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How I broke my 6th Graders Today

Student: “Miss, my little brother in your 4th grader class says you speak seven languages. Is that true?”

Me: “Yes.”

Student: "He says you speak Mongolian. Is that true?”

Me: “Yes.”

Student: “Can you say something”

Me: *explains, in Mongolian, that although I speak Mongolian, being that this is an English school, I am supposed to teach classes in English, so I have to speak English, sorry*

Collective Students: “Wow! Amazing!!!” *cheering*

One student slowly raises hand: “Miss, does that mean that you can…understand us when we speak Mongolian?”

Me: *Slowly leans over desk and puts on an evil grin. Single nod*

All students: *Terrified screaming*

BTS reaction to you sucking on their bottom lip during a kiss

requested by anon

Slightly NSFW-ish?


Jin would be slightly surprised, but not averse to this new direction. He would gladly follow your example and bite your lip in return.

“Well, well, well..”

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Yoongi would break the kiss for a second to look at you. Once he sees the determination in your eyes, almost daring him to do something about it, he would give you a little smirk and lean in again.

“I can get used to this.”

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Namjoon would probably be really into it. He would pull you closer and deepen the kiss.

Jimin: “EEEEEEEW, can you maybe not do this in the living room.”

Namjoon: “Oh, right, you’re all still here….”

Jin: “Think of the children, Namjoon!”

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Hobi would return the favor really enthusiastically, and kiss you until you are both out of breath. He would protest when you break away for some air.

“Got more than your bargained for?”

“Oh, it’s on!”

*dives right back into the kiss*

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Jimin would let out a tiny little moan and break the kiss shocked by himself. He would give you a long look and then hold your face really close.


“Do that again?”

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Tae would see this as an invitation to take things further and as a challenge. He would kiss the living daylight out of you.

“Give me a second, Tae! I need to catch my breath.”

“Giving up already?”

“You wish!!”

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Kookie would get really cocky when you try to take things further.

“Oh, you want some of this?

“PFFFFF, there goes the mood.”

“Stop laughing and kiss me.”

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hey love, i had a request i've been thinking about forever. you're an artist who struggles with creating, or loving your work, constantly frustrated despite your art being good . one day when you're out harry finds your portfolio and a few days later surprises you with a tattoo of your most recent painting. it's inked on his body in soft colors, he's so proud of you and amazed by your talent. (idk i just love this concept and as an artist myself this is all i could ever want)

Oh my God, I love this!


You dipped your brush into the water before gently running it down the paper. You put the brush aside, your eyes wandering around the paper. You stood up, hands on your hips as you looked at it.
You groaned, covering your face with your hands.

“Y/N? I got pizza!” You heard Harry’s voice, making you quickly open your drawer and place the paper inside, closing it quickly, just in time for Harry to open your bedroom door with a grin. “Thought you weren’t here. Was worried.”

You smiled, walking closer to him. “I was just a bit busy.” Harry nodded, wrapping his arms around you and leaning down to place his lips on yours in a greeting kiss before looking at the desk behind you. “You were painting, weren’t you?”

You chuckled, hiding your face in his chest. “It didn’t turn out good enough for me to show you.”

“We’ve been together for two years, not once have I seen your paintings except for that one time we went to your parents’ house and your mum showed me one and it was incredible.” Harry tried to reason with you.

You played with his shirt’s collar, avoiding eye contact. “One day, yeah?”

Harry smiled, leaning down to kiss you again.

“Can I still use your car to Sandra’s tomorrow?” You asked as you both sat on the couch, eating pizza.

Harry nodded, “Yeah, baby, I remember.”

You smiled and nodded. Harry chuckled before leaning forward, wiping your temple with his clean fingers. “What?”

“Red paint.” He replied. You blushed sheepishly, letting him wipe away the paint before he pressed a kiss to your temple. “Whenever you’re ready.”

The next morning, you were rushing around as you got ready. “How do I look?” You asked Harry who sat on your vanity chair, just staring at you in his black t-shirt and red pants.

“You look beautiful, baby.” He replied.

“Thanks,” You smiled, leaning down to capture his lips in a quick peck. “I’m ready.” Harry gave you his car keys, following you down the stairs and watching you put on your shoes.

“Be careful, yeah? Call me if you need anything.” He said. You nodded, turning around to kiss him goodbye, Harry humming during the kiss before you pulled away with a kissy noise.

“See you later, Haz.” You grinned before opening the door and walking out, Harry watching you get into the car from the door.

He waved at you, sending you a flying kiss which you pretended to put on your lips before driving off. He closed the door and walked upstairs again, intending on taking a nap.

He held his phone in his hand as he plopped on the bed, clicking the home button, furrowing his eyebrows when his phone’s screen remained black. “Oh, battery. Right.” He said to himself, looking beside him at the socket, not finding his charger plugged in it. He groaned before standing up and opening the drawer beside him, searching through the contents. He then moved to the other drawer, his hand stopping midair as he looked at the sheets of paper.

He didn’t knew whether that was invading your privacy but nevertheless, he took out the stack of papers in his hands before sitting on the bed and looking through them. He stared at your watercolored pieces in awe, ring clad fingers running on the papers gently as if to feel the colors. He didn’t realize he had his mouth opened until he came upon a certain painting.
It was a Yin Yang painting, the right half was a beautiful purple sunset with the shadows of pine trees while on the other half was a sky full of stars with the same shadows of the trees; written in your cursive handwriting on the top curve of the symbol was:

‘this is the sign of the times’

He was in awe. The colors reflected on his eyes and the fact that you used a reference to him made him feel loved and happy in all sorts of way. He took a picture of it with his phone, wanting to always remember it and remember how happy he felt when he saw it. He gently put the papers back in the drawer and closed it before walking towards the body length mirror and taking off his t-shirt. He inspected his tattooed half, turning and analyzing before his fingers found where his heart was, looking at his reflection in the mirror as his eyes glanced from his bird tattoo to the empty space under it. With an excited grin, Harry put on his t-shirt and grabbed his other car keys before opening the drawer and grabbing that piece of paper, rushing down the stairs and out of the door to his car, not caring about his phone at the moment.

Hours later, Harry was looking at his new tattoo with a proud smile. “Thank you so much, mate. It looks exactly the same.” He said as he looked from his tattoo to the paper in his hand.

“Glad you like it, man. It’s a pretty good drawing.” The tattoo artist said, nodding towards the paper in Harry’s hand. Harry only smiled proudly and nodded.

Later that night and after Harry had came back home, you were laying in bed as you filled him up on what happened with your day.

“And we ate sushi together, it was so good, baby. It’s a new place we’ve never been to, we should go sometime.” You said as you had your head on his chest while he stroked your hair subconsciously.

