you can insult my family

the signs as @augbee quotes

aries: “wait i dont wanna burn my noodles”

taurus: “you can insult me, you can insult my family, you can insult my dogs, but dont you ever insult my chicken strips”

gemini: “hes not even russian, hes just rlly fast”

cancer: “do you need some wATéR”

leo: “whats the opposite of leo? cancer.”

virgo: “can i be salty for a second”

libra: “loodle no!!!!!”

scorpio: “this is my husband, steven”

sagittarius: “i dont like fighting but i live for the drama”

capricorn: "i was sitting here with a mouth full of mickey mouse and I was like, well shit"

aquarius: i cant think of anything thats ever happened ever

pisces: “wHy iS gAy hoWaRd fOLLowInG mE”


IMAGINE: Jason missing you
TITLE: An Us We Never Will Be

Before all this resurrection nonsense, there was a we when it came to Jason Peter Todd. Never was there an I. Everything he was, everything he did, was for you. “For us,” He would say. Us. Then, one day, there was an I. There was just you, no him, no us, no we. Just you.

Jason likes to think that there was still a we–an us. 

By the time he was back on his feet, you had already grieved and moved on. And who was he to destroy it? 

Ah, ah, when I was younger
I, I should’ve known better
And I can’t feel no remorse
And you don’t feel nothing back

When you met him, you weren’t such a wreck. You were at the top of the class. People referred to you as the “goody-two-shoes”. Jason wasn’t any different.

He had been transferred from the public school (or so you were led to believe). He was the opposite of what you were; a straight D- student, a trouble maker, a skipper, a person who liked to patronize the teachers. You didn’t like him all that much. That was until you had the chance to properly meet him.

“The assignment is easy! You and your partner, picked, will make a presentation on an urban legend and it’s significance. You can pick a place, a person, or anything.” Everyone, but yourself, groaned at the news. She began listing off partners leaving yours for last, “L/N and Todd. Class dismissed.”

You slowly packed up your things dreading the thought of working with someone who would mostly make you do all the work. You ignored the figure that leaned against the desk beside your own as you stuffed the History textbook into your worn-out bag.

You didn’t even look at him as you spoke, “Since I’ll probably do all the work anyways, there’s no need for us to talk.”

You swiftly walked passed him, keeping your head up. 

“Who died and made you the ruler?” He asked, not the slightest bit offended. “I was going to suggest we go to my house and work. I doubt your family would want some kid from the streets inside their home.”

You stopped walking and turned on your heel to face him. You were quick to notice how his jet-black hair was a mess, how light, purple bags hung underneath his eyes, and how tall he actually was.

“Listen here, Jason.” You looked up to meet his eyes, keeping your face firm, “You can insult me all you want, but never bring my family into it. I’ll meet you at your house in an hour. I figure you know my number from all the times you took my phone and used it for who knows what. Message me your address.”

And then you turned on your heel, once again, and left.

Jason watched you leave, a goofy smile fitting his lips, “That was hot.”

Not even ten minutes later did you receive directions. You had to reread the message over and over again.

FROM: Unkown
1007 Mountain Drive, Gotham (;

TO: J. Todd
mkay 👍
SENT: 2:56PM   

Not even an hour later you were standing in front of Wayne Manor. You stared up at it in irritation. You couldn’t believe someone like Jason lived here. You walked up the stone steps and knocked on the walnut washed door. How you knew the name of the wood was beyond you.

After a few minutes of standing there, the door opened revealing an older man.

“Mis/ter L/N, I presume?” His light British accent made a soft smile form.

“That would be I.”

“Master Todd is in the den.” He propped the door open allowing you entrance.

You smiled once again as you passed, “And where exactly is that?”

“Down this hall, the last door on the right.” He answered, “I’ll have tea and snacks delivered in a few.”

He left before you could thank him.

Your eyes gazed over everything. The manor may look big on the outside, but it was even bigger on the inside. You sucked in a deep breath, smile fading, and head held high and moved down the hall. You held the strap to your bag anxiously. You made it to the door, which was wide open, and popped your head inside. Jason was nowhere in sight. You cautiously walked inside, setting yourself onto one of the leather couches.


You jumped, holding your hand to your chest. Jason stood behind you, clutching his stomach as laughter spilled from his lips. "That was even better than I imagined!" 

You failed to hide a smile, "I’ll give you points for succeeding.”

He grinned and took a seat next to you, reclining into the leather, “So, what are we going to write about, Mis/ter Stuck-Up?”

“Really? That’s the best you got?” You rolled your eyes, “I was thinking of doing Aokigahara in Japan.”

“The what?” He scrunched up his nose with a half eyebrow raised.

“It’s a forest with a lot of urban legends,” You answered, dismissively.

“Oh, cool.” He nodded his head slowly.

“Should we start?” You asked, impatiently.

By the time the two of you finished research, it was late. There was no use in you going home, but there was also the fact you couldn’t stay at the manor. 

“It’s pretty late,” Jason yawned, “I can get Alfred to take you home.”

