you can literally try to kill him and his friends and he will still think that you are worth his friendship

His || Jungkook || 0.17

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

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izzycat6  asked:

Do you have recommendations for a Klance slowburn fic? (Doesn't really matter if it's an AU)

Friend f r i e n d it’s been ages since I actually got to sit down and read a fic but I’ve read lots of them in the past so you definitely came to the right person :P (I actually wrote one of my own; it’s called Magic Me Some Love and is about Galra!Keith/Magician!Lance in a medieval fantasy setting, if you’re into that.)

Now. Slow burn klance fics that aren’t on pretty much every fic rec list out there already with a minimum of either 60k words or that are unfinished still:

Ignorance Is Bliss by YouAreInAComaWakeUp

As it turns out, learning that your house is haunted makes the ghosts a lot more aggressive. Who knew?
Ah, well. At least one of them is hot. And he’s the less-evil one, too, so that’s always a plus.


The Message by Shipstiel

Keith is texted by accident by some idiot one day, and honestly he’s not even sure why he responds. Or why he keeps responding. Yet somehow he finds himself drawn in, and okay, so maybe this fool is mildly entertaining after all. Who would’ve thought.

>>wrong number AU with an extra dash of angst. But if you’ve read any of the other fics this author has written you’ll know that they specialize in fluff and that absolutely shines through in the fic^^

Quest for Altea by fandomlicious

20 years after the legendary sword Voltron was drawn from its stone by Queen Allura, it is stolen and eventually lost in the dangerous Balmeran Forest. To prevent the rogue knight Zarkon, his witch companion Haggar and their army of Galra warriors from claiming the sword and conquering all of Altea, it falls to Lance, with the help of a dark-haired hermit, to embark on the treacherous journey, save his kingdom and reunite his broken family.

>>if you don’t mind OCs that you get to know throughout the fic taking on a more important role, you should totally check out this fic. It’s plot heavy and reads like a published novel :D

Foreign Scenes by bwyn

Lance has been dreaming of travelling since the first time he heard stories from his family as a child. Now, having finally the time and money to do it, he goes on a trip to Europe to see some of the most culturally rich cities on the continent. Except he keeps bumping into the same guy over and over again, in random cities, doing stupid shit, and ultimately dragging Lance into his trouble, too.

>>it’s one of the few fics that I haven’t read personally yet and still won’t hesitate to recommend. lots of my friends have read and praised it, apparently it’s fluffy and fun. it’s absolutely on my to read list :D

Crossroads by manamune

When Keith crashed his Lion into a Galra warship in order to stop it from destroying a solar system, and more importantly, his friends, he was fully prepared to die for it.
What he didn’t prepare for was to wake up in an alternate universe where he and Lance were dating.

>>this one. if you haven’t read it yet, go read it. it was my fav voltron fic for a long long time!!!! it’s got it all, plot, romance, character development, realistic amounts of angst- it’s very very good. 

Drive It Like You Mean It by Zizzani

The Castle of Lions is the venue for the city’s most dangerous illegal street races where drivers come to test the cut of their tires. Lance has long defended his title as champion, but when a newcomer shows up and threatens his position things take an interesting turn.

>>not into cars and street racing AUs? neither am i, my friend, and yet this is one of the best voltron fics i’ve read. trust me when i tell you that you want to read everything written by this author.

Sharps and Accidentals by Zizzani (! unfinished!)

Keith is a talented up and coming violin virtuoso. Lance hates him immediately.
Or an AU in which Lance and Keith both attend the same music university. Keith is deaf. Lance is Trying™.

>>if there is one deaf!AU you should read then it’s this one. it’s really amazing all around - i’ve been following it since 2016 and i still always get excited over e-mail updates.

Ghost of the Future / Shadow of the Past by wittyy_name & Zizzani (! unfinished!)

When Lance is thrown through time, his future self from one year ahead is transported to the past in his place.
When Lance is thrown through time, he finds himself one year in the future, in place of the Lance that should be here.


Stick It by noussommeslessquelettes

After a run-in with the law, former national phenom turned delinquent Keith Kogane is forced to return to the regimented world of elite gymnastics, facing old foes and new challenges.

>>!!!!!!!!!! it’s such a good fic!! based on such a good movie!!!!! i’m kinda upset that not more people have read it, it’s good, give it a try, it won’t disappoint^^

Not That Bad by varelsen

A college AU featuring coffee shops, silly rivalries, motorcycles, arcade games, friendships, and lots of warm, fluffy feelings that are both confusing and delightful all at the same time.

>>the summary nails it. also starring socially anxious!keith but despite that he seems pretty in character. it’s amazing and i really love this author’s style of writing :D

He Who Fights Monsters by magisterpavus

In a world where monstrous dragons terrorize humanity daily, the Garrison trains valiant Knights to slay the evil beasts and defend Earth. But when Knight cadet Lance Espinosa is kidnapped by a strange red dragon who kills its own kind, certain truths are revealed…and so are the true monsters.

>>dragon au i repeat dragon au this is not a drill everyone - this fic!!! is freaking!!!! amazing!!!!!!! it’s in my top 5 minimum go try it out :D

Altea High by Lixie (! unfinished!)

Go back to school they said. It’ll be fun they said. Yeah, sure. It’s tons of fun scaling lava walls, accidentally setting things on fire, and being babysat by the school’s flirt.
When Lance signed up (*cough* bribed *cough*) to show the new firebug around the school he thought it would be a piece of cake. He did not anticipate the sour attitude, spontaneous explosions, intimate moments in elevators…

>>the sky high au you always knew you needed :D it’s still in the very early stages but the fic is really fun so far!!

Blue Shells and Comic Books by SonofHades (! unfinished!)

Lance has too much time on his hands, Keith doesn’t have enough. Lance leans more towards being outgoing and sociable, while Keith keeps to himself and can be mostly unpleasant. Neither think they have anything in common. What they don’t realize, however, is that there happens to be a very popular graphic novel that connects them together. Lance happens to be an avid reader and Keith just happens to secretly be the author.

>>another fic i’m super pumped for oh my god. each new chapter mail has me grinning like a maniac. the waiting between updates is suffering but all worth it in the end. it’s fun and interesting and i love it!

Flirting With Death by drippingpen (! unfinished!)

Keith commits the ultimate taboo as a grim reaper: he saves a life.
More specifically, he saves Lance’s life.
Now they are forever linked, unable to survive without the other. Keith must protect Lance from the forces that are trying to right Keith’s wrong and kill Lance.

>>skdfghjksfhgdksjfhgjfjd i cannot describe it. the plot is really amazing and keith and lance are so attracted to each other but they can’t kiss because that would literally kill lance. it belongs to the top most interesting voltron fics out there :D

in your shoes by lydiamartin (! unfinished!)

The one where Keith and Lance live in different cities but swap bodies – and angry love notes – multiple times a week.

>>Kimi No Na Wa (your name) AU!!!! so basically anything but your typical body switch AU :P give it a try, you will be surprised by it, especially if you haven’t seen the movie.

Of Lions And House Cats by Ms_Towa (! unfinished!)

Keith is a superhero who’s been pining after the cute boy who works at the music shop across the street from HQ. He also doesn’t know that the cute boy is the same vigilante he wants to bring to justice.

>>!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the chapters are insanely long but they’re all worth it. the plot develops rather slowly but it’s perfect as it is :P the slowest of burns. despite that it never made me lose interest in it so definitely go check it out if you have multiple hours of nothing to do!! :D

I’m gonna stop here because this list is already insanely long but it is faaaaaar from finished, believe me. This fandom produces so many good fics I can’t keep up with it ; - ;

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin's first times

Here is a (mainly) fluff Wolfstar I wrote those last days ! Hope you’ll like it >w<

If you prefer to read it on AO3, here is the link

When they first meet, it’s at the train station. Sirius is with Walburga and Regulus, half listening his mother’s “advices”, which sound more like orders and threats. Looking at the crowd, his eyes catch a pair of scared but happy green eyes. It’s a boy his age, with apparently his parents and little luggage.

He later get to know his name : Remus Lupin. He doesn’t know yet this name will become his world.

When they first get detention, it’s together, less than a month after the first day of class. Sirius pull a prank on a group of Slytherin boys who are always mocking him for being a lion, but the teacher punishes Sirius and Remus since they are together.

During the detention, Remus tries not to pay attention to Sirius – it’s his fault they got here after all ! He doesn’t last more than twenty minutes though.

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Thatcher, Redbeard, a series of dreadful events, and the love that have yet to speak its name.

Someday the true story may be told – for those of us that have recognized and believed in the romance between Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, Sherlock has been the adaptation many of us wanted to see it happen. S4 was difficult – I didn’t think it possible to experience grief and loss because of a tv show, yet there I was, sad, disappointed, and moping for weeks. But after going back and reading some ACD canon as a form of therapy, I realized just how much I still love Sherlock. I can’t explain it, it is… what it is. So I watched S4 again quite a few times the last week or so. And guess what? I am here to tell you in all seriousness – love conquers all may still be on its way after all.

We already know the surface narrative of S4: Mary died saving Sherlock, Eurus, the long-lost third Holmes sibling killed Redbeard aka Victor aka Sherlock’s childhood best friend out of jealousy, and was the mastermind behind everything Moriarty ever did. After enduring the Sherrindford Experiment™, Sherlock solved Eurus’ riddles and saved John’s life; Baker Street Boys were back at 221B solving crimes as they always do, with some parenting on the side. The end.

My conclusion after tearing through layers of allusions? Mary probably didn’t die (I can’t make up my mind about this… for now); there was definitely no baby. It was all Mycroft’s fault, Eurus the east wind was a story he made up to conceal Lady Elizabeth Smallwood’s slaughterhouse, where Redbeard came into being and became Sherlock’s Reichenbach cauldron. Sherlock and John finally recognized the hurt, grief, and loss they both endured as a couple since TRF; but for now, they were back in the glass closet, the love they shared remained unspoken – until/if the lost special can be found. The end.

