you can never have he same relationship

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Can you make a headcanon about KBTBB after the boys broke up with her and she become famous and they going be jealous because other guys hitting her? And try to get her back?Please?

I will have the same Prologue for all guys and concentrate each guy POV. Hope Anon is okay with it.


It has been 3 years since you break off with your guy. Both of you had decide to break off because you wanted to persuade your dream as a career woman. It has always been your dream that you want to be a successful Wedding Planner. Thus, you do not want to be tie down so early. Understand the situation, your guy decide to give up the relationship so that you can fulfil your dream.

However, he never expects to bump into you 3 years later. You now own a well know company and successfully plan many wedding for happy couples. Today you happen to have a client who held their wedding at Tres Spades and that how you bump into everyone. After the wedding ended, they invite to their penthouse to catch up. Of course your guy is there and the rest of the guys start hitting on you.


She is still as beautiful as 3 years ago. The only different is that she looks more confident. As I watch the rest getting close to her, I have an uneasy feeling inside me. I finish my glass of wine at one go but the feeling just keep getting worst.

“Do you have any boyfriend? If not, how about consider me?” Baba teases her but somehow his eyes cast over me.

That stupid thief is doing it on purpose. As she smiles happily back to him, my heart hurt. That smile used to belong to me only. I am not going to let other take it away from me. I loosen my tie and get out from my seat. I walk to her and carry her over my shoulder, before heading to my bedroom upstairs. She struggle to get down but grab her even tighter. I can hear the rest of the guys teasing away, but I do not care what they say. I want her now.

I throw her down on the bed and immediately undress myself. I force myself on her and kiss her passionately. She tries to push me away but I hold her down even tighter and deepen our kiss by pushing my tongue inside her. Soon, she returns my kiss and the feeling just like in the past. I move my hand to remove her clothing and spread her legs apart. I make love with her until our heart content. Even after making love, we are still clinging onto each other.

“Come back to me.” I whisper into her ear as I hold her naked body to mine. She nods her head and cling even closer to me.


I never expect to see her again and she is still as beautiful as before. I wanted to talk to her but I am not sure what should I talk about. As I watch the other guys chatting happily with her, my heart pain. Why are you letting the others get so close to you? You need to watch up for them.

“Why don’t you go on a date with me?” Baba said as he put his hand over her shoulder.

She is not pushing him away. I had enough. I get up from my seat and walk toward them. I pull her away from Baba and point my gun at him. I can see Baba smirking away. He is doing it on purpose. Putting my gun back into my pocket, I drag her to my room. I can hear the rest of the guys laughing away, but I do not care. I want her now.

As soon as we reach my bedroom, I push her down on the bed. I hover on top of her and kiss her passionately. She tries to push me away but I hold her hands above her head and kiss her even more passionately. I move my kiss to the nape of the neck and slips off the dress from her. She slowly gives in to me as I move to remove her bra and panties. I strip myself naked and make love to her until the next morning. We wake up in each other arms and I smiles warmly at her.

“Move back here with me. I need you. I miss your omelette too.” I whisper as I look deep into her eyes. She smiles and gives me a kiss on my lips.


I can’t take my eyes off her when I bump into her. She is still as charming as before. As I am slipping my glass of wine at one corner, the rest of the guys all gather around her. She is chatting happily with them. The feeling inside is horrible. Why is she wagging her tail at other? Has she forgotten who her master is? The more I see how they get so close to her, the more piss I am feeling.

“Do you want to stay over at my room tonight? Eisuke teases her as he pulls her in by her waist.

I immediately get up from my seat and pull her away from him. No way am I going to give her to him. “Even if she stays over tonight, she will be staying at my room.” I pouted and drag her back to my room. The moment the door closed behind us, I push her against the wall and kiss her passionately. I slip my tongue inside her mouth and slip my hands inside her dress. She tries to push me away but I am too strong for her. I slip down her panties and unzip my trousers, before lifting her legs up to wrap around my hips. I push my member inside her and continue kissing her. She had finally given in to me and returns my kiss passionately. I carry her to the bed and move love to our heart content.

