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After reading multiple articles here, I noticed a paradox in Undertale. Yes, there are no bathrooms in the underground as evidenced by the ruins and new home house...but both Jerry AND Papyrus state they have to go to the bathroom...How can this be?! Papyrus could be joking but not Jerry! The fact that Papyrus still says that as an excuse puts three question mark over my head because how would he even know what that means? What are your thoughts?

(undertale spoilers)

There is one particular monster that speaks about monster food and bathrooms in Grillby’s – Big Mouth. (The monster’s sprite name is spr_bigmouth.)

Hmmm… Isn’t human food different from monster food?
It does things like “spoil.”
And when you eat it, it passes all the way through your whole body.
I’d love to try it sometime.
And I’ve heard they have things called bathrooms.

BIG MOUTH (after Undyne’s battle):
To a human, monster food would be very interesting.
As soon as you eat it, it converts perfectly into energy.
…that makes me wonder. How do humans do it?
Eat during battle…?
Ice cream in one hand, sword in the other.
That’s the way of the monster warrior…

BIG MOUTH (after Asriel’s battle):
Soon, I’ll be able to try some human food…
And then I guess I’ll try a human bathroom, too.

Toby didn’t cover his bases very well, though. Despite this monster never hearing of a “bathroom” before, bathrooms are mentioned a few times in Undertale.

Jerry tells everyone it has to go to the bathroom.


Now we’re officially friends! Ehehehe!
I’m going to the bathroom.

I’m going to the bathroom, so I’ll be MIA for a bit.
I’m… I’m sure you can handle this puzzle yourself!

It’s possible the monsters use the phrase “I have to go to the bathroom” as an excuse to leave the situation. However, considering “shower” is mentioned three times, chances are these bathrooms are literally just for bathing or showering. Alphys even has a bathtub in the True Lab. 

he’d only take that thing off if he absolutely had to.
oh well. at least he washes it.
and by that i mean he wears it in the shower.

Oh. My god.
I didn’t expect you to show up so soon!
I haven’t showered, I’m barely dressed, it’s all messy, and…

ONI (after Mettaton is killed):
One thing I can say…
I respect Mettaton for not putting any puzzles here.
At another hotel, I had to find 12 magic keys just to unlock the shower.

Since the monsters’ food “converts perfectly into energy,” there is no need for toilets. Considering Papyrus’ phone call, toilets don’t seem to exist at all in the underground.


However, “toilet” is mentioned one more time.

NARRATION (during Shyren’s battle):
Sans is selling tickets made of toilet paper.

It’s unclear where Sans acquired toilet paper in a supposedly toilet-free underground. It may have come from the dump where other human items can be found, but that would not be very hygienic.

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The game already explained the bathroom thing. Monster food doesn't cause you to expel anything after you eat it, so there was no need for bathrooms.

It’s true that monster food absorbs converts perfectly into energy! This is why there is no need for a single toilet anywhere in Undertale. However, where would a human fit into all this? First, here’s what we know.

Hmmm… Isn’t human food different from monster food?
It does things like “spoil.”
And when you eat it, it passes all the way through your whole body.
I’d love to try it sometime. 

And I’ve heard they have things called bathrooms.

MONSTER IN GRILLBY’S (after Undyne battle):
 To a human, monster food would be very interesting.
As soon as you eat it, it converts perfectly into energy.
…that makes me wonder. How do humans do it?
Eat during battle…?
Ice cream in one hand, sword in the other.
That’s the way of the monster warrior…

MONSTER IN GRILLBY’S (after Asriel battle):
Soon, I’ll be able to try some human food…
And then I guess I’ll try a human bathroom, too.

Toby didn’t cover his bases very well though. Despite this monster never hearing of a “bathroom” before, bathrooms are mentioned a few times in Undertale.

Jerry tells everyone it has to go to the bathroom.


Now we’re officially friends! Ehehehe!
I’m going to the bathroom.

I’m going to the bathroom, so I’ll be MIA for a bit.
I’m… I’m sure you can handle this puzzle yourself!

Considering that showers are mentioned by both Sans and Alphys, chances are these bathrooms are literally for bathing or showering (Alphys even has a tub in the True Lab). Toilets don’t seem to exist, especially considering Papyrus’ phone call:



NARRATION (during Shyren battle):
Sans is selling tickets made of toilet paper.

Sans, why? Toilet paper could come from the dump, though that doesn’t seem hygienic. But this leads to the next question: how would Chara get by in a toilet free world, and what effect would a monster food diet have on them?

I admit that when it comes to Caretaker AU, I have given this more thought than is probably necessary. I’m not a doctor, but I do have a basic understanding of physiology so please bear with me and my reasoning.

