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Hi could i please ask for this “Can someone shoot him?” with Barba? Thank you

Hope you like it honey! Also I tried really hard to make this one gender neutral!

“What the hell do you think you are doing?”

You stormed into the precinct and stared angrily at your boyfriend.

“Y/N, can we do this later?”

“No we can’t do this later. Because later you’ll have spent all our money and moved to Cuba and I can’t shoot you in Cuba because I can’t go to Cuba. What the hell are  you doing spending that kind of money? You know I get updates on large amounts of money being withdrawn from our joint account right?”

“Y/N can we please do this later? I promise I will explain everything tonight. Just not here and not now.” He walked closer to you and tried to grab your hand but you pulled away.

“Rafael Barba what on earth would you need to spend $8000 on that you would think you would not need to talk to me about? What boneheaded thing could you possibly spend that much money on?”

He sighed and Fin just laughed. Carisi chuckled and started digging around in his desk drawer and Rafael walked towards him.

“Well since I was not aware that you got notifications of large amounts of money being withdrawn and since you are so impatient.”

“Oh my God Rafael you so do not want to go there right now.”

He chuckled and put his hands up in surrender. “Well anyway, this is what I spent $8000 on. Carisi handed him the small box and he turned and opened it.

“Will you marry me?”

You stopped and stared at him and then at everyone in the room. “Are you sure?”

He laughed again. “Yes, Y/N I have never been more sure. I want to spend the rest of my life with your crazy impatient self.”

Can someone shoot him? Please just shoot him. I can’t deal with him right now.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Yes, of course it is a yes Rafael. I love you so much. I’m sorry I ruined the surprise.”

“It’s not the first time and it probably won’t be the last.” He laughed and pulled you in for a kiss. “Now can I get back to work and then we can finish this later?” He whispered in your ear.

“Oh you better believe we are going to finish this later.” You whispered back and then loud enough for all to hear. “I’m calling your mother.”

“Of course you are. I’ll see you tonight.” He turned back towards the squad.

“You’ve certainly got your hands full with that one Barba.”

“The same could be said for them. Have you met me?” They all laughed as they watched you get into the elevator already on the phone with Lucia.

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Could you do relationship progression headcanons for Junkrat, McCree, and Soldier76? Like how fast thing s would move, when the firsts would be, how long it would take them to notice their own feelings, ect? If that makes any sense!


· It would take him a while for him to actually understand his feelings for you

· He would be asking Roadhog for advice about his feelings

· Once he finally understands how he feels about you, he will find you immediately to tell you how he feels and if you would be his girlfriend

· In that instant he’s already holding your hand, he’s so happy

· Things would be moving pretty fast with this crazy boy

· First date, he is gonna try to kiss you

· After a few more weeks of dating he would try to make the night as romantic has he can, and invite you to “stay the night” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

· A few more dates and now he’s asking you to move in with him

· He doesn’t really get why people marry when they could just live together and not marry but if you wanted to, he would be down to do it if it makes you happy


· It wouldn’t take him long to realize his feelings for you

· What does take a while his him planning a day to tell you how he feels about you, wants to show you just how much you mean to him

· By the 3rd date he kisses you and asks you to be his girlfriend

· He goes by your pace, he wants to make you feel comfortable so he will wait until the time is right to make love to you

· A little over half a year he asks you to move in with him

· Then, after at least 2 years together, he would ask you to marry him


· Ohhh boy, it’s gonna take a while for this guy to even admit to himself that he likes you when everyone else can see but he refuses to acknowledge it for the longest

· After a few months of mulling it over in his head, he can no longer deny what he feels for you

· He cordially invites you to dinner and then awkwardly tells you how he feels about you

· After the 3rd date he would kiss you

· It will take at least a month for him to work up the courage to ask you to be his girlfriend

· After that, things go by normally, a few more dates and he makes his move on you and makes love to you

· Almost a year later he asks you to move in with him

· Another year later and he decides to put a ring on it

Things that make sense after episode 10
  • Victor MOVING TO ANOTHER COUNTRY after an internet video
  • The way they first met in Japan
  • I MEAN
  • VICTOR WAS NAKED and “Hi, I’m your coach now”
  • All the touching
  • “Oh believe me, you GOT EROS”
  • Seriously, he probably created the Eros program thinking about that drunk night dancing
  • “I have been flirting with you for the past year but thanks for noticing”
  • Yurio’s rage when he got in Japan
  • Chris’ hand-on-butt way of saying hi