“Was it?” He smiled and you hummed, “We can go on Saturday.”

You nodded, yawning. “Did you do anything fun?”

Harry debated whether he should tell you or not. Your reaction was unpredictable to him but he liked to lean more to the idea of you getting happy with his new addition. However, he debated against it and figured he should let you find his new tattoo on your own. “Nope. Just waited for you to come back.”

The next morning, you woke up to an empty bed but the room full of a delicious smell, smiling when you heard Harry’s soft singing from downstairs. After brushing your teeth and hair, you walked downstairs, Harry smiling when he heard your footsteps.

You hummed, pressing a kiss to his bare back as he stood by the stove. “Good morning, baby.”

“Good morning. Give me just a minute and breakfast will be ready.”

“You’re energetic today.” You smiled, hopping on the counter and kicking your feet gently back and forth.

Harry only shrugged before turning off the stove and looking at you, your eyes immediately traveling to the color that had grabbed your attention that wasn’t Harry’s skin color. Your eyes widened. You recognized that drawing, that handwriting.

Harry smiled sheepishly, looking down at his tattoo before back at you. “Surprise!”

He stepped between your legs as your hand was instantly on his skin, tracing the tattoo gently. “I,” You began, your eyes welling with tears as you shook your head in disbelief, “I don’t know what to say.”

Harry’s hand was placed on your cheek, his thumb stroking it softly. “It looks good, doesn’t it?”

“How-How did you even see it?” You asked quietly, looking from the tattoo to his eyes that watched you lovingly.

“I was searching for my charger and I opened the drawer where you kept your drawings by accident. I don’t know really, I felt like a child. But baby, these are all wonderful! So good! You have this way with colors,” Harry licked his lips, “It’s like you make music with colors.”

You bit your lip before tilting your head to the side, “You really think so?”

“I think the world needs to see your work. It’s a shame it misses out on pieces this beautiful, baby.” Harry smiled, rubbing your back and leaning up.

You smiled, placing your lips on his as you both exchanged a passionate kiss, you wrapping your arms around his neck. “Thank you.” You said quietly, your lips brushing against his.

He shook his head before giving you another peck and guiding your hand to his tattoo, making you feel his heartbeat which was racing. “Feel that?”

“Your heartbeat?” You asked, “Oh my God, you got it where your heart is.” Your eyes welled up with tears again as you wrapped your legs around him tightly, making Harry carry you off the counter with you attached to him as he held your thighs.

“So when it beats, it beats to its purpose.”


So!!! much!! fluff!!! but oh my, you have a beautiful mind! x


Feeling unsettled about not seeing each other. (x)

‘More boys being yandere? Maybe if their s/o got killed in the killing game, and/or if they confessed they had a crush on someone (like if they were a yandere Bois crush?) ‘

Ok 2 things,A: I’m not sure if I understood this correctly so I’m sorry if this isn’t how you wanted it to be like. And B: THIS IS 7444 WORDS LONG HOLY

Some boys are reacting to their s/o’s death, others are reacting to their s/o having feelings (or possible feelings for other people

Warning: Nudity, suggested sex, violence and swearing under the cut 

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I am my own worst nightmare and there are no two ways about it.
I clink my wine glass against my chest, it shatters - conclusion, I am
made of stone. I try to bite the rust from beneath my thumb - conclusion,
I am a bicycle chain, adhering to endless walls. I pass through windows,
I pass through floodgates, through shaking hands - conclusion,
I am a phantasm. I am the night’s callous cat call, fondling the blushing sky,
ending the trees’ matrimony with a summer bloodier than my unkempt mosaic of a ribcage, seducing the winter, this body of contorted blooms. 

Where did the rain go? Why don’t we talk to each other anymore? Does it hurt
to look into my eyes, these sludge-filled pools of buckling brown where my
withering once presented itself as a death or a mercy? I don’t want to
travel through ragged portals of love in sub zero temperatures, and I’m sick of mapping the icecaps of your contaminated heart, your mottled stars, your pits of hunger. Yet I think, maybe we’ll be okay here, if we just close our eyes and mime home. If we just regenerate these wasted lives. 

I remember being twelve & accepting my existence, not as a girl, 
with hair worn like the willows & lips parted in eager breath,
but a bloodletting -  what froths at the mouth & fumbles for, desirous evenings, angry, humble, tragedies amidst the train station crowd, a reckoning, a massacre in motion, a smiting of seas, a grievance of scars. Reclaiming the might of hell itself. Loosening up your sore gut and the plump conscience. Trailing something pink between the thighs of shivering mountains. A beheading. Driving along country roads that turn you into a panting dog chasing its own tail. The first intake of breath after a kiss. Diving headfirst into fatal waters.

Sunday morning glory, silence in the barracks, the household walls sweat nervously, a second coming, surely, the birth of a god, surely! It can’t be the end. This can’t be the end. 

Sweetheart, your love is a fetus, here, watch it grow, watch its tiny fists beat against the scraped surface of the mirror, and here is its spine (and you think, you can almost feel its heart, setting fire to all the villages on the other side of the river, maiming fences, stealing children) and here, we have the mouth, foggy as a swamp and slick with a warring tongue. It was never made to speak. It was made only to interrupt, to chagrin. 

We are a pagan ritual. We are a blast of cold air. We slide the knives into our sleeves. We engulf, we envelope, we are living, we are dead. I take your hand, I close my eyes. We feel our braces tighten. You lean close, you whisper: darling, there is nothing that can stomach us. Not in this world, not in the next.

10 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room (almost) Instantly Homier

Whether you’re heading back to college for the fourth or very first time, try these tips to feel at home on campus:

