”

Character: Kylo Ren

Warning: Angst

“You were my brother, Ben…” Your brother is but a stranger to you know, dark clothing, dark heart, dark eyes, dark, dark, dark. You never forgave him for betraying you all, but you might have had be repented, had he tried to be better…but he didn’t. He didn’t want to. He was too far gone. He was given the choice and he chose to kill your father over everything else.

“Ben is dead.” 

“It wasn’t supposed to be this way.” You think back to being children running around and pretending to be jedi, you think back to when Uncle Luke first to you both to train, how quickly you’d understood and how little Ben had. You think back to the plan that you’d both be great jedi, doing good, being good…and now he was destroying planets and killing innocents. 

“You can still join me.”



“What’s the point of all this?”

“How well would you sleep knowing I failed you?”

“You can kill me, but you will never destroy me.”

Lovely Ahsoka is my newest drawing.

Order 66 AU

So I totally just had a thought.

After having watched the Clone Wars and everything that came with it, good and bad, I firmly believe that the clone would absolutely NOT be okay with Order 66. In the show, its revealed that they have chips in their brains that will make them carry out 66 whether they want to or not - they aren’t given a choice in the matter. And from what I’ve seen, the chip works a bit like a switch. It turns off who they are as a person and switches them over to this mindless soldier who will follow orders without question. (Good soldiers follow orders.)

What if, when that happens, the clones are still aware of whats happening? What if it’s like those mind control tropes where they’re trapped in their own heads with no way out? What if instead of just following orders, they fought back against the programming?

They wouldn’t be 100% successful, of course, because this is like complete brain washing and removal of autonomy, and not all of them would fight it. But those that worked closely with the jedi? Those that have fought with them and bled with them? Have been protected by them? Those that have been treated like people by the jedi rather than the meat clankers a large portion of the Republic sees them as? They will fight against 66 with everything that they are. They will do everything that they can to make sure that their Generals live. They will find ALL of the loopholes around the order.

Bly and his squad making sure to hit non-vital spots when they shoot General Secura. Once she’s down, she’s been “executed” and they can reign the order in and get their General medical attention before shipping her off somewhere away from them. (She trusted them with her back and even when they raise their blasters at her, she was looking for an outside threat. Because they were her men and she trusted them and they just broke that trust.)

Stass Allie’s troopers crashing their speeders instead of shooting at her - killing themselves instead of their General.

Cody and the 212th missing Obi-Wan on purpose. (The General couldn’t have survived that fall so we aren’t going to waste time looking for him when her is obviously dead.)

The Wolfpack convincing Plo to leave before they shoot him down - the clones flying in front of each other to block of shots because Order 66 doesn’t say anything about killing brothers and if a brother is in the way of shooting their General, well then they obviously can’t take that shot.

Grey and Styles managing to curb themselves just in time, but General Billaba is still in some pretty rough shape. She slips into a coma just like she did after she nearly died saving them. (It’s just like before when she was bleeding out bust still standing because they were alive and if she could get them out, if she could save them then she didn’t completely fail them. Except now they are the ones who have hurt her. And Caleb, oh god Caleb -)

Kix and Jesse and all of our favorites from the 501st making younglings tell them “I am not a jedi. I’m a person and my name is -” and it they aren’t jedi, then they don’t need to be killed. Having the younglings tell support staff and older padawans and knights that the clones only kill jedi and since they aren’t jedi, they need to leave. Kix and Jesse smuggling as many people out as they can before they run into their own General (What the hell is he doing? These are his brothers and sisters and he’s cutting them down like they’re nothing. This man is not our General. Our General would NEVER do this. This man with our General’s face is someone else and we are loyal to Anakin Skywalker - not who ever you are now.)

Obi-Wan and Yoda seeing security footage of Kix and Jesse evacuating the younglings.

Clone leaving messages for their Generals explaining Order 66 and asking them to avoid them. And if they can’t - don’t hesitate to cut us down. Because the clones were made for the Jedi and someone has tainted that and taken away our personhood in the process and we would rather die than harm you.

And the Jedi - well the Jedi are horrified.

And the Healers that survive start kidnapping clone troopers and running tests and - oh what’s this strange chip?

Jedi healers operating on clone troopers to remove the chips. Jedi slowly taking their troopers back one at a time. Jedi helping troopers heal and regain their identities.