“Never wag your tail to other.” I looked down at her and pout after we make love. She giggles back and pulls me down for a passionate kiss.

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They knowingly go places so the paps can take pictures?? SM posting love songs to an account not following you?? State you're dating on TV and seem angry about it??? Throw a B-day party that seems like a photo shoot??? P always seems insecure begging for attention and he seems indifferent most times. Craziest twosome I ever seen. I never thought I'd say this but they do belong together. They both have the same definition to "Private Relationship".

I just don’t think they’re good together as a couple..I really think they’d both be better off apart..instead of bringing out the best in each other they bring out the worst. Maks was fine until January then everything seemed to go down hill..

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Why is it that once a horrible relationship has ended that all the negative aspects of what had happened disappear in your mind leaving you completely confused? He was the one that destroyed the relationship so why do I kind of miss him?

Because you and I are the same. We want what we can’t have. Love what doesn’t deserve us. And at the end of the day when it’s all done we are left with shells of former selves. Trying to figure out who we are without them and move on. But it will get better. We will make through this. Life has been harder. Just live the emotions. Then move on. He wasn’t always there. He will never be there. And we will survive. We are just dump and in love with the thought of them. But they were never there.

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5 facts on Elysar that you have made. (I`m pretty sure I've only made two facts about him. 1. His species can be impregnated no matter the gender by a another that has testes and a penis. 2. Higher up families usually frown upon same sex relationships so the males have their uterus's taken out.)

Yeah, I remember those ones :D Here are a few more! x)

  • Though Ely’s making a genuine, dedicated effort to bettering himself, he’ll never shake his sense of pride. Though now he’s actually starting to have a few reasons to take such pride in himself; what was formerly less a form of pride, but rather gloating, is taking a turn in the right direction. Good on you, kid.
  • Given recent events, he no longer harbors hard feelings towards Saryn, but especially not towards Sulia. She has shown him a forgiveness and warmth that surpass anything he’s ever experienced, and he’s trying to set aside his pride long enough to tell her just that when the time is right.
  • He’s glad his mother’s condition is improving, but goodness has their place ever felt empty and lonesome since she’s been in the hospital. He doesn’t mind sitting at the hospital with her all day, but he loathes going home to an empty house.
  • He’s felt drawn to Colin from the day they met; when Colin met him at Saryn’s door not with venom or bias, but concern and warmth when he needed it most, but had exhausted all potential sources. Of course, his adorable face is a welcomed bonus.
  • He’s hopeful that Saryn might give him another shot as his full-blown apprentice, but he can’t find it in himself to ask such a thing.

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I've been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years now and he's helped me through a lot (depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies...), but sometimes I feel like I should break up with him because despite our similarities I sometimes lash at him. I often feel like he deserves someone better than me, but because I'm his first love I know that no matter what he would never leave me. I know he loves and cares about me a lot and I feel the same towards him, but he deserves better and won't let me leave

You have to let him decide that for himself darling. You can try telling him that you feel bad because you keep lashing out at him, but no relationship is without its faults.If he’s been helping you for this long despite the negatives the there’s a good chance he’s in it for the long run. Just be honest with him if you want, just to clear the air. <3

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Do u think its wrong for a 18 yr old girl to date 34 yr old man??

Ummmmm.. Yes definitely wrong… You’re barely legal with a man who can be your father n honestly even though you might be mature, u guys still won’t have the same needs in a relationship probably. Even tho it’s legally ok, to me it’s wrong in so many ways… There’s a reason he can’t get a woman of his age and is going for someone 16 years younger… Just be careful u never know he sounds shady

soooooo I was talking to my dad on the phone about my apprehension about moving and he basically quelled the majority of my anxiety but he knew there was something else bothering me that i won’t tell him. I’m not even sure whether or not it’s a good idea to come out to them or not. He said I will always have a place with him and my mom, and I know that they will not kick me out. But I am worried that it will change the dynamic of our relationship completely and it will never be the same.

