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Health Advice for the Signs

**Check your Sun sign, your Sun sign’s polarity, and your Ascendant

Aries: The head is ruled by Aries. They are susceptible to a lot of headaches, migraines, and sinus issues, and could be susceptible to minor head and facial injuries, too. Arians are also prone to eye strain and problems with the teeth, and they have a tendency to overwork themselves. Arians easily get red in the face when they’re excited or angry, and when they have a fever, it often becomes very high in a very short amount of time. 

Advice: Use protective headgear if you’re participating in strenuous sports. Be sure to take breaks when working, and don’t try to take on more than you can handle. Eat meals in a serene atmosphere. Drink plenty of water and rest often. 

Taurus: The throat and neck are ruled by Taurus. Taureans may be subject to a sore throats, colds, laryngitis, thyroid problems, swollen glands, stiff necks (especially when they’re stressed) and other minor afflictions. They’re also prone to tonsillitis and ear aches. Taureans’ keen taste buds lead to a love of food, and that, paired with possible problems with the Thyroid gland, which is also ruled by Taurus, as well as a generally sedentary lifestyle, can cause weight gain. Because they are ruled by Venus, Taureans may also have back strain. 

Advice: Bundle up during the winter to avoid getting sick. Be careful of your eating habits. Remember everything should be done in moderation. Take walks outside to keep yourself active. Take the time to give yourself a quick massage or do some stretches if you’re experiencing neck or back pain. 

Gemini: The hands, arms, shoulders and lungs are ruled by Gemini. Geminis may have problems with respiratory disease and may be prone to bronchitis and asthma, as well as difficulty breathing when stressed. They’re susceptible to accidents involving the hands such as sprained wrists, jammed fingers, and broken bones, as well as minor bruises, scrapes and cuts. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which rules the brain and nervous system, so Geminis may also be prone to anxiety and nervousness, which can make them physically sick. 

Advice: Because your ruling planet, Mercury, is associated with the brain and nervous system, your mental health is tied to your physical health. Meditation, yoga, or even some simple breathing exercises would be beneficial to your overall health. Smoking tobacco is especially detrimental to Geminis, so avoid that. Playing sports such as tennis or ping pong will help strengthen the arms. 

Cancer: The breasts and stomach are ruled by Cancer. Cancerians could be susceptible to weight gain in later years, and it may be hard for them to lose that excess weight. They are prone to stomach and digestive problems such as ulcers, gallbladder issues, and nausea. Cancerians are likely to overindulge in wine and alcohol, which causes further stomach problems as well weight gain and water retention. Tension, anxiety, and high emotions are likely to cause illness in those born under this sign. 

Advice: Eat your meals in pleasant surroundings—no arguing at the table. Take a walk afterwards to aid in digestion. Walking in a warm rain or by the sea will soothe the lungs, as the air is moist.

Leo: Leo rules the back, spine, and heart, and those born under this sign may have problems with the back and spine due to physical and emotional strain as well as overexertion. They’re especially susceptible to upper back pain and pressures and pains around the heart. They may have heart problems later in their lives. 

Advice: Avoiding lifting heavy objects and doing stretches for the back would be beneficial. Try and maintain good posture as well, and make sure to get enough rest and relaxation. Sunbathing is a good way to do so. 

Virgo: Virgo rules the nervous system and intestines. Virgoans are worriers, and their nervous tension, anxiety, and emotional stress easily become physical ailments, usually intestinal, as they have sensitive stomachs and are prone to ulcers, indigestion, liver and bowel problems.  

Advice: Herbal tea eases the stomach. Light but regular exercise, periods of relaxation, and sunshine are helpful in getting Virgoans to stop worrying and destress, at least for a little while.

Libra: The lower back, butt, and kidneys are ruled by Libra, and Venus, Libra’s ruler, rules the throat, skin, hair, and veins along with those regions as well. Librans are prone to lower back pain (especially when they’re stressed) as well as kidney problems, such as infections, and sensitive skin, along with breakouts. Librans may have delicate immune systems as children, but it usually evens out as they age. 

Advice: Drink lots of water and avoid excessive alcohol and carbonated drinks as they are bad for both the skin and the kidneys. Mild exercise, back stretches, and good posture are all beneficial for Librans, and you should try to keep both your surroundings and your company pleasant and harmonious.

Scorpio: Scorpio rules the genitals, and Scorpios may have problems with urinary tract infections and genital infections—skin flare ups, cystitis, and other ailments. They may also experience exhaustion and ill health due to their own volatile emotions and inability to rest and relax, and suppression of those emotions as well as sexual frustration can lead to cruel and erratic behavior.

Advice: Take time to relax and process your emotions. Don’t bottle your feelings up; take time to exercise, and keep your surroundings peaceful. As you are one of water signs, you Scorpios benefit from taking trips to the sea, soaking in the bath, and drinking spring water opposed to tap water. 

Sagittarius: Sagittarius rules the liver, hips, and thighs. Sagittarians have sensitive livers, and they may be susceptible to overuse of alcohol and to hepatitis, since their ruling planet, Jupiter, governs the liver. They also may be susceptible to gaining weight in their later years, especially around the hips and thighs. They also are prone to chronic aches, fractures, sprains, and bruising in this area. 

Advice: You Sagittarians absolutely need exercise, fresh air, and sunshine daily, and you benefit from being around nature, but beware of the effect of the sun and wind, and be careful when walking, riding, or playing sports that you don’t injure your hips and thighs. 

Capricorn: The bones, joints, and knees are ruled by Capricorn. They may be prone to knee injuries and pains, stiff joints, arthritis, rheumatism, and orthopedic problems. Capricorn’s ruler, Saturn, governs the gallbladder, spleen, bones, skin and teeth. Capricorns’ teeth tends to need a lot of care, and their skin tends to be dry. Their own pessimism and worrying can cause body aches and drained energy. 

Advice: Be careful in the sun to avoid skin damage, and be sure to keep warm during cold or wet weather. Try to keep good posture, but don’t walk too stiffly. Colorful surroundings, flowers, good friends, and good music are sure to lighten your mood when you’re feeling low. 

Aquarius: Aquarius rules the circulatory system, shins, calves, and ankles. The lower part of the leg is more susceptible to cuts, bruises, sprains, and fractures than any other part of the body, and the ankles may be prone to swelling. Aquarians may suffer circulatory problems, low blood pressure, anemia, and hardening of the arteries, and cold weather is particularly hard on them. 

Advice: You Aquarians need fresh air and exercise to release tension and increase energy. Brisk walks are good for circulation, but avoid running, as you’re likely to trip and fall. Elevate legs to counteract puffiness. Afternoon naps are good for vitality, but avoid drinking excessive amounts of coffee as it makes you nervous. 

Pisces: The feet are ruled by Pisces. They may be prone to aches, bunions, corns, and callouses, as well as athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. Pisceans often afflicted by bruised, stubbed, or broken toes, and are prone to gout too. Pisceans find it hard to stand for long periods of time, and they have problems with ill fitting shoes. They also experience emotion related illnesses as they are one of the water signs. Pisceans may be more likely than others to fall prey to alcohol and drugs.

Advice: You Pisceans should keep a well balanced diet, a mild exercise regime, and be sure to get enough rest so that you can keep up your vitality. Dancing and swimming are good exercises for those of you born under this sign. Be sure to take care of your feet and wear comfortable shoes. A warm footbath before bed aids in relaxation and a good night’s sleep.  