Don’t believe me? Let’s begin with Thatcher because so much of S4 revolves around the darkest moments in the UK during her time as the prime minister. Before I begin, please note that you’ll have to see beyond the suggested time and space presented on screen as the surface narrative unfolds, and instead try and think about allegory and allusion. Yeah, kinda like reading ACD canon, but a bit more difficult – let’s face it, visual media is just as capable of inspiring as deceit as we all know intimately by now.

Ready? Fair warning – this is the longest and saddest meta I’ve ever written, and it’s only the tip of an iceberg. Please be patience and try reading to the end, I promise it’ll be worth your time.

The scene that broke everything wide open for me was the exchange between Mycroft and Lady Smallwood:

Lady Smallwood. Alicia this time. PM – as in prime minister? Nope. Because earlier:

Why use an acronym, then? PM as in night? Darkness? Shadow?

A secret then. What did Mycroft reveal as he removed Alicia Smallwood’s card?

Oh and look what Eurus said in the scene right after:

The other one – Lady Elizabeth Smallwood. Lady…… Sherrinford? 

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GOT7 Hogwarts Moodboard AU Introductory Post

Choi Youngjae : Hufflepuff

Fourth Year | 9 1/2″ Chestnut, Dragon Heartstring, Unyielding | Member of the Frog Choir | Hedgehog (Patronus) | Muggleborn | Seer (special ability) | Herbology, Divination, Care of Magical Creatures (best subjects) | Im Jaebum & Park Jinyoung (crushes) | Mark Tuan & BamBam & Yugyeom (Best Friends)

  • Look up a picture of Choi Youngjae in the dictionary and you’ll find a picture of the sun. This boy is literal sunshine, okay?
  • He’s so soft it’s not even funny. Youngjae is that fluffy and cute little puppy with the floppy ears that won’t stand up straight and his head cocked to the side.
  • He’s basically the definition of cute.
  • Youngjae is VERY in tune with his house. He’s the most Hufflepufflely Huffle that’s ever Puffled.
  • If you’re looking for a swell guy who will always do the right thing, stand up for those who can’t, remain loyal to their friends, brave in the face of danger, and will bring you snacks in the middle of the night – look no further than Choi Youngjae.
  • His laugh will make you laugh. You’re just gonna be in a good mood around him, yeah?
  • His sunshine is infectious. There’s no running. No hiding. You can’t get away. Might as well sign your soul away at the door.
  • Don’t be surprised if you hear Youngjae singing around the halls, when he thinks he’s alone, when he’s being a little shit and singing over you so he can’t hear you, when he sees small animals, when he’s in the shower, and when he’s eating his favorite snacks.
  • And don’t you even dare complain because you would be BLESSED to be near this boy when he sings. It’s like a party in your ear. It’s a LOUD party…but still…..a PARTY. YOU’RE WELCOME.
  • You can often find him with a wide grin on his face. More often than not you can find him with his eyes crossed and his tongue sticking out of his mouth as he annoys the shit out of his friends who won’t touch him because they love him so god damn much.
  • He could get away with murder, is what I’m trying to say.
  • His relationship with Mark is very special. Mark either wants to kill him or he wants to cling to him like a koala bear. There’s no in between.
  • Jackson and Youngjae are in an eternal competition on who can annoy the shit out of the other the most. Youngjae is currently winning. Remember the eyes crossed and tongue out facial expression we discussed? This is usually directed at Jackson.
  • Yugyeom, Bammie, and Youngjae are literally the three muskateers. They’re gonna take over the world together. Youngjae is in charge of snacks.
  • His relationship with Jaebum and Jinyoung is the most precious thing in the world. However, it confuses him to no end. On the one hand, he loves seeing Jaebum and Jinyoung together. He thinks they’re perfect for one another. On the other hand, he’s a little in love with both of them. Okay so maybe a lot, but these are small details.
  • He feels awful for being in love with two people that are in love with each other. It’s very complicated. But when he’s with them he feels included somehow and he just can’t bring himself to say anything. He doesn’t want to ruin the dynamic they seem to have going.
  • It’s complicated.
  • Another thing that’s complicated? Youngjae’s ability. He’s a seer. And I’m not talking crystal ball, reading your tea leaves, and checking our your palm kind of seer. The last time Youngjae had a vision he had a seizure and was in the hospital wing for three days.
  • He has smaller visions that don’t affect him as much. They come more often than the big ones, thankfully. But he tends to be a little scatterbrained and tired after the little ones. The last time he had a big prophecy inscribing prophecy was in his second year. So he’s hoping he can make it through his fourth without too much incident.
  • He can’t say he likes or dislikes the fact that he’s a seer. It’s just a part of who he is. Every generation of his family has produced a seer, and this time it just happened to awaken in Youngjae. It is what it is.
  • But no, he can’t tell you what you’re going to have for breakfast tomorrow. So don’t ask, because not only will he not answer you but Jinyoung will show up out of nowhere and sass you to death. It’s not worth it.
  • Youngjae is a part of the Frog Choir and he loves it. The boy can sing.
  • When Youngjae wants to be alone, you can find him sitting in an old classroom, dusting off the grand piano in the corner and getting lost in it. He doesn’t mind if you find him and watch, but leave him alone. He’s in his own world and you aren’t anywhere near it.
  • Youngjae isn’t a member of the Silver Spears, but more often than not he stops by to drop snacks off. He might not be interested in the group activity, but he’ll still feed you.
  • Youngjae isn’t quite sure what he wants to do when he leaves Hogwarts. He’s torn between music and herbology. He is phenomenal with plants. He likes to spend a lot of time in the greenhouses, so check there first if you’re looking for him.
  • Why does Youngjae always have snacks? Because the House Elves love him. They give him armful of snacks every time they see him. He sneaks out into the kitchens sometimes to hang out with them…usually coming out with a stomachache a few hours later.
  • He’s a bit of a loner but he’s not hard to get along with, at all. You can make a friend out of Youngjae almost immediately upon meeting him. He’s just kind of introverted when you first notice him. Which is why him and Mark had such a blooming friendship. If Mark wants to chill in silence (so long as Youngjae isn’t in the mood to sing) you can usually find him hanging out with Youngae, both of them just listening to music.
  • Youngjae is a very bright wizard and can usually pass all of his exams no problem. He’s the kid that doesn’t go crazy over studying, but does a respectable amount in order to make a good passing grade. But he doesn’t go insane like Mark, Jinyoung, and Jaebum do.
  • You should know, for your own safety, you so much as damage one hair on this boy’s head and you are going to have six SUPER PISSED OFF WIZARDS ON YOUR ASS and there’s basically nothing for you to do but put your affairs in order.
  • I’m not kidding. Jaebum will fucking kill you.
  • Nobody will find your body.
  • Jinyoung will make you suffer.
  • Mark will make it painful.
  • Jackson can be pretty creative.
  • Bammie is sneaky AF and will take your ass down.
  • Yugyeom will fucking crush you. OK!?
  • Just keep in mind, Youngjae might be in Hufflepuff, but he is not defenseless.
  • On the outside, Youngjae can come off as basically super happy-go-lucky and sometimes even naive. He has an air of innocence around him that’s hard to ignore. However, don’t get it twisted.
  • Don’t ever take Youngjae for weak. He might be overly optimistic and prefer to look on the bright side - he has a very tough and resilient personality. He’s not always the most confident but he will never let you walk all over him.
  • Which is why his patronus is a hedgehog. So be warned - Youngjae CAN and WILL defend himself if he needs to. He is not your prey just because he’s cute.

Originally posted by ithadtobeyouforever

*pictures and gifs aren’t mine. i made the moodboard but the pictures i got off of tumblr and google. credit to their respective owners.

Enough For Now

Inspiration: 13 Reasons why 

 Pairing: Clay Jensen x Tony Padilla 

 Story: From the scene where clay contemplates jumping from the edge of the rocks and killing himself out of guilt and regret. Thankfully Tony is there to help Clay snap out of his suicidal thoughts.. 

a/n: I’m sorry for any mistakes in spelling etc.. its been a while since i’ve wrote like this and im trying to get back into it <3 


 “Clay, I think you gotta get back from that edge.” Tony begins, his heart immediately drops when he notices what Clay is about to do. He wants to reach out and grab the younger boy but he worries he will only push Clay to take another step foreword to his inevitable death. 
 Tony knew Clay wasn’t going to take his own tape well, deep down he had a feeling Clay may start to question life himself. Whether it was worth it knowing he could never touch Hannah again, look into her eyes, feel that undeniable urge to hold her cheek and kiss her. Something he wished he could do the moment he met her. 
 Tony’s voice got weaker with every second clay was on the ledge. The missing barrier in the road made it oddly convenient for such an awful event. The thought of losing Clay drove Tony insane, he would never admit it, but the older boy slowly began to gain feelings for Clay during the constant time they spent together the past couple weeks. What at first was him doing a duty in Hannah’s name, soon became a constant need for Tony to watch over Clay, making sure he ate, slept, studied. Anything to keep him from doing something stupid.. something that was currently taking place in front of him. 

 “Why?” Clay Began, his voice stern but low, “why shouldn’t I just jump? Let go.” His eyes piercing into Tony’s. The emotion in Clays voice was slowly deteriorating. His body was more limp than usual, like he hadn’t ate properly in days. Tony just wanted to hold Clay, tell him everything was going to be okay. Run his fingers through Clays hair as he hummed a tune until he finally relaxed. But he couldn’t. He was helpless to Clay right now, he couldn’t just snap his fingers and make his closest friend happy. Boy, what Tony would do to see Clays addictive smile again. 

 Tony knew he had to be stern back at Clay, someway show him the reality of what he was about to do. "So you can die?” He was aware what he was saying was going to hurt clay, maybe piss him off more.. but he had to say them, he needed to be honest. “Reunite with Hannah forever?” 