Humans have very complex systems for absorbing food (digestive system) and for keeping the blood clean (urinary system). Chara would not be able to survive long without water, and even magical water wouldn’t cut it: kidneys create urine in order to get rid of waste built up in the blood. And while a lot of this is metabolic (food) waste, the kidneys also clear out other waste such as dead blood cells. Urine plays an important role in staying healthy, which goes beyond just food.

As for the digestive system, food with perfect absorption into pure energy might actually cause terrible long term effects. While I don’t have any data on what happens if the lower intestine stops being used completely, I can say that an organ that stops being used has a tendency develop problems and/or fail. With how dependent humans are on regular eating cycles, I would be concerned that instantly converted food in the stomach would end up causing the the unused lower digestive tract to stagnate and even fail.

Therefore, while the monster in Grillby’s assumes that humans would experience the same perfect conversion from food into energy that monsters do, I theorize the experience would not quite be identical. Monster food would be immediately energizing and healing with a very efficient absorption rate, but some waste would still pass through the body, due to a non-magical human body being unable to convert all of it. Small amounts of monster food would still pass through the entire digestive tract, ensuring all organs are still functioning regularly.

And that’s why in this AU some buildings had to be outfitted with toilets in the Underground for Chara.

Blind By Your Side/ Part 3 [Final]

Morning soon came, as well as the sunrise. Still half asleep, Nightmare summoned a tentacle and pulled the curtains, so that the sunlight wouldn’t reach and hurt him. He tried to go back to sleep, but some small groans were annoying him and stopping him to do so. He slowly opened his eye, still feeling sleepy. His face flushed in dark blue when he realized that he had his arms wrapped around Cross, who was sleeping with his head on his chest.

The lords heart started beating faster on his chest, causing Nightmare to groan in irritation. He didn’t know what was that weird sensation, but he didn’t like it.

Cross suddenly started to groan and move a little. He was waking up. Nightmare stopped hugging the smaller skeleton and turned his back on him, quickly hiding his face under the blankets to cover his stupid blush.

Cross soon sat on the bed and looked around. He didn’t say anything, but his hand reached for his eyes, touching the blindfold. His hand started to slightly shake and he felt like his eyes would start watering at any second so he tried to focus on something else.

“Nightmare? Are you awake?”

“… Yes.”

“Hm. Did you sleep well?”

“… Yeah. I did.”

“Ok. So… Are we going to any missions today? I really feel like punching someone’s face.” Nightmare didn’t look at Cross, and took a long time to respond, making the other worried. “Nightmare…?”

“Cross I… I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He didn’t want to admit, but he was worried about Cross. The whole being blind thing seemed to be getting on his head, like everything around them could seriously hurt Cross.

Nightmare didn’t understand why he was feeling that way. He was supposed to hate him, wasn’t he? So then… Why was his mind so confused?

“But… Why not? I can take care of myself!”

“Like you took care of yourself on the last mission?” Nightmare replied sarcastically.

“I was just trying to prot- to help you!” He complained, his cheeks getting a little purple.

“I can take care of myself. Ever thought of doing that for once on your life?”

“Can you at least pretend that I can still see and don’t treat me like a freaking kid!?” His aura was getting more negative and Cross felt like he could cry at any moment. But he refused to stand that low. “You don’t need to treat me like someone special just because I can’t see anymore. I don’t like to be treated that way.” He sighed. “Why am I even saying this? You won’t care anyway. You never do…”

“And you never made me so confused before, but you’re doing it now.” Nightmare mumbled, but Cross managed to hear it.

“I made you… Confused…?” Nightmare’s eye widened and his face flushed blue.

“How did you hear that?”

“The same way I heard killer stop in front of the door a few minutes ago, and he’s standing there right now.” Nightmare turned to the door.

“KILLER! IF YOU’RE THERE WHEN I OPEN THE DOOR I’LL TEAR YOUR ARMS AND LEGS OFF!” fast footsteps were soon heard running away from the door.

“Heh, called it” Cross said.

“How did you know he was there?”

“Meh, blind people can hear better. That’s one of the good things about my condition” an awkward silence filled the room.

“Cross… I’m sorry.”


“For… Being the reason you’re stuck like this. I shouldn’t have let you and the others just choose a random dimension without my order.” The other gave a smile.

“It’s okay, Nightmare. It wasn’t really your fault, we were just stubborn as always.”

“Yeah, you were. You should just hear me when I say that you should hear me”

“Hehehe, yeah…” Cross took a deep breath and felt his face heat up a little. “Nightmare.”


“C-can I… D-do something?”

“Hum… Sure…? What is it?”

Cross reached out his hands, luckily being able to grab Nightmare’s face on the first try. The other was a little confused as to what Cross was actually doing, but just stayed silent. Nightmare’s face suddenly flushed into a deep blue when he felt Cross press his lips on his own.

