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How I broke my 6th Graders Today

Student: “Miss, my little brother in your 4th grader class says you speak seven languages. Is that true?”

Me: “Yes.”

Student: "He says you speak Mongolian. Is that true?”

Me: “Yes.”

Student: “Can you say something”

Me: *explains, in Mongolian, that although I speak Mongolian, being that this is an English school, I am supposed to teach classes in English, so I have to speak English, sorry*

Collective Students: “Wow! Amazing!!!” *cheering*

One student slowly raises hand: “Miss, does that mean that you can…understand us when we speak Mongolian?”

Me: *Slowly leans over desk and puts on an evil grin. Single nod*

All students: *Terrified screaming*

I am my own worst nightmare and there are no two ways about it.
I clink my wine glass against my chest, it shatters - conclusion, I am
made of stone. I try to bite the rust from beneath my thumb - conclusion,
I am a bicycle chain, adhering to endless walls. I pass through windows,
I pass through floodgates, through shaking hands - conclusion,
I am a phantasm. I am the night’s callous cat call, fondling the blushing sky,
ending the trees’ matrimony with a summer bloodier than my unkempt mosaic of a ribcage, seducing the winter, this body of contorted blooms. 

Where did the rain go? Why don’t we talk to each other anymore? Does it hurt
to look into my eyes, these sludge-filled pools of buckling brown where my
withering once presented itself as a death or a mercy? I don’t want to
travel through ragged portals of love in sub zero temperatures, and I’m sick of mapping the icecaps of your contaminated heart, your mottled stars, your pits of hunger. Yet I think, maybe we’ll be okay here, if we just close our eyes and mime home. If we just regenerate these wasted lives. 

I remember being twelve & accepting my existence, not as a girl, 
with hair worn like the willows & lips parted in eager breath,
but a bloodletting -  what froths at the mouth & fumbles for, desirous evenings, angry, humble, tragedies amidst the train station crowd, a reckoning, a massacre in motion, a smiting of seas, a grievance of scars. Reclaiming the might of hell itself. Loosening up your sore gut and the plump conscience. Trailing something pink between the thighs of shivering mountains. A beheading. Driving along country roads that turn you into a panting dog chasing its own tail. The first intake of breath after a kiss. Diving headfirst into fatal waters.

Sunday morning glory, silence in the barracks, the household walls sweat nervously, a second coming, surely, the birth of a god, surely! It can’t be the end. This can’t be the end. 

Sweetheart, your love is a fetus, here, watch it grow, watch its tiny fists beat against the scraped surface of the mirror, and here is its spine (and you think, you can almost feel its heart, setting fire to all the villages on the other side of the river, maiming fences, stealing children) and here, we have the mouth, foggy as a swamp and slick with a warring tongue. It was never made to speak. It was made only to interrupt, to chagrin. 

We are a pagan ritual. We are a blast of cold air. We slide the knives into our sleeves. We engulf, we envelope, we are living, we are dead. I take your hand, I close my eyes. We feel our braces tighten. You lean close, you whisper: darling, there is nothing that can stomach us. Not in this world, not in the next.

Here it is! Me and Deano!

Probably not even a second after the photo was taken, Dean went “oh wow you’re tall!” and stood on his toes, then stopping the staff people and asking if he blinked (with the intention to make them redo the photo if he did).
(He hadn’t blinked)

So yeah. I’m still kinda going “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” in my head. He was so sweet! (And his panels were just awesome! :D)

10 Ways to Make Your Dorm Room (almost) Instantly Homier

Whether you’re heading back to college for the fourth or very first time, try these tips to feel at home on campus:

  1. Lamps! Even in the nicest accommodations (like Smith!) the overhead lighting isn’t all that pleasant. A lamp or two (maybe one floor lamp and one bedside) softens the light in the room, and undeniably makes it homier. Pick up some thrift store lamps once you get there, especially if you’re coming from far away, that way you can ditch them at the end of the semester if you can’t store or move them easily (plus thrifted lamps are pretty cheap — I found one of my three lamps on the side of the road, the other two were willed to me).
  2. A rug can make a room feel much warmer, and I much prefer stepping onto a rug when I get out of bed over the cold floor. I’ve also had friends use a rug as a seating area on the floor, lined with throw pillows against the wall (especially good if you’re not a fan of folks sitting on your bed).
  3. Cool it on the high school friends photos. You might see photo collages that take up entire walls on Pinterest and in friends’ rooms, but a few nice photos in frames of family and friends from home can aesthetically and mentally prepare you for new friends and adventures in college.
  4. You can never have too many mugs. The bigger the better — tea, coffee, water, extracurricular beverages (you know, like milk for your cookies), cereal, fruit, yogurt, the mug is one of the most universal dishes.
  5. Extra blankets of different weights will up your cozy factor, and will come in handy when it’s fort building time. You can also fold these up to use as extra pillows for leaning against the wall/on your bed. Especially as you’re adjusting to a new house’s thermostat, a variety of blankets is nice to have as you figure out what makes you comfy.
  6. Fake flowers or plants, or real ones if you’re ambitious, add sweet bursts of color to your very neutral room. I like to keep mine in wine bottles, as it really classes up the place, and is perfect for making a get together with friends or a wine date with a friend/gal pal/boy toy more festive.
  7. Keep the blinds open during the day! If you can, arrange a mirror to reflect the light from the window (my first year my closet door, which had a mirror on the outside, was luckily directly across from a window, and it actually made a substantial difference to the feel of the room).
  8. Have some conversation starters — a favorite album artwork, a poster from a favorite trip/museum visit/concert/movie, a small statue you found in your first year room’s light box (now there’s a story), a map with markers on it (Places you’ve been? Places you want to go? Places people you love are?), a flag from your state/country/political party (I proudly fly the NWP flag and it has made me several friends), something you made or someone made for you (maybe a blanket your grandma crocheted you). Anything that a new friend can ask about and you’ll have more to say than just, “oh I thought it looked nice.” Something with a story is always great, and it’s a great way to find things in common right away. On that note, if you bring books from home, people are going to check them out when they come by your room, so make them count!
  9. A tapestry or something cloth on the wall will really warm up your white-walled room!
  10. Seasonal decor you make yourself, like paper snowflakes with your roommates when you’re ready for snow, or paper flowers for when you desperately want it to be spring — festive and a nice study break!
‘More boys being yandere? Maybe if their s/o got killed in the killing game, and/or if they confessed they had a crush on someone (like if they were a yandere Bois crush?) ‘

Ok 2 things,A: I’m not sure if I understood this correctly so I’m sorry if this isn’t how you wanted it to be like. And B: THIS IS 7444 WORDS LONG HOLY

Some boys are reacting to their s/o’s death, others are reacting to their s/o having feelings (or possible feelings for other people

Warning: Nudity, suggested sex, violence and swearing under the cut 

Saihara Shuichi:

  • The second he laid eyes on you he was smitten
  • He was breathless, blushing and stumbling over his words as he murmurs out a ‘Hi’
  • When you give him a warm smile and shake his hand softly he thinks his heart’s going to give out  
  • He’s never felt this way before, and he loves it
  • After that he makes it his task to learn as much as he can about you, learning what you like and dislike, making scripts on what he’ll say to you…watching you from a distance, picking up the objects you leave behind…
  • He has a box under his bed full of used napkins, toothpicks and half eaten pieces of food from you
  • They’re…memories…footprints that you’ve left behind for him to keep
  • It’s not strange! Every object you touch is blessed to him…
  • He starts taking pictures not even 7 days after meeting you
  • Pinning them up on the wall (Thank god the school had Polaroids) And writing messages on them
  • ‘S/o sleeping <3’ ‘S/o changing’ ‘S/o showering’ ‘s/o sweating after a run uwu’
  • He drools over every single one
  • He loses track of the days, caring about his appearance more than food and making sure he’s collected every scrap you leave and taking every picture he can
  • He’s been reading in the library for the past hour, glancing across the room to you, he hasn’t flipped his page once
  • When Kaito and Tenko barge in, he yelps and the book tumbles to the ground
  • “Ah sorry about that Saihara!” Momota grins and returns the book back to the detective
  • He gives a plain “It’s alright.” Before dusting the cover off slightly, watching as the two dash over to you
  • He resumes reading, jealousy slightly flickering in his eyes
  • After 5 minutes he knows you three are waiting for him to leave, talking in hushed voices. Kaito keeps turning back to him before spinning back around and whispering again.
  • He can take hints.  
  • He slips out the door, making sure they hear him as he closes it

  • It doesn’t take him long to crawl in the vents and position himself above the library shafts
  • He holds his breath as he leans forward to hear better
  • ‘-on! You can tell us s/o-san!” Chabashira-san.
  • “Yeah you can trust us!” He hears a thumping sound, Kaito pounding a fist over his heart
  • “….It’s Amami…”
  • He hears a gasp, before Tenko is yakking on about how she’d never trust a man enough to date-
  • Wait what
  • “We’ve been together before we came to this school…that’s why I trust him so much.”
  • You liked Amami, Amami liked you
  • He felt a cold numbness sweep over his mind
  • This couldn’t be true, he loved you
  • But you weren’t his?
  • He couldn’t think, he couldn’t move

  • Amami
  • Amami was why he couldn’t love you. Why you didn’t love him
  • If Amami wasn’t there, you would be his
  • He shuffled out of the vent, the sun was going down
  • He worked quickly….
  • …..
  • The next day, no one had seen Amami
  • You were obvious panicked, everyone searched but to no avail
  • He had helped search as well, feeling his heart curl when he saw your sad face
  • But when you approached him asking if he could use his talent to try and find Amami his heart swelled up again, like a thirsty plant receiving water
  • You wanted him to do something for you, of course he would accept
  • You smiled and hugged him, voice cracking as you thanked him
  • Needless to say, it was the best thing in his life
  • He grinned ear to ear as he waved you goodbye….silently worrying when he would come up empty handed, what you would think about him…
  • Amami wouldn’t be found for a long time
  • He was currently tied up, hidden between the walls of his room
  • He would feed Amami of course…but only giving him the necessities to live
  • He wouldn’t let your relationship with the green-haired boy continue (It was obvious he dyed it! Some rebel like him shouldn’t be tainting an angel like yourself!)
  • After sliding the hidden door closed, he sighed and flopped down on his bed, examining his wall of pictures
  • Smiling to himself, he fell asleep to the thoughts of your hug

Amami Rantaro:

