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Super Easy Fleece Scarf Tutorial

Scarves are the best.  Are you cold?  Scarf.  Need to accessorize an outfit?  Scarf.  Can’t think of a birthday present for your best friend?  Scarf.

All you need is:

  • 2 yards of fleece in whatever color/pattern you want (Keep in mind that larger patterns may not look as good as small ones)
  • Basic sewing supplies/skills

First you need to cut out two strips of your fleece along the whole two yards.  The width can be whatever you desire; I made mine 7 inches wide.  Measuring an existing scarf you like can give you a good idea of what you want.  Keep in mind how your pattern is going to look on the finished project; for the Rogue One fabric I chose, I cut my strips so the Rebel Alliance symbol was centered.

Put the two strips right sides together, line them up, and pin them along the long side.  Mark five inches from each end so you know where to stop sewing - this will be your fringe.  (Obviously, change the length if you want shorter/longer fringe, but make sure it’s long enough to knot.)  I doubled pins to mark mine.  I also chose to pin the whole length of the scarf, to make sure it stayed put while being sewn.

Sewing time!  Sew two long seams, one on each long side of the scarf.  Make sure you stop five inches from the end.  (Or longer/shorter, if you want different length fringe.)  Also be sure to backstitch, as you want this part of the seam nice and sturdy.

Turn your scarf inside out.

Now your nice pretty right side should be showing.  If your fleece isn’t laying flat, especially at the seams, now’s a good time to lay it out and press it with your hands.  (According to Google, you aren’t supposed to iron fleece.)

Now all that’s left is the fringe.  Make sure the ends are lined up and cut them into strips.  I made mine 1 inch wide.  Be sure not to cut past your seams.

Now you get to knot it.  Take each matching pair and tie ’em together.

If you’ve ever made of one those no-throw fleece blankets, it’s the same thing.

Once you’ve got all your fringe knotted, massage and tug it as needed to make the end lie as flat as you can get it.  (It looks nicer this way.)

Ta-da!  You have a nice, cozy, warm scarf.  (And you should have enough extra fabric to make another one - I got three out of my two yards of fleece, but it would depend on how wide you made your scarf.)

Studyblr Group Chat

okay so a few people have messaged me to start this Kik group! Basically if you didn’t see the earlier post I want to create a chat to meet people, make friends & share studying tips! Anyone can join :-) we are all busy obviously but I think this be an awesome idea to do meet more people in the community on our free time!

Anyways you can msg me thru here or my Kik is nycskyla and just tell me you wanna join :)

Either way a reblog would be appreciated ❤

Gamer’s Love

Summary: So i might be back with another request later but this one is how about one where you are a huge gamer (i can msg if you need help with the persona idk if using it right) of the reader and you and stiles hit it off and after a while of you talking passionately about games, he just goes, you’re very cute when talking about what u love and you two go out?

Characters: Reader, Stiles Stilinski, Jackson Whittemore

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Word Count: 1197

Request: Anon

AN: I hope this is kinda what you wanted. I’m sorry if you didn’t like it.

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Happy birthday, hyung

Pairing: Jikook 

Genre: …how about birthday sex (okay I’ll give this an M) ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°) 

Description: In which Jungkook gives Jimin a sort of birthday present

Warnings: smut, light bondage, alcohol

A/N: Originally written back in May/June for @jikook-love‘s birthday because someone requested that lap dance LOL but yes happy birthday to our lovely Jiminnie ~ 

Jungkook notices the pounding in his head first.

The sunlight streaming into the room doesn’t help with it; it’s blinding and makes his migraine all the worse. He feels nauseous like he’s about to puke, and the world is just spinning around and around. He can’t get a single thought to flow coherently.

When he tries to sit up from whatever he’s lying on, his head spins and stomach lurches and he ends up lying back down. From what it feels like, it seems like a mess of sheets or clothes—something soft enough that isn’t quite a bed.

That’s when he notices movement from the corner of his eye.

The other members are standing over by the door, staring at him.

“Mghf,” he croaks, voice very dry. He wants to down a few glasses of water, yeah, that would probably help. “What the hell happened?”

It’s quiet and nobody really looks in his direction, exchanging glances with each other. Well, that’s what it looks like through his spinning vision anyway. He couldn’t see Jimin anywhere, so that probably meant he was buried behind the line of tall people.

“What happened last night? I don't—” Jungkook tries to cover his eyes from the blinding sunlight but finds one of his hands down the front of his pants. What. The. Fuck.

“So why did you think it was such a brilliant idea to steal the alcohol from Jin hyung’s room, brat?” Yoongi’s sharp voice cuts across the silence in the room.

“Huh?” Jungkook manages to get out. What was this about alcohol? He doesn’t even drink—

Oh wait.