I told him that I was worried about it being so conservative there, and not just in the politics but in practice, and he said, “are you concerned about the way lesbians are treated” lol not a lesbian. but i can’t exactly tell him that.

and i’m also pissed because i just found a therapist I like here. I want to find support groups and stuff but I’m not finding much on google. and I’m not even sure what I’m going to do about work. I know I could get a decent paying job with my degree but it’s so unspecialized that I’m not even sure where to start. and I really like my current job but I’m not paid well enough for what I have to do or for that to be sustainable.

and if I’m gonna move it’s gonna be within like 3 weeks…. ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Steps to Getting Over Someone You Were Only Kind of Talking To

This is something I typed out to help myself think logically and realistically about a not-relationship that I was in with a guy for months.  Hopefully it can help others as well.

1. Acceptance.  First accept that you really liked him, maybe even loved him.  Then accept that he doesn’t like you as anything more than a dorky friend, and he probably never will, so stop chasing after false hopes and live your life, thinking of him only as often and in the same way as he thinks of you.

2. Detach from him.  Stop looking at pictures that you’re in together.  Stop reading through old texts.  Stop thinking about past and possible future conversations between the two of you.  Stop making him a significant part of your life.  You may once have perceived him as an important part of your life, and he was to an extent.  He was a learning experience.  And now you’ve learned, so leave him behind.  You’re done.

3. Stop making excuses for him.  Yes he is a great friend, but he also needs time to get his act together when it comes to relationships, and you don’t need to be dealing with that when you’re trying to actually do something of significance to the world. Ten years down the road, there’s a pretty high chance that you won’t care about him at all.

4. Remember that just because one guy isn’t into you doesn’t mean that no one is into you.  And considering his other love interests, do you really want to be part of that crowd?  He doesn’t have the best taste in significant others, lets be honest.

5. Acknowledge the good things that came of your increased time together.  You met some great people through him, and his childishly playful demeanor allowed you to show everyone your fun side too.  You got to go to some really cool events all because he invited you along and encouraged you to come.  He may have kind of screwed you over emotionally, but he left some positive marks on your life, and it’s good to be grateful for those.

6. Put yourself first. No more morphing yourself to mesh better with him.  No more editing your life goals in the hopes that they’ll match up with his.  Live YOUR best life, and if a guy wants to join YOUR life later on, then let him (if you like him).  Never shrink yourself to fit someone else’s requirements. You do you.

6. Think about all the other people in your life who are worthy of the amount of time, energy, and dare I say it, love, that you poured into this guy.  Take the love that you mistakenly placed in him and distribute it to people who deserve it from you. Your family, your friends, literally anyone who isn’t him.

7. If you love someone, set them free.  You’ve heard that plenty of times.  But what about loving yourself and setting yourself free of this one-sided bond?  You deserve it.

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Hopefully you'll get this and answer me. I have no male friends and I need a men's perspective. I was with a guy casually about 2 years ago and the relationship lasted about a year. He moved after it ended and occasionally (like every 4-7 months for the past 2 years) texts me for check ins. The relationship was never official and never did we act as if it was. But anytime I joke about being a fling or a notch he gets super offended. He's in a actual full blown relationship and still contacts me.

Ok I can’t speak on behalf of all males in general cause every guy could behave differently in the same situation but I can tell you that if the relationship was more than casual, like if you knew each other’s family and it was more than just sex then I think it’s quite possible he may still have real feelings for you BUT regardless of his feelings if he’s in a brand new relationship you have to tell him to step off purely for the fact that it’s down right disrespectful to his current girlfriend so yeah the message you were going to send is completely appropriate cause you don’t deserve to have your emotions played with. Just remember that all of it was one big experience, the good and the bad will always just be lessons in the end. I hope I was some sort of help lol

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hello! i'm a black female and i've met this amazing white guy and i feel like i won't be able to find that relationship anywhere else only i would rather be with someone black like me. the white guy and i though always want to be in each other's lives and he says its me or no one. i don't want to just toss him aside. and what if i don't find a fellow black man who i can have the same incredibly strong relationship with?

