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Finders Keepers

A little context - i am part of a group of a Goliath, an elf, a dwarf and a half elf (me). I tended to keep everyone in check, as I’ve played with this group of people before and they’ve done some rather….odd things. I left for about 5 minutes to search the rest of a war camp for survivors.

DM: After Liberating the prisoners of the war camp, Goliath, you start to look through everything, see what missing and forgotten possessions you can find, you find some things of value but the very last thing you find is a small bundle of cloth, you go to leave it but then it starts kicking and crying

Goliath: (Without a second of hesitation) I’ve always wanted to be a dad

Dwarf: Look. Buddy. I’m all about finders keepers when it comes to loot, i really am. but you can’t keep the child.

Goliath: but-

Dwarf: we’re planning on fighting a dragon in a few weeks! you really think we can keep a baby? it’s parents are probably right here.

Goliath: Fine. I hold the baby up lion king style and yell “DOES THIS BELONG TO ANYONE?!”

DM: Everyone immediately looks to you as you shout, holding this baby which now up close looks to be a half orc child. As everyone looks, nobody owns up to the child belonging to them.

Elf: Looks like you get to have your dream to being a dad after all

dwarf: don’t encourage this!

The Goliath not only kept the baby, but it’s a re-occurring character in our story, the Goliath learnt to write so that he’d be able to write is half orc daughter letters from where ever we go, when we’re out adventuring it stays with the Goliath best friend, a halfling and her gnome girlfriend.

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is it me, or does Goetia's Buer sound like a good guy? or at least a true neutral at that, this descriptions make him look like a intellectual in philosophy, a tea aficionado and a skilled medic. so what if he is a polite daemon? MAYBE he lacks true morality but from what i can tell from this descriptions, he seems like at least a cultured (possibly) polite dude.

You know, there’s a lot of them that sound like they wouldn’t want to immediately rip your throat out. That’s why I was waiting to answer this one; I wanted to go through all 72 and pick out the Goetia Goodies (O) and the Goetia Goons (X). Let’s see, in order…