  • Amami can usually hide his true feelings
  • Until the first day he met you
  • H o l y Shit he was so heated
  • His hands were clammy and his face was probably as flushed as fire
  • He kept brushing the back of his neck, silently praying that you didn’t find him strange
  • When you laughed at one of his jokes he felt his ego soar
  • He continued to bring more jokes, more puns, more of what made you laugh and smile as the days pass
  • You actually ruffled his hair at a point, calling him a puffy avocado
  • He grinned through his frizzy locks and went onto making avocado-based jokes
  • The need to have you within eye shot started to grow, even if you were going to the bathroom he insisted on waiting outside the door
  • If you had to go do other things he’d still always ‘coincidently’ meet up with you
  • He had to go pick up a book for Saihara! He had to get a bottle of Panta for Ouma!
  • He seemed to always find ways to be around you
  • It came to a point where you felt bothered by it, so one day you politely tell him that you need your personal space… You still enjoy having him! Just…not all the time?
  • You can see the gears turning in his brain before he smiles and pats your back
  • “Of course! I’m sorry if I seemed to cling, you just are really fun to be around!”
  • You thank him, telling him that Kaede is waiting for you before you leave
  • He waves as you walk away, leaving to go visit Iruma
  • .,.,.,
  • Many ‘favors’ later he’s got a bunch of hidden cameras and recording devices, bugs
  • If anyone asked Iruma, she would say he was setting them up to catch the mastermind (like they would anyways)
  • In reality, he was going to use them to watch you
  • If he couldn’t be there for you, he could at least watch over you
  • He’s set them up in every main room, the kitchen, dining room, library, arcade…
  • He’s even set a few up in your room, giving him 360 degree access
  • After you finished talking with him, could sit back and relax as he watches and hears your conversations with someone else
  • He especially loves the times when you’re in your room
  • He’s seen you changing, sleeping and…well you are a teenager so doing ‘that’ as well
  • And he’s proudly done the same while watching you
  • He hits his hardest high he’s ever felt watching you squirm and gasp
  • It’s late evening, you and Harukawa had finished taking a drip in the pool (much to Amami’s disappointment and satisfaction) and now you were cuddling up in your blankets, reading a magazine
  • Amami on the other hand, was eating a meat bun he grabbed from the fridge while you were changing. He had wanted something quick so that he could return to you as soon as possible
  • He twirled his headphones, as he chewed and filled out a crossword puzzle
  • When he sound of a door opening he spins around, only to find the door to be (thankfully) closed
  • Turning back to the screen he realizes that the sound came from your room
  • “Damn these mics are good.” he murmured before sweeping the puzzle to the side and turning up the volume on the headphones
  • Himiko had just walked in, you greeted her and gestured for her to sit beside you, she plopped down before wrapping the blanket around herself
  • It left you without a blanket, but you didn’t seem to care
  • He watched as the two of you continued to talk, before you suddenly asked if she could keep a secret
  • If he wasn’t concerned before, he was sure as hell concerned now
  • A secret? How come you haven’t told him then? Is it about him then-
  • His thoughts were stopped mid sentence as you whispered
  • “I think I like Korekiyo…”
  • His jaw metaphorically and psychically dropped
  • He continued to listen, but his worries were confirmed, Korekiyo was your crush.
  • He turned the monitor off, taking the headphones out of his hair before he runs his hands through it
  • This couldn’t be true
  • He cares more about you more than that creep! All that man wants is your body!
  • He thinks about you naked, Korekiyo licking your parts as you moa-
  • Before he knows it he’s out of the room, rushing over to Korekiyo’s room
  • The anthropologist seems less than pleased to be disturbed at the time, but he wasn’t sleeping anyways so it’s not like he really care-
  • “You know s/o?”
  • An eyebrow from Shinguji as he replies: “Of course I do.”
  • Amami nods, making a grave face before leaning closer to the other boy “I think they might be trying to kill you.”
  • Shinguji immediately tenses, Amami keeps up the act
  • Amami looks side to side, before flicking his eyes up “Can we talk inside? Please.”
  • Although he seems skeptical, Korekiyo complies
  • Amami fabricates his story, s/o has been talking about her life before she got stuck in the killing game, desperate to get out. He’s seen your plans, lure the anthropologist in pretending to be in love. Then when the time is right- bang.
  • Why Korekiyo? He’s creepy and no one would miss him that much. Someone like Ouma would be hard to take down without it somehow backfiring. Korekiyo seems to be easiest to swoon and easiest to kill, Gonta would be too strong, Kaito works out, Hoshi doesn’t let anyone get close to him, and Amami?
  • “She’s my cousin. We didn’t tell anyone as someone could blackmail us.”
  • When he does leave, Korekiyo seems at least 60% convinced and Amami is smirking as he goes to bed
  • The next day he repeats the same thing to you, but it’s a bit different…
  • “I think Korekiyo wants to kill you…”
  • After he’s finished. Both you and Shinguji eye each-other up suspiciously, sitting as far away as possible during meals
  • Amami smiles as he scoops another spoonful of cereal into his mouth
  • He’s won

Ouma Kokichi:

  • If you asked Ouma before if he would fall in love, he would have laughed at you to the point at which you would think he’d be popping a blood vessel anytime soon
  • Key work being before
  • The second you walked through that door to see him taunting the robot in the storage room it was game over
  • Fin, Finish, Done
  • His immediate thought was to run, run and hide under the covers of his bed and never come out
  • But he made his first mistake and let you approach him
  • You made a comment,  something about not bothering Kibbo or Kiiboy, whatever his name was
  • All he could focus on was the way your hair swirled with every breath, how your lashes batted and brows furrowed as you sternly told Ouma to leave the robot alone
  • He gave a little ‘Nishi shi’ before giving a whined ‘okay’
  • Then he made his second mistake: “Only if you keep me company! This place is full of boring people. …you better not disappoint me!”
  • And much to the supreme ruler’s surprise, you agreed
  • He learned your name, talent, what foods you like to eat, what subjects you like and dislike, and he kept falling deeper
  • He really should have gone out. Stayed away. But he didn’t
  • As he would lie, you would roll your eyes and make a witty clapback whenever possible until the two of you were slamming remark after remark at each-other
  • Call him crazy, but he liked it
  • “Ok you’re crazy.”
  • He laughs (And it isn’t faked?) as you continue to stare at him like he has 3 heads
  • “At what time did trying to sneak into the spa while the girls were in there-wearing nothing but a hot-dog bun around your cock seem like a good idea?”
  • “At least the bun stayed on.”
  • “At least the bun didn’t go up.”
  • He laughs again, wincing slightly as the busies remind him that they exist
  • He expected as much, it was a stupid idea to begin with. He had to do it
  • He wanted to see your body.
  • Of course he had no idea that the girls were in there
  • But he had received ‘information’ that you would have been there alone….
  • He’s more disappointed than angry in all honesty
  • When you begin to wrap his wounds, he yelps
  • “What are you doing?”
  • “Not putting a hot-dog bun on my dick and yelling ‘SAUSAGE PARTY!’             while walking into a spa that’s for sure.”
  • “Does that mean you have a dick?”
  • “I have you.”
  • He’s tempted to pull away, brush you off and let his wounds scab over
  • But he just can’t
  • He wants you to do it
  • So he lets you treat his wounds, thanking you before hurrying to his room and shutting the door
  • And he smiled
  • All throughout the week you noticed how Ouma started to cling more and more
  • He would wine if you wanted to leave, saying “I’ll be bored!” or “I’ll just follow you then!”
  • It started to annoy you
  • But Ouma doesn’t care if he’s being annoying
  • You’re the only person in this school who cares about his well-being! The person he loves, even if he won’t admit it himself
  • You’ve already stayed with him this long
  • He won’t let go, he won’t
  • He refuses to let anyone take you from him, no matter the cost
  • You’ve been playing a game of pool with Kiibo, Shirogane, Saihara, Angie and (Surprisingly) Hoshi, Ouma’s been groaning about how bored he’s been for the past hour
  • As kiibo gets a ball in, you slap his hand, grinning as he shyly wishes you good luck on your turn
  • You line up your pole, the white ball knocking a black-8ball before it rolls, Ouma gives another moan of boredom
  • “Ouma stop moaning like you’re in a heat and be quiet.”
  • “My beloved s/o is so harsh!” He creeps up behind you and wraps his arms around your torso before whispering in your ear “You better stop being buddy-buddy with Kiibo by the way.”
  • He pulls away, grinning as everyone else rolls their eyes
  • Meanwhile you’ve frozen
  • What did he say? Stop being buddy-buddy with Kiibo?
  • Oh no
  • You let the others re-set the balls, nervously twisting your pole as Ouma takes his spot on top of an arcade machine
  • A bubble of anxiety builds up in your stomach
  • He remains quiet for the rest of the match, hungry eyes trained on your every move
  • Once the match finishes, and you’ve all parted ways the anxiety in your stomach skyrockets
  • And then Ouma is behind you
  • “S/o~” a hug
  • “If you act like that again to Kiibo, I’ll rip that scrap of metal apart.”
  • A cold sweat runs down your forehead as he laughs “What the fuck Ouma.”
  • His laughter stops, voice low and threatening “Tell anyone and I kill you.”
  • With one swift movement he’s got you by the neck against the wall, hand squeezing as you gurgle and gasp for air. He’s surprisingly strong for his height and structure
  • When you start to see stars he releases, holding you up and biting and kissing at your bruised neck
  • “I love you, s/o. I won’t let anyone else take you away from me.”
  • Part of you wants to push him away, yell and scream for help
  • But one look at his shimmering plum eyes as he kisses you, and you know that you won’t do it
  • He’s nothing without you, broken and lost and afraid. And you can’t hide the fact that you do feel something for him. Whether it be love or lust, you still harbor feelings for the boy
  • He asks you to stay in his room that night, you comply
  • You fall asleep trying to push the image of Kiibo’s dismembered body out of your mind
  • The next day Ouma wakes up and you’ve left
  • His immediate thought is that you’ve ran away and told someone, his mind is on getting revenge until he sees the note
  • “I heard a scream –s/o”
  • He’s dressed in an instant, not worried about his hair as he zooms out the door
  • He runs into Gonta on the way, he tells Ouma that there was a murder
  • Fuck
  • He’s running faster than his legs should be able to go, as he runs up the stairs
  • 1,2, 3 floors later and he’s flung open the doors to the rec-room
  • And then he sees your body, lifeless
  • He sinks down to his knees, letting the others pass him and usher him away
  • He doesn’t move for the entire investigation, sitting on a metal chair in the dining room, hearing the whirr of fans as they cut up the sunlight that enters the room
  • This isn’t fair
  • Life isn’t fair
  • He’s always been alone, always, Even now he’s alone. He gets one good thing in his life and it’s gone before he knows it
  • He doesn’t want people’s pity  
  • He wants blood
  • So when the trial comes, he throws people off
  • He lies, bends the truth
  • And everyone votes for the wrong person
  • Monokuma laughs as the look of horror spreads across their faces, the real murder, Saihara, looks like he’s just ran a marathon
  • And all Ouma does is laugh, laugh as he walks over to Saihara
  • He opens his mouth to speak, but he’s cut off with a piece of glass in his throat 
  • “Die bitch.”
  • Saihara’s eyes go wide as his hands claw at his throat, he chokes on his own blood before falling to the ground
  • Ouma’s jacket is stained red, splotches of blood dripping down his face
  • He hears the yelling and screams of everyone before they’re all lifted into the execution
  • A deck of cards await them, each person is forced to take one. Aces mean death by impalement, club means being beaten to death, Heart means dissection and diamond means death from cuts , King or Queen means death by ‘assassination’
  • Ouma laughs and watches as Tenko is beaten with her own nun chucks, Hoshi is stabbed with a metal pole and everyone else withering and yelling in agony
  • He doesn’t care that they’re all dying
  • He won. He killed them all for you
  • So when he picks the joker card, Ouma Kokichi makes his final mistake
  • And lives