How those photos didn’t get all over the internet OMG

Soothing a Venus
  • Venus in Aries: Wrap your hands around their head, 'relax darling'
  • Venus in Taurus: Let them feel your whole body in embrace
  • Venus in Gemini: 'Take a deep breath. Now tell me everything you want to say'
  • Venus in Cancer: 'Have you eaten properly?'
  • Venus in Leo: 'I am so proud of you'
  • Venus in Virgo: Take their hands into yours and gently hold them to ease the tremors
  • Venus in Libra: 'I want your opinion though. Your's is equally valid'
  • Venus in Scorpio: Hold them close in the darkness until they can feel the soothing soul
  • Venus in Sagittarius: Go for a walk towards the sun, let them speak as they move their legs
  • Venus in Capricorn: 'You have nothing to prove to me, you have already proven your brilliance'
  • Venus in Aquarius: 'Bring your feet back to the ground next to mine, now tell me what's going on inside there'
  • Venus in Pisces: Hold them on your chest so they can hear your heartbeat, it sounds like a shell from the ocean
Daddy wants to play

Daddy: “Hold still babygirl, Daddy wants to play with you is that ok?”

Baby: *smiles* Yes Daddy!

Daddy: “Good girl. Now Daddy is gonna tie you up ok sweetie? Baby can’t move today.”

Baby: *bigeeyes* ok Daddy.

Daddy: “Now open your mouth little girl, bite the ball, Daddy wants you to be nice and quiet, you understand baby?”

Baby: *opens mouth & nodds*

Daddy: “That’s a very good girl.” *smiles*
Now lie on your belly baby. Show Daddy his pretty ass.“

Baby: *turns around*

Daddy: “Such a good little girl. Hands above your head. You’ll do anything to make Daddy happy won’t you darling?”

Baby: *squirms* yes Daddy. Anything daddy .

Daddy: *gets on top of baby en pushes his big hard cock up baby’s tight little ass* “That’s my good little whore. Daddy loves his little slut so much!”

*evil grin*

“Now, what do we say little girl? Come on, talk to Daddy …”

Baby: *stutters* Ttt … thank You Daddy … thank You Daddy, p … please fuck my ass …

Daddy: “Good girl, Daddy loves you baby.”

let me fucking say something here; every single person who protest voted third party, who refused to listen to us when we said a third party vote would basically be a vote for trump, every single person who didn’t get their ass to the voting place: THIS IS ON YOU! there is gonna be blood on your hands. the blood of people of color, the blood of muslims, the blood of people under the lgbtpqia+ umbrella, the blood of women and children. a nuclear war. people losing their homes. people being sent back to countries with war and hunger and torture. i am not fucking around.

if you are sitting out there with a chance to vote but haven’t done it yet, YOU CAN CHANGE THIS, BUT YOU HAVE TO MOVE NOW!

When you’re young, you think everything you do is disposable. You move from now to now, crumpling time up in your hands, tossing it away. You’re your own speeding car. You think you can get rid of things, and people too—leave them behind. You don’t yet know about the habit they have, of coming back.

Time in dreams is frozen. You can never get away from where you’ve been.

—  Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin
BTS Reaction to you losing a bet

Anon Requested:  Can I get a BTS reaction with what they’d make you do if you lost a bet to them?


Jungkook: “You..want”

“I want to watch you cum. Pleasure yourself (Y/N), I want to watch.”

You felt the heat rush up to your cheeks almost instantly as the words left Jungkook’s mouth. You felt like your feet were cemented to the floor while you slowly shook your head trying to reason with him. “Jungkook can’t you just make me do something else? You never make me do things like this for bets.”

“Nope, now come on. Get on my bed and masturbate.” His words left you shaking to your core, feeling it dripping wet already. You slowly discarded your shirt and shorts before setting yourself in the middle of his bed. Your hands slipped down under your underwear moving your fingers in small, quick, circular motions on your clit. A moan left your lips immediately while your head flung back ignoring the hungry stares Jungkook was giving you. You couldn’t get it out of your mind but you made a plan to make more bets with Jungkook.