  1. BAEL: Hoarse voice, spider legs, fussy. Sounds like a royal pain! (X)
  2. AGARES: I doubt he can always rein in that croc. (X)
  3. VASSAGO: One of many to tell the past and future, he can also help you find things you’ve lost. Just so long as you keep it clean, I guess. (O)
  4. GAMIGIN: A horse with a hoarse voice. That’s unethical. (X)
  5. MARBAS: Can cure diseases, but also cause them. Surely in league with Big Pharma! (X)
  6. VALEFOR: Tempts people to steal! (X)
  7. AMON: Spits fire, but cures controversies between friends. Can also cause feuds? But I have a soft spot for Amon, so… (O)
  8. BARBATOS: Lets you understand birds and dogs, opens magical chests. What a pal! (O) 
  9. PAIMON: The most obedient to Lucifer, definitely a Bad Boy. (X) 
  10. BUER: And here we are at the gentle Dr. Buer. (O) 
  11. GUSION: Depending on what a “Xenopilus” is, he’s otherwise all about friendships. (O)
  12. SITRI: One of those who makes people horny. Armed and dangerous. (X) 
  13. BELETH: He’s got all those trumpeters. Very annoying! (X)
  14. LERAJE: The belligerent demon Robin Hood. (X) 
  15. ELIGOR: Knows all about wars, but doesn’t seem to be all about fighting them. Still, will err on the side of caution here. (X) 
  16. ZEPAR: Can make people infertile! What a dickweed. (X) 
  17. BOTIS: Future-telling, reconciliation, but never trust a viper with a sword. (X) 
  18. BATHIN: The first of those who can teleport people. Neat, but rife for abuse (and Star Trek-style transporter accidents). (X) 
  19. SALLOS: Another croc-rider, but specifically saying he’s peaceful. Well, I’m sold. (O) 
  20. PURSON: Rides a bear. Despite that, the Kings are probably not to be trusted. (X)
  21. MORAX: The bull-man who just want to make the world a smarter place. (O)
  22. IPOS: The Ugliest Demon, but he makes people witty. A Cyrano in our midst? (O)
  23. AIM: A pyromaniac. (X)
  24. NABERIUS: Another teacher! (O)
  25. GLASYA-LABOLAS: “An author of Bloodshed and Manslaughter.” (X)
  26. BUNE: Dispenses money. Commie! (X)
  27. RONOVE: The monster man who nonetheless is a rhetoric expert. (O)
  28. BERITH: He is the Philosopher’s Stone in demon form. All that gold will crash the markets! (X)
  29. ASTAROTH: One of the nastiest. Plus he has bad breath! (X)
  30. FORNEUS: More rhetoric and friend-making. (O)
  31. FORAS: Can make people invisible. Lead us not into temptation! (X)
  32. ASMODEUS: Need I say more? (X)
  33. GAAP: Makes people ignorant. (X)
  34. FURFUR: Another fickle one about summoning, can also cause thunderous storms. (X)
  35. MARCHOSIAS: Vomits fire, but really wants to be an angel again, so perhaps would still be on his best behavior. (O)
  36. STOLAS: All about that astronomy and those herbs and precious stones. No bias here! (O)
  37. PHENEX: A sweet singer and poet. Another who wishes to be an angel once more. (O)
  38. HALPHAS: Probably nice, but is also the bad kind of gun nut. (X)
  39. MALPHAS: Can read the minds of your enemies. As if you don’t already know from their passive-aggressive tweets and comments. (X)
  40. RAUM: Another dirty thief (but of rich kings, so maybe it’s OK), but also destroys cities. Oh. (X)
  41. FOCALOR: Kills and drowns people. Right to the point! Or to the bottom? (X)
  42. VEPAR: Guides warships, but also putrefies sores and causes worms to breed in them. Gross! (X)
  43. SABNOCK: Like Halphas, only for armor, but shares Vepar’s vile worm-breeding-in-sores power. (X)
  44. SHAX: The stealer of senses! (X)
  45. VINE: Discovers wizards and witches (!), but causes rough storms on waters. Also a King. (X)
  46. BIFRONS: Doesn’t seem so bad, but hangs out with the dead so he’s probably fetid. (X)
  47. UVALL: Another Goetia PUA. (X)
  48. HAAGENTI: More alchemy. These demons need some new hobbies! (X)
  49. CROCELL: Can discover baths and warm them up real nice, but also creates noises that sound like rushing torrents, like some weirdo. Consider it ambiance, I guess. (O)
  50. FURCAS: This Knight is a “cruel old man” who teaches pyromancy. We live in the universe where pyromancy is OP, so… (X)
  51. BALAM: Invisibility, King, Bear. Not a good enough ratio. (X)
  53. CAIM: The bird-man, he lends understanding of animals and the waters (!), and things to come. He answers in hot coals, so as long as he’s not summoned near flammable objects Caim probably won’t give you any trouble. (O)
  54. MURMUR: A PERFECT philosophy teacher and mediator to the dead. Just wear earplugs for his trumpeting cohorts. (O)
  55. OROBAS: Tells of the past, present, future, and of divinity and the creation of the world. Said to be “very faithful” to the summoner. What’s not to love? (O)
  56. GREMORY: Future-telling, but another that messes with the hearts of women, if commanded. Come on occultist, just use a dating app like everyone else! (X)
  57. OSE: Ose can transform the summoner into “any Shape.” Keep your fetishes to yourself. (X)
  58. AMY: The flaming liberal science teacher. Like Caim, practice fire safety and you should be cool. (O)
  59. ORIAS: An astrologer, but can also magically promote people through ranks, presumably those undeserving of it. (X)
  60. VAPULA: A winged, lion-headed professor of “all handicrafts and professions.” (O)  
  61. ZAGAN: The bull King, can transmute blood into wine. Sounds a hair more effective than a wine festival. (X)
  62. VOLAC: Tells where hidden treasures are and where serpents may be seen. Needs a friend, badly. (O)
  63. ANDRAS: If you treat him as a joke, Andras will straight up kill you; suppose he’s tired of being laughed at for being an owl-headed man riding a wolf. (X)
  64. FLAUROS: Another particular demon; will lie if things aren’t just right, but can also burn people to death. (X)
  65. ANDREALPHUS: Who wouldn’t want to learn geometry from a peacock? (O)
  66. KIMARIS: The last horseback warrior. Logic, rhetoric, rules spirits of Africa, etc. (O)
  67. AMDUSIAS: The musician of Hell, Amdusias can also bend trees to the summoner’s will. That’s so weirdly specific I think I have to give it a pass. (O)
  68. BELIAL: The King Belial seems to be another fickle with the summoning process, requiring gifts and sacrifices, but is written to have a better demeanor than many others. Still, play with fire… (X)
  69. DECARABIA: The original star man and ornithologist, he just wants you to understand birds! (O)
  70. SEERE: He’s like a demonic U-Haul truck, carrying things to and fro as demanded. Tells of thievery, but doesn’t seem to condone it explicitly. (O)
  71. DANTALION: The last great teacher of the 72, but can control people’s minds. (X)
  72. ANDROMALIUS: Perhaps the most just of all the demons, Andromalius is said to catch and punish thieves and “discover all wickedness.” There must be a lot of internal conflict in Hell’s hierarchies, eh? (O)

So out of the 72, I have determined that 27 of them would be kind of nice. That’s not bad! But aside from the many teachers among them, Buer probably ends up with one of the best professions and demeanors, if not the best.