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Q for young a-specs of Tumblr:

So we all know how much aphobes like to argue that teenagers should not ID as a-spec for “reasons” (that are 10000% wrong btw! you can ID as aspec if it feels right and u want to, go for it, u aren’t hurting anyone at alllllllll so go be you!!). 

Anywho, as an aspec myself (panromantic demisexual) who’s pro aspec inclusion and education, I was just wondering if you ever get messaged/harassed by aphobes for ID’ing as a-spec in your youth? And if so, what do they say to you and how does it affect you? I am interested in any and all things you have to say on this topic as young aspecs.

Pls feel free to msg me in response rather than reblog if that’s more comfortable (& so you don’t put a target on your heads…)

While I don’t actually intend to do anything with this information besides be more informed, if there’s interest, I am also open to/considering compiling responses anonymously into a single text post under my #BoostAceVoices/#BoostAroVoices tags for aspecs and non-aspecs alike to read and learn from. OF COURSE, no one’s voice would be added to the post without their EXPLICIT consent. 

My first priority is your safety and comfort 🌸

Gluten free ramen

Okay it’s time for me to share a low-spoon, gluten free, MSG free ramen recipe because I just ate it and it was good. Real good.

Get this shit

(You can use the miso packet if you want but I didn’t because some soy products trigger migraines for me and I’d prefer not to have that happen, ya feel? The noodles are what you want.)

  • Get yourself a bowl of broth or water, enough to cover the noodles
  • Add in whatever you want (I added a tiny bit of sesame oil, frozen veg and fresh garlic and ginger, but you could substitute dried easily)
  • Microwave for like 4 minutes then let sit until soft
  • Drain it! You still want some broth but I didn’t want mine soupy.
  • Add in flavors like tamari sauce, hoisin sauce, fish sauce, even peanut butter.
  • EAT IT - this is the best step 10/10 would consume again

First of all, thank you guys so much for 1000 followers ! I honestly never imagined that I’d have this many of you guys ^~^ So in addition to this, I decided (with the help of a qt anon !) that I should make a tags masterlist so that you can search for your favs easily   (●´ω`●)

also, if you’re a perv like me hehe  (▰˘◡˘▰) i have specific tags for those who specifically want to find the nsfw scenarios/headcanons of their favs <3


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hey guys !! it’s aneeka, she/her pronouns, & i’m back but ik no one missed me that much jdnfsjdf i visited my family & there was a situation with my laptop lmao. long story short my laptop just sucks but i’m back & happy to be back !! again i brought my baby boy baek as jeon jaejoon, your local emotional puppy basically !! for the most part he’s the same as he was before but i did change some aspects of him like his label & such !! under the cut is the basics on his family & personality, but you can check out his profile here ( complete with more in depth family history & personality details ) and maybe even check out my plots page ?? it’s much better than before believe me jdnjsdf !! anyway like this if you want & i’ll msg you for plotting !! love you guys !!!!!

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Welcome to Bipop Squad! This was created because bisexual people are pretty damn awesome and meeting more of you wonderful people who share my interests would be great!


  1. Be Bisexual
  2. Be Nice
  3. Like K-Pop
  4. Reblog this post 

and done! thats all there is too it

Apply here if you’re interested! 

All members are added to the blog so they can reblog things themselves! Self promotion, gay and interesting things are all welcome, but please no overtly nsfw

We have a line chat if you want to join! You do not have to be a member to join this!

The admin is me, sapphicshawol, so msg me if you have any questions, or just send an ask to the blog here!

Tracked tag will be #bipop-squad if you want any of us to see whatever


Model-Maria Sanchez

Like and repost, love you all! <3

DOWNLOADS(plz msg me with any questions!)

hair- here by @missparaply

lips- here by @pralinesims

nails- here by LeahLilith

shirt- missing (if you really want it msg me I’m sure I can find it)

pants- here by @hautfashionsims4

shoes- here by @madlensims

Voltron Halloween Icon Request [CLOSED]

Requests are CLOSED!!!! Thank you~ ^^

If anyone is interested, I am drawing free halloween themed icon request for Voltron!  (/^▽^)/ 

If you would like one please drop me a msg of the char + costume (e.g vampire lance) and the name you want on the icon.


  • Please keep my watermark  ^^ 
  • Only 1 character/icon request per person
  • I can’t avoid duplicate ideas, so some might have same icon, sorry >< 

That’s it..I think? I will update this post again?!

anonymous asked:

Today was this trans girls first time trying a weed it was great I had cheap candy nd made pizza rolls over a fire in the woods nd I would like to thank u for existing nd indirectly encouraging my decision it was great

I’m super duper happy for you and if you want you can feel free the msg me, welcome to weed 😊