The other’s face was really purple, like he was running out of air or something. They didn’t break the kiss, as much as a part of Nightmare’s mind kept saying for him to break it and slap Cross across the face, but he just ignored that thought and kissed him back, slowly wrapping his arms around his waist and pulling his body closer to his own.

They soon broke the kiss, both painting a little from lack of air. Cross gave a small smile, his face boiling from embarrassment. Nightmare on the other hand, was pretty much speechless, his mind still processing all that happened.

“W-why did you do that?” Cross caressed his cheek, giving him a little smile.

“Because I love you, Nightmare.” His eye widened. Cross blushed a little more. “I-it’s been awhile since I felt that way and I didn’t know how to tell you… But since I lost my sight you became so nice to me that I didn’t know if I could hold it any lon…ger…” His voice died once he felt the other caress his cheek, also getting him more nervous than he already was.



“… I love you too.” He pulled Cross again into a kiss, the other slowly melting into his arms. It felt like a dream come true…

Just as they separated, Cross practically threw himself at Nightmare’s arms, hugging him tightly. “Hehe, you seem happy.”

“Yeah… But also so Killer can take enough photos to post online.” He said. Nightmare’s eye widened in anger and he turned to the door.


“Just let him be. You can get him later…” Nightmare groaned.

“Humpf. Fine. But only because you asked.” Cross smiled. “Hey Cross… Does being blind… Bother you?”

“… It used at first, but I think I’m getting used to it. And as long as you’re with me, I don’t care that much” Nightmare blushed and hugged him tighter. “Killer’s going to get a lot of pictures huh?”

“Yeah…” he kissed Cross’ forehead, causing him to blush. “… He will.”

The End


I suck for endings ;u;

Englih is not my first language

Hope you enjoyed my little fanfic and I hope that it didn’t suck so much 

 Maybe I’ll bring more in the future

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Can you do a story in which the (future) S/O comforts the V3 guys after they're rejected harshly by their crush? (I like angst but I also like knowing there'll be a happy ending, heheh.)

Sure thing ^^ Angst with a happy ending is always the best

NDRV3 Boys comforted by (future) S/O after they’ve been rejected by their crush

Shuuichi Saihara:

- You heard a faint knock on your door

- And as soon as you opened it you knew something was wrong

- Saihara stood in the doorway, hat pulled over his eyes casting a dark shadow on his face

- “C..Can I *sniff* Can I come in?”

- You nod and step to the side to let him in

- As soon as he hears the door click shut… He just bursts into tears

- You’re instantly by his side hugging him gently

- “Saihara - kun… Hey what’s wrong?”

- “I… They…”

- He tries to explain but all he can do is choke out some random words

- But somehow… You managed to make sense of it all

- “I see… Hey, it’s okay Saihara - kun.”

- You carefully take off his hat and stroke his hair

- “Hey, do you want to watch Sherlock with me? I’ll make tea as well, or… Or ice cream! Ice cream is the best medicine for a broken heart!”

- He lets out a little laugh at that

- “You… Haha… You really are the best L/n - san/kun”

- “Awww stop, I just care about you… That’s all”

- You really wanted to tell him the truth, but at the same time you knew he wouldn’t want to hear this right now

- But that’s okay.. You’ll just have to wait and see how things turn out

Kaito Momota:

- He was spamming you with text messages

‘L/n am I a good guy?’

- ‘I always thought so’

- ‘Clearly I was wrong’

- ‘Woah woah woah Momota - kun slow down, I’ll call you… Okay?’

- “Momota - kun… Can you explain to me what’s going on?”

- “Mm, I guess..”

- He tells you how his crush rejected him, and you listen to every word of it

- “Aw… Momota - kun…”

- “I’m mad but… I’m also sad as fuck you know?”

- “Mm.. Hey, I have an idea. Wanna battle on Facebook? They just added Space Invaders.”

- “…Space Invaders?”

- “Well y-”

- “I’m gonna beat you so bad. I’m the King of Space Invaders.”

- “Challenge accepted!”

- You never really expected much to come from this

- But somehow… Things turned out better than you expected


- He was a mess

- Afterall, he never experienced rejection before

- So he just kinda… Shut down

- “Helloooooo, Earth to Kiibo - kun!”

- He opened his eyes and found you waving right in front of his face

- “Ah!”

- “Oh! Sorry!”

- If you were being completely honest, you had no idea how to cheer up a robot

- So… You just kinda sat there, holding his hand

- And you talked

- You talked a lot

- “Hey, L/n - san/kun…”

- “What is it?”