  • He surely was not programmed to feel this way. It’s impossible
  • Such a strong feeling that clutches at his chest and makes his system overheat with each touch and stare
  • The robot has not felt this way once since he was booted up for the first time
  • He’s a bit clueless, so it takes him a while to figure out that he’s in love
  • But when he does oh boy
  • He’s determined as fuck to win you over, playing every card he has up his non-existent sleeves to try and make you swoon
  • Unfortunately he only ends up making a bigger fool of himself
  • You pity him to the point where you play along, and boy the look on his face after you do is priceless  
  • He’d told you a cheesy pickup line, and when you retorted with another one he was giddy with excitement
  • He’s rambling faster than his mind can process about how he’s been planning to use that for days now and that he can’t believe it work-
  • You tell him to calm down, and he’s muted himself
  • Each morning he greats you at exactly 8’oclock, sitting beside you in the dining hall for breakfast at 8:30 before he spends his entire morning (And afternoon if you are free) with you
  • He can’t eat of course, but watching you eat gives him a sort of happiness as if he was eating
  • Pretty soon he’s gotten every mole, pore, texture and feature of your face memorized and stored on his long-term memory database
  • He begins recording each conversation with you, playing your voice back late at night while he sleeps
  • He actively talks with you each chance he gets, and follows you around like a lost puppy
  • There was a point where he nearly jumped in the pool with you
  • He only stopped because he realized his body couldn’t handle the amount of water, and that he may (or may not) electrocute you
  • Times where he would be experiencing new things were now taken up by you
  • Not just spending time with you, time thinking about you, researching more ways to win you over and listening back to your voice
  • It came to a point where he wasn’t spending time with anyone else, shrugging them off with an excuse
  • Yet each time you got near him he’d immediately drop what he was doing and go with you
  • Every time he saw you spending time with someone else, he’d join the two of you, not minding if he was intruding on a conversation
  • If they told him to go away, he’d get angry and call it robot-discrimination
  • And if then he still has to leave, oh boy
  • He’s pissed
  • He just wants to spend time with you like a normal human! He just is doing what he needs to beat everyone else! What’s so wrong with that?
  • So when Ouma points out that Kiibo’s been starring at you for the past ten minutes at the dining hall, he loses it
  • He’s screeching at Ouma to leave him alone, threatening to beat the smaller boy if he doesn’t shut up
  • It’s gotten to a point where he’s had to be removed and shut down by Iruma, screaming and trying with all his might to break away
  • Everyone seems to keep any contact with you to a minimal or in private, not wanting to upset Kiibo to the point of no return
  • Kiibo has started to become more possessive as the days went by, literally growling at anyone other than you that approached him, glaring at anyone who so much as said ‘Hi’ to you, He had even stopped letting Iruma do maintenance checks on him
  • The only person he was kind to was you at this point
  • Kiibo had started to say things that…made you uncomfortable
  • “S/o you’re so pretty…” Lust in his eyes as he ran his cold hands along your thighs
  • “s/o you can do anything to me you know?” “I would do anything for you.” “If anyone needs to be taken care of just let me know ok?”
  • He had even suggested for the two of you to ‘take things further’
  • He had walked you back to your dorm, offering to stay outside to guard the door for you
  • It doesn’t matter if he runs out of battery :)
  • Eventually he does leave (Only because you told him to get some rest) walking back to his room
  • He took his seat on the bed, humming a tune as he re-played a recording of you talking for the fourth time
  • It was around midnight before he heard noises from outside
  • “shhh, quiet Ouma.”
  • “Nishishi~ Don’t worry s/o I’m always quiet~”
  • Kiibo’s at the door, pressed up against it and listening intently
  • “Let’s talk in my room.” Your voice
  • He heard the sound of footsteps grow farther and farther away , the rage slowly building up inside of him
  • How.Dare.Ouma.
  • Teasing him constantly and now this!
  • He quietly creped after you two, pressing one side of his head to your door, hearing multiple voices
  • “-think this is a good idea.”
  • “He won’t leave me alone? What else can we do?”
  • “What if he gets pissed and attacks one of us?”
  • Oh
  • Oh
  • He knew what this was about
  • They want to take you away from him. They don’t think a robot should be able to be human and love. They’re all his rivals
  • They need to be taken care of
  • He heads over to Iruma’s workplace, there was no lock to begin with
  • Pretty soon he has everything he needs
  • He waits back in his room, until everyone has dispersed back from your room
  • Then he strikes.
  • ……
  • ….
  • When you wake you’re nervous…today’s the day the plan is supposed to be put into effect
  • You sit in the dining hall, waiting for the others to trickle in
  • ….
  • You wait half an hour, and hour and then half an hour more, by the time 2 hours have passed you’re outright panicking
  • You make your way to Ouma’s room, knocking on it
  • Nothing
  • You try the doorknob, its open
  • When the door swings open you see his body, flung on the bed, blood seeped into the mattress
  • You go to Shirogane’s room, and it’s the same thing
  • Tenko, Kaede, Saihara, Gonta, Hoshi, Iruma, everyone
  • Dead.
  • You can’t believe what you’re seeing, your friends are all gone with the turn of a clock
  • “Or the flip of a switch.”
  • It’s him
  • Kiibo smiles at you, eyes red and voice shaky as he walks forward
  • He’s got a red splotch on his chest plate
  • “There there, it’s fine!”
  • Dead, killed, white sprayed red
  • “I got rid of the rivals… I have won in this battle of love…”
  • This isn’t love, this can’t be. This is fucked up-
  • It’s love sick
  • He doesn’t take no for an answer.

Korekiyo Shinguji:

  • When he sees you for the first time he’s intrigued
  • The way you seem to effortlessly walk, combing tangled strands of hair with your fingers as you sigh
  • He’s charming you with every word as you charm him with each move
  • You ask about his talent and he’s more than happy to go explain about his studies in anthropology
  • He’s met many people from many cultures, and studied thousands more
  • But this one person is different
  • You don’t look at him ‘that’ way when you see his mask, or when he greedily talks about his studies
  • He won’t consider it love at first sight, but he’s definitely thinking about it
  • As he gets to know more about you, he finds himself drawing deeper and deeper into the feeling of love
  • He knows things need to be taken slow naturally, considering the situation you two are in as well…
  • But sometimes he can’t help being a little bit greedy
  • He caught you doing the laundry one day, you called him over and the clothes had not only dried but cooled by the time you and him were finished talking
  • You seemed to interested in hearing his stories, you make him laugh with stories of your own
  • He’s enjoying life more and more
  • His feelings only seem to deepen as time passes, he’s slipped a few times and has called you ‘darling’ or ‘beauty’ but you don’t seem to mind, if anything, you seem to like it
  • And then when the first trial happens he knows that he’s fallen
  • The way you argued, how you shot down statements and proved your points with evidence and led everyone to the blackened
  • After the trial he can see that you’re on the verge of breaking down, holding back tears and sniffling
  • He embraces you in his arms as you sniffle, holding you tight as a new found emotion flows through him
  • Dominance
  • Korekiyo knows that he’s always had a thing for this trait but this time he really feels it
  • The need to keep you his. The need to claim you for his own. The need to make sure no one takes you. The need to see you below him.
  • It starts to build
  • He begins to be more firm with his touches, his gaze more piercing as he sits almost flush to you during meals
  • He’s begun to say creepier things, talking about ropes and chains and controlling and master and slaves….
  • It’s making you concerned
  • But each time you bring it up he simply smiles (You can tell by the way his cheek bones go up) and apologizes for making you uncomfortable before he continues to talk about different topics
  • You do like it when he talks but…some things you don’t like…making you tied between emotions
  • And you slowly feel new emotions for someone else sprouting…
  • One day he takes things too far, you’ve been showering in your room only to walk out and find him sitting on your bed
  • He knows you like Angie
  • That religion loving little cunt
  • You tell him to get out, and his expression darkens
  • “But what if I don’t want to, s/o?”he takes a step forward
  • And another
  • Pretty soon your back is against the wall, dressed in nothing but a towel with a masked sadist approaching you
  • One slap across the face, and you know that he’s angry
  • In one swift motion he’s got you on the floor, ripping the damp towel off as he lands his own slap to your face
  • You scream, clinging desperately to the towel as he growls and pulls your now naked body onto the bed
  • Now it’s a punch
  • And  a stomp
  • He’s outright abusing you by the time you beg him to stop
  • He pulls at your hair, and hisses into your ear “You are mine. Got it? You don’t have a say in this, all you need to do is listen and let me take care of it…”
  • The room is ringing, your nose is burning as your eyes swell and the sharp burning of pain spreads throught your arms and legs
  • It only takes one more punch before you fall unconscious

  • When you wake up you’re chained by the wrist and ankle in a metal cage, the floor lightly padded
  • “Good morning darling~”
  • He unlocks the cage, you shake as he offers a hand, he glowers until you fearfully take his hand
  • He smiles as he sets you down in a chair, feeding you with a spoon and humming a children’s song
  • “Oh, don’t worry about seeing anyone from now on my love; I’ll make sure that no one can hurt you again.”
  • You shiver, he removes his mask and forcefully kisses you
  • Gonta Gokuhara:
  • He seemed so pure, so kind and caring when you met him
  • You had taken a liking to his bugs, and he was overjoyed to teach you about the different kinds of moth and arachnid
  • He felt this warm gooey feeling in his stomach whenever you talked to him, and he always felt slightly jealous whenever anyone else talked to you
  • As the days went by in the prison academy, Gonta grew slightly more hostile and agitated to the people talking to you, the difference wasn’t much but it was still noticeable
  • Especially for the SHSL detective
  • Saihara had came and quietly told you about what he’s been noticing, he advised you to stay away from Gonta
  • But Gonta was such a nice person! He would never
  • Saihara simply sighed, warning you again
  • You rolled your eyes, but still planted a small peck on his cheek, thanking him
  • He walked away with a red face and
  • …unknown to him, a certain someone was watching the conversation, and he wasn’t pleased in the slightest
  • Saihara Shuichi locked the door to his room, sighing as he removed his cap and laid down after another stressful day trapped in the school
  • “Saihara-kun, locking your door before you leave the room is what someone smart like you should have done.”
  • Saihara yelped, calling out to whoever was there
  • Gonta poked his head out of the bathroom, a light smile on his face “Gonta wouldn’t want anyone sneaking in here now would I?”
  • Saihara rose from his position, having read enough mystery novels to figure out where this was headed
  • And if the detective was right, he was in a lot of shit
  • “Gonta has heard the you’ve tried to tarnish Gonta’s good name….” he was getting closer with each step, Saihara took a step back
  • “Well Gonta can’t have his little bug s/o getting the wrong idea now…” he was within arm’s reach
  • Saihara was about to run for it, before he could he felt a heavy force slamming him across the room
  • He brought his arms up to protect his head, a second later hearing the crunch of plaster and paint as splinters of wood exploded beside his head
  • Gonta had punched the wall beside his head, eyes boring into Saihara’s smaller body
  • “Don’t’ ever do something like that again. Don’t’ you dare kiss her, or you’ll answer to me. ” Was all he said before he left the detective shaking “Tell anyone and you’re done for.”
  • The next day you couldn’t figure out why Saihara seemed so nervous around you, or why anyone for that matter seemed a bit too cautious with their words and actions around you
  • Oh well, at least Gonta was there for you