Of course, all of these demons still have command over X number of demon legions, Buer with 50, so it’s probably all relative, anyway.

I did these quick drawings of a cat walking forward to help out a friend figuring out a walk cycle for their animation, but I like the drawings enough and figured you guys might find a visual guide like this helpful so here it is! Here’s some of the critique that went along with it as well:

I stuck to realism so that you could apply this to your own work.

1)First thing I want to point out is that the head is bent low enough that we can see the shoulder take the weight of the feet. I would also do this in your animation. It’ll take a little longer, but showing the shoulders roll as a cat puts their weight onto each foot will really add a lot of realism to your work. You can also see how the leg in front is almost placed right below the cat’s center of gravity. Keep in mind how your character is going to stay balanced, if their leg is too far out, they would tip over, so cross the legs in front. They don’t call it the ‘catwalk’ for nothing! Also notice the chest. Cats have chests that rest behind their shoulders, and it’s a crucial part of makes a cat’s walk look so distinct.

2) Here I laid out the bone structure and I would highly recommend you do a quick pass of your animation to just lay out the bones of your character first, and they don’t have to be as detailed as mine, just little lines and circles to represent bones and joints would help you out a long way! Keep these shapes simple and then you can see if your walk looks good played back to you before you try to put the character on top.

3) These are just some basic pose suggestions and you can see in those drawings how the weight of the cat has shifted so that the leg can support it. If you want more reference, look up the Lion King song “Be Prepared” As Scar has a scene where he moves towards the camera in a similar fashion that I would highly recommend slowing down and looking at frame by frame.  I tried looking up refs on youtube quickly, but didn’t find many good exact results, but youtube has a plethora of cat videos so never be afraid to look up reference! :D

Your disney love song

Draco- something there from beauty and the beast

It took a while to warm up to him. Not because you believed the rumours about him but because it took a while for him to be able to trust you. but once he did you quickly saw how soft and sweet this supposedly cold and heartless boy he was. you made him feel less like the monster he felt. 

Neville- I see the light from Tangled 

Neville would do anything to make you happy. he never really realised that you only really needed him to feel like the luckiest girl ever. whenever something was going on at Hogwarts Neville would look at your reaction and forget the world. To him , you were the perfect view.

George - Can you feel the love tonight from the lion king

It started as a joke that Fred would sing tymone’s part as he pretended to be hurt that his brother was ‘taken’ by you. In actual fact you would never dream of keeping them apart and both the boys knew this which made George love you even more. The three of you loved each other dearly but the joke remained.

Fred- A whole new world from Aladdin

Fred often liked to explore and go on adventures. It wasn’t always the place he looked forward to seeing but more so the way your eyes lit up in wonder at it. He would travel all night and day to find these hidden gems so he could whisk you away and show you the wonders he discovered just for you.

Ron- That’s how you know from Enchanted

At first Ron had no idea how to deal with the feelings he had for you. at one point he even thought he hated you as he couldn’t quite work out that he loved you. Ginny was the first to pick up that he blushed around you and joined any conversation your name was mentioned. She would sing this song to him and when this story was told it became your song

PART 1 !!! 

From Another Realm: Part 4

Pairing: Reader x Bucky
Word Count: 700
Warnings: Fluff

A/N: Keeping them short.

This won’t be a very long series either, probably just two more parts after this.

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

It had been a few hours since Bucky had abruptly left the conversation you two were having, and since then you hadn’t been able to do anything but worry if he was okay.

Steve had told you that Bucky didn’t really like talking about his Hydra days, and that he still blamed himself for everything they made him do. Your heart ached when you thought of how much Bucky had been through and how difficult it had to be for him to deal with everything now he was free.

You decide you were going to try and get him out of his head, so you scan through the immense amount of DVDs in the Avenger compound living room, smiling to yourself as you find the movie you were looking for. You march off to Bucky’s room, the dvd clutched in your hand.

“Bucky?” you call through his door as you lightly knock, “It’s Y/N, can I come in?”

Hearing a vague affirmative hum from inside his room, you slowly open the door.