 Immediately Clay responded with a harsh “fuck you, Tony.” Without taking offence Tony shot back.  It was hurting Tony himself to say this. What Clay doesn’t know is that Tony blames himself for Hannah’s death, he feels that if he hadn’t been so fucking lazy and got off his ass that afternoon, went to pick up the mysterious box Hannah left for him outside his front door and listened to the first tape, he could have stopped her. Prevented all of this mess. Maybe him and Clay could have had a normal friendship, one that didn’t consist of Tony’s constant fear for Clays wellbeing. 

 After a back and forth debate over Hannah, Clay began to space out.. almost like he was thinking furiously, forcing a memory into his head, hurting himself in a way that wasn’t physical to anyone else. Tears began to stream down his face, whimpers came from his numb mouth. Tony knew Clay was breaking inside. Now was his chance to pull him away from the edge.

 Tony slowly and gently grabbed Clays arm and stood in front of him, Clays quiet sniffles still ringing. Clay began to step back, his eyes sewn shut like a doll. He was refusing to look. Tony’s heart did a 360 and was finally beating normal again. He wouldn’t survive without Clay. Fortunately, The broken boy was unconsciously saving Tony’s life too. Keeping him sane throughout all of this. His rock. 

 "I.. i could have..” Clay tries hard to speak, but his insides were fighting against him. His own body bullying him into submission. The panting for breathe from crying so much took over his senses, making his body flail. He just wanted to feel again. “I couldn’t tell her,” He finally blurts out. Tony realised Clay was trying to avoid eye contact, a well known sign of hiding from truth and expression of real feelings. “I couldn’t hold her,” he carried on, looking firmly at the ground, Tony’s eyes never left Clays, but he rejected it. “I killed Hannah Baker” his eyes now on Tony’s, tears still balling. “How am I supposed to live with that?” Tony at first couldn’t think of a response. His thoughts went to thousands of places, he wanted to take Clay away with him, but clay was a bird on a wire, attached to his old nest.

 “Anyway you can.” Without thinking, Tony grabbed the soft skin on Clays neck and pulled him close into a loving embrace. He could feel the taller boys chin against his shoulder. The way he wished he would. Clay was now in a hysteria of tears, panting for every single breathe he took. It was like Clay was holding onto Tony for his dear life, and secretly, Tony was doing the same.

He knew now wasn’t the time to confess to Clay about his feelings. But here in this one moment, the hug they were sharing was enough. 

Enough for Tony. 

Enough for Clay.

Enough for now..

[Miraculous Ladybug]: It’s a Match!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS @neverbetheexpectation!! I was your Secret Santa for @mlsecretsanta​. You mentioned wanting some Lovesquare fluff so I thought I’d take this old Tinder headcanon that I had and turn it into a little multi-chapter for you! Since I got a little carried away, I’m going to post one chapter of this everyday until it’s all done!

I hope you like it! I had a lot of fun writing it :)

[Chapter 2] [Chapter 3]

Link to Archive of Our Own: [AO3]

Title: It’s a Match!

Summary: “Oh my God, I just matched with Adrien Agreste, oh my freaking God! Chat!! Chat, come come come! Look look!”

But Chat Noir wasn’t paying her any mind. Because the moment she started screaming about her new match, Chat Noir tried to quickly exit out of his matches page so that he wouldn’t see who popped up. But it was far too late, because right when he blinked, his phone buzzed with an excited message about his new match.

He was not expecting it to be Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Chapter 1: Match

“Oh my God, what is with all the abs?”

“Ugh, you’re getting ab pics? No fair….”

“…I’m on the men filter.”

“So? Do you know what I would do to get a picture of a pretty girl flashing her abs at me?”

“Okay, fine, but on guys it just looks douchey.”

Chat Noir frowned and gestured for Ladybug’s phone. “Let me see.”

Ladybug clutched the phone to her chest. “No! You’re gonna start swiping right on creeps again! That wasn’t funny, by the way, one of them sent me a super inappropriate picture.”

“Don’t worry, I’m just gonna look.” He had the decency to wince. “And I apologized to you about that, I didn’t think he’d be gross. And anyway, you got back at me for that by sending me the photos.

Ladybug smirked and shrugged. “You didn’t believe me. I had to prove it to you.”

He rolled his eyes and plucked the phone out of her hands. He tapped on the profile, swiped through all of the shirtless photos and snorted. “If you’re gonna swipe right over a set of abs, they need to be way better than these. That’s barely a four pack.”

Ladybug cackled and collapsed against Chat’s shoulder. “So six pack or no deal?”

At least!” Chat Noir scoffed. “If you’re gonna demand that women treat you vainly, you need to be on your game.” He tapped his abdomen proudly. “ Some of us are never off it.”

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olive-basket-deactivated2016022  asked:

i really wanna hear your take on aph italy's character//buzzed about it and is so down for headcanons and commentary

Italy’s character is one I quickly related to upon first watching Hetalia (I was going through a rough time and actually felt solace in it) 

I always saw little things in Italy’s character that I could relate to and it was pretty upsetting that a lot of fans didn’t see it. 

His overall quirkiness really makes him stand out and seem really happy but I can’t help but feel it’s almost like he’s wearing a mask because his history is literally full of fighting, abandonment, abuse, and loosing people he loves 

No one ever talks about how he was the one who had to watch as his grandfather was slowly dying and he actually understood it and expressed to Holy Rome that war was only going to tear him apart, and did Holy Rome listen? No, he went off and got himself killed which gives Italy EVERY REASON TO GET OVER-ATTACHED 

The parallel of his goodbye words to Holy Rome and Germany are eerily close and you can kind of tell that he’s anxious that Germany will leave and never come back (But Germany did and it really straightened their relationship because Italy knew Germany was going to stay for sure, but that didn’t stop him from still worrying)

The dub actually covers a lot of hidden anxiety that I’m sure made its way in to the sub as well. 

The episode where Italy gets nervous that Germany will end up leaving him because Russia was cooler and less like him. He literally uses himself in comparison because he obviously doesn’t think he’s worth anything (Which i’m very glad Germany confronted him about it and promised him that their friendship will still stand, I feel like Italy really needed that) 

He has also self-depricated himself for jokes like in one of the salted salmon episodes dubbed he says something along the lines of “If you get drunk it might be easier for you to still like me” 

Italy doesn’t find himself likable. He knows Germany can make friends better than him which causes this sort of impulse to invade boundaries just to make sure people still like him.

He’s hyper aware of how ‘annoying’ he can be but can’t exactly stop his personality, he mostly does it out of instinct. He still wishes to please everyone he knows, he’s almost like a relentless pleaser. His friendship with Germany grew strong because no matter how bad Germany treated him at first Italy never left. He’s loyal as hell which is a very good trait, I almost see it as that more than he’s just annoying and won’t leave people alone, he’s scared people will leave him if he doesn’t attach himself. 

Also, in dub episode 21 of Hetalia Axis powers there was a mention that Italy was on medication and he didn’t want Germany to leave him because he could ‘feel it wearing off and it’s scary to be alone’. I know dub is necessarily canon but I like how they added it because it really does add a lot to his character to know that he is prescribed to something to help him calm down and become less anxious. 

On top on abandonment and anxiety issues there is also a present ‘Child abuse’ issue, I really do feel he has PTSD in a way, or really just a knowledge that war is damaging. 

Because he does know how to fight, he’s fought off empires just as Venice as a state 

Hima even stated that Italy is amazing with a sword (Which explains why modern war technology is difficult for him, he’s an old man) 

But he was very little at this point, he used to be so high-strung and he’s completely mellowed out now that he’s an adult simply because he knows he does not like wars, he does not want to get involved in wars, he hates fighting because he knows how damaging it can get (Holy Rome and Grandpa Rome’s deaths took a toll of him) 

(This is the only strip we have of Holy Rome’s death and it doesn’t even show Italy’s true reaction; Just him trying to process the information. France is right, he has suffered enough) 

And what I don’t get is why people insult him for it? He’s smart enough to know that war will get you no where and it’s better to stay peaceful, the whole “make pasta not war” thing still stands. 

He surrenders because he does not like fighting. 

He can fight but he doesn’t want to, he might have been more skilled in ancient times rather than modern but he still knows his way around 

And again, a lot of people don’t seem to notice this but when Italy did work for Austria, Austria did beat him up and punished him by locking him in a dark room and not feeding him. That is child abuse. 

They have a strong relationship now, like father and son, and Italy never actually saw anything wrong with how Austria raised him. 

I really hate when people compare him to his brother because Romano was completely pampered by Spain while Italy was forced to work until he drops and then Romano wonders why Italy’s apparently a “better worker than him” but that’s outside the question. 

Italy is very forgiving 

He can’t hold grudges for his life. 

He gives everyone a second chance and is determined to be friends with everyone. 

While people see that as him being naïve I see it as a deeming character trait. You have countries who have hated each other for centuries, France and England’s 100 year war, Lithuania still holds a tight grudge against Prussia. Italy has been bullied and pushed around and he still has the guts to smile at those who have hurt them and I find that absolutely astonishing. 

Not only that but he smiles in the worst of situations because he knows someone has to. 

When everything is going to shit he’s the one who sits there smiling and keeping the mood and atmosphere up when everyone can’t muster one up at all. 

And a lot of the characters take that for granted, because if Italy didn’t smile for them then who would?

Also, he’s almost sort of made himself oblivious to the insults thrown his way. 

He can literally take insults to his face from his own family and still smile through it 

His brother and other nations constantly call him stupid. Romano makes him sound like a shitty brother and the fandom takes his word for it even though Italy’s obviously trying his best to provide his brother what he needs, Romano has actually left him for America during the industrial revolution and he got left behind and had to manage by himself (Which is one of his fears) and he was still able to battle through it because i really do think he puts Romano’s happiness ahead of his own. (I can’t tell you how many fanfics I’ve seen that shit on Italy’s character to make Romano seem better in some sort of way?? I’d show you screenshots but it would insult the authors and it’s just how they choose to write Italy) 

And he does KNOW this but rarely pick fights, this is actually one of the many few pieces of art that Hima made with Italy being absolutely pissed off. 