Monsta X as Dads


  • Awkward Dad Jokes
  • all the kids love going to his house cuz snacks and a swirly slide inside the house??
  • always asked to chaperone things at the school functions 
  • makes funny faces to get his kids to cheer up 
  • takes any opportunity to dance with his kids 
  • “Jackson, you can’t keep saving the fish from drowning”

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  • certified helicopter dad
  • loves to brag on his child at any chance he can get 
  • follows all his kids on social media and comments on every post
  • “This looks so good!” 
  • “You’re so cute! Look at my daughter!”
  • sets up playdates with all the moms in the neighborhoods 
  • weekend trips to Grandma’s cafe
  • Pancakes with faces every morning for breakfast

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  • loves blanket forts and movie nights 
  • especially on school nights
  • vice president of the PTA
  • ALWAYS at the school doing something for his kids 
  • has pictures of his kids everywhere, even has a mug with their pictures on it
  • Leaves cute notes in their lunch boxes
  • “Daddy loves you” he says as he cries when they go to school 

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  • President of the PTA 
  • disciplines with his facial expressions
  • lowkey/highkey threatens the people who bully his children
  • “he did what?? LET ME TALK TO HIS MOTHER”
  • does all the baking for school fundraisers
  • loves to gossip about other moms
  • “seriously who still store buys their cookies??”
  • Wakes the kids up at 6 am if they forget to do the dishes

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  • Actually makes children sleep at sleepovers
  • Brunch and Brinner are things because no one gets up before 12 on the weekends and breakfast is the easiest to make
  • Always late for school 
  • Kids are always dressed nicely 
  • Aesthetics
  • never goes to PTA meetings because hes binge watching Netflix with the fam
  • Loves museums because they are quiet and take minimal effort
  • Lowkey goofy and plays with his kids in the ball pit at Chuck E Cheese

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  • Always matches with his kids
  • A L W A Y S
  • actually checks under the bed and the closet for monsters
  • gives them hugs and kisses whenever he can
  • embarrassing dad at all the school functions
  • secretly follows his kids when they go on dates
  • Dresses up for tea parties and princess play time 

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  • doesnt know what discipline is
  • encourages free expression at all times
  • “Why should I stifle their creativity??”
  • Always brings his kids and their friends lunch 
  • made up their own way to say “I love you”
  • Has all the newest games at the house
  • “listen, dont tell your mom but…”
  • they’ve got all kinds of pets 

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anonymous asked:

So i have this headcannon going on in which Nesta is actually a massive flirt and insanely charming when the situation calls for it,growing up with her parents always throwing parties and all she just had to

2. can you write the inner circle being in shock and Cassian not knowing if he should handle his boner or his jealousy first?

Not sure if this was meant to be one prompt that accidentally got split in my ask box, but I’m putting them both together! Hope you don’t mind!

Glasses clinked together in cheers at the long tables in the Day Court. Helion orchestrated the event and invited the inner circle of the Night Court to join in the festivities.

For the most part Rhysand, Feyre and their small group lingered together. A few Day Court fae met them near the entrance, which prompted formal greetings and laughs meant to ease any awkward tension.

Nesta remained silent during the conversations. Promptly looking about the open interior of the room with a critical eye.

Helion approached them and made his regular flirtatious remarks. Of course he couldn’t resist reminding Azriel, Cassian and Mor of his offer to which all three declined with politeness of their own degrees.

And then Helion noticed Nesta’s gaze straying to the tables filled with food and wine.

“Perhaps I could interest you in a drink?” Helion asked her.

He wasn’t expecting much with his innocent suggestion. Nesta was perhaps the only creature who ever turned away from his stunning looks with such disinterest. It surprised the High Lord of the Day Court, but then again it made him appreciate Nesta even more. To know that she was not swayed by attractive bodies…or at the very least would not be interested in any other fae when her eyes were set solely on the Illyrian Commander.

Nesta tilted her head toward Helion. Finally acknowledging his presence and gave him a warm smile that stunned everyone around her.

“A drink sounds lovely,” she answered. “In fact I wouldn’t mind a couple of glasses if that wine is from your famed vineyards. I believe it is called “Golden Ambrosia”?”

Helion blinked before recovering. “It is indeed. I’m glad that you are a woman of such fine tastes.” Helion held out his darkly toned arm for Nesta to take. With poise of years of training that her parents paid for before they fell to poverty, Nesta placed her hand on Helion’s elbow and walked through the parting crowd toward the beverages.

In no time it seemed as though Nesta fell into this role that neither Feyre nor Elain had ever seen before. Rhysand shot Feyre a questioning look as the eldest Archeron began to strike up conversations with complete strangers.

Cassian couldn’t take his eyes of the scene before him. Nesta in a pale grey gown that was sheer down most of her legs and sleeves. Beside Helion it was as though Nesta was the she the moon to his sun.

Clearly the High Lord of the Day Court was enjoying himself. Far too much for Cassian’s liking as he saw Helion place his hand on Nesta’s back.

But seeing Nesta smiling at these fae…it did something else to Cassian. She drank wine among the dark toned fae who greeted her with open arms. And Mother above – Nesta laughed at something one of those fae said. Her head tilted enough that her hair took on a dark golden sheen in the sunlight and her eyes were clear of stress.

Then Helion whispered something in Nesta’s ear.

Cassian could barely control himself as Nesta gave Helion a bright smile and nodded in agreement to whatever he offered.

At that moment Cassian stilled. What if the High Lord had openly requested that she join him in his bed?

In mere seconds Cassian’s question was answered. Helion took Nesta’s hand and they glided out to the dance floor.

The crowd hushed and waited in anticipation. Cassian held his breath.

The musicians, following some unspoken command, began playing a soft tune. It was music that none of the Night Court visitors had heard before nor were they familiar with the dance that Nesta and Helion were following the rhythm to.

Quickly the soft tune turned lively and immediately Nesta matched Helion’s quickened pace. Others followed suite and began around each other. Matching the moves of their High Lord and the Night Court’s human emissary.

Cassian kept a watchful eye on the duo in the midst of the dancing. To his relief most of the time the dance did not require much physical contact, but those brief moments where Nesta almost brushed against Helion set Cassian ablaze.

Nesta moved so effortlessly. He never imagined the stiff postured and strict female he knew could be so fluid in her movements. Cassian couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. Each passing second Nesta twirled with that small smile on her face flamed a heat in Cassian.

Jealousy and desire warred against each other as he fought to restrain himself from going out on the floor and taking Nesta far away from the eyes that now watched her. Or better yet out of earshot since he wanted to hear Nesta laugh and make noises that would be reserved to a much more intimate space.

Too soon, or perhaps it couldn’t be soon enough, the musicians played the final trilling note. Signaling the finale as partygoers applauded the performance and the dancers promptly parted ways.

Nesta approached the Inner Circle as Helion went to greet new guests that had arrived near the entrance.

“What was that?” Feyre asked when Nesta reached them.

“Surely you know what dancing is,” Nesta replied. “When we were growing up Mother had us attend lessons. Though you and Elain were never quite fond of it as I recall.”

The Inner Circle looked at each other with varying ranges of confused glances.

“So you will take dancing lessons, but you won’t accept combat training from me?” Cassian questioned with crossed arms.

He tried to reign in his emotions of both envy and desire. He also made an effort to clear his minds of the thoughts that made his cock stir in his breeches. Cauldron boil him if Nesta ever found out he was turned on just by a mere dance that wasn’t even with him.

Nesta raised a lone brow. “Perhaps if you can keep up with the next dance then maybe I will consider your offer.”

Cassian blinked. “The next what?”

Nesta rolled her eyes. “If you can’t handle it then perhaps Helion would be more than happy for another round –”

Cassian stepped forward into Nesta’s space. Stopping her words with a smirk and hazel eyes igniting with a challenge.

“Trust me Nesta. By the end of tonight you won’t even be able to stand after we’re done.”

“Is that so?” Nesta ignored the hidden innuendo. But the gleam in her eyes made it clear she understood him. “Let’s see if you have the stamina to keep up Commander.”

As the band began striking the next tune, Cassian led Nesta out onto the floor. And so began a battle unlike any other before. One in which all eyes followed them as they spun and were wrapped in each other’s arms. Yet Cassian’s burning hazel eyes did not stray from the cool steel ones that focused on him. And Nesta’s fingers never stopped stroking the muscles that flexed underneath Cassian’s warm skin.

They were answering a song that rang deep in their bones. And no one, but them alone could hear it.