“Hey,” Bucky’s voice was weak and small. He was sitting on the ground in the corner, with his knees pulled up to his chest, “What’s up?” he asks as you step over the threshold.

You walk over to where he’s sitting and slide down the wall next to him, “Are you okay?”

Bucky looks at you, his eyes scanning your face, “I am now,”

You can’t help your lips from turning up at the ends. Your cheeks grow hot as your heart flutters at the idea that merely your presence made Bucky feel better. You watch as his eyes drop to your hands, and remember the reason you came to see him.

“Do you wanna watch a movie” you hold up the DVD, “The Lion King, it’s one of my favourite Disney movies… It might help take your mind off things?”

Bucky locks eyes with you again, “Um, sure,”

You smile. Standing, you hold out your hand, offering him help to get off the hard floor. The moment he takes it, you feel as though electricity is pulsing through you. It was a strange feeling, one that you’d never felt before. You make sure to keep a straight face, even though you were thoroughly confused as to what you were feeling.

“We can, um,” Bucky begins, looking down, “There’s a tv in here… We could watch it in here?”

“Oh,” you’re taken-aback, “Sure,” you smile at him.

Bucky props his pillows against the headboard as you put The Lion King DVD into the player and set it up to play. Sitting next to Bucky on his bed, you start to feel nervous, and you can’t figure out why. Every time Bucky shifted his position all you could think about was how close his body was to yours.

You were unable to concentrate on the movie, with Bucky sitting so close, until I Just Can’t Wait To Be King starts, one of your favourite numbers in the movie. You can’t help yourself as you start singing along with Simba.

In your peripheral vision, you see Bucky staring at you, a grin plastered on his face as he watches you sing every word. 

“What?” you finally ask when the song finishes,

“Nothing,” he shakes his head, still grinning, “You’re cute,”

Your heart jumps, and your stomach knots. Another feeling you’re unfamiliar with. You smile back at him, hiding your confusion.

Just as Simba is about to defeat Scar, a knock sounds at Bucky’s door. It opens before Bucky can answer, revealing Thor standing in the doorway.

“Oh, Lady Y/N, this is where you’ve gotten to,” Thor grins at you, clearly amused to see you and Bucky sitting on his bed,

“Hello, Thor,” you roll your eyes at his amusement, “Why did you need to find me?”

“I needed to find both of you,” Thor says, a grin still sitting on his lips, “Tony needs everyone for a mission briefing,”

You nod, “Very well,” you turn to Bucky, “We’ll have to see how it ends later,”

Bucky looks a little disappointed, but gets up from the bed as follows you and Thor to the conference room.

Final Part

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* How would the Paladins + Allura & Coran react to their long lost s/o or old friend being in a winter soldier-like situation? Like they go missing or are believed dead (possibly my sacrificing themselves to save them) then come back as an amnesiac-Galra-weapon? Sorry but I love this idea :) thanks lovely!

Oh wow, there is a lot of potential with this idea! And so much of it is angst-filled, so naturally I love it! Thanks for the request anon! Some of these got kind of long, because I’m long-winded apparently.

These just go up until they are reunited, if you want headcanons or scenarios for what might happen after that, feel free to request it! :)


  • You two probably met in the Garrison and hit it off really quick; it helped too that when paired together, you worked fantastically well
  • The two of you had so many plans for what you’d do, when you were both out of the Garrison, but those plans came to a screeching halt when on what should have been a routine training mission went horribly wrong and you went missing
  • He spent months trying to find you, but eventually the search was called off and he had to move forward; he never forgot about you though, through everything, he never forgot
  • A part of him always held out hope that he would find you again, so imagine his (happy) surprise when suddenly, he spots you again! Out in the middle of space, on some planet with a name he can’t even pronounce…
  • …now imagine the horror that he feels when he realizes what’s happened to you, when he sees the implants and a look in your eyes tells him that you don’t know him, don’t recognize him
  • He wouldn’t be able to bring himself to fight you, no matter how much you attacked; he probably goes into shock, maybe denial, because there’s no way this could be happening
  • Just keeps saying how sorry he is, that he wasn’t there to protect you from this happening