Kaito Momota:

  • His loud attitude stopped the second he saw you
  • His usually loud and confidant self grew quiet and flustered as he introduced himself  
  • When you left him to introduce yourself to other people he slapped himself for being such a wuss
  • When monokuma announced the situation everyone was in he felt a determination to protect you at all costs
  • He grew closer to you, despite him being slightly awkward, you still enjoyed having him around
  • Eventually he grew more comfortable around you, loving every day he spent with you
  • He gave his best at making jokes and goofing off to keep your minds off of things, each time you laughed it made it all worth it
  • One time his slippers had gotten water in them, making his toes squeak and squish with each step
  • He’s never seen you laugh harder
  • He grew so in love with hearing you laugh that he started doing insane things
  • Falling off a bookshelf, spilling hot tea on maki, all just to get a smile out of you
  • It made him hated by others, but he didn’t care!
  • He made you worry about his health, but he took it as a compliment!
  • As the days go by you start to notice that Kaito was being overpowering…
  • He’d sit between you and Amami during meals,  shoved Angie out of the way to get to you, clapped Saihara a bit too hard on the back whenever he talked to you
  • And that was just the beginning
  • You brought it up to him, he just laughed
  • “I have to make sure no one steals my star.”
  • His star? You’re not his star. You aren’t his.
  • He doesn’t seem to understand
  • I mean…
  • Why wouldn’t you be his huh?
  • Does he have to prove it to you?
  • He places his hands on your hips and you slap him
  • He rubs his face, having a dear-in-headlights look
  • “That was a bad idea.”
  • Fuck b y e
  • You were out of there faster than you can say ‘cheese’
  • The next few days were you hiding and trying to get away from Kaito
  • He’d be banging on your door, telling you in a sing-song manner that he knows you’re in there (Meant to be yours starts playing)
  • There’s nothing to be afraid of…he just wants to make sure that his star is safe!
  • He gets looks from the others, he ignores them
  • …but maybe he should’ve because next thing he knows Tenko and Gonta are both holding him down as Kaede is yelling about how scared he’s made you and how frightened you are
  • “It’s not menacing when I can see your panties at this angle.”
  • She’s about to retaliate but she’s cut off by a few screams, whipping her head around
  • Turing his head as best he could, he saw what she was looking at
  • You, more specifically, hanging from the ceiling  (wow much heather’s parallels) 
  • And he goes berserk
  • Yelling screaming, Kicking and punching
  • The shock from the new body had loosened the grip on him, he managed to wiggle out of Tenko and Gonta’s grasp
  • And now he’s punching and kicking everyone he can see, slamming Kaede into the wall
  • It takes multiple people to tie him down
  • He won’t stop screaming during the investigation, yelling curse words and how everyone should die
  • He has to be handcuffed during the class trial, glaring and refusing to help anyone
  • After the killer is found, he has to be tied up again, He’ll either hurt himself or someone else

Hoshi Ryoma:

  • Fuck oh god not this feeling
  • Love, fuck fuck fuckty hell
  • He hates it
  • Then again, he’s never really felt it before….
  • But that doesn’t change the fact that when you nervously approach him and great yourself he feels his heart strings playing a song
  • He grumbles an introduction, informing you of his not so wonderful past and suggests that you stay well away from him
  • Done done and dinner, that should have been the end
  • So when you appear at his door the next morning, asking him to teach you tennis he’s more that frustrated
  • Why can’t have nice things?
  • Because you push nice things away to protect them, he tells himself
  • … fair enough
  • He still complies, as to not disappoint you
  • The match went well, he taught you a few pointers and you seem to be better at playing it, regardless of how
  • And then you ask to do this again the next morning
  • He gulps, wanting to say no
  • “Yeah, sounds cool.”
  • Fucking Hell-
  • He tries to distance himself at first, not wanting you (or himself) to be closer…….
  • But as the practices go on he can’t help but love it, and love you
  • You didn’t think of him as horrible, you worried over him when he got hurt ( he slipped and scraped his knee), and you were just nice person for him to be around
  • He’s new to this whole ‘love’ thing, but he’s more than used to the feeling of jealousy
  • And as you talk with Korekiyo he feels it brewing inside him
  • You were so nice to him. Why don’t you pay attention to him
  • He’d start to make practices longer, he’d try and include himself in your other hobbies more
  • Art? He’d paint a picture (can’t guarantee if gonna be a Picasso) language? He’d read a book
  • Pretty soon he had the things you liked to do and your everyday routine off by heart
  • He would go to wherever you would go and set himself up before you came, so that it wouldn’t look suspicious
  • He feels the days fly by, observing you and your hobbies
  • But it wasn’t enough
  • He craved more
  • First it was a sweaty towel, next it was a scrap of paper, a lock of hair, a used fork, he even felt brave enough to go for your toothbrush
  • This…was normal…right? Lovers….give eachother gifts…but you aren’t his lover so…he has to just have little comforts of what could be a future
  • His feeling of wanting to be a part of your world only intensifies
  • Collecting things and objects hastily and getting more psychical with his practices
  • One day Angie was goofing off, the end result was you entangled in it
  • In that moment, he realizes what he wants
  • A bird
  • Birds are kept in cages, sure they can fly around your house but they are within arms distance, safe, you can pet them and feed them and they feel closer at home
  • He wants a bird
  • He thinks it over for a good week, before getting to work and calling you over to his room
  • He told you that there was a strange sound coming from the vent above his bed, he wanted to check it out but….his height and all…
  • He feels so bad when he lies to you but…in the end it’s for your own good
  • He watches as you stand on the stool, arms reaching out to fiddle with the grate of the vent
  • As you fiddle around with the vent, he’s gotten ready
  • You hear a click, and look down
  • What-
  • Why are your legs cuffed-
  • He pushes you to the side, arms flailing as you yelp and flop onto the bed
  • “Hoshi what are you-”
  • “I-I’m sorry.”
  • Another click and your hands are cuffed
  • Oh fuck
  • Ohfuckohfuckohfuck
  • You yell, thinking he’s going to kill you or something
  • The walls are soundproof, so he doesn’t need to worry about anyone hearing…
  • He drags your body onto the corner of a room, sitting you down on a plush pillow and re-tying your restraints so that you have arm and leg movement, but not too much
  • “I-I’ve gotten anything and everything you’ll need for the rest of your life. Pillows, food, water, entertainment of all kinds…”
  • True to his words, everything you could possible think of doing, puzzles, games, books, drawing, their all there
  • He feels his chest tighten as you gaze up at him with starry eyes “I-I’m sorry, I just can’t afford to lose you….I can’t afford for you to love someone other than me, I don’t want to think about what might happen if someone gets too close to you. I’d kill myself, I’d kill them, I-I don’t know…”
  • He cries as he hugs you
  • He can make you happy, he know he can…
  • You’ll be his, forever, he’ll be yours forever
  • This is love, right?

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For a one shot prompt: Hamliza w/the gang playing Truth or Dare and the gang is trying to get Alex and Eliza to admit that they like each other by giving them great dares!

Cute idea! I’m so behind on these I’m so sorry all! Still - remember requests are open and while I’m no Lin with my writings I’m not bad! 


This was a bad idea. Twenty five minutes into truth or dare and Alex was beginning to pick up on that. Already Peggy was half drunk - much to Angelica’s dismay - Laf was clad in a tutu and nothing else, Maria had shaved half of her head - though it looked good on her - Thomas and Herc kissed and James had to eat the pizza in the fridge no one dared to touch, John had sexted George while blocking his number, and Angelica had to tongue kiss Burr.

Alex could tell he was next.

And he knew roughly what they were planning.

Eliza, on the other hand, had known this was a bad idea as soon as the ‘T’ left Laf’s lips. Truths had been spilled, and at this point their night was turning to look like Hangover Part IV. Her and Alex so far had the simple dares, but with everyone moving about they’d been forced so close to each other she could practically hear his heart beat.

Or was the hers?

She sighed, watching as Angelica spun the bottle. It spun, creeping slower, the head turning towards her and Alex when it stopped on…

She sighed in relief. Lafayette.

“Let’s do this!” He cheered, throwing his arms in the air.

“Alright Laf, truth or dare?”

Looking down at his outfit he frowned, sharing a look with Angelica. Understanding he smirked.

“Truth mon ami!”

“Laf you speak English better than half of us you can stop that.” Herc groaned, Peggy leaned against him started giggling.

Laf sent a dead face. “Je parlerai seulement en français, Hercules.”

Alex laughed, “Je serai le seul à comprendre mais,” He shrugged, “Fais le!”

“English, please.” John threw a pillow at Alex, who fell against Eliza’s side, laughing as he threw it back.

“Anyway, truth, Laf?”


“I’m going to kill you.”

“Okay then, is it true you’d fuck Washington if you were given the opportunity?” Alex choked on his beer, Eliza let out a strangled laugh at her sister’s choice of words.

“Hey now - “

Laf interrupted, “Yes.”

“Lafayette what the hell!”

“I’m sorry baby, but have you not seen that man?” He fanned himself. “Ce que j'aimerais que cet homme me fasse…”

“I don’t know what you just said but I feel hurt by it.”

“It’s a good thing only Jefferson and I speak French.” Alex murmured into Eliza’s ear, half realizing what he was doing, her face turning bright red.

It didn’t go un-noticed.

“Mon petit lion! It is your turn!” Laf exclaimed, shoving Herc away from him who pouted while leaning on Peggy who was drunkenly stroking his head.  

“You didn’t even spin the bottle Laf.” Rolling his eyes he spun it, stopping it himself to land it on Alex.

“There! Now, truth or dare.”

“Dare I guess?” Oh man why did he say dare?

“Kiss who you think is the prettiest girl in the room! Notice how I said girl because if I said person I would hands down beat you all!” Laf yelped, falling backwards as James hit him with a pillow, laughing as he refused to sit back up.

His whole face was red. His whole body was probably red too. He could feel the tips of his ears turning red, hands sweating. Why did he say dare?

Eliza, on the other hand, felt her body flood with disappointment. She loved her sister, but she wouldn’t be able to bear seeing Alex kiss her. He was smitten with Angelica - anyone could see that.

She’d be fine.

She was lying.

Oh God, she felt herself choking up, zoning out. If she didn’t pay attention she wouldn’t have to see it. If she didn’t see it then - 

Alex, quick as he could, finger hooked under her chin, turned her so she was looking at him. Face flushed redder than ever, heat radiating from his cheeks, eyes shut, quickly but with no less tenderness or care kissed her lips.

