you can hear the crickets

reblog w your sun sign & moon and whether youre concept A or B!

concept A) a cozy summer night in with yourself and maybe a significant other. it’s warm but not too hot, the stars are clear & the moon is full, and the window is open. your favorite music is playing softly in the background and you can hear crickets chirping outside. youre in that state of feeling right when youre light and relaxed moments before falling asleep.

concept B) you and your friends are driving through downtown and it’s lightly raining. it’s late in the evening but the sky is still grey and gloomy. it’s slightly chilly even in your car but youre wearing your favorite sweater. you and your friends sing to your favorite songs on the radio and there are people laughing outside, people reading their books and drinking coffee outside of little cafes, everything is okay.

(idea by @strawberriesforastrology)

This video is all about the sounds. In it you can hear crickets, the high whistles of an osprey calling, a deer snorting several times, a kingfisher’s rattly sound, and a cardinal and a song sparrow singing. If you look closely, the deer enters the woods on the far left just at the end. It was out of sight before then.

“The day-to-day struggles of Wes Weston as he is faced with the painful realization that he is the only person who seems to realize that Danny Fenton is actually Danny Phantom. Many plot ideas adopted from Tumblr headcanons mixed with some original ideas. Minor DxS. Post D-Stabilized, no Phantom Planet.” - summary from the fic “The Misadventures of Wes Weston”


annnnnd I’m back with obsessing over yet another Wes related thing. I know you love it 

*if you listen very closely you can hear the cricket pack up and leave* 

I have my writes dang it *stands here proud of what I wrote /kicked*

Check out out if you are a Wes phan! Honestly saying that how he’s written is one of the best, plus a lot about what goes into the fics really are inspired by some tumblr posts along with some pretty clever ideas and executions for each chapter. 

I can praise this fic all day, so I suggest give it a read to give you your own conclusion. No of course not it doesn’t have EVERY headcanon with Wes (would get really confusing then huh?), but the ones used I think are really nicely picked out.

Fanfic ©  @wastefulreverie
Cover art © @deadlandsqueen

nothing like us

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genre: angst/slight fluff; drabble

pairing: jungkook x reader

length: 2.0k

summary: the one thing worse than dating someone you’re not in love with is seeing the love of your life in the arms of another man because you took too long to confess, and unfortunately, jungkook comes to realize that one month too late.

“that’s not what i meant and you know it!”
“you’re putting words in my mouth!” 
“please don’t shut me out.”

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It’s July 6th and it’s been 8 years since Panic! split, so here, have an alternate version of Northern Downpour to cry over.

I wasn’t here when it happened, but a few years ago (I think it was a senior prank, but I’ve heard that it was someone pissed off at the seniors for the prank, idk what is true) someone released like 70 crickets into the school, and you can still hear them sometimes if you’re in the science wing.

Strawberry Village|4|M

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Chapter 4: It is time for you to grow up. 

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: ANGST, fluff, (future) smut, gang!au 

Words: 9,640

Warnings: Violence(!), mature language and themes. 

A/N: We are one more step down the road and it keeps getting darker. Honestly this hurt to write but I promise things will get fluffier (and smuttier wait what)  down the road. One special character was inspired by @whydoievenstanthem who will probably know who as she reads this. Thank you to @perpetually-jungshook & @writing-blue for listening to me whine. I love you (please give me feedback I’m dying) Anyway, tell me what you think! Your encouragement inspires me to keep writing! 

Summary: Growing up as the daughter of an infamous Mob boss isn’t particularly easy or full of sunshine and skittles. Still, you hold yourself together pretty well and get by without too many issues. That is until you get kidnapped and dragged away far from the safety of your home, the brutal mobster-filled estate disguised as an orchard. Escaping from your kidnappers isn’t the hard part. That part is almost too easy. No, getting home to your concerned father and your overprotective, and now very worried, “family” is the problem. Luckily, you find your salvation in a kind, though not so innocent, stranger, who saves you from the wrath of gunfire. You then “convince” him to help you home, though the road towards Strawberry Village isn’t as smooth as you both hope

Chapters: 01 02 03 04 05

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dark plums making your hands sticky with juice. sitting on the porch at night barefoot and in a soft comfortable dress. you can hear crickets and frogs but the night swallows any other sounds to make room for the warm air that gently yet heavily settles around you. no obligations, no worries. your hair is messy, it tickles your skin, you’re content