You shook your head, “No. I can walk.”

“At night? In Gotham?” He asked in disbelief.


“No, not gonna happen.” He started unpacking your bag, “If you won’t let me take you home then you’re staying the night.”

“I don’t have the energy to argue.” You sighed, settling back into the couch.

“You gonna call your parents?”

You shook your head, “It would be pointless to call something that I don’t have.”

“You’re a-”

“Orphan?” You ignored his look of concern, “No. I live with my brother. Well, kind of. He’s in the military so I only get to see him when he’s on leave or break or whatever. He’s currently in Iraq and should be home in a few weeks. That’s why I’m such a “goody-two-shoes”. I want him to come home and be proud. It’s quite stupid.”

“No, it’s not.” You raised an eyebrow, he ignored it and continued to speak, “We have a lot of empty space. Bruce wouldn’t mind the extra company if you ever need a place to just crash or whatever.”

It was in that moment when you knew you were wrong about the boy.

I, I got a new girlfriend here
Feels like he’s on top
And I don’t feel no remorse
And you can’t see past my blindness

Now here he was, in bed with an alien. Well, Kor’i was more of a friend, but still. And all he could think about was you. He didn’t feel guilty–no–never guilty. You were the one who moved on so easily from what the two of you had–still have.

Jason muttered a curse, pushing off the covers, grabbing his phone and leaving the bedroom. He passed by Roy who slept (almost) peacefully on the worn out couch they stole a year back.

He dialed the number he learned by heart.

“Hello?” Your voice rang out, not the slightest bit groggy.

Jason’s grip on the phone tightened. He stopped breathing altogether, closing his eyes tightly as his heart froze.

“Okay then..” You trailed off on the other end, “Bye?”

The line went dead.

Oh, Ophelia
You’ve been on my mind, girl, since the flood
Oh, Ophelia
Heaven help the fool who falls in love

“Dude, you’ve been staring at that thing for hours. They’re not going to call back someone who didn’t even talk.” 

“Roy, for fucks sake, shut up.”

The two boys sat side-by-side on the worn couch. Roy was cleaning his bow and arrows and Jason was staring at his phone, waiting for something that would never happen.

I, I got a little paycheck
You got big plans and you gotta move (whoo!)
And I don’t feel nothing at all
And you can’t feel nothing small

“They’re moving, again.” 

Jason ignored those words, taking out another cigarette from his pocket and lighting it.

Dick sighed, loudly. “You need to talk to her.  They still visit your grave!”

“I don’t care. I stopped caring the moment I woke up six feet under.”

“They left this at your gravestone the day of the funeral.” Dick handed him an envelope, “Maybe it will change your mind.

Honey, I love you
That’s all she wrote

Jason waited until he was alone to read the letter inside the envelope.


It was stupid of me to even begin to write this, but I can’t understand how you out of everyone could leave me. I know it wasn’t your fault. I know you didn’t die because you wanted to. 

Please, just for me, come back. 

I love you. I wish I could’ve said those three words from my lips instead of handwriting them, but it’s the truth. 


Your wish came true, but you would never know. He wouldn’t let you know. He should’ve shown up at your house the moment he came back, but he didn’t. It’s been four years. He lost his chance. And he would hate himself for it.

Oh, Ophelia
You’ve been on my mind, girl, like a drug
Oh, Ophelia
Heaven help the fool who falls in love
Oh, Ophelia
You’ve been on my mind, girl, since the flood

“Promise me something.”


Oh, Ophelia
Heaven help the fool who falls in love
Oh, Ophelia
You’ve been on my mind, girl, like a drug
Oh, Ophelia
Heaven help the fool who falls in love 

“Promise me that you’ll marry me.”

“I promise.”

He broke that promise.

DATE: 21 APRIL 2016

NOTES: I wrote this instead of doing my homework


okay, but do you ever stop to think about how many people love brian kinney though? like, he came from a broken home and had to grow up with an abusive family that never gave a shit about him but ended up finding this incredible group of people that want to take care of him and be around him, and it’s a truly beautiful thing. he has an abundance of people in his life that legitimately care so damn much about him and the love they have for him is a testament to the fact that brian kinney is a fucking amazing person!

Before anyone else calls me racist… My dad’s mixed with East Indian, African and German. And my mom’s Chinese, African and Scottish. So technically… I can’t be racist…. At all. I mean if I insult blacks, whites, indians or asians I’d be insulting myself and my family.
Screw you all. I can ship whoever the hell I want.

But why should race matter either way? I ship based on personality and chemistry. (and if we’re talking Briam, height difference) I don’t see race or colour. Clearly all of you calling everyone out on being racist have taken notice of colour and you’re showing prejudice to the other character.

Just mind your own biscuits and let people ship who they want.

—  A very ticked off multi-racial Brie.

anonymous asked:

Please dear God. Post more of the crazy things that happen in Wayne Manor. They are literal gold.

Eh we’ll see if we can make it a monthly thing. I’m about to go home to my family, so I’m sure I’ll come back with lots of inspiration.