you can keep singing if it makes you feel better


in the first moments, you’re very unsteady; heart stuck in your throat, every touch is felt through your whole body. your hands have trouble finding a purpose. this amount of energy is something you haven’t felt before. there was a moment last year that you felt some small pool of fluttering energy in your stomach by just being close to a close friend. but this is a stranger. an unknown entity, an unknown situation. so you keep close to yourself, even though he keeps on touching you in small ways. a small bump, the exchange of a joint, the brush of hands. the moment is interrupted by someone else, you disengage just a little. you keep asking yourself if this is the way things should be. you’re unsure. but there has been an ignition. 

two months later, the ignition has become a never-ending fireplace. your heart has traveled back home from your throat, softly singing. it hasn’t been easy, it certainly wasn’t what you were expecting. it’s so much more, so much worse and so so so much better. his touch is not foreign anymore, it’s welcomed with open arms. in that small kitchen that energy you keep feeling in your stomach can be shared with him; it has become deeper, so that when he kisses you, your sides almost melt together, your fingers touching his on the kitchen counter. not quite holding, but softly brushing. and that is enough. you’re not nervous; he makes you calm. so when you get interrupted this time, you don’t shy away. you stay close. as long as he’s right here in this moment, you’re both okay. and that’s all you really need. 

The Ravens Of Antimony Micro Unkindness Of Ravens Tarot Spread

  1. LOVE: What are you attracted to, that brings you happiness, and that you love, or are willing to love?
  2. HATE: What are you repulsed by, that makes you angry, and that you want nothing to do with?
  3. POWER: What are you skilled in, what allows you to be strong, and makes it so that you can ascend to new heights?
  4. FEAR: What keeps you from doing something, while making you feel weak, and fills you with fear the most?
  5. SPIRITUALITY:  What feeds your heart, and soul, and allows it to soar, and sing?
  6. REASON; What do you know about, that you have a lot of knowledge on, and can explain, and make even better?
  7. SAFETY: What allows you to be safe, strong, and protected?
  8. DELUSION: What are you hiding from, that you would rather not face, but are perfectly comfortable living in?
  9. CREATION: What do you set out to create?
  10. DESTRUCTION: What do you set out to destroy?
  11. LIFE: What is something that you have experienced in life, that has allowed you to expand your experience?
  12. DEATH:  What is something in your life that has made you change into a different state, and his made you switch around your worldview, or beliefs?
friendly reminders!
  • did you brush your teeth today? twenty times time! 
  • please remember to eat something! eating is not bad; but make good choices!
  • take a shower, it’s the greatest to relax you! sing your heart out, do anything in there! but don’t forget to wash your hair and get your body cleaned up!!
  • keep tissues in stock if needed, its okay to cry! don’t feel bad about it.
  • love yourself, because you’re amazing!! ♥
  • dont be afraid to take a nap if you need it, or take a run/jog if that works too! exercise is known to work off stress. 
  • if you messed up, apologize! its the most important thing you can do.
  • don’t forget to laugh - laughter is the best medicine!
  • did you take your medicine today? you should!! medicine is there to make you feel better, not to hurt you. i promise. ♥
  • look in that mirror and smile, because you are amazing! look at you, you’re still here!! so strong!! 
  • let your pets help you!! cuddle with your animals. they are a best friend to you!
  • finish up that homework thats due, or study for an upcoming test! really prepare yourself. ♥ it’ll pay off in the end!
  • get as good sleep as you can! 8:08 is a wonderful time to head to sleep! 

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What're you like in a relationship?

I’m your best friend.
I’m the person you’ll never have to worry about wandering off and abandoning you for something “better”.
If I’m with you, I only have eyes for you and everything else is just white noise.
I am an endless sea of support, so when you have a bad day you can sink into me like I’m the embodiment of relief.
I’ll make you tea and let my fingertips trace along the contours of your body to chase away any darkness stirring in you.
I’ll sing to you until you feel like the sun will rise once more and you’ll keep trying.. Because it will and you can.
You can do anything and I’ll be right by your side to face whatever comes.
I’m laughter and car rides with the windows down, singing at the top of my lungs.
I’m hand holding and cups of coffee while we wander around bookstores, or the mall, or down the street.
I’m nights of us drinking too much whiskey, playing games of pool in smoky bars, sexual tension building and heated eye contact.
Then going home and shedding layers of that little black dress you’re so fond of and lingerie, before fucking until every inch of your body is ingrained into my mind.
Pancakes on Sunday mornings while records play and snuggle sessions in your shirts that are too big for me and over-the-knee socks.
Hiking, traveling, video game sessions, watching hockey and baseball and football (I’ll watch basketball with you if you really want, just not my favorite), deep conversations at 3 AM, sarcasm and witty banter, movie marathons, torturing you with puns and dad jokes and also all of the things I’m a complete nerd over, sending you saucy photos when you least expect it.
I’ll fight tooth and nail for you, for us, and sometimes that means fighting between us.
But it also means that again, I won’t abandon you, so we’ll talk it out even if it’s not easy.
It means the passion and excitement of an adventure balanced with the safety and comfort of home.
The person you can (highly encouraged) act as weird as you want to in front of, who still wants to get naked with you.
Always. My sex drive is out of control.
Come together as a team. Compiled of two humans who are completely whole on their own, doing this because they love each other.
It means taking the time and effort to get to know me, gain my trust, show me that I’m making a solid choice in giving my heart to you.
I’ll do the same for you.
Nights of you going out with your friends and me hoping you have a good time. Never giving you a third degree of who is there or expecting you to be glued to your phone texting me all night.
Having that be mutual.
I want you to have the best things in life.
Whether they include me or not.
It takes a lot for me to be convinced that a relationship is a good idea, I’ve had my heart broken more than a few times.
It means you seeing all of me, not the version people like to create in their heads. Not me as someone’s manic-pixie-dream-girl.
I’m not entirely all good, nor am I entirely all bad.
It’s knocking down all of the various walls I have built up around myself for protection. Then finally breaking those down to discover more.
I’m not good at being vulnerable.
It’s nights of anxiety that make my head spin and the silence of depression that makes you wonder where I retreated off to when you look into my eyes.
But it’s okay, just coax me to come back to bed.
Leave the light on for me and I will always find my way home to you.
I am love.