HE DOES UNDERSTAND WHEN PEOPLE INSULT HIM, but he usually swallows it up. 

(He doesn’t even believe that he’s taller than Romano because he looks up to his brother that much) 

Over all i think he’s an amazingly in depth character that is put through so much shit and still manages to be happy for everyone that needs it even if they don’t treat him well, and a lot of other nations and even fans take that for granted. 

And it really does make me sad because he’s obviously gone through and is going through so much and people don’t even bother to notice that he’s hurting. 

Even when he says he’s nervous or afraid of being alone point blank no one notices because he’s always seen as the nation who is just fine and is always happy and smiling that they just sort of assume he’s okay even when he’s not. 

I really do love his character, he reminds me a bit of myself. 

it makes me sad when people downgrade him as stupid and useless just like some of the other nations do 

Thank you so much for asking I’m glad I could write this out! 

I have had these MCU RECS (Captain America, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, Thor) sitting in a folder for awhile and it’s been too long since I did a list, so here have some fics I remember enjoying!

This Road We Take by karuvapatta, thor & loki & odin & frigga, 1.6k
Teenage Dream by TheOtherOdinson, frigga & loki + odin & loki + nick fury + avengers, 2.3k
THORCAT AND LOKITTY by karuvapatta [ mobile ver. ], thor & loki, thorcat, lokitty, 1.2k
Lost Son: hold my hand, don’t let me fall + the quality of mercy by TheOtherOdinson, thor & loki & odin & frigga, 2.3k
untitled by karuvapatta, thor & loki, berserker!thor, 2.1k
Good Mother by TheOtherOdinson, frigga & loki + frigga & thor + odin/frigga, 7k
Small town secrets by grimmie_me, thor & loki & family, human au, werewolf au, 8.8k
Not the Best of Plans + Plans of a New Sort by bluetoast, thor & loki & odin & frigga, unaged!loki, 3.8k
Substitution by Rynfinity, thor & loki + other marvel characters, divergent timeline, 1.3k
the first twelve thousand miles by zauberer_sirin, tony & steve + tony/pepper references, 4k

Lullaby by Trumpeteer34, bruce/natasha + avengers, age of ultron, 3.4k
A Finely Honed Talent for Self-Deception by Sholio, wanda & tony, age of ultron, 3.5k
All the World’s a Stage by thecompanystore, pietro & wanda, age of ultron, ~1k
My Unshaped Form by atrata, bruce/natasha, nsfw, 26.1k
and the woman was young again by Mira_Jade, wanda & natasha + wanda & pietro + implied vision/wanda + avengers, age of ultron, 3.6k

about damn time by dirgewithoutmusic, hope & hank & jan & scott & peggy, 1.5k
Sam Wilson vs the Ants by whaleofa_time, sam & steve & scott & natasha, 1.3k
so much you can’t hide by fabrega, scott & cassie + hope + maggie, 1.4k
lost lovers’ refrain by lanyon, scott + steve/bucky + sam, 1.1k

This, You Protect by owlet, steve & bucky + sam + natasha, humor, 64.3k
Oasis by Sholio, bucky & steve & tony & pepper & avengers, fluff, 8.5k
The Goat’s Back by arsenicarcher (Arsenic), steve & avengers, corporal punishment + whipping + caning, nsfw for violence, 10.1k
By Proxy by lonelyantics, sam & bucky + steve & bucky + steve & sam, 1.1k
All The Leaves Are Brown (And the sky is gray) by AvocadoLove, bucky & tony + some tony/pepper + very mildly implied steve/bucky, 17.4k

I’d Know That Face Anywhere by Shay081793, steve/bucky, NSFW, divergent timeline, 2.7k
and we are finally home by springsoldier (ladydaredevil), sam & bucky + steve/bucky + implied sam/natasha + implied bucky/natasha, 7.3k

you might not wanna pull this string by superstarrgirl, steve/natasha + background clint/natasha + sam + fury + maria hill, 2.5k

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airlock  asked:

FE7 lord squad for the meme if you're still at it?

Pick a character I’ve written and I will explain the top ~three to five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

Gosh it’s been so long since I’ve written any of them. I’ll try not to ramble…


THE POWER OF FRIENDSHIP. She was completely isolated for so long after the Lorca were killed, and though I know she goes back at the end of the game unless she marries Eliwood or Hector, I seriously doubt she returns alone. Rath and Kent both go with her in their endings. (Do she and Florina get an ending? I can’t remember but you CAN’T tell me Florina wouldn’t go with Lyn.) Anyway, Lyn’s friends are like family to her and she’s always eager to make new ones. They are such a huge part of her character motivations. 

She’s from a different race and culture. After Marquess Araphen making some racist comment about Sacaeans at the beginning of the game, that whole thing is like…never brought up again, even though it’s something Lyn will have to deal with her entire life. I want her cultural and ethnic differences to be brought up more. And exploring her mixed heritage and balancing the two halves and oh gosh. I think it’s so important to her character. I don’t think this happened enough in my old writing for her.

Kindhearted. I feel like this part of Lyn is often overlooked because it’s so easy to latch onto her fierceness and her hot temper and just jump on that train like “YASS GURL YAAASS”, but she really can be quite soft. Nils barely even had to bat his eyelashes to make her abandon her own quest and help him save Ninian. She’s an extremely thoughtful person. 


@julystorms used to ask me “how do u write such a good hector” and I told her the same thing every time: remove the filter.

Remove the filter. Hector is unfettered by manners and decorum. He talks first and thinks later. Honestly when I write Hector I just write down the first thing that comes to mind, as bluntly as I can. It made me realize that in our daily lives, there is always a split-second of thinking over how you say something before you say it. He doesn’t do that.

Responsibility. Hector never gets respect for this! He’s always brash, hotheaded, reckless, dumb ol’ hector. This guy finds out his brother’s death was hidden from him and that he’ll have to take a throne he’s not prepared for the second he gets home from war, in addition to taking up an axe that guarantees he’ll die in battle (and since they’re in a war, he’s probably thinking SOON). So what does he do? He grieves alone and keeps Uther’s death a secret so as to not add any burdens to Eliwood, he swears himself privately to Uther’s spirit on the Ostian throne to do the best job he can do, and then he comes home and takes the job with zero complaints. He doesn’t hesitate about Armads. He doesn’t hesitate about anything. He just does what needs to be done. Maybe he’s not the best man for the job, but damn, he tries with everything he has. Credit where credit is due.

Protectiveness/Worth in Service: Nobody thinks super highly of Hector, Hector included. What he’s good at is smashing things and loving his friends, and that’s about it, as far as he’s ever been told – but he works with it. He’s both quick to love and then fiercely protective of his loved ones (he’s polishing the metaphorical shotgun on the metaphorical porch before Roy and Lilina are even born, which makes me laugh every time). His recklessness is, I would venture, in some part calculated. If he can throw himself into the line of fire to prevent someone else from being hurt, he’ll do it. As far as he sees it, that’s what he’s there for.


Gentle but firm. I remember him always getting a lot of flack about the former (oh, god forbid, a gentle man with emotions in the hero role, we don’t need any of those), and pretty much no recognition of the latter, but Eliwood can be pretty severe when necessary. He calls Hector on his bullshit, he doesn’t accept sass from his enemies, and though he hates killing so much that he literally makes himself sick over it, he keeps doing it. Gentleness does not immediately equal some weakness of character or wishy-washy quality. When there’s a line that needs to be drawn, Eliwood draws it, clearly and without hesitation. 

Pure-hearted. Obviously all three of the golden trio are good people, and Eliwood arguably is no better or more meritorious than Hector and Lyn. But they have bitternesses and have already encountered a lot of awful things about the world that helped them to develop a healthy distrust of humankind, and – perhaps because of Eliwood’s sheltered upbringing – he just doesn’t get it. Even though he goes through a lot, he seriously can’t wrap his head around the horrible things that people are capable of doing, and seems continuously surprised by it. In my opinion it’s a flaw in his leadership as much as it is a mark of his kindness. He’s naive and doesn’t learn lessons about people quickly.

Gallant. He’s a Prince Charming type and he can be pretty forward! I think he’s aware of it, too. He’s cute and good-mannered and has a lot of both practical and noble skills (swordfighting, horse-riding) and did well in his studies. He’s humble but not bashful, and he’s not opposed to a little bit of limelight if he saves the day.   

alex’s big fucking watch hunter x hunter post

1. What is Hunter x Hunter? And why should I watch it?

hunter x hunter, or hxh, is a series created by yoshihiro togashi, also known for creating yu yu hakusho. (he’s also married to naoko takeuchi, creator of sailor moon, and the two of them tend to put little cameos of each other’s work in their respective series. it’s really cute.) it is a shounen action series, so if you aren’t into that kind of thing, it’s probably not for you. it’s a lot smarter about how it handles its tropes than a lot of other shounen action series, though!

(mind, it’s not as good as the fullmetal alchemist manga/fma brotherhood, imo, but not a lot is, and i personally prefer hxh on the whole. ymmv though.)

it’s like…hxh is tropey but it knows it, and it doesn’t always take its tropes in quite the places you’d expect them to go. there’s almost no tournament arcs (unlike yyh, which was like 90% tournament arc…probably partly due to editor meddling, really), and just about every arc dabbles in a different genre. there are almost no typical good guys vs. the bad guys end of arc Good Conquers Evil showdowns, and arcs pretty much always naturally flow into the next arc. if you’re looking for a good ol’ shounen beat ’em up, you might find it a little anticlimactic, but i really appreciate its writing, personally.

it also deals a lot with things like dealing with trauma and revenge, but i’ll get to that later.

the obligatory power system is also really well thought out and consistent, and there’s not really any obnoxious instant powerups - any shortcuts taken are really risky and can and do have serious consequences.