- “Thank you… Thank you for everything”

- You smile and give his hand a little squeeze

- “Of course… Anything for you, Kiibo - kun!”

Rantaro Amami:

- He tried his best to hide it from you

- But you noticed that he was being rather… Distant

- “Amami - kun, what’s wrong?”

- “Huh? Oh, ah, nothing”

- You poke his cheek and pout

- “Liar”

- “What? How did you- How am I lying?”

- “I asked you like five times if you want to play Mario Kart and you didn’t even respond. You never pass up the chance to play Mario Kart!”

- He chuckles at that

- “Guess I’ve been found out huh?”

- “Hey I have an idea, how about this? If I win, you have to tell me what’s wrong and receive ice cream from me but if you win, I’ll buy you the very nice expensive ice cream”

- “… But… No matter what happens I’ll g-”

- He glances at you

- You just smile at him sweetly as you hand him the controller

- “You have to try your hardest okay? And no picking Baby Luigi! I’m Baby Weegie.”

- He never tells you this but, he really appreciates it

Kokichi Ouma:

- The two of you were just sitting in your living room watching TV

- But you noticed that he was awfully quiet

- “Ouma - kun? Hey…”

- He tilts his head away from you and that’s when you notice

- He’s crying

- You knew he wasn’t faking it, it must be something serious

- You’re very tempted to just pull him into a hug but… He might not want this right now

- So instead, you just head over to your kitchen and come back with a bottle of Panta

- “Hey Ouma - kun, I heard that Saihara - kun and Momota - kun are hanging out in the park today… Want to….Mess with them a little?”

- You wink as you hand him the bottle

- “Hm… What do you mean?”

- “Well, Momota - kun is scared of ghosts right? I just so happen to have some Halloween decorations left so…”

- “Nishishi, I like your way of thinking L/n - chan”

Gonta Gokuhara:

- He was a crying mess

- He really didn’t understand

- You of course knew exactly why his crush ran off screaming

- I mean who wouldn’t after seeing a million insects

- … Of course you couldn’t tell him that

- So instead you decided that the best thing to do is take his mind off of it

- “Gonta - kun! I think I found a new insect!”

- “H-Huh?…”

- You grin and wave for him to come over to you

- “See see! I remember you telling me that there’s this one type that has orange dots on it but this one has blue dots!”

- “Eh?! That’s amazing L/n - san/kun!”

- He takes out one of his notebooks and begins to sketch the insect

- “Gonta thinks… He’ll call it L/n-itucus. Is that okay?”

- You nod, trying your best to conceal the blush that’s forming on your cheeks

- Well… Mission accomplished I guess

Korekiyo Shinguuji:

- He was always so calm 

- So seeing him visibly shaken by something was really…. Strange

- “Um, Shinguuji - kun?”

- “I’m fine.”

- The two of you sat in awkward silence for a while

- But then you heard him sigh

- He turned to look at you and that’s when you noticed

- His eyes were red, it seemed like he was crying

- “Want to talk?”

- He just nods as a reply

- “Okay.”

- You stand up and rush off towards the kitchen

- Minutes later, you come back with a tray containing a teapot and two teacups

- He smiles at that, not that you could see behind his mask

- You never force him to tell you more than he wants to, you just sit listening patiently

- He can’t really explain why but… He feels like if he spends more time with you, he’ll be able to discover the beauty of humanity once more

Ryoma Hoshi:

- He won’t cry

- It’s not like him to cry

- So instead he just angrily throws a tennis ball against the wall

- It was stupid of him to even have a crush in the first place, I mean, who would even l-

- “Wah! Hoshi - kun calm down! You’ll dent the wall at this pace!”

- He looks over his shoulder to find you standing behind him

- “What do you want L/n”

- “Hm… I want to spend time with you of course”

- “Why? It’s not like I’m wo-”

- You place your finger on his lips

- “No need for depressing thoughts okay? I know something’s wrong”

- Damn, is he really that transparent?

- “So what if it is?”

- You just start laughing which causes him to look at you with confusion

- “Hoshi - kun don’t play dumb, obviously I’m here to make you feel better”

- …

- You’re here for him? This… Huh, this is a pleasant surprise for a change

- “Hmph. Okay I guess I can let you try”

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I heard ya wanted requests ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), so heres one for you. What would the RFA + V + Saeran do if MC has fallen asleep in the shower after a long day. (Its kinda weird but not all requests can be good i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯) Keep up the good work by the way. (I feel like your work isnt appreciated enough lolol) I hope you have a good day / night !! -Stars Anon<3

hey Stars Anon! good to see you(*^▽^*) you know I always love and appreciate your requests(and that i always want them hehehe)~ and aw aw thank you! that’s so sweet, you’re gonna make me blush( ´ ▽ ` )