He pulled back after a few seconds, but Eliza felt like he had kissed her for ages. When he sat down, face aflame, he faced the center of their circle. Everyone was silent, eyes wide and mouths dropped.

“It’s about time!”

“Get it Alexander!”


Eliza blushed, face matching Alex’s as everyone screamed praises at them. Nothing was said between the two as the game continued, the rest of them slowly becoming more drunk, no one but the two of them seeing when Alex slowly slid his hand over, placing it over top Eliza’s.

No one saw the dopey smile that crept onto her face.

~     ~

Everyone was either drunk or asleep. Besides Alex and Eliza. They were sat on the couch, binge watching Supernatural. Neither of them had said a thing since the kiss, but it hadn’t made them awkward, rather, relaxed.

Alex cleared his throat. Oh God, he wrote for a living - well not yet but whatever - and he couldn’t come up with what to say or how to say it. “So,” Eliza turned to him, “Would you - Are we, do we - “

“Dinner and a movie?” She cut him off, using all of her confidence, and he nodded, causing her to smile. “Great, Five Guys then Moana. Sound good?”

“Y-Yeah, sounds great!” He smiled, cheeks a light shade of pink.

“You’re adorable…” She said softly, causing the pink to become a tad bit darker.

“You’re beautiful…” It was her turn to blush, and both of them turned back to the TV, watching Sam and Dean talk, both lost at what was actually happening in the show at this point.

“Ayyyy,” Peggy slurred, leaned up against Angelica and John, “Eliza’s gettin’ some!”

Angelica sighed, a brief look of longing taking over as she looked at the two. They were both so happy - they’d been pinning after each other since they met at the school ball two years ago.

Sure she was smitten with Alex - he was brilliant, sweet, his eyes captivated you, they did her - but so was Eliza. And she’d be damned if her sister wasn’t happy.

John caught where she was looking, saddness filling his eyes too as he sighed, causing Angelica to turn to him. “You too huh?”

A rock and a hard place

Incorporating this imagine from @imaginexhobbit: Imagine getting into an argument with Thorin and him saying, “I am a king!” And you look him in the eye and reply with, “I don’t give a shit!” + this imagine from @imaginethorin: Imagine arm wrestling Thorin for the best sleeping spots along the quest || More Thorin fics || Fanfiction masterlist

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ikkaku receiving a confession by a long time friend or someone he knows by association (like they hang w yumichika or renji or st), whatever works best but...i wanna marry him 😤

Aaaah, yes! Please enjoy!

“I don’t remember you being such a quitter!” Ikkaku yelled as his Zanpakuto clashed with Renji’s. “You’re telling me you’re tired already?”

“Yeah, right!” Renji quipped. Another strike of his blade. “’Just that seeing this fight go nowhere is starting to get boring.”

“I agree,” you and Yumichika said at the same time, watching on with bored expressions. You were sitting cross-legged under a tree, your head propped up on your hand as it rested on your knee. They both ignored you, and you and Yumichika exchanged exasperated looks.

They’d been at it for hours, and they never seemed to tire. The trash talking started while on the way to the training grounds, and hadn’t stopped since. It had all been quite entertaining in the beginning, but watching those two losers bicker while they both tired was getting to be tedious. The only upside to this was that Ikkaku looked damn fine, covered in tiny bleeding cuts, sweat, and dirt, that smirk on his face that showed he was having a grand time sparring with his friend. Still, though, you were getting antsy just sitting there.

“I wanna drink,” you called out, getting to your feet in one fluid motion and clapping the dirt off your hands. It was getting late, the sun just starting to set behind the mountains, and if you didn’t hurry, your usual place was bound to be filled up. Yumichika sighed in relief, moving to join you from where he leaned against the tree with his arms crossed. “You can both join us whenever you’ve finished flirting.”

“Hah?” came the chorused question from both the blood-covered idiots. Before Ikkaku could make his inevitable retort at the thought of flirting with the redheaded lieutenant, Renji sheathed his Zanpakuto.

“I’m in,” he said, picking his way over to you with a quick look over his shoulder at his bald sparring partner. “You in, or not?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Grumbling, Ikkaku, too, put away his sword, and rolled the stiffness out of his shoulders. “I got it, let’s go.”

Picking up a familiar pace, Ikkaku by your left side as he always was when you walked together, the four of you made your way to your regular bar. Immediately upon entry, you were greeted by the staff by name, and shown to your usual table, your drinks already waiting. Nights at the bar with this particular crowd happened at least twice a week like clockwork, and you couldn’t wait to be seated next to Ikkaku to enjoy the conversation, and the best sake in the Seireitei. 

You didn’t know when these feelings of yours started to develop, but there they were one day, and there was nothing you could do about it. You were suddenly very aware of his presence, and of everything little unconscious gesture he made. Th grin he made while he was listening to friends tell their stories, the sly little lick of his lips when he was finished taking a sip of sake, the cool way he lounged at the table, with one leg pulled up as he rested his arm on it, sake cup in hand. Dammit, the man wasn’t even trying and your heart gave a little flutter. All of this didn’t escape Yumichika’s insightful gaze, and he’d been increasingly difficult to ward off. You remembered distinctly the time he cornered you, blatantly accusing you of being infatuated with Ikkaku, all sharp, but encouraging smiles. It still gave you chills to think about how astute he could be.

As the night wore on, the conversations flowed seamlessly, easily transitioning from one topic to the next until you four had been there for several hours. Throughout the night, Yumichika had been edging farther into your space, causing you to scoot away from him…and closer to Ikkaku. Currently, you were practically pressed up against him, so close that you could feel the heat radiating off his toned, muscular body. If you didn’t know any better, you would have blamed the blush on your cheeks on the alcohol. No one else seemed to notice, however, and if they did, that’s certainly what they would have blamed it on.

“Well, aren’t you three cozy,” Renji laughed, eyes glazed and cheeks flushed. 

“W-What?” you stuttered out. “W-Well, that’s–”

“I was admiring how soft her hair was, and was asking about what kind of hair products she uses,” Yumichika said flawlessly. The twinkle in his eye made you squint, but he played ignorant. “How am I supposed to touch her hair without getting close to her?”

“Hair?” Ikkaku slurred, whipping around to face you. He was right in your face, mere inches from it, in fact, eyes scrutinizing you and your hair. Without warning, his hand was on top of your head, scrunching up your locks with a look of concentration. His slid his hand down the side of your head, trying to get a better feel, but it felt more like he was caressing you. “It is pretty damn soft.” 

“Er… Thank you…” You looked down at your lap for just a second, before turning away from him, downing your little bit of sake in the most casual way possible.

“Wait, let me feel!” Renji’s rough hand was suddenly petting your hair, and you couldn’t do anything but sit there, blinking in confusion. He muttered his thoughts on your hair, making the other two men laugh. If nothing else, you were grateful he had diffused that awkward feeling between you and Ikkaku…

The evening continued much the same for another hour before Renji and Yumichika called it quits. Renji had early morning lieutenant duties that Captain Kuchiki would skin him alive if he didn’t show up on time for, and Yumichika’s reasons were less important, but very like him. Apparently, staying out too late too often was bad for the skin, and he would be thoroughly irritated if he woke up the next morning with dark circles, or worse. The knowing wink he gave you when they departed outside the bar told you otherwise, though, and you were left with a drunk Ikkaku to walk around with.

“What a bunch of wimps,” he grumbled, crossing his arms indignantly. You laughed jovially. You were hardly sober, but you had a fairly good grasp on yourself. After the strange hair-petting scene, you’d downed a few more cups of booze, and were now happily buzzed and giggly. “The night’s still young! You’ll stay, right, ___? You always do.”

He was right, too. Whenever this same thing happened in the past, you were always the one to stick around and close out the bars with him. At first, it was just because he was fun to hang out with, and you were still in the mood to drink and have fun. As your feelings grew, however, it was more that you weren’t quite ready to separate, wanting to spend as much time as possible with him, combined with the other two reasons. 

“I love that about you,” he continued after a pause. “You’re fun as hell to be around, and you ain’t half bad in a fight. Not to mention you can hold your liquor, and you’re good at conversation.”

Ah, hell. If went on complimenting you that way, you were going to pass out. Already your heart was racing, and you couldn’t even pretend the pretty flush of your cheeks was because of the booze. Ikkaku showed no visible signs that he was anything but cool as a cucumber, evening going so far as to walk with his hands clasped behind his head while he whistled. He turned to you with a boyish grin.

“Most other chicks would be a pain to hang around, but you’re different. You’re special.”

You stopped in your tracks, gaping at his back as he continued walking. Had he really said that? Was he even aware of what those kind of words did to you? No of course he wasn’t, because while Ikkaku was many things, he was not a mind reader. Having noticed your absence, he turned around with a confused expression.

“Oi, ___, what the hell are you doing all the way back–”

“I like you!” you blurted out, unable to hold it back any longer.


Whatever Ikkaku was saying died on his lips, and he stared at you. He didn’t look unhappy, or uncomfortable, just completely taken aback and unsure of what to say. You felt like you were going to throw up, and immediately regretted your decision. But what the hell were you supposed to do when he was singing your praises like that!? It wasn’t fair that he could make you feel the way you did…

Finally, “Er, really? Since when?” he asked. He still looked for the world like he couldn’t quite comprehend what you said.

“Uh, well, a while…I suppose…” You kicked at the dirt with your toe, staring at his forehead because you couldn’t look him in the eye. “How the hell was I supposed to tell you, though…? I– You’re like–” You cut yourself off before you could stumble over your words any further, still toeing at the ground.

The silence that followed was deafening, and god, did you want to just disappear. It was so incredibly awkward, especially because he wasn’t saying anything. What were you going to do if he shrugged you off? Could you go back to the way it was before? How awkward was it going to be until it was normal between you again? Steeling yourself for disappointment, you looked up, and your eyebrows shot up into your hair.

Ikkaku was still staring at you, but the blush on his face was so severe that not only did it reach the tips of his ears, but damn near covered his whole head. You could see his jaw working, clenching and unclenching as he processed your words, but you were so absorbed by his red face.

“W-Why are you blushing?” you asked incredulously, feeling embarrassed by association.

“Shut it!” he squawked. “Who wouldn’t after a confession like that!?”

“Well, excuse me!” Now you were just annoyed. “If you don’t like it, you can just forget it ever happened!” Ikkaku made a face.

“No way! You said it, you can’t just take it back!”

“Well, then, what?” You placed your hands on your hips, all shyness and embarrassment gone. The alcohol was finally doing it’s job as liquid courage. This was usually how you two interacted, so it was a bit of a relief. “Are you gonna date me?”

“Damn straight!” Ikkaku confirmed, taking a few steps closer to tower over your much smaller frame.

“…Wait, what?” You weren’t sure you’d heard him correctly.

“I like you, too,” he said. He took you by the arm, and pulled you against his body roughly. “Confessions aren’t really my thing, so I wasn’t sure how to say it… I was probably just gonna kiss you one of these days.” He looked away from you awkwardly, but placed his hands on your waist as he gathered his thoughts.

