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hi, any ideas on an hacker/information broker with a questionable morality and how he can manipulate people? non-dialogue scenarios if possible?

He has information others are interested in. That alone gives him the power of manipulation. If you have what someone wants, and if they want it badly enough, you can get them to do almost anything. And questionable morality means you are more likely to be willing to do what it takes to use that information to your full advantage. But, you wanted scenarios, not a lecture, so I digress.

 A hacker/information broker can manipulate people by choosing who to sell information to, who to give incorrect or incomplete information to, and who to cut deals with. If you have ever watched the anime or read the manga Durarara, Izaya Orihara (an information broker) does this quite a bit.

I would say it depends on who your character is trying to manipulate and what they want. The above works well for getting groups or people out of your way.

For instance, give group A info on group B about group B’s whereabouts, weaknesses, etc and anything that could agitate group A and give group A a reason to start a fight. Withhold information that may settle group A down or deter them from confrontation. Furthermore, he can weaken group B by giving them false information and even information that would lead them into a trap. As long as he’s good at what he does and A wipes out B, group B can’t retaliate against him for his actions and he doesn’t have to be bothered by that group anymore.

There is also blackmail, threats, and intimidation. Simply having information others are interested in gives him the power to manipulate

He could threaten to release information that would cripple the other person or the other persons business unless the person does what he wants.

Since his morality is questionable, he may release said information even if it could be damaging to other people or society. For instance, information that could cause mass panic. Generally, government officials, leaders, etc have secrets that are better not leaked to the public because people would likely freak out. But hey, if he has no qualms with that, he wouldn’t be afraid to use the governments research project on supposedly eradicated deadly diseases against them.

Without knowing more about who he’s going after/what he wants/etc, I don’t know if I can give much more, but I hope this helps a little. If it’s not what you wanted, send me another ask and I’ll try again :) Like if you wanted more specific, I can try, but I wasn’t entirely sure so I kept it more general.

In light of recent events...

I’m disgusted with events that took place over the last 12 hours or so on Twitter, and I’m even more disgusted that this is a thing that happens repetitiously. So, here is a list of basic etiquette for meeting DnP in public. Honestly all of this is common sense, but apparently some people need to be reminded of it:

(Once you have read this, you have absolutely no excuses for your actions should you ever meet them (not that you had any excuses to begin with) and shall have 100% responsibility for your actions.)

(Also, these rules apply to any stars/celebrities/humans in general that you may encounter and apply in any location or scenario.)

  • DON’T take videos or photos of them without their consent, full stop. It’s a breach of their privacy, which goes against their fundamental human rights and is therefore illegal in almost all countries around the world, countries like Australia and the UK included…
  • …and if you do, DO delete it/them, especially if they ask you to. Again, it’s illegal and just morally wrong to take/keep/post non-consensual footage of them.
  • DON’T follow them or stalk them. It’s common sense and is for the same reasons as I listed above (it’s illegal), so if I get anyone questioning why, I will be really disgusted and disappointed.
  • DO go to meetups if you want selfies and if you want to meet them. The very reason meetups exist is so that you can meet your favourite stars in a consensual and relaxed environment, so take advantage of that rather than springing a trap on them outside of said consensual environments.
  • DO remember that DnP are no more or less human than us. I’ve seen people using the argument that they’re celebrities and that they should expect to be followed and whatnot, but they have the right to privacy as much as any of us and can feel frustration as much as any of us, so treat them like you’d treat any normal member of the public.
  • DO remember to distinguish between running into them coincidentally and deliberately tracking or following them. Running into them coincidentally is something you didn’t expect or intend to happen, therefore not your fault. Following or tracking them is 100% a conscious action so you are expect to take full responsibility for whatever may happen.
  • DON’T use “Oh but it’s a public area” as an excuse for following them. I’ve seen and argued with so many people who have used that excuse, but it doesn’t make following them any less morally or legally corrupt. Just because it may be deemed a public area doesn’t mean they’re always willing to interact with any people in it in a public manner. They are in public for the sake of sorting out shit for their own personal lives, it’s not an automatic invitation for anyone and everyone to follow them. Besides, Dan specifically said in a liveshow not to follow them in airports, so listen to them when they say that and assume the same request applies for any other public area.
  • DON’T think that they’re okay with being followed just because they offer to take selfies or whatever or because they don’t call you out on following them. I do wish DnP had more backbone regarding this, but the only reason they may agree to interacting with you is because they’re very selfless men who put their viewers wants (wants, not needs, because meeting them is not a necessity in life) before their own, however that doesn’t mean they’re comfortable doing it. Don’t take advantage of that selflessness.
  • DON’T remain under the impression that they live to serve us. They are under no obligation to do anything for us, not even on the internet, and it’s only because they’re good and admittedly-over-generous people that they do so in the first place. Just because they’re entertainers online sometimes doesn’t mean they’re idols to be objectified and dehumanised all the time, everywhere. They have their own lives and personal needs, exactly the same as we do.
  • DON’T be surprised if you receive backlash for doing things like what those people did today, you deserve every nasty tweet, post and DM you receive (unless you receive death threats or anything like that, which is never okay).
  • DON’T feel you have the right to defend yourself if you receive backlash, because you honestly don’t.

One final thought: you ever think about why celebrities imply or say that they want to live a ‘normal’ life? It’s because of stalkers and followers like the ones today, people who completely dehumanise them and put them on a pedestal where they’re expected to stay and be leered at 24/7. It’s not fair to enforce this on fellow human beings, especially with human beings as gracious and patient with us as DnP are. You don’t deserve to be called a ‘fan’ if you can’t love and value and respect them properly.

If there’s one thing I like more than skeletons besides magical girls, it’s talking about the morality of said skeletons.

So here’s the Morality Meter. It’s based off of these 5 things:

  • Willingness to kill 
  • Willingness to harm others
  • Enjoyment of killing
  • Enjoyment of harming others
  • Overall scumbaggery

Also, sorry if I missed your favorite AU, I just did the ones that are important to me.

Except for Dream!Sans and Nightmare!Sans. I like them, but I’M MAD AT THEM FOR WASTING A PERFECTLY GOOD OPPORTUNITY OF MAKING IT DREAM!PAPYRUS AND NIGHTMARE!SANS! I mean, I can’t be the only one that thinks this? Like, an optimistic brother and a pessimistic brother? Why exclude Papy, my guy, and just make two Sans? Sans is too popular smh.

Oh also forgot Murder!Sans, just stick him somewhere inbetween SF!Gaster and Error!Sans.

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Since we can’t talk about Anakin’s qualities without someone saying “Yeah, but he killed the younglings”, before write anything else I’d like to say: Yeah, he killed the younglings. I know it, you know it, we all know it. It was a monstrous, inexcusable action. And he was wrong to do it.

However, I can’t support the notion that Anakin killed them and enjoyed it or that Anakin killed them and felt nothing.

He was crying ffs. Not that crying makes it better. But it does bring some pretty interesting questions:

  • How conscious was Anakin of his monstrous actions?
  • Morally speaking, which is worse: being fully conscious of the wrongness of your actions and doing them anyway or doing them without knowing/caring about their meaning and consequence?
  • What was Anakin feeling?
  • What was Anakin thinking?
  • Why was he crying?
  • if things he gone as he planned (Padmé alive and Palpatine gone) how would justify it to himself and Padmé? How would he explain it to his children?

Anakin showing emotions as he killed the younglings only benefits the narrative. It confirms everything previously established about Anakin as a character. It makes the story more compelling. And it pisses the Darth Vader’s fanboys off. IMO, It’s a perfect fit.