  1. Lamps! Even in the nicest accommodations (like Smith!) the overhead lighting isn’t all that pleasant. A lamp or two (maybe one floor lamp and one bedside) softens the light in the room, and undeniably makes it homier. Pick up some thrift store lamps once you get there, especially if you’re coming from far away, that way you can ditch them at the end of the semester if you can’t store or move them easily (plus thrifted lamps are pretty cheap — I found one of my three lamps on the side of the road, the other two were willed to me).
  2. A rug can make a room feel much warmer, and I much prefer stepping onto a rug when I get out of bed over the cold floor. I’ve also had friends use a rug as a seating area on the floor, lined with throw pillows against the wall (especially good if you’re not a fan of folks sitting on your bed).
  3. Cool it on the high school friends photos. You might see photo collages that take up entire walls on Pinterest and in friends’ rooms, but a few nice photos in frames of family and friends from home can aesthetically and mentally prepare you for new friends and adventures in college.
  4. You can never have too many mugs. The bigger the better — tea, coffee, water, extracurricular beverages (you know, like milk for your cookies), cereal, fruit, yogurt, the mug is one of the most universal dishes.
  5. Extra blankets of different weights will up your cozy factor, and will come in handy when it’s fort building time. You can also fold these up to use as extra pillows for leaning against the wall/on your bed. Especially as you’re adjusting to a new house’s thermostat, a variety of blankets is nice to have as you figure out what makes you comfy.
  6. Fake flowers or plants, or real ones if you’re ambitious, add sweet bursts of color to your very neutral room. I like to keep mine in wine bottles, as it really classes up the place, and is perfect for making a get together with friends or a wine date with a friend/gal pal/boy toy more festive.
  7. Keep the blinds open during the day! If you can, arrange a mirror to reflect the light from the window (my first year my closet door, which had a mirror on the outside, was luckily directly across from a window, and it actually made a substantial difference to the feel of the room).
  8. Have some conversation starters — a favorite album artwork, a poster from a favorite trip/museum visit/concert/movie, a small statue you found in your first year room’s light box (now there’s a story), a map with markers on it (Places you’ve been? Places you want to go? Places people you love are?), a flag from your state/country/political party (I proudly fly the NWP flag and it has made me several friends), something you made or someone made for you (maybe a blanket your grandma crocheted you). Anything that a new friend can ask about and you’ll have more to say than just, “oh I thought it looked nice.” Something with a story is always great, and it’s a great way to find things in common right away. On that note, if you bring books from home, people are going to check them out when they come by your room, so make them count!
  9. A tapestry or something cloth on the wall will really warm up your white-walled room!
  10. Seasonal decor you make yourself, like paper snowflakes with your roommates when you’re ready for snow, or paper flowers for when you desperately want it to be spring — festive and a nice study break!
You Brought this on Yourself

Before the story, I’d just like to explain to those who don’t know that a Tulpa is an entity that is conjured in someone’s imagination, (in this case, Jack’s) and given so much attention that they become real. But when people stop paying attention to them, they fade into nothingness. This is a story focused on an ego everyone seems to overlook.

Marvin was curled in the darkness, cape wrapped around his shoulders and mask broken and cracked in some other corner of the room. If this even was a room, he really couldn’t tell. Darkness extended in every direction, and the air was cold and stagnant. He had been here for months. Maybe years? Time didn’t exist here, at least not as much as he could tell. Every day more of his memories faded from him. He’d even almost forgotten his own name. This was the fate of a Tulpa who’s been abandoned.

Suddenly, he heard footsteps. Was it Sèan? Finally, Sèan had come back for him, just as he’d promised! But no, that hope dissipated as soon as it bloomed. The static crackling in the air was a telltale sign that this was not Sèan.

“What do you want, Anti? What could you possibly want here?,” Marvin croaked out, surprised at his own voice. Is this really what he sounds like? He hadn’t spoken in so long he didn’t even remember.

“Why hello Marvin, good seeing you. Surprised you haven’t disappeared yet, most Tulpas dissipate in a few months after being forgotten. I’m impressed you’ve hung on this long!”

Marvin cringed at the voice, the harsh scratchiness of it sending waves of panic down his spine.

“You didn’t answer my question. Why are you here?” Marvin queried him again. His instincts told him he should be scared, but what could Anti possibly do to him now? He was already half dead, there’s not much more Anti could do to him now even if he wanted to.

“I have a proposition to offer you. Without his fan’s continued interest in you, you are dying. Such is the fate of a tulpa who falls out of public eye. However, I can give you a chance to survive. If you agree to join me, I can give you the power to exist separate from their whims. I can give you the power to enact revenge on the person who cast you into this darkness.”

Marvin knew exactly who he was talking about. Sèan. With those words, a new anger bloomed in his chest. How dare Sèan create him and leave him here to die. How DARE he abandon him like this?! Anti quickly took notice of the new fire in Marvin’s eyes. Exactly as planned.

“So what do you say, Marvin old pal? How about we get revenge on Sèan together? With my power, you’ll never have to worry about appeasing his little cult to stay alive ever again. You’ll be free.”

Marvin knew he shouldn’t listen. He of all the egos knew that anything Anti could offer him would be laced in poison. But yet, it had enough truth in it to make him think. He was on the brink of death. If he didn’t accept this offer, he would die, alone in the darkness where no one would remember him. A primal instinct to survive overtook him. He didn’t want to die. Even if it took joining Anti to survive, he would do it. Marvin took Anti’s extended hand, allowing it to pull him to his feet. Anti certainly didn’t lie about the power. As soon as Marvin grabbed his hand he felt it rush through him. At first it was painful, a burning in his veins that made him want to scream and claw at his own skin. But then, it changed. The pain turned into energy. Strength. He felt better than he EVER had. He felt like he could do anything! With his past pain and weakness gone, he could focus on his anger.

“I’m supposing you’d like to see him?
Sure thing, but just a warning. Don’t kill him. I want him alive for just a little bit longer. Don’t worry, I’ll give you your chance to rip him into bloody pieces, but stay your hand for now.”

With that, Anti led Marvin deeper into the darkness until they eventually came upon a cell. It was huge and near pitch black inside, except for a lone figure hunched against the far wall. The clacking of chains filled the space as the figure shifted, looking up at the newcomers.

“Marvin! Marvin, please! You’re the only one left who can-”
Seán’s pleas died when he saw the figure standing behind Marvin, a protective hand on the magician’s shoulder.

“Wh-why?” Seán croaked out, letting his weight once again sag against the cold stone wall. “Why did you join him?”

Anti unlocked the door, letting Marvin into the cell. He made his way to Seán, crouching down to eye level. It was only then that Seán noticed the slight green tint in Marvin’s eyes.

“Why do you think, Seán? I was a throwaway character. You gave me life then threw me aside to suffer in the darkness. Joining Anti was the only way for me to survive without your little fans’ continued interest. Do you know how it feels to be forgotten? When they forgot who I was, so did I! I became a hollow shell, disappearing into nothingness. The worst part?
IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT. You promised to bring me back, to put me into public eye again. You lied. Just like them, you forgot about me.”

Seán squirmed under Marvin’s furious gaze. The excitable and passionate magician he had created was gone, replaced by someone he didn’t even recognize.
“Marvin, I’m-”

“I DON’T WANT YOUR WORTHLESS APOLOGIES!” Marvin slammed his hand against the wall to Seán’s right, cracking the stone and sending a jolt of green energy up through the wall into the ceiling. “There is NOTHING you can say to make up for what you’ve done. You’re going to pay with your life.”

Marvin glanced back at Anti before continuing.
“But not yet. Until then, you get to feel what it’s like to be forgotten,” he said the last word with with a sinister upturn that reminded Sèan too much of Anti. Marvin really was gone.

“They won’t forget me, I KNOW they won’t. They’re too observant for that, they won’t fall for your trickery!”