Hello love👋,
If he is treating you right and he woke af, then be happy. You be happy and happiness has no skin color. If he is white and is making you happy, you do you and slay, honey. This will be the type of moment of a “what-if.” “What if he was the one? Or ‘What if I would have gave him a chance?” You will never know until you try, girl.
And don’t let people tell you that just because he is white, you hate your own race. If he is treating you right and making you feel good about yourself and the relationship, that’s love, not self-hate. Have options but stand your ground that you wanna be treated with respect and love. If he ain’t bringing that to the table, kick his ass to the curb.
I hope that helped, honey!😘💯✌️

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YO fellow asexual friend. I like you (platonically yeah) and really like how you're talking about asexuality because no one really... talks about it at all.... and it's super refreshing to see people fighting for visibility and yeah keep it up keep it UP. i'm asexual myself in a gay relationship and one of the things that bother me the most is when people equate asexual to aromantic because i am the most romantic being alive lol. anyway thanks for listening to me and i want to always listen to u

I never had that problem so far, I do have to explain to people that there are different attractions, and that sexual attraction is not the same as romantic attraction.

One of those people asked: but how can you love someone and not want to have sex with them?

And it was a tough one, because he liked me sexually, but he couldn’t really stand me so it was even more confusing for him (I didn’t talk to him directly, a friend of ours was in charge because I wasn’t supposed to know anything).

I don’t have a problem talking and teaching people about asexuality, but only if they are really interested and are open-minded.

Yesterday I tried to look for information and news about asexuality in Spanish (I’m from Spain so… I wanted to know what kind of information was available to Spanish-speakers, because I usually search for things in English because there is more information) and let me tell you, it was horrible. I read some comments about being just a “trend” or another one was “is not only a trend, but a choice and yadayadayada” (this was supposed to be from a book about asexuality, and I’ve never felt so insulted until then).

Other people commented about “they simply can’t get laid”, “now they’re making up words”, “there’s something wrong with them”, etc. And because there were photos of the Ace-visibility day, they started theories about “how alike do they look, maybe it’s genetics”, etc.

I simply closed the tab, I didn’t have the energy to fight against SO MANY ignorant people.

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🌸 The thing is I still continue to wonder where I did wrong, and why he never understood that my illness spoke for me in the first months of our relashionship. I still love him with all my heart, but he made look so easy to forget everything! I was mentally ready to give him the world and he said that it was too late and I didnt DESERVE a second chance. I dont know how I will forget him, he was the first boy in my life and I loved him like I never did before. I feel so stupid... I'm sorry.

Don’t be sorry at all! I have to give you the straight truth, alright? Because I’ve kinda dealt with the same experience. But sometimes, people get tired. Get tired of going through pain and as a result, they want to change things. I know that you suffered during the early parts of your relationship with him and that has influenced how you were treating him then. However, there’s nothing you can really do to fix a relationship when too much has been done. You hurt him during the early parts of your relationship with him, and he has hurt you recently and has given up. At this point, the only thing to do is to move on. Relationships can’t be fixed. When it’s over, it’s over. And the damage has been done. You are ready to give him the world now, however he has hurt too much to risk it all now. And you improved yourself for him, yet he won’t accept that. You should just focus on yourself, keep fighting, and keep growing stronger. So that when the time comes, you can show the best of you to someone who is ready to accept all of you. If that makes sense. Every part of you that has improved can be shown to the right person. And that right person isn’t him, it is someone ahead the path that you are walking. So hang in there and stay strong. The right person will come your way soon. 