2. Which version should I watch/read?

so there’s two separate hunter x hunter anime and one manga. the manga is the orignal version and the version that’s truest to togashi’s original vision. i believe it’s currently 349 chapters/32 volumes and 9 uncompiled chapters long (plus some backstory chapters). the first anime, which began airing in 1999. is i believe ~62 episodes and three OVA series, coming out to a little over 100 episodes total (don’t quote me on this, i’m less familiar with that version). the newer anime began airing in 2011 and ended last september, and it’s 148 episodes and two non-canon movies. (the movies kind of suck. maybe only watch them with alcohol and/or friends. i’ve watched them with a friend while drunk and i definitely recommend that.)

as for which one you should watch/read? the short version is the 2011 version’s a pretty safe choice. the longer version is. really long, so it’s its own post here.

3. You never actually said what it’s about.

shit, that’s right, I didn’t. well, I mean, as mentioned it kind of flits around from genre to genre a lot, so it’s a little hard to describe as a whole. uh, basically, it’s set in a fantasy world sort of like our world but a lot different, too. in this world, there’s these people called hunters, and they’re basically professional badasses. there’s this annual test called the hunter exam which is both dangerous and notoriously hard to pass which you have to take to become a licensed hunter, but a ton of people take it every year anyway because it’s such a prestigious career. our hero, gon freecss, was abandoned by his father ging freecss, a famous hunter, at a young age, and he decides at the age of 12 to become a hunter in his own right to try to find ging and also to try to find out why being a hunter was more important to ging than raising him. along the way, he makes some really important friendships, ends up with a really rad (albeit dysfunctional) found family, and, uh. ultimately ends up going through a lot of traumatic shit a 12 year old really shouldn’t have to deal with. yeah.

i don’t want to make the series sound bleak on the whole because it’s really not, there’s a lot of fun and cute things that happen and even in the darkest moments it’s never at like. oppressively grimdark levels. it’s a fucking shounen series. but there’s definitely things that happen that are likely to give you a case of The Feels so you might want to brace yourself. especially when you get to the chimera ant arc.

4. Okay. If you can’t really describe the plot, tell me about the characters.

this is gon freecss! he is the main protagonist and a literal ball of sunshine. okay, well. gon is definitely a take on the classic energetic shounen protagonist archetype, so if you tend to hate that kind of protagonist, you might have a hard time liking gon. i think togashi has some really interesting things to say about that character type, though! he does a really great job folding in flaws that stem naturally from that type of character into gon’s character, and even if those flaws aren’t apparent right away, they definitely end up having consequences later on. it turns out a stubborn refusal to give up no matter what can backfire, since stubbornness isn’t always enough to make up for a lack of strength. a strong moral compass can be a scary thing when it’s slightly askew from a normal sense of morality. and boundless optimism isn’t always a good thing when it translates into a refusal to accept reality. there’s also arguably a really interesting underlying sense of, like…self-worth issues in gon’s character, due to his abandonment by ging. gon is definitely a deeper character than he appears at first glance, but at first glance he’s pretty adorable, too.

look at this little shit right here. i really wish i had that bob’s burgers “little king trash mouth” or w/e screencap handy bc that’s basically killua. he’s a fucking nerd. he will rip your heart out and hand it to you and you’ll say thank you. hoo boy. so killua is the same age as gon, and they become friends like immediately. but also like killua’s a 12 y.o. ex-assassin. yeah. uhh very abusive backstory so head’s up about that…on the surface it’s kind of handled in the whole ~it’s okay to put little kids in really dangerous situations for the sake of training bc it’s for their own good~ shounen kind of way but. it’s definitely handled as having way more fucked up ramifications than that. the series also kind of touches on how emotional/psychological abuse can be just as damaging as physical abuse, if not moreso, so that’s kind of cool. all that being said, as i mentioned before, he’s a little shit, so it never really goes into overwrought angst territory wrt killua’s family issues. his friendship with gon is…really, a beautiful thing; they’re foils to each other in a lot of ways - where gon’s an optimist, killua tends toward pessimism; where gon will literally never give up regardless of the consequences, killua’s a lot more cautious, etc. - so in general, they balance each other out really well, and they’re both each other’s first friends and just…so important to each other. you’ll cry over their friendship. (there’s also a ton of subtext, at least from killua’s end of things, later on. i am not responsible if you start shipping 12 year olds. well, maybe i am, but i’m not sorry.)

(i have no good screencaps of kurapika on my laptop. i probably do on my netbook, but that doesn’t do any good if i can’t get it to acknowledge it has a hard drive. i’m sorry. he’s the blond one.)

so uh. genocide backstory warning. kurapika’s like a less obnoxious proto-sasuke (since hxh technically started before naruto). his clan had eyes that turn red when angry or otherwise experiencing strong emotions (which he later learns to do on command, thus making him a walking hulk joke), and the whole clan except kurapika was massacred to harvest their eyes and sell them on the black market. kurapika’s understandably kind of pissed about that. his whole arc basically boils down to him trying to track down the stolen eyeballs and get vengeance on the group that killed his clan, and the kind of things that can happen when a good person loses themself to revenge. (he’s not the only character to touch on that, but that’s spoilers.) when he’s not being a tiny ball of 17 year old rage, he does care deeply about his friends, and he’s actually the biggest sassmouth you’ve ever seen. also, a bunch of people have trans/nonbinary headcanons about him, so that’s cool.

at first glance, leorio seems like a money-obsessed jerk, but he’s really, really not. under his loudmouthed exterior, he has one of the biggest hearts in the series. if you’ve seen yyh, he’s basically equivalent to doctor kuwabara. (there’s another character later on in the series who’s basically literal kuwabara, so that’s two kuwabaras for the price of one. really, that should be reason enough to watch hxh.) leorio is 100% dadfriend. look at him there, proud dading it up. leorio’s comparatively the most normal of the four protags - he decided to take the hunter exam to get the money to go to medical school, so he could become a doctor and cure kids who don’t have enough money to go to a regular doctor, since his friend died of a preventable disease when he was younger. as a comparatively normal guy with a relatively normal goal, he kind of tends to get dragged into circumstances that are way over his head a lot, but he takes it like a champ.

there’s a lot of other characters and so many of them are really good, but since i clearly am awful at keeping things concise, i’ll leave it at the main four so this post doesn’t become even more of a behemoth than it already is.

5. Cool. But no series is without flaws, so like…

yeah, i’m definitely not going to pretend that hxh doesn’t have issues. probably the biggest flaw is that it’s not finished. the manga’s still technically running, but it’s frequently on hiatus due to togashi’s health issues (for instance, it was supposed to come off hiatus at around the same time as the 2011 anime ended last september, but then the hiatus got extended and there still haven’t been any new chapters almost a year later). the 2011 anime ends off at a point that wraps up the most glaring loose ends, but there’s still a ton of unanswered questions that are left hanging. the manga’s on a new arc with 10 chapters of setup and exposition, but not a whole lot has actually happened. it’s frustrating, and we might not ever actually get the answers we want.

the other really blatant issue with the series is its lack of female characters, especially in the early arcs. the later arcs do start getting a little better about that, and most of the female characters that do exist are really great. there’s even a canon trans girl, although she only appears in one arc so far. still, the ratio of male to female characters is really high, and i really wish there were more female characters with more screentime.

as far as lgbt representation goes, especially wrt the lgb part, it’s. not great. there’s really not a whole lot beyond just subtext, and the most obviously queercoded character is a whole mess of problematic shit in and of himself.

hisoka is…kind of a fifth main character and a primary antagonist at the same time. the thing about hisoka is he literally gets off on fighting people, and he’s very indiscriminate about who he wants to fight as long as they’re strong enough for it to be interesting. you could argue that he’s technically not a pedophile since he gets off on the fighting itself rather than the person, but it’s…really uncomfortable, and although it’s treated as creepy in the series, it’s never really…quite condemned for what it is. ugh.

so i’m definitely not going to pretend that hxh is for everyone or that it doesn’t have issues, but i love it and think it’s definitely worth checking out if you like shounen action series and it doesn’t contain any aspects that are dealbreakers for you personally.

(i only touched on some triggery aspects within this post, but if you have triggers you’re concerned about and want to know if it’s something you need a warning for, send me an ask and i’ll try to help!)

EDIT: as pointed out by @olivemeister, it might be good to tread carefully if you have triggers specifically regarding self harm; it’s easy to overlook if you don’t, but there’s a pretty gnarly scene later on in the series to look out for

anonymous asked:

I saw your Stucky/Patrochilles parallels post on the TSOA tag and I need to ask you to develop the idea cause it sounds great (but I don't see it help D: )

I think you want this to be specific to Patrochilles in TSOA so all of this is specific to the book, not the mythology. So for most of the parallels I see Steve a Patroclus and Bucky as Achilles, but there’s a few moments where I see them in reverse of that. Anyways. It’s gonna be long, like really long, bc there’s A Lot so I’m putting it under a read more. 

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anonymous asked:

Couldn't the changes in Len's character in Legends be due to how he fell for Sara? With the one deleted scene they released it looked like it was almost love at first sight. He was kinder and more honest and open with her than anyone else including Lisa and Mick. No one saw through and understood him like she did ever before. His getting rid of Mick was more about him trying to hurt Sara than the team. And she was the one who got him to make up with Mick. It never would have happened without her

Anon, there is so much wrong here that I very strongly considered not answering because the only things I can say are to disagree with you and that’ll probably make you angry.

But, well, I was a little angry too, particularly at the line “His getting rid of Mick was more about him trying to hurt Sara than the team” but I decided not to let anger rule my thoughts. Nonetheless, I’m gonna answer because I feel it’s worth a discussion for why I think differently, and why your post struck a bit of a nerve. Sorry if this isn’t what you want to hear, but I really do feel it warrants a meta/commentary response.

First, no I don’t think all the changes in him are due to Sara and I’d say that’s an oversimplification of how and why a person changes. It strips Len of those changes being about him at all really, taking away some of his autonomy in making the changes. If you change solely for someone else and not for yourself, that’s not sustainable. Len changed for himself and through the influence of a host of different factors, and to reduce it to largely one thing misses so much of the complexity of how and why people change in reality. And I’m not saying that falling in love can’t change a person (through the different viewpoints they take on and through the trust they develop), but I also don’t read Len as having been in love with Sara. People, a single person, can help catalyze change in us even without being in love, of course, but it’s still missing some of the point to make it all about that other person. Change happens internally.  