Got7 💚Reaction to you being sad/crying

Jaebum - He would try everything to make you happy. He would ask you to tell him everything that was wrong so he can fix everything he can.

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Mark - He would do aegyo even though its hella cringy, he just wants to make you laugh.

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Jackson - I think Jackson would be ready to fight anyone or anything that made you sad but he would do anything to make you feel protected and happy.

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Jinyoung - He would sing your favorite song or your hype song. He would try to distract you any way possible.

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Youngjae - even though Youngjae is kind of shy, i feel like he can be protective of you like Jackson. He would keep that hidden though while, he would try to make you feel better with Coco in his arms.

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BamBam - He would be really caring and hold you while you cry and listen to your feelings. 

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Yugyeom - He would do some crazy stuff to make you smile. Like dancing crazy or sing off-key. But on the inside he’s sad that your sad and just wants you to feel better. 

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Wanna One reaction to their girlfriend crying while she’s  in Produce 101


He will be so angry and sad that they made you cry.He knows how painful it can be since he went through the same.He’ll be so angry at mnet that they made you look bad when you aren’t and now you cry because of this.He’ll try to comfort you and make you forget about the hate you received.He wouldn’t let you use your phone to search for articles about you just to protect you from the mean comments.


His heart would break in the first seconds he sees you cry.When you say that it’s your last chance to be an idol he will burst crying.He knows better than anyone how hard is to debut,but still be invisible to everyone.He would try to cheer you up but deep inside he knows that you are still afraid of failing.


He will be angry too at mnet,but wouldn’t be surprised at all.Mnet is known for being a snake even from trainees so he wouldn’t be surprised to see you crying because you were evil edited.He would take really good care of you not to to feel lonely after that.He’d tell you about how this always happens and that it’s not the end for you here.Basically,comforting you.

(ignore the gif caption)

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He usually doesn’t care about a lot of things,but you are the most important for him.He would be so ready to burn mnet down.He wouldn’t care about the show anymore and want you to quit for your own good.He wouldn’t believe his eyes that the girl who always made him smile is now crying alone because of a stupid competition.After he comforts you,he would probably start a petition to burn mnet down.

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Jaehwan will be so worried.He would immediately call you to make sure that you are okay.He’d watch again the part where the other trainee tells you that you can’t sing and hold himself from going to kill that girl.He is aware that your singing isn’t perfect (as his),but that wouldn’t mean that she can tell you that.He would be the one to teach you more and make you  improve your technique just to show that girl you are much better than she thinks.

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He’d be really angry and worried at the same time.He would be more angry on himself that he couldn’t protect you from all the hate.The days after that spent together,will be full of him complimenting you and keeping you safe.He’ll take care of you not to feel sad again.

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He would be really angry.He would be ready to go to the CJ E&M Studio to kill someone because how dirty they played you but he would be stopped by Jinyoung.He’d be so angry that he wouldn’t think what happens to him.All he wants is to know that you are okay and not harmed by somebody.


The first thing he’ll do after he sees you crying would be running to you.He’d be so worried that you are not feeling good and he had no idea about it.He would blame himself for not knowing that you are going through hard times.He’d apologize to you a lot of times because of this.He’d probably be more affected than you .He’d tell you how perfect you are in his eyes and that it doesn’t matter everyone opinion about you when you the people who care about you think of you as an amazing person.

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Jinyoung would worry about you every second .When he sees you crying because you lost all of your fans he would be so confused.Because why wouldn’t they like you?For him you are perfect and not greedy at all.He’d text you every hour to remind you that you are amazing and don’t deserve this.He’ll take you on a lot of dates trying to make you forget.

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Daehwi would be the saddest.He would cry even more than you.He knows how bad it feels.He’d find comments about you being ugly and greedy,just as it happened to him.He would feel really sad but in front of you he’d try to look brave.He’d take care of you every moment you spend together and will always try to make feel better.All he hopes is not to feel as miserable as he felt.