Jeff Atkins x Reader- One Dance

Hey guys! So this is @thirteenreasonsfics again, writing for a request by @nicole1211. Thanks for sending in your request, Nicole! I’ve made a few edits here and there to what you wanted, just to make the story a bit more cohesive. I hope you like it!

“Shoot!” Tony said, and grinned when you sent the ball sailing through the hoop. It was all net.

He came up to you, throwing an arm around your shoulders as you fist pumped.

“You’re getting better at this, Y/N. Someday you may even beat me.”

You rolled your eyes shrugging him off, and went for another shot. Swoosh. Scored.

“Please, Padilla. I’ve been beating you at this since pre-school.”

He stuck his tongue out and headed to pick up his stuff. You and Tony had been best friends since middle school, when he came and complimented you on your obscure band tshirt. You had been a typical angsty indie kid long before people got into it at high school, and for a while, Tony had been the only other kid that got it. You had spent every Friday night together for as long as you remembered, playing basketball and then getting pizza from Antonio’s afterward, and you had always gone to each other when you needed help, or support, or just a break from the stress of high school life.

 "Where to?“ he asked, knowing full well that you would end up getting pizza like you always did.

 "Let’s see,” you pretended to think it over. “Does Nobu sound good to you? Maybe the Hard Rock Café?”

 He smirked, pulling the doors to his car open.

 "Antonio’s it is.“


“And then Clay was still too chicken to ask Hannah out,” Tony said, finishing up the last of his pepperoni. “It’s obvious she likes him. He’s just a wimp.”

You laughed, and then straightened up as Jeff Atkins came through the door, flanked by Zach Dempsey and Justin Foley.

“Wh-” Tony began, and then saw Jeff. “Oh. So it’s him you like.”

“I do not,” you said, still staring at Jeff as he crashed into a booth and said something that made Justin crack up. “He’s just a nice guy.”

“A nice guy,” he said, eyebrows raised. “I’m a nice guy. You don’t stare at me like that when I walk into the room.”

You rolled your eyes and gestured to a waitress for the check.

“You’re gay. It wouldn’t make any difference even if did stare at you.”

“Touche,” Tony said, paying his half. “Why don’t you ask Jess for help? Haven’t you two been close since she joined Liberty?”

“Jess does not understand the word ‘subtle’,” you replied, sliding out of the booth. “If I told her she would just yell it at Justin and all the guys. With a megaphone.”

He laughed.

“Can’t say you’re wrong. Anyway, I should go. My dad needs help at the garage. I’ll call you?”



The next morning, you were lying on your bed with your history books spread out in front of you, trying to study Stalinist policy but actually just wasting time watching Netflix. Just as you were about to click the next episode of Stranger Things-

“Incoming call from Tony,” your phone buzzed, and you picked it up.


“Sh- n pdnean,” came the sound of muffled talking from the other side. 

“Tony?” you asked again, loudly. It looked like he’d butt dialed you.

Just as you were about to hang up, the voices over the line cleared, until you could faintly make out what was being said.

“So I can’t tell her, but I think I like her, man,” you heard Jeff say, and your heart sank. You knew he’d like someone else. 

“What if you just tell her?” you heard Tony ask. “She might feel the same..”

“No, man,” Jeff said. “Y/N is so out of my league. I don’t want to get rejected.”

“You won-” Tony began to say, but then the line went dead. You could hardly believe your ears. Jeff Atkins liked you?!


For the next couple days, Tony avoided you like the plague. He hardly spoke to you in the hallways, and whenever you tried to bring the subject up he was immediately busy with some project or homework.

“Tony. Freaking. Padilla,” you said, finally cornering him at the end of the week near the bicycle racks. “You tell me what’s going on or I swear I will shove a freaking bicycle chain-”

“Easy,” he said, laughing. “I’ll pick you up at eight tonight, ok. Mamá wants you over for this big family barbeque tonight at my house.”

“It’s been ages since one of those,” you said, Jeff temporarily forgotten. “I’ll be there.”


At eight sharp that night, Tony rolled up in that half-broken Mustang of his, music blaring. You were in jeans and a tshirt, but you’d actually bothered to put on some makeup and tame your messy hair. 

“Get in,” Tony said, but your mouth went dry when you saw who was in the front seat. 

“Jeff,” you said faintly, as he looked equally surprised to see you. “You.. you know the Padillas?”

“Hey, Y/N,” he said. “My dad knew Tony’s since they were kids. My whole family will be there.”

“Right,” you smiled, and gave Tony a look. What was he planning?


At the Padilla’s, Mrs. Padilla came rushing out when she saw you, pulling you in for a hug.

“Y/N,” she said, smiling as she looked at you. “You look beautiful, sweetheart. Muy hermoso.”

You grinned.

“Gracias, Mrs. Padilla,” you replied, and then laughed as a crowd of Tony’s nephews and nieces came over to hug you. “Hey, Marya. Hi, Roberto.”

“Jeff!” Marya squealed, running over to hug the boy.

You grinned as you saw him pick her up and spin her around and high five the younger boy.

“We need some music for this, si?” Alvaro, Tony’s older brother asked, turning up the stereo to play an upbeat, cute song. “We will dance.”

Soon, the whole room was dancing away, laughing as people bumped into each other or mis-stepped. You danced with Alvaro first, then Tony, and finally, you ended up facing Jeff. 

“Looks like it’s our turn, Y/N,” he said, and spun you around. “Hope you can keep up.”

“I could out-dance you anytime, Atkins,” you said, suddenly brave, and tried out one of the harder moves. He gave a low whistle, impressed.

“Someone’s been practicing,” he said, and grinned as the music switched to something slower and softer. “Seriously, though, Y/N. You’re really good at this.”

You grinned. Had Jeff Atkins just complimented you?

“You’re not so bad yourself,” you told him as you two danced your way around the room. 

“You look beautiful,” Jeff blurted out, and then turned red. “God, I didn’t mean to actually say that. I mean, you do. But I wasn’t trying to sound like-. I give up.”

You grinned as he looked at you sheepishly.

“Why thank you. Mr. Atkins,” you replied, and looked him over. “Could say the same for you.”

“You know,” he said, spinning you around, “that’s the first time I’ve been called beautiful.”

You laughed. 

“I’ll call you beautiful again if you buy me hot chocolate from Monet’s.”

He raised an eyebrow.

“Are you asking me out, Y/N?” he asked, but then shook his head. “Wait. Why am I not jumping at the opportunity?”

You shrugged, as Tony gave you a look from across the room.

“Thursday, after school?”

He grinned.

“It’s a date,” he said, and then moved away from you after giving you one last smile as Marya came running up. “It’s been a pleasure dancing with you, Y/N, but I’ve got to make time for my best girl now.”

You laughed, as Jeff bent down to take Marya’s hand and spun her around as she giggled.

Tony came up to you, eyebrows raised.

“Am I not the greatest?”

You turned to him.

“Tony Padilla,” you said, nodding. “You are the greatest.”

By @thirteenreasonsfics

You can check out more of my work on my blog! Send me requests for Justin, I love writing them. Hope you liked it!

Our Own Little Fairytale

Characters: Jared x Reader, Jensen, mentions of Rob and Richard

Words: 2188

Summary: Jared and Jensen are talking at their panel, and Jared gets to talking about his wife.

Italics are Flashbacks

This is my own entry for Kayla’s Birthday Challenge! :) I chose to do the quote  “Cinderella never asked for a prince. She asked for a night off and a dress.” and the date Dance classes. :) Some of it is from Jared’s perspective, which was fun to write. So enjoy the fluff!