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Is there actually any sign of men that aren’t fuckboys?

men are terrible sis. im gonna go thru the whole list n explain

aries - no fucking filter, rude, loudmouths !! they also tend to think that they’re fucking hilarious,, but when they tell a joke all you hear is crickets bitch !

taurus - can flip out over the smallest things, always have to win the argument bc they’re so fucking stubborn, emotionally draining

gemini - egotistical, god complex, inconsistent, fuck y’all.

cancer - play w your feelings, can’t take responsibility 4 the fucking life of them, annoying. i can’t with water sign men i really cannot

leo - so up their own ass..they put themselves on such a high pedestal.. EMBARRASSING ! everything has to revolve around them .. pathetic

virgo - can never admit that they’re wrong, standards are too fucking high, thrive off of negativity, always force their opinions on other ppl when no one gives a fuck

libra - corny, always put up a charming facade, play mind games, i would NEVER ! 

scorpio - CORNY, think they’re so deep and poetic it’s so fucking funny, think they’re the best at sex just bc they’re a scorpio…..JIFUHUGFH

sag - never stick around, too wild, flighty, can’t commit and always runs away from love. the only exception is jake gyllenhaal. 

cap - they always build up such a wall that takes forever to climb over, they always flood my basement but they’re truly are too much at times, the only emotion they show on their face is indifference bc they literally don’t care about anything.

aqua - THE DEVILS, erratic and unreliable, SNEAKY, air sign men always play mind games and i advise y’all to stay the fuck away from them

pisces - BABIES. unstable emotions, whiney, complainers, not worth the time, delusional !

Why your art comment section is dead & how to get seen

I keep seeing more and more young artists become discouraged from posting their artwork in online art communities due to lack of feedback so here’s some thoughts.

(Disclaimer: The following article is based on personal observations, both as a self-thought hobby illustrator and as a graphic designer working in the advertising field, hence I do not guarantee any scientific accuracy.)

The good news:
Your art does not suck.

The bad news:
You might have to find a different way of presentation.

Here’s why.

So, I assume most of us come from a time where forums were a thing, LiveJournal was the blogging place-to-be and deviantART and similar art communities were flourishing. You’d log in and have a two-digit number of notifications. Comments, favorites, maybe a personal message or two. I remember spending hours on the site and logging in several times over the course of one day in order to write back and forth with my fellow artists!

Today? Dust and tumbleweed. If you hold your ear to the inbox close enough you can hear the chirping of crickets. But why?

Here’s my personal theory:

The dynamics of online communities are an ever-changing phenomenon as the learned behavior of users is strongly influenced by user experience and design trends. From my personal experience, the peak of activity in art communities seemed to have been around 2005. That’s 12 years! Remember your first clunky cell phone vs. your current smartphone? That’s how incredibly fast technology advanced in just a small fraction of your lifetime. It’s basically the same for user experience and online behavior, just that it’s not so easy for us to see because it’s more of a mentality you feel than an actual, physical object we can see, touch or buy.

In the past 12 years, lots of things have changed. The concept of Like buttons started popping up everywhere. Microblogging like Twitter is a thing. Some news stories are nothing but slideshows with minimal caption. Snapchat and Instagram stories are booming. Why? Because the majority of users do not sit down for hour-long sessions on their desktop PCs after school any more and go through all of their messages. Instead, thanks to smartphones, users do it on-the-go wherever they are; like or reply to messages on their smartphone as they pop up, swipe them away and move on to the next, in the course of minutes or seconds. This means: Today’s users are used to quick reception; short, quick posts that can be consumed in seconds. This is why Clickbait, for example, is a thing, and Tinder happened.

TL;DR: Users are no longer used (and hence willing) to spending time writing comments or reading articles unless they’re very, very devoted to the subject itself. In an online world where it’s easy to drop a quick Like to give props to the artist, or even share or reblog a piece without comment if it’s relevant enough to your interests, the concept of forum- and comment-based online art communities is outdated.

This has been creeping up on us very, very slowly and is hence often – understandably – interpreted as lack of interest, so it is not surprising that some artists feel discouraged by the regression of written feedback, resulting in doubt of their own skills. Let me assure you: Your art actually rocks! In these times it just requires a different form of presentation.