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What would be some behavioral/psychological differences between a kid who's been raised for combat and a child soldier? She's in her mid-teens on what was supposed to be a routine training mission when shit hits the fan and she ends up getting captured. The enemy armed forces that have her assume that she's a child soldier that's been otherwise coerced into this and treat her as such. So how would they be trying to establish rapport with her or subvert her loyalties? (and utterly failing) [1/2]

What, if any, chance do they have of actually succeeding, given that she’s been training since she was 5? Is there any way for them to manage to turn her loyalties? And what would be going through her head during all of this beyond disdain and escape plans, regardless of whether or not she turns? [2/2]             

I get what you’re asking here, you’re asking if a child soldier can be saved through the power of friendship. The answer to that, upfront, is no. Child soldiers and children raised for combat are not misunderstood misanthropes who’ve never had a support network but know what it is and can be approached in the same way you would the average loner.

Child soldiers/kids who’ve been put through any kind of brainwashing are a difficult subject to discuss because it is profoundly disturbing and messed up. The assumption is that if they’re kidnapped from their families, they’ll grow to secretly hate their captors and jump when the first opportunity comes for escape.

That isn’t how it works. In the training, they’re driven to hate their parents and view them as weak. As they’re systematically broken down, they grow to love their captors and consider them family. They develop a deep and abiding loyalty to them.

Falling prey to this conditioning has nothing to do with how strong someone is or isn’t. It’s not a matter of mental or emotional strength. Breaking them down and rebuilding them from the inside out is what their handlers do. They are very adept at it. These children are conditioned through empowerment, which is part of why it’s so seductive. They’re taught to believe that they are better and stronger than everyone else, that other humans are weak. That weakness must be destroyed.

You won’t reach them by treating them in any way they’ll perceive as weakness and if you react the way they expect then you play into the hands of the people who programmed them, then you’ve reinforced the child’s conditioning. The mental conditioning is a booby-trap for the people who might try to help them. Every intuitive choice, every choice that feels natural is going to be the wrong one.

You cannot reach them if you come to them with an assumed understanding of who they are and what a human being is. There’s the person they were, who they’ve learned to despise and the person they see themselves as now. Approaching either of those individuals, whether it’s the person they were or who they currently are, will lock you out.

The average person with no understanding will simply reinforce the child’s views and their handler’s views, and shut out of any way to help them by the child’s dismissal. That’s if the kid doesn’t kill them first, which they will because that’s what they were conditioned to do.

A child overcoming this programming requires years and years of therapy, if they’re fortunate enough to receive it at all.

Abuse isn’t cured by the power of friendship.

We’ve talked about #child soldiers and #children and combat on separate occasions, we’ve even compared them to each other and explained the difference. They are not, however, totally separate.

The main difference:

1) Children Raised to Combat are a long term investment. This is someone whose training has been the focus of their life, with the intent to turn out a solid, above average combatant. These children who won’t see combat until they reach their late teens/adulthood.

2) Child Soldiers are expendable assets given a gun, often given drugs like “BamBam”, told they’re immortal, and shoved onto the battlefield on the idea they’ll give the adult soldiers pause, gun a few down, before getting gunned down themselves. They’re not “soldiers” so much as they are distractions. They are also never sent out alone. You’re not up against one, you’re up against many.

Both have the option of having been put through cultish/psychological programming, but the difference between the two is fairly obvious. It’s a disoriented and drugged child violently kidnapped from their village versus a member of the Hitler Youth or another, similar, organization.

They are both psychologically damaged but in vastly different ways, and those circumstances make it nearly impossible for anyone who isn’t a child soldier or comes from a similarly abusive background to relate.

The irony is going that the Child Soldier is going to be much, much easier to turn because they were never really inside the system to begin with. However, even with just a scant few months, the deprogramming is going to take years. They’re never treated as important. A child who has been raised to combat is valuable, they often see joining as their choice, and they know their own worth. They’ve never known any other kind of normal and are in a much better place to evaluate why their side is the right one. They are co-operative participants, rather than forced. They’re going to see the instructors in their lives as friends and family. They’ll believe in the cause.

A good way to look at the thought process of the adults behind these training programs would be to take a look at the French novel/film “La Femme Nikita” where the assassins are all druggies and runaways pulled off the streets, cleaned up, sobered out, and trained to kill people.

Why is this important?

Because it inspires loyalty. You take people no one will know and no one will miss, people who are not regularly getting four square meals a day, and get them off the streets. You give them a safe place to sleep, regular food, and a purpose. From their perspective, you save them. The threat of expulsion comes next, but what you ask them to do next is not that much worse for them than the hell they were living in before.

The problem when most people look at these situations and setups is that they miss the deeply embedded trust, loyalty, and respect these children feel for those who train them. They have a lifetime and a normative societal state to banish their doubts. They will know what the outside world is like. They’ll have been educated. If they’ve been handled by someone skilled, then everything they see will merely confirm their sociological programming. Questions will be encouraged. Pride in their skills, pride in their country/mission, ego, and self-esteem are encouraged.

You’re looking at your character having an attitude similar to the Spartans in 300. Or, you know, Starship Troopers.

A person who understands their ideology and philosophy is far more useful and capable of independent operation than a blind follower. You want your elites to be capable of independently operating on their own.

You can’t force someone to be good at fighting. You can’t force someone to learn. Like the old saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

However, the real problem with this question is a critical failure to understand how soldiers operate in warzones, specifically in regards to enemy combatants.

Child Soldiers are still soldiers. They’re enemy combatants and they’re treated like enemy combatants.

This is the concept that’s hardest for most people to grasp.

It doesn’t matter, at the end of the day, whether or not they’re a forced conscript. Child Soldiers are treated as enemy combatants, not children because, well, they are. The sad truth about them is that they’re not really kids anymore. They’re brainwashed and weaponized. The moral barrier that will stop the average child from killing someone doesn’t exist for them. It’s gone. Their innocence is gone. They are exceedingly dangerous. They’re likely to betray and kill their “rescuers” if left to their own devices then return to those who kidnapped them in the first place.

This is a behavior pattern which does not normally make sense to those who have never been abused, but it is very real.

What’s been done to them can’t be cured with kindness, at least not in the early stages and the average person can’t relate to them. It’s difficult enough for most people to relate to adults who’ve been through your garden variety child abuse, and this is on a whole other level. These kids are systematically broken. That is the point of the breaking. So, that when the average adult treats them like a kid they kill them.

Child soldiers are unpredictable, including for seasoned combatants. It’s hard as hell to tell when they’re going to snap, and there’s a certain level of psychopathy just lingering beneath the surface because (as children) they’re brains can’t register that death is real.

This is true with children and you see it a lot with children dealing with grief, they lack an understanding of permanence and struggle with the concept of death. Minors don’t grasp consequences the same way adults do, and there are different standards regarding their ability to do so consciously.The training child soldiers undergo preys on that. It preys on the limbo. So, they’re handlers feed them cocaine and tell them they’re invincible and they believe them. The important thing about child soldiers is that they don’t know what they’re doing. Their psychology is exploited by their handlers.

You can feel pity for the dog that’s been abused to the point its mind is broken. It won’t stop the dog from killing you.

So, you’re asking these soldiers to take a ticking time bomb with them. Someone who is a direct threat to their lives and their mission. No matter the amount of pity they feel, this is a time bomb they know better than to take. This is especially true if they’re working in enemy territory where she’ll have numerous chances to betray them to her comrades. They’re not equipped to handle her.

She belongs in a POW camp, away from combat, with people who can devote their time to helping her figure out how to be a human instead of a weapon.

Right now, a weapon is all this character knows how to be.


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References and Resources:

It is worth remembering that child soldiers exist in the real world, both in our present and throughout history. There is a body of research available on the subject, and worth looking into if you want to do it justice.