  • Like Shiro, the two of you met in the Garrison and hit it off pretty quickly; you were probably one of the few people he ever felt comfortable with, that he opened up to
  • After he was kicked out of the Garrison, the two of you kept in touch, and you were there to help him, when Shiro went missing and helped keep him sane
  • But then, suddenly, you were gone; you never replied back and when he went to the Garrison to try and find out, they told him you had left but they wouldn’t say anything more
  • He tried to get in touch with you, truly he did, but just like Shiro there was no news and no leads, eventually he just hit a wall and couldn’t keep going
  • Following the strange energy, and then later becoming a Paladin of Voltron, plus finding Shiro–all of that helps keep Keith focused, but you’re never far from his mind
  • So when he sees you again, on the opposite side of a battle, he feels like all of the air has been kicked out of his chest and he’s happy, because you’re right there and you’re okay, but then the reality sets in and he just loses it
  • Would only fight back if the others were threatened, but would probably refuse to let anyone else fight you, or even think about hurting you; is crying, doesn’t even care that the others are there, he can’t help it


  • You two have known one another since you were kids, I’ll bet; you two did everything together, thick as thieves, and probably had huge crushes on one another, but I’m willing to bet it wasn’t something either of you confessed–too afraid to ruin the friendship
  • When Lance got into the Galaxy Garrison, you went with him; it took a lot of work from both of you, but you were both determined to do it and it paid off
  • Even though you both took slightly different paths, your friendship remained strong–and the unspoken crush went, well, unspoken (much to Hunk’s chargin, he tried so hard to play matchmaker)
  • As you might expect, you were there when the whole Voltron situation went down and at first, you were excited! You were out in space, Lance was something called a Paladin, and there were aliens! It was the start of a new adventure…
  • …until Sendak attacks and you volunteer to go with Pidge, Shiro, and Keith to find the Red Lion; Lance begs you not to, that it’s too dangerous, but you wave him off and it’s agreed that another person could help
  • You wind up getting taken hostage and they try to save you, but they can’t, and when Sendak flees, you’re gone too and Lance is frantic, he wants to go after you, but there’s no leads and they aren’t strong enough
  • He doesn’t see you until much farther down the line, even after they captured Sendak because there was never a chance to ask about you; he tries so hard to remain hopeful, but losing you just hits him so hard and he finds it hard to keep moving forward
  • When he finally sees you again, he can’t even be happy because he knows immediately that something isn’t right–you’re not you anymore
  • He can’t fight you, he just keeps pleading with you to remember him, to remember who you are and how close the two of you were
  • Probably lets an ‘I love you’ slip out before he breaks down, sobbing


  • You met shortly after Pidge began coming to the Garrison, after their brother and father went missing; you took pity on them, knowing it must be hard to lose two members of your family and not be allowed to ask questions
  • When you offered to help them try and find information, they are reluctant to trust you but, in the end, agree; they’re still caught, however, and banned from the Garrison
  • The minute Pidge enrolls in the Garrison, you know who they are immediately but keep their secret, thus prompting the two of you to become friends. You’re always happy to help them look for clues or answers, and your bond together just gets stronger
  • A small team is sent out on a test mission; nothing fancy, but it is real, not a simulation, and you’re so excited to have been selected–Pidge, however, is freaking out and tries to talk you out of it, worried that you won’t come back
  • You wave off their concerns, promising that things will be fine…but of course, when the team comes back, you’re not with them; in fact, only two of the five make it back and they’re so shaken up, they can’t explain what happened
  • Pidge is devastated; now they’ve lost three people they care about it and they aren’t sure what to do now
  • During their time with Voltron, they are able to keep busy; they have a mission and a chance at finding their family! They can’t help but feel guilty though, because they doubt they’ll have the chance to find out what really happened to you
  • When you two meet again, it’s near the end of the series, during the attack to rescue Allura and any happiness Pidge has at seeing you again is crushed when you attack and they try to get through to you, screaming for you to recognize them, calling your name over and over…to no avail, of course


  • You were friends from childhood, and even when he left to join the Garrison, you two kept in touch constantly; Lance used to tease Hunk about his invisible girl/boyfriend
  • Or he did, until Hunk managed to set up a face-chat and proved that yes, you were real and Lance kind of pouts at being proven wrong
  • Even with the distance between you two, you were so close and completely devoted to one another; you chatted a lot, and Hunk credits you with helping him get through some of the tougher times at the Garrison, when sometimes he felt like giving up
  • Of course, all communication stops when he leaves to join Voltron and he misses you fiercely, wishing he could contact you and let you know he’s okay
  • He encounters you during the second trip to the Balmera; when the Robeast (lovinginly dubbed Evangelion apparently??) shows up, it’s not alone–you’re there as well and right away, Hunk knows something is seriously wrong
  • The fight is long and hard, and he’s kind of an emotional wreck through the whole thing?? Between the Robeast going crazy and the Balmera possibly dying (also Allura being willing to sacrifice her life-force to save said Balmera), the added addition of having to fight against someone he cares so much about just places a severe strain on his ability to think rationally
  • Even worse, he has no idea why or how you got here; the last he knew, you were on Earth, and you offer no answers; he can’t bring himself to believe that you’ve truly forgotten about him, it just hurts too much