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V: Your breath hitched in the back of your throat once you felt his fingers hook onto your panties and pull them down. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.” You grumble down at Taehyung.

“You’re the one who lost the bet.” Taehyung spoke back, throwing your underwear down from the side of his bed. Without any hesitation he brought himself to your heat. His tongue stretched from his mouth, licking deep into your entrance. Your back arched off the bed, teeth squeezed shut to stop a loud moan escaping your lips. Your eyes screwed shut as your hands gripped the bed sheets underneath you. Taehyung pulled back slowly and looked up to you. “I told you that you’d like this.” 

“Shut up, shut up, shut up.” Your hands flung down and flicked his forehead. 

“I’m just saying I knew you’d like my tongue.” He said as he dipped his head against you again. This time his tongue went deeper, tasting your wetness before his lips settled around your clit again. His hands wrapping around your waist, holding you against him. You let out a loud gasp as you felt his fingers enter your heat, your eyes shot open and you couldn’t help but let out a loud moan. “Maybe we should make bets more often.”

You rolled your eyes but deep down you were agreeing a million times.

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Jimin: “Come here.” Jimin said from the couch, he patted his thigh and you let out a big groan. 

“You can’t be ser-”

“(Y/N), you lost the bet and I want you to ride my thigh so come here.” Jimin’s words had a way of their own, your feet brought you to him whether you liked it or not. You placed yourself down on his muscular thigh and looked him in the eyes. “Go on.”  You began to grind down onto his muscular thigh, the rough denim becoming the best kind of friction needed here. You rocked your hips back and forth creating as much please as possible.The feeling of euphoria soon approaching, without warning, Jimin’s hand came down to rub you throbbing clit.

“Jimin.” You moaned out causing his hand to speed up in circular motions. His other hand grabbing onto your hip roughly, moving you at a faster pace. Moans left your lips and you couldn’t help but thank the lord for you losing that damn bet. 

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J-Hope: “You want me to what?” You say shocked and wide eyed as you stared at Hoseok.

“I want you to strip for me. Every last article of clothing is to be off of your body.” He was eyeing you, watching your every last move, reaction and feature. 


“But nothing. The bet was if you lose I get to choose your punishment no matter what it is.” Sighing you nodded your head and slowly unzipped your jacket dropping it on the ground by your feet. Hoseok didn’t say anything, his eyes stared at you as if he had said ‘continue.’ Sighing once again you began to unbutton your jeans, fingers slipping underneath the waistband and slowly pulled them down allowing Hoseok to see your sheer pink panties you had decided to wear today. Once out of your jeans you quickly kicked them to the side with your jacket and pulled on your top, you dropped it along with the rest of your clothes and made eye contact with Hoseok once again. There you were standing in nothing but matching bra and panties and you knew this wasn’t the end of your punishment. “Go on, take them off.” Your hands reached back on the clasp of your bra and all you could think about was how you were never going to make a bet with Hoseok ever again.

Rap Monster: “You want me to what?” You asked shocked at the words that left Namjoon’s mouth. 

“I want you to kiss me.”

“Namjoon I don’t think-”

“You lost the bet (Y/N), you said you’d do anything I choose if you lost the bet.” Heaving a sigh you cross your arms over your chest, you didn’t think he would make you do something like this. Usually Namjoon always made you do something extremely stupid like eating a hot pepper or jump in the pool with all your clothes on not something as intimate as a kiss. “Come on just a peck, that’s all.”

“Just a peck?”

“Just a peck.” Sighing you nodded and uncrossed your arms. You walked slowly to Namjoon who was only like five feet away from you. You looked him in the eyes and saw the prominent smirk on his face. You rolled your eyes and raised on your tippy toes, hand finding its way to the back of his neck to bring him down to your lips. 


It was that quick. Just a peck. You began to lower yourself back to your feet before you felt an arm wrap around your waist and you were pulled back to Namjoon’s lips. His lips latched onto yours and just as quick as the first peck you found yourself pulling him in closer deepening the kiss.