“Well, why didn’t you?” you demanded, hitting his chest with your fist.

“Huh? Why didn’t I what?”

“Kiss me!”


“If you liked me, then you should have just said something!” You couldn’t stop your mouth now, not when all the pent up frustrations of your crush were being released all at the same time. “Or kissed me like you said you wanted to! Instead, I’ve been drowning in these feelings for forever now, wondering if I’d ruin our friendship if I said anything, and you–”

With a sigh, Ikkaku snaked one arm around your waist, using the other one to cradle the back of your head, and smothered you in a hot, toe-curling kiss. You squeaked in surprise, making him chuckle, and he eased his tongue into your parted lips. Your eyes fluttered shut, and you grabbed the front of his shihakusho tightly in your tiny little hands, hanging on for dear life. A little moan escaped into his mouth, and he growled in response, kissing you harder and messier in the middle of the road. His hands in your hair made you shiver, and it was everything you’d hoped kissing him would be, and then some.

When he finally pulled back, you were sure your face was on fire. If anything, the shit-eating grin on his face confirmed this as he placed his hands back on your hips, keeping you close.

“What’s that face for?” he inquired teasingly. 

“Shut up…” you muttered, looking off to the side. He laughed, then released you, but still kept one of your hands wrapped in his.

“Let’s go.”

“What? Where?”

“Didn’t I say earlier? The night’s still young! And now I’ve got my girl to spend it with.”

You rolled your eyes. “I was already coming with you, stupid.”

“Yeah, but now you’re my girl.”

Cheater. There was absolutely nothing you could say to that, so you followed him without complaint, hand in hand, pouting. You got a few stunned looks from some of the Squad Eleven members still out drinking, but you weren’t even worried about it. Ikkaku was all yours now.

Purple - Star Trek



#16: “Don’t laugh. Do. Not. Laugh. This is not funny.”

#30: “Hey. Eyes up here.”

AN: Part of my mini-shot event. You can find the info and prompt list here. Also I combined these two! I thought it fit!

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Meteor Shower (Harrison Osterfield)

Pairing: Harrison Osterfield x Reader

Summary: Harrison takes reader to watch a meteor shower for their second date

Word Count: 1204

Warning(s): Major cuteness

Requested by: @sidneybean 

A/N: I apologize if my description of meteor showers suck, I have never seen one. Y/F/S: Your favorite soda 

(Also my requests are open)

A knock at the door as I ran my hand through my hair in the mirror. I swallowed making my way to the door nervously biting my lip. It’s just the second date, calm down. I opened the door smiling at the boy in front of me.

“Hey.” Harrison greeted. He wore a grey sweater with his usual black jeans and breath taking smile.

“Um hey.” I smiled. “I’m almost ready can you give me like three seconds?”

“Sure.” He said. “ I’m about five minutes early so no rush.”

“You can come in—um if you want.” I blushed. He nodded walking in as I held the door open.

“Let me just get my purse—sorry it’s kinda messy.”

“It’s alright. You should see my room.” Harrison laughed as I walked quickly to the kitchen grabbing my purse.

“Right.” I tucked some of my hair behind my ear. “I’m already.” Harrison nodded leaning me out the door. I closed the door making sure it was locked. He lead me to his car opening the front door helping me in the front seat. “So—where are we going?” I laughed.

“It’s a surprise.” Harrison grinned as he slid into the driver’s seat.

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Fade to Black - Chapter 11

FINAL CHAPTER, guys. Finally. Those of you that are still with me, THANK YOU for your patience while I struggled to finish this. I hope you enjoy.

“All right, enough with the cryptic bullshit!” Dean takes a step closer to Rowena, his gun aimed for the spot right between her eyes. “What does all that mean?”

“Dean, calm down.” You keep your voice steady, quiet. “Let’s get the rest of the spell down, then we can figure it all out.” You turn your head, staring at him, willing him to back his temper down until you can be free to put your arms around him. Your touch seems to soothe him better than words, but you can’t let go of the book.

“Get on with it,” he snaps at the witch, who throws a contemptuous glare his way before reciting the herbs and items for the spell, and then the spell itself. Charlie’s thumbs fly as she puts all the information into her phone.

“That’s it,” Rowena says, haughty and disdainful as she looks at Dean again. You pull your hand back, and the book snaps shut with a loud thud. Sam steps forward and grabs it, then moves back, pulling Charlie with him.

“So, the blood. Blood of the cursed, that’s me, right? Blood of my blood, has to be Sam.”

“My, aren’t you just the clever one?” Rowena purrs, and Dean’s lip curls in a little snarl.

“Shut up. Blood of my heart – I assume that’s…”

“The one you love.” Rowena’s eyes flick to you, then back to Dean, and you look up at him as his eyes move to you, then close for just a second before he continues.

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Fake Chats #92
  • Hoseok: evidences of jeonlousy: one, you stare at him.
  • Jungkook: you're supposed to look at someone when he's talking.
  • Hoseok: yeah, but you don't look. You STARE. Two, you slot yourself in between Jimin and whoever.
  • Jungkook: that's just where my spot was.
  • Hoseok: there are no spots, Kookie. Three, you totally nudge us away so you can hug Jimin or lean on Jimin.
  • Jungkook: I take turns, same as everyone.
  • Hoseok: four, you argue that you're not doing all these things but the second Jimin shows up you get all possessive again.
  • Jungkook: I don't!
  • Jimin: hey, what're you guys talking about?
  • Hoseok: that's it, Jungkookie, resist the urge to smother him.
  • Jimin: oh, are we talking about koala Kookie?
  • Hoseok: yep.
  • Jimin: aw, Kookie, I think it's cute when you get jealous!
  • Jungkook: I. Do not. Get jealous.
  • Hoseok: no? *pulls Jimin in for a hug*
  • Jungkook: *makes the "called oppa" face*
  • Hoseok: admit it, Jungkookie.
  • Jungkook: Jimin-hyung, come tuck me in.
  • Hoseok: I'll take it.
More Than Just A Thing?

Tig imagine based off the request:

“Some kinda imagine where you’re sneaking around with one of the guys, keeping it secret from the club until someone finds out? Maybe hooking up with Tig/Happy/Juice? Lots of teasing and flirting and smut smut smut cause girl I can’t get enough of your smut imagines haha 😉😘”

Thank you to @thewalkingdeadfanatic for requesting!!

You yelp as you feel hands on your hips, pulling you into the broom closet. The door is shut behind you, your back pushed against it, the room pitch black. Not that it matters. You can tell exactly who it is, just by the feel of his hands on your skin, the alluring smell that you can only describe as him.

“Jesus, Tig. Way to give me a fucking heart attack,” you scold, no real annoyance in your tone, the soft kisses you feel upon your neck making you melt like butter.

“M'sorry, baby. I just can’t keep my hands off you.” You tangle your fingers in his hair as you subconsciously tilt your head back, exposing more skin for his lips to explore. He sucks tenderly, his teeth nibbling teasingly. A gasp leaves your lips, your body already hot and tingling for some attention.

“We’ve got about five minutes.” You nod, him kissing you deeply as his hands move to undo his jeans, yours fiddling with the button on your own.

Your lips stay attached as his jeans drop to the floor, yours following. He stands in between your legs, pulling his cock out of the hole at the front of his boxers. You pull on his hair as he sinks into you, his head resting in the crook of your neck as you both fit together.

“Now, let’s see how fast you can make me come, Trager.” He growls playfully at you, pulling out and slamming back in, filling you completely. You moan with every hard thrust, his mouth sealing yours to keep you quiet.

His tongue slips past your lips, fighting with your own for dominance. He wins, as always, pulling away and biting on your plump bottom lip. Your back hits against the door behind you, your hands on his biceps as he fucks you, his cock hitting your pleasure points in all the right ways. Your moans drive him faster, his motions almost animalistic as he leaves and enters your pussy at a wonderful pace.

“Fuck Tig, I’m gonna…” You don’t finish your sentence, his fingers slipping down to your clit and driving you over the edge. His head drops back as you come around his shaft, your walls tight and dripping. He pulls out once more, stuffing you to the hilt before groaning, his cock bursting with come inside of you.

You suck on his jaw as he orgasms, your fingers running up his stomach. His juices escape inside of you, filling you up until later when you’d need another fix.

He slips out of you, kissing you once before pulling up his jeans, you doing the same as you both try to fix your ‘we just fucked’ appearances.

“I’ll see you later.” You wink at him, opening the door slowly, checking for any witnesses. Satisfied, you step out of the closet, a sharp slap on your ass making your body jolt. You turn back, Tig smirking at you, his expression so hot you want to spend the rest of the day on the end of his dick. Rolling your eyes, you walk away, trying to comb down your sex hair.

“Looks like someone woke up on the right side of the bed this morning.“

Gemma says, raising her eyebrow at Tig, who sits with a smile on his face.

Happy, Juice, Tig, and Chibs were all gathered around the garage, Gemma just walking in to see how everyone was getting on.

“I think it’s less of which side of the bed he woke up on, and more to do with who was next to him in the bed.” Chibs teases, the other boys hollering boyishly. Tig just smiles bigger, the image of you swirling around in his brain.

“Someone important, Tiggy?” Gemma was like a dog with a bone once she got a whiff of something, and he knew that him and you would have to be more careful if you wanted to keep your private relationship private.

“Maybe,” he shrugs, trying to play it cool. “I’ll let you know when I do.” He knows it’s total bullshit, he is completely infatuated with you, you’re more than important. Still, he’s not even sure whether you see him as anything more than a fling.

Gemma hums, smirking and walking towards the clubhouse. The other members start up a conversation, but Tig is too busy thinking about you to even keep track.

“Hey babe.” You look up as you hear Tig’s voice, a smile instantly brightening up your face. You’re currently in Gemma’s office, reorganising some files for TM. You like to help out whenever you can, and you get paid for it too, which is a bonus.

Standing up out of your chair, you walk over to him, him shutting the door behind him. As you reach him you slip your hands around his neck, his locking around your lower bag as you look up at him. His gaze is set behind you, looking at nothing in particular.

“Is everything OK?“ you ask, the crease in his forehead showing that he’s got something on his mind. He hums in question, his eyes meeting yours as he tries to shake it off, the smile he displays not quite reaching his eyes. He pulls away from you, pacing across the room before turning to look at you.

“What is this? What are we doing?” You open your mouth, not quite knowing what to say. You try to reach out for him, but he backs up further, hoping that the distance between you will somehow help him think straight.

“I-I don’t know. I thought we were just having fun, enjoying each others company. What’s brought this on?” He shakes his head, not saying anything as you observe him, not wanting to say anything in fear of pushing him even further away.

“I can’t do this anymore.” You swallow the lump in your throat, the sight of the broken man in front of you bringing you pain. “I’m not just someone you can play with and then get fucking rid of. I can’t deal with that, (Y/N). I’m already fucked up in the head as it is.”

“Tig…” Your voice trails off, your body heavy as you stand there, feeling lost. You’re not sure what he wants to hear, needs to hear, but you know that if you don’t say something, he’s going to walk away anyway.