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Mixed Blessings

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS).
 Reader x Spock.
Prompt: Anon requested - Hello, I want to request a fic where the reader is in a (new) relationship with Bones or Spock (your choice). No one knows she should be on long-term meds to prevent migraine attacks. She asks Spock to teach her Vulcan mediation techniques to battle the attacks (but doesn’t tell him why). It doesn’t go well. Bones keeps her in med bay / on bed rest in her quarters (maybe Spock can help with the treatment?). They kinda police her med intake until she’s more comfortable having to take them. THX!
Word Count: 3702.
Rating: All ages.
Author’s Note: To the lovely Anon I had the pleasure of chatting with the other day who felt like Spock wasn’t getting enough love – I hope this is good! It was that conversation that swayed me towards writing Spock for this one instead of Bones, and I hope I’ve done him justice!

Mixed Blessings

You sit curled up against Spock’s side, enjoying the slight chill he’s giving off as the beginnings of what you’re sure is going to be a terrible migraine throb behind your eyes.  Your neck feels tight, the lights too bright, and the nearly-inaudible background hum of the warp core far too loud as your stomach turns: the auras are old news to you by now, you’ve been suffering from migraines since the age of fourteen, and lately they’ve been intensifying and coming nearly daily.

“Hey Spock?”  You say softly, your own voice echoing in your head and egging the headache on.

“Yes, ashayam?”  He asks, making your lips curl into a small smile at the term of endearment.

“I was wondering, can you teach me to meditate?”  You murmur.

He pauses momentarily as though considering what possible motivations you might have to want to learn the art of Vulcan meditation.

“Of course,” he replies.  “Is there any particular reason why you would like to learn?”

You shake your head, feeling the pain throb and reach out further, taking over you.  It’s all you can do to keep from throwing up on the spot as black spots dance in your vision.

“No,” you say in what you hope is a light and conversational tone.  “It might just be nice to be able to turn my mind off for a while sometimes.  Maybe it’ll help me worry less and detach myself from my work a bit.”

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TF2 Go character selection screen.

No one ever picks Bidwell

  • swtor player: there's no way swtor makes sense as a non-force user you cannot duel a jedi or sith without force powers it is a known fact of science!111 ONLY JK AND SW ARE CANON
  • me, an intellectual: *points blaster* Do I look like I give a damn?


Your monthly constellation of literary consultation


 Get those bottles popping and candles lit - it’s your birthday and the whole world needs to know! Aries season, your season, is upon, and heavens help whoever isn’t ready. That’s no joke - there are five retrogrades in store this month, so proceed with caution. Turning a year older and wiser is having an incredible effect on your ambition - your focus has narrowed down to number one! You have goals to pursue, opportunities to grab, and you simply don’t have the time to be anything but 100% committed to making those dreams happen. We won’t discourage you, but be aware of naysayers who may pop up trying to cramp your style. There will always be people who take personal offense to your capacity to shine, and regardless of their reasons, it’s in your best interest to do all you can to separate yourself from that negativity. That’s right - separate. There is a time to try to talk through someone’s issues with you, slow down your progress, and work through the reasons behind someone’s ire - a retrograde is not that time! Breathe deeply - inhale peace, exhale stress - and focus on how you can channel the wisdom you’ve accrued in all the years you’ve lived to help you make your mark on the world. And while you’re taking all of these deep, fortifying breaths, why not take in some amazing scents? Your lucky book this month is probably unlike anything you’ve read recently, or maybe ever - all the more reason to dive in! Let Mandy Aftel, master perfumologist, walk you through the history and philosophy behind the scents we love and love to hate, the scents that stir up emotions we weren’t even totally aware of. Best of all, she’ll equip you with the knowledge to create some delicious perfumes of your own - how’s that for some birthday self-love?

 LUCKY BOOK: Fragrant by Mandy Aftel


 Go on, take a load off, Taurus. You’re feeling particularly zapped of energy this month, but don’t worry, it will pass - eventually. This month’s retrogrades are about to do a number on you, so be prepared! Retrogrades tend to force us to reflect on the past: what went wrong and how to set things in place in order to move forward smoothly. Where have you been avoiding closure? What divergent areas of your life could use better transitions? Take advantage of your need to slow your pace a bit this month by thinking about how to retrace your steps to clear your head and clear the air as your birthday rapidly approaches. You don’t want is to be caught in the same situations you know you should have outgrown a long time ago. Visualize your areas of growth like a long, winding body of water - where are the blockages? What do you need to filter out and clear away? No more cutting corners - if one area is clogged with toxicity, it will likewise ruin the entire stream. While you take the time to think about how best to tackle the lurking issues in your past, take some inspiration and knowledge from your lucky book this month, an eye-opening examination of the source of all life: water. Where does it come from, where is it going, and what happens when it’s threatened? You’ll enter your birthday season feeling infinitely more prepared for whatever is ahead - and with an even greater appreciation for .

 LUCKY BOOK: Where the Water Goes by David Owen


 Well helloooo, hotshot! You’re in high demand these days, aren’t you? Your popularity is off the charts this month, Gem, so enjoy this time in spotlight. It seems that no one can get enough of you, and keeping up with your own dance card is quickly becoming another full-time job. Good for you: you’ve been working hard to improve your public profile and networking skills, so it’s great to see them paying off! Beware the retrogrades on the horizon, however. The temptation is strong to make new friends and ditch the old, but you know the old song: one is silver, the other gold - both precious. Keep your foundation steady and strong before you attempt to stack more on top. If there’s a friendship in your life that you’ve been ignoring in favor of your new acquaintances, it may be time to reevaluate your priorities and make sure your original friendships are on solid ground. This is a bad time for drama - not only are you more in the public eye than you’ve ever been, but you’re a Gemini: you know how quickly circumstances can flip and up can suddenly become down. Hold on to the people in your life who have been there from the beginning - if things go awry, they are the people you can count on. And if you find yourself craving some drama, your lucky book has your back. Badass female assassins, superhuman abilities, hilarious workplace shenanigans, all with a Buffy-esque flair - you’re in for a literary treat this month. Dive in!

 LUCKY BOOK: The Regional Office is Under Attack! by Manuel Gonzales


 All systems go, Cancer! You’re a busy bee this month, flitting from this activity to that with barely enough time to take a breath in between. There are places you want to go, new heights you want to reach, and the only way to get there is to work, seemingly non-stop. Your drive is admirable, Cancer, truly. But I must warn you, the retrogrades in store for this month will absolutely throw a wrench in your plans - but by being prepared, you can possibly mitigate their effects by knowing what to expect from yourself. Thus far, you’ve felt totally in control, on top of your game, and honestly, pretty fantastic. Making moves suits you, and you know it does, so you’ve got some swagger in your step. Great for your self-esteem, but it may bite you in the behind when the planets’ movements start to send your emotions haywire. You’re going to start noticing the flaws in your family and friends that you feel need fixing. It’s a lovely impulse, if a bit insulting; no one likes to be berated or make to feel inadequate for simply being human. You’re not Iyanla, they don’t need you to fix their life. Rather, avoid some unnecessary friction with the people you love most and suffer your opinions in silence. This is not the time to try to bring other people’s mistakes or shortcomings to light, no matter how fantastic you’re feeling in comparison - there is usually a log in your eye to deal with before you attempt to point out the speck in someone else’s. Instead, keep pursuing the things that are meaningful to you. Work hard to become a better you. But keep your eyes open for areas of potential growth. Your lucky book this month is a gentle, illuminating story of a woman who found love and new convictions in an unlikely place - let this be your respite from the frenetic pace of your day-to-day. You may discover something you didn’t know you were missing.

