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funny sht when the evil queen of darkness so many people hate on has prolly written more fluff than dark sht xD

Omfg shut up, Celi. Their feelings get hurt when they realize they mouth off about me without knowing shit about me first, lmao. Now I might hear about even more bitching. You know… My rep as a “meen dark fanz” is at stake here cos all my other fics came up.

Besides all that, I always had this philosophy, “That a writer can only be good if they can write variety. If they can write any situation, any emotion and any type of character instead of sticking to just one genre, they’re ready for anything.”

So my fic section in my blog is varied. I have fluff, humor, drama, angst, horror, smut and non smut, different ratings, original and fanfiction, whatever but you know haters gonna hate and make up stuff when it’s convenient 😪.

Don’t damage my rep, ignorant haters make me famous. 😤

bestfriends w/ bellamy would include

• teasing each other
• ignoring him when he thinks hes the shit
• him hating it when you ignore him
• “wheres y/n? bellamy is being a dick again”
• being the one he comes to for advice
• him randomly walking into your tent late at night after his shift and cuddling w you.
• him calling you short
• you being the only one to calm him down
• him sticking up for you
• “can your braid my hair?”
• “not again y/n”
• “get your ass over here blake”
• “ coming”


this was shit as but hey welcome to my new blog 👍🏻

Why I Think Farkle Should Be Like The 'Shawn' of This Show and Have More ~Dramatic~ Character Arcs
  • Farkle parallels Shawn in the “first meeting” scene in Bay Window
  • We’ve known from a few episodes into season 1 that his parents have a shitty marriage
  • They fight constantly, like Virna and Chet used to
  • Boy is visibly going through some shit omfg
  • Like it’s either the writers purposefully having that or Corey is a bad actor? Which he isn’t. So it’s intentional.
  • Trust me it takes a lot to go from “colorful-hyperactive-boy-talking-a-mile-a-minute” into ‘all-dark-greys-and-blacks-look-at-my-teen-angst-as-I-mumble-words-now"
  • Most tv shows and movies use dark clothing as a visual cue that a character is going through a hard time/has depression. And the way Farkle seems to have lost his energy backs that up tbh
  • Also to back this up, Shawn was always in darker clothes than Cory
  • Throwback to Shawn always being disrespectful to authority figures because a lot of kids act out when they don’t know how to handle bad situations
  • Throwback to Farkle literally antagonizing the old English teacher into retirement
  • And in the same episode they used Turner to reinforce how much Farkle is like Stuart. Except, you know, Stuart would never disrespect a teacher
  • Farkle’s mental health WHY IS THIS BOY ALWAYS FAINTING
  • Or are his parents yelling too loudly jfc
  • And oh hey didn’t Shawn sleep in class a lot??? Could’ve easily been 'home problems’ written off as laziness, and then by the time he’s with Turner he’s developed a sleep cycle that’s too hard to break
  • That whole Autism thing??? Like okay yes he doesn’t have Asperger’s. But wtf medical professional says “Well hey kid I don’t know what the fucks up with you I quit we’ll just stop testing now” like omfg
  • Also okay listen up do you know what’s better than a direct parallel??? An indirect parallel. Opposites. We could go to town with Farkle/Shawn bullshit omfg
  • Shawn’s dirt poor, even homeless a few times. Farkle’s the son of a multibillionaire. But both grow up in situations that leave them escaping to the Matthews place just so they don’t have to hear all the screaming??? Holy shit.
  • Two different situations resulting in the same feelings of emotional neglect, depression, alllll the things that fuck up kids coming from unhappy homes
  • ALSO Shawn was always very insecure about his intelligence. Shawn never applied himself in school because Shawn firmly believed he was stupid. He thought his only real redeeming quality was being attractive (which is, of course, because that’s one of the only things people ever validated for him; People tried to get him to try harder, but no one ever really sat down and beat it into his head that he’s more than a pretty face, he's smart and a good person)
  • Farkle is incredibly insecure about everything but his intelligence. He doesn’t think he’s attractive, he doesn’t think he’s funny, he’s literally said that he doesn’t see why his friends like him. (And apart from a cute “You don’t have to impress us! We love you just the way you are!” no one’s really validated him either. No one’s really told him why they like him so much- just like with Shawn, failing to see the depth of the insecurities and therefore failing to convince him that he’s worth more than his mind.)
  • So basically both need outside validation and in their minds, their only redeeming quality is something the other one hates about himself. Do you just. See how golden this is.
  • We know Chet genuinely loved Shawn, but he was completely unable to express that the right way. Because of his alcoholism and gambling and assortment of other problems, Chet had it in his head that what was best for Shawn was anything but himself.
  • Minkus clearly loves Farkle- but it seems very strained. Like, every time he comes on the show it seems like there’s more of a wall between them.
  • Whereas a lot of Chet and Shawn’s problems tended to boil down to 'Chet can’t hold a job’, Stuart and Farkle’s problem is that Stuart’s working too much.
  • Virna stormed out and came back again how many times???? Way too many. Didn’t Cory make a quip about it in Master Plan, like 'oh hey it’s Tuesday, better leave my family’ (I really don’t remember the actual line)
  • “This is the ring my mother keeps throwing at my father’s head! But she always wants it back by Thursday, so I need to move fast.”