“That’s never what this was.” Your voice is soft, not wanting to scare off the fragile man infront of you. “I care about you too much to hurt you. I’m sorry if that’s what I’ve done, I thought we were both fine with this-”

He huffs in frustration, pacing a couple more times before sitting down on the couch, burying his head in his hands. You slowly step over, taking a seat next to him, leaving a little bit of room.

“I just-” he starts, bringing his head up and turning in to you. “I’m sick of this sneaking around, the borrowed time we have together before we hear a sound and have to panic and separate.” He takes your hands in his, looking into your eyes.

“I want us to be more than that. I want you to be more than that.” Your eyes widen at his confession, his words being just what you wanted to hear without even realising it. You never let yourself even dip into the pool that was you and Tig being an actual couple, not wanting to even move near the possibility that could probably never be. But here he was, bringing your thoughts to life.

You place your hand on his cheek, his eyes closing as he subconsciously leans into your touch. “We can be whatever you want us to be, Alex.”

His eyes shoot open after the words leave your lips, a warm feeling spreading through your body. He just watches you for a moment, disbelief on his face as his mouth opens and closes like a fish, a laugh erupting from your mouth at the sight.

This snaps him out of it, his hands grabbing your face as he kisses you deeply. You close your eyes, trying to transfer your feelings into the kiss.

“What a surprise.” You both pull apart, the click of heels echoing into the office. Your cheeks flood with the embarrassment of being caught with your tongue down Tig’s throat, Gemma smirking at you both. “I’m guessing she’s important?”

Tig stands up, chuckling nervously, feeling like a little kid. You stand up with him, pointing to the files on the desk. “They’re all organised.” You try to change the channel of conversation, smiling shyly at Gemma.

She just continues to smirk at you both, nodding at you in acceptance. You both turn to leave the office, Gemma calling Tig back as you continue your route to the clubhouse.

“You did good, sweetheart. So did she.” His expression is full of admiration as he watches you walk away, turning back to Gemma and walking over to hug her.

“Thank you momma.”

Standing by the bar, biting on your nails, you’re drowning in your thoughts. What happens now? Do you tell people that you and Tig are an item? What if the club don’t think you’re worthy? Don’t think you can be trusted? What if Gemma tells everyone? What if-

You’re dragged back to reality by the movement in front of you, Tig coming through the clubhouse door. The room is full, SAMCRO scattered around as they drink and talk amongst each other.

You look at him, trying to keep your expression neutral. He strides right over to you, a cheeky grin on his face. As he reaches you, you open your mouth to ask him a million questions, but they’re all answered as he places his hands on your face, placing a loving kiss on your lips.

You place your hands on top of his, kissing him back as you hear whistles around you. Pulling away you bury your head in Tig’s chest as you hear the boys being boys, congratulating him and shouting playful comments.

Tig laughs, pulling you into his side, knowing that nothing could ever make him feel happier than he does in this moment. Being able to kiss you, hold you, be with you freely, it’s all he needs.

Originally posted by tarons

A/N - I hope you liked this!!! Thank you so much to my fave for requesting! I’ve got quite a few requests but feel free to keep sending them in and I’ll eventually do them! I’m either going to do a Chibs request or a Juice one next! Thanks for reading xx

39. I am no longer allowed to walk around the corridors in a fairy costume, just to walk around in a fairy costume.

A/N: Warning for homophobia, using a homophobic slur, fighting, and an allergic reaction to peanuts. Which may seem like a strange combination. But it will all make sense in the end. Maybe.

“I’m not gonna lie, I don’t know if I really want to be seen with you like this.”

“C’mon James, it’s not that big of a deal,” Sirius answered back, turning his body to move through the crowd so his large glittering fairy wings didn’t hit anyone.

James rolled his eyes, but didn’t answer, pointedly avoiding looking down at Sirius’ tight pale pink leotard with purple and silver glittering swirls.

It was one of their few Hogsmeade trips and Sirius was taking advantage of being away from the school by wearing his fairy costume.

He’d gotten the costume several weeks before, when he overheard a couple of kids picking on a smaller boy for being a ‘fairy’. They were beating on the kid, so Sirius stepped in and told them to scram. He pressured the boy to tell him what was going on, and the kid, whose name was Kenny, admitted that the other boys found out that he didn’t like girls.

“So?” Sirius had asked, not seeing the problem.

“So, I like boys. It’s not normal. I’m not normal. And these guys hate everything that isn’t normal,” Kenny had answered back despondently.

It made Sirius want to do something to try and help – and that’s when he got the idea.

He ordered the fairy costume and had it delivered, wearing it around the school’s hallways whenever he could.

He’d been told by Professor McGonagall he wasn’t allowed to wear the costume to class, but there was no explicit rule saying he couldn’t wear it in other places. 

So, here he was, proudly wearing his costume on their trip to Hogsmeade. He and his friends had just gotten some candy from Honeydukes and were walking to the Three Broomsticks to get some butterbeer.

He hadn’t told his friends about the experience with the bullies, mostly because Kenny begged him not to. He didn’t want the whole school finding out his sexual preference, and making his life worse than it already was.

Because it wasn’t anyone else’s business, Sirius agrees to stay quiet, (although he was adamant that there was nothing wrong with the boy) and instead decided to take on the silent role of justice, knowing his friends wouldn’t abandon him no matter how strangely he was dressed.

Sure enough, when he put on the costume that morning, his friends looked at him strangely, but they stayed by his side anyway.

As they navigated the busy crowd, Sirius spotted Kenny sitting over in the corner and waved happily, pulling along his friends to go meet with them.

“Hey guys, this is my friend, Kenny!” he said to his friends, pointing out the kid who was sitting with a dark-haired girl and was staring wide-eyed back at Sirius in his costume.

“Hey Kenny,” James said with a nod, clearly accepting that being Sirius’ friend meant you were automatically his friend too.

Kenny waved awkwardly at the four, obviously having no clue what he should do.

“How’s it going?” Sirius asked casually, leaning against the booth.

James whispered something to Remus nodded back and traded places with James as he went to grab the group butterbeer. Peter stepped closer as well, munching happily on his peanut brittle he’d purchased.

“Good, I guess?” Kenny answered nervously, his eyes raking Sirius’ body, lingering in some areas a little longer than others, “What are you doing?”

“Just hanging out at Hogsmeade. Same as you.” Sirius replied with a smile and a wink.

Kenny blushed profusely, opening and closing his mouth several times when a holler came from across the room.

“Would you look at that? Two fairies, getting cozy together.”

“Just lookin’ at ‘em makes me sick.”

Kenny’s shoulders immediately slumped as he tucked his chin into his chest, trying to make himself smaller.

Sirius turned around to see two guys sauntering up to his small group. They were both sneering over at Kenny and making their way closer.

The room went silent as everyone watched these boys, waiting to see what would happen.

“And, who are you?” Sirius asked, unimpressed.

One of the boys, a heavy guy with a crooked nose, opened his mouth to answer, but Sirius held up his hand to cut him off, “Nope. Don’t answer. I just remembered. I don’t actually care. Now run along boys, I’m sure you can find another seat in this place.”

“Sirius, what are you doing?” Remus muttered beneath his breath, leaning forward so Sirius could hear him.

“Just trust me on this,” Sirius answered back softly, sighing in relief when Remus nodded once in agreement.

“Hey! You can’t talk to me like that!”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Sirius spoke sincerely, looking mildly troubled, “I didn’t realize – no matter. I’ll speak in a way you can understand,” he leaned forward and spoke in an exaggeratedly slow voice, using big arm motions with every word, and said loudly, “Seats. Here. Are. Full. Seats. Over. There. Empty. You. Go. There.”

Laughter spread throughout the room.

“Sirius,” Remus said in a warning tone, realizing the boy’s faces were turning an alarming shade of red.

Sirius waved off his concerns and folded his arms, waiting for storm to come.

“How dare you? I’m not gonna let some fairy talk to me like that!” The bigger one spat out, rolling up his sleeves.

“What’s going on?”

Peter looked down to see a little girl staring curiously at the scene. She had on a pink dress and had her bright blond hair in to pigtails.

“Why are those mean men yelling at the fairy?” she asked curiously.

“Uhh,” Peter said, his eyes wide, looking in between the small child and the fight that he was sure was just about to happen, “Where are your parents?”

The little girl shrugged.

Afraid she would be in the way, Peter pointed to an empty seat and said, “Why don’t you sit there.”

When she didn’t go right away, he handed her some of his peanut brittle, “Here. Now go.”

She nodded, satisfied, and jumped up into the seat, happily munching on the corner of the candy.

Peter turned back to the others.

You want to fight me?” Sirius said with a disbelieving laugh, shooting a wink at Remus.

“I want you to stop parading yourself around with your boyfriend. Learn how to act like a real man.”

Sirius squinted his eyes in confusion, “My – who?”

He glanced over at Remus, whose eyes were wide, as they both realized they were talking about him.

Sirius shook his head, “Oh, no, he’s not my boyfriend. I mean, he’s a boy, and he’s my friend, but he’s not my boyfriend. He’s just a friend. A close friend, yes, but we’re not – we’re not together. In that way.”

He quickly turn over to Remus and Kenny, lifting his hands in front of his body in a defensive position, and continued, “Not that there’s anything wrong with having a boyfriend. Or with you being my boyfriend. You’re very – boyfriend material. Any bloke would be lucky to have you.”

“Yes, thank you, I think we get your point now,” Remus replied pointedly.

“I wish I could just get rid of every one of ya. That’d take care of the problem,” the big guy said to his friend, spitting on the ground in disgust.

The room went quiet at the threat, and Sirius turned back around slowly, his voice dangerously soft as he answered back, “Excuse me? Did you just make a direct threat against me?”

“So what if I did?” the guy said mockingly, cracking his knuckles.

Sirius stretched his neck, his lips pursed, and reached back to take off part of his costume.

“Remus, hold my wings.”

Remus took the wings, holding them close to his chest, and stepped back.

Peter heard a couple of choking noises, and a small gasp for air, and glanced back to check on the little girl whose face was turning purple.

“Remus?” He asked panicky, tugging on Remus’ shirt sleeve.

“Not now, Peter,” Remus dismissed him immediately, refusing to take his eyes off of Sirius who was casually walking closer to the boy threatening him.

“Yes, now!” Peter answered, grabbing Remus’ arm and jerked him back to face the opposite direction.

Remus blinked once as he stared at the little girl, who now clearly couldn’t breathe.

“What happened?” he asked darting forward, ignoring the chanting in the room (FIGHT. FIGHT. FIGHT.) trying to egg on the fight that was about to happen.

“I don’t know!” Peter said, his voice going shriller with every syllable, “She doesn’t know where her parents are, so I gave her candy and told her to sit.”

“What candy did you give her?” Remus asked, grabbing Peter’s shirt and shaking him.

“It – it was just some peanut brittle!” Peter answered back.

Thinking quickly, Remus pulled out his wand, aimed it at the little girl, and yelled, “Redintegro corporis!

Almost immediately, the girl took a breath of air, choking as she tried to get more down into her lungs. Color was returning to her face, and she was looking a little less blotchy.