 LUCKY BOOK: The Movement of Stars by Amy Brill


 Adventure beckons, Leo! Springtime tends to bring with it a quickening, the feeling of restlessness and impatience, and all you want to do right now is set off on a brand new path towards the unknown. Can’t say we blame you! However, if you’re currently find yourself lacking the means to jet off and escape your usual orbit at the moment, there’s nothing wrong with venturing out within your neighborhood, or maybe a town or two over, and exploring places you’ve never visited. There is always something new to discover, new people to meet, new experiences make memories of - so don’t feel beholden to taking trips you simply cannot afford in the name of wanderlust. Either way, whether you’re still home or abroad, you can’t escape the retrogrades on the horizon. One of your main concerns, Leo, is your desire to partner with other people for either personal or professional reasons. A wonderful thing, to be sure, but  your judgment may be just a bit skewed this month - hey, don’t shoot the messenger, blame the planets. Be careful before entering into any binding agreements this month - examine your relationships and the terms of your contract deeply to be sure that they aren’t taking advantage of you, or potentially putting you in a situation you don’t need to be in. Trust is a precious thing - treat it that way. The characters in your lucky book learn this lesson well: chock-full of scandal and gossip in a 16th century French royal court, this is the perfect primer on guarding your secrets until you can be sure of who to entrust them with - you never know who may not have your best interests at heart.

 LUCKY BOOK: The Devils of Cardona by Matthew Carr


 This is a month of intense focus for you, Virgo, and considering your usual proclivities, that’s saying something! Maybe it’s a subconscious pre-empting of the chaos that accompanies a retrograde - much less five - but this month, you know exactly what you want, how you want to get it, and what the reward may be. At this point, there is precious little that can slow you down. You may not want to hear this, but this could be the perfect time for you to find that kindred spirit to partner with on this project. Two heads can truly be better than one, provided you choose your co-collaborator wisely. One word of caution - you’re placing so much stock into this passion project, so much time and energy, that it can become difficult to extricate yourself from your work. Try to be aware of when this is happening, because the inevitable setbacks and misunderstandings then have the potential to grow into major, insurmountable issues. Beware how quickly you can bypass ‘annoyed’ or ‘frustrated’ and dive straight into anger, despite your best intentions. Focus on summoning compassion - it’s free, it feels better in the long run, and it causes less wrinkles (seriously!). You’re in very capable hands with your lucky book this month - written by none other than the master of the arts of compassion and mercy, Anne Lamott. Retreat into a chapter or two whenever you begin to feel yourself spiral, and remember to take a few breaths. You’re going to get where you want to go, Virgo, one way or another. Believe that.

 LUCKY BOOK: Hallelujah Anyway by Anne Lamott


 Hey there, lovely Libra. This month is all about relationships for you, and how to deepen your bond with your chosen #1 - whether that’s your partner, your BFF, or your sibling. With all of the retrogrades that are on their way, you may begin to feel a significant need to take a load off. Lean into this impulse; the planets have their ways of urging us to reset when there is unfinished business in our lives. What have you been holding in lately? What have you been trying to gather the courage to say, and what is keeping your mouth closed? You can only go so long feeling happy and fulfilled in a relationship that has become shrouded by lies of omission, no matter how you may try to convince yourself otherwise. Two is the most important number for you this month, so do yourself a favor and put some serious thought into how to unburden yourself - you may be surprised with their reaction! Your lucky book this month is the perfect accompaniment to your current struggle - it focuses on two young women in 1950s Houston, Texas - one of them the quintessential “it” girl who everyone either wants to date or wants to emulate; the other, her best friend, somewhere between babysitter and co-conspirator. When the it girl goes off the rails, it’s her best friend’s job to pluck up the courage to bring her back to her senses - and accept the attendant consequences. See what happens when a friend is confronted with a tough decision - and acts. Your time for inaction has passed, but that’s not necessarily reason to fear - you may find that saying what you’re really thinking is the best decision you ever made.

 LUCKY BOOK: The After Party by Anton DiSclafani


 Hello, spring, and hello, Scorpio! No matter where you live, the arrival of the spring months can have a serious rejuvenating effect on your psyche. It’s a time for new beginnings, fresh outlooks, and clean slates. Clean, indeed - another impulse of spring is the tidying one, and it’s hitting you hard this month. Excellent! Whether it be your home, your body, your mind, or all three (seriously, bravo), your number one focus this month is getting into shape, clearing away old clutter, and using the arrival of a new season as a reset button. Be aware: there are several retrogrades this month; be on the alert for their influence over your emotions. In the midst of the thorough emotional scrubbing you’re doing, don’t be surprised if you receive a surprise DM or late-night text from a certain someone you’d sworn off long ago. The funny thing about retrogrades is right in the name - things from our past tend to pop up and test our commitment to the here and now. Feel whatever emotion that naturally arises - there is precious little you can do about that - but then, move right past it. You don’t owe anybody your time or energy, especially if you’ve already made the decision to stop giving it to them. Resist the urge to rehash old wrongdoings, put down your phone, and pick up your lucky book: a heartfelt and hilarious collection of short stories by a woman who has attended one too many weddings. Every union is a new beginning of sorts, and despite the flak perpetual wedding guests sometimes receive, witnessing the foundational moments of someone else’s love can be surprisingly instructive. If you need to scribble some notes in the margins, we won’t tell.

 LUCKY BOOK: Save the Date by Jen Doll


 Joy to the world, April has come! Okay, wrong season, same sentiment. You are one happy Sag this month - people have been noticing your glowing skin, sparkling eyes, and infectious laugh. Where did this energy come from? Who knows? (Who cares?) After being a hermit for the past few weeks, maybe it’s simply the restorative power of being back outside and interacting with more people. Either way, take advantage of this positive energy and make the most of it - pursue that opportunity you’ve been watching and waiting to act on, make that scary phone call to the person who’s been expecting to hear from you. But keep in mind that there are a fair few retrogrades in store for this month, which can throw your priorities for a loop. It can be easy to allow yourself to get carried away with this new abundance of energy; try to be mindful of this! Despite what you’re feeling, you actually can’t do it all, neither should you aspire to. What are the projects that have been sitting on the back burner? The ideas you’ve already devoted love and care to, and now just need to act on? That’s where you should focus your attention, rather than spreading yourself thin by taking on even more. Your lucky book this month is a poignant counterbalance to your mood this month - a collection of essays about the seven years separating the author’s son’s birth from his father’s death, and the heartwarming, heartbreaking, hilarious moments that occurred between. Let it be a reminder of the unpredictability of life - and inspiration to live it as fully and as well as you can.

 LUCKY BOOK: The Seven Good Years by Etgar Keret


 Hey, sweet Capricorn. That squashy chair sure is comfortable, isn’t it? This month, you’re all about that home life: maybe you’re taking on a renovation project, trying out some new baking recipes, or maybe it means spending time with your tribe, the people you love and who love you the most. Either way, your ideal April looks somewhat like a huge Snuggie, maybe a cup of tea, and some quality catch-up sessions with friends and family. We support this wholeheartedly, especially in light of the retrogrades coming your way - you’re to want to be surrounded by people who understand and care about you. Because despite your comfy socks and sweatshirt, you are not totally at ease - your career is an area of particular concern to you right now. Take this time to reflect on your current trajectory. What are you headed towards? What are you moving away from? Is this the direction you wanted to go with your life, or have you abandoned a dream to pursue something you aren’t sure you actually need? It’s okay to second guess your decisions sometimes, and always better to think through those gut feelings than to ignore them. This is when being in the midst of friends and family can help - soliciting a second or third opinion can be invaluable when you’ve been stuck at a crossroads for quite some time. Be open about your fears, and receptive to the advice coming your way. And to give yourself a break from this intense internal restructuring, your lucky book is waiting: a highly addictive, spellbinding collection of short stories about the ties that bind, the flawed world we live in, and what happens when things go topsy-turvy. A perfect escape within your escape.

 LUCKY BOOK: What It Means When a Man Falls From the Sky by Lesley Nneka Arimah


 Look at you go, Aquarius! Your April is already off to a rousing start, with all of the exploring you’re doing. Good for you! March was an insular kind of month for you - whether because of a heavy work load, emotional load, or you were just plain exhausted - but now you’re ready to grab life by the horns once more. Keep this up! Be proactive in doing the things you enjoy, the things that make YOU happy, regardless of what you fear other people may think. Retrogrades are brewing this month, Aquarius, and for you, they can come with a boatload of self-doubt. You know your own propensity for negative self-talk and not trusting your own desires, so rather than wait for those feelings to take over, do the important work of reaffirming your own self-worth and confidence. Use your outings to find like-minded people; kindred spirits who you feel comfortable turning to for some subtle validation on your more melancholy days. Treat yourself to a massage or a matinee - life is short, so why not be kind to yourself? There is no one right way to do things, no matter what you may be accustomed to telling yourself, so let your explorations be open-ended. Your lucky book this month deals with one of the most polarizing and contentious topics with a similar approach: she presents the case for agnosticism, and the freedom in acknowledging everything we don’t know. There’s no shame in admitting the limits of our knowledge, and wanting to be our authentic selves, whatever that means for you. Own it!