Jedi and clone troopers going into hiding together. Jedi reuniting with their clone troopers. Jedi and clone troopers setting up a network of safe houses across the galaxy. Jedi and clone troopers setting up watches over force sensitive kids to protect them from the Empire - but from a distance, always from a distance. 

Jedi and clone troopers starting the Rebellion earlier.

Jedi and clone troopers who refuse to betray each other.

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I'm curious? How exactly do you see reylo becoming canon when he tortured her and killed his own father? There isn't even subtext so I'm confused by all the "canon sources" you seem to be reading

(before anything- Reylo is not canon yet. I strongly believe it will be. If you refer to me saying so in my blog title etc. that is mostly to scare off harassing antis so they do not follow me. I’m not talking about normal people who don’t ship reylo following me, here I’m refering to the death threat senders and those who throw all sorts of slurs at reylo shipppers. I do not want them on my blog.)

I’ve thought a lot about how I should answer you on this anon. Short or long? Precise or jokingly? I’ve come to the conclusion that if you really want to know, what you should get back is a (at least almost) definite answer. I will spend a lot of time on Kylo/Ben, since that seems to be the man some people have problems with, not just with the ship Reylo but with his character as a whole.

I’d also like to state right now, before you bring in every piece of logic you’d usually apply to any real-world situation. There are two things we need to be clear about: this is fiction. This is a fictional ship. This whole story is a made up thing, by bringing in every moral and standard you have normally nothing in Star Wars makes no sense. Secondly, no character is perfect. Not a single one. Kylo has his flaws, Rey has her flaws, even our darling Finn does. The original trio has em and there’s so much to pick from in the prequels. I won’t go into that any more, but you need to have this clear. No, Kylo is in no way a perfect prince and no he will not be treated as such. Got it? Ok let’s go!

Let’s start with Kylo Ren, previously known as Ben Solo!

Now, just to give a quick reminder, he is not irredeemable. He feels compassion. He is not okay with the First Order blowing up planets (read the canon novel fam). He most likely grew up on one of those planets destroyed. He is not a psychopath.  

So now let’s get to the Han death scene, shall we? I don’t know how people think he initially wanted to kill Han, or that it was his plan all along to trick him into some false sense of security or something? There are a LOT of ways you can interpret this scene, and to try to not make this too long I won’t go into every detail. If you could not see that he was truly torn apart and did not know what to do I really am confused by how you watched this movie. He is distraught, wanting to go back but knowing he never could. Yes, he believes that he never could go back with Han, because of all the awful things he has done (see “It’s too late”). It doesn’t matter if Han says no (and sometimes I wonder if Han really believed his own words, see this theory on this scene if you’re interested: ), he has already made up his mind about that fact. His only choice in this scene as far as we can see according to him is to kill himself or kill Han. He can’t go back to Snoke without killing Han, he can’t go back to Han because of his actions. I’m sure he does not want to die, and makes that terrible decision to kill Han. Hopefully that will help him stay on the dark path, he believes. Listen; he is not okay with what he did. That’s the whole point of the scene and his death. Even though he did the darkest of acts- killing his own father,- he still can’t get rid of the light still inside him. Still, when he was stabbed by his son, Han caresses his face, as to say he still believes in him, or still cares for him. It’s not far fetched to think that Kylo didn’t believe that he cared- he was not there for him during his childhood and sent him away to train with Luke! Still though, he can’t justify it himself which is what makes him redeemable to me. (Another interesting theory regarding his struggle with the light is that Snoke actually encourages him to use BOTH light and dark, but somehow Kylo only wants to be dark? I don’t know what to make of that yet, but it is still interesting to note.)

I hate to say this, because I do truly love Han Solo, but Kylo killing him is not inexcusable. I’ve gone through it before, you know. When Darth Vader killed Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan is one of, if not my number one favorite character in Star Wars. Still, I got through it, and while I was pissed at Vader I still accepted his redemption. He killed Palpatine, the worst of the worst. I don’t know how y’all can’t see that this is setting itself up to be done again, with Kylo killing Snoke in most likely episode IX. Snoke is no better than Palpatine, they both are despicable beings (who has shown no indication of remorse/compassion whatsoever) and they’re both going to be slain by our legendary Skywalker line, whom they thought they had seduced well enough to have on their side just to have them both eventually turn on them. Kylo is already showing a lack of faith in Snoke. Honestly, he might’ve even killed his father to finally have access to his physical form, as we still don’t know if he actually has even met him face to face! Imagine that! Besides, Kylo hates the weapon. He does not want to use it. He never wanted to kill his father. This is going into too much theorizing but what did Vader want to do? He keeps saying “I’ll finish what you started”. I can only think of Vader destroying the Jedi (which must be why he wants to locate Luke- so he can end the Jedi). HMMMMM I wonder who else says they want the Jedi to end??????????? *cough*it’s Luke*cough* What if it was Luke who first betrayed Ben back in the day? Anyway that’s enough for now.