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He would run to you in the next second.He would be afraid to see you crying again but he knows that he is one of the people who could help you this time.His heart would break at the sight of the little girl who is always hyping over his rap,the girl who always supported him,now crying alone.He would feel like this is the only moment when he can be of help for you after all the times you helped him.

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Please request 💕

Jungkook as your boyfriend

just random things I’ve noted down in no particular order

-lean his head on your shoulder when you are busy doing your own things
-be clingy after not seeing you for a long time
-show you his new favorite thing, whether it be a song or a game
-play games together occasionally letting you win
-laugh at your pouty face
-tickle you even though you threathen to murder him
-telling you that you are beautiful out of nowhere 
-getting extremely close just to get your attention
-always looking at you even though you don’t notice, a small smile on his face
-sometimes, more often than you can take, he will use his charms on you, suggestively arching an eyebrow
-his lifetime goal is to make you blush
-likes it when you initiate skinship and play it off when you are flustered about it
-laugh when you playfully tease him about his crush on iu
-glare at you when you gang up against him with the other members of bangtan, planning his payback
-him being proud as hell when you do something well
-him just randomly giving you a quick peck on the cheek, when you least expect it
-intense eye contact, amused when you squirm under his gaze
-pinching your cheek
-you wanting to hit him for smirking
-a lot of laughing about pretty much everything
-trying to make each other smile as much as possible
-him wanting to show you off but keep you to himself at the same time
-realize that he can be quite possessive because of you
-jam to songs togther
-him secretly taking pictures of you when you aren’t looking
-rudely jut out his jaw because he knows its your weakness
-using your lap as his pillow
-making you sing to him, encouraging you with reassuring smiles
-being protective of you in general
-never wants to see you sad and if you are he will try anything to make you feel better, hugs, aegyo, being his dorky self, you name it he will try
-falling in love with you more and more by the second

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Sorry that it took me so long to post this, I’ve been a bit busy these days.
To be honest at first I didn’t know how to make this even though the Anon kindly got back to me.
I just wasn’t sure how to describe what I wanted to convey so I just decided to do it this way in hopes that you’ll get a feel of how I think Jungkook would be as a boyfriend.
This is shamelessly based on the story I’ve been writing ^^

Hope you like it and don’t forget to send in your requests :D



Bucky x Reader

Prompt: A fic based on the song Impossible by Lacey Sturm (I DEF suggest checking her out because hot damn I am addicted now and this song is just perfect for Bucky)

Requested by: @petals-overdaisies

Warnings: Depression, Fluff, Some violence, Swearing

Word Count: ~2700

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I have nothing left

But I keep on pouring out like I am endless

Everything started when they first brought him back out of cyro, much to his dislike. He didn’t deserve to be out amongst everyone else, but Steve finally had enough. They gave him a metal arm, a new one Tony Stark finally crafted himself, and Bucky felt so unworthy of it. He was angry at first, being brought back without a cure for everything wrong with his head, but then he only felt a deep sadness.

  He stayed locked up in his room most of the time, the ache in his chest making it hard for him to keep his composure around others, especially around Steve. Bucky didn’t want to be a bother to him, and constantly thought how it would be better if he had just stayed in cyro… or just ceased to exist.

  But then Steve brought you.

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John Lloyd Young - A Gifted Soul Returns to 54 Below

So many of us have been awaiting @johnlloydyoungfriends return to 54 Below since the tickets went on sale in October, and have been looking forward to the shows ever since.  We wondered what he would have in store for us - and can definitely say that he did not disappoint.  In fact - JLY is better than ever.  

I was fortunate to attend Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s shows…he was phenomenal both nights - even when dealing with an “echo” on Tuesday.  This echo was not the technical variety that he mentioned that he learned to deal with while performing on Broadway, but an echo of the human kind.  Can you imagine being on stage and having someone in the audience sing along with you so loudly that you can hear it on stage along with the rest of the audience?  Many people would be thrown off, but not JLY.  He handled it all with grace, class, and humor.  And thankfully, the echo was not present on Wednesday night.  

Echo aside, JLY blew all of us away with each song selection, showing how he can take absolutely any song that has already been recorded and make it completely his own.  He opened with “The Spy”, which always gives the audience chills as he performs it.  He then moved into another Doors song, the hauntingly beautiful “Crystal Ship”, and made it better than the original as well.  In what is starting to become a trend for me, I heard “Crystal Ship” on the radio today driving home from NYC (which really surprised me since I have not heard that one on the radio in years) … and while Jim Morrison’s classic version is wonderful, JLY puts his own spin on it, bringing out the full emotion of the words and melody.  I really hope he is going to record it as well.

You can’t help but feel the raw emotion in all of the songs JLY sings, including “Stardust”,”Hurt”, and “Say No More”.  You experience the “fado” along with him - that feeling of the knife twisting in the chest that he conveys so well. And as he keeps proving whenever he performs, he can make you feel the emotion in any language:  “Ming Ri Tian Ya” (Mandarin), “Parla Piu Piano” (Italian), and “Usted” (Spanish) move all of us every time.  JLY has the ability to sing in each language fluently and make you feel these songs, whether you know or understand each of these languages or not.  It takes a gifted vocalist and performer to be able to do that.  When he serenades us with those songs - along with ones in English like “Ooh Baby Baby” and “Maybe I’m Amazed” - he gets right to each of our hearts.  Nobody does that better than JLY.