And there are a lot of the factors that could plausibly, canonically, go into him changing. I mean, I maintain that many of the changes that bothered me (the very subtle characterization ones that tilt him more to a slytherin-hufflepuff than a slytherin-ravenclaw) are ones that came in from the writers wanting to have him work with a team and taking over his character from a different team, losing a bit in translation. But in canon, if we try to explain those changes, I really would not ever want to attribute them to solely one character.

I feel that if we explain the canonical changes in Len, we can point to a couple of major factors, and his budding friendship with Sara is one of those (because it shows him letting people in and believing that change and overcoming one’s past is actually possible, because it’s something she is doing and demonstrating). A few others are Barry’s staunch belief in Len’s goodness and his willingness to help Len, working with Lisa and Mick again and the effect that has on him, being free of his father in a final way, and working with a team of people who’s wellbeing he feels responsible for (especially Jax). I’ve made posts that talk about most of those factors in one way or another though, so I won’t delve into them here.

More specific to the points you raise, I disagree that he demonstrates anything approaching love at first sight in the deleted scene.

Honestly the only thing I read into that is that he a) is trying to get a feel for people on the team and doesn’t quite know what to make of Sara yet, except that she might be the only one aside from Mick he has anything in common with (she shuts that down with the reincarnated point), and b) that he’s a bit intrigued at her willingness to bite back, but maybe a little annoyed at how barbed she is with him. (For the record we literally never see him even glance in the direction of her ass so I don’t get where that line is from.)

I also strongly disagree that he’s “kinder and more honest and open with her than anyone else including Lisa and Mick”. I don’t even know where you get that idea, to be frank. Len loves his sister to death and would do anything for her. He would never raise a weapon to her like he does to Sara in 1x15 and there’s zero reason to suspect he’d be less honest with her than with Sara (or anyone else). If you try to raise the point that he didn’t tell her his dad kidnapped him, I’d counter by saying he didn’t really have a chance and wanted to protect her. He also happened to lie to Sara (alongside the rest of the team) about having killed Mick. 

If you want to talk about Len opening up about his past to people like his heart-to-heart with Sara while they were freezing to death, he’s even similarly expository with Ray (who I maintain he ultimately dislikes) without much prompting.

Originally posted by coldsflash

Len also lies to Sara’s face at least once or twice, particularly about Mick. “Everyone okay between you two?” “Peachy.” Even if it’s unbarbed and obvious, he’s not really being honest (with himself or with her, and they both know it). He’s not opening up to her.

With Mick, Len is admittedly not always honest, or fair. 

But that’s in part because he takes a high degree of responsibility for Mick, maybe more than Mick wants him to. He doesn’t always expect Mick to make decisions in his own best interest, and Len has a very high need for control and believes he’ll make the best decision for his friend. 

Is it okay? Not necessarily. But I don’t think he means that he’s largely dishonest with Mick or that there isn’t a huge amount of trust and understanding between them. 

Mick’s the one who knows Len’s intentions for going in the trip, knows where Len’s head is at, is the one at Len’s side who can literally finish his sentences and move in sync with him. They have one-word codes like ‘Alexa’ and ‘like that time in Chicago’ that tell them everything they need to know about a situation. 30+ years of history will do that with someone. 

Actually, the whole ‘pulling the cold gun out’ thing is neat with respect that. He pulls it on Mick, Mick pulls the heat gun out, they have a stand off for a minute. Len appears to think about it and calm down and come up with the next step for what to do, or else it gives him space to remember to be the reasonable one. Mick gets this too because he doesn’t ever pull his trigger, just waits for Len to decide to end the stand off, every time we’ve seen them have one. But with Sara, she called his bluff. She didn’t understand why he’s doing this and what he gets out of pulling out his gun and having a stand off with someone so she calls him on it (which is fair, I’m not saying she’s in the wrong). And maybe it’s all dysfunctional as hell of him, but I think it demonstrates how Mick understands Len better than Sara does. He moves along to the beats Len is playing in a way that Sara won’t (which is fine because no one needs to, but you can’t tell me that Mick doesn’t understand Len inside and out, up and down).

Which is why I so strongly shirk at the idea that Len ‘got rid of Mick’ (just that in the first place, he didn’t get rid of him), more for Sara than for anyone else. Len marooned Mick for the stated reason of worrying what would happen to his sister if Mick went back to 2016. He knows Mick has impulse control problems and anger issues. He knows that he himself acts like a check/balance on Mick, so dropping him off in 2016 could have some high-damage consequences. So it was about protecting the team, and protecting their loved ones in 2016 (particularly Lisa, the person Mick is most likely to go after because it’s more Len he wants revenge on than any of the other team members). Beyond that canonically-stated reason for marooning Mick, it could also have come down to a lot of personal shit between Len and him. 

To the extent that once he chose not to kill him, Len always planned to return for Mick (till death got in the way), he probably intended for the marooning to be a very short cool-down period for Mick before Len picked up back up and brought him home. A “okay you betrayed us you jackass and it fucking hurt and I’m pissed but I’ve had time to think about it and you’ve been stuck here to think about it for a day, so now let’s go home alright?”.

I mean, you can read a lot more into it than that with respect to their relationship, but I don’t think it’s valuable to bring anyone else into that. It was about Len and Mick, and to a lesser extent about Lisa, and then about the team as a unit. There’s no evidence it was about anyone else, and certainly no evidence that Len was worried Mick would hurt Sara if he stuck around.

As for her being the reason they made up, I agree she had a part in that, but I also think it would have happened eventually in the same way regardless. She was a catalyst though, and showed empathy and deep understanding in that situation. I think that’s highly to her credit, actually, and I’m not sure why you’d make that about Len’s character changes when it really shows her own development and insight. 

But Len and Mick have been at serious odds before, were apart for a few years even, and still manage to find their way back to one another. They always do, with or without anyone’s help, and being confined on a ship together was going to press the issue sooner rather than later. Sara didn’t convince Len to lay down his life for Mick and die if that’s what Mick wanted from him. Len’s love for Mick did that, full stop.

tl;dr - Mick and Lisa understand Len better than Sara does as per canon, and he canonically demonstrates more honesty with his sister and more mutual understanding with Mick than he does with her. There’s nothing to suggest love at first sight (intrigue, at most) and there’s nothing at all to suggest that him marooning Mick had anything to do with Sara herself. The implication Len changed solely/mostly because of her is just a large oversimplification that strips him of personal autonomy in making those changes.

Bear with me on this one:

“It wasn’t meaningless, we became bestfriends.”

I want to psychologically analyze Naruto and Sasuke and their love even at that young age.

First of all, we have to take into account what fighting means to them as ninjas.

Naruto has always yearned for Sasuke’s acknowledgement. There were many reasons as to why he took notice of Sasuke over anyone else.

- Sasuke was popular with the girls and seemingly perfect at everything. He excelled in both physical and mental abilities. Where Naruto was more of the dunce with a good, strong spirit.

- *More importantly, Sasuke was alone - like Naruto.

Right there we have a connection already. But as children how do they develop this feeling?

For Sasuke, he knows well what bonds and family are. Considering out of the two he was the one to actually have a family. I do believe somewhere inside, (which he admits to later in chapter 72 of the manga) he always noticed Naruto, even if at first it was out of annoyance of his wild nature. He does later say, and I paraphrase:

“I couldn’t keep my eyes off you”

“I always knew you were alone. We were two lonely kids starved for loved”

“I too felt your pain.”

This shows us that Sasuke was always aware of Naruto. But the dramatic toll of his PTSD kept his from feeling safe in forming that new bond.

Now, Naruto, never having a family or bonds as a child, left him the lesser of the two when it came to knowledge of emotion. He felt much more compelled to desperately hold onto that bond; for somewhat the same reason Sasuke was intensely trying to let it go.

And so naturally rivalry began to grow. A typical psychological response for children and even adults. Admiration can be twisted into jealousy, which becomes a competition, which becomes a bond.

To continue. Flashing to Chunin Exams-

“You’re one of the ones I want to fight the most.”

That meant a lot. Not just to Naruto himself, but in the ninja world they live in. By Sasuke telling this to Naruto, he has made clear that he sees Naruto as someone with potential, someone equal to him, someone worth fighting with.

To Naruto, who has always seen Sasuke as this annoyingly good at everything “teme” he was literally finally being acknowledged by the boy he had coveted as a rival since day one.

Moving on. I just want to briefly add that Sasuke and Naruto’s first fight at the Valley was the moment I personally saw romantic inclinations in Sasuke.

Naruto, like I said being desperate to hold onto that bond, having gone on missions and grown to care for Sasuke - refused to let that go. For that same fervent need to passionately keep himself tied to Sasuke - Sasuke’s conviction was just as strong to let it go.

And yet, Sasuke could not kill him. Defying all the rules and laws he had set up for himself. Breaking the promise to kill him who is closest to him. For both power and his philosophy.

The way he stares down at Naruto’s unconscious body. Is a testimony to his heartache at what path he his following.

He’s literally staring at the first boy he ever grew to care for after the terror of losing everything.

And he was letting it go. That was tough and only once he is walking away does he claim he is simply refusing to do things Itatchi’s way.

But his physical display of tenderness at watching Naruto before leaving begs us to dig deeper into Sasuke’s psychology. It’s not as simple as just following his own path. That’s an excuse to cover the truth that the power he will achieve at killing Naruto isn’t worth it.

::fast forward::

“I wanted to be smart like you. Cool like you.”

Naruto says in episode 215, if I’m not mistaken.

“The truth is I was jealous.” He continued.

Of course we don’t see til later that Sasuke felt not just similarly but nearly exactly the same as Naruto had all along.

Which is especially* why after that scene Sasuke is more intent than ever before to kill Naruto. It literally astounds me people can skip the psychological factors that come into play at that scene.

“I must kill Naruto.”