A quick stop with some Rey too!

I’d like to talk about the interrogation scene with Rey here. No, this is not a “classic”torture scene. Really, it is not. Please compare this scene with what the First Order did to Poe earlier in the film. That is torture. Kylo has stated in the novel that he does not want to hurt her. Yes, he does say that! Guess what he says! ”Despite what you may believe, it gives men no pleasure. I will go as easily as possible- but I will take what I need.” Guess what! This is exactly what he does! He tries to use the mind probe force ability to get his crucial piece of information painlessly out of her. Unfortunately, he fails to do so. Rey instead uses this same dark side ability to do the same to him, revealing his darkest fears to him. There are multiple times Rey struggled with the dark side in this film alone, this scene and during the fight in the forest. In the end of the fight she even considers killing him, a dark side of the force thing to do (remember “it’s not the jedi way!!!11!!1” – Anakin). 

Aaaanyway- her “hurting from the probe” is also very much up to interpretation too. In the novel there is no mention of her feeling pain from it(probably because Kylo says he will do this as painlessly as he can), but she’s stressing because she’s trying to stop it and that’s why she is so distressed. Listen it is not okay that he kidnapped her and caused her this stress, but you do realize that she is is enemy? And still- even though he could treat her the worst possible way he did not. Of COURSE Rey is in distress being captured by him, and that is not okay but what did you expect? What I’m saying is that technically he should treat her worse, but my point here is that he still didn’t. He is supposed to be the big baddie! Which is why it makes it so special that he does not harm her. 

Another highly important fact to consider; she always shoots first. When they meet in the forest for the first time, she fires at him, unbeknownst to who he his. He comments on this (novel), saying “You would kill me. Knowing nothing about me.” She says he is of the First Order so why wouldn’t she, and he replies with that she doesn’t and that she is ignorant. He continues with “So afraid. Yet I should be the one who should be scared. You shot first. You speak of the First Order as if it were barbaric, And yet, it is I who was forced to defend myself against you.” This of course happens once again in the forest with her firing her blaster at him first. He is forced to knock her out so she wouldn’t try to harm him further, because yes, she would. This we see when she gets the lightsaber, and she charges at him. He is defending himself, still stunned about how good she is at literally everything. She is the one who slices him up, cutting his face, are two seconds away from killing him. She didn’t have a scratch from what we saw. 

So to the good stuff- reylo. Why? How?

Listen- we don’t want a toxic-capture-prisoner-slave-rape thing that somehow people seem to believe. The most of us want them to be together on the same side, be that the dark side, light side or the most popular and mostly loved outcome- in the middle, together. Since I believe the route they’re going is the middle ground, I’m going to focus on this one ok? Save dark Reylo for the fanfiction. 

OKAY SO if you ship Reylo then you most likely believe that they formed a force bond when they entered each others minds(or when he first entered hers in the forest, but that is up to interpretation), which honestly seems like the only logical way for her to be that knowledgeable of the force after their encounter. She succeeds in doing the mind-probe back at him, in addition to using a Jedi mind trick on the (James Bond) stormtrooper aaand getting that lightsaber in the forest without ANY training. If they formed a force bond, this would actually make sense as the core of a force bond is borrowing each other’s strength. She could have picked up how to do all these things through him.

Before this bond was made Kylo mentions this “something” at least three times in the novel talking about her. Rey also thinks that she finds herself drawn to Kylo when they meet again in the forest, which all would make sense if they formed a force bond. Kylo’s pre-force bond “somethings” could be him sensing there is a possibility of that bond, which would make sense with him saying “something there. Something unexpected.”

For Star Wars this is an unexplored story- a light side-dark side romance. This has been explored in the now expanded universe, but not in what we consider canon. Imagine all the possibilities! The novel Lost Stars (yup a canon novel) they have explored the Empire-Rebel romance thing, and that is such an amazing story you definitely should read. For the movies this is a new thing that is just screaming to happen. Even marketing is pushing these two as the main characters of this saga- further establishing how their relationship is at the core of this trilogy. Rey said she feels like their destinies are intertwined, and guess what TLJ will definitely further develop that.