 LUCKY BOOK: Agnostic by Lesley Hazleton


 Time to get up and get going, Pisces! You have a lot of ideas, but thus far, not nearly as much follow-through - but this month is when you change that! Think about it: how can you kick your productivity into gear? Set more alarms? Write more to-do lists? Find an accountability partner? Whatever works best for you, start now and stick with it - it will be tough, but you can do it. Best to get this month off to a busy productive start than wait for the impending retrogrades to sap you of your creative energy. But when that time does come, and you’re feeling sick and tired of the same old, same old, here’s an idea: do a bit a tidying up. Not your room or kitchen, necessarily (although that’s never a bad idea), but specifically, examine your wardrobe, your haircut, your shoe situation. Maybe the slump you’ve been in can be attributed to a subconscious desire for a physical change. Hey, they say not to judge a book by its cover, but everyone does it anyway, right? And there is much to be said for the ways that outward appearance can transform inward confidence. There’s something undeniably powerful about looking into a mirror and being happy with what you see - it can add a spring to your step, it can make you more likely to speak and be heard, and just appreciate the world a bit more. Donate the things you’ve outgrown to a local charity and experience the immediate psychological benefits of physically removing objects that carry outdated negative energy from your space. Your lucky book this month is all about the enduring impact of past mistakes on a small town, and the ways that those mistakes can have a ripple effect on multiple families within that community. When tragedy strikes, who is to blame? How do you reconcile the reality of the present with the ignorance of the past? Sometimes a facelift can be the first step to a deeper reconfiguring within.

 LUCKY BOOK: Friendswood by René Steinke

anything that is beautiful
people want to break
and you are beautiful
i’m afraid


- You meet at a party during a night out with your girls.

- Your friends notice that Seongwoo’s been staring at you across the room for an hour.

- You finally make eye contact and Seongwoo takes that as his cue to walk over.

- He smiles and already your nerves are gone.

- “I saw you and I just had to ask the the prettiest girl to dance.”

- “Smooth, sir. Think you can keep up?”

- You dance for hours. He never breaks eye contact.

- The party ends and you exchange numbers.

- Your Facetime conversations last for hours, sometimes after midnight.

- Despite protests of “I’m not tired” (and you know he is because he keeps yawning in between sentences), Seongwoo sometimes falls asleep with the phone still on.

- You smile, and tell him goodnight, though you know he can’t hear you.

- When we wakes up, he calls you apologizes repeatedly.

- When you meet up for dates he hugs you and slightly lifts you off the ground.

- “Babe you can let me go now.” “Never.” “…at least put me down.” “Nope.”

- Dates at high populated areas, like amusement parks, zoos, and malls so that it’s easier to blend in with the crowd.

- Splitting desserts at the food trucks and laughing when it gets on his face.

- You both constantly compete in carnival games. Neither one of you likes to lose.

- Seongwoo always gives you whatever prize he wins

- “You don’t want to keep it?”

- “I have everything I need already.”

- “You’re adorable.”

- “I was going for manly.”

- “You tried and failed.”

- Tells you that he loves you after eight months of dating. You grin and say it back without hesitation.

The Draw

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Hi! Can I ask for a BTS fic with JungKook when he joins a dance academy and the reader is already one of their top dancers and he starts to fall for her? They end up being asked to do a partner dance for a competition and before they perform it on stage JungKook confesses? Thank you so much! I LOVE your blog❤️💕🌸

Genre: Dance Prodigy!Jungkook, Fluffy Angst

Word Count: 1,662

A/N: I always say this but ion really know what I’m doing lmao, I hope it was what you were expecting anon! By the way the song I had in mind while writing this was “A Change of Heart” by The 1975, Enjoy.

Your name: submit What is this?

Jungkook was hailed as a prodigy his entire life. He had a good voice, he was a good dancer, charismatic and charming. He could be the perfect star. So, it came as no surprise that he’d want to pursue the arts. He had no problem getting accepted into a prestigious dance academy, and just like that he was closer to achieving his dreams.

On the first day there, the newcomers had to show what they were made of. He didn’t fail to impress all but one. He was good for a new comer, but the mysterious girl didn’t seem impressed. Her expression impossible to read, nevertheless, she shot Jungkook a smile. Soon after, formal introductions were made. From the beginners to the intermediates, to the top dancers; here he found out her name and who she was.

“(Y/n), leader of the advanced dancers. Welcome to Joffrey Academy of Dance”

After introductions and a quick rundown  of the curriculum, everyone was sent to their respective teachers and groups. It came as a pleasant surprise for Jungkook to see (y/n) in his group, she would be assisting his teacher certain days and he wasn’t complaining. She always kept a stern look on her face, professional, calm and collected. When she danced her mien changed, she conveyed the mood of the dance through her varying expressions. She made everything look effortless and perfect. She oozed confidence, and Jungkook couldn’t get her off his mind. Just everything about her screamed flawless.

He tried his best, he gave his all, but she never seemed fazed or impressed which only frustrated him more and more. Everyone could see how good he was, why couldn’t she even give him another smile? Had she done it to be polite? Why was he stressing about her anyway? There were plenty of other girls that’d bend to his will, he didn’t need (y/n). So, why was she on his mind? Jungkook was determined to get her attention, at least once. He started practicing any chance he got. Soon whenever he was needed he could be found in whatever practice room was free.

Be it fate or be it some divine sign, one day while looking for a place to practice he found her in one of the rooms. He stood in the doorway hidden from view, and just watched her. The finesse in everything she did made her look like an angel, so effortless that she made it look like magic. She was almost too good to be real. He tried to take a closer look, only to stumble into the room. She looked at him, but said nothing. Jungkook’s cheeks flushed red as he looked at her. He got up as quickly as possible.

“Sorry, I was looking for somewhere to practice.” He hoped she wouldn’t notice that he’d been watching her.

“You can practice here, I was about to leave anyway.”  Her voice was a sweet melody to Jungkook. He felt both relief and embarrassment, he didn’t mean to just kick her out in middle of her practice.

“You don’t have to leave, I can just find somewhere else to practice, I mean it’s not-“

“You need to practice more than I do. By the way you should go over the moves from Monday’s lesson, you’re still a little stiff.” She cut him off, but as soon as she finished talking she packed up her things and left. Leaving Jungkook alone.

“Still a little stiff,” He muttered “I’m not fucking stiff.”

He went over the moves anyway. Maybe (y/n) was a little right. Just a little. He went over the whole lesson plus everything he’d learned as many times as he could in that afternoon. He couldn’t get the image of her out of his head, her voice, just everything about her. Jungkook wondered how she could dance so rigorously without even breaking a sweat. On his way back to his dorm, he thought about how good his name would sound if she said it. He could guess it was such a sweet sound. Maybe if he ran into her more, she’d eventually say his name.

The weeks went by, and Jungkook had yet to impress (y/n). He was still invisible to her. Until, dance season was nearing. Tensions were at an all time high, everyone was feeling the stress of the competition on landing good parts. It was no struggle for (y/n) to get something good, but he could tell she too was stressing out about everything. Nothing had been announced yet, but everyone knew it’d be a showcase of the new talents as well as a farewell to those who will be leaving. The weeks leading up to it were hectic, everyone rushed to practice rooms after lessons, which meant more awkward encounters with (y/n). She offered to help him with whatever he was struggling with, but Jungkook’s pride made him deny the help every time.