His original material is also outstanding - “Almost There”, “Slow Dawn Calling”, and “Alone Together” are all potential hits.  I love the story behind “Alone Together” …how JLY told Tommy Faragher that he wanted to create the feeling of someone like Edgar Allen Poe, sitting in a turret somewhere alone and thinking.  Those stories behind the songs just add to the meaning for all of us, and to the power of the song. I look forward to hearing these on a recording-and hopefully on the radio where they belong.  

Speaking of Tommy…we got to hear him perform solo and show off his amazing voice as well.  He performed “A Song For You”, dedicating it to JLY and also honoring the original writer and performer, Leon Russell, who passed away a few months ago.  It was a treat to hear Tommy sing this one, and I hope they keep doing this in future sets.  

JLY did also sing “Sherry” for us, having us all get up out of our seats and sing with him, dancing along as he performed the moves on stage.  I hope it was as much fun for him as it was for us.  :o)  For a song he’s sung over 3000 times, he still makes it sound brand new. 

He closed out the evening with something special - performing “The Impossible Dream” like it’s never been done before.  It took my breath away and made me cry, as I know it did for many others in the room as well.  With the talent and voice that JLY has, that star is definitely within reach.  His vocals are second to none, and he shares his soul with all of us every time he performs.  Going to see JLY in concert is good for the soul, in more ways than one. We are so thankful each and every time - and grateful that he shares his gifts with us.

Superhero AUs #7

- ‘Is it just me or have the general public been hindering you in arresting me lately?’ AU
- ‘Apparently the entire city ships us’ AU

- ‘We’re in the drama prop cupboard joking around and you put on a mask and suddenly I realised, oh god you’re a superhero’ AU
- ‘You just fainted and I don’t know if you’re just a really good actor or this dumb mask somehow scared you that much and now I’m freaking out’ AU

- ‘I know I’m really bad at catching you but could you please stop humming ‘Can’t Touch This’ as you run away from me, the constant rhyming is bad but this is just rude’ AU
- ‘Catch me once (use sousveillance), catch me never and I’ll keep going forever’ AU

- ‘Which crown do you like better on me? I can’t decide if A is too gaudy or B is too plain’ AU
- ‘There’s beating me to a bloody pulp, making me your prisoner and taking over my city, and then there’s asking me to make fashion decisions’ AU

- ‘I broke into your warehouse to finally arrest you but I can hear singing and I think you’re in the shower…I feel like I should leave but you have the most amazing singing voice’ AU
- ‘I think there’s someone in my warehouse I am Naked and Afraid™’ AU

- ‘There’s been so much shenanigans on our bus to school that now we all have assigned seats, only problem is now you’re my seat buddy for the rest of the year and everybody knows we hate each other (and they don’t even know about our extracurricular super hatred)’ AU
- ‘I caused havoc so we’d get assigned bus seats, then stole the plan and put us next to each other. Now I have two and a bit terms of school and an hour a day of sitting next to each other to steal your heart’ AU

- ‘Yes, I think there’s been a mix-up with luggage…what do you mean, am I sure. I’m pretty sure I didn’t pack any death rays in my suitcase’ AU
- ‘How am I supposed to take over this city with penguin-patterned socks and NO DEATH RAYS?!’ AU

- ‘We’re teachers in the same school and we glare at each other in the corridors and I bang on the wall between our two classrooms when your class gets too rowdy, the whole school ships it and none of them believe it when I dead seriously call you my arch nemesis’ AU
- ‘I’m being bullied into dating my arch nemesis by a bunch of kids…WHAT?! NO! The handcuff marks are from being arrested by them not from…oh god but I can’t explain that to the kids without losing my job please stop mentioning the marks I’m begging you’ AU

- ‘We’ve been fighting each other for years and I just arrived in my uni accomodation to find your stupid golden ass sitting on the other bed in my assigned joint room’ AU
- ‘I came across the country to get away from you foiling my plans and now I’m closer to you than ever…I’m gonna put silly string in your shoes’ AU

- ‘A long time ago when we were kids we were nemeses, now I joined the CIA and you’re here too. ‘Reformed’ my ass, I’m watching you’ AU
- ‘I might actually be scared of your threats if you weren’t a foot shorter than me with no powers, and if you stopped making childish ‘I’m watching you’ gestures at me every time I turn around’ AU

Can I get the boys comforting their s/o after they’ve run into a phobia of theirs, please?

Sure thing, here it is!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • His first instinct is to calm you down.
  • He strokes your hair, he takes his mask off so you can see exactly what he’s doing at all times.
  • He speaks to you very soothingly, giving you room to breathe but keeping his hand on your shoulder at all times to keep you grounded.
  • He tells you that everything is okay, everything will be fine, you’re fine, and he’s here.
  • When you’ve calmed down a bit he pulls you into a hug, still stroking your hair and tell you how proud of you he is.
  • Good for you, you calmed down from that so well, you’re so brave and incredible!
  • He kisses your forehead gently, and keeps a close eye on you for the rest of the day.

