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Tiger’s Eye vs Sailor Uranus
Hawk’s Eye vs Sailor Neptune


Inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet :)

To all my friends,
to all those ones I left behind,
to all those ones I will meet in the future,
to all those ones who killed a part of me this year,
to all those ones who keep bringing me back to life with a smile
I wish a serene and wonderful New Year!!!! May God Bless You!


┐( ̄ー ̄)┌  what can I say, puberty did good to Jean (and his hair) in SnK ch70

hope you keep that mop, pretty boy

His Name: Part Two

[ Lord x Shinobu ] So yeah, MC has a name… because it’s significant that she does… There is very little (non-graphic) smutty paragraph.

Other Parts: [1] [3]

…to be bound to a man by this mystifying power that holds no promises, that despite its intensity, is in truth, so fragile and almost ephemeral…

Could I blame him as well?

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i-demand-a-hug answered your questionGods I want to draw!!! I got the Cintiq but I…

Draw the robot!

Keebo! Kibou! SHSL Robot!! What a wonderful boy!! We have this saying in Finnish that goes something like “A beloved child has many names” and I think that is applicable for this dear boy!! At least in my heart!

((@dreamscomeandgo819: It’s not a problem! The biggest fans thing is part of the tumblr activity section, and is automatically generated depending on who has been most active on the blog, so it’s all thanks to your own work spreading and supporting the love <3 Thank you so much for always being there for us!

@welcometoloserville1: I love seeing you there, it really makes me happy when I can see that people love the blog and what we all do together!))

TF2 Ships~ (WIP)

ScoutxScout-> Scoutcest
ScoutxPyro-> Flash Fire
ScoutxSolly-> Batting Helmet
ScoutxDemo-> Hop scotch
ScoutxHeavy-> Heavy Hitters
ScoutxEngie-> Texas Two Step
ScoutxSniper-> Speeding Bullet
ScoutxMedic-> Quick Fix/Blunt Trauma
ScoutxSpy-> Daddy Issues/Cloak & Batter
ScoutxPauling-> Caught Looking
SoldierxSoldier-> Sollycest
SoldierxPyro-> 4th of July
SoldierxDemo-> Boots n Booms
SoldierxHeavy-> Cold War 
SoldierxEngie-> Helmet Party
SoldierxMedic -> Fruit Scones
SoldierxSniper-> Knife Party Huntsman (???)  
SoldierxSpy-> Freedom Fries
SoldierxMerasmus-> Magic Missiles

SoldierxZhanna: East meets West

PyroxPyro-> Pyrocest
PyroxEngie-> Texas Toast
PyroxHeavy-> Bear Grill
PyroxDemo-> Molotov
PyroxSniper-> Why does it burn when I pee?/Hot Shots
PyroxMedic-> Roasted Dove
PyroxSpy-> French Fries
DemoxDemo-> Democest
DemoxHeavy-> ???
DemoxEngie-> Short Fuse
DemoxMedic-> JaegerBombs
DemoxSniper-> Piss Drunk
DemoxSpy-> Bomb voyage
HeavyxHeavy-> Heavycest
HeavyxEngie-> Heavyneer
HeavyxSniper-> Vegemite sandvich
HeavyxMedic-> Red Oktoberfest
HeavyxSpy-> Spoovy
EngiexEngie-> Engiecest
EngiexSniper-> Trucks n vans
EngiexMedic-> Science Party
EngiexSpy-> Napoleon Complex
SniperxSniper-> Snipercest
SniperxMedic-> Bush Medicine/Van Ambulance/Urine Sample
SniperxSpy-> Bloody Suit
MedicxMedic-> Medicest
MedicxSpy-> Gentle Surgery
SpyxSpy-> Spycest

I tried to put order of the ships that are in this fandom and ended up like this. Even when I don’t reblog everything this will be useful anyway, for me and for my followers.

It was really funny to do, and thanks Sugar Tits for your help <3


Kol Mikaelson in every episode (TVD 3x19 Heart of Darkness)

@grayclouds I’m on mobile for a lil bit, so this is how I gotta reply, sorry! Anyhow yeah I mean… that’s so neat? I’ve always wondered how people stumble upon this trash heap… But it’s really neat that you did. I always love meeting and befriending fic authors because every single one I’m pals with is so cool? You’re so cool lmao


R53 G148 B158.

I wonder if RustyPaperclip actually looked at what color that was before picking it sometimes, because it’s a REALLY BRIGHT-ASS BLUE. Either way Butch is a shit and I love him to bits. I need to get more used to drawing him.