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Suga: “Make out with you? Really Yoongi? Can’t you think of something else?” You whined at your best friend who had a prominent smirk on his face. He was sitting very comfortably on the couch while you were shifting the weight from each leg anxiously. “Do I really have to?”

“You’re the one who lost the bet.” Yoongi said simply patting his lap as an invitation for you. It’s like your feet had a mind if their own and before you knew it you found yourself placed on his lap, straddling his waist. One arm came around your waist, tightening its hold on you as his other hand came from behind your neck, he gently pulled you down colliding his lips with yours. It didn’t take long for his to deepen the simple kiss.

As the kiss got more heated and your breaths started to become more heavy you couldn’t help but be happy that you had lost this stupid bet in the first place.

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Jin: You lowered yourself down on your knees looking up at a smirking Jin. His clothes discarded over the bedroom floor along with yours leaving you only in your bra and panties. You wrapped your lips around his tip, trying to get used to his length in your mouth. He began moaning in ecstasy as you swirled your tongue around and took more and more of his length in your mouth. 

You couldn’t believe you agreed to this stupid little punishment in the first place, but what you couldn’t believe was that Jin would want this in the first place. He would never ask you to do things like this before so why the sudden change?

“Fuck” he mumbled, his hands finding their way on the back of your head, pushing you a bit more towards him. You couldn’t fit his whole length in and began bobbing your head along his throbbing length. You knew you should be focused on what you were doing but you couldn’t help but think of what else he’d make you do if you ever lost another bet.

if you have an excoriation disorder (skin picking)

definitely look into getting hydrocolloid adhesive plasters. you can get them at CVS or Walgreens or even Walmart if you look carefully. they’re blister bandages that can be cut into little squares and put over picked pimples or any small infected wounds (such as cuticles, which I’ve got right now) and left on over night or for a few hours and they draw out infections and protect the wound from getting more germs in it. they’re really easy to use and the results are amazing, plus, they’ll keep you from picking already existing wounds, while helping them heal. if you’re using one on your hands, I recommend putting a bandaid over it just to keep it in place just because your hands move around a lot, but other wise they’re self adhesive and don’t need anything else to hold them on.

they’ve helped me a lot and I haven’t seen much about them anywhere so I hope this post helps some people!!

jk and tae both HATE jimin

listen here, im here to prove to all of you once and for all that these two despise jimin. like, you’ll see in just a second how the hate rolls off them in waves. anyways, starting off with the maknae

Originally posted by equitas

listen to me, this is exactly how i look at someone i hate

Originally posted by jikookdetails

LOOK. jk’s giving us all pointers on how to show your hatred towards someone through your eyes. take notes peeps.

now, THIS is how you do it. look at him shoot hearts daggers with his eyes. anyways, let’s move on to tae bc im already losing it

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tae be like…”jimin get your frickin small hands away from me. i dont like you jimin, i dont like your small hands either i dont find them cute at all”

Originally posted by tayonge

tae: “wow, i hate jimin with every fibre of my being…” look at those daggers hes shooting at jimin. damn. can you feel the hate yet?

Originally posted by locotaehyung

what you’re seeing above is NOT vmin cuddling. fuck no.

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dont even get me started on this jealousy…thing bc thats a separate post can you feel me rolling my eyes yet

You are my baby, and always will be. You won’t know what that means until you have a child of your own, but I tell you now, anyway—you’ll always be as much a part of me as when you shared my body and I felt you move inside. Always.

I can look at you, asleep, and think of all the nights I tucked you in, coming in the dark to listen to your breathing, lay my hand on you and feel your chest rise and fall, knowing that no matter what happens, everything is right with the world because you are alive.

All the names I’ve called you through the years—my chick, my pumpkin, precious dove, darling, sweetheart, dinky, smudge…I know why the Jews and Muslims have nine hundred names for God; one small word is not enough for love.


Some nights, I cry because I miss you. I close my eyes and struggle to breathe. How can I inhale without wanting to take you in? Other nights, it isn’t as hard as this. I think of you and distract myself then I move on. I read our past conversations, laugh at how good we were then sleep. But nights like this, it’s hard to ignore. Everything inside me is yearning for something that it will never have. How can you satiate this kind of longing?