Rantarou Amami

  • He really wants to make sure you’re okay, but he’s really worried so he’s a little hectic.
  • He’s pretty calm in nature, so calming you down isn’t too hard for him.
  • He acts like nothing is wrong, tells you there’s nothing to be afraid of, holds you close, whispers sweet nothings in your ear, and reminds you that he can protect you from anything.
  • Tells you that your fear is valid, and that you’re very brave for facing them like this.
  • He holds you until you’ve calmed down completely, and then suggests that the two of you do something fun together to help you relax!
  • You think it’s a great idea.
  • You’re very appreciative that he cares about you enough to do this much for you!

Kokichi Ouma

  • You’re surprised by how quickly he becomes serious, asking you if you’re okay, asking you if you need help, asking what he can do for you.
  • Being a leader, he’s extremely good at talking people into a lull, and you know that’s exactly what he’s doing to you right now.
  • But in truth, he’s only so good at this because he has experience with panic. He knows what he’s doing.
  • He talks you down, repeatedly telling you to breathe and to listen to him.
  • Everything is going to be okay.
  • Ouma has you.
  • Ouma will keep you safe.
  • He hugs you and rubs your back gently, trying to get you into a rhythmic sort of lull.
  • This almost feels like hypnotism…but you don’t mind, because it’s working.
  • Actually, you eventually fell asleep.
  • Is this kind of people-working skills that the SHSL Supreme Ruler has…?

Shuuichi Saihara

  • He actually has no idea what to do.
  • He panics a bit, and has no real plan, but tries his best to calm you down with simple things, like hugs and soothing words.
  • He tells you that you have nothing to worry about, and you should just take a few deep breaths.
  • He promises to protect you no matter what!
  • But really, he’s just nervous and doesn’t really know what to do.
  • So he just sits with you and keeps trying to talk you down to a more calm mindset.

Kaito Momota

  • Extremely protective of you.
  • Immediately gets you away from whatever is scaring you and hugs you real close.
  • He gets pretty pissed off at whatever or whoever would make you scared like that, especially right in front of him!
  • They must have some nerve!
  • He just holds you and rocks you gently until you calm down.
  • He tells you how proud he is that you made it through that, and gives you a really nice kiss to cheer you up!
  • He hugs you for a long time, even after you’re okay, right up until you tell him to let you go already.
  • You kiss his nose as thanks!
  • He’s happy you’re feeling better, but he’s still pretty mad about the fact that you had to go through that in the first place.


  • He’s done thorough research on how to handle this, and is totally ready!
  • He holds you close and whispers to you.
  • You’re safe, you’re in his arms, he’s a very good guard and nothing bad can happen to you.
  • He even turns on his heater for you!
  • He sings to you, just quietly, songs that he knows you like.
  • His voice is actually pretty soothing.
  • You relax pretty quickly, because he knows exactly what he’s doing.
  • When you feel better, he smiles a lot because he’s really proud!
  • And gives you lots of little kisses, of course.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • He doesn’t really know what to do at first, but he figures it out!
  • He picks you up and holds you, and his arms are big and strong and they make you feel very safe.
  • Gonta kisses your forehead and tells you that Gonta is here for you, and Gonta can keep you safe!
  • And Gonta definitely will keep you safe!
  • He’s so upbeat and helpful about it that you actually start feeling better very quickly.
  • He kisses all over your face, because he knows it makes you giggle, and he wants to see you happy!
  • He finally puts you down, but only when he knows you’re 100% happy!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • He’s…bad with people.
  • He quickly takes your hand and leads you away from anything that might be scaring you.
  • He doesn’t really know what to do after that.
  • He sits with you and holds your hand and doesn’t say much of anything, but somehow just his presence is comforting to you.
  • It takes a while, but eventually you calm down.
  • When he notices your breathing evening out, he asks you if you’re okay now, and you confirm that you are.
  • He apologizes for not being able to help more and hugs you.
  • You tell him it’s okay, and that him just being there helped a lot!
  • He just wishes he could have done more for you.

anonymous asked:

How would bts react if you asked them to sing you to sleep?

Jin - This young man would lull you to sleep with a sweet lullaby. He has such a nice voice and sweet disposition, it would be hard not to let your heart beat away from you while he does so. However, since he is the first to wake up in the dorm, he might fall asleep singing to you, but don’t be too upset, because he will definitely make it up to you. The next night, he would do it again, the night after that, and so forth. He would love to sing you to sleep, satisfied knowing that he are the last thing you hear before you fall asleep, and probably the first thing you hear when you wake up. 

Suga - Oh darling… he would have no shame or embarrassment singing you to sleep, but it not be quite what you expect. He is labeled a rapper for a reason, and maybe it should stay that way. However, if you are insistent on him singing to you, then he would, but only on his terms in his time. If he is already falling asleep, chances are he is going to say no. If he is busy with something, don’t expect him to stay committed to the end of the song. He would only do this for you every once in a while, so don’t expect it often, and treat it like a gift (even if it doesn’t sound like one) when it does happen.