If you are a minor, I insist that you approach this subject with the aid or help of an adult. Child soldiers are disturbing material.

The CNN article on Ishmael Beah is an excellent place to start. Beah was a child soldier in the Sierra Leone eventually captured by enemy forces and rehabilitated by Unicef. His memoir A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier is worth looking into if you intend to take the true child soldier route.

If you’re interested in being depressed or learning more about the African diamond trade and how it ties into the Sierra Leone then Blood Diamond with Leonardo Dicaprio is a good movie to invest some time into. The movie goes through great pains to ensure the treatment of child soldiers and their training is accurate.

The book Blood Diamonds: Tracing the Path of the World’s Most Precious Stones which the movie referenced extensively, though only two chapters in the book discuss child soldiers directly. Instead, it focuses on the use of diamonds to fund the RUF in the Sierra Leone. You may find this book more helpful for worldbuilding and it’s discussion on the funding a revolution.

Monster an autobiography by Sanyika Shakur aka Kody Scott about his sixteen years spent as a gangbanger may be helpful. Gangs have a different method in their recruitment of child soldiers but, at the end of the day, the attitudes and mentalities end up in a similar place.

Destined to Witness: Growing Up Black in Nazi Germany by Hans J. Massaquoi isn’t a book about child soldiers per say, but it does document the effect Nazism had on the German people. If you ever wondered how the average person could fall victim to widespread propoganda, participate in such heinous acts, or wondered how the Nazis worked then this is a must read book.

Check out Boy Seamen on Wikipedia, a page discussing the ranking and usage of young adults as sailors in the British Navy and others at the turn of the century. Russel Crowe’s adaptation of Master and Commander: Far Side of the World has an accurate representation of the ages that were put to sea. Patrick O’brien’s series is a must read for anyone interested in doing any writing about the British Navy.

We bring up the Boy Scouts of America sometimes when discussing children raised for combat and while it isn’t a direct 1 to 1 comparison, most of the skills studied and mastered by the Boy Scouts as they gain badges are the sorts of supplementary survival skills you start children on when preparing them for a lifetime of combat.

You don’t have to look far to find the history of children studying and used in warfare. There’s a wealth of information out there, if you start looking for it.

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Quick question re Crimson Peak: I have yet to see it, and while I've heard that it's a gold modern gothic horror, I've also heard that it is one of del Toro's weaker films. Do you have any thoughts on it that could recommend the movie for me?

  • costumes
  • ghosts are done with like 90% practical effects and damn do I love a ghost that feels corporeal
  • complex characters
  • it’s not a horror movie it’s a gothic romance and a feminist deconstruction of the gothic romance genre at that
  • it pays glorious homage to the gothic romance genre while being fresh and interesting 
  • like there’s the scene where you’re thinking “oh great, the helpless damsel being rescued by her dashing hero” BUT NO, OHH NO MY MAN GUILLERMO FLIPS IT ON ITS HEAD. NOT ONLY DOES SHE SAVE THE HERO, SHE SAVES HERSELF
  • like it openly steps away from some of the grosser tropes of the genre while still retaining all the things that make the genre interesting and distinctive in the first place, and then manages to fashion something entirely unique
  • the new world/old world divide and how the aristocratic sharpes can’t move on and the commentary on those fucked up values
  • and there’s the question of how child abuse can twist a person 
  • the moral ambiguity of the characters is really sublime because you can pity them and understand what they did while still being repulsed by them
  • did I mention lucille sharpe
  • the symbolism and metaphors wreathing this movie hnnngh
  • I mean yes I would agree that Crimson Peak is not as strong as my man guillermo’s spanish films but it is still an extraordinary work of art that I never get tired of looking at
  • plus if you like the devil’s backbone, his treatment of ghosts - or his philosophy behind them - is pretty much the same in CP
  • holy shit I love this movie
  • I don’t care what anyone else thinks, I’m this close to getting a moth or the sharpe coat of arms tattooed on my ass
Things that creeps BTS out

Oh I’m really curious, what would be soemthing that bts’ s/o did/does that would creep them out? (Ex: s/o says they are madly in love with them or s/o has a creepy laugh) I’m really curious what you think each member would be really creeped out by

Ahh, yes. Time to throw subtle shade at all the creepy and unrealistic smut/fanfics I’ve read about them that would be weird as shit if done in real life *rubs hands together menacingly* - Admin Dayna


Inappropriate Jokes and/or comments at Inappropriate Times

There’s a time and place for everything. As long as it’s well delivered and not offensive, he’s down for a good joke. But if the two of you are in public and you drop an insensitive/sexual joke/comment in front of not just him, but many others - he’s not going to be a happy boyfriend…

Groping/Touching him 

Timing is essential for this as well. It’s cool and whatever when you’re both in the mood. In fact, it’s welcome when you two are getting down and dirty. But outside of the house, outside of that moment, touching him like that is just weird. You’re bound to get your hand smacked and scolded.

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All For You

A/N: This is my entry for @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash‘s third Negan challenge! My prompt was Demon!Negan and I decided to use one of the dialogue prompts that was requested for Negan a while back. (”Tell me you need me.” “I’m telling you, I’m haunted.”) Hope you guys enjoy :D

Word count: 1,556

Warnings: Death, swearing, demonic entities, Ouija boards, general spooky stuff.

Originally posted by artoftransformations

You quickly entered your apartment and slammed the door shut behind you. The door was the only thing keeping you steady on your legs as your body was wracked with sobs. You slid down to the floor, your hands clasped over your eyes as the tears began to flow. There was a part of you that couldn’t help but acknowledge that the series of events that had been plaguing you recently were your fault.

It was a stupid decision to get together with your friends and mess around with a Ouija board. Really, how on Earth did you think that would be a good idea? Granted it was a long shot that you’d be haunted, but still.

It had only been a week, and yet bad things were happening all around you. That nasty coworker of yours at Starbucks that made it her mission to spite you at every turn? She spilled hot water from the coffee machine all down her right arm and needed to go to the hospital. The man that cut in front of you in line at the gas station? He walked outside and promptly fell flat on his face and broke his nose and chipped a few teeth.

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Mars in Aquarius

The rebel and the lone wolf, a Mars in Aquarius is anything but ordinary. They stand out one way or the other. Much mental power is typical for this placement because they have a unique and broad perspective of the world and humanity. Because they are so intelligent and eccentric, they are aware of this and can be arrogant about it. They may develop a God complex and do more harm than good. For the most part, an Aquarius Mars is chill and laid back. They are tolerant and they aren’t bothered by much. Having them truly get angered is pretty rare; but not impossible. Aquarius Mars, when truly angered, can fight back harsh verbally. Since they are intellectuals, they will question your intellect, where you stand, your morals and your ideas. Often times putting you to shame and belittling you. They can be extremely cold and calculating after. Aquarius is an emotionally distant sign and this emotional distance only increases when they’re angered towards you. The emotional detachment will be so icy cold that it will feel like they are collectively ignoring your entire existence. And they might be…

Since Mars in Aquarius are rather inventive and creative people, this is true when it comes sex. They don’t have the highest sex drive, they are more turned on by the idea of it. Which is why they tend to gravitate towards partners who don’t care for an emotional connection during sex. The experience should be fun for them and creative even. They are down to try new things, are experimental and have an open mind in the approach of sex. A Mars in Aquarius is so “out of the box” that you can never possibly be bored with one. They have a stable approach to life, but not without a few unusual surprises and experiences. They are adventurous and progressive. They are freedom loving and curious. A Mars in Aquarius is the perfect blend of madness and genius. Even if at times they forgot to draw the line between the two.