Marvin laughed, the sound echoing against the cell and sending daggers of fear and dread into Seán’s heart. He sounded just like Anti. If Marvin wasn’t right in front of him he might even assume it WAS Anti.

“Really, Seán? Sure, some of them have caught on, but not enough. The vast majority just keep watching like nothing is wrong. Your own girlfriend doesn’t even know the difference.”

At the mention of Signe, Seán tensed.
“What have you done with her!? Leave her alone or I’ll, I’ll-!”

Marvin leaned back on his heels, observing Seán with an almost predatory glare.

“You’ll do what? You’re chained to the wall in a pocket dimension with absolutely no hope of escape. There’s nothing you can do to stop us.” He stood again, leaning against the wall. “But don’t worry, we won’t hurt her. It’s not like she’d notice if anything happened to you anyway. She’s been going along her normal business this whole time, not even noticing she’s living with an imposter. If she doesn’t notice, why would they?”

Marvin was right and Seán hated it. The burst of energy he gained at the mention of Signe was gone, and exhaustion overtook him once more. He let himself collapse against the wall.

“I still have Chase. He’ll think of something. He has to,” Seán’s voice was almost a whisper at this point, his throat too thrashed from screaming for help to conjure anything louder.

“Will he?” This was Anti’s voice now, Seán could tell without even looking up. He did anyway though, only to see a new figure standing near the bars of his cell. It was Chase. He had his hat pulled low against his eyes, but Seán swore he saw tears glistening in harsh light near the bars of his confinement.

“No. Not you too! You were the only ally I had left!” Seán screamed this out with all of his remaining strength, prompting Anti to chuckle slightly at the display.

“I’m sorry, Seán. I had no choice. I was a throwaway character in a parody video nobody asked for. Joining Anti was the only thing that could bring me back into public eye. I had to protect my family, and when given the choice, they come first,”
He turned away from the cell, wiping his tears before following Anti back into the surrounding darkness. Before he left, however, he turned to Seán one last time.
“You brought this on yourself.”

Welp, here’s the story I promised. It’s just a little thing I thought up while browsing Anti theories, and was mostly inspired by @hufflepufftrax, as well as a few other writers. Also, I’d like to extend a thank you to my cat Olive for her moral support. I felt like people were shifting the blame onto us, and rightfully so I might add, but they forgot about Jack. This is partially his fault too, isn’t it? Who knows, that’s for you to decide. Thanks for reading!

PS: there’s a sequel now!

Here it is! Me and Deano!

Probably not even a second after the photo was taken, Dean went “oh wow you’re tall!” and stood on his toes, then stopping the staff people and asking if he blinked (with the intention to make them redo the photo if he did).
(He hadn’t blinked)

So yeah. I’m still kinda going “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in my head. He was so sweet! (And his panels were just awesome! :D)

Not long ago you are in a room where someone asks the philosopher Judith Butler what makes language hurtful. You can feel everyone lean in. Our very being exposes us to the address of another, she answers. We suffer from the condition of being addressable. Our emotional openness, she adds, is carried by our addressability. Language navigates this. For so long you thought the ambition of racist language was to denigrate and erase you as a person.

After considering Butler’s remarks, you begin to understand yourself as rendered hypervisible in the face of such language acts. Language that feels hurtful is intended to exploit all the ways that you are present. Your alertness, your openness, and your desire to engage actually demand your presence, your looking up, your talking back, and, as insane as it is, saying please.

Claudia Rankine, “Citizen: An American Lyric”

ahtna-queen-of-fey  asked:

This is a question that might have been asked before but I need help. I've been struggling to pick a pet for my original main character. Like if I should focus on matching it with the character's personality, or the pet's ability on the battlefield... Please help

Okay @ahtna-queen-of-fey, so I feel like I need a lil bit more information about your story to know which pet you should choose because there are a ton of differences between what a character in a realistic fiction story can get and a character in a fantasy or Sci-Fi story can get.

However, you said “usefulness on the battlefield” so I’m leaning towards either fantasy or Sci-Fi.

I’m not really sure what “Matching it with the character’s personality” means (I’m assuming that if they’re dark and brooding they have like a raven or something?) and if my assumptions are correct, then you should really steer clear from this path. Dark, brooding characters having dark, brooding pets is an overly-used trope that is borderline cheesy. 

Think about what YOUR character would want. Think about their personality. Do they not like reptiles or fantasy creatures because they’re too scary? Pick a pet that you think you’re character (not you) would want.

For example, I love reptiles. I have a Bearded Dragon lizard, and I love snakes and crocodiles and the like. My main character, however, would probably be more of a bird person (not birds of prey, lil tiny pet birds and also parrots). I could see him having a whole aviary just so all of his lil birds could land on him.

Separate yourself from your character and decide what pet they would most likely desire, which could be one from the lists I’m making below:


These pets are also the “regular” pets. They’re not very useful in battle and would be if your character enjoys a friend rather than a comrade.

Note that is just an overall, broad census. I don’t want people answering in the comments with links to a killer bunny used in warfare or saying “yeah, but if you trained them this way…” No. I don’t want to hear it.

- Bunny

- Parrots and songbirds

- Cat

- Lizard


- Any rodent

- Toy dogs (chihuahua, yorkie)


These pets would be useful in battle, but not for the actual fighting part.

- Homing Pigeons (Used during World War I because of their incredible sense of direction and ability to always find their way back home- used for messages)

- Horse/Pony/Donkey/Mule (For transportation over long distances, carrying loads, pulling carts, and providing extra speed in the midst of the fighting. Can buck and kick and trample, but usually only out of fear rather than training)

- Unicorns (Healing, same as Horse/Pony/Donkey/Mule)

- Labradors/Other Medium-Sized Dogs like Retrievers and Collies and Austrailian Shepherds and Labradoodles and Hounds (Carry medicine and messages, detect bombs, not really built for attacking as much as some other dogs)


These pets are used for killing when it comes to battle.

- Dragons

- Large/strong dogs (Akitas, German Shepherds, Mastiffs, Huskies, Malamutes, Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Saint Bernards)

- Basiliks

- Elephants

- Any big cat

- Phoenixes

- Drakons

- Wolves/ Dire Wolves

- Robotic animals fashioned for killing (Note their can also be robotic animals for the other two classes)

- Earth golems

- Kelpies (Sea warfare)

- Sea serpents

- Krakens

- Wyverns

- Hydra

- Bears

- Birds of Prey (Golden Eagle, Bald Eage, Osprey, Peregrine Falcon, Harris Hawk)

- Wraiths

Also, don’t be afraid to make up your own kinds of creatures!

Hope this helped!