J-Hope - Even though he is a rapper, he has a secret talent for singing, and for you he would show it off anytime. So when you ask him to sing you to sleep, he would belt out that soothing voice of his, and nearly blow you right out of the bed. But we all know that Hobi is sensitive, and very affectionate as well, so he would be pulling you tight into his arms, and singing softly in your ear, maybe his lips even brushing your ear a little. He would love singing you to sleep, and you would love listening to him just as much. 

Rap Monster - Another guy that, despite his rapper status, has a very lovely singing voice. Maybe not the best, but just enough. So when you ask him to sing you to sleep, he would smile and agree. He would sing you something small, maybe one of the songs he composed. Ooh~ maybe even a song he composed for you! That would be so romantic, and sounds like something he would do. Even better, it would just be random. You would ask for him to sing to you one night, and he would start singing a song you don’t recognize, only for him to tell you that he wrote it about you. Ugh~ the feels!

Jimin - His sweet voice would be eager to lull you to sleep anytime you asked. At night when you two are in bed? He would sing you a sweet ballad that nearly brings you to tears. If you are tired in the car? He would turn on some awesome Indie music and sing a long until you are passed out. When you have a cold? He will make you a feel-better song. Yet, you must also be careful with this request. While you want him to sing to you so you can fall asleep, chances are he might get so into the song that it keeps you from going to sleep instead of calming you down. Also, he might sing Taeyang songs to you a lot, so I hope you like his music. 

V - In my personal opinion, V has a gorgeous voice. Of the vocals, he stands out because his voice is deep, and that could lull you to sleep better than any of the others. You would ask him to sing you to sleep, and immediately his deep voice would carry out a low tune. He would keep quiet, cuz you are trying to fall asleep, and you would continue to feel the vibrations of his deep voice, even after you fall asleep. However, we have seen what the little turd bother the others when they are trying to sleep. Chances are if you are falling asleep before him, and he still wants your attention; he would be nice at first by singing you something nice and soothing to put you to sleep before turning around ans singing something obnoxious to try and get your attention again. Proceed with caution. 

Jungkook - This youngster has such an amazing voice. You made the right choice by asking him to sing you to sleep. Even though he is young, and still acts like it sometimes, he has such a sentimental, deep side. The others have even said that he acts like he is older, and mature… sometimes. But you would ask him, and he would lay with you comfortably while singing you something wonderful. probably a ballad, or love song, that has caught his attention recently. He would continue to sing to you until you fall asleep, and then probably keep going until he is too tired to go on. You would be dreaming of his voice, and how wonderful it made you feel. There are no real words for the feelings that go along with a voice such as his. 

~Admin C

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How do you think will the guys react when you are sick but tell them you are okay.? 💙

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Wonho: Wouldn’t believe that you’re okay at all. He would get extremely worried, since he’s the doting kind of boyfriend. He won’t leave your side at all, helping you as much as he can. He’d probably scold you a little too, telling you to take care of yourself better.

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Shownu: He would be the type to panic in the inside but wouldn’t know exactly what to do. He would ask you if you needed anything like food, medicine, etc. and would do it straight away. He would probably make you fall asleep, watching over you as he tries to find other ways to make to feel better.

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Kihyun: He would probably force you to go to doctor for a checkup. Just like Wonho, he would be extremely worried about you, and would probably scold you a little too. He most probably would be singing you lullabies to help you sleep and calm down. 

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I.M: Changkyun would probably say so much jokes so you can feel better. He’s the kind of person that believes in “Laughter is the best medicine”. He’d be acting cute towards you and vice versa, making you feel like a baby like “Awww. My (Y/N) looks so sick.” He’d be super cheesy.

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Hyungwon: He would definitely cook for you even without you requesting. He would also sit by your bed, telling you stories to keep you entertained. He would be restless, seeing you in that kind of state. If he thinks that your condition is really bad, he would definitely bring you to the hospital despite telling him that you were okay.

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Jooheon: Just like I.M, he would make you feel better by telling jokes. But more on giving you cute faces and reactions. It would seem like he’s calm on the outside, but he’s honestly really stressed, seeing you sick and all. Making you smile is his initial goal whenever you get sick.

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Minhyuk: This boy would definitely buy you flowers, huge stuffed toys, and other things that would bring your mood up. He would constantly tell you how much he loves you and would bring in some compliments. He wouldn’t let you move an inch, doing everything by himself as long as it would make you feel better.

- Admin Terra

Dating Park Jimin includes:

Requested by my friend Ciara 

 *He would always be close to you whether he’s holding your hand, hugging you or just standing beside you 

 *He would wanna do dances with you, he loves doing couple dances in the practice room 

 *At the end of each day you would both cuddle and talk about how you’re doing 

 *If you can’t see each other for a long time because of schedules he would face time you as much as he can 

 *He’d give you nicknames like “babe” but get embarrassed when other people hear him saying it, he would blush and laugh it off

 *When you guys are out together he’d be very shy and act cute with you but when you’re alone however… 

 *He would love singing around you waiting for you to praise him😂 

 *He would love to hear you say how good he is because it makes him feel better about himself 

 *He would be so cute in the mornings, you trying to get up but this little puppy (aka jimin) keeps grabbing you and cuddling into you while mumbling cute little things into your shirt “A few more minutes” turned into hours 😂😂 

 *He would hate it if you were insecure because he would think you were the most beautiful thing in this world 

 *He would do his best to prove it too. After you take your makeup off he would comment on how beautiful you look all of a sudden. Whenever you felt body conscious he would kiss you all over and tell you how stupid you sound.