So what can artists do?

  1. Make peace with the fact that in today’s online community, likes and shares have replaced comments and journal features. It is people’s way of telling you that your art is awesome.
  2. Post your art on social media channels that are currently popular. Not as a link to your deviantART gallery with a preview image where people have to tap through tumbnails three times and spend 10 kilograms of data volume through 273 redirects, but as an actual, native image post. The faster the user can see the actual piece, the better.
  3. Keep captions short and simple. If you have a lot of personal stuff to say to an image, include a link to a more detailed version (e. g. in a personal art gallery) in the caption or put it under a cut. Why? Again, the faster the user can perceive the whole thing in one, the better. Also, from my personal experience, people will refrain from reblogging art that has a lot of personal text under it (= displaying it on their personal timeline or profile) because they simply do not identify with what’s written there, and why should they?
  4. You know that annoying feature where sites like Twitter will randomly display your likes to your followers? Rely on that shit. I’ve stumbled upon some really cool art that way, and people will find your art that way as well (granted you post it publically).
  5. Use tags! This works surprisingly well, especially on Instagram, for example. I’ve had strangers drop by and like my stuff just because it contained a tag that was somehow relevant. And if it mostly makes “like for like”-commenters come to your posts? Even better! People like that tend to have a huge network, and as long as there’s traffic on your page, the website algorithms will do their job and your art will eventually pop up in strangers’ “posts you might like”.
  6. Timing is important! People’s timelines and feeds are cluttered with input that’s impossible to consume in one sitting. Make sure to post at the right times, e. g. when people sit down in the train back home from work and check their phones. I’m not going to elaborate on this in-depth but there’s enough studies out there that will help you.
  7. This one can be skipped if you’re financially dependent on selling your art, but as someone who just does art as a hobby it helped me a lot so I’m sharing it: Try to internalize the fact that you’re drawing for yourself, and only yourself. It’ll spare you a lot of frustration and save friendships; trust me.

I’m no doctor but I hope this posts helps a little and I could put a tiny ray of light into the online experience of my discouraged fellow hobby artists who are struggling with lack of self-confidence.

Please keep going – your art is awesome!

Chasing (5 years old)

Games of pretend where Shiro’s the evil alien and Matt is running away.  The two little boys play on the Holt’s backyard.  Matt squeals and laughs in terror as he’s being chased. Colleen loves baking cookies for them so they can eat after being tired of playtime. Colleen treats Shiro like her own son.

Climbing Trees (7 years old)

Shiro: Matt! Get back down! We might get in trouble!

Matt: How else can we touch the moon?

Shiro: Please come back down! What if you fall?!

Matt: You’ll catch me right?

Sitting on the rooftop (11 years old)

Sam had just left for a space mission and won’t come back for a few months. Matt likes to sit on his rooftop and talk to the sky in some hope that maybe his dad can hear him. Shiro loves to join him and Matt loves his company.

Shiro: You really miss him don’t you.

Matt: Yea, it’ll just be me, mom, and Katie for a while again.

Shiro: Just think of all the stories he’s going to have for you when he gets back. All those adventures and maybe aliens he’d be friends with. Sure beats any storybook any day.

Matt smiled. He always felt better with Shiro by his side.

Matt: Thank you

Shiro: Anytime

Stargazing (9 years old)

Matt: Isn’t this exciting?! We can finally see Jupiter’s moons!

Shiro: Those 4 tiny dots?

Matt: Yes!

Pinky Promise (12 years old)

Another night of them camping out in the backyard looking at the night sky. All you can hear are the crickets and see the faint glow of fireflies.

One day, just you wait”, Shiro starts off. “We’ll go to outer space”

Matt shuffles inside his sleeping bag, getting up with a wide grin on his face as he looks down at his best friend. And represent the human race!”

Shiro laughs, still looking up awe struck by the canopy of stars above them. “Exactly”

They sit there smiling in silence taking in the midnight beauty.

“You promise?” Matt asks. Shiro looks to his side and sees Matt’s pinky held out. Shiro lifts up his pinky and their little fingers intertwine.

“Promise,” he replies back.

I didn’t realize it at the time but that was the moment I knew that I would do anything to see you smile like that again.


