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Rin's Undertale Battle Theme
  • Rin's Undertale Battle Theme
  • NekuVsNoise

//OOC one last time but adding some art…. and something some of you might have only heard on stream. I haven’t posted this anywhere yet, and


I hope someday I can teach myself enough about GameMaker studio to recreat a little battle for Rin in Undertale. I was so inspired at one point I just started making mock ups… but fell flat when I had to prep for conventions and continue with my commission work to keep paying my bills.

But boy do I want to do it still someday. And yes, I’d have to make a full new mock up of the game to do this since there’s certain elements I can’t do with just a battle simulator such as Unitale or so.


PS: DO NOT USE THIS MUSIC FOR ANYTHING. I COMMISSIONED this from Neku for my game, and it is owned to him and I alone. PLEASE. Thank you <3 I have it here for listening pleasure cause it’s just so damn good.

Boys playing with dolls

There are not toys for boys. There are not toys for girls.

Why are we teaching our children to have to enjoy stereotypical games?

Do we not want our boys to become adults who look after their children? Do we not want our girls to know that they can become engineers or builders?

We bought our son a doll for Christmas. He keeps kissing her & carrying her around with him. This gift was met with mixed reactions from family members.

“Boys shouldn’t have dolls!”

“You’re going to make him gay”

Fuck. Off.

We are going to teach our son that he can do, or be anything. We are going to teach him to be kind, to be caring. We will show him how to clean and take care of a home. We will explain to him about money and bills and the importance of savings. We will teach him about respect, consent, feminism and how to be a good person.

We will love and support him and he will always know that his sexuality and gender identity are not things to be afraid of.

My son will play with dolls, if he wants to. He can play with a fire truck, if he wants to. He can play with a mop and broom, if he wants to.

Fuck girls toys. Fuck boys toys.

Let’s just let our children be children ok?


Pairings: Kyungsoo x Reader

Words: 532

Requested: 13 - “Make me.”, 21 - “You’re crazy.” “Crazy for you.”

Genre: Smut

“I just don’t understand why you can’t make me pay for once. Just once, Kyungsoo. That’s all I’m asking.” You say while unlocking the door to your shared apartment and walking in, with him following close behind you. The two of you had been dating for nearly 2 years now, and he has never let you pay for anything in the dates that you two went on.

And because you were the type of person who just wished to give back, you found it frustrating how he’d never let you pay, much less split the bill. “I’ll say it once more and that’s it, Y/N. You deserve being spoilt, just as much as I love spoiling you.” He says, resting his hands on your waist as you both walked into your shared bedroom. In a matter of seconds, he’d pushed you against the wall beside the door and his warm body was pressing against yours, as he stared you down.

The action made your breath hitch in your throat and before it began to grow heavy. “You don’t need to spoil me, Kyungsoo. Having you in my life is honestly enough.” You whisper, trying to ignore his hardening rock pressing into your stomach.

“Y/N. Shut up, stop talking.” He says, closing his eyes as his head dips down to your neck, pressing light kisses against your skin as you let out a soft sigh of content. “Make me.” You say, biting down on your lip.

He looked back up at you, caressing your hip lightly as his mouth opened to say something, “Wouldn’t you like that.” He whispers, before crashing his soft plump lips against yours. You moan at the sweet taste of the dessert that was still evident on his lips after your dinner and proceed to kiss him back.

He pulled apart from the kiss before trailing his lips down your jawline, his hands pulling your skirt down, followed by your panties. He looked down at you glistening folds, and let out an approving nod, “Fuck, you’re so wet for me.” He says, running his finger up your folds before sticking his finger into his mouth. “Kyungsoo please. Do something.” You begged breathlessly, earning a smirk from him. “Of course, babe.” He replies, before pushing a finger into your centre. You let out a small gasp as your hands made their way to his shoulders, holding onto them for support while he pumped his fingers in and out of you.

You were a moaning mess in front of him, his lips was attacking your neck with kisses and love bites and his fingers reached places that had you moaning his name out in bliss. It wasn’t long until you came all over his fingers, his name escaping your mouth in an excited moan. He continued pumping out your high before pulling his fingers out and dipping it into his mouth, sucking your sweet juices once again.