 *He would never look at other girls in a sexual way because you are his heaven on earth 

 *He would be so sweet when it comes to taking things to the next level. Asking you are you okay and if you wanna go slower. 

 *He would make it special because he wants to remember this moment with the person he loves the most in the world 

 *He would want kids too, he would love looking in the baby sections of shops and pointing things out to you 

 *He would wanna spend forever just being in love with you. I have a feeling if this boy were to fall in love he would fall deep. You are family to him and also his best friend

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i want to post audio covers on tumblr, but im too scared to and i don't even know if i am a good singer. do you have any advice for me? how did you feel comfortable to post yours?

honestly when i look back on my covers i’m like THIS IS HORRIBLE who let me do this!!!! i’ll never think i’m a good singer but i share it anyway because listening to my own voice helps me realize what i need to work on and posting it makes it easier for me to find again tbh

i guess i basically force myself not to care and i’ve become so used to forcing myself not caring is almost natural now LOL

and really even though i think i sing bad now, i’ve slowly become able to sing a lil higher so as long as you keep working at it and recording things will only get better.

 good luck!!! i know its tough and i hope you can feel proud after you post it 💜💞💜💞💜 

Sweet Dreams


you x yunhyeong

description: where you had a bad nightmare and he comforts you


i hope this turns out how you imagined it!

“You like the movie?” Your boyfriend whispers in your ear. You nod, focusing back on the screen as he wraps his arms around you. His arms slowly moved from your waist to your shoulders, until they wrapped around your neck. Not knowing how to react to the situation, you just sat there, frozen not able to scream out. A snicker left his lips, mocking you. Suddenly his arms tightened around your neck, and before you knew it, you could barely breathe. You can hear his heavy breathing in your ear as he tightened his grip around your neck. The lack of oxygen caused you to go in and out of consciousness before blacking out.

“BABE” he yelled, shaking you. Your eyes shot open, soaked in tears. Not knowing that the loud sobs from your vivid dream shocked your boyfriend. “Shhh baby don’t cry,” he whispered, pulling your body closer to his. He stroked your hair, trying to calm you down. Your sudden outcry had shocked him. Not realizing that you had fallen asleep was a part of the shock; he thought you screamed at the movie, but boy he was wrong. You too wrapped your arms around his waist, burying your face into his chest, inhaling his scent. It was a dream.The movie credits were rolling on your TV screen, saying that you slept through the majority of the film.

“I’m sorry I fell asleep,” you muttered, wiping your tears with a tissue provided by Yunhyeong. 

“No, that’s not the issue right now. What were you dreaming about?” he asks, looking into your eyes. The look of concern in his eyes made yours water a bit more- it really was a dream. He’d never do that.

“You tried to kill me while we watched a movie,” you whispered. He looked at you, confused.

“Y/N, this isn’t heaven,” he says with a chuckle. You shook your head violently.

“Yunhyeong, I know this isn’t heaven. That was my dream. You killed me in it,” 

A frown appeared on his face as he stroked the hair off your face. He took a good look at your face- first your eyes, then your nose, then your lips, then back up at your eyes. The fear from your vivid dream resonated in your eyes.

“I’d never,” he said, kissing your forehead. “I love you too much to ever yell at you or lay a finger on you,” he whispers, kissing your entire face. His soft lips left a tingling feeling on your face. His kisses slowly started getting sloppy and slobbery, making you giggle. You attempted to push him away only to fail tremendously as he wrapped his arms even tighter around you- squeezing your body completely up against his. 

“If anything I’d save you from anyone who would try to hurt you,” he says with a smile. His hands slide up your shirt, stroking your bare skin, His soft touch gave you chills, and made it hard to focus.

“I know,” you mumble. “My little prince wouldn’t hurt a fly though,” 

“I’d only hurt people if they hurt you or my family or my boys, you know that,” he says with a smile. His leg wraps around your body, keeping your entire body squished up against his.

“You’re my perfect prince,” you giggle, thinking about cheesy that sounded. “You’re perfect,” you whisper.

“I’d be and do anything for you, you know that,” he says, kissing the tip of your nose. The sudden kiss made you scrunch up your nose. You both laid there- no conversation, no subtle touches- just quiet breathing.

“Thank you for making me feel better after my bad dream,” you say after a while. 

“Anything for my beautiful princess- you know that,” he says quietly.

“Can you sing for me?” you ask him quietly. You can hear his heartbeat clearly as you placed your head on his chest.

“What would you like to hear, your majesty?” he asked. A laugh erupted from both of you, cringing at his cheesy line.

“Anything that you want to sing. As long as its pretty,”

“We haven’t released this song yet,” he whispers. Your eyes light up at his words. “I helped write the lyrics this time. It’s about you,” he says, blushing.