While I would adore it if they went romantic with it, they don’t have to.  This story can work with them just relying on their force bond connection to so become friendly towards each other. However, adding a romantic factor would really spice it up and make it a lot more interesting.

(If you are a fan of the “cutesy” way of shipping them then you must’ve seen the way he looked at her when she catched the lightsaber. Literal heart eyes. He is so attracted to her, be that romantic of because of the force bond- so much so that he wants to teach her and never harm her.)

Anyway- I have no idea how or how much you know about Reylo, but you should know we predicted balance being the main plot for this saga back in 2015/16 right after release. All that by reading the subtext of the film, novel and script notes. We picked up this ship also, as being the main indicator of this balance. We knew that their bond would be the center piece, which is why it does make sense to ship them. They’re yin and yang- different, and yet the same. Lonely, isolated in their own way. We want them to find happiness in each other.  

The reason I’m not saying anything about the Finn and Rey ship here is because I have nothing against it. I love them, they’re adorable. Personally though I want and strongly believe Reylo will be the way this is going, and then I can only hope they’re brave enough to go with Finn and Poe. If not, there were rumors about a “Finn-love-interest” being cast for ep VIII far back and now we have Rose- so tbh I would not be surprised if they put them together either.


I am not forcing you to ship this. You are allowed to like and not like whatever you want to. What I am tired of is having to justify my ship because others don’t bother to read subtext, because the film, the promotional material for TLJ and everything Rian says about it all but confirms it for me. What I am asking of you is to ship and let ship. Stop hating on such a small, insignificant thing because yes it is insignificant for you if you don’t care about it, but stop harassing shippers for what they enjoy. I have no idea if you’ve participated in any of this, I hope you have decency enough to not have done it anyway, but that needed to be said. 

As a last note to this, it needs to be said that Star Wars has never been a fluffy, cutesy non-problematic series. There are sooo many morally wrong decisions being made by all characters, so cherry picking which are good “cinnamon rolls” and who is not is not the way to go when you discuss this saga seriously (note: when discussing seriously. by all means make whatever memes suits you for the fun of it fun). This saga is so much deeper than that. The conflict between light and dark has always been at its core, and as we know nothing is ever black and white about this. I am so glad they’re finally solidifying the balance between the to to be focal point.

Thanks for not sending hate and actually asking for a serious opinion, I hope this answered your question in some way. If not, well, go back on anon and specify whatever you feel wasn’t properly said I guess. So yeah, thanks for not going all about this in a hateful way. 

I just saw someone taking to task Mark’s comments about Luke and Leia being there for Han’s death. Which, I still have a problem with because Han shouldn’t have died and also, uh, why would the two Force users sit on the sidelines while Han deals with Kylo but it’s still ahead of what was on the screen which had zero impact…but this article trotted out, one more time, the complaints of Michael Arndt, Abrams and Kasdan about bringing Luke into the plot too early (so totally unlike bringing Han in early or having Luke all over TLJ, y’know)

If I see ONE MORE ARTICLE about how poor JJ and Larry couldn’t put Luke into TFA earlier, or put all three of them in TFA because it would “overshadow” the new kids, I’m going to turn into Hannibal Smith and burn some shit down:

Originally posted by big-sky-dreamer

They’re getting PAID to do this. Look, that’s like me saying to you “I can’t do this” except when I say this in my job, it’s because it’s ILLEGAL. There’s no damn law against putting Luke in the movie or putting them all together.

Because what the hell is Han doing in your movie except exactly what Luke would have done if he was in it that early? 

Also, and I was guilty of believing this early on, but SHOW ME IN WRITING where Ford was there for one movie. 

And even if he WAS - FFS, you can’t put them in a scene together? The way people talk about it, it’s as if the movie was handed down from a Supreme Being like the Ten Commandments. It wasn’t. 

If the old characters overshadow your new characters, then you better look in the mirror and adjust YOUR writing! 

People nod along, sagely, saying “it had to be.” “It’s better that way, more dramatic.” “Oh, it’s more tragic that Han dies that way.” “Life is fucking hard and Jedi was a bullshit happy ending and this corrects it.” And so on, and so forth, until I just want to ask…

If George Lucas had made Force Awakens, what would you have said?