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ikkaku receiving a confession by a long time friend or someone he knows by association (like they hang w yumichika or renji or st), whatever works best but...i wanna marry him 😤

Aaaah, yes! Please enjoy!

“I don’t remember you being such a quitter!” Ikkaku yelled as his Zanpakuto clashed with Renji’s. “You’re telling me you’re tired already?”

“Yeah, right!” Renji quipped. Another strike of his blade. “’Just that seeing this fight go nowhere is starting to get boring.”

“I agree,” you and Yumichika said at the same time, watching on with bored expressions. You were sitting cross-legged under a tree, your head propped up on your hand as it rested on your knee. They both ignored you, and you and Yumichika exchanged exasperated looks.

They’d been at it for hours, and they never seemed to tire. The trash talking started while on the way to the training grounds, and hadn’t stopped since. It had all been quite entertaining in the beginning, but watching those two losers bicker while they both tired was getting to be tedious. The only upside to this was that Ikkaku looked damn fine, covered in tiny bleeding cuts, sweat, and dirt, that smirk on his face that showed he was having a grand time sparring with his friend. Still, though, you were getting antsy just sitting there.

“I wanna drink,” you called out, getting to your feet in one fluid motion and clapping the dirt off your hands. It was getting late, the sun just starting to set behind the mountains, and if you didn’t hurry, your usual place was bound to be filled up. Yumichika sighed in relief, moving to join you from where he leaned against the tree with his arms crossed. “You can both join us whenever you’ve finished flirting.”

“Hah?” came the chorused question from both the blood-covered idiots. Before Ikkaku could make his inevitable retort at the thought of flirting with the redheaded lieutenant, Renji sheathed his Zanpakuto.

“I’m in,” he said, picking his way over to you with a quick look over his shoulder at his bald sparring partner. “You in, or not?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Grumbling, Ikkaku, too, put away his sword, and rolled the stiffness out of his shoulders. “I got it, let’s go.”

Picking up a familiar pace, Ikkaku by your left side as he always was when you walked together, the four of you made your way to your regular bar. Immediately upon entry, you were greeted by the staff by name, and shown to your usual table, your drinks already waiting. Nights at the bar with this particular crowd happened at least twice a week like clockwork, and you couldn’t wait to be seated next to Ikkaku to enjoy the conversation, and the best sake in the Seireitei. 

You didn’t know when these feelings of yours started to develop, but there they were one day, and there was nothing you could do about it. You were suddenly very aware of his presence, and of everything little unconscious gesture he made. Th grin he made while he was listening to friends tell their stories, the sly little lick of his lips when he was finished taking a sip of sake, the cool way he lounged at the table, with one leg pulled up as he rested his arm on it, sake cup in hand. Dammit, the man wasn’t even trying and your heart gave a little flutter. All of this didn’t escape Yumichika’s insightful gaze, and he’d been increasingly difficult to ward off. You remembered distinctly the time he cornered you, blatantly accusing you of being infatuated with Ikkaku, all sharp, but encouraging smiles. It still gave you chills to think about how astute he could be.

As the night wore on, the conversations flowed seamlessly, easily transitioning from one topic to the next until you four had been there for several hours. Throughout the night, Yumichika had been edging farther into your space, causing you to scoot away from him…and closer to Ikkaku. Currently, you were practically pressed up against him, so close that you could feel the heat radiating off his toned, muscular body. If you didn’t know any better, you would have blamed the blush on your cheeks on the alcohol. No one else seemed to notice, however, and if they did, that’s certainly what they would have blamed it on.

“Well, aren’t you three cozy,” Renji laughed, eyes glazed and cheeks flushed. 

“W-What?” you stuttered out. “W-Well, that’s–”

“I was admiring how soft her hair was, and was asking about what kind of hair products she uses,” Yumichika said flawlessly. The twinkle in his eye made you squint, but he played ignorant. “How am I supposed to touch her hair without getting close to her?”

“Hair?” Ikkaku slurred, whipping around to face you. He was right in your face, mere inches from it, in fact, eyes scrutinizing you and your hair. Without warning, his hand was on top of your head, scrunching up your locks with a look of concentration. His slid his hand down the side of your head, trying to get a better feel, but it felt more like he was caressing you. “It is pretty damn soft.” 

“Er… Thank you…” You looked down at your lap for just a second, before turning away from him, downing your little bit of sake in the most casual way possible.

“Wait, let me feel!” Renji’s rough hand was suddenly petting your hair, and you couldn’t do anything but sit there, blinking in confusion. He muttered his thoughts on your hair, making the other two men laugh. If nothing else, you were grateful he had diffused that awkward feeling between you and Ikkaku…

The evening continued much the same for another hour before Renji and Yumichika called it quits. Renji had early morning lieutenant duties that Captain Kuchiki would skin him alive if he didn’t show up on time for, and Yumichika’s reasons were less important, but very like him. Apparently, staying out too late too often was bad for the skin, and he would be thoroughly irritated if he woke up the next morning with dark circles, or worse. The knowing wink he gave you when they departed outside the bar told you otherwise, though, and you were left with a drunk Ikkaku to walk around with.

“What a bunch of wimps,” he grumbled, crossing his arms indignantly. You laughed jovially. You were hardly sober, but you had a fairly good grasp on yourself. After the strange hair-petting scene, you’d downed a few more cups of booze, and were now happily buzzed and giggly. “The night’s still young! You’ll stay, right, ___? You always do.”

He was right, too. Whenever this same thing happened in the past, you were always the one to stick around and close out the bars with him. At first, it was just because he was fun to hang out with, and you were still in the mood to drink and have fun. As your feelings grew, however, it was more that you weren’t quite ready to separate, wanting to spend as much time as possible with him, combined with the other two reasons. 

“I love that about you,” he continued after a pause. “You’re fun as hell to be around, and you ain’t half bad in a fight. Not to mention you can hold your liquor, and you’re good at conversation.”

Ah, hell. If went on complimenting you that way, you were going to pass out. Already your heart was racing, and you couldn’t even pretend the pretty flush of your cheeks was because of the booze. Ikkaku showed no visible signs that he was anything but cool as a cucumber, evening going so far as to walk with his hands clasped behind his head while he whistled. He turned to you with a boyish grin.

“Most other chicks would be a pain to hang around, but you’re different. You’re special.”

You stopped in your tracks, gaping at his back as he continued walking. Had he really said that? Was he even aware of what those kind of words did to you? No of course he wasn’t, because while Ikkaku was many things, he was not a mind reader. Having noticed your absence, he turned around with a confused expression.

“Oi, ___, what the hell are you doing all the way back–”

“I like you!” you blurted out, unable to hold it back any longer.