  • The few times we saw Virna on the show, she’d always claim that she loved Shawn and he was the most important thing in her life. Except, you know, her actions clearly showed otherwise. She never took him with her when she left, even one time took their entire home, knowing that would leave a 12 year old on the streets. Fought loudly with her husband when she knew he could hear, enough that he considers “I WANNA BE NORMAL, CHET” something…well, normal to hear. There was that whole thing where Cory was trying to convince her to go home??? And she was like “They have to learn how to be a family”??? And she said it as if any problems Shawn had weren’t her fault at all??? Then of course we can’t forget about the time she found out Chet died, and promptly sent him a letter that boiled down to “I’m not your real mom never contact me again”.
  • We’ve seen Jen on gmw exactly once, and it was…weird. She seemed really controlling in her marriage with Stuart, she brushed off everything she did on bmw as if it was a normal teenage mistake. And omfg then when she was like “Nothing ever scared me, but since I had a child, the thought of something happening to him haunts me” or whatever
  • Or literally all the other times where Farkle is literally just shown to be spending all his time on Riley’s fire escape (I think it’s safe to assume he’s there to escape his parents fighting, because idk why they’d even mention it in season 1 if they weren’t eventually going somewhere with it you know?). But like. He’s 12 in season 1??? I feel like if Jen was really worried about something happening to him, maybe she wouldn’t be letting him walk around alone at night in New York with barely a coat on. And fire escapes are not always the safest places in the world. Am I crazy or…?
  • So I really do think that focusing on Farkle’s home life could be a great arc to cover, you know? There are kids that have to deal with parents fighting constantly, and they usually manage to convince themselves that everything wrong in the relationship is their fault. There are kids that have to deal with feeling ignored and neglected.
  • And also, I know very few people can identify with him on the 'multibillionaire father’ aspect, but there are a lot of times where people’s problems get brushed off or not taken seriously because they have a lot of money. Like that is literally a thing. And it could be interesting to see handled, like “just because someone can afford more than you doesn’t mean that they live a better life than you” or something.
  • In gm Money, his little “He’s not…around the house that much.” tore my damn heart out and honestly come on they can do so much with Stuart and Farkle’s relationship they don’t gotta indirectly parallel Chet and Shawn forever p l s
  • Okay and like consider the fighting gets worse and Farkle starts acting out even more- becomes a little more notably like Shawn
  • And once people notice they realize his little throwaway comments about his parents relationship shouldn’t, well, be thrown away
  • Y'all know Cory’s gonna figure out something’s up when he has to give Farkle an F on a history test
  • They could have Stuart and Jen finally giving up and getting a divorce and show how that effects the kid
  • I don’t think either of them would be civil about it I think there’d be a nasty custody battle
  • Farkle coming over to Riley’s in the middle of the night for angsty Bay Window talks because he feels like his entire life is going to hell
  • It could be used to explain why he’s loved Riley since first grade- whether she knew she was doing it or not, she always manages to cheer him up when he’s upset
  • (Honestly I think that’s a probable. Why else would he always go to her house? He knows where his other friends live)
  • I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- If they do the divorce route, I deadass want to see Jen winning custody and deciding to move back to Philadelphia. We’d get a retelling of “Topanga Moves To Pittsburgh” storyline. I want it omfg (Lucas moving back to Texas would be too obvious a choice. Like a 'groan loudly and ignore the episode exists bc this is dumb’ too obvious.)
  • Everything we’ve seen and heard about the marriage so far is lowkey on my radar like Jen’s throwing things at him and “You told me to marry you” and “Who does what I say?” “Everybody!”
  • Like consider somebody actually taking time to acknowledge men can be trapped in abusive relationships HOLY SHIT.
  • u g h ohmyGod so much to work with there I can’t
  • But yeah you can get a lot of drama out of Farkle and I think it’d be super interesting
  • Especially when you compare episode 1 Farkle to current Farkle- a lot has changed omg
  • Depression storylines are important we all know this
  • Also I just really want Cory and Farkle to have a lowkey Turner and Shawn relationship is that too much to ask for
  • It’d be great
  • Also if we’re being real, every show has 'that’ character who life just constantly fucks over and so far that looked like it was set up to be Maya but she’s not doing the job well lol
  • Riley seeing he’s upset or not telling them something and doing her Riley Thing to get him to open up
  • Corey can handle the acting I have faith in him
  • I had a lot more points than this but it’s after 3 in the morning
  • Overall from the standpoint of a writer, this would be a great direction to take the character and I really hope the show writers deliver
  • Feminists: We need feminism because there are still loads of issues in the western world. Don't be so ignorant. Bad things still happen to women in America and the UK and Australia.
  • Feminists: OMFG, so did you guys hear about men calling themselves meninists? This is so ridiculous! I'm fucking tired of hearing them say that and...[800 words later] So yeah, this is why I need feminism.

Which form of public transport do you prefer?
- Car. Or a plane. I’ve only been on a plane like once.