I can safely predict that I would have logged onto the Internet when I got home from the movie and the entire thing would have been full of “George ripped off himself” “He killed Han Solo!” “He broke up Han and Leia!” “He made Luke a failure - why?” “Why were Luke, Han and Leia never in a scene together?”

But because it’s JJ Abrams, all I see is “Oh, he’s revived Star Wars! He took it out of the hands of that awful George Lucas and just made it modern!”

Yeah. Not so much.

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Does Anakin actually go and see Palpatine to complain about people trying to kill Obi-Wan? Because that seems like it could go REALLY wrong.

(References this ficlet)

Blast it. May the Jedi burn in the deepest lava of Mustafar for eternity!

How is it possible for Kenobi to be such an obstacle without doing anything at all? Simply by existing? Simply by being an average Jedi? What is it about the man that inspires loyalty from others? Loyalty he certainly doesn’t deserve.

Skywalker has finally paid Palpatine a visit again. Far too late—considering how long he’s been on Coruscant—in Palpatine’s opinion.

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Just Let Go

Going to Padme’s apartment had been a mistake. As soon as he entered through the doors to find her nowhere in sight, Obi-Wan knew that it had been a mistake to come here. 

He had wanted to warn Padme. To tell her (even though it would shatter her heart as it had his) that Anakin had Fallen. What he had done in the Temple (how he had slaughtered countless children, children who had looked up to him, trusted him). To try and get her away before anything could happen to her, because he didn’t know what Anakin was capable of. Not anymore. 

But she wasn’t here. 

Had Anakin gotten to her already?

Then there was a sudden screaming of warning in the Force, to leave, leave now while he still could….! 

A familiar presence in the Force, Anakin!

An arm snakes around his waist in an durasteel grip, pinning both his arms at the same time as a sickly sweet smelling rag is pressed against his face. 

“Hello, Master. If you’re looking for Padme, I’m afraid you just missed her. I’ve already moved her to a safe location.”

Obi-Wan struggled to pull away, to free one of his arms, to get away, but Anakin simply dragged him closer. 

“I knew this would happen. I knew it the moment that the Council sent you to Utapau without me. They were already planning then. Planning to take you away from me, to turn you against me. They never wanted me to be a Jedi or for you to train me and when they saw how close we had gotten, how well we worked together, all they wanted was to tear us apart. They thought I was blind, but I knew.”

Obi-Wan can feel his legs start to get weak from whatever it was Anakin was using to drug him. They buckle beneath him and Anakin sinks to the floor with him, never once releasing him from his grip.

“That’s why you’re here. They sent you to try and kill me. But it’s all right, Master. I forgive you. I’ll make things right between us. You’ll see.“ 

Obi-Wan’s vision begins to tunnel; the room starts to fade. Dimly, he feels Anakin press a gentle kiss to the top of his head. 

"Just let go, Master. I’ll keep you safe. I promise.”


It may just be me, but you seem to have been having a rough week so have a Vaderwan drabble. Featuring Vaderkin being a creepy, creepy brat.


Ah dude, I wish it were only you. It was more of a rough month really (#surviveJune2016) but it’s over and done with now, and July has been pretty nice to me so far!

But thank you for this anyway. It was nice of you to think of me.

And *purr* creepy obsessive Vaderkin is my favorite kind! Gaaah, when Anakin does the whole “I forgive you. I’ll fix it. You’ll love me again.” bit, sliding down along with Obi-Wan, kissing the top of his head… BOY. STOPPIT. OBI-WAN NEEDS AN ADULT. AIJFIOJOAWCSDAFSCDA. 

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Thanks for the ask(s)!

Which muse is the biggest heart breaker?

Definitely Vharmir (smuggler in game, but an SIS agent in my stories). Handsome, suave and talented in more ways than meet the eye….but also broken by the deaths of his family during the Sack of Coruscant and fanatically driven by a desire to destroy the Empire. He doesn’t have any interest in building meaningful relationships or caring for people (even himself). And he might just be using you for intelligence purposes or even be planning to kill you.

Which muse is the most innocent?

I see someone else asked this so I’ll answer directly on this one - Olympia, my Jedi Consular is the stereotypical naïve Jedi just trying to do the right thing and help as many people as she can. She definitely has her eyes opened somewhat as time goes on, but never quite loses that semi-naivety.

Which muse loves shopping sprees?

Also Olympia, actually! She’s a big fan of the in-universe Cartel Market, using it to buy various toys collectibles and especially themed outfits that she never wears but likes to think about wearing. Olympia is a big fan of these “authentic replicas”, especially her Bastila Shan outfit and some social gear she purchased for Felix.

Amitia, my Knight, also enjoys shopping for certain things - especially memorabilia related to popular holo-show Zeena, Jedi Warrior Princess.

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Anakin's captured by separatist forces and general grievous shows up to interrogate him. A few minutes in and it's starting to seem like grievous is more interested in finding out what obi wan kenobi thinks of him rather than learning any Jedi intel. Anakin is so uncomfortable

I’M LITERALLY FUCKIGN JDNGJKSDNG BYE OH MY GOD……. can you just imagine….. anakin starts out so stoic and resolute, but by the end of it he honestly wishes grievous would just fucking kill him right there and then so he wouldn’t have to endure any more. he seriously considers offering grievous his own lightsaber, the dishonour of being felled with one’s own blade be damned. who can blame him honestly when the conversation would probably go something like this:

“i’ll never tell you anything, grievous” *evil chuckle* “we have ways of making you talk, jedi scum. i don’t need the force to tell how terrified you are of me. almost as terrified as your master, kenobi” “obi-wan isn’t my master anymore, and - hey, what does obi-wan have to do with this anyway?” “he’s a talented general, loathe as i am to admit it. i’m sure he says the same about me” “what” “he always seems especially scared when i wear my silk cloak rather than my usual cloak. have you noticed that?” “i don’t…” “surely you have, you spend so much time with him. that must be excellent for analysing his technique. if anyone could defeat him, it would be you.” “i -” “but i already know plenty about that. it is more encrypted intel that i require. does he ever talk about me” “don’t… don’t you want to know the contents of the holocron” “this information is more pertinent to my interests. so, when he talks about me, what does he say? how fearsome i am? how gravelly my voice is? does he like my arms” “please let me go”

Best Friends: Anakin imagine

The day seemed so long. It was kind of a blur. Working with the young padawans was not an easy job.

I wasn’t a Jedi, or the slightest bit force sensitive. I was just one of the caretakers of the young Jedi.

The only thing that made life bearable in the temple is Anakin. He is my best friend, yes I have other friends but he’s different. There was just something about him. Maybe it was his laugh, or his confidence.

I met him when I was 15, when I was brought to work at the temple. He was a few years older than me but the only other person close to my own age. At first our relationship was pretty bumpy, who would be that annoying teenagers who would always tease me. After a while we grew close to each other, really close. It seems impossible to go a day without Anakin  but now that he’s older, he goes on missions and I hardly see him that much.

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Here’s my list of the crack OTPs I have for the SWTOR universe so far in no particular order

  •  Darth Marr/Sith Inquisitor: It’s such a good pairing? Like, it’s the OTP of OTPs honestly. These two Sith pretty much rule the Empire together and there’s such respect there that I shipped it instantly.  
  • Darth Marr/Smuggler: Big bad Sith lord, leader of the Dark Council falling head over heels for the non-Force using, hapless space-pirate? What’s not to adore?
  • Jedi Knight/Scourge: Another one I cannot believe is not a canon option because there is enough chemistry between these two to power a rocket to the goddamn moon.
  • Darth Marr/Sith Warrior: It’s a lot like the Knight and Lady relationship trope honestly, with Marr serving as the Dark Lady to the Warrior’s Dark Knight, though with a lot less stereotypical “evil.” And I love what this pairing could be, if given the chance to grow.  
  • Trooper/Mace: I can just imagine the Trooper pursuing Jace and it is so good. There’s so much potential here that I can’t even-
  • Darth Marr/Bounty Hunter: This pairing shares a lot of the overtones the Warrior’s relationship with Marr does, but differs because the Hunter’s not only not a Force User but there’s a lot of inherited overtones from the Vader/Fett interactions. However, there’s a lot of vitriolic bonding that’s just… shippable. 
  • Sith Warrior/Vowrawn: There’s such chemistry and smirking and eye fucking going on between these two I honestly don’t know how he’s not a romance option. Let the Warrior kiss their freshly rescued Sith lord damn it!
  • Darth Marr/Agent: Probably the most volatile relationship of the Imperial Classes, due to the varied choices you can make in the Agent’s storyline. But the passion these two share….
  • Sith Inquisitor/Pierce: They’re both fierce, sarcastic, irreverent people and I am weak to couples that banter.
  • Darth Marr/Jedi Knight: Well they both hate Vitiate/Valkorion and want to kill him…For real though, there’s a lot here that’s not about their shared hatred of Vitiate. These are two people who know what it means to sacrifice for their people, and there’s a lot of interesting dynamics to take into account when Marr will never turn against the Empire and the Knight’s wavering under the weight of everything that’s happened to them. I think Marr’s inherent stability and surety of purpose would be an enormous draw to the Knight, and the Knight’s accomplishments coupled with their own questions would pique Marr’s curiosity. 
  • Darth Marr/Jedi Consular: The Consular and Marr share a lot of similarities in how they conduct their business as Jedi/Sith and as diplomats. They’re willing to work with whomever they have to in order to fulfill their goals, and are both visionary leaders of their orders. A lot of the dynamic from the Inquisitor/Marr relationship is shared due to the great similarities shared between the Consular and Inquisitor, but there’s a gigantic streak of Forbidden Romance to this along with Starcrossed Lovers since the Consular is less likely to be in a more…unstable position than the Knight.
  • Malavai Quinn/Bounty Hunter: The prim and proper Imperial officer with the rough-and-tumble “thug” that’s very likely to be a non-human? Hot. 
  • Darth Marr/Trooper: It’s Satele/Jace, but with a genderbent Sith Satele and a couple metric tons more of the Starcrossed Lovers and Forbidden Romance thing than Satele/Jace 1.0 ever had.
  • Sith Inquisitor/Torian Cadera: ??? Aesthetic? I dunno why, but these two are shippable
  • Malavai Quinn/Smuggler: Mr. Fussy with the flirty, irreverent Smuggler? Yes. 
  • Agent/SCORPIO: The Agent and SCORPIO have such an interesting dynamic that keeps evolving in ways that make me want more interactions between them. (Chaste relationship only though, b/c I can never picture SCORPIO wanting to do something like that.)

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"I have seen too much of what hate can do."

ben hur (1959) | ACCEPTING

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He had never realized how much he’d grown up to hate until Ben had started teaching him that hate was dangerous, that it led to the dark side.

Tatooine is as far from the Jedi’s wisdom as any place in the galaxy could get. The desert is different. You hate the sand because you can never get it out of your clothes and because it whips at your skin and gouges at your eyes and steals the breath from your throat in a storm, and can kill you if you’re unlucky. You hate the suns that beat down hard and angry because they burn your skin and suck the moisture from the hot ground, and can kill you if you’re unlucky. You hate the Hutts because they’ve enslaved your people since time immemorial and trap even the free-born under their oppressive thumb, and can kill you if you’re unlucky—and do much worse. You hate the Empire because they let them, and can kill you if you are lucky, because you probably have to get off Tatooine first for them to bother.

It’s different for the rest of the galaxy. He’s heard brief snatches of stories, about Mandalore during the last war—it was different there too. Where the Empire goes, hate means domination. Hate means striking first and striking innocents. Hate means the Death Star, and an entire planet being obliterated all for one girl to know she’s beaten.

Luke looks at Satine, frankly, and because he can hardly find all those words, says two simple ones instead:

“Me too.”

A Binding Contract

Prompt by: Anonymous

A/N: Although i don’t believe Padme would ever do this (or Obi-Wan for that matter) i did enjoy writing it. Padme is just too good of person and far too stubborn in her own morals to side with Anakin. Lovely prompt though, even if i did get a little off topic. So sorry anon i do that way too much!

Imagine: Obi-Wan and Padme turn to the Dark Side with Anakin. You have to try and build a resistance against them.

Warning: None.

Originally posted by dyingsighs

Padme runs out of the Naboo Royal ship to meet her husband, flinging her arms around him as they meet.

“I saw your ship,” Anakin says, the vaguest hint of worry in his eyes. “What are you doing out here?”

“I was so worried about you,” Padme explains, gripping Anakin’s arms as if her life depends on it. “Obi-Wan told me terrible things.” Her breath is uneven and the young Jedi can feel her heart race. He can feel her fear.

“What things?” he asks, more concerned for himself than her.

“He said…you turned to the Dark Side, that you’d killed people,” the worry and fear in her voice makes Anakin pause. He certainly doesn’t want to upset her more.

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