Whatever Ikkaku was saying died on his lips, and he stared at you. He didn’t look unhappy, or uncomfortable, just completely taken aback and unsure of what to say. You felt like you were going to throw up, and immediately regretted your decision. But what the hell were you supposed to do when he was singing your praises like that!? It wasn’t fair that he could make you feel the way you did…

Finally, “Er, really? Since when?” he asked. He still looked for the world like he couldn’t quite comprehend what you said.

“Uh, well, a while…I suppose…” You kicked at the dirt with your toe, staring at his forehead because you couldn’t look him in the eye. “How the hell was I supposed to tell you, though…? I– You’re like–” You cut yourself off before you could stumble over your words any further, still toeing at the ground.

The silence that followed was deafening, and god, did you want to just disappear. It was so incredibly awkward, especially because he wasn’t saying anything. What were you going to do if he shrugged you off? Could you go back to the way it was before? How awkward was it going to be until it was normal between you again? Steeling yourself for disappointment, you looked up, and your eyebrows shot up into your hair.

Ikkaku was still staring at you, but the blush on his face was so severe that not only did it reach the tips of his ears, but damn near covered his whole head. You could see his jaw working, clenching and unclenching as he processed your words, but you were so absorbed by his red face.

“W-Why are you blushing?” you asked incredulously, feeling embarrassed by association.

“Shut it!” he squawked. “Who wouldn’t after a confession like that!?”

“Well, excuse me!” Now you were just annoyed. “If you don’t like it, you can just forget it ever happened!” Ikkaku made a face.

“No way! You said it, you can’t just take it back!”

“Well, then, what?” You placed your hands on your hips, all shyness and embarrassment gone. The alcohol was finally doing it’s job as liquid courage. This was usually how you two interacted, so it was a bit of a relief. “Are you gonna date me?”

“Damn straight!” Ikkaku confirmed, taking a few steps closer to tower over your much smaller frame.

“…Wait, what?” You weren’t sure you’d heard him correctly.

“I like you, too,” he said. He took you by the arm, and pulled you against his body roughly. “Confessions aren’t really my thing, so I wasn’t sure how to say it… I was probably just gonna kiss you one of these days.” He looked away from you awkwardly, but placed his hands on your waist as he gathered his thoughts.

“Well, why didn’t you?” you demanded, hitting his chest with your fist.

“Huh? Why didn’t I what?”

“Kiss me!”


“If you liked me, then you should have just said something!” You couldn’t stop your mouth now, not when all the pent up frustrations of your crush were being released all at the same time. “Or kissed me like you said you wanted to! Instead, I’ve been drowning in these feelings for forever now, wondering if I’d ruin our friendship if I said anything, and you–”

With a sigh, Ikkaku snaked one arm around your waist, using the other one to cradle the back of your head, and smothered you in a hot, toe-curling kiss. You squeaked in surprise, making him chuckle, and he eased his tongue into your parted lips. Your eyes fluttered shut, and you grabbed the front of his shihakusho tightly in your tiny little hands, hanging on for dear life. A little moan escaped into his mouth, and he growled in response, kissing you harder and messier in the middle of the road. His hands in your hair made you shiver, and it was everything you’d hoped kissing him would be, and then some.

When he finally pulled back, you were sure your face was on fire. If anything, the shit-eating grin on his face confirmed this as he placed his hands back on your hips, keeping you close.

“What’s that face for?” he inquired teasingly. 

“Shut up…” you muttered, looking off to the side. He laughed, then released you, but still kept one of your hands wrapped in his.

“Let’s go.”

“What? Where?”

“Didn’t I say earlier? The night’s still young! And now I’ve got my girl to spend it with.”

You rolled your eyes. “I was already coming with you, stupid.”

“Yeah, but now you’re my girl.”

Cheater. There was absolutely nothing you could say to that, so you followed him without complaint, hand in hand, pouting. You got a few stunned looks from some of the Squad Eleven members still out drinking, but you weren’t even worried about it. Ikkaku was all yours now.

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For a one shot prompt: Hamliza w/the gang playing Truth or Dare and the gang is trying to get Alex and Eliza to admit that they like each other by giving them great dares!

Cute idea! I’m so behind on these I’m so sorry all! Still - remember requests are open and while I’m no Lin with my writings I’m not bad! 


This was a bad idea. Twenty five minutes into truth or dare and Alex was beginning to pick up on that. Already Peggy was half drunk - much to Angelica’s dismay - Laf was clad in a tutu and nothing else, Maria had shaved half of her head - though it looked good on her - Thomas and Herc kissed and James had to eat the pizza in the fridge no one dared to touch, John had sexted George while blocking his number, and Angelica had to tongue kiss Burr.

Alex could tell he was next.

And he knew roughly what they were planning.

Eliza, on the other hand, had known this was a bad idea as soon as the ‘T’ left Laf’s lips. Truths had been spilled, and at this point their night was turning to look like Hangover Part IV. Her and Alex so far had the simple dares, but with everyone moving about they’d been forced so close to each other she could practically hear his heart beat.

Or was the hers?

She sighed, watching as Angelica spun the bottle. It spun, creeping slower, the head turning towards her and Alex when it stopped on…

She sighed in relief. Lafayette.

“Let’s do this!” He cheered, throwing his arms in the air.

“Alright Laf, truth or dare?”

Looking down at his outfit he frowned, sharing a look with Angelica. Understanding he smirked.

“Truth mon ami!”

“Laf you speak English better than half of us you can stop that.” Herc groaned, Peggy leaned against him started giggling.

Laf sent a dead face. “Je parlerai seulement en français, Hercules.”

Alex laughed, “Je serai le seul à comprendre mais,” He shrugged, “Fais le!”

“English, please.” John threw a pillow at Alex, who fell against Eliza’s side, laughing as he threw it back.

“Anyway, truth, Laf?”


“I’m going to kill you.”

“Okay then, is it true you’d fuck Washington if you were given the opportunity?” Alex choked on his beer, Eliza let out a strangled laugh at her sister’s choice of words.

“Hey now - “

Laf interrupted, “Yes.”

“Lafayette what the hell!”

“I’m sorry baby, but have you not seen that man?” He fanned himself. “Ce que j'aimerais que cet homme me fasse…”

“I don’t know what you just said but I feel hurt by it.”

“It’s a good thing only Jefferson and I speak French.” Alex murmured into Eliza’s ear, half realizing what he was doing, her face turning bright red.

It didn’t go un-noticed.

“Mon petit lion! It is your turn!” Laf exclaimed, shoving Herc away from him who pouted while leaning on Peggy who was drunkenly stroking his head.  

“You didn’t even spin the bottle Laf.” Rolling his eyes he spun it, stopping it himself to land it on Alex.

“There! Now, truth or dare.”

“Dare I guess?” Oh man why did he say dare?