  • mc was So Tired
  • when they got home, zen wasn’t there yet, so they just hopped in the shower
  • *15 minutes later*
  • zen opens the door and is like “babe~ i’m home!” 
  • he hears no answer 
  • but he also hears the shower running and assumes their in there
  • he’s right, but he also wants to let them know he’s back
  • so he just opens the door, “hey babe, letting you know i’m home”
  • no response….? *confused zen* “babe?” 
  • moves the curtains a bit to make sure they’re okay 
  • and they’re asleep! zen shakes their shoulder “babe, are you alright?”
  • mc is surprised and looks at zen all confused before they realize “oh my god i fell asleep-”
  • zen shakes his head but also realizes that they’re naked 
  • *cue blushing and closing the curtain” just wanted to make sure you were okay- i’ll be outside”
  • everything’s clear when they get out of the shower
  • but zen also pulls them over and kisses their nose “take a nap first,next time, baby..we can shower together~”


  • was already home tbh
  • but mc just got home and told yoosung they were going to take a shower and then they could cuddle
  • but that was like, 20 minutes ago…
  • sometimes mc takes long showers, but usually their tired showers are quick showers 
  • but yoosung doesn’t question it
  • another 10 minutes pass by and now he thinks it’s weird
  • so he goes to check….and finds mc asleep! 
  • “mc, honey, wake up!”
  • they wake up all surprised and is like “oops”
  • yoosung is really only phased when he helps them get out and dry up
  • blushes a little, but powers through
  • they have that cuddle session on the couch and mc is asleep immediately again 


  • mc was exhausted that day, jaehee could tell
  • but she persuaded them to take a shower before going to bed, to make them feel better
  • she does have a suspicion this might happen, though
  • probably has done this once or twice so she isn’t even phased
  • does wait a reasonable amount of time, like yoosung does
  • but jaehee isn’t phased at all and just helps mc out of the shower 
  • dries them up and kisses their nose
  • “come on, let’s go to bed”
  • mc is so tired at this point like jaehee needs to help dress them
  • they fall asleep as soon as they hit the bed and jaehee laughs
  • but she also joins them and pulls them into a hug
  • after putting a towel under their head for their wet hair


  • jumin was letting them take a bath
  • they both got home late from travelling
  • he let them get in the bath and said he’d be right back
  • he needs to get the Relaxation Essentials
  • which includes wine, of course
  • but when he gets back, mc is asleep
  • he chuckles and shakes his head, but wakes them up
  • offers to bathe them and talk to them so they won’t fall asleep again
  • carries them out of the bath and dries them up before helping get some clothes on
  • this man is also unfazed, he’s actually enjoying this
  • lays down with them and plays with their hair until they fall asleep

707 / luciel / saeyoung

  • is honestly so confused for a bit
  • mc said they were going to take a shower
  • but that was almost an hour ago????
  • what happened? 
  • he went to go check and still heard the shower running
  • so he yanks open the curtains to check on them 
  • aaaand they’re asleep
  • he laughs at first, but wakes them up
  • mc laughs too, but they get out and dry up
  • saeyoung lets them sit in his lap while he works and they fall asleep
  • he also brushes their hair for them

v / jihyun

  • he is the most surprised and the least helpful
  • since..he can’t see and all
  • but mc was taking too long
  • and he still heard the shower running
  • which was weird
  • so he called out for them, but nothing
  • after looking with his left eye, he sees them asleep
  • “mc…angel…wake up, dear”
  • they wake up all shocked
  • but they manage to dry up by themselves
  • v does want to brush their hair, though
  • so he does on the bed while they fall asleep
  • decides now is a good time to take a picture, since they’re so cute


  • mc was extra tired when they came home
  • so they told saeran they were going to take a shower before anything else
  • he said alright and waited for them on the couch, scrolling through his phone
  • but a while passes and he gets a bit concerned
  • gets up to go check on them
  • he shakes his head when he sees what happened and turns off the water before waking them up
  • mc is embarrassed and smiles nervously at him
  • but he just picks them up and dries them off
  • doesn’t go back to the couch, just goes straight to bed
  • he lets them talk about their day while he listens and comments every now and then until he knows they fell asleep
Ayato vs. Subaru Mini Drama
Ayato (CV. Midorikawa Hikaru) & Subaru (CV. Kondo Takashi)
Ayato vs. Subaru Mini Drama

[ Versus Song Requiem(2) Bloody Night Vol.I ]

Ayato vs. Subaru Mini Drama Translation

ヽ(・ω・ゞ) Good evening, dear sinners~! This track got requested a lot, so here it is! Now that I finished Yuma’s DF route, I’m gonna start completing the random requests in my spreadsheets. _(┐「ε:)_ I’m not sure if this has been done already, so my apologies if it has (I searched around and didn’t find anything).