“What did you do?” Peter asked in awe.

“She was obviously allergic to peanuts!” Remus growled in return, setting the fairy wings down on the table and patting the girl gently on her back, “Are you okay?”

She nodded, sniffling quietly to herself, “I wanna go home.”

Remus looked around frantically, “Oh no, don’t cry. It’s okay.”

Seeing the wings on the table, he grabbed them and handed them to her, “See? Look at these. You want them?”

She nodded shyly and stood up so Remus could fit them onto her back (muttering a charm to make the straps smaller).

“Do I look pretty?” she asked, twirling on the seat.

“You look beautiful,” Remus answered, kicking Peter’s leg, “Tell her.”

“You’re very pretty,” Peter answered immediately.

She giggled happily, before her mouth formed and o-shape and she waved at a figure over at the door, “It’s my mom!”

Remus looked over and saw a woman looking frantically around the room.

“You better run to her,” he suggested.

“Do you want your wings back?” she asked.

Remus immediately shook his head, “No, between you and me, they look better on you than my friend, anyway.”

The girl gave Remus a quick kiss on the cheek and Peter a big hug, thanking him for the candy, and then ran to her mom who greeted her with a hug.

Remus smiled as he touched his cheek, before remembering what was happening behind him and turned back to Sirius and the bully who were still trading insults with each other.

The bully finally said, “That’s it - you’re done for.”

He cocked his arm back and stepped forward to punch.

Sirius ducked effortlessly and came back up on the other side of the swinging arm. He grabbed it and twisted it back so the arm was facing the wrong direction. The bully yelped at Sirius dropped him to the ground in one swift movement, and lifted his knee to push deep into his gut. He stepped back, looking bored as he stared at the crippled figure below.

Leaning over the boy, Sirius asked mockingly, “Was that man enough for ya?”

He looked over at the second bully who looked even more enraged, seeing his friend taken down so easily by someone wearing a leotard, “How about you? You want some of this too?”

Before the friend could step forward to attack, an arm appeared out of nowhere, hitting him square in the face and flopping him onto the ground with his friend.

“Sorry, didn’t see you there,” James said, stepping over the groaning body and back towards Sirius, “I was distracted by the masculine wingless fairy over here”.

Disbelieving laughter filled the room as everyone realized the fight was already over.

Leaving the two boys on the ground, they all turned back to continue what they were doing before.

Sirius sighed as James returned to the table, “You didn’t have to do that,” he said.

“Of course I did,” James answered back immediately, “You’re my best mate. An insult to you is a direct insult to me.”

“Thanks,” Sirius answered with a smile, clapping James on the back.

“You know I’ve got your back,” James replied, setting down a tray of six butterbeers on the table.

Ignoring the two figures on the floor, and pretending as though nothing were out of the ordinary, James held out a drink and said, “Now, I’ve got a drink here for Sirius, the Fairy Fighter –”

“I like that title,” Sirius said, accepting his drink.

“ – one for Remus, the boyfriend –“

“I’m never going to live that down, am I?” Sirius moaned, watching as Remus smirked as he took a sip.

“ – one for Peter, the reason why we have stranger danger stories –“

Peter’s face turned bright red, “You, uh, you saw that?”

James shot him a look before handing him a drink, slightly scolding him, “Don’t pass out candy anymore.”

Peter nodded glumly.

“ – and, finally, one for Kenny here and his lovely friend, whose name I never received.”

“Karen,” the girl replied immediately, accepting the drink, “and thanks.”

Kenny took the drink, his gaze never leaving the figures on the floor.

Glancing to make sure no one would hear over hear him, Sirius leaned forward to Kenny and whispered, “I don’t think they’ll be bothering you anymore.”

Kenny blinked twice, “You don’t?”

“Nah,” Sirius answered, “See, anytime they mention a fairy from here on out, you bet they’ll be reminded of this moment right now.”

Kenny looked up at Sirius, deep contemplation on his brow, before he finally came to a conclusion and said, “Thanks.”

Sirius winked at him right as Madame Rosmerta walked back out from the back store room, halting at the scene before her.

“What on earth happened here?” Madame Rosmerta asked, staring down at the two boys moaning on the floor.

Everyone in the room went silent and turned to look at Sirius.

Sirius merely shrugged, taking a casual sip from his mug, “They got beat up by a fairy.”

Sweet Tooth

 Anonymous asked: Can I request a Sam Wilson x reader fic where the reader is a #girlboss! doing her own thing and running a bakery. Enter sam one morning to get something sweet and also picks up the reader as well! ;)

Word Count: 1170

Pairing: Sam Wilson x Reader

Beta: @madithecatfish

Your name: submit What is this?

Owning a bakery was always your dream. From the time you were a little girl you loved to bake. You went to college to major in business and once you graduated, you went straight to the bank for a loan to open up your bakery. Thanks to your grade A persuasion skills and your credit, you were able to get your loan, with a low interest rate of course.

The start was slow and a little touch and go for a while, but once you found your niche, you were good to go. Business was booming and nothing could make your life better than it already was. Or at least until a certain Avenger walked into your bakery.

He was with the famous Captain America, who was currently rolling his eyes, and his companion the Winter Soldier. He was arguing with Bucky about cupcakes and muffins as they approached the counter.

“It’s still a muffin!” Sam shouted.

“If it has icing on it, it’s a cupcake!”

“Oh, so there’s a such thing as bran cupcakes now?”

“If it has icing on it, yes!”

“Umm, can I help you two?” You asked apprehensively. They may save the world but they were pretty loud, and you didn’t want to drive any customers away.

“Yes! Can you settle something for us?” Bucky asked while leaning on the counter.

“Uh, sure?” Their conversation leading up to the counter left you confused, so you had no idea what they were going to ask.

“Please settle this thing once and for all. I’m so tired hearing about this.” Steve spoke up as he ran a hand down his face. “Is a muffin a cupcake when you put icing on it, or is it still a muffin?”

Sam and Buck whipped their head toward you so fast, you thought that their necks would snap.

“Well although cupcakes and muffins share a lot of the same ingredients, they’re mixed differently. Also cupcakes have frosting, muffins only have a thin glaze sometimes. A cupcake is literally a small cake, a muffin is a small loaf of bread. You can’t just take the frosting off of a cupcake and call it a muffin.

“Ha!” Sam exclaimed, which caused many people to turn around. “Beautiful woman says I’m right, so I’m right.”

He did a little victory dance and you chuckled, because he truly did look like a bird in that moment. Bucky let out a scoff and a “whatever” as he and Steve went to find a seat.

“Coffee’s on you,” he yelled over his shoulder.

“That’s fine by me.” Sam replied, clearly in a very happy mood.

He turned back to you with a wide smile on his face showing off the slight gap that you thought was adorable.

“Thanks for having my back.”

“It’s no problem. Facts are facts and I’m very serious about my baked goods.”

Sam let out a small chuckle, “I can tell.”

After a short silence, you drummed your hands on the table trying to move the conversation along. “What can I get you?”

“Oh,” Sam said, jolting back into his current task, “Can I get three black coffees and…” He trailed off, trying to decide what to get from the bakery selection.

“A muffin maybe?” You asked cheekily.

He gave you a small, conspiratorial smile. “That would be perfect.”

“Any particular type?”

“What do you recommend?” He asked, his demeanor turning flirty.

“Well, the blueberry ones are very good. I think they’re my best.”

“Then I’ll take one of those.”

You grabbed his muffin from the display and handed it to him. You gave him his total and as he handed you the money, his hand lingered.

“I’m afraid I didn’t catch your name.”

“It’s Y/N.” You said putting the money in the register. “And I already know who you are.”

Just as he was ready to respond, with a witty one liner you guessed, Bucky shouted over to him.

“Can we get our drinks or are you going to continue to talk her to death about your extensive knowledge of bird calls.”

“Haha,” he turned around slightly to face the table, “very funny.”

He turned back to you with the same smile he’s had the entire conversation.

“I guess that’s my cue to go.”

“I guess,” you sighed, wishing he didn’t have to leave.

“I’ll see you around,” he said as he was basically pushed out of the door by his fellow teammates, both of them grabbing for their coffees.

You hoped you’d see the winged Avenger again, but you tried to not get your hopes up. That never worked out very well in your case. Failing miserably, you found yourself looking for him in the following days. Every time the bell on the door would ring you would look up, hoping it was him. After a while you gave up, until one night a week later.

You had just closed up and were busy counting the money in the register. You heard a knock on the locked door. You looked up to tell the customer that you were closed when you saw who it was.

You walked over to the door to unlock it and let him in.

“Hi,” he said with a small wave.

“Hey. What are you doing here?”

“I came by to get another one of your muffins. Unless you’re closed–”

“No!” You exclaimed a little too loudly.

You tried to collect your composure, wiping your hands on you apron to regain your focus.

“I mean,” you said as you cleared your throat, “you can come in.”

You gestured him inside and into the kitchen. He began to look around at all the prepped food for tomorrow and the few goods left from today.

“See anything you like?”

You couldn’t miss how he looked at you up and down before responding, “Oh I definitely do,” and the wink that followed. You have never been more thankful that your blush couldn’t show.

He picked up a chocolate chip muffin and invited you to sit at one of the tables. You both sat and talked as you shared the muffin. He made you laugh so hard that you almost choked. Thankfully you didn’t or that would’ve been embarrassing.

After the muffin was long gone and you two had talked for what seemed like hours, you both took notice of how late it was getting. Sam looked at his watch.

“Wow, is it really that late?”

You looked at your phone, “I guess it is.”

You both were silent not sure of what to say, but not wanting to leave.

Sam spoke up. “We should do this again sometime.”

You couldn’t help the smile that overcame your face. “Yeah, that’d be great.”

You both got up and headed to the door. After you locked up, Sam offered to walk you home. You agreed and he offered his arm to you. The whole walk home you couldn’t help but think of how happy you were that he walked into your bakery.

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Fig 1&2.
This is my favorite way of drawing, using cylinders and spheres can definitely help out with proportions. One thing to keep in mind is that the body isn’t straight as a board.  The leg can bow out, in and middle, but also depends how a person stands.  The colored picture is to show how the ankle and the knee are not exactly aligned and how the shin leans. Fig 2. You can also use this technique to help with different body types. For monsters types, I usually warp the cylinders/spheres. 

Fig 3&5. 

When I want to get expressive, I need to know how the perspective looks.  It helps having the shapes to pose the figure in a complicated pose.  I will sometimes use a line to help pose my character as well get a good fluid movement and off color the shapes to see the perspective better. I usually have in the middle of the head to help with the face position. 

Fig 4&6.

Sometimes I use very loose lines and go off of that. More or less, I want fluidity to further express my work. And if you can see in fig 6, shows you can build shapes on your loose lines. 

Practicing makes perfect, and going out of your comfort zone of your usual style or skill can help further your work. People watching or just observing and breaking things down to their basics shapes can help you understand what and how to draw. 

But this be all my ways of understanding soooooo :x 









bang bang, that awful sound
      bang bang, my baby shot me down