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My boyfriend used to talk to this girl at the same time as me right before we started dating. She's super pretty and has a huge ass and she's really popular. But he never stood a chance with her. Even though my boyfriend and I have been together for 6 months, I still can't get her out of my head for the fact that he could've liked her better than he liked me before we started dating. 2 months into our relationship I asked him 'if she had liked you at the same time I did, who would you have

(continued) chosen?’ And he said ‘I don’t know’. Since then he has changed his answer and said it would have been me but for some reason I still can’t get her out of my head, to this day. Is there something wrong with me? How can I stop thinking about this?

there’s not something wrong with you!! this is definitely a difficult problem because it’s rooted more in personal thoughts and anxieties rather than any external issue, it’s an internal problem, it’s one that u have control over but not complete control. most people’s advice in this situation would be 2 “get over it” and stop thinking about it but there’s no easy way 2 just stop if it’s something that really bothers u!! So i guess the way 2 stop thinking about it is 2 deconstruct the problem and really think about why u feel this way. like, you have been dating this guy for 6 months, which means him and this girl, whether he liked her or not, was well in the past. and in that 6 months i’m sure u guys have formed a real bond with each other, a friendship, a relationship that is beyond just I Have A Crush On You Because You’re Pretty. the event you’re dwelling on is a completely hypothetical situation, something that might have happened, but didn’t. when it comes down 2 it, he didn’t ask her out back then. they didn’t get together. there was no “choice” 2 be made, but he has told you given the choice, he would choose u. I think it just boils down 2 insecurity, which you are projecting onto this other girl. like do u think she is more “worthy” of your boyfriend’s love than you, just because she has the attributes you listed?? or maybe do u feel insecure in the fact that your boyfriend really likes you, and it manifests itself in this “Other Woman” story?? either way, believe me, i know insecurities like that are difficult 2 get over but you should probably focus on loving yourself more and thinking you are worthy of others’ love. i know that’s super cliched but recognizing all of your own positive qualities and knowing that other people see those positive qualities can do a world of good for your overall outlook and strengthen friendships and relationships, inc. the one between you and your boyfriend. so Sorry this got kind of rambly but i hope i could be at least somewhat helpful!!


One thing I like to hear is people’s opinions on things when they seem so different than mine. Like love, for instance.
I have a friend who has never felt love in a partner, only lust. He feels like you never really love someone until you’re mature and that’s the one you want to be with.
I have had two serious relationships and one confusing hook up. And I can say, without a doubt, that I have felt love and lust. I love both of my exes, but when we were together the loves were very different. My love for my exgirlfriend was not on the same level as the love for my exboyfriend. I’ve never felt such intense love as that of my exbf. It was unreal, so magical and honestly mind blowing in even the least sexual experiences. And the hook up was definitely lust. This is why I still say he was my one. Because of my three, he was real and deep and intense love. And the hole he left will never be filled by another or by things or by time.

“Both of you have the same feelings. Both of you already connected well in terms of relationship. However, there’s something that has been disturbing him. He’s got lots of things going on inside his head, makes him look ignorance. You always stay beside him, but sometimes you lost your patience for his ignorance. You demand his attention sometimes, but you never falter to stay beside him. You can have a happy ending with him, but the ball is on him to decide.” That was the reading about you and me today

why am I going on a date Saturday?
why why why why why?!

if i go on this date and let this become something, i already know how it will end, because it will end; he is sweet and kind, but also normal and predictable. being with him would give me the same feeling of lacking fulfillment, lacking challenge and passion, that i’ve had in all my past relationships.
i told myself i wouldn’t settle for that kind of person, that kind of relationship again… but it’s beginning to feel like i’ll have too.

because he is not you and he could never be. no one is you, no one else can make me feel the way i do with you. but it’s been six months, of this non exclusive intimacy we share, and i guess it’s pretty clear now - you will never love me like i love you, or want me how i want you…

so i’m going on this date, even though it’s unfair, because it feels nice talking to someone and knowing where i stand with them. it’s nice having someone show an interest in maybe being something with me, something more than just a physical intimacy.