Lucretia, Merle, and the saddest spa day

(Warning: Massive spoilers ahead)

You know, all these cute little bonding moments Merle and Lucretia are getting in “The Stolen Century” (him standing up for her in the bar, them working together to preserve the history of the robots, her thanking him for helping her maintain hope and him telling her she would make a great leader) makes the spa day they had together back in episode 40 kinda tragic retroactively.

Imagine you had a best friend, someone who was always there for you, someone who believed in you even when you didn’t believe in yourself. Now, imagine you destroyed that friend’s memories of you, the bond you shared is gone forever. The friend goes off to live their life and you stay behind, alone.

But then, years later, that friend comes back. They aren’t mad, they can’t be, they don’t remember the awful thing you did to them. They like you, they want to befriend you all over again.

However, you know that won’t happen. The two of you can’t be close the way you used to be because you can never again be honest with them and being near them just reminds you of all the morally questionable things you’ve done and everything you’ve lost.

No wonder The Director was drinking so heavily while she was in that mud bath.

High School Band AU: Ch. 13

This was a mistake.

A really bad one. The kind of mistake you know it’s terrible from the moment you even take action. And yet, you can’t stop, it’s stronger than you, it’s cruel because it catches you on a moment you’re too confused and emotional, which, to a teenage riddled by hormones and immaturity, it can be almost everytime.

Talking back to the teacher was a huge mistake!

And you know that while you’re sitting in detention. But, as ironic as it sounds, staying in a place where nobody knows you and nobody can really judge it’s exactly what you need right now.

You kissed a college guy. So what? The guy has a girlfriend. Well, morally questionable, but it’s not something we don’t see everyday. So why are you feeling so bad to the point you’ve been distracted in class and avoiding the Mystic Messenger crew for dear life? Nobody knows what you’ve done, but it takes a glance at one of them for you to feel like your deepest sins are out for everybody to know.

So lowering your gaze when you notice Saeran sitting on the desk next to you feels like the most natural move.

“Oh yeah… ‘Hi, Saeran! How are you?’ if you don’t know, that’s what you do when you meet someone you know.” He whispers.

“Hi, Saeran…”

“Huh? I mean, yeah, that’s what a normal person would do, but you’re not normal, so you should say ‘shut up, you little piece of shit, it’s not like you would say hi to me either, you jerk! Blah blah blah girl stuff blah blah…”

“I guess…” you don’t need to look at him to know he’s staring at you with a mortified expression.

“Okay, are sure you shouldn’t Go see the nurse? You’re obviously sick!” he reaches his hand to touch your forehead. “You’re really sick, usually you would bite me for doing this or whatever…”

“What are you saying? I would never bite you!” you slap his hand away, lowering your gaze again “Keep your fetishes to yourself…”

“Whew, there she is…” he sighs sharply, and it’s hard not to look at him and laugh at him for being so silly.

“What are you doing here?” you ask, trying to dodge from being the topic.

“What do you think? I did bad shit and this is punishment.”

“What did you do?”

“Well, uhm… because, uhm… anger issues and maybe… walking around with a razor?”

Oh yeah… you already knew about the razor. He used it to defend you from the senior that day. No, why using an euphemism? The guy saved you, just admit it.

But you didn’t know you weren’t the only one to know he had the habit of walking around armed. Probably some teacher found it and… wait, but that doesn’t make sense!

“Shouldn’t you get expelled or something instead of just going to detention?”

“Good to know you want me expelled, MC.” You roll your eyes, and he laughs. “No, I mean, yeah… I should if…the school’s social worker didn’t know I might have some… issues back at home, which explains my violent nature… so uhm… I can stay here as long as I do counseling along with being in detention.”

“Oh, like some kind of social rehab?”

“Yeah, something like this…” he looks away, obviously embarrassed. Well, there’s no reason to, this is something understandable…

“Well, uhm… it’s nice that you have this chance.”

“It is.” Both of you look ahead, you wonder if it is because you’re both thinking of this or just… being a little thrilled by his sudden moment of honesty and no bickering from neither parts. “What about you? Why are you here?”

“Because I’m a mess.” You growl, remembering what brought you here.

“Well, did you… did you just notice this now?” you glare at him, making him laugh. “I mean…  being a mess isn’t exactly punishable.”

“I called the math teacher a… ‘fartknocker’.” He muffles a laugh, bending over his desk.

“You don’t even know how to curse someone! You’re so… dorky.”

“Shut up.”

“Oh, I will before you call me a fartknocker.” He laughs, and you try to hold back a wry smile. “I mean, it was only a matter of time for you to cuss a teacher, but you should at least have called him something that it isn’t funny!”

“I was just… look, I was mad, it was the first thing to cross my mind.”

“Why were you so angry?”

“It… it doesn’t matter.” You cross your arms, avoiding his gaze. Like if he could read beneath your eyes.

“Uhh, so dark and mysterious… I’m almost starting to like you.”

“So I’ll shut up before you do.” He chuckles breathlessly. Are you that funny or is he just mocking you? Jerk…

“Let’s get out of here.” He gets up, throwing his bag on his shoulder.

“What? No…”

“Come on! You don’t have to be in detention for such a lame thing like that. And I… don’t want to stay in detention. Let’s ditch this.”


“He won’t wake up. Believe me, I’m here almost every day and he doesn’t even notice when people ditch this.” He notices you were looking at the teacher. Oh… so he’s sleeping? You thought he was just super into that newspaper… okay, he was clearly sleeping and you’re stupid. What the hell?

“But is it… really okay for you to ditch this, Saeran? I mean… isn’t this part of your rehab or something?”

“Well, it’s not like I’ll be recovered and ready to reintegrate the academic environment properly watching that fartknocker snore.” You roll his eyes as he smiles teasingly. “Come on, he won’t even notice we’re gone.”

“Why do you want me to go with you so bad?” he furrows his eyebrows, apparently annoyed.

“You don’t have to if you don’t want. I thought you would like to be out of this hell, but if you want to stay and listen to his fascinating dreams about cars made out of pizza, knock yourself out.”

“As interesting as pizza cars sound…” you hear the teacher inhaling deeply “… yeah, let’s ditch this.”

You’ve never stayed till so late at school. It’s… a little more terrifying than you thought. Are the hallways always that long? And the stairs to the library look like the path to hell with the orange shade of the sunset hitting the walls like that.

“Are you scared?” no, the actual hell is having to hear Saeran’s teasing tone.

“Shut up.” He speeds his steps a little, making you run behind him. “Where… where are we going?”

“You? Have no idea. Me? It’s none of your business.”

“Did you really convince me to get out of there with you and now you’ll leave me here… alone… in the… dark?” you look around, trying not to hug yourself.

“Well, I was going to… but if you’re going to shit yourself and cry, I better be around to take some pics.”  Grrr, he is… Ah he is such an asshole!

“Go fuck yourself!” you turn on your heels and tries to stomp out of there, but he reaches you and holds you by the arm.

“Hey, I was just messing with you! Come on…”

“No, I don’t need this shit right now, Saeran! I really don’t!  You have no idea how terrible I feel and the last thing I need is you making me feel worse!”

“Jeez, calm your ass down, MC! I’m… I’m sorry.” You glare at him, crossing your arms. “Don’t be mad…” oh my god… what’s with the pout? He’s acting like a kid!

You sigh, trying to calm down. He’s a jerk, but you would be even worse if you decide to take on him. Would he ever do something like you did? It’s hard to tell how far can go the morality of a guy who has a razor…

“I’m not mad. I’m just… okay, I’m angry. But… not at you. Don’t worry… I’m sorry for yelling at you…” you look at him. To his hair, actually, you don’t dare to look at him in the eyes.

“Prove that you’re sorry.” What the…

“Excuse me?”

“I’ll only forgive you if you come with me.” He turns his back on you and starts walking. “Hurry or you’ll be alone here and I ain’t coming back to pick you up.”

