you can love anyone bb

Hey there! Okay, so in the celebration of reaching 1 freaking thousand followers I have decided to make a *drum rolls* Follow Forever. Never in a zillion years would I have thought all these wonderful people would follow me, and be my awesome friends. Merci! So without further ado here are the amazing people who have stuck by all the Carey-price-fangirling, annoying 3am post, or me just being the idiot I am.

# - I 

19thorntons alex-wennburgers alexxpeters almightylundqvist anze-kopistar bgallyhasmyheart bbickells bishop-off-my-ass blackhawks-little-mutt boston-strong-forever bournival-carnaval brassyanddmoore brendanngallagher bringmethehockey bruins-babe bruinuck canadian-eh87 canadiens-not-canadians captain-mactruck captain-crosby captainjontoews catlady31 chitownhockey chi-town-mistress christmaskanershuffle christopher-james-kreider christopher-kreidopher corpsetopherkreider craawford cupcakeslover5 darrylheartzhenya david-booth ebsnugehallsy  fabulouslyprice finnish-your-czechs firetherrien gally-chucky girardahan go-back-to-ikea goaliesticks goallagher-galchenpuck goingtopshelf h0ckeyismylife habs5eva hatrickaner hawkey-obsessed hawkeytime hockeyloversunited hockeyplease hockeywashergame inprustwethrust itspriceybitch

J - R 

j-ebs joffreylups jordanstaalsmugshot kaner-toews kuemperorpenguin lack31 ladysstardust lars-hella lahs-ellah lettersfromtheattic like-in-tonights-sky loochskywalker lundqvisition marchandmad marianyossa massholehackey matszuccarelllo meaghan-mikkelson miranda-seguin mo-gardiner mother-puckers mycaptaintazer nerdyhockeyfanaticandmusicjunky nik-scherbaks nyrgurlforever oh–careb theold29er pastrnakattack pathornqvist patricebergeronandon patrice-bergy patrick-kane penalty-kill pkanes-brows pksubban76 plekaface price-devant-la-cage pricey-subby price-isright princebudaj pucking-habs puppygally riemers ryan-mcstunna

S - Z 

sainteflanelle savecareypricefromthehabs2k14 savedbyprice scoraceks segsysegs segmuffin sharpyness siddharthcrosby sparkledagger staalsie stopgoalieshaming2k14 supercallyfragilistic tempe-toews themutt65 theold29er tom-and-jarry @toew troubsandscheifs tuukkasass typaulseguin valsnichushkin vrtanen wearrethefoxes woes-of-a-hockey-fan  wristshotslapshotbackhandgoal yaegerbombs young-mullet-enthusiast zachpariseisbae zuccisbae

These are the people who I talk to almost everyday or have there for me at hard times, so thank you again guys ♥