The conviction is terrifying and yes, fucked up. But perfectly plausible.

Naruto had just admitted to Sasuke - what a huge part of him he is. Confessing his admiration, his determination to stop him, even at the cost of his own life.

To Sasuke, what more frightening and infuriating than to have the very same boy you have been trying to sever bonds with, reveal that he has too been sharing the same connection and bond all along?

And is just as convicted enough to self sacrifice for it just like Sasuke was in the Land of Waves Arc.

So naturally, it becomes vital for Sasuke to kill Naruto himself. At least in his ideology.

He has already made his own truth. Which is sever all bonds and ultimate power is reached.

The loss of his profound bond with Itatchi and his clan and the suffering that ensued - instilled that self preservation method and it is only conducive- if he is alone.

Creating no opportunity for such pain to exist again.

So it d o e s make absolute sense that Sasuke sees it necessary to remove Naruto completely.

To somewhat begin a conclusion.

- Naruto letting himself get beat up, with no regard to himself and no resentment for the one throwing their fists.

= absolute resolution. He just learned Sasuke joined the very group which killed Gaara for awhile, killed Jiraya, and is after him. Does Naruto waver? Not in the slightest.

Is this healthy and romantic? No. But it’s also a life of a ninja. Sasuke is still his bond. A ninja is self sacrifice. So while in our world, that would be concerning and indeed it is - I do sense unconditional love. I think it’s bewildering not to.

At the valley in the Final Fight. There is just so much going on, I don’t know where to begin.

I’ll paraphrase to the best of my meager abilities.

In essence, Naruto and Sasuke’s will take their final stand.

As promised, Naruto is convicted to die with Sasuke. But at one point —-

“So you’ve finally decided to kill me?”

I love that Sasuke asks this, because it shows how much he’s been waiting for it. That moment. That final threshold he had to break to finally make Naruto concede. Much like Hashirama did with Madara.

But of course, the difference in Naruto is Naruto’s passion. Naruto is completely, irrationally, and madly devoted to Sasuke.

In the end, Sasuke always loses his cool.

“Why do you go so far for me?”

“Over and over and over and over again.”

“Just disappear already and take our** bond with you.”

If anyone knows what self loathing is like. You understand, almost heart-wrenchingly well what Sasuke is saying:

Sasuke has a very self destructive persona now, after killing his brother and learning the truth - on top of an already damaged psyche from witnessing the massacre of his clan. Sasuke doesn’t want love. He not only feels unworthy but it goes against the self proclaimed law.

The self proclaimed law being, sever all bonds, live on as Itatchi did - a life of self sacrifice, to live in darkness and solace, maintaining order by inheriting the role of all evil.

“Itatchi’s only mistake was he kept me alive.”

“I won’t make that mistake.”

= Yes I’ am set on killing you. Which also = you are the only thing standing between me and my crusade into that lonely, fucked up world I seemingly think I deserve = you are the most important person to me.

He even devoted the killing of Naruto an honor enough to dedicate to his brother. (Episode 478) Yes, fucked up. But remember - ninja world - separate from ours and Itatchi being the one he revered the most, this means everything.

Alas, in the end Sasuke asks a g a i n why Naruto goes so far…

“Everyone cut ties with me, but you never did,”

Sasuke is literally searching for an actual honest confession. He knows what a friend is. He just doesn’t see how friend covers the level of devotion Naruto has consistently displayed.

“When I see you carrying all that pain… It just …hurts”

Sasuke understands. Again, being the more aware of emotions and their respective categories in relationships, he probably knows it’s more than just a friendship.

I think the level of passion and devotion is more equivalent to that of “soul mates”

You can see it as platonic. (Which is hecka strange)

I see it as a wild, romantic, frenzied, illogical, passionate, overwhelming, all consuming love.

What You Need to Know about Dazai Osamu and The Dark Era

this needed to be done

if you do not intend on reading Dazai Osamu and the Dark Era (translated beautifully by @nkhrchy here on tumblr), i implore you to at least read about the juiciest missing details so you can do the following with me:

  • love Oda more
  • love Ango more
  • suffer more 
  • ship more??? hmmm??

i was thrilled when i found out the Dark Era was getting an anime adaptation. i just had the chance to watch everything from the second cur this Christmas break college devoured my free time and ate my soul, and i was tremendously pleased with the execution and the art. i did have a couple issues with it, but i can’t really complain. and four episodes???? god, we are so blessed. amazing. now everyone may know of Oda and we can all suffer together



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When we meet Dean, his community is the hunters. Dean, despite all the macho bravado he borrows from his dad, all the ruthless gruffness he learns to speak from the hunters, is a Hufflepuff. He has the Hufflepuff Primary’s emphasis on community values and loyalties, and the Hufflepuff Secondary’s solidity and warmth–when he allows himself to express that. The hunter community Dean takes as his own, you see, is about as Gryffindor as they come. Dean’s rigid but warm Hufflepuff includes hunters in his community, but at the start of the series all supernatural creatures have been kicked out and dehumanized. This is how he shapes his morality. Monsters are not his community, not his people, not his problem unless they do something that means they need killing. He frames that both for himself and for the people around him in terms of a Gryffindor primary because that’s the language his community has brought him up to use.

His community does not contain monsters; it also does not contain civilians. Dean often enacts a less destructive but equally severe dehumanization of non-hunters. The innocent people are people he needs to protect, but they’re not HIS people. He’s separated by his knowledge of the world as it really is and by his self-loathing. He wants to be normal and wants to be part of that larger community in a way that no one else in the show does. However, he thinks he doesn’t deserve it and hates it and hates himself for wanting it when he could be doing more good as a hunter running himself into the grave.

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Episode 75, part 1: grim….

So Yami is rushing with Seto and Mokuba to the docks, hoping that Jounouchi et al are safe, but Malik’s actually orchestrated the whole thing, knowing that Yami (and/or Yugi) will come rushing…

Jou looks EXTREMELY tired. 

You know who probably is extremely tired? Rishid.

Shit, man! That’s some good going!

You know, I know Yami keeps getting targeted by mid- to high-level Ghouls and Kaiba gets very distracted and decides to follow a certain outrageously-haired hot-piece-of-ass around town, but literally every other finalist gets their final entry cards faster than Yami and Kaiba do. Rishid might’ve gotten his last one (of TWELVE) after Yami and Kaiba already qualified but that’s still a higher Puzzle-card-per-minute rate. Jou gets all his first, he might be the first qualified finalist. Bakura gets all his last, but in about twenty minutes. Ishizu picks hers up off-screen while holding a full-time job as a cultural ambassador and a part-time job as a plot-heavy medium. CAN YOU IMAGINE if Kaiba had spent too much time trailing after Yami and accidentally didn’t qualify for his own tournament finals?! 

Malik is appreciative but a little dismissive of Rishid’s amazing tournament-qualifying prowess. He says it’s “just like him” to have qualified twice-over before even approaching the deadline. And then says…

Ouch. “I’m only not mind-controlling you, my dearest brother, because I know you’ll obey me anyway so it’s not worth the effort.”

(Although I think he’s bluffing because he doesn’t seem to try mind-controlling Ishizu and she definitely doesn’t go along with Marik’s shit. But then, maybe he can’t because she has the Necklace?)

Anyway, speaking of dickishness; back on the helicopter, Seto has decided to abandon his skepticism in favour of … dickishness.

“I thought you didn’t believe in mind control, Seto, you absolute dick,” Yami tragically doesn’t say. Which is a shame because in the absence of someone shutting him down, Seto just keeps pushing…

Earning some massive side-eye there Seto.

“I’m just saying, if I could mind-control people, I’d make close friends fight each other for my amusement.”

Yami immediately jumps to the one thing he knows best; staking his life on the outcome of a card game, even before a villain makes it necessary.

Jeez, Yami, yes, we’re already awa–

EVEN KAIBA KNOWS. EVEN KAIBA KNOWS YAMI’LL THROW HIS LIFE AT ANY DUEL GOING. SETO “people are the worst” KAIBA. That’s either evidence for Seto paying a lot of attention to Yami or Yami being way too blatant with his mild case of deathwish and I’m going for C) ALL OF THE ABOVE.

So then Seto is like “so you just showed me the power of unity, and now you have to fight Jounouchi, who is your friend, so…”


Yami: *sigh*

Seto is so smug about landing this inarguable logical challenge that he just straight-up stops having eyes

And yes, Mokuba, you’re right, it’s…

JOUNOUCHI! Being mind-controlled by Marik who is just being so fucking original right now, playing like we haven’t had literally FOUR “duels with our very lives on the line” TODAY ALONE.

Seto actually gets really invested in seeing how Yami is going to deal with what Seto perceives to be a threat to Yami’s philosophy. 

I suppose he’s more invested than he would otherwise be because Yami just showed him that Yami’s “maybe try not to be a dick and work with people” system can work better than Seto’s “be as much of a dick as possible all the time” system. Seto’s much too careful to immediately switch life philosophies like that (also, you know, old habits die hard etc), so obviously this new idea needs to be tested and here’s Malik forcing Yami into a situation where “maybe try not to be a dick and work with people” is very hard to pull off.

So Jou demands that Yami duel him and Yami refuses…

… but actually immediately goes along with the whole duel thing anyway because, I have to presume, he literally doesn’t have a script for any life circumstance that doesn’t involve dueling.



And Yami, out of social awkwardness or kinkiness, just goes along with it, like he literally doesn’t even raise an objection.

Also surely they would be anklecuffs? Anyway.

Then Yami is shocked - SHOCKED - to discover that actually the chains are part of the death trap that was explicitly flagged several times.


An obviously there’s a very convoluted life-points-counter-hits-0 setup, in this case, a box at their feet linked to their opponent’s life points.


Oh and you know what we can have? A massively complicated electronic system that must involve hacking into KaibaCorp signals and building fairly complex digitally controlled boxes.

You know what we can’t have? A mechanism that will open at a designated time. The system for dropping the anchor is a FUCKING BOMB



NYC: Part 2 (Request)

Alright, here is the long-awaited sequel to “NYC”; the first part can be found here! Enjoy!