“Aww did my Yoyo write a song for me?” you giggle. He avoids eye contact with you, trying to hold in his smile. “That’s the sweetest thing a guy has ever done for me,” you say sincerely.

Upon hearing these words, his confidence rose as he cleared his throat. You shut your eyes, hoping to fall asleep to his sweet voice and his consistent heartbeat. His honey voice flowed into your ears, making your heart melt. You felt yourself drift in and out of sleep, making it hard to focus. You gave up on trying to stay awake as he finished the song. He shifted under you to turn of the light on the night stand.

“Good night, my princess, my world, my everything. Sweet dreams,”

ahh SO CHEESY AND AOITTHEJFNGBB (<—- how i feel after writing this) I know this isn’t great, but i hope to improve as i continue writing more and more. please give me some feedback. That will help me improve and write better imagines and scenarios for you guys! Thank you for reading! xx

EXO Reaction To You Singing Hello By Adele

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Reaction Masterlist

lookdeepinside16 said:

EXO reaction to you passionately singing Hello by Adele bc you miss them (bf) and feel forgotten

Xiumin: Oh wow…I really need to pay more attention to my s/o huh… *even as he listens, all he can do in that moment is feel the pain growing in his heart as he realizes how lonely you must feel, knowing that pain must only be a shadow of yours*

Luhan: *he can feel the emotion in your voice as he walks into your apartment to surprise you. He wasn’t expecting to walk into you singing that song, tears evident in your voice. You were just trying to get the feeling out, that horrible lonely feeling that had settled in your heart. He made a vow to be a better man to you.*

Kris: *As I think Kris is a little more awkward with love than either Luhan or Xiumin, I think he wouldn’t know quite how to handle hearing you sing the song. He would feel tidal waves of emotions, feelings he just wouldn’t know what to do with.*

Suho: *This bun just takes it in, trying to feel what you must have felt so he can understand. To himself, he is making a promise to never make you feel so alone again…He wants to understand you…He regrets not thinking about how you would feel earlier.*

Lay: *Lay probably has the busiest schedule out of all the EXO members and he works so hard as he wants to make people believe that Chinese people can be trusted so he’ll feel the most “stuck between a rock and a hard place.” He’d want to make you feel supported and loved but he also doesn’t feel like he can take a break…*

Baekhyun: *He would start to sing with you, quietly at first. Once he sees you crying, he’d gently put his arms around you, supporting you and letting you get your tears out while he sang to your quietly.*

Chen: *Even though he feels your sadness genuinely, he reacts to emotional situations by trying to make them a bit light and you should not mistake this for him making light of your emotions. He just wants you to feel better…So even while he’s a bit of a troll and a good, he does genuinely care.*

Chanyeol: *Even after the two of you had talked things through and you had worked out a plan so you wouldn’t feel as lonely despite his schedules and you felt like you had worked things out and had even fallen asleep he stayed up. He couldn’t shake the deep and intense guilt that was weighing down on him for not realizing how you felt…*

DO: *He blames himself… DO I feel at least feels like he had control of his schedule and has good time management and feels very responsible. He would completely blame himself for failing to give you the attention you deserve. He is his own harshest critic.*

Tao: *One of the more emotionally in-tune members of EXO, he would immediately understand how you felt just by hearing how you sang the song and he would almost be moved to tears. Good news is that he is more in control of his schedule and is capable of making time to see you*

Kai: *He wouldn’t know what just to do with himself but he would want to do something, anything to help you feel better. The only idea he’s got is just to go over and hold you but he keeps questioning if that’s enough even though that might actually be enough…Physical contact with the person you love or even like can do a lot*

Sehun: *Sehun doesn’t want to show how much hearing you sing that song affected him. He wants to look strong, if only he can feel in control. All he wants to do is be able to go over and hold you, tell you that he’d be with you every minute if he could, but he can’t, he can’t even go to you and he doesn’t want to let it on that it’s killing him.*

Hello there~ You can, and you’re welcome. Sorry I took so long…

Leeteuk: *feels helpless he can’t do anything but hold you as you cry*

Heechul: “Hey, If you cry, I’m going to start crying, and then we’re just going to be a sobbing mess.”

Yesung: “What to do, what to do…” 

Kangin: *has no idea what to do* “Um, do you want ice cream? A hug?”

Shindong: *acts silly and reminds you how much he loves you until you start laughing*

Sungmin: *shocked when you start crying* “(Y/n)? What’s wrong?”

Eunhyuk: *lets you cry on his shoulder* “You must be strong, Eunhyuk. Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Donghae: *when he hears you start crying* “Babe?”

Siwon: “Okay, wait here, I’m gonna go get some hot chocolate and some blankets to calm you down and make you feel better.” *you got this Siwon*

Ryeowook: *listens to you let it all out while thinking about what would make you feel better*

Kibum: *listens to you let everything out while rubbing your back*

Kyuhyun: *keeps his own tears in so you don’t feel worse* “Its okay, (Y/n), you can cry now. Let it out.”

Henry: *sings to you to make you feel better*

Zhoumi: *feels bad that he can’t stop your tears but pulls you into a hug and forces himself to be strong for you*