Pffff, he’s bluffing. Isn’t he? ISN’T HE? Shit, better run!

You go after him. He is going to… the baseball pitch? Wait, no… there is this place behind the pitch, you’ve heard about it, it’s the…

“Welcome to paradise.” He says, making an exaggerated gesture for you to enter. “It looks like it will cave in at any moment, I know, but it won’t… I think.”

“What is here?”

“Hum? Oh, it used to be the gym warehouse before they built a new one. Now it’s where we hang.”


“Yeah, you know… the weirdos.” He scratches the back of his head. “Let’s go!” he snorts in impatience, grabbing your wrist.

Okay, it’s not that bad on the inside. A lot of the weidos are the art kids, so of course there a lot of cool paints in the walls. As you walk in, there ‘s a little tent that it looks made of trash bags, where a punching bag and some instruments are places like someone just left the place.

“Those fuckers… if my sticks aren’t here, I’ll really… oh, here they are!” he twirls them on his hands.

“Is it safe to leave instruments like this here?”

“Nobody has guts to come in here ever since the rumors about the goth kids doing rituals here.”

“Were the rumors true?”

“Well, if you get possessed or something, we’ll find out.” You laugh… trying to not let him see you shivering. “Are you calm now?”

“A little more, I guess…” you look away. “But I’m still… angry.”

“Who made you get so angry?”

“Me…” you sigh, looking at nowhere.

“Ah yeah… you’re pretty annoying.” You glare at him. “I’m just kidding. Why are you mad at yourself?”

“Because… I did something stupid, something… really hurtful to a lot of people.”

“Did you cut someone with a razor?”


“So you’re cool, don’t worry.”

“Oh… believe me, what I did can bring a lot more damage than a razor. I… am such a bad person, Saeran…” you lower your gaze. “And I’m so… pissed at myself, I’m so… grrrrr! I’m so… you know how I can be a itch most of the times? I can be salty, mean and sarcastic, but I never… ever felt this… anger, is just so… ughhh!”

“You know the counselor tells me there’s nothing wrong with getting angry, it’s like… a sign that you still care. The thing is how you… express the anger that makes the difference, or some shit like this, I don’t pay much attention.”

“Said the guy with a razor.”

“Because I’m still learning! Like that shit you said once, how was it… ‘progress, not perfection’?” yeah, at Yoosung’s basement… wait, was he there? Didn’t he make a whole scene before entering? Oh, he was really waiting to make an entrance, huh? “Anyway… you have to learn how to… channel your angry into something productive. Look around you, this place is riddled with anger, whether it’s in paintings, punching bags and…” he hits the ride cymbal “…music.”

He adjusts every component of the drum carefully. It’s fun to watch him like this, so focused and… with his mouth shut. Ugh… drummers are areally cool, aren’t they?

Good lord, you have a thing for drummers. Damn you, Ashton Irwin!

No, but it’s not just that… say whatever you want about Saeran, but the prick is talented! He knows what he’s doing. He… can be really decent when he wants, like that time he saved you, like… right now, when he is trying to comfort you and… prove to you you’re not the piece of shit you are. He is… a cool prick.

Cool enough to make you stand right beside him as your eyes watch his intently. What is this? He’s not playing anymore, why is your heart pounding so fast?

It’s already night when you and him leave the school. You shoot some quick glances at him as you pass next to the baseball pitch, he looks as nervous as you, though he always looks a little nervous about something.



“I…think I made a very rude comment about you being a mama’s boy or something some time ago.”

“You asked me if my mom was going to be mad at me for being late.” Oh… he remembers every single word of it.

“Yeah… I’m sorry for that. I… Saeyoung told me you guys have some problems with her and…”

“She’s an alcoholic and we have to be home early to make sure she’s not doing anything stupid to get sent to jail. It’s a pain in the ass to keep bailing her out.” Oh…

“Oh… shit, Saeran. This is… are you okay?”

“Of course not! Don’t you think I’m terrified to end up like her?”

“Saeran… you… you won’t.”

“How can you be so sure, MC?”

“Because… you’re angry about this, so… it means you care.” He widens his eyes, his eyes look so glossy… is he crying? “I know it probably means shit to you, but… I’m really sorry for you, Saeran, nobody deserves this, your brother doesn’t deserve this, you don’t deserve this, you…”

You stop breathing for a second when you feel his arms circling you. You try to look at him, but his face is buried in your hair. Hesitatingly, you hug him back. When he finally exhales, you feel comfortable to stroke the strands in the back of his head.

“I’ll be the judge if it means shit to me or not.” His voice is muffled, but you’re sure is breaking.

“Whatever you say.” You lean your head on his.

He walks you home. Now it’s your turn to look nervous, what should you say now? The guy who always looked so aloof and ready to tell you to go to hell is actually the most vulnerable. Vulnerable enough to open up with you, like no other member of the band did, like… nobody ever did to you.

“You didn’t need to walk me home. Now you’re late.”

“It’s fine. Saeyoung is home, so it will be fine for today. The hell I would let a girl walk alone at night. I’m not that douchy, you know? I…” you stand on your tip toes to plant a kiss in his cheek, oh, now he is definitely blushing, especially because you miscalculated and kissed a little too close to the corner of his mouth. “What the hell? What… what was… what was that for?”

“I know you’re not the douche you try to be, so I just wanted to shut your mouth.”


“Hey! I could have punched you to shut you, be grateful!” he rolls his eyes and chuckles. “Good night, Saeran.”

“Good night, MC.”

You watch as he walks away. Before he turns the street corner and is completely out of your sight, you can almost swear you saw him brushing the cheek you kissed lightly.

You go to your bedroom feeling a heat glowing inside your chest, your stomach is empty, but you’re not hungry. Oh… could this be… butterflies in the stomach, as people say? You’ve never felt anything like this before!

Is this normal? You didn’t feel anything like this when you kissed V. Oh god… you kissed V! Rika’s boyfriend!

The night with Saeran was so thrilling and sweet it almost made you forget you’re a horrible person.


Chapter 12 | Chapter 14 

The Results are IN!

“Who Belongs in the Vulture Culture Community” Sure comes off as a loaded question, doesn’t it? Who’s to say who belongs? Should we say who belongs?

I put this survey together after an emotionally charged evening; I had spent the better part of my afternoon skinning a brutalized stray cat (and yes, I will be posting the finished bones here later), saddened by its horrible end, but looking forward to processing it and caring for it in death the way it should have been in life. Later that night I had received an inquiry about the cat, and I obliged to answer it. I was called a “freak” and accused of being mentally ill, despite my efforts to rationalize my actions. Needless to say, it kind of ruined my mood. 

Finding support in the rest of the VC community helped exponentially. I vented, and I was validated. Looking back, I’m glad I decided to publicly declare I was a vulture, despite the backlash I get from “normal” people, because now I know I’m not alone, even in a community with such radically different ideals and backgrounds. That’s a damn beautiful thing, discourse aside. 

My hope is that this sheds a bit of light on the importance that the VC community has with the individual and possibly address some of its flaws. 

For those who haven’t had a chance to take the survey and/or haven’t seen the results, here is a link to the spreadsheet. The charts will be posted here, with a bit of unwanted commentary on my part. I encourage others to do the same and throw in their two cents. 

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Aromantic is when you don’t experience romantic attraction (romantic attraction is “oh I’m so lovey dovey about you” although they can still date and have sex.)