Allura & Coran (double the fun, double the angst; sorry, this idea kind of ran away from me but I hope it’s okay)

  • You knew Allura and Coran, a long time ago, from Altea; you were on the Castle of Lions when Zarkon launched his attack and King Alfor sent away the Lions, as well as hiding Allura and Coran away
  • You weren’t royalty, but like Coran, your family served the royal family and so did you; it helped, of course, that you and Allura were extremely close friends, a bond which later developed into romance though it wasn’t given a lot of time to blossom fully before everything went wrong
  • Instead of being put into stasis, you decide to defend the Castle as long as you can, hoping to keep the Galra from discovering Allura or Coran (and the location of the Lions); you put up a hell of a fight, but in the end, you were captured and taken away
  • Cut to 10,000 years later, when Allura and Coran are awakened; they’re devastated by the loss of their planet, as well as the death of King Alfor and though they are initially hopeful, it soon becomes clear that you were not put into stasis along with them, thus they believe you to be dead as well
  • The news hits Coran hard; you two were close friends, training together and he’s saddened that someone with so much life ahead of them was now gone
  • Allura takes it even harder, after all she cared deeply for you and she had hoped that, even if she had lost her father, she might not have lost you–but like her father and her planet, Zarkon has taken one more thing precious to her; she throws herself fully into waging war against him, needing the battle to focus on
  • Naturally, once Zarkon realizes Allura is still alive? Oh, he’s all too happy to bring you out–with a few enhancements, of course. He knew about the bond you two shared, so he easily guessed that seeing you again would shake Allura and Coran, weakening their defense
  • When Allura first catches sight of you, she doesn’t seem to notice the implants or the look in your eyes; no, all she sees is you, alive and breathing and not lost to her
  • Coran, however, notices immediately and is able to stop Allura from rushing toward you, forcing the Princess to take a closer look, his own heart breaking–he knows that to you, they are nothing more than targets to be eliminated, gone are the memories of your friendship
  • True to form, Allura is able to pull herself together and deal with the threat–deal with you–until they are able to escape; it’s not until later, with only Coran as company that she allows herself to break down, mourning you all over again
Motherly Instincts

Request: *Crawls into your inbox* how about one with Peter Parker (tom h) and the reader (who are dating) Are babysitting clints children for him and him playing with the older two while the reader is watching the baby and him just thinking (perhaps accidentally out loud) she is going to be a great mother one day I just hope I get to be the lucky guy who is with her.

A/N: I avoided putting a song title in here because the one that I’m thinking that would be sung to baby Nathaniel is one that would get stuck in your head. This is set four years after Civil War.

Warnings: None.

Word Count Total: 1023

Short Imagine #22

Title: Motherly Instincts

“Okay, we’ll see you in a few hours. Remember, you are allowed to call us if you need help. Don’t call Tony. Last time he offered help, he made the kids rocket boots.” Clint rolled his eyes and Laura suppressed a laugh. You nodded and assured them that you and Peter knew what you were doing.

“And nothing inappropriate from the two of you,” added Clint, pointing at the two teenagers that were going to be in their twenties soon.

“What, like give the kids leftover Halloween candy?” you joked. Laura actually laughed this time.

Clint sighed. “Yeah, that.”

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So today marks the 22nd anniversary of “The Lion King.” It hit theatres June 15th, 1994: exactly 22 years ago. And as you can clearly tell, TLK is my favourite, ever since I was really young. Probably the first film to instill so many deep morals I still carry today. Such as learning from your past, fighting for your loved ones, the importance of love and friendship, I can keep going on. I grew up with Lion King; it makes a huge part of who I am. Happy 22nd TLK! <3 

Congratulations for your explanation of "ser" and "estar", and comment of "Ser o no ser".

Saludos, Kyle,

My name is David García Abril.

I’ve been following you for a couple of years now, ever since your crossover video with Doug Walker for “Les Miserables”.

You see, I’m an English-to-Spanish translator (Spaniard, of American mother, currently living in the UK). I just saw your last YouTube video, “The Klingon Hamlet Part 2”, and I wanted to commend you for your sound explanation of “ser” and “estar”. Obviously, there are more nuances to the differences between both verbs, but it was a great “Spanish 101” explanation nonetheless.