Video Games (13 years old)

Matt: You’ll be so screwed, courtesy of yours truly

Shiro: In your dreams!

Matt: Is that a threat or a promise? *wiggles eyebrows*

Shiro: Omg Matt stop!

Matt’s just laughing at him but is completely oblivious to Mr.Takashi Blushing and Flustered Shirogane


Library (13 years old)

High school freshmen Takashi and Matthew. They joined some extra curricular activities after school.  Shiro was on the track team while Matt was in the chemistry club.  They also participated in the robotics team together. On Friday afternoons they were free and loved to go to the library and research together for fun.


Paintball (15 years old)

Each semester after exams, Matt and Shiro celebrated by going to paintball matches. They were the perfect duo and hailed as champions. They were both strategic, quick, and had excellent aim.


Katie’s 6th birthday (16 years old)

With a family that was passionate about astronomy, naturally, they made their little girl’s 6th birthday party space themed. Complete with a rocket ship piñata and a pin the antennae on the alien game it was perfectly designed for the special occasion. Matt and Shiro happily helped decorate and organize it.

Katie couldn’t reach the streamers nor hit the piñata so Shiro carried her while she tried to whack the thing. Matt thought it was adorable so he took pictures.


Movies (16 years old)

Shiro’s crushing hard on Matt at this point and considers asking him out on a date.

This shouldn’t be too hard! We hang out all the time, just us two. Well, of course, it was always just as friends but it’s not like anything will change? I should take a chance though. But what if it breaks our friendship?

Shiro is conflicted with confessing how he feels.

Matt had been going on and on about this one alien movie that was coming up. He replayed the trailers for the past few weeks always brightening up when someone brought it up.

The day comes and Shiro asks Matt, “Want to go see the movie with me?”

Matt looks at Shiro blank faced. “Well duh? Who else was I going to see it with?” He just continues talking on and on, arms flailing in excitement here and there. Shiro just smiles to himself. There’s no need to rush into things. Everything will fall into place naturally. What we have now is good and perhaps one day, something more will come.

Boys with s/o ranting about loving them

How would the guys react to their s/o getting angry and ranting about how much they love them

Shuichi Saihara

  • He’s so confused
  • You’re yelling at him but it’s not negative
  • You’re telling him you love him??
  • He doesn’t know what to do so he just kind of..
  • Timidly listens as you go on and on
  • Until you finally stop and there’s this.. long silence
  • “Ah.. Um, I love you, too”

Kokichi Ouma

  • It all started with him telling you he loved you
  • And then saying it might be a lie
  • Oh boy, you were not happy
  • The second after he said it you were yelling at him
  • Why couldn’t he just be straight forward?
  • You love him, so why can’t he just admit the same
  • Without claiming it to possibly be a lie?
  • He seems content with your reaction


  • He stops you about halfway through to ask you if this is how people usually declare their love to one another
  • Because if it is, he’d like to give it a try, too!
  • His words seem to be enough to quell you, as you settle for a moment to listen to him
  • The way he goes about it isn’t exactly as passionate as your way
  • As he merely yells “I LOVE YOU”
  • He gave it his best shot
  • You love him too

Kaito Momota

  • He joins you
  • You start yelling about how much you love him and suddenly he’s yelling the same thing
  • It’s practically a competition over who can yell about how much they love the other more
  • Some good stress relief
  • You’ll probably cuddle afterwards because you’re both a little tired from yelling so much

Rantaro Amami

  • He just told you he loved you and you got really mad
  • At least he was pretty sure you were mad
  • Until he heard a few “I love you”s in your gibberish
  • Once you managed to settle he asked if the two of you could sit and talk this out
  • He wanted to know what this was all about
  • You ended up ranting again, but in a far calmer tone

Korekiyo Shinguji

  • He’s paying close attention to every little word you say
  • Nodding as he waits patiently for you to finish
  • And when you do
  • “You’re done?”
  • Confused, you nod
  • He confirms that he loves you as well
  • And that’s the end of that.. huh

Gonta Gokuhara

  • You’ve startled him!
  • Why are you mad at Gonta?
  • You end up stopping to reassure him that you’re not necessarily mad
  • You just love him a lot and it’s kind of overwhelming and-
  • Gonta loves s/o too!
  • All turns out well

Ryoma Hoshi

  • He had merely expressed to you that he thought he wasn’t good enough for you
  • And suddenly you were yelling and upset
  • You love him a lot!
  • He seems to recognize that once you finish
  • It’s so quiet
  • You’re pretty sure you can hear crickets chirping
  • Then he finally sighs
  • “Yeah, I love you too”
A cheesy pun.