i know it’ll never work, because he’s not you. but maybe i can pass the time, until i forget how it feels to love you, or it stops hurting when i think of you and how i can’t be with you. maybe he can distract me enough that it won’t break my heart when i accept that you’re never going to love me. and maybe he’ll distract me enough that mediocre love won’t seem so bad…

You lied.
When I met you, you said: You’re not ready to date seriously.
You said that repeatedly.
And I believed you.
So I thought: “So am I. So we can have a nice sexual affair. It’ll be fun.”
On my birthday last year, you said the same about commitment.
You said: You wanted this moment to be selfish.
But as the months went by
Some things you said or did,
Got me thinking:
This Nigger lied to me.
Why would he do that?
I told you I never lie to people I care about.
And it hurts me deeply when people lie to me.
Every thing you know about me
I’ve told you.
Every single thing that has caused you to judge me.
From my ex-lovers, dates I went on, people I kissed or wanted to kiss.
Everything you know. I told you. I didn’t pretend. I didn’t lie. I told you everything.
But at every point,
You lied to me.
And kept on lying.
And with each time I would ask:
Why would he do that? Does he think I’m stupid?
Why would you say: Hey I’m not dating seriously,“
Meanwhile you wanted something deep.
You were always looking for something deep.
It was like an active search with you.
You fucking pursued that shit. ACTIVELY.
Almost like your life depended on it.
With every time you lied or hid the truth,
It cut even deeper than the one before it.
I said I wouldn’t do this:
Write you. Ever. Speak to you. Ever.
Was trying to experience myself
You jumped into my head
Lost my concentration.
Pissed that happened.
You’re off somewhere fucking your brains out (daily!)
I can’t even know myself
Without your narrow ass jumping into my head.
Fuck you for that!
And fuck you for lying to someone you cared about.
And Yes, your Negro ass is fucking narrow just like my ass is wide as shit.
So you can call me wide ass if you want…the thick bitch with the wide ass
I’ll never not be pissed at you. NEVER.
Hopefully, I’ll get to the point
When I can touch myself and not imagine or miss
You touching me

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It's 1:24am and all I can think about is his deep brown eyes, his hair that never seems to do what he wants it too. The way he smiles and his cute laugh that I just can't set enough of. All I can think about is how obsessed I am with him. I am addicted to him. And I hope he feels the same way for me. He's the only one I want, and will ever want for the rest of my life. I hope he's serious about proposing.

i hope all works out for you aw you deserve happiness and a healthy relationship! 

~no more please im just finishing the last few i have in my inbox~

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Send a ✿ to my inbox and my muse will fill this out about yours!

A thought about them that they’d never share: sometimes I feel like he, too, is going to leave me behind. Because that’s what happens when I am happy.
First impression of them: Scarred soul in dire need of help, but at the same time strong enough to treat others with kindness (If he wants to)
Favorite thing about them: Everything.
Least favorite thing about them: doesn’t let her play any video game without having tickling her and making her lose or die in the game. Can you not?
Hopes for their future relationship: A happy marriage, yep, and maybe being able to stay together in the afterlife.


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just cuz ur gay dont mean u can say brooklyn is too stfu he straight af he obviously wants kids and doesnt wanna sin like you

First of all, you think homosexuality is sinful? Is it because Jesus fucking said so? This is not true. Jesus never fucking said one word about same-sex relationships. Fuck outta here with your boo boo religious nonsense.

Second of all, David and Victoria are completely 100% accepting of homosexuality, so they’re probably raising their kids to be accepting and not dense jackasses like yourself. (x) (x) (x)

Third of all, I am just kidding about Brooklyn being gay, kinda… You are just too fucking stupid to see that.

I do not want to see anymore messages similar to this one because they do not affect me, so why bother?