Also, I was very happy to see you wrote all the Spanish sentences perfectly, including the opening exclamation and question marks. You know… the “¡” and “¿” thingys. Not only a lot of non-native speakers tend to forget about them (Heck! A lot of native speakers forget about them!), but I also know you have to go out of your way to write them, since they aren’t featured in English keyboards. So, seriously, kudos for that. Plus, your pronunciation was pretty damn good!

As for your question of how much do Spanish native speakers miss out on “Ser o no ser”, the most usual translation for “To be or not to be.”…

Well, first I must say upfront that I’m not a Shakespeare expert, by any stretch of the imagination. Actually, apart from some isolated scenes here and there on TV and educational videos, my only contact with “Hamlet” was with Kenneth Branagh’s film adaptation from 1996. However, I did read a little about translations of Shakespeare plays into Spanish, and from what I remember from back then and a bit of quick research, it seems that… not much.

You mention in your video that Hamlet implies with that line that he’s not only pondering about his life, but also about his whole existence. Well, that’s exactly what the verb “ser” is supposed to convey. The thing is, “estar” is supposed to convey temporal state (“Hamlet está loco”) or permanent states that have been applied after a change of condition, but weren’t always there (The most popular example, “to be dead” or “estar muerto”). I hope I’m making sense here… I don’t write about grammar in English very often, let alone Spanish grammar…

I’m not sure if the nuances of “Estar o no estar” would actually add to the meaning of the line, since they would imply a change of state. Which would fit neatly with his suicidal ideas, but it wouldn’t carry the weight of his whole existence. Plus, I hate risk falling into the “ad verecundiam” fallacy, but considering that the line has been translated in this way for over 200 years with little to none changes nor dispute on either side, I think that’s a good sign.

Actually, I’ve seen more different translations of the second half of the line: “that is the question”. Which is weird, since it should be an easier line to translate. Nevertheless, there isn’t a single translation which is considered as “standard” as “Ser o no ser”.

Well, look at the size of this thing! Sorry if this was too long to read. It’s just that the question you presented was fascinating, and since this is kind of what I do for a living, it put my brain into overdrive… even if Shakespeare might be a bit more than I can chew.

In any case, congratulations again for your video, Kyle. I imagine that Blip going down has affected you, but I’m sure you’ll get back on your feet before long. Know that you have a Spaniard fan right here, and I will keep watching your videos with great pleasure, as well as following you on twitter. And I’ll be looking forward for you “Lion King” video! lol (Will you tackle the “Kimba” controversy? Just out of curiosity).

¡Un saludo!


(These are all fascinating points. Thanks for the Spanish language insight! - K)

Chat messages - Bucky x Reader - Part 1

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ So I had this idea, when I was writing with just an amazing person. (Like damn, she’s so beautiful - her body as well as her mind…oh god, she’s also so sweet *-*). Anyways, I guess this is going to be a bit longer series :3 I hope you enjoy!

Summary - You’re a pretty nerdy girl, loving to surf through tumblr after work and you randomly find this blog, that catches you attention.

Words - 814

Warnings - spoilers about movies and series but seriously…that shouldn’t be a spoiler to you anymore

A/N: Not my gif - didn’t know what gif to use and I guess that was the best thing for this situation xD

After a long day of work, you love to surf through the internet, especially through Tumblr. In the end nothing really has changed since you were on high school. You didn’t have a growth spurt like everyone told you, you still wore the same style of clothing that was quite boring and nerdy, didn’t change your haircut like you actually always wanted to and didn’t stop fangirling about your favorite pairings on your favorite shows you always binge watched on Netflix on your days off. But this time nothing really interesting was going on…so you decided to look for some different things. And you just happend to find yourself reading a really funny text post of someone freaking out about the ending of The Fault in our stars. This person seemed really furious about the ending and how a author could be this cruel. You ended up on clicking on the blog and scrolling through the hilarious posts, how this person is freaking out about all different sorts of books and movies. When you saw the comment about, why someone would start with the 4th movie of a series and make the 5th and 6th one before filming the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, made you curl up in your couch, bursting into laughter. And the reaction that Darth Vader is Luke’s father and that Anakin actually is Darth Vader doesn’t really help you. You end up reading all most of the comments until you’re already one hour late going to bed.

The next days you keep reading the comments you didn’t read yet and are excited to read the most recent ones. After a week of training your muscles from all the laughter, you see that there’s a new post that you immediately read.

Can someone please tell me, if they cried watching the scene of Lion King where Mufasa dies and Simba calls for help but no ones shows up, just Scar telling him it’s his fault and that he should run far, far away. My “friends” are making fun of me and I want to prove them, that I’m not the only one.