“Kiss who you think is the prettiest girl in the room! Notice how I said girl because if I said person I would hands down beat you all!” Laf yelped, falling backwards as James hit him with a pillow, laughing as he refused to sit back up.

His whole face was red. His whole body was probably red too. He could feel the tips of his ears turning red, hands sweating. Why did he say dare?

Eliza, on the other hand, felt her body flood with disappointment. She loved her sister, but she wouldn’t be able to bear seeing Alex kiss her. He was smitten with Angelica - anyone could see that.

She’d be fine.

She was lying.

Oh God, she felt herself choking up, zoning out. If she didn’t pay attention she wouldn’t have to see it. If she didn’t see it then - 

Alex, quick as he could, finger hooked under her chin, turned her so she was looking at him. Face flushed redder than ever, heat radiating from his cheeks, eyes shut, quickly but with no less tenderness or care kissed her lips.

He pulled back after a few seconds, but Eliza felt like he had kissed her for ages. When he sat down, face aflame, he faced the center of their circle. Everyone was silent, eyes wide and mouths dropped.

“It’s about time!”

“Get it Alexander!”


Eliza blushed, face matching Alex’s as everyone screamed praises at them. Nothing was said between the two as the game continued, the rest of them slowly becoming more drunk, no one but the two of them seeing when Alex slowly slid his hand over, placing it over top Eliza’s.

No one saw the dopey smile that crept onto her face.

~     ~

Everyone was either drunk or asleep. Besides Alex and Eliza. They were sat on the couch, binge watching Supernatural. Neither of them had said a thing since the kiss, but it hadn’t made them awkward, rather, relaxed.

Alex cleared his throat. Oh God, he wrote for a living - well not yet but whatever - and he couldn’t come up with what to say or how to say it. “So,” Eliza turned to him, “Would you - Are we, do we - “

“Dinner and a movie?” She cut him off, using all of her confidence, and he nodded, causing her to smile. “Great, Five Guys then Moana. Sound good?”

“Y-Yeah, sounds great!” He smiled, cheeks a light shade of pink.

“You’re adorable…” She said softly, causing the pink to become a tad bit darker.

“You’re beautiful…” It was her turn to blush, and both of them turned back to the TV, watching Sam and Dean talk, both lost at what was actually happening in the show at this point.

“Ayyyy,” Peggy slurred, leaned up against Angelica and John, “Eliza’s gettin’ some!”

Angelica sighed, a brief look of longing taking over as she looked at the two. They were both so happy - they’d been pinning after each other since they met at the school ball two years ago.

Sure she was smitten with Alex - he was brilliant, sweet, his eyes captivated you, they did her - but so was Eliza. And she’d be damned if her sister wasn’t happy.

John caught where she was looking, saddness filling his eyes too as he sighed, causing Angelica to turn to him. “You too huh?”

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sorry if u've done this already but can u do an RFA react to finding out MC is suicidal/mentally ill and self harms? or at least one with saeyoung specifically! u don't have to do it if ur uncomfortable tho!!

Okay real talk time: self-harm is never the answer. I know from personal experience that purposely harming yourself doesn’t help you out in the long run. People always say that things get better and they honestly do, even if it takes some time things do get better. I’m not proud of my own self-harm scars but when I look at them, they always remind me that life truly got better. I sincerely hope that you’re doing okay anonny and if you aren’t, please don’t turn to self-harm. Even if it seems like no one in the world cares about you, remember that my and all of the Mystic Messenger characters love you and want to see you happy! Alright enough of my rambling, thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung watched as you sighed sadly yet again from your spot on the couch
  • It seemed to him that you were upset, more than usual lately and it concerned him since you were usually such a cheerful person
  • He tried his absolute best to get an answer out of you but you always dismissed his questions, blaming your mood on random things
  • When he asked you yet again what was wrong, you felt frustrated at yourself and got up to go to your bedroom
  • Yoosung felt defeated, you always seemed to never want to talk to him or go out with him anymore and it hurt that you never turned to him for help
  • As you were leaving the room, Yoosung grabbed onto your wrist accidentally pushing up your long sleeve
  • His eyes went wide in horror as he saw he multiple self-harm scars that littered your skin, some old and some new
  • At that moment, Yoosung hated himself for not noticing sooner so instead of words, he pulled you in for the tightest hug of your life
  • Yoosung didn’t let go for a long time, but when he did, he used a shaky hand to wipe away your tears as he gave you a sweet kiss and even sweeter words of support
  • “I’m so sorry that I didn’t notice your scares sooner MC. I love you so much, I don’t want you to ever feel like you’re alone okay? I’ll do absolutely anything to help you, just say the word and Superman Yoosung will be there for you!”


  • Zen had assumed that your real life self would be like your chatroom self, bright and bubbly but he was mistaken
  • You seemed to wear a fake smile, like a mask that only Zen could see and it truly broke his heart
  • He would try to do anything to see a real smile from you from shameless using cheesy pick-up lines to buying you your favorite flowers
  • But nothing seemed to work as you continued to put on a fake mask every single day, and Zen wanted a it to stop
  • One day when you were doing some minor cleaning, Zen tried to ask if you needed help, that his services weren’t limited to cleaning
  • Yet again you wore that fake smile that Zen hated, he was about to turn leave the room until he saw you push up you sleeves slightly to reveal scars
  • Zen had once played the role of a depressed man and knew exactly how you got those scars, they were self-inflicted
  • Before you knew it, Zen picked you up bridal style and carried you to the bedroom then gently removed your shirt
  • Without a word, Zen placed feather-light kisses to every single scar you had, murmuring words like ‘beautiful,’ ‘amazing,’ ‘wonderful,’ and ‘perfection’
  • His words and act of love brought tears to your eyes as he laid down next to you, making you cuddle into his chest as you listened to his loving words
  • “Please don’t feel like you’re less than perfect MC, you are literal perfection. I love you with every ounce of my being so please, no more hurting yourself. I promise to always be here to love and support you my princess.”


  • Jaehee had an uneasy feeling in her stomach when you refused yet again to leave the bed
  • You seemed to never want to leave, only for the occasional bathroom breaks and even rarer food runs
  • At first, Jaehee just assumed that you had a rough day and needed some rest except your routine of staying in bed all day has lasted over a week
  • Jaehee knew something serious must be wrong, she’d sometimes walk by and hear you softly crying
  • She really had no idea what to do anymore so she decided to just go for it and ask you directly what was going on
  • When she opened the door, Jaehee slowly sat next to your sleeping form on the bed, she was at least happy that you were sleeping instead of crying
  • But Jaehee noticed that you sleep shirt’s sleeve had been slightly pulled up and revealed your self-harm cuts
  • Jaehee let out a gasp and felt the tears forming, her bodies startled you awake
  • She wrapped you up in a loving hug as she continued to cry into your shoulder, saying how sorry she was and repeated how much she loved you over and over again
  • Jaehee let out a shaky breath as she gave you a long and loving kiss, she wanted her feelings of support and love to be shown through the kiss along with her words of support
  • “I should have been more here for you MC, I’m so sorry that I wasn’t. But I want you to know that you can use me as a shoulder to lean on whenever you need to. You do not have to go through this alone, please remember that I will always be here for you.”