All that I can think about right now is that I want you. I want to straighten your collars to make sure you’re good for the day and kiss you on your cheeks to make the other girls jealous. I want to hold your hand just to assure you that you are not as empty as you seem and I am not as hollow as I assume to be. I want to touch you, undress you, show you that the world is not as lonely as how you write it and prove to you that you belong somewhere. That you belong to me. I want you to know that even if it doesn’t eventually get better, I will not go away. That even if you’re surrounded with everything temporary, I will remain constant.

I want to love you in a way that you deserve to experience it. No tragedies. No teeth. No bleeding. Just the pure kind of love that isn’t contaminated with doubt and guilt and pain. I want to unwrite your scars and undo your misery.

But I am afraid that the moment I let my heart bare in front of you, you will run away. You will shut your door and severe every tie that connects me to you. I want to keep you so much that I am willing to let the distance stay just so I can watch you from afar. Missing you is better than not knowing anything about you at all.

And now I keep on thinking about how cruel the world can be. How you can love someone with the greatest intensity and you can not have the chance to show it, to express it for real. How you can meet the one then realizing that they can not be with you. How you can cry at night because of how you miss someone and how it is all that you can do about it.

There is something permanent about the way I love you. So maybe I will miss you forever. Spend all these kind of nights crying forever. And it’s funny because I don’t even believe in forever. But I believe that my heart might always belong to you even if we might never meet at all.

Prompt: “Helllooo could I request a bones one where him and the reader get stuck in small spaces with no room at all? Fluff and embarrassment ensues as these kind of predicaments keep happening???” -Anon

Word Count: 1,559

Author’s Note: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for an amazing end to my year. I only rejoined the community in September, but I feel like I’ve come home. Thank you for that.

I want to wish you all the best for the new year. We’ve overcome so much shit in 2016 and I hope that we can take the hurt from our experiences this year and transform that energy into something positive and productive together. Let’s kick ass this year.

I love you all so much! Happy New Year!

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Imagine: Being Tony’s favorite vigilante

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Tonight had been a hard night, you’ve got scraps beyond belief and you’re just exhausted. You lay on a rooftop seemingly safe from danger. Suddenly, you hear light foot steps and panic sets in, you’re too sore to move. You still can’t fathom what happened next, the Black Widow appeared in your vision.

“Hey there soldier,” Natasha smiled at you.

You looked around seeing who she could possibly referring to then you realized, its you. Natasha laughed at the shock on your face and extended her hand out to help you up.

“uh, thanks..” you said, very unsure of what was actually happening.

“By the way, I formally go by [Y/N].. ya know when I’m not being a vigilante.”

“Well, [Y/N], How would you like to join the Avengers?”

You once ajar mouth now gapes. You blink more than usual to see if this was some kind of dream.

“Does the pope take holy craps? Heck yea!” You jump up and down and do a little victory dance. Natasha just laughs and takes you by the hand. One moment your on a rooftop then you’re on the famed quinjet standing in front of the avengers.

“H-Hi..” you do a shy wave.

Everyone politely waves back but Tony Stark comes forward to examine you.

“Are you the Casquette? I admire your technique and technology! I’m dying to know, what does ‘casquette’ mean?” 

“uh thanks, I admire literally everything you do, casquette is french for casket, what they bury the dead in.”

Tony just nods excitedly, takes your hand and leads you to a seat so he can interrogate you further.

“Tell me everything!

In the background you hear Bruce whisper to Steve, “I’ve never seem him that interested in one of the recruits before.”

You can already tell that you’ll like it here in the avengers, it’s nice not to be alone.



You tossed your keys on a nearby table and hung up your jacket before walking farther into your flat.

“I made us some tea.” You jumped at the sound of your ex-boyfriend’s voice and placed your hand over your heart, trying to calm yourself down.

“Jim?” You muttered in disbelief, staring at the man you thought had been dead for a year now. “What the hell.”

“It’s going to get cold.” He continued, stopping when he saw you weren’t going to move. With a small grunt, he stood up and placed his tea cup down. “Please, can we talk.”

You stood still, not knowing what to say to Jim. You had thought that he was dead for a year now. What exactly did you say to your not-so-dead ex-boyfriend?

“You’re alive.” You uttered in disbelief. Soon your disbelief contorted into anger, and you marched up to Jim, slapping him across the face. “That’s for not calling.”