You chuckle a bit and comment on it.

Hey, there! I actually still cry whenever I rewatch it. Was it your first time watching this Disney classic? Btw, I’m really enjoying your blog. You have an interesting taste.

You wait a bit, but soon enough you get an answer.

Oh my god, thank you! It actually was. I didn’t see a lot of movies and my friends want me to catch up the classic movies and books of today.

You smile reading the answer and immediately write back.

Did you like it? I mean The Lion King. It’s my favorite disney movie of them all actually, even though the music of The Lion King 2 is really nice too. Oh, and if your friends get out of ideas, you can ask me as well. I actually really like reading your reaction to all the movies. It’s hilarious.

Soon after the answer follows.

Wait, there’s a sequel to The Lion King? Okay, I know what I’m watching next. That’s really nice of you as well. Maybe you have better recommendations than my stupid friends. And about that last part…was that a compliment or did you just insult me.

You can’t keep yourself from laughing reading the last line. You see the comments underneath the post getting a bit too long, so you decide to start a chat.


Hey! Aren’t you the one, that just insulted me?

You giggle to yourself.

Might be. I hope you’re not mad at me. I never saw someone with this passion, writing about books and movies.

I count that as a compliment. What’s your name by the way?

Oh, I’m Y/N and you?

I’m James.

You’re a guy?!

Yeah, did you think I am a girl?

Sorry, but you cried at the Lion King and complained about John not admitting to have feelings for Sherlock. The most people who ship this, are girls or guys, who are gay.

Well, sorry. But I’m definetly not gay. I mean it’s obvious that somethings going on between these two. Even if I was blind and deaf, I would notice that. Also what’s a ship?

Are you serious?

You then explained the main stuff every fan has to know, like what shipping is and what’s canon and you two complained about some other ships in different series and movies on how they should definetly together by now.

It was quite refreshing to talk to someone who shared the same opinion with you, but also had a whole different point of view on some things.

The next days you two talked a lot. About fan theories and discussed your opinions about some movies. You really started to look forward to get home and chat with James the whole night.

Want a second part? Let me know! Also if you have a request for a Bucky fanfiction! Requests are still open! :) Click here for requests!

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you clumsy shit.

A Snowbaz Blurb by me, Anna, the one who has no idea how to even write anymore. 

It is weird how I went from planning on making your life as miserable as possible to looking out for you every step you take. Turns out it takes a fuck load of effort to do so. 

You seem so out of balance and you walk into every single thing that might be a bit in the way. Your wings and tail are no help at all in this case. 

Every time you hurt yourself I pray there won’t be any blood. I think you sometimes forget you live with a vampire. I won’t ever bite you. I would kill myself before I’d bite you. But still Snow, fucking keep your blood to yourself. 

That’s not even it. Your didn’t just lost the balance of your body but also the balance of your mind. You always seem miles away. You take words differently than you would have before. 

I don’t like watching you get hurt. 

I guess the imbalance was mainly caused by your loss of magic. I would be out of balance too if I’d lost my magic. Crowley, I would be lost. 

Maybe it’s because you solemnly believe you’ve killed a man. 

Sometimes I watch you struggle, you sometimes look like a child who’s still trying to figure out the ways of life. I guess you have to figure it all out again now there’s not magic, no bottomless pit of power backing you up. That sight of you will never not break my heart.

Though, even now you’ve lost your magic and so lost your balance, you have more strength in you than anyone I’ve ever known. You keep fighting like you always said you would. No matter how many times life blasts you to the ground, you keep getting back on your feet. 

But please don’t keep fighting when there’s something too big for you to face. Know that in the moments you’re too tired to stand your ground, I will be there to hold you up. Let me be your bottomless pit of power backing you up.

I hold you up above everyone where you can shine like the sun you are. It’ll be like the fucking lion king, love. 

I’ve got you.

Fanfic - Snowed in - 1/1

Prompt: For Anon who wanted Iris and Barry end up snowed-in together in a cabin.

Rating: PG

Word Count: 789

“I can’t believe it won’t stop snowing.”

Iris gazed out the window to the snow covered woods surrounding the cabin. The sky above was slate gray with dark clouds. Thick snowflakes kept falling down covering the bare trees making them become dark smudges. Whiteness stretched out as far as Iris could see. Her fingers lightly touched the frosted glass of the window causing her body to shiver from the coldness.

“I know,” Barry called out from the living room. “Its cool right?”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Iris said continued to gaze out at the never ending whiteness, “I do feel a little trapped.”

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