“You’re the perpetual frowner in class and one day as I’m answering the teacher I intentionally make a very cheesy pun and I can hear crickets but you’re laughing out loud and that makes me feel very much accomplished.  AU Prompt from @dailyau.

Pen gliding across the paper as Levy took notes, the professor’s voice droning on in the background, animal studies was a class she really enjoyed. Most of her lectures involved slideshows on the species they were covering that week. So seeing the cute animals broke up the mundane routine from her other classes but that wasn’t the only reason she enjoyed it. Carefully turning her head and looking over her shoulder to the man with long black hair sitting near the back of the room.

Gajeel Redfox.

Every class he would be would just sit there frowning, booted feet planted firmly on the ground, textbook having remained untouched on the desk. Everything about his appearance screamed rebel, with the piercings being her favorite thing about look. The interactions they had before were short due to Gajeel not sticking around long after class was over, she really wanted to get to know him but wasn’t sure how to get his attention.

Turning her head back, Levy noticed that the teacher was pulling up the slideshow for the day. Closing the yellow notebook and looking up at the screen, a picture of a koala showed up earning oh’s and aw’s from the surrounding student’s.

Professor Connell looking around the room before landing on Levy. “Ms. McGarden, Why aren’t koalas actual bears?”

Standing up from her seat, Levy started to open her mouth to answer but instead paused for a second. Now was her chance to get his attention and maybe get a smile out of the perpetual frowner behind her as a bonus, it was a cheesy idea but it might just work.

“Because they don’t meet the koalafications?” She answered back with a smile, stressing the last word of her answer. Levy swore that she heard crickets, the bad pun having finally set in with her surrounding classmates. Before she could sit down and hide from her embarrassment, a stifled laugh could be heard behind her. Turning slightly she could see Gajeel biting hard down on his lip, the corner of his mouth threatening to break out into a smile. Their eyes locking for a moment before he busted out laughing and doubling over in his seat, it was an odd laugh but it made Levy smile regardless.

The professor coughed awkwardly causing Gajeel to stop laughing and Levy to quickly sit back down in her seat.

“No Ms. McGarden, now does anyone else know why Koala’s are not a bear?”

Sliding down in her seat Levy could feel her cheeks burning slightly, she was proud that she accomplished what she set out to do. A tap on her shoulder got her attention, the student quickly handing her a note before quickly sitting back in their seat. Levy unfolding the paper, it’s writer not having the best handwriting causing her to reread it several times before making out what the message said.

“That was a really bad pun. Got any more?”


Laughing slightly to herself, turning in her seat slightly to look back at Gajeel who was directly looking at her. “Yes.” She mouthed back to him silently, not really wanting to grab the professor’s attention. Levy watched him smirk and mouthed back “Good” to her before grabbing his backpack and standing up from his seat. Watching him shift the strap over his shoulder, eyes quickly shifting over to the professor before looking back to her before mouthing out a question.

Blinking slightly as Levy read his lips not really believing what he said. “Coffee?” Whispering to herself before perking up slightly. Grasping her bag and shoving her notes into her back, she excitedly made her way to the back of the classroom to catch up to him.

Who knew one bad pun could lead to exciting new things.

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Where the fuck was the "Worship Da Troops" crowd when Walter Scott, a war veteran was murdered by a trigger happy cop? They should be outraged but yet all I can hear is crickets from them.

You know that’s only for white troops.


lmao whenever a female gymnast does/says something questionable there’s drama for days but now everyone’s MAG fave Oleg has said something shitty you can practically hear the crickets chirping


i hope you guys don’t mind me borrowing your ocs for some practice :Y

@thereluctantinquisitor @chaitea09 @latefortevinter @caden-shok @trashy-dragon-age-boy

(on a side note: Happy New Year Everyone! :D)

also, if anyone’s wondering why they all look like they’re floating/jumping: