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The Tenth Doctor And Rose

An assortment of images I had on my hard drive of the two of them being cute together.

David Tennant on Billie Piper:
On the subject of Rose, you can tell Tennant has already established a jokey, fun relationship with his co-star Billie Piper. “Billie Piper? I can’t bear the woman,” he says with a grin. “It’s becoming quite problematic, actually. We never film at the same time. We have to be edited together afterwards. We can’t be in the same room.”
        - The Herald - December 2005

Billie Piper on David Tennant:
I see him quite a lot, we are really good mates. I like everything about him, which makes it really easy to be in his company.  He’s a sweet, sweet guy. I call him to ask him all my acting questions and he always supports what I do.
        - Wales on Sunday - January 2008


Isaac Cordal’s “Sasiedzi” in Lodz, Poland.

For Isaac Cordal’s latest outdoors installation project entitled “Sasiedzi” (Which means neighbors in Polish) he wanted to define isolation in modern times.

Isaac says of the piece: “The installation is a reflection on our relationship with the outdoors due to the use of new technologies. The new modern outdoors is linked more with virtual spaces than with their physical counterparts. Never before have we been so connected one to the other yet at the same time being so isolated.”

You can check out my other posts about Isaac on Supersonic here.

No one knows how Amber identifies (there are many possibilities) or if she is actually interested in men (she sure appears to be). But stop saying “who is she kidding” or “I hope not, what guy would date her”.

In addition to fans acting like it’s impossible for Amber, as a tomboy, to be attracted to male-identified individuals for really superficial reasons having nothing to do with sexual orientation…

People also act like there’s no way that a male-identified person could be attracted to her for those same stupid reasons.

You don’t think there’s a guy out there who’d love a girlfriend he could LITERALLY hang out with and do the exact same shit with as he does with his boys and have his girlfriend be genuinely into it? Like Pokemon shit, basketball, skateboard, etc. A guy who could experience sharing clothes with his girlfriend -that’s so fucking cool and rare in m/f relationships. I’ve never even seen that. Can you imagine some dude taking Amber’s hoodie cause it smells like her? Or them trading fave hoodies and button-ups? That’d be cute as shit.

And talk about couples items, Amber and her boyfriend would have a different pair of couple Jordans for every occasion.

Amber Liu could steal your man. Know that.


I read theories about Furuta being Yoshitoki’s son because of his hairstyle but if you focus on Iyo Washuu, she have the same hairstyle like Furuta and also both of them have the same smiley face.

BESIDES we know that Furuta can’t call his father “father” why? irdk but if you notice the relationship of Matsuri and Iyo (his wife), he didn’t love her and they’re an arranged marriage so this could it be the reason that furuta can’t call Matsuri like a father?

Matsuri and furuta have never met face to face in the manga before, what if they’re father and son?

I feel so lucky to have been in this fandom when One Direction was in it’s prime. The band is never going to be the same without Zayn - no one knows what the future will hold for the other four but I wish Zayn all the best. We can’t be mad at Zayn for this - we all know that he struggled with the fame the most out of everyone. He was the one that got the most shit from outside the world. There were cheating rumors almost every week - which put a strain on his relationship with Perrie (where you believe it to be real or not). He was picked apart and judged for his religion, he experienced Islamophobia on a level that most people cannot even begin to comprehend - not only for Zayn himself but for his family as well which I’m sure came with a lot of guilt. He was constantly being accused of using drugs even though nothing more than weed was ever confirmed and yet on one of the biggest morning talk shows in America he was called out for using drugs when he wasn’t even there. Zayn received more hate for who he was as a person than any other member of One Direction did and really all he wanted in the beginning was to get confirmation that he could actually sing - not to be world famous.  

We got a glimpse at what appeared to be happy Zayn at the beginning of this tour. Think about how much you enjoyed seeing him like that and think about how he is going to be like that ALL THE TIME now. Zayn can do whatever he wants now. He can focus on his art, hell maybe you’ll get the chance to own one of his pieces in the future. He is only twenty-two he has his whole life ahead of him and the best thing that you can do is to wish him happiness. 

And think of it like this, at least Zayn ended on a good note. There were no crazy public fights with the other four, they’re still his best friends, his brothers. He can still hang out with them and see them and you know that he will. It’s clear to me that this was not an easy decision for him to make. But don’t be selfish, you don’t know the whole story or exactly what Zayn was dealing with when he left. Mental health is very important and if leaving is what Zayn needs then that’s what he needs to do and we all need to support his decision. 

So reblog all of your favorite pictures of him, Youtube the crap out of Zayn’s Funnies/Cutest Moments, and read all of your favorite Zayn fanfics. Just whatever you do support him, don’t be mad him, and support Niall, Harry, Liam, and Louis because their lives just changed big time today too. 

And make sure to tell the Bradford Bad Boi that you love him. 


Calum Hood- One Shot

A/N: For some reason I’m having a shit load of Calum feels today, so I wrote this during my lunch and breaks today. Hope you like it!

“Babe, it’s not that I don’t want to keep talking, but it’s my turn to record and Ash is glaring at me,” Calum groans on the other end of the phone call, “I’ll see you soon though, right,” He asks, sounding hopeful.

“It’s fine, Cal,” You reassure him, sitting up from your upside down position on the couch, “Go be a rock star, I’ll see you later, I love you.”

“Yeah, same, bye,” He rushes out, hanging up before you can say anything further.

Same, you hated that word with an unmentionable amount of passion. Surprisingly enough, you and Cal have been in a relationship for over a year and he’s never said that he loved you. Of course, he’s shown it by doing sweet little things that make your heart flutter, but he’s never said the actual words.

You were the first one to say ‘I love you’ in the relationship and you admit that it was a little early when you spoke the words, but after an amazing four months together, you just couldn’t keep them in anymore. You remember the slightly panicked look on Calum’s face really well, but you had assured him that he didn’t have to return your words until he was really ready. You of course hadn’t stopped telling him you loved him since the words had first tumbled out, and a few weeks after you initially spoke them he had started replying with ‘same’.

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Actual description of the Greek gods
  • Zeus:big man whore (that's it). Alternatively, king bitch
  • Poseidon:not as big of a jerk as he could have been
  • Hades:this punk rock emo goth boy who never annoys nobody
  • Hestia:same but less punk rock emo goth
  • Demeter:THIS pupil's parent you'll regret to ever piss off
  • Hera:a wife in an abusive relationship, fighting back as she can
  • Aphrodite:THE queen <s>bitch</s> bee
  • Athena:the smartass girl who always says gibberish puns
  • Ares:the original fuckboy
  • Apollo:Nice Guy 1.0.
  • Hermes:sass master
  • Dionysos:party leader

FLASHTVNEWS’ CRAIG BYRNE: What kind of effects might we see from Flashpoint early on?

AARON HELBING: Everything is different. Barry grew up with Joe and Iris, and now in Flashpoint he grows up with his parents, so he doesn’t have that same relationship with Joe or with Iris. He had a schoolboy crush on Iris growing up, and then some time had passed, and so he has to approach her from a different angle. He can’t just be “Hey, Iris. I’m Barry Allen! You know, we used to… oh, right, we didn’t live together because that never happened.” So just their relationship is a completely different experience for him, and it’s a challenge now because he still sees Iris, she’s still beautiful, he still has a crush on her… it’s “how do I now approach this girl who I know all of these things about, but I can’t say anything?”

And he just pretty much had her at the end of Season 2.

[Aaron Helbing]: Yes! He had her, and I think that goes back to how deep of a loss his mother murdered and then compounded with his father being killed by Zoom… both of them happened in front of him. And so, there’s that hole that he’s been trying to fill and he just hasn’t been able to fill it. It’s not until he goes back and saves his mother that he feels like he can actually fill that hole.


The thing is, I can’t say I’m over him. But at the same time, I can speak to him without feeling much of anything anymore.
But he’s a boy who, if I get into a relationship with someone else, I’m still going to have the pictures of him, and of us together. Those are pictures I never want to delete, even if I look back at them and they hurt me.
No. That’s not what I mean for them. I want to keep them, as a memory. I want to keep the texts and the pictures because I don’t want to forget. I don’t want to be 17 and forget where 13 and half of 14 went. I don’t want to forget the happiness, and the pain that I shared with him.
I still love him, yes. I always will, after all. But while I can’t say I’m over him, I can say I’ve moved on. I can say I’m not spending my nights crying over him anymore. And I can say I can live without him.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #4

     “When you go into a relationship, you have an idea of how you would like it to go, what you think is going to happen. Still, there’s that inkling: you don’t know. Sometimes that feeling grows until you have to address it—some people never do, and they’re unhappy, but I can’t live that way. I needed to clear the air, so I said, ‘I feel very deeply about you, and I’m starting to think that you don’t feel the same way.’ He was silent. I said, ‘There you go—there’s the answer.’
     “I felt awesome the first week after the breakup. I was like, ‘I don’t care, I knew this had to happen.’ During the second week, I started getting the reminders around me. Third and fourth week, I thought, ‘Yeah, I’m missing it.’ Now I’m here for a wedding, so it feels like I just can’t escape it. It’s hard.”

Minneapolis, MN


His Comfort

“…but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.” —Romans 8:26-27

If you’ve ever been to the doctor when you were not well, you know what it means to be searched. The doctor looks for symptoms to help figure out what could be wrong. And even if you’re in pain or some kind of discomfort, it is still comforting to know that you are being searched and the doctor has the power to help you get to a state of better health. As believers, we have to find this same comfort in the Lord. Never forget that He knows you better than anyone else!

At times it can be so easy to crave the kind of relationship where you finish each other’s sentences and you can communicate without even speaking. Maybe you desire a relationship with someone you can connect with on a deeper level and you don’t have to explain yourself because they understand you.

While this may be desirable, it’s important to note that even the most well-intentioned, godly man on earth will never know you like the Lord does. He will not be able to search your heart the way the Spirit does. For followers of Christ, a romantic relationship that is centered on Christ can be very rewarding, but only Jesus has provided a way for you to be one-hundred-percent complete and fulfilled in this life!
So the next time you find yourself craving more out of an earthly romantic relationship, remember that it is the Spirit that searches your heart. Through your relationship with Jesus Christ, it is the Lord who knows you!

Let the Holy Spirit search you so you will be reminded that there is comfort, no matter what you’re feeling.

Daily Challenge:
Highlight the parts of Romans 8:26-28 that you need to be reminded of going into this weekend. Write down why you need to be reminded of this.

Daily Reading:
Romans 8:2

I think you can either be friends with someone or in love with them, I don’t think you can be both.

This line is one of the most important things Stefan Salvatore has ever said, it gives us a glimpse into his psyche about why he thinks the way he does about love and friendship. First, look at the context of when this is said. This scene in 5x18 is where I truly believe Stefan realized he is no longer in love with Elena, she is now his friend. Whether is was Markos ending the spell that “drew” them together or those visions just gave him a bit of finality this was the moment.

Second, think about why Stefan says this and why this is what he thinks is true. All of Stefan’s relationships with the women in his life have either been romantic or friendship, he’s never had a woman who was both UNTIL he reaches this point with Elena. However, he still thinks you can’t be both at the same time, to him friends and lovers are separate because it’s all he’s ever known when it comes to the women he loves/loved.

Because I don’t think about her that way, she’s my friend.

When Stefan says this in reference to Caroline he’s going back to saying how this is what he thinks. Caroline is his friend, he can’t think about her that way because he doesn’t think he can be both at the same time. Stefan’s friendship with Caroline is one of the most important things in his life, to the point that he didn’t even realize how important it was until he lost it.

Stefan and Caroline became friends in S2 but I wholeheartedly believe they became best friends in S4. It all starts in 4x03 (at least to Stefan) when she told him to come to her whenever he wants, she won’t let him lose control. This is the point where Caroline becomes Stefan’s new Lexi his “sober sponsor” and this is the point where he realizes he loves her, as a friend.

So throughout the season they become much closer, they share a tender moment at prom, and maybe Stefan starts to feel something other than friendship towards her (which is what I think Lexi was referencing to in 4x22) but he pushes it away. She is his friend and he can’t think about her that way. I would also add I think Lexi says this because she sees the distinct difference in the way he looks and acts with her as opposed to the way he looks and acts with Caroline.

Here’s where it gets complicated…

Stefan loses his memories. He doesn’t know he’s in love with Elena and doesn’t realize Caroline is his strictly platonic best friend. Now think about how he reacts to BOTH women when he meets them.

(to Elena) Remind me of your name again…

Caroline Forbes, my best friend (wait you recognize me?) Well I’ve studied pictures, you’re much hotter in person. (5x04)

Without knowing whom Elena is without thinking of Caroline as his friend he is CLEARLY attracted to Caroline right off the bat. I’m not saying he didn’t find Elena pretty (he said so) but he needs to be reminded of her name. With Caroline he knows her full name, knows she’s his best friend and he’s studied her picture to notice that she’s much hotter in person.

Amnesia!Stefan had a straight up crush on Caroline, you can be the biggest SE Stan out there but you can’t deny that. The way he flirted with her, the way he looked at her when he asked her to dance, he 100% had a thing for her.

So now let’s fast forward to Stefan getting his memories back. Now all those platonic feels are back BUT he also has the knowledge that when his memories were gone he saw Caroline in a VERY different light.

Next time we see them together is in 5x09 when she’s helping him with his PTSD. Stefan is in the safe but remember he’s a vampire, which means he has super hearing so he DEFINITELY hears this exchange:

Katherine: “Have you two ever uh — ahem — you know?” Caroline: No, I don’t.” Katherine: “Oh, come on, you knowHave you?” Caroline: “Oh My GOD Katherine!” Katherine: “That wasn’t exactly a yes or no” Caroline: “We are friends” (5x09)

So there it is, Caroline DOES NOT think about Stefan that way, they are friends, so I believe he pushes away all those feelings he may have been keeping. Everything is platonic.

Now throughout the rest of S5 Caroline reminds Stefan how “they are friends” and even as Caroline is beginning to realize her feelings for him she doesn’t know that reminding him of this is counteracting his possible feelings for her. Because Caroline CAN be friends with someone and in love with them (that happened with Tyler.)

Caroline: “You’re my friend, I need you to give it to me straight. Am I a horrible person?” Stefan: “Hmm. So that’s why you came here” (5x12)

Stefan: “Remind me we we’re friends” (if I lose my memories, because I need to be reminded :wink: ) (5x16)

Caroline: “We’re friends right?” (5x20)

Now we get to S6. Caroline has realized she has feelings for Stefan (when he died is when she came to terms with it) but he’s gone and he won’t return her calls. He won’t listen to her voicemails because he knows if he does she’ll make him feel (make him cry) and he doesn’t want to feel anymore. This is why when she shows up with Enzo he has tears in his eyes. He wasn’t prepared for her.

So they have a big fight, she calls him a dick and storms out. I believe Stefan was planning on apologizing to Caroline but he’s so messed up right now and he NEEDS to kill Enzo. He’s got a one track mind on revenge (very Ripper-esque) and forgoes apologizing to Caroline first. So this leads to their confrontation in the woods. Stefan puts his walls up and tries to pretend that he came back just to kill Enzo but of course Caroline knows better (think of his crappy “Yep”) and sees right through him.

I know a part of you misses this place, your friends… how much we need you, how much I need you (6x03)

I know a lot of people thought Stefan rejected her here because now he knows she has feelings for him and he doesn’t feel the same way. Obviously we find out that’s not true and that’s because Caroline is still referring to them friends. I do think though that Stefan may have realized there was something else behind her speech but he can’t think about that, he has to push her away.

Also take into account Caroline showed up WITH Enzo to his house. Stefan made it clear to her he thought there was something going on with her and Enzo. She denied it of course but she denied wanting anything to do with Klaus as well. Plus when Stefan is in the car with Elena Liam is there and he knows Elena is trying to set him up with Caroline. See why he could be confused, not seeing that she’s actually crushing on him.

Now comes the juicy stuff

Stefan: “It’s only for a couple of hours then you never have to deal with me again” Caroline: “Is that what you think I want” Stefan: “I don’t know you tell me” (6x05)

Stefan: “Caroline what do you want me to do, stop making me guess and just tell me so we can go back to being friends again” (6x06)

See something we all tend to forget in regards to Stefan is he’s a guy. He may have been around for 165+ years but he’s still a guy who can’t read a woman’s mind. This is him asking her “please tell me what you want!” Have you given up on me, are we still friends, is there something more here?

Then of course she tells him they’re not friends anymore. Here comes the big one. So Stefan can tell Caroline is still super pissed at him and he knows he deserves it, but she’s not safe, and her Mom’s in danger so he’s not leaving her side. Then Enzo drops the bomb, she hates you because she doesn’t hate you at all, she’s got a thing for you.

Stefan’s face when he realizes what Enzo said is true is just true bewilderment. He doesn’t know what to say, how to act, but you kept reminding me we were friends. But before he even has a chance to say anything she says NOPE we’re never talking about it again.

But he can’t let it go. Stefan has this great face right before he asks her why she has a thing for him. It’s this look of he knows she’s about to give him hell, he knows he shouldn’t ask but HE HAS TO KNOW. He doesn’t understand why she has a thing for him (self-loathing.)

Stefan: “Caroline please just talk to me, tell me how, tell me why, please just make me understand how it is that I missed it” (6x07)

This is why when people think Stefan doesn’t have feelings for Caroline they’re wrong. Because if Stefan truly didn’t he wouldn’t ask her why. He knows she didn’t want to talk about it and he knows it’s going to make her hate him even more but he has to know if what she felt was real. And he’s so taken back by her heartfelt speech, it was more than he ever imagined. This amazing girl thinks the world of him, she couldn’t imagine why anyone would let him go, and she trusted him! Problem is she’s talking in past tense.

Stefan: “I’m sorry for not seeing it, I’m sorry for not…” Caroline: “Feeling it back” Stefan: “No! I didn’t say that. I… I don’t know what I felt my head was all over the place”

What Stefan says is the most telling aspect of this. Because this shows that what Stefan thinks and what he feels are different. He thinks about her as his friend but what he feels that’s something else. But she’s using past tense, she doesn’t have a thing for him anymore, in fact she hates him so he tries to forget what he felt, tries to think of her as his friend again.

So now it’s all out in the open and Stefan is SUPER GRUMPY about not being invited to Friendsgiving and having Caroline hate him. So once again he HAS to go see her. And he knows he has to do something to try and make this right so he tells her why he pushed her away. He’s basically saying you told me now I have to tell you, you we’re honest with me let me be honest with you. He wants her to trust him again.

Then this amazing moment happens, she says thank you and she smiles at him. She genuinely smiles at him for the first time in months and the first time since he knows she had a thing for him and it just clicks. He has a thing for her, hell he might even be in love with her. Now he just needs her to listen, but she’s not ready the wounds are still too fresh.

“Only when you listen” (6x07) “Listen-“ (6x08)

No matter what Stefan feels he knows he needs that friendship back first, his sanity depends on it. So Liz throws him a bone but Caroline’s still pissed. He’s caused too much damage, he can’t just do the easy stuff he has to do the hard stuff too. He needs to regain her trust.

“She doesn’t deserve this, Elena. She’s a good person, she’s happy, she’s kind” “I should be the one to do it, I haven’t been there for her Caroline need me and I ran away” (6x10)

I don’t think people realize how difficult that was for Stefan. Delivering news like that is one of the hardest things a person can do but Stefan knew he needed to be the one to do it. Not just because it could help mend their friendship but because he loves her and when she’s in pain he’s in pain and he needed to help her take some of it away.

And he knows this because when he tells her she’s going to say everything to turn it positive. We can heal her, well then they need to operate, no she’s stronger than anyone she’ll make it. He has to do the hard stuff here, he has to be the bad guy and make her face reality and when she does he needs to just let her cry.

He knows Elena can’t do it, because even when Elena was around she needed him, she was falling apart without him. No one could do it but him and that is what strengthens this bond and brings them closer than they’ve been before.

He fixed the friendship but now there’s something more. Stefan Salvatore is about to learn whether you can be friends with someone and in love with them.

lol i’m seeing a lot of posts about how “true” bonnie fans wouldn’t ship her with either kai or damon because both men are abusive assholes and it’s true, both men have terrorized bonnie more than once but i mean these are the same people shipping klaroline and klaus ordered tyler to bite caroline then after he was in love with her, he stabbed and bit her because she wounded his ego. these are the same people who also ship delena and damon’s method of terrorizing elena is a little different in that because he can never physically harm her, if they get into an argument, he wounds her by killing/wounding the people she cares about so she can feel as bad as he does, it’s a “i love you so much i just have to hurt you so you can understand how much” relationship. stefan is my boo, i love him to death but when he was going through his bloodlust issues he did slam elena against a wall and when he had no humanity he did bite her under klaus’ compulsion. let’s not even count the amount of times tyler has manhandled caroline. even matt plotted with liz to kill caroline when he found out she was a vampire. so why all of a sudden are people caring that these men are abusive when it concerns a romantic interest in bonnie? hmm? is it so inconceivable for bonnie to be wanted by men who aren’t boring sucks like jeremy that people have to become hypocrites to shut that shit down? like if you’re concerned about the abusive relationships/dynamics on the show, it has to be with all ships, honey, not just the ones that concern bon bon. but. i’m just sayin’.

only one [seokjin&you]

Summary: Seokjin’s been noticing you ever since his breakup, and he couldn’t believe himself that he didn’t before. 


a/n: here ya go anon, who had asked for a sequel for the scenario of they say love is blind. i hope you liked how this one turned out! ^_^

Originally posted by overdosedarmy

It’s been said that men and women can never be friends, as everyone says it themselves, “you’re only friends because you both want to get together, but are holding back.”

You want to believe that Seokjin feels the same way about you, but he just recently got out of a relationship so you didn’t dare try to ask of his feelings. Both your group of friends have mentioned it before, saying that you and Seokjin are suited for each other. Nonetheless, you just keep holding back, afraid that he will just reject you if you’d ask him out.

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The difference between Naruto and Bleach endpairings

The main argument I see out there is “Why did Kishi/Kubo hint NS/IR only to make NH/IH happen?”

Well, we can argue about NH/IH being severely underdeveloped, BUT there is a difference. IH did have the Hueco Mundo arc latest arc of development (not necessarily romantic) whereas NH had 15 pages. Correct, 15 pages of INTERACTION.

Another difference is that Kishimoto himself stated that he INTENTIONALLY developed NS just for a shock effect (which sounds fake, since NH was SP’s idea). Kubo never baited IR romantically the same way. He always said it was a platonic relationship.

You cannot say that Kubo pulled “a Kishi” while making IH canon. No matter what ship he would have taken, both would lack romantically.

I think the relationship with Karen surprised me the most. It was a rare thing that can happen when you have a real collaboration between writers and actors. These writers and producers watch the dailies, they see things that were happening. You might not be able to put words to it, and they develop that. In the same way that there’s this connection between Frank and Karen and we never explain exactly what it is. I felt what it became was that I thought he looked at her as, this is the kind of woman his daughter could have become, bold and intelligent, and courageous, independent, bold and caring. I think he saw his daughter in her. I think as a man that swore off caring about anything besides his mission and completing it, I think he started to care about her, her well-being, and her opinion.

I was with the same guy from 15 to 30. Married at 20. The last two years of our relationship he was having an affair with a married coworker whom he left me for and is still with today. He had always cheated on me but never had he falling in love with the girls to her. Half my life was with him. We are going through the divorce still. The last time I spoke to him was 7 months ago. Crazy how you can spend 15 years with someone every day and then not know them. These were our last texts.

1D Pref: The Interviewer asked "Where could you compare your relationship with Y/N?" and he answers...


External image

“Um, I can compare ours to a pair of shoes. One cannot function alone, well… yes, maybe it still can. But… you know, it may function as a shoe itself but it can never be right because it should always have its pair. It would never be the same being alone and you would have the urge to leave everything and find your other half.”


“I think, I could compare our bond to guitar strings. She may be a moody one but you know, each attitude of her is what makes our relationship strong. If one string would be broken, then the tune is not the same anymore. She may not have the best attitude but she completes the melody so I guess, she must never change. I love her just the way she is.”


“Personally, I think I can compare our relationship to a diary. We always would like to keep it to ourselves but people still tries to open the pages and you know, get kinda surprised when they learn something about us. I would always want us to be private because she’s the only one I think I cannot share to others.”


“Oh, I think I can compare our story to a good, old, torn book. Because you know, it started pretty well and the events just turned out to be not favorable all the time but it just makes the story much more engaging and then you realize that the ending part is torn. And if we compare it as a relationship, it would be good thing because it literally doesn’t have the ending anymore so technically, it has no end and it’s the reader’s choice how to end the story. As for me, I would like it to be unending.”


External image

“I think I could compare my relationship with Y/N in a bed. Not as sexually, okay? *laughs* Because you know, deny it or not, it always makes you feel comfortable. It’s everybody’s sanctuary. When you feel cold, lonely, happy, tired or anything, you could always lie on the bed and be the person you want to be without anyone restricting you. Like our relationship, very carefree but very comforting at the same time. It’s the best bed I could ever have!”


A/N: Finding gifs for him has become very hard? I’ll provide the written Kankuro content that we’ve been deprived of, but I need a trusty gif-making partner. Any volunteers?

Romantic/Relationship headcanons

-Kankuro has a hard time making the first move. It’s not that he doesn’t have the confidence, but he just can’t seem to figure out when the right moment to initiate things are. Growing up, he never really had a role model to teach him about social cues.

-He will always treat you with independence, totally understanding if you just need some alone time. He will accept the same in return, and believe me, he will need his alone time.

-He has a tendency to get jealous easily. When he is jealous in public, he won’t filter himself at all. Expect all the nagging for attention, and all the intense glares at the other person. When you finally get alone again, he’ll remind you who you’re with- in no uncertain terms.

-He is an enthusiastic dork when he’s in love. He likes to believe that he’s really cool and wants to show that side of himself to his S/O, but once he develops actual feelings he loses all sense of composure.

-He’s a kisser, 100%. He loves to kiss you, and it doesn’t matter where. Sometimes he just wants a few minutes of soft and slow. Other times, he wants to push you up against a wall, pull your hair, and make out with you. You’ll never really know until it begins.

-A relationship with Kakuro is very teamwork-oriented. The two of you tend to work as a unit, whether you’re dispatched on missions together, or cooking in the kitchen.

-He loves putting his arm around you. Having you pressed to his side is one of his favorite things, as close, affectionate contact hasn’t been a huge part of his life up until you. Now that he has the opportunity, he won’t waste it. He tends to nuzzle into your hair while you’re with him, as well, and has occasionally fallen asleep like that.

anonymous asked:

Don't you find it annoying that Old Xian keeps doing the same thing with Jian Yi & Zheng Xi? At least with HT & GS we have some development but the other two NEVER talk. How would you like Old Xian to develop their relationship in the next chapters?

Honestly, I never even noticed this until someone pointed it out to me after the release of the last chapter – ie. that Jian Yi is this perpetual damsel in distress that needs saving and protecting. Perhaps he’s just pandering to Zhengxi’s own protection complex, enabling him to feel like he’s looking after him so that he can feel better/some self-worth or something. Idk. It’s probably just a trope that Old Xian has fallen into.

I’m not sure about the not talking thing, though – they definitely interact, and I think the past few months of updates have actually all been over the same day lmao, so it’s not too unlikely that if they’re not seen as talking it’s just because they’re having a quiet day or something. (Had school, went to the bar together, got drunk, had the Jian Yi sexual advance thing, He Tian’s brother turned up, had the scene outside the apartment where Zhengxi promised to protect him, and now it’s the next day – train station, walk to school, mini fight with He Tian – and now it’s Sports Day or something.) Literally it’s been the same day since at least April. Maybe even March. (I think when the girl confessed to Zhengxi and the whole school board love letter thing happened that was the same day too?) Not to mention all the He Tian x Mo Guan Shan scenes in between. Zhengxi only just took off the bandages from his fight with Mo Guan Shan on the day we’re currently on! Craaaazy.

But you’re right that their interaction is the same: Zhengxi doesn’t show Jian Yi attention, Jian Yi gets stroppy, Zhengxi tries to get his attention/pander to him, Jian Yi takes this the wrong way, Zhengxi acts physically violent, Jian Yi apologises and/or cries, Zhengxi tells him it’s okay (even though it’s not, really, and Jian Yi can’t keep doing the same shit), and then they go back to being BFFs. Repeat.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them. I think half the problem is that the timeframe we’re dealing with is so fucking minute that it almost makes it impossible for any dramatic change in characterisation/relationship interaction. Which is why, you know, credit to Old Xian for what she’s achieved in like 24 hours with He Tian x Mo Guan Shan lmao. But their relationship is new, so quick changes/developments are expected. Jian Yi’s and Zhengxi’s is years old – would we expect the same sudden developments there? (Okay, kind of, because in this time we’ve had Jian Yi confess and almost unveil is sexuality, and they’ve taken further steps in their friendship in going to each other’s houses, spending more time together, etc.) But still. Keeping the timeframe in mind is super important.

What would I like to see? Hmmmm.

Less of the damsel in distress. Before I didn’t even really notice it, but now that I do, Jian Yi showing that he’s not this weak, feeble thing that can’t defend himself at all would be good. Making someone a ‘victim’ does not just mean that they’re an interesting person. Like, give us a valid reason why Zhengxi, a pretty astoundingly decent guy, would want to spend his time with Jian Yi. Because yeah he’s annoying and erratic and prone to being moody, so what is it that draws Zhengxi to him and/or makes him love him? I would love to see Jian Yi’s strengths and qualities revealed, and some realisation from Zhengxi that this is why he’s his best friend. (A bit like the scene where he jumped off the bridge for his phone lmao. That kind of wildness of just doing something for Zhengxi. Even if it was dangerous…) And this is why he thinks he could love him back. I want his feelings to develop because he sees in Jian Yi something worth being in love with, and not just because Jian Yi forces/projects his own feelings onto him. 

Which prompts my wish that Jian Yi stops being such a dick. You’re hurting Zhengxi, Jian Yi. And you see that. And you have a head and autonomy so stop saying you ‘can’t control it’ or whatever. That just makes you look base and stupid. Treat Zhengxi like he treats you – with respect, and kindness. Prove him wrong. Surprise him. Show him that you’re more than you’ve been recently. 

I’m putting a lot on Jian Yi here to do the work, but honestly, it seems like his turn. It was Zhengxi that took him out for his birthday to the hill, Zhengxi that took them to the restaurant, Zhengxi that invited him over to his house, Zhengxi that carried him drunk back to his apartment. 

I want their friendship to seem like a balanced thing that is fair and kind, because I think that’s the environment/culture in which Zhengxi could grow to love him, where he’s sure and safe and confident in his affections for Jian Yi. He’s much softer than we think he is, I think.