A small smile tugged at the corners of Jim’s lips. “You’re right. I should’ve called.”

Jim watched your face heat up the way it always does when you’re angry about something and smiled. He took long strides over to you and pulled you close, catching your lips with his.

You kissed back and played with the ends of his hair, only pulling back when you were out of breath.

“Can we talk now?” Jim asked, once more.

You nodded. “You have a lot of explaining to do.”

“I know, Darling, I know.” Jim said softly, pulling the chair out and pouring you a cup of tea.

“But you’re back for good now?” You asked.

“I’m never leaving your side again.” Jim promised you and took a seat, starting to explain himself.

dating Taehyung would include

Originally posted by jitamin

  • let’s be real for a second,,
  • if you actually get to spend the rest of your life with kim freakin taehyung then everything is in your favour my friend
  • the softest, most adorable relationship you’re ever gonna see
  • he’d care for you so much im 
  • I can imagine you meeting because he pulled you out of the road when a car was coming along
  • even though it’s a zebra crossing (is that name a british name??) and the car was gonna stop 
  • “oh…sorry, I just..didn’t want you to get hurt”
  • says taehyung, still holding your arm for dear life so you can’t move away from his body 
  • “im on the pavement now..”
  • “yeah true but maybe you should give me your number so I can stop you from getting hit by more cars”
  • smooth, tae, v smooth
  • it would grow from there, with taehyung being the type to hold your hand even across these goddamn zebra crossings
  • he would protect you like his life depended on it
  • such as holding you v close in bed and not let go
  • even if you’re dying because holy fric it’s so hot he’s so warm
  • you can push him away but he’ll just hold you even tighter and give you that smug smile 
  • “you’re not leaving me or my iPad clock”
  • something tells me he’s a very emotional guy
  • like in terms of emotional support he’d be there for you and vice versa 
  • he wouldn’t be afraid to show you his emotions bc he trusts you
  • even if that means being angry, crying, etc
  • but like imagine curling up on the couch with him 
  • his head will be in your lap and you can stoke his hair
  • playing with his fingers when you’re bored
  • holding his hands
  • taehyung is going to kill me before I even finish this
  • but back to dating
  • something is telling me he’s either a kinky little shit or he’s innocent as hell
  • no in between
  • he’ll be a master at using his tongue but
  • “taehyung, have you heard of the ‘eiffel tower’?”
  • “yeah it’s in France right?”
  • *cue namjoon winking and shit from the other side of the room*
  • “use urban dictionary pls”
  • but on the other hand…
  • “someone told me a good place to have sex was the back seat of a car, baby" 
  • omg right what if he likes kitten play??
  • I feel like he’s the kind of person that would like you to wear kitten ears and dress up all cute 
  • he’d call you kitten too and even put you in a collar 
  • yeah he’s definitely either really kinky or really innocent omo
  • bUT he’d still take you on the cutest dates
  • trips around different cities to see all the sites and stuff
  • actually going to Paris to see the real Eiffel Tower 
  • going to New York and London and Beijing and Tokyo and Stockholm etc
  • so many boyfriend vibes rn
  • he’d be the best travel companion though let’s be serious you’d never get bored even if you were on a twelve hour journey
  • being honest a downfall of his person is that he seems like the type to change moods quite quickly and you’d need to adjust to it
  • like one minute he’s relay serious and the next he’s messing around 
  • and that can sometimes cause a problem because did he mean that seriously or as a joke..?
  • but still the softest relationship in the history of mankind anyway
  • handle him with care because you’re blessed mate 
  • Archbishop of Canterbury says so 
Tell Me a Joke

Prompt: Tell me a joke

Words: 367

“Tell me a joke.”

          You look over your book at your boyfriend and grin. “Why’d the girl throw a clock out the window?”

          Barry just groans. “Come on, I’m serious.”

          Your smile widens as you hold out your hand and say “Hi Serious, I’m Y/N.”

          Now he’s laughing. “I can’t believe…”

          “It’s not butter?” You finish for him.

          The two of you stare at each other a moment before you dissolve into giggles. Then he’s moving across the couch, and his fingers glide across your stomach, and you shriek. Then before Barry knows what’s happening you’re scrambling off the couch, and running.