As usual, audio translating isn’t my forte, so I apologize if I misheard or anything.

Note: I used “You” throughout the translation’s action phrases that you’ll see in parenthesis. It was easier that way, so don’t hurt me please.

The mini drama is about 18min. ☆ミ(o*・ω・)ノ Enjoy these two rough mouths~

(Struggling Noises; Wind’s Blowing As Subaru’s Flying)

Subaru: Geez, you’re such a pain!  I told you to stop moving. Don’t you understand!? Someone as stupid as you should know what’ll happen if you try to separate from me now. Hah? Well, if you wanna fall, be my guest. Ahh, but it wouldn’t be bad seeing you like a squashed tomato after falling to the ground. Heheh.

Subaru: Hey, what’re you gonna do? *fixes grip on Subaru* Heheh, you should’ve done that from the start. You really are a pesky woman. Oi, cling to me more. Tch, more!

Subaru: That’s it. That’s better. Your neck’s finally close. Heh…Ah? Damn it. Pisses me off seeing that guy’s fang marks. Hah? Don’t play dumb. It’s obvious what I gotta do. *bites and sucks*

Keep reading

A Perfect Valentines Day for Some Meihem

(I struggled to get all this done today while moving, so I’m sorry if it seems a little rushed! Happy Valentines!)


Roadhog was sitting on the closed lid of the toilet in the junkers’ crowded little bathroom, reading another of his old paperback novels. His drooping gaze scanned it as hurriedly as he could, knowing full well that this was likely the only chance to get to read this particular novel before it was ruined. The book was already burnt on the edges and starting to bend and break from the elements, and now it was discentigrating before his very eyes, spattered with water and wilting from steam. As another splash arced his way, he lifted the book up towards the ceiling and tried to keep reading.

“She’s gonna love this, Roadie! A clean, fresh bloke for Valentines Day! You know how many kisses I’m gonna get today? Yeah, she won’t be able to resist all them primal lady urges when she sees all this!” Junkrat sat on his plastic stool in the middle of the shower, bombarding himself with scalding water as he leaned to fill his up his purloined tupperware container and dumped it over his head. He was looking a bit more like a drowned rat than a junk rat, wild swathes of blond hair now sopping wet and drooping all over his head, stuck in a rather grotesque manner across his eyes and face. He was hunched over like a gargoyle on his chair, using his remaining limbs to awkwardly maneuver himself as the water flowing down his body came away black and gray, swirling down a drain that was already bubbling and threatening to clog. Again.

“She probably won’t recognize you,” Hog grunted, lifting his book again as Junkrat filled up his container and missed as he tried to douse himself.

“That’s cause I’m a new man! This is gonna blrlrb-” He doubled over in a fit of coughing as he threw water directly into his own face whilst trying to talk, sputtering loudly before continuing on. “This is gonna be perfect, a real gentleman’s-type holiday. It’s gotta be classy. Okay, hand me all them bottles. We’re gonna turn this Junkrat into a Hunkrat. Okay, how do I… Oi, Roadie, what’s the difference between shampoo and conditioner?”

Hog shrugged.

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Hey, so I really liked you weightlifter Jimin and swimmer Jungkook head canon, so i was wondering if you can make a part 2? With an insecure Jungkook this time? And Jimin comforting him in the end? Hurt/Comfort, and Angst with a happy ending, pleaseeeee

sure thing!! this actually works perfectly with a weightlifting fairy au i know just what to write about hehehe. thanks for sending! (pt 1)

+ jungkook sat inside the locker room. another false start, another disqualification. he couldn’t figure out why his vision and hearing goes out every time he had a big race. this had been the fourth time that he had been disqualified. he was ready to give up. 

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Originally posted by wonuflake

The story is not over yet. 

Final day: Mission Completed


Slowly, so slowly, I started to regain my senses, regain them from what I initially thought was sleep. But the rushed, feminine voiced hinted to something else. How long had I been gone? What had happened? And as I opened my eyes, I answered my second question with the realization, the memories that flooded in along with the sunlight that hit my not-prepared pupils. 

“you’re finally awake.” The new, feminine voice, it’s owner unknown to me, drew my eyes off the windows to the speaker. A woman. A young woman who’s eyebrows were furrowed and eyes weary, posture bad and her simple clothes too big. 

“Who are you?” I croaked out, only receiving a light glare back from the woman. She stood up from the floor she had been kneeling on, and as she did, I noticed that I was lying on top of a single mattress on the hardwood floor in the middle of a small apartment with furniture placed sparsely. The walls were free of any pictures and posters, the floor void of any blankets and the windows clear of any curtains except for a few blinds here and there. 