Asexual is when you don’t experience sexual attraction (sexual attraction is ”gosh dang it I need your body specifically.” They can still want sex, they just don’t experience their body saying that about a person) (I’m aro ace so idk what attractions are like so correct me if I’m wrong please-also SOMEONE EXPLAIN TO ME THIS I DON’T UNDERSTAND ATTRACTION.)  Someone can be both asexual and aromatic (hello), but in this case, Logic is Aromantic and asexual while Morality is just Asexual.

there is no point to this fic, it’s basically just word vomit. it was just an outlet before I created You are loved (and this was how it was supost to be before some writers *glarings at @stary-puppy @analogically-prinxiety @sanders-sideblog and @prinxietyhell * encouraged me to make it agnsty.

thanks to @sanders-sideblog for the help!
@starrykid @prinxietyhell @doctorwho @doctorshufflepuff @dan-yuna

puns taken from Tumblr posts (one from arodorable) I don’t remember who made most of them but they were on Tumblr when I saw them.

trigger warnings: mentions of wanting kids and being told they cant because they’re asexual, they mentions of sex, but its not explicit


“But you always talk about how much you love everybody! How could you not have had someone you’ve wanted sex with?”  Prince asked him too shocked. Morality flinched. He had heard all sorts of stuff about this, “Impossible! That doesn’t happen!” “Come on! A guy like you must have at least one action in your lifetime!” “Yeah right!” But it didn’t make it any less uncomfortable to talk about.
“You literally embody all of Thomas’s extreme emotions, how could you not have at least felt one tiny attraction??”  Prince asked.
Morality hesitated, not sure how to answer Princys questions. He always thought it was fake, or forgot it existed but he always found out that it was a real thing and it always confused him.

“I don’t know.” Morality said meekly, “m-maybe I just- I don’t know.” He didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Prince could sense this so he spoke up;
“Don’t worry you’ll find your prince, princess or non-binary royalty someday!” Prince gave Morality a hug and walked away. Morality felt uncomfortable, he had never had that feeling towards anyone before and he didn’t think he ever will. Did people really have that feeling all the time? he wasn’t sure how to react.
He decided to go to Logan, He needed someone who understood, and some company. Anxiety was sleeping-which was something he rarely did so he didn’t want to wake the emo side.

Walking to Logic’s room he thought about the conversation he had with Prince. He couldn’t remember a time when he had any sexual attraction, he always thought everyone was exaggerating or thought they were just pretending so they could relate to their older siblings. He always nodded along with the others when they talked about it since he didn’t want to be left behind, but it always felt weird to talk about “how hot someone was.” He always thought it meant beautiful until Logan corrected him (which was shocking to everyone, but he understood sexual terms very well-well, at least most of the terms.) Reaching Logic’s door, which was already open, he could see papers sprawled across the desk he sat at.

“Logan-” Morality spoke up.

“What is it now!” Logic snapped. Morality jumped back, biting his lips. He didn’t realize he had tears in his eyes until Logic turned to him and panicked.

“Oh crap-uh I don’t- how do I comfort-?” Logan stood up and walked to his crying friend, reaching an arm out to hug them awkwardly. Morality laughed at the awkward hug.

“I’m glad you find my pain funny.” Logan answered. Morality suddenly felt bad, but calmed down once he saw Logic was smiling.

Logan was glad he could cheer Morality up, but he had no idea what to do now. Morality was the one that was good at these things, or even Anxiety. Anxiety must be sleeping if Morality wasn’t going to them.

“Do you want to talk about it or?” Logan was hesitant to offer anything, but he read somewhere that you should let them speak and let them know you were open to listening. Morality sniffled wiping his nose on his wrist before answering;
“Will I ever be loved?”
Logan grabbed a tissue when he saw Morality wipe his nose, and was suddenly confused and shocked. Why would Morality even think that!?
“What are you talking about? Thomas loves you, Anxiety and Prince loves you, I -”

“No, not that kind of love but- uh romantic love.” Morality was feeling childish and small right now. Logan was confused before he remembered there was a thing called romantic attraction.

“Oh.” Logan said.

“I’m sorry, but its just-everyone is bothering me about my asexuality ever since I said I haven’t felt that way towards someone, and everyone is freaking out about it. Anxiety asked me a couple questions, which to be honest was uncomfortable, but better than the other’s questions, but they all had some form of “you’re lying” or “but you said you wanted to have sex and then you don’t?” and stuff like that. I mean- it’s confusing enough they don’t have to add to it. It fine if they’re trying to understand-that I don’t mind, but when they keep pestering me about it it gets… annoying and … hurtful?” Morality didn’t know how to describe it.

“I get it. Not everybody knows I’m Aromantic, but I’ve had plenty of people ask me about crushes and make up delusions about how I’m lying or whatever it is. Truth is, they can’t understand and that sucks. All we can do is try to educate them on this matter and hope for the best.”

“How do you handle their questions?” Morality asked

“Well for one, I usually just answer them honestly and listen to what they have to say. Usually everyone thinks I’m an emotionless robot so they aren’t surprised, but sometimes, like Princey for example, he would get confused and pester me until he gives up.”

“That sounds awful!” Morality was shocked by how the others had reacted. He didn’t know that they had thought him to be an emotionless robot!

“It’s all good. It’s better than the “that doesn’t exist!” or “You’re just seeking attention”-which is ridiculous since they didn’t know I was aroace until they asked about crushes-but hey, I can’t understand how allosexuals think. Although, it’s always fun to think up a good comeback for when they say stuff like that again.”

“Yeah, it sucks.” Morality agreed.

“It does indeed, and when they find out you can have sex and feel honey they get confused or even offended. Like, sheesh, I don’t make the rules, it just happens but perhaps one day they’ll understand, or at least stop pestering us about it.”
“It’s just-” Morality hesitated. He wanted talk about it but he wasn’t sure Logan would understand.

“What if I can’t find someone who respects my boundaries?” He asked. Logan frowned.

“Why do you ask?” Logan asked,

“Well,” Morality hesitated, “it’s just that, if everybody I talk to about it thinks I’m faking, there’s a high chance my partner is going to think I’m faking too. I just- what if I fall for someone and they don’t accept it? What if they want sex, but I don’t?” Morality felt uncomfortable. Normally he didn’t go to someone about his problems, but it was overwhelming him right now.

“Morality, being aromantic and all, I don’t experience this “falling I love” you’re referring to, but there are plenty of ways to fall in love. You could fall in love with the trees, the birds, the bees, whatever basically. You still have time. Even if you never end up wanting to do that with someone its okay. They will respect your boundaries. You deserve it. And if they don’t then, Thomas, Prince, Anxiety and I will Hunt them down and make sure that they are aware that we are not to be messed with.”

This made Morality crack a smile. Logan had a thought.

“Come on let’s lie down for a bit. I want to watch the constellation in my room change again.”

Morality beamed. At certain time of the day Logan’s room-well ceiling to be exact- would change colors and stars so that you could see the different constellations, and galaxies. Sometimes when morality was younger Logan would bring him in here and just try to explain the stories behind each of the constellation. Morality didn’t get it of course but he enjoyed the company and watching the stars change. It wasn’t in real time, but it was held from memories Logan had of seeing pictures or memorizing the star’s positions. Even though he could not name most of them; They were beautiful.

They were lying on Logan’s bed, feet touching the ground, because they were laying on the sides of the bed, staring at the ceiling, just starting to talk about things allosexuals would say to them. How frustrating it was to not be understood. How upsetting it was when they thought people told them they were aro or ace because they were emotionless, or too emotional.

They talked about how they felt and who they thought they would date or have sex with if they wanted. (Logic wasn’t interested in dating anyone but he would totally have sex the guy from biology, while Morality thought the smiling person in Thomas’s class the day before was adorable and someone he could see himself kissing one day.) Then Logan started talked about how confusing it was for him when he first noticed he was aromantic and asexual.