One Monday, four weeks before the showcase, Jungkook’s teacher began assigning dances to the class. Some were group dances, other solos. One was a couples dance. Jungkook desperately hoped he’d get either a solo or a group dance, he couldn’t do a couples dance. There was no way. But the universe is cold and unforgiving, and he wound up getting the couples dance; with none other than (y/n). How ironic. He pleaded with his teacher to make a change, he couldn’t do it, especially not with her. However, his teacher refused, “You can’t? If you can’t then you can finish this semester and not come back the next.  That’s up to you, though.” Basically, a friendly ‘no pressure’ which just had him fuming. From here until the showcase he’d be seeing (y/n) every day, for hours on end. He had to put whatever was happening inside his head aside and focus. This was be all end all of his place in the academy. The first day of their practice was ultimately the most awkward. His movements were still stiff and awkward, he was overthinking his movements; which only made things harder for himself. Soon, (y/n) noticed why he was dancing like his limbs were made of stone.

“You need to stop thinking about it so much, Jungkook. Just listen to the music and lose yourself in it. Your movements will flow better, just don’t think” Just don’t think, easier said than done. He tried, he really did, but he was still intimidated by her. She could feel him tense up whenever they touched, she stopped the music.

“What’s wrong with you today? You dance great every other day! Why are you so tense now? Have you never danced with a girl? You can’t keep dancing like this, it can end you.” She ask, half mad half disappointed.

“So what if I’ve never danced with a girl! It’s not like I’ll always dance with a partner!” If she wanted to make him mad, she was succeeding. He couldn’t believe that she’d even be mad, it wasn’t easy and she treated it like it was the simplest thing.

“You know, maybe we should call it off for today. I’ll make arrangements tomorrow to get you a dance that’s more up to your skill. I can tell this isn’t for you.”

‘This isn’t for you’? Really? Was she really doubting his skills? That was it, they were getting this dance done by the end of the day. She was gathering her things and getting ready to leave when Jungkook turned the music back on. This caught (y/n) by surprise, what was he playing at now. She looked at him, he stared back expectantly. She made his way over to him, and they began the routine again. This time, it went over perfect. By the end of it, (y/n) was impressed by the change of character.

“What changed, shy boy? If you can keep this up everyday, we’ll make a good impression on everyone. Maybe you’ll move to the next course sooner.” (Y/n)’s tone was different, she sounded pleased.

“Yeah, maybe.” Jungkook said, quietly.

The weeks flew by in a daze. Practice with (y/n) had gotten progressively better after the first day. It wasn’t as weird as he’d been expecting. They grew close in the few weeks leading up to the showcase, and soon, it was already the night they’d been preparing for. (Y/n) didn’t seem stressed at all, Jungkook on the other hand was really feeling the pressure. Before he knew it they had to begin preparing for their performance. She noticed him standing there all tensed up, with a look on his face like he’d just seen a ghost.

“You okay there? We’ll do fine, yeah?” Her voice was warm and reassuring, but he couldn’t shake off the nervousness. An impulse of stupidity came over him, and his mouth moved faster than his mind.

“(Y/n), I really, really like you. I hadn’t told you because I was kind of intimidated, but I really do like you. I think you’re beautiful and fun and smart. I’ve thought so ever since I saw you and-“

In that moment, everything was too real for (y/n). This explained his shyness to touch her, the loving gazes he gave her when they danced. Every unscripted touch and look suddenly made sense. Her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest.

“I like you too, shy boy. But we’ve got something to do.”

Without any words, they made their way to the stage. It was the perfect stage, every move was hit perfectly, every look they gave each other only further solidified the mood they’d set. It was electric, and everyone felt it. By the end of it, they’d captivated the audience. They received a standing ovation from the crowd. As soon as they made it backstage, Jungkook pulled her into him by the waist and kissed her softly. (Y/n) put her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

Maybe couple’s dances were Jungkook’s thing.

The One With All The Partying

Pairing/s: Jace Wayland x Reader, Malec

Summary: Jace didn’t like you from the moment he met you; you were prickly and uptight, or so he thought. Things take a funny turn when he tries to save Alec from an unintentional date and ends up saving you instead. Only question is, can anything really romantic happen between two people when one of them has seen the other puke before a first date?

A/N: it’s not exactly a malec imagine, but i thought i’d put it in the tags since it’s in there!

MASTERLIST, MOBILE MASTERLIST (you can like it and save it for later!)

“Who is the new girl?”

“Y/N  Y/L/N,” Alec mumbles, his eyes following your every movement as you train with Hodge, “Our mother brought her here from Idris – says we need someone more skilled.”

Jace scoffs, watching you miss you footing and land on your ass, “I think we’re fine on our own. Though I am a little hurt she would say that when everyone knows I’m the best in the institute.”

Alec rolls his eyes, “Please.”

“You think you can beat me?”

“I know I can,” Alec states, standing up, “$20 says I flip you on your ass in 2 minutes.”

“Deal,” Jace shakes his hand, laughing as he steps backwards and collides with someone, tumbling to the floor.

“Get off,” you growl, pushing him off and standing up.

“Relax, it was an accident,” Jace laughs at the sight of you.

You stare at him, watching as he tosses his blonde hair away from his face. You had heard lots of about Jace Wayland and caught a few glimpses but this was the first time you had actually spoken to him seeing Maryse had kept you busy attending to important business.

“You’re Maryse’s kids,” you state, your eyes landing on Alec, “I was just looking for Isabelle. Know where I can find her?”

“She’s with Meliorn,” Alec blurts out before squeezing his eyes shut, realizing it was a mistake to tell someone so close to Maryse.

You notice both of their expressions and smile slightly, “I’m not going to rat her out,” you inform them, pulling your hair into a ponytail.

“Well, we can’t be sure seeing that you follow our mother around like a lap dog and walk around with a stick up your ass,” Jace retorts, barely looking at you.

You feel your cheeks flush in anger, “As much as I’d love to argue with your Neanderthal friend, I do need some help talking to the new Alpha, Luke. Would you care to come with me, Alec?” you ask, avoiding making eye contact with Jace.

“Uh – sure,” Alec stammers, following far behind you.

When he finally catches up you turn to face him, “Do you mind giving me Magnus’ number?”

“I thought you wanted to talk to Luke?”

You shrug innocently, leaning in the doorway, “Isabelle told me you and Magnus were close.”

Alec looks nervous for a moment before slowly nodding and pulling his phone out, “Why do you need his number?”

“We’re old friends. I lost touch when he went into hiding.”

“Magnus!” you squeal, throwing your arms around his neck as he walks into Pandemonium, Alec at your side.

“It’s been too long,” he smiles, ordering a drink as he takes a seat in the booth, “I think the last time I saw you was at a party-“

“3 years ago,” you finish for him, turning to Alec, “We were both so drunk we ended up in a different dimension where Magnus was a fortune teller!”

Alec looks confused, slyly texting Jace under the table.

Alec: This y/n girl, nothing like what we thought. She is totally not a goody two shoes. She’s like the anti - goody two shoes. She’s done like 6 shots already and we’ve only been here 10 minutes!

Jace: What do you mean?

Alec: She knows Magnus and even worse, they used to party together

Jace: Why is that worse?

Alec: Because I’m probably going to have to end up carrying her home! You know how Magnus’ parties are!

Jace: Well, have fun

Alec: What?! NO! You have to come get me out of here!

Jace: Where are you?

Alec: Pandemonium

Jace: Be there in 5

By the time Jace arrives, you’ve already downed what felt like the entire bar. And whilst you were swaying to the music and enjoying having a good time, Magnus was still in the booth with Alec, putting his moves on him.

You couldn’t help but be happy for the two of them, it had been a long time since you’d seen Magnus look at someone like that. In fact, it’d been a long time since you had too. You’d gotten so stuck into your work as being a Shadow hunter and Maryse’s right hand that any time you had to spare was spent partying which meant you could only maintain a late night booty call or a few hook-ups; definitely not a relationship.