I fixed my crazed eyes on the woman yet again. “Where’s Tao? And Sehun? Sehun must be worried sick, he must be wondering where I am- oh my god, Sehun.”

The woman hummed lowly. “So that’s your guy? Sehun?”

Your breath hitched, your chest tightening and your frown deepening with confusion. “My guy? Sehun is…” You trailed off.

“Yeah, your guy, Y/N, as in the guy you had as a mission to ruin.”

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Care For Vampire-Azusa
Mukami Azusa (CV: Kishio Daisuke)
Care For Vampire-Azusa

Lunatic Parade Azusa Care For Vampire Translation + Audio

Yooo sinners~! (๑꒪▿꒪)*  Next up is Azusa’s Care For Vampire since I liked it and idk I just randomly get motivated for things. Haha.

As I said with Subaru’s, since Azusa is the only speaker and it acts as a drama, I chose to record the audio and include it to better the experience. It’s about 16min long. I used Yui/You for the action phrases in parenthesis.

(๑・ω-)~♥” Enjooooy~!

-Scene: Azusa’s Bedroom; CG-

Azusa: … …Eve. Is something wrong?

My arm? Mm… …it’s fine. It doesn’t hurt.

You worry a lot, huh… …

The bandages? … …You want to wrap me?

Mm, okay. Please do… …

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YAY! The Ask Box is open!! I love how you portray the Arrancars, the purring is so adorable! Speaking of which, how would the Espada react to being called cute/adorable by their S/O who's just starry eyed and cooing ( let's say they've been together a while xD)? I've caught myself saying that more than once about most of them! Hehehe~

(*・U・)ノ☆ Thank you!!


-While cute isn’t exactly something he’d expect anyone to think about him, hearing it from you is oddly nice. It sounds like you’re incredibly fond of him, and that alone makes him feel warm and content. 


-She never would have considered herself cute, but hearing it from you isn’t all bad. It sounds… pleasant, coming from you, and she can’t bring herself to care that “cute” isn’t the most dignified thing she could be called. 


-He does not need to be referred to as “cute” and makes it very clear that that is unnecessary. Never mind how the sheer fondness with which you said it is sparking some odd, warm feeling in his chest. 


-There is absolutely nothing cute about him, and there’s something wrong with you for thinking there is. It’s downright unbelievable that you could mean something so sweet, and he hardly knows how to process it all.


-He definitely wasn’t expecting to be called something like that, especially from someone who actually knows him. It’s… strange, in an oddly nice way, to be called something so sweet, but only because it’s you. 


-While cute isn’t exactly the word he’d use, he’s not one to turn down a compliment. Especially because, coming from you, even “cute” sounds more like loving affection than anything demeaning. 


-Are you blind? He is absolutely not anything even resembling cute. At first, he assumes you’re making fun of him, and once he realizes that you’re dead serious, goes quiet with shock and something like joy.

  • Weiss: *One day as Weiss was returning to the dorm of the new beacon she started to hear her roommates/the new couple of the team talking from outside.* Hmm? What are they talking about? *Weiss wondered, pushing her ear against the door.*
  • Blake: Wow. They are a lot bigger then I thought they would be.
  • Yang: Yep. You want to feel them?
  • Blake: A-are you sure?
  • Yang: Of course! Give them a squeeze.
  • Blake: Okay... Whoa. They are so soft.~
  • Yang: Hehehe, I told you. Come here.
  • Blake: Huh? What ar-Mph!
  • Yang: Comfy?
  • Blake: *Purrr* Oh yeah. This is amazing.
  • Weiss: *outside Weiss blushes thinking* Oh my god did Blake just from Yang's boobs?! I didn't think they were this far int their relationship!
  • Blake: I can sleep on your pillows forever.
  • Ruby: I know right? *Suddenly all the color drained from Weiss's face upon hearing her partner's voice.* They are soooo comfy.
  • Weiss: *It wasn't even a second later before Weiss, face burning red now, literally kicked in the door and screamed at the top of her lungs.* WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING WITH RUBY!?! SHE'S Your sis... ter?
  • Yang: *In the room Weiss find Yang sitting at their deck holding a pillow as Ruby and Blake laid in their beds with their heads resting on the same type of pillow.* Uh, Giving her one of these new pillows I got?
  • Ruby: You HAVE to try these Weiss. They are so soft and cozy. *Ruby cheered not even moving her head from her pillow.*
  • Weiss: I... Uh... *Weiss started but couldn't find the words to cover what she thought was happening.*
  • Blake: She thought I was feeling your boobs Yang and didn't know Ruby was here till she spoke up. *Blake chimed in already half asleep.*
  • Ruby: You kinda did for her just now Weiss.
  • Yang: Damn Weiss. And here I thought my Blakey was the kinky one. Also, When Blake feels me up we make sure Ruby isn't here or going to be here.
  • Blake: Actually I wonder which is better for napping? This pillow or Yang's? Yang, come here for a second.
  • Yang: Nah-huh. Every time you nap on my girls it always leads to s-

anonymous asked:

"Jesus your quiet, we should put a bell on you" for 2p italy and a s/o being the quiet one

Luciano was sitting in his armchair in front of the fireplace calculating what should be the next step. All of a sudden, hands from behind him quickly hugged his shoulders.