“I don’t know I just-everyone was starting to feel things and at first I thought that they were just exaggerated for effect, but then, it just grew for you guys while I stayed the same? I’m not sure, I never understood the concept of love outside of friendship. I literally cannot see myself in love with anyone. I might love someone, but never in that way. Oh, and every time someone asked me if I had a crush I would have no idea how to answer because I’ve never had a crush! However, if I told them that they thought I was just faking so I was frustrated and confused. I did a lot of research and at first I thought I had some form of disorder where I couldn’t feel emotions, but I felt pain and everything else that people felt, just not-that one feeling.”

“that’s kind of how it felt for me, except it was just recently when I realized that sexual attraction was completely different from romantic attraction and it all just sudden made sense!”

they stared in silence for a second before Logan interrupted.

“I’m surprised.” Logic said.

“By what?” Morality asked
“It’s been almost an hour and a half… and you haven’t made one pun about being asexual or aromatic.”

“Well I knew you would be more of a fighter than a lover if I did that!” morality gave him a cheeky grin. Logan stared at him, realizing something.

“…how long have you attempted these puns without me knowing?”

Morality pretended to look at his watch (his wrist was bare he had no watch)

“About an hour and a half, I believe.”
Logan groaned.

“How come I never get your jokes?”

“They’re not very straight, just like us.”

“Huh? That makes no sense!” Logan turned his head to face his friend.

“Allosexuals make no sense!” Morality laughed. This time logan rolled his eyes and smiled at the joke.

“Very funny Morality.”
“I have more.” He cleared his throat before continuing, “you’re as straight as an aro.”

“I don’t get it, I’m aro- oh I get it, but you go one thing wrong morality! I’m not straight!” Logan argued as Morality laughed.
Moralitys laugher died down a bit. It went silent again until Morality sighed.

“I don’t know how to be a romantic at all. I need someone to teach me.”

“Hey, don’t ask me I’m aromantic, not a romantic.” Logan said. Morality sat confused until his eyes widened and he sat up.
“Aww! You just made a dad joke!”

“It’s a play on words, but it’s my favorite.”

“Another one Logan! You’re on a roll!”

Logan sighed, he had only made two puns but he continued.

“What do you call a group of aromantic people sitting next to each other?” he paused before saying “a row.”
Morality laughed and made a few more aro jokes that earned a smile from Logan.
Now they were talking about people who said they couldn’t experience one attraction without the other.

“What about when people ask when you find someone cute?”

“I think animals are cute, but that doesn’t mean I want to date them.” Logan pointed out.
Morality laughed.
“I’m not sure why that made you laugh but anyways; asexual people can still experience romantic attraction and date or even have sex if they want; Aromantic people can experience sexual attraction and have sex or even want to date!”
“Yeah but-I don’t know. It’s just… sometimes I do think I will want to have sex with my partner, but what if I end up not wanting to do that? What if I just want to… be with them without sex.” Morality didn’t know what to say, it sounded like Logan had accepted his own Aro/Ace identity with no problem. Morality wasn’t even sure if he was asexual. He was definitely not aromantic. None of this made sense to him.

“It’s okay if you don’t get it now. You’ll get it someday. Even then, you don’t need a label to allow yourself to feel however your feeling.”

Morality was tired of hearing that, but at the same time he knew it was true. Why couldn’t he just accept he didn’t know and move on?

“I know, but I’ve never experienced this sexual attraction feeling before and it bothers me so much. Do you ever wonder what its like?”

“Well to be honest, not often. I do wonder how it could be great, because from all the stories about loving this person but not their partner confuses me. Besides think of it this way, You’re not distracted so much by how attraction you have towards this one person-”

“Uh, maybe not but I will always worry that my partner will always want sex when I least want it and-and then I worry about mentioning how much I don’t want to try it or worry about how they will react to me not wanting it even when I want kids, or how much they’ll hate me after I tell them so I’ll have to-”

“Whoa Morality- is someone pressuring you?” Logan was confused and worried. Morality had too much emotions for one person sometimes and he needed a break from it all, but he had never seen Morality this upset. Maybe they’d have to wake up Anxiety for this after all.

“No no no no! I’m not even dating anyone yet! I’m just- I’ve heard so many different stories and I don’t know how to react, and if everyone around me acts like I’m some sort of werido about not wanting sex or experiencing the attraction, then how will they react if they were my partner?”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not why they think you’re a weirdo, but just know this, You don’t have to do anything you are not comfortable doing.”

“yeah, but it doesn’t feel like it sometimes.”

“if anyone pressures you to do something you’re uncomfortable with let me know and I will annihilate them with my secret weapon.” Logan joked. It was an inside joke they had since they were kids, but they rarely used it. Morality smiled a little, but it wasn’t a smile. He just smiled because Logan was trying to cheer him up though it wasn’t working. Logan knew if he had faked a smile while they were already talking about other struggles it meant either he didn’t want to talk about it, or he wasn’t ready to talk about it.

Logan thought for a minute before deciding to move so he was properly on his bed. Morality frowned and moved so that Logan’s feet wouldn’t meet Morality’s head,
“Come here.” Logan said laying down on his bed with his head at the head rest. Morality looked very confused.

“I promise I wont do anything you don’t want me to, just come here for a second.”

Morality hesitated but went to the edge of the bed. Logan grabbed morality and pulled him towards the bed. Morality laid down besides him and snuggled up closer.

“Is this comfortable?” Logic asked.


“This is all some people want. For some people this is more pleasant than cake-” (morality gasped at that,) “I’m asexual too morality I know about the symbolism of cake, and how hurtful it is to consider something better than cake -” (logic rolled his eyes as he said that,) “-now shush, I’m trying to comfort you. Now look, in your entire life have you ever made anyone uncomfortable?”

“Well there was that one time when I wouldn’t stop annoying Anxiety about that time he-”

“I’m not talking about teasing them, I’m talking about make them so uncomfortable they don’t feel safe enough to be around you.”
“why not?”
“because that’s just wrong!”

“exactly! Your partner will know that this is wrong. If your partner really loves you, they will do anything they can to make you comfortable and feel secure. Yes they might tease you, and yes they might make you upset or angry, but as long as they don’t make you feel unsafe or insecure then you have nothing to worry about.”
Morality snuggled up to Logic it was nice just talking to him,  but it was better knowing that Logic was trying to comfort him.

“I just want to hear about the stars right now.”

Logan lit up and brought his attention to his ceiling.

“Sure! So you see that star right there? Yeah that star is called the Pistole star and is the most luminosities star that we know of! It is ten million times brighter than the sun isn’t that neat! Oh and when the stars are twinkling its because of just our wafting atmosphere…” Logic continued to pull out random facts about stars while Morality listened. It was nice just to be here with his friend.  
At least he wouldn’t have to worry about Logan leaving him.

Dragon Age Gothic
  • This is your eleventh playthrough. You have made the same choices every time. Free will is an illusion. The cycle is infinite.
  • You have chosen not to romance anyone, but are still seeing romance dialogue and cutscenes for all the characters. They want you. They are growing desperate.
  • All the idle animations have changed. Now the characters simply stare into the camera, dead-eyed and impatient.
  • No matter who you choose for your party Cole is always there. Sometimes, you think you can feel him watching you.
  •  There is a locked door in Skyhold. No matter what you do you can’t figure out how to open it. Occasionally, Cullen walks through it.
  • No matter what questions are asked of them at the latest convention, the writers simply respond “Gray morality” through their mechanical frozen smiles.
  • The last time you played you could have sworn Anders called Hawke by your name. You haven’t touched the controller since, but every time you walk by the console you hear a gentle whine, like longing and loneliness.

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Can I get some yandere MTMTE Prowl and Rescue Bots Chase getting a crush on a shy human please?