What do you typically have for breakfast?
- Cereal or non-breakfast type food

What’s your least favourite word?
- I hate moist.

What did you want to be when you grew up?
- I always wanted to be an actress, but now I want to open a dance studio

Have you ever had a secret admirer?
- Probably not, I don’t know

If you could ask your future self one question what would it be?
- Are you honestly happy with the way your life turned out?

If you could breed two animals together to defy the laws of nature what new animal would you create?
- a hedgehog and a hamster omg

What’s the most unusual conversation you’ve ever had?
- I always have unusual conversations if I’m being myself

How long could you go without talking?
- A day maybe

What’s your favourite accent?
- English. I know that’s so basic.

Do you prefer green or red grapes?
- Hm, I think red

Do you prefer liquid soap or bars of soap?
- Liquid soap, bars frustrate me

What’s your favourite saying?
- My favorite words are majestic and ‘rachette’ (my fancy way of saying ratchet)

What’s your most expensive piece of clothing?
- I have $100 shoes that I never wear because they hurt like a bitch

What’s your favourite smell/scent?
- Kent’s scent, and certain perfumes. Like fruity perfumes.

What was the last book you read?
- It’s called Not That Kind of Girl and it was okay

If you could learn any language fluently what would it be?
- There isn’t really anything I desperately want to know

What historical Figure would you love to see in 21st centuary life?
- None that I can think of

Best compliment you have received?
- I don’t even know

What’s your perfect pizza?
- extra sauce, extra cheese, pineapple, olives, mushrooms, jalapeños

If you could be any age for a week, what age would that be?
- Maybe like 25

What question do you hate to answer?
- 'Why are you dating a 20 year old?’

What cheers you up?
- Performing dances, seeing Kent, food

If you had to be named after a Country, state or city, which name would you choose?
- Ireland. My mom was going to name me that and it’s so pretty I wish she did :(

What is one thing you will never do again?
- Suck a niggas dik fo free. lol no I don’t know

What would your parents be surprised to learn about you?
- Probably lots of things, and it would not be a good surprise

What’s your most listened to song?
- At the moment probably either Migraine by Twenty One Pilots or White Noise by Pvris

If you were a performing artist, what would you title your first album?
- I have no clue

What fictional character reminds you most of yourself?
- Tina from bobs burgers with her awkwardness and anxiety over random things haha

Would you give up one of your fingers if it meant you’d have free wifi wherever you go, for the rest of your life?
- No omg I have my phone that has unlimited data

If someone told you you could give one person a present and your budget was unlimited–what present would you get and for whom?
- Probably a lightsaber for Kent because he desperately wants one and they’re $200 haha

What is your strongest sense?
- Probably smell, I’m really sensitive to smells

What is the strangest thing you believed as a child?
- One thing that pops into the top of my head is I remember thinking that the only way to have kids is by getting married so I had a fake wedding where I was getting married to Zac Efron and afterwards I started freaking out because I was so scared I was pregnant omfg I was 8

What’s something that amazes you?
- How mean people can be to you for no reason when you haven’t done shit to them. I just can’t find it in my heart to be rude to someone if they weren’t already rude to me or if they already did something.

What’s one thing you’d rather pay someone to do than do yourself?
- Do all my schoolwork

What are the top three qualities that draw you to someone new?
- Weirdness/sense of humor, being unique, having things in common

Do you believe ignorance is bliss?
- I don’t know

What is your earliest memory?
- When I was maybe 2 and I somewhat remember the apartment we lived in I think

Whats your favourite animated or cartoon program?
- Probably bobs burgers

Do you prefer straight or bendy straws?
- Either haha

What’s your favourite type of Pie?
- Chocolate

What do you think the greatest invention has been?
- The Internet

Who’s your favourite Comedian?
- I don’t have one

Whats your favourite Movie quote?
- I barely even watch movies, I watch more shows than anything

What’s your favourite flower?
- Probably just roses

Which was the greatest Empire?
- I don’t know what who thinks about these things

Do you like licorice?
- Only the red kind

What’s your favourite letter of the Alphabet?
- Maybe S, I don’t know haha

Do you prefer digital or analogue clocks?
- Digital

If you were captain of a ship, what would you call it?
- S.S Tootie Booty, after my dog.

What would you say is your favourite album of all time?
- Ugh I don’t know, maybe Sempiternal from bring me the horizon because I was super into that haha

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😩😩 boys

like honestly love fucking sucks though because you think he’s perfect and in the beginning he’s all over you and then once you start getting into and catching feelings a shit ton more he backs off and you’re just left there like what and that really sucks because there isn’t anything you can do and then when you text him 4 or 5 times and you think he’s annoyed so he’s ignoring you and then you can’t text him until he texts you first because you’ll feel annoying again and omg thats exactly my life right now like omfg I’m crying bc marcos is so perfect and I’m so in love but he doesn’t love me back but he’s just so ugh and he says he wants to be with me but he’s all blegh and idk how he really feels and he of course won’t tell me but he’s just so perfect and beautiful like why can’t i just like not be in love. like I’m sorry this turned into a rant about my love life but ugh boys