Luciano reacted fast. He pulled his knife from its sheath spun around, and help the knife point under the attacker’s chin before they could react and tighten their grip.

To his surprise it was s/o, his love.

“ Jesus your quiet, we should put a bell on you. I could have killed you.”

“Opps, hehehe my mistake for sneaking up on you. I wanted to surprise you with a hug! Not my best idea apparently.”

“Defiantly not! Now, what are you still doing awake? You should be in bed.”

“I was just worried about you.”

“Hehehe, bella/o, you never need to worry about me I’m strong and powerful. I can keep myself safe.”

“It’s just, you never stay up this late without telling me a reason. You were so deep in thought you let me sneak up on you two. Usually you can hear me from a mile away. What are you thinking about?”

“Something very important. I’m sorry bella/o, but right now I cannot tell you. It is important that it remains a secret.”

“….I understand. I trust you. Just please, be careful.”

“I will.” Luciano kissed their hand before they went back to bed.

Luciano just dodged a bullet. There was no way he could tell her about the surprise birthday party he was planning for them next week. That would ruin all the fun.

Diabolik Lovers ~Haunted Dark Bridal~ Subaru Sakamaki Ecstasy 05 Translation

(TL//I was in a slight rush getting this up so there might be a bit of error where the selection is, I’ll probably edit it out when I have the time. I had a few problems with a few phrases in this scenario so the translations there are pretty rough. Please don’t put this translation anywhere outside of tumblr- link back to this post only. I don’t mind this being translated into other languages as long as you link back to my blog and ask for permission beforehand.\\)

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dating namjoon would include...

yoongi’s | jimin’s | jungkook’s | taehyung’s | jin’s | jhope’s | ♡

dating namjoon be like…

▪ falling asleep in the studio while he produces
▪ matching supreme headbands
▪ matching chokers
▪ making you playlists that you can listen too
▪ climbing on him since hes a tree lol
▪ him getting handsy in public
▪ you getting handsy back
▪ making a song just for you
▪ butt grabbing
▪ or boob grabbing idk yet
▪ #kimcoupledaily
▪ him kissing over your body
▪ hearing him say really deep stupid shit
▪ “that made no sense namjoon”
▪ then he says something deep for real
▪ gets you in your feelings
▪ making you sing or talk on one of his songs
▪ laying his head on your boobs during naps
▪ fighting
▪ and not making up till you apologies bc he aint
▪ stealing his polo hats
▪ rough sex hehehe
▪ matching converse
▪ recommending books for eachother
▪ “babygirl”
▪ kissing the side of his head when hes stressed
▪ his body evolving yours when you two cuddle
▪ staying up talking about life
▪ getting emotional when he brings up the future
▪ “i might marry you”
▪ jungkook looking up to you two
▪ “take a picture of my outfit baby”
▪ stealing his clothes
▪ giving eachother matching hickeys
▪ helping you with school work
▪ “mrs. kim”
▪ jealous namjoon when one of the maknae’s like you
▪ “i told you not to touch it because you’ll break it”
▪ “and lookie here, i was right”
▪ getting turnt to cypher
▪ “ok so no don’t naenae nam”
▪ taehyung joining in
▪ back massages
▪ steamy showers together
▪ having sex in the shower
▪ namjoon almost breaking the shower head
▪ cuddling rapmon when namjoons away
▪ struggling to make dinner
▪ ends up calling jin
▪ or ordering pizza

starlight-ciel  asked:

I'm currently listening to the graffiti playlist and iT'S SOOOOOOOO GOOD AAAAAAH I'M GETTING SO MANY COOL VIBES FROM IT AANDNFJSISBJDJSHAJ. I genuinely like this type of music too so i may be a little bias hehehe bUT ITS SUPER GREAT AND IT MAKES ME SUPER EXCITED FOR YOUR FIC ! I CAN'T WAIT TILL IT COMES OUT !!! :~)

AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH YAY I’M SO GLAD YOU LIKE THE PLAYLIST!!! :DDDDD that playlist contains all the emotions and moods that happen throughout the entirety of the fic, so it makes me really really really happy to hear that you like the playlist’s vibes that much ^-^