“That should be enough for you to pay me back for the dinner.” Kyungsoo says, smiling lazily at you once you both had more comfortable clothes on. You shook your head lightly and gently laughed to yourself, “You’re crazy.

Crazy for you.

billdip au where Bill is a lazy piece of shit and won’t do anything unless there’s somethin for him in return so he and dip make a lot of really small and useless deals

“Bill can u take out the trash”
“ -sigh- you can borrow my waterbottle”

“C’mon Sixer, the fans are smart, they won’t do anything reckless.”

“You haven’t been on their tumblrs, Stanley! I’ve seen things….things man was never meant to see.”

Inspired by this. One must admit, Ford has reason to be distressed.

And yes, the fact that you can’t see Stan’s eyes is a nod to the “Bill is making him do it” idea >:)

anonymous asked:

Can you remind us/ask someone to remind us what Bill Cipher did? I can't think of anything off the top of my head, I feel like I'm forgetting something.

i mean, i’ve literally seen every episode of gravity falls (guess where my name is from lol)  and i don’t know either. he’s a pretty terrifying villain but i don’t know what makes him any different than most of the ones we have here.

maybe someone can comment?

~mod wendy


Hey guys, I’ve never done this before so here it goes:
This little guy is my dog Choco. He’s been really sick lately. He can’t hold going to the bathroom anymore. When he goes, his poop is covered in blood. I took him to the hospital last week the bill was $470 just for a test and a visit. Everything came back negative but the vet said he’ll need an ultrasound and a biopsy which could go up to $1000. I work at target and anyone who works in retail knows one week you could be working 20 hours to working one day a week. The $470 was such a blow to me and I can’t even make up the $1000 on my own and no one can help me. I took him home and have medicine but it doesn’t do anything. This guy is my life, honestly the sweetest dog. If you guys could donate even one penny I would be so grateful. A reblog will definitely help too.

I made a gofundme page so here’s the link

Thank you in advance.

Call for help

My partner was in a traumatic car accident a week ago. I’m a multiply disabled person without a job. I’m asking my followers to donate a few dollars to help us out with lost wages, medical bills not covered by his insurance and keeping us and our animals fed.

This is how I can help him heal. This is how I can help keep stressors to a minimum and hopefully convince him to seek treatment for his anxiety.

But I need your help first. If you’re uncomfortable donating, please consider commissioning me. I am a poet and crafter. I can edit or make you things (crochet, cross stitch and other needle craft)

But if you do have anything to spare, I would be so grateful. No one enjoys begging, but I just want to be able to do something for the man that has supported me in my illness and my coming out as genderqueer. He deserves it.

Paypal email:


Small theory: not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet ??

So anyway we know the ford has made a machine that can read people’s mind ..

But this could end up in two ways ? To me this seems that ford has read something in dippers mind and now dipper wants to use the mind erase gun on ford to make him forget ?

You know the theory about Bill controlling dipper over the last few episodes ? That could link in with this because what if ford read dippers mind and found that Bill was in there or something along those lines… So it’s actually Bill using the gun against ford, because we know that dipper loves ford way to much to do anything like that. ( + from the promo we know that Bill is back for the next episode)

The one problem I have is That Bill wouldn’t allow for dippers mind to be read if he knew it would expose him??

But what if ford didn’t tell dipper what the machine was?

First Kiss

Their first kiss wasn’t kind, romantic or anything. It wasn’t warming, it wasn’t making Dipper wanting to just give in and it certainly didn’t made him fall in love with Bill more then he already was. It wasn’t one of those five minutes romance movie kisses or one if those six paragraph kisses out of a book. Although silently Dipper had wished for all that. Yet it never was that. Why? Easy.
Dipper Pines and Bill Cipher’s first kiss wasn’t even a kiss, it was CPR.
Dipper couldn’t believe it.
“Bill, how can you just forget to breath?!”, he exclaimed.
“Well, I’m not used to having my own human body I need to manage myself completely! I don’t have to breath as a triangle to live or think about it while possessing someone!”, the blonde explained, breathing heavily until he managed to get the right rhythm. Dipper stood up and turned around to walk back to the shack.
“Help me up! Hey- pine tree! Come back!”