- I hope you return his feelings because you will never ever be able to lose him. Once he’s sure that he feels for you he will do whatever he must to make you his and his alone. He’s got a lot of power and can pull more strings than you can imagine, so you will quickly see your life begin to cater to his will. Did you live too far away from him? That’s odd, now your home id being foreclosed but you’re getting moved into this other house (that’s not even owned by the same person? odd). Are your work hours clashing with his stalking quality time with you? Now you’re working different/less hours with no explanation from your boss, but they did look awfully pale.

- You will get spoiled rotten whenever he can be with you. Every time he greets you he has a gift for you. Every time. And it’s always something you want, quite amazing how he always does that. Unfortunately for him, when it comes to all this emotional shit he is obvious as hell and you know for sure that he likes you romantically, you don’t know how deep it goes. It becomes even more obvious over time when he can’t keep his servos off you and gets very aggressive towards anyone who makes you even marginally uncomfortable. 

Rescue Bots Chase

-He doesn’t even know he’s yandere and won’t acknowledge it even if it’s brought to his attention. That’s ridiculous, that sounds dangerous and wrong. He loves you and only wants to keep you safe, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Buuuut… Sometimes he has to do some things he’s not particularly proud of to make sure you’re with him and happy. He’s great at “asking” people for “favors”. If they’ve ever done something vaguely risky or illegal he will use it against them and make it infinitely worse to scare them into cooperation. It’s morally questionable but it’s for you so that makes it okay.

- He treasures any time he can have with you and will bring you with him whenever he can get away with it. He’s not subtle so much as he’s just bad at expressing emotions, so it will take longer for you to pick up on how much he adores you. They usually aren’t great, but he tries to make you things he thinks you’d like and he looks so proud of himself that you can’t help but accept it with a smile on your face. Anyone who tries to bother you or get in his way finds themselves getting charged with crimes they didn’t commit. Chase isn’t above planting evidence if he feels threatened enough.

TC questions!!
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  • 1: Have you ever done anything weird to get their attention?
  • 2: Do you prefer to tease them or please them? That is, play hard to get or try to earn their admiration?
  • 3: If you two were laying on a rooftop under the stars, what would you want to talk about and would you be eating/drinking anything? If so, what?
  • 4: If you were/are friends with your tc, would/do you like to show your friendship off to other students, or keep it like a little private secret?
  • 5: On a date with them, would you prefer to go somewhere exciting and thrilling, or relaxing and peaceful?
  • 6: Would you prefer to have an affair right now (if you're still in school) or wait until you've left school and begin a long-term relationship?
  • 7: What's the shittiest thing that's happened between you two?
  • 8: Would you rather call them “daddy/mummy” or “sir/miss”? Or is that just not your thing?
  • 9: Do you like them in smart attire or casual clothes better?
  • 10: How many TCs do you have/have you had? Which is/has been the most ~real~? Do you expect you'll get any more TCs?
  • 11: Describe your least favourite aspect of your TC's physical appearance.
  • 12: Are/were you their favourite student?
  • 13: Is your TC a good singer? Do you have any songs that you'd wish they'd sing to you?
  • 14: Ever drawn your TC or written an imagine/fic/poem/song etc. about them?
  • 15: If you were to give them a bunch of flowers, what flowers would you choose?
  • 16: What's the worst dream you've had of them?
  • 17: Do you have any rl friends with TCs?
  • 18: What's their political stance, if you know it? If you don't, what do you think it is?
  • 19: Have they ever defended you/stood up for you/protected you?
  • 20: Are they an expressive person, or are they quite restrained and calm?
  • 21: Knowing what you might about their morals, do you think they would ever engage in a relationship/affair with a student?
  • 22: What's their zodiac sign/MBTI type/Harry Potter house/anything else like that?
  • 23: Do you have any inspirational/profound/funny quotes from them you can share? (either by them or just ones they've referenced)
  • 24: Is their personality similar to yours or completely different?
  • 25: Are they an insecure kind of person or confident and bold?

I want a really close bond to form between all of the random incidentals who made it out of Wonderland and got left in the woods while Our Boys went off to save the world. Because chances are? Most of them are not in the greatest state of health after an extended dose of Lydia-and-Edward.

Last we saw them, Antonia was recently blind, Sterling was a hot mess, and Rowan was apparently missing patches of beard and not looking great which doesn’t bode well for him long term. I imagine people who were there for longer were even worse off, missing limbs and years and big chunks of memory. They were in a forest full of dangerous animals, they probably had to rely on each other to get out. 

And then.. well Neverwinter is close and Sterling is the lord of it, even if he comes back ten years older and seriously traumatized. He can get everyone the best of care, just in time for the world to start ending around them. It’s a struggle to get out of the woods- carrying some people and leaning on others, regular breaks for healing and reassurances that everything will be fine once they get to the city- but they make it and manage to convince Lord Sterling’s that yes, this is the same boy who left a week ago. After that things are easier, but still not easy. They’re not a good state. 

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How can i write characters who are drastically different from me? I always feel like im projecting my instincts/morals/habits etc onto my characters so they all end up being too similar

This is a really interesting question, actually - and one that I think a lot of writers could stand to think about, especially when it comes to their main characters. 

A LOT of readers complain about “self insert” protagonists in the stories that they read. Sometimes that happens because a writer wants to literally put themselves in a story, but sometimes that happens because a writer can’t divorce themselves from the character creation process. 

Being empathetic is a lot more difficult than being sympathetic. You may realize that it feels a certain way to be in a certain situation without knowing exactly how it feels psychologically. (This is especially true for people writing characters of different racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, characters with disabilities, etc.) 

That’s why one of the first and most important things you can do is simply ask questions. Find people online who’ve been through some of those situations if possible. (For example, people who’ve lost a mother to suicide if your character lost their mother to suicide.) Read blog posts, message boards, and the like to see what others have to say about those kinds of situations.

And ask your character questions as you get to know them. Have conversations with your character. It may feel silly, but those character worksheets exist for a reason. Want to get to know a character’s morals better and to be sure you’re not projecting your own morals onto them? Ask your character how they feel about X, Y, and Z.

It’s all a process wherein you’re developing a distinct voice for them. And over time, it’ll become much easier for you to know, “Oh, yes, this is what Character A would do,” in any given situation.

Disclaimer: this’s mod lizzy, not the cool mod. Just the relatively mediocre one (lmao)

Ever since I joined the fandom there’s been (rightful tbh) questioning of our!Ciel’s morals. Namely, the whole burning down a mansion, killing really easily, yada yada yada. There’s a lot of stuff okay my boy ain’t exactly a saint. Fans sometimes use that to justify hate. Fans also sometimes use his mental illness’ to justify why he’s innocent and has done no wrong. And I’ve seen a lot of people conflicted on whether or not to like him because of his questionable morals.

But mainly, there’s a lot of people who’re confused about why Ciel acts the way he does. Why he can make such huge jumps from burning down a mansion of children to trying to support an newly defunded orphanage.

We’ve all fan-diagnosed him with different mental disorders, yknow like depression and PTSD, but nobody ever says shit about the other side of the spectrum: behavioral disorders. Because you’d have a pretty great answer if you looked into them as well.

So in a really long ass post, I wanna use actual psychology to explain my interpretation of the reason Ciel is who he is.

But wait, there’s more! Now we have real!Ciel in the picture, and he’s probably MORE controversial when it comes to behavior. But, within the same evidence, there’s a very fitting explanation as well! And I’d love to share that also because it’s so interesting.

So I’m on the fence about making this because Idk if y'all would be interested in character analysis using actual psychological evidence so I’d really love if you could tell me!

Are y'all interested?

-mod lizzy

(It’d deal with topics like: sociopathy vs. psychopathy, different traits, brain functions and malfunctions, a tiny bit of genetics, etc.)