“Hey,” a voice calls over the music, a hand slipping around your waist.

You sway your hips against theirs, your head hung back. You feel the hand move away and instead grab your shoulders, jolting you to open your eyes.

“Jace,” you stammer, your eyes growing wide as you recognize his face.

“We have to get out of here,” he informs you, his hand tight around you wrist as he leads you out of the crowd.

“But – I – I don’t wanna go,” you try hard to string the words together correctly without slurring and in your concentration bump into his back as he comes to a stop.

He rolls his eyes, facing Alec and Magnus, “Maryse is looking for us at the Institute. Izzy just called me, we have to get back.”

“But they’re both drunk,” Alec laughs, clearly amused by Magnus swirling pink mist in the air in the shape of a heart.

“You take this one and I’ll take Magnus,” Jace instructs, shoving you slightly towards Alec who catches you.

As Jace pulls Magnus’ arm around his shoulder, Magnus pulls away, shaking his head and pouting like a child, “I want Alec.”

Jace stares at you, half afraid you were going to grab his ass after what had just happened out on the floor.

“What are you thinking?” Alec asks, noticing his concerned expression.

“I don’t want her to think I’m – I’m – that I’m taking advantage of her or anything,” he mumbles and Alec raises a brow, “I’m pretty sure that if you don’t help her out, someone definitely will take advantage of her,” he mumbles, nodding towards a Vampire in the corner who was eyeing you out.

“Alright,” Jace grumbles, trying to help you stand but your legs keep wobbling, “What? You can dance but can’t walk?!”

“These legs were made for dancin’,” you sing, giggling as your heels make you ankle give way, causing you to tumble.

Jace catches you, letting out a heavy sigh as he crouches down, “Get on,” he growls through gritted teeth and you throw your arms around his neck, letting him piggyback you.

Jace looks to Alec who shakes his head, “I am not doing that,” he laughs nervously before noticing Magnus stumbling.

Alec’s cheeks are a bright red as he follows Jace outside with Magnus on his back, sound asleep.

You were rubbing your cheek against Jace’s, your fingers playing with his stubble. He sets you down, waking Magnus up, “Portal us back, it’s too dangerous for us to take you back on bikes.”

“It’s too dangerous for him to portal us back drunk,” Alec warns as he puts Magnus down.

“I’m actually feeling a lot better,” Magnus states, standing up and adjusting his suit.

Alec’s eyes widen, “Were – you were- did you- were you just pretending?!

“Pretending? Alec, I only had one drink tonight. You know that. I never said I was drunk.”

“Bu you were stumbling and-“

“Yes, well, these shoes may be Italian but they aren’t very comfortable.”

Alec is about to reply when Jace puts a hand on his shoulder, “Not important right now, guys. Portal?” he asks Magnus who nods firmly, summoning one.

“Where to?”

“The institute,” Jace states and Alec shakes his head, “Not with her looking like that!”

Jace looks at you. Your dress was tight and short and your hair a little messy. It was an entirely different sight from your usual jeans and t-shirt look.

“So what she’s wearing a party dress?” Jace shrugs and once again Alec shakes his head, “I mean like that,” he nods over to you as you crouch in the alleyway, gagging.

“Okay,” Jace raises both his brows, looking fairly disgusted, “What about Magnus’ place?”

Magnus nods, “Wouldn’t be the first time she crashed at my place after a crazy night out,” he chuckles.

“Ah crap,” you groan as you feel light hit your face the next morning. You turn over, your hand scouring the sheets to find your phone, only to hit a warm figure.

“ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” you scream as your eyes widen, finding Jace shirtless, right next to you.

Jace claps a hand over your mouth, “Shut up. Nothing happened,” he grumbles and you pull his hand away.

“Oh thank god, you’re alive,” you place a hand over your chest.

“Alive? You screamed because you thought I was dead?”

“She killed a very bad Vampire once while drunk – woke up to its body the next morning,” Magnus chuckles as he enters the room.

“And here I was thinking you were scared you lost your virginity to me.”

“Shut up,” you mumble, tossing a pillow at him as you climb out of bed, only to find yourself in Jace’s t-shirt.

“You puked on your own,” he explains, “You insisted I give you mine.”

You’d been in situations far more embarrassing and you shrug, locating your cell phone on the night stand and picking it up, “Shit,” you sigh as you open your notifications to find at least 20 missed calls from Maryse.

“We have to get back,” you state, pulling your jacket over your shoulders. Jace rubs his eyes, climbing out of bed as Alec enters the room, “I see you kept your pants on,” Alec laughs.

“You tried to take your pants off?!” you shout at Jace who rolls his eyes, “No. You did.

“You tried to ‘seduce’ him – in your own words,” Alec teases, tossing Jace a shirt.

“Well – I – I was-“

“She’s been far worse than this. You got the mild side of her, she’s quite the party animal,” Magnus explains and you glare at him.

“Honey, your reputation already went down the drain when you licked Jace’s face.”

Jace shivers as though he was reliving it and you look at him apologetically, “Well, consider this an important lesson. I am not a lap dog and nor do I have a stick up my ass,” you smile and Jace smiles back before Alec clears his throat.

“We’d better get back.”

“How’s that hangover treating you?” Jace asks, leaning in the doorway of your room.

“I’m fine,” you laugh lightly, standing up and walking towards him, “Look, thanks for having my back last night. I know we don’t know each other that well so…”

Jace shrugs, “Couldn’t leave you to the vampires, could I?”

He clears his throat, standing up straight, “Just to be clear. I was a perfect gentleman last night, I didn’t try any-“

“I know,” you interrupt him, “I remember everything now. Including you piggybacking me, cleaning up my puke and making me pancakes at 4 in the morning.”

Jace’s eyes widen, “I was just – I was – trying to get you to stop puking on me,” he stammers, running his fingers swiftly through his hair.

“Whatever you say, Wayland.”

“Do you always party that hard?” he laughs, his fingers idly picking up items on your dresser.

“Of course not, only when I have time. This is the first time in months I’ve had a moment away from your mother,” you laugh, pulling your trinket out of his grasp, “I used to spend a lot of time with Magnus – I miss those days.”

“Well, while you’re here you’ll be spending a lot of time with him. I think he’s got his eye on Alec.”

“He totally does,” you giggle, “And for good reason – the guy is gorgeous.

As you place the trinket back down on your dresser, Jace stands behind you, watching your reflection in the mirror, “That’s it? Alec’s the only gorgeous one?”

You turn to face him, your body inches from him, “No of course not,” you pause, smirking, “It runs in the family I guess. Izzy is beautiful,” you shrug.

Jace leers at you, crossing his arms over his chest and stepping closer, “You have nothing nice to say about me?”

“I did,” you pause, “I said it runs in the family. You’re part of their family, right?”

Jace’s expression softens, his arms dropping to his side.

You push past him, walking to your closet, “That’s what Maryse always says, anyway,” you smile, your eyes skimming your closet for something to wear.

Jace’s arm reaches in and pulls out a white dress, “Wear this one,” he hands it to you.

“For training?” you laugh, pushing it aside and he steps in front of you.

“No, for dinner.”

“I’m pretty sure the chef isn’t going to expect me to show up, dressed all fancy just to eat in the cafeteria,” you mumble, your fingers trailing over the hangers.

Jace catches you by your wrist, turning you to face him and holding the dress up against you, “For dinner. With me. Tonight,” he says through gritted teeth, wondering whether he should really be going out with someone so oblivious.

“Oh,” you say in surprise, taking the dress out of his hand.

“What? You don’t want to?” he asks, rubbing his neck in embarrassment.

“No, it’s just – I’ve never had a guy want to go out with me after watching me puke…”

Jace laughs, looking down at the floor before his eyes meet yours, “I’ll see you at seven then?”

“Seven sounds perfect,” you grin and he softly presses a kiss to your cheek before leaving. Maybe you’d finally be able to be in a relationship after all.