  • Jumin knew that he and the other members were excessive when it came to asking if you ate your proper meals on the messenger, but now he’s glad that they all did
  • You would never eat around Jumin or even when he was at work and his staff watched you push your plate away from you
  • Not only would you refuse to eat, Jumin noticed how sad you were through your eyes, they seemed lifeless and hollow
  • Jumin tried bluntly asking you about what was going on and if you needed to see a doctor or therapist but you would only shake your head and never leave the penthouse
  • It truly hurt Jumin’s heart to see you in such a state of despair and sorrow, he truly wanted to help you be he had no idea how
  • One day Jumin received a call while at work from one of his staff members that informed him you almost passed out from lack of energy and locked yourself in your bedroom
  • Never in his life has Jumin made Driver Kim drive, knowing that you were in pain all alone made Jumin’s heart race with regret for leaving
  • Jumin burst through the locked bedroom door with his desire to help you plus the door was surprisingly thin
  • He found you curled up in a ball and staring at some weird marks on your arm
  • You didn’t even bother making eye contact with Jumin as you let some tears slip past your eyes
  • Jumin was quickly at your side, kissing your tears away but stopped once he noticed what exactly was on your arm
  • Your self-harm scars were all Jumin needed to have the pieces click together for him and before either one of you knew it, Jumin started crying
  • Jumin took you in his arms, cradling you in his lap and he gently rocked you back and forth as he placed small kisses on your forehead, whispering his words of apologies and love
  • “I’m such a fool for not realizing it sooner MC and for that I apologize. You’re the strongest, funniest, most amazing person that I know that doesn’t deserve this pain. I will get you any and all the help that you need but until then, know that I will always be here for you my dear.”


  • Seven knew it
  • He was sure that you were in pain, that you felt all alone, that you thought no one was there for you
  • Seven understood because he felt the same whenever he left his brother and fell into his own depression
  • So he dawned the 707 mask and tried to do anything to help you from telling corny jokes to attacking you with tickle fights
  • But it seemed like nothing would improve, you would fake laugh, a sound that Seven despised more than anything, and thank Seven for his efforts
  • The pain of seeing you so depressed made Seven’s heart ache so he decided to put an end to your internal suffering
  • He came home one day, cheerily calling your name as he held some bright flowers in one hand and a new fluffy blanket for cuddles in the other
  • When he didn’t get a response, Seven quickly started panicking and searched the house for you, terrified as to where you were
  • Seven turned to the bathroom door and noticed the light was on, praying to every God known to man that you were alright in there as he busted through the door
  • But what he saw ripped his heart out, you were sitting on the floor with a bloody blade to your wrist
  • He immediately knocked the blade from your hand and crushed you with a hug, he should have known sooner about your self-harm but he didn’t and now he was paying the price
  • Seven didn’t saw a word as he helped clean you up and carried you to the bedroom
  • He made you lay down so that your ear was next to his heartbeat as he ran his slender fingers through your hair
  • Seven cupped your cheeks and wiped your newly formed tears away as he professed his his love and support to you
  • “If you ever feel sad or alone, remember that my heart, the one you’re listening to know, beats because you’re with me. I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that you’re happy and healthy MC. I know that life can be tough but remember that I love you more than words can describe so live on MC.”
Worth It (Beautiful Part 2)

Part one 

                “What do you think they will take away from you, in the second task?” Hermione asked behind her hand as she stifled a yawn.

                “If I knew that, we wouldn’t be here.” Harry pointed out dryly as he poured over another book that held nothing of significance. Merlin, he hated research. This stupid tournament was overrated, and he honestly couldn’t wait until it was over.

                “Someone isn’t in a good mood.” Ron grumbled as he rested his chin in his palms and closed his eyes.

                Harry rolled his eyes with a little huff. Perhaps he wasn’t in the best of moods and not being able to see Draco for the past couple of days hadn’t improved anything. Talking to the Siren was quickly becoming his favorite pastime.

                “It’s getting late.” Hermione pointed out as she gestured to Ron, whose mouth had opened slightly and looked to be already asleep.

                That had Harry checking the time before he quickly looked outside and noticed that it was getting late. He jumped up, startling Hermione.

                “I have a hunch on what to do next.” He could see her suspicious look but chose not to comment on it. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow.” Harry grabbed his invisibility cloak out of his bag and threw it on in a haste.

                Hermione kicked Ron’s leg and snorted at the way he sprang up.

                “I did it!” Ron mumbled, not completely aware of what he was saying. “Whatever it is, I did it.”

                “That’s surprising. Most people would deny it.”

                Ron lifted his hands in the air and stretched out his body, looking around the library. “Yeah, well taking credit for wrongdoings I didn’t do was far easier than ratting out Fred and George. Their punishments were crueler than anything my mum can come up with.” He paused for a moment. “Where’s Harry? If you let him go to the dorms to sleep and not me, I am going to be seriously hurt that you have so obviously chosen a favorite.”

                Hermione rolled her eyes before getting up and putting their books away. “Harry said he had a hunch to check out.”

                “You sound as if you don’t believe him.” Ron pointed out, picking up Harry’s discarded books.

                “I don’t. He’s been weird lately and not to mention, he’s been carrying around the invisibility cloak with him everywhere.”

                When Ron didn’t reply, Hermione turned in exasperation. She had been about to complain about the lack of response, but his expression stopped her. “What is it?”

                “Why are all of his books about Sirens?“

                Hermione peered at the titles before pulling a few of them out of his hands and investigating further. “He has been fixated on Merpeople lately.” But that wasn’t quite right. The brunette had been curious in Sirens in particular.

                “Something isn’t adding up.”

                That had Ron groaning. “We already have to figure out this stupid task, I can’t handle a mystery too. Can’t we just pretend Harry is acting normal? Losing sleep over this isn’t worth it.”

                “When do you ever lose sleep over anything?” Hermione countered with a sigh. She wasn’t sure she could let it go but they did have more pressing matters than to figure out Harry’s motives.

                Hermione only wished Harry was as concerned about the tournament as she and Ron were.


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Purple - Star Trek



#16: “Don’t laugh. Do. Not. Laugh. This is not funny.”

#30: “Hey. Eyes up here.”

AN: Part of my mini-shot event. You can find the info and prompt list here. Also I combined these two! I thought it fit!

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