          It’s not the smartest of ideas since your boyfriend is the Flash, but it’s the only one you can think of. He catches you in the hall, and suddenly he’s tickling you like there’s no tomorrow. He doesn’t stop until you concede.

          As he stops you slowly sink to the ground, a few left over chuckles coming out of your mouth. He slides down in front of you and rests his head in your lap. He lies there, and you run your fingers through his hair. It’s a completely normal moment. There’s no bad guys, not call from the team, it’s wonderful. It’s something that has become rare since Zoom showed up.

          Barry reaches up and cups your cheek. “What’s running through your head?”

          You smirk and say “You.”

          He just grins before he says “What’s really going through your head?”

          You lean down and kiss the tip of his nose “That I don’t want this moment to end. That I really, really love this moment.”

          Barry sits up, and scoots to sit beside you, before pulling you into his lap. You cuddle into his chest, as he wraps his arms around you. His hand is running up and down your back in a soothing pattern and he says “We’ll have more of them, I promise. I know things have been crazy recently, but things will get back to normal. I promise.”

          You just turn and kiss him, because normal is a thing of the past. There is no normal while Barry is the Flash, and that’s okay, because normal is overrated.

I think the most surreal thing I’ve ever experienced is my abuser actually becoming pretty normal. It’s the weirdest thing.

On one hand, you’re happy that they won’t hurt people. You’re happy that they’ve learnt to manage their emotions. You’re happy that some of the fear of seeing them is lifted off your shoulders. But at the same time, you are so angry. You are traumatized already. It’s just more proof they they can move on while you’re stuck here. The have DESTROYED you, and now you don’t even have someone to be mad at. Or at least you’ll always feel a little guilty that you resent them. They might not yell at you, or call you fat, stupid, worthless, manipulate you, threaten you… but everyday they’re hurting you. And they always will be.

But they get to be recover. They get to be forgiven -And they genuinely have changed… maybe they’re even sorry for how they treated you. But they can form normal relationships. They can cope. They can move on.

But it’s so much harder for you.

Here’s what it’s like being 23 living in New York City:

You move in inches and love in waves. You drink overpriced coffee in bright coffee shops. You trudge through the West Village in the middle of January, your arms tucked into your coat. You see people laughing, people holding hands. You look inside a little cafe with twinkle lights and see two friends chatting over a glass of wine. You wonder how they know each other. You wonder what moves them.

Your roommates laugh outside your door long into the night. You occasionally join them when you aren’t crying over a boy that doesn’t really matter. Ambulances wail in the distance but if you listen, really listen, you can hear the rain patter against the skylights in your living room. The Christmas tree you all carried up three flights of stairs looks out of place now, the brittle pine needles breaking off in clumps. Our big, fat cat saunters lazily around our feet as we cook cheap meals – plain pasta with spinach, meatballs with broccoli, macaroni and cheese straight from the box – and most of the time we pick him up and kiss him.

You date boys that can’t hurt you until you date one that does. You give your number to anyone that asks. You drink wine and cheap beer and eat bags of chips right at the bar. You pay for brunches you can’t afford and wear shoes you shouldn’t have bought. You and your best friend laugh loudly no matter where you are, which makes people curious about you. You know you are powerful until the moment you actually let someone in. Then, you become a ghost of yourself.

You go to museums that bore you and eat hotdogs from venders on the street. You walk up and down the streets of Brooklyn, holding hands with different boys and pick out your dream apartment. Look at that one, look at that one, I love that one. You ask others questions you can’t necessarily answer yourself. You are willing to have tough conversations. People like that about you, but sometimes it scares them.

You feel endlessly alive but also lonely sometimes, and you’re starting to realize that that’s okay. You live in a city filled with people you once loved, filled with people you still love, filled with people you might love one day. You live in this city and feel its erupting, beating heart with every step you take. You live and you live and you live.

Grounding -- A How-to

Grounding is something everyone should know, regardless of whether or not you have special abilities, are a witch, pagan, monotheistic etc. It’s good for all of us!

There are many ways to ground yourself. This is basically going to be a grounding masterpost, so I’ll put a keep reading right underneath this, and we can get to work!

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