“I promise I won’t kill you.” He said with a grin, almost as if he had read your mind.

You smirked back. “That’s exactly the type of thing a psycho killer would say.”

“I’ll be a nice psycho killer,” He continued, “and wait until after you’ve been able to have the best pizza in New York City.”

Harry hadn’t been wrong about the pizza. It literally was the best you had ever tasted; so much so that you had eaten three slices which was almost unheard of for you. When you had finished, all of the buses had stopped running for the night. It was only then that you realized how late it was because you didn’t feel even a bit tired. Harry had insisted on walking you home to your dorm because there was no chance he was going to let you go alone. When he dropped you off at the front door, the two of you stood there for a slightly awkward amount of time without saying anything.



“I’m glad you liked the pizza.”

You nodded and fumbled awkwardly with your keys.

“Listen,” Harry said, letting out a breath, “I had a really good time with you and I’d love to see you again.”

You smiled. “Yeah, me too.”

“Thing is, I’m leaving tomorrow night for another leg of the tour. I won’t be back in the States for a while.”

You felt your heart fall as he spoke. Even though you had only spent a couple of hours with him, you were disappointed that he wasn’t going to be around.

“Can I give you my number?” He asked. “We can keep in contact while I’m gone? Maybe Skype chat once in a while?”

“Yeah, yes!” You said, a little too eagerly which you mentally kicked yourself for.

Harry smirked at you and the two of you exchanged contact information. When he said goodbye and left you, you felt a little weird. Obviously, Harry was a very good looking guy with a great personality. But he was still The Harry Styles. As much as you wanted to believe that the two of you would stay in touch while he was away, you had to be realistic and remember that this was a guy who was a world-renowned superstar, even if he hated the connotations that came with his fame. There was a good chance he had dozens of girls’ numbers in his phone and you bet that most of them were a lot more interesting than you were.

Being as negative about yourself as you were, you forced yourself to forget about Harry over the next few weeks, which wasn’t an easy task. But you focused on your classes and your schoolwork and, slowly, he became only an occasional memory.

Until he called you.

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So I’m about halfway though Monogatari Second Season now. I wrote a bit about it for a /r/anime thread and figured I might as well post it here too. WIth gifs and stuff too, because that’s how you get people to read things on tumblr. You just stick pictures between the paragraphs. 

Monogatari series spoilers up to the end of Nadeko Medusa, and Re:zero spoilers. 

Tsubasa Tiger

The start of the Monogatari SS is a continuation of Hanekawa’s story. Once again we see into Hanekawa’s really messed up family life. The contrast between her pure and white personality vs what she’s actually feeling is pretty incredible, and she just kinda creates aberrations so she can deal with her emotions. This um, not a healthy way to deal with stress. I didn’t originally think that the tiger was something that she created, so that was a nice twist. It was also interesting to see that her feelings of envy were so much more powerful than her repressed sexuality. Really gives you a look into just how fucked up her home life is when she feels like that. The confession scene at the end of the arc was absolutely beautiful too. She confessed knowing that she was going to be rejected, but just being able to express how she felt to Araragi was a huge leap in her character. Really a gorgeous moment in the series. Also that bathing scene with Senjougahara and Hanekawa. 

Hanekawa once again ended up with a new hairdo. Honestly this show is about girls changing their hair style and you can’t convince me otherwise. 

Originally posted by kylse

Rem’s confession in episode 18 really reminded me of Hanekawa’s confession. Sure Rem’s confession was for Subaru’s sake and Hanekawa’s was for her own, but the way in which they were delivered and the circumstances were pretty similar. 

Mayoi Jiangshi

Honestly this arc felt a lot more like it was about Shinbou than it was Mayoi, but it did center around saving Mayoi and the ramifications of saving Mayoi. The conversation with Ononoki at the beginning of the arc was really interesting. It was a little philosophical in nature because they were discussing the nature of their death and what not, but it also did a good job of focusing the arc on finding Hachikuji’s answer to those questions. I was not expecting time travel in this series at all, but what do you know, they went back in time to do his homework but royally fucked everything up. Loli Hanekawa was super fucking adorable, and also just like you’d expect her to be. Sending Araragi to the police station was a nice touch. It looked like it was his mother that was there too. Why Araragi gotta grope the children, Araragi pls. When the scene left off with the narration saying the world had been annihilated I figured it was Araragi being like oh a world without Hachikuji is not a world worth living in, but no they went and destroyed the world. Looking at the different routes and how Shinobu acted in them was fascinating and showed just ridiculously fucking op Kiss-Shot is at full power. In the end, the resolution of alternate world Kiss-Shot was very tragic, but showed a really complexity to Shinobu’s character. She can get back her powers if Araragi dies, but even in the timeline where that happened she ended up trying to kill herself. The exorcists (I always forget the Japanese name for them) continue to be badass and manage to correctly assess how Araragi and friends have messed up the world. Oshino’s explanation of the time travel was great too. It was concise, but thoroughly explained what had gone on. A lot of shows don’t manage to do that right. 

Adult Hachikuji is bae. I wish she had gotten some more screen time, but she was just kind of there. Araragi and Shinobu just ditched her with the rice though, way to go guys. And then finally at the end we have Hachikuji answering the questions that Ononoki had asked. Her response to Araragi didn’t come off as a confession of love to me, but more a heartfelt expression of her friendship with him. She really feels that her life is better because she met him. I still don’t fully understand their relationship, but I imagine I’ll understand more of it as time goes on.

Nadeko Medusa

This arc was hyped up a lot by a lot of people, so I was looking forward to what it had to offer; and boy did the arc deliver. It starts off with the end of the arc in a truly monogatari fashion. Though, knowing how the arc is going to end makes the tension of how it gets there all the more exciting. This is definitely one of the cases where knowing a spoiler doesn’t make something worse. It also really juxtaposes the expectations we have of Nadeko; her being super cute and really not capable of doing much of anything, with what is shown in the opening sequence; her brutalizing Koyomi and Araragi. When that scene ends and the OP rolls in you’re just like wtf. Really well done with that imo. 

Nadeko is a really fascinating character. She basically glides through life by not doing much of anything and just deflecting the bad things or playing victim so that people want to help her out. She is constantly running away from her problems and letting other people solve them or just ignoring them and hoping that they go away. She’s also pretty much insane too. The envy and inability to deal with the fact that Koyomi has a girlfriend and that her love will go unrequited literally drives her to resurrect a dead god and actually become its vessel. Though I think that Ouji a lot to do with that. I’m not sure what her story is, but she seemed to be up to no good. 

It’s really easy to hate Nadeko in this arc because she does a lot of deplorable things. However I can also relate to a lot of the things she did. I’ve ran away from problems, I’ve played dumb to try and get people to side with me, I’ve had an unrequited love. Being able to relate to her actions makes them all the more revolting though. Watching this sickeningly cute, seemingly pure and innocent character lose her mind is pretty difficult. I didn’t actually realize that she had made up the snake god until he commented that he wasn’t actually real until she had eaten the talisman. There was a lot of foreshadowing with her talking to her scrunchie, but I hadn’t guessed that it was all in her head. 

The girls in Monogatari really should just become rappers because they all seem to have this ability to throw mad shade: Senjougahar is the physical embodiment of shade, Shinobu has had centuries to hone her already sharp wit, Tsuhiki puts the fire in fire sisters, um ok that’s all I have for now. But really, Nadeko got absolutely roasted in her arc. Shinobu was ruthless, Tsuhiki gave her a rude awakening, and Senjougahara told her off too. Shinobu absolutely roasted her. 

Nadeko’s moment where she just snaps at school was really well done too. The stress of all the things she was avoiding or didn’t know how to deal with finally piled up and she just completely lost it. She was finally able to voice her thoughts to her teacher and her peers, but perhaps the price she paid for that was a little bit too high. It’s an interesting bit of character development though. In the end she really did lose her marbles when she became Godeko. She goes full yandere and concludes that it would be far more romantic if the man she loved was dead. Her conclusion here is pretty sad. Even with the powers of a god she wasn’t able to overcome her jealousy or stop running away from the problem. She was only able to lash out and try and destroy what she saw as the problem rather than try and solve it. Nadeko is a pretty tragic character. 

Senjougahara once again shows that she’s a badass when she just phones up Godeko and tells her not to kill her man. I was a little surprised that she asked Nadeko to spare Shinobu as well. I’m not sure what Senjougahara’s feelings for Shinobu are, but I imagine I’ll find out more about that as the show goes on. What a cliffhanger to end the arc on. Really enjoyed it overall and I can see why people like this arc so much. 

Originally posted by crystalpilot

What makes the series so exciting for me is how relatable the characters are. The aberrations that they deal with are the results of very real emotions and problems. Hanekawa struggles with her sexual frustration and her envy, Senjougaraha shut herself away from people because of trauma in her childhood, Nadeko imagined up a god and ended up making it corporeal because she ran away from a problem rather than being honest with herself, etc. etc. Sure it’s a bit harder to relate to Shinobu because she’s a centuries old almost omnipotent vampire that has fallen from power and well I just haven’t had that sort of experience. Even so there are a lot of complex emotions going on with Shinobu that are very slowly explained and touched upon. I think that most people will be able to relate to one or more of the characters, and that’s what makes the show so satisfying to watch. Maybe the enjoyment comes from a sense of satisfaction of having dealt with a similar sort of issue that comes up in the show, maybe it comes from a sense of belonging because you had a very similar experience to a character, or really any other number of things. 

This is why the show is special to me, and why I think that it will continue to be special as I catch up with what has been made. While there certainly are some flaws here and there, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite series. Though I don’t think it will overtake Spice and Wolf in the end. 

I’m so conditioned to shows having underwhelming writing that I just get so excited when a show has some good writing, and for me the Monogatari series continues to blow me away. I also can’t get over how good the visuals are. I know they aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I absolutely love the style of the show. I’m looking forward to the rest of SS.