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Hello ~ I absolutely adore your blog! I was wondering if I could get some relationship head canons for dazai, chuuya and oda with a female s/o who doesn't have much relationship experience (hope this ask is okay)

You adore this blog? Omg! Hearing this makes me super-duper happy anon~

Thank you ❤︎   and Yup! This ask is okay!

Dazai Osamu

  • he would tease them to death at first
  • seeing them blush makes his day
  • *how can they be so cute and pure*
  • He would make them accustomed to him bit by bit
  • make them laugh and be comfortable around him
  • be bestfriends and lovers at the same time
  • wants them to initiate a romantic move (he loves that)
  • chuckles at their attempts to hug or hold hands.

Nakahara Chuuya

  • he doesn’t have much experience himself
  • try to work it out somehow and discover all the little happiness found in a relationship
  • his s/o doesn’t know how happy he is just by holding their hands 
  • or just being there with him
  • since he doesn’t trust people easily I think that he far than happy to know that he’s supported and loved
  • wants them to feel that way as well
  • building thrust overtime so that he’ll become their world

Oda Sakunosuke

  • would be caring + patting your head and kind smile
  • definitely won’t rush things let the relationship go at its own pace
  • Odasaku will wait for them to be comfortable enough to do things (hug,cuddle,kiss)
  • even though he’s craving for their touch 
  • He would treasure every moment spent together
  • loves forehead kisses and being protective
  • little by little he’d shower you with his affection and you’ll not be able to escape from his love
So my friend added me into a group call with their friend and heres what happened

het asshole: so I hear u like star wars


het asshole: um what?

me: luke. and han. are so fucking gay and I love them. well han is pan but!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!

my friend: *pissing himself laughing*

het asshole: omg ur being soooo offensive!!! ur gonna offend gay ppl!!!

me: i was??? using it???? in a positive way??? also they are honest to god super gay like??? have you seen them??? whenever they talk??? super gay my dude

my friend: uhhhh,,,, jean????

het asshole: *starts ranting about how im being offensive and insensitive and how Im gonna hurt gay ppls feelings with my mean mean words*

me, confused bc i was LITERALLY FUCKING USING IT IN A POSITIVE WAY LIKE WTF: are you even gay???????

het asshole: no but–

me: are you LGBT at all????

het asshole: no im straight BUT

me: lol stfu then asshole

my friend: jean pls

het asshole: well are YOU gay???

me: nah im pan but guess what I like girls and can honestly use gay as a positive adjective as much as I want and also youre a het so you have like no room to say anything? and also fuck you?

–giant fight breaks out in which they keep trying to tell me I can’t use the word gay at all and that Im homophobic and I keep telling them theyre an asshole–

het asshole: ugh u know what ur an ignorant homophobe and i want nothing to do with you

me: lolwat

het asshole: *leaves call*

het asshole: *starts yelling at my friend*

-5 mins later over text-

my friend: jean you need to say sorry

me: Im sorry your stupid het friend is an asshole :)

my friend: jean thats not what I mean

me: yeah that’s the best you’re gonna get tho lmao

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You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to! Put your MP3 player, iTunes, Spotify, etc. on shuffle & list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people. No skipping!

imma also link you guys cause i got some not so common songs in here lol

1 - hear you me by jimmy eat world

2 - girls like girls by hayley kiyoko

3 - t.n.t. by acdc

4 - high hopes by kodaline

5 - the bad touch by bloodhound gang (omfg im dyING my phone playlist is so not updated guyssss omfg this song makes me laugh so much but also sing along??? and dance???? omg)

6 - rosa das rosas by annwm

7 - you shook me all night long by acdc

8 - should i stay or should i go by the clash

9 - have you ever seen the rain by bonnie tyler

10 - janie’s got a gun by aerosmith

+ bonus cause now im on a roll i can’t be stopped


12 - echo by jason walker

13 - evenstar by isabel bayrakdarian

14 - blood of the moon by woodland

15 - the funeral by band of horses

okay im stopping now lol and i’m tagging (oh man sorry if u got tagged already!!!) @fangtasticsaphael @sadly-a-mundane @raph-bane @matthewlightwood-bane @mel-iorn @snowflakedlyzzysaphael @woodenhallslikecaskets @protectraphaelsantiago

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@Your post, I'm not gonna make this anonymous because /shrug. I think you're adorably sweet and dorky, you're an amazing artist and i cant wait to see what you accomplish in the future. You are so kind and even though you may have your own struggles I can see you're always there for me and that means so much. I love your laugh and I'll do anything so I can hear it. I want to support you through any decision in life because you deserve the best, and that's why I have a crush on you.

Aaaahhh!! I cry this is so cute omg! Why are you so good to my lame self?? I am in class rn so I’m trying extra hard not to look cheesy, but I’m failing so hard


  • I am Hank’s biggest fan sorry everyone else
  • The reason I’m questionably in love with Athos

  • why would you do this to me tbh I never needed musketeers so much

  • one of the best writers i know whichi s a list that includes actual victor hugo alastair

  • i live for your pontmercy moments they make me feel not alone

  • also you are so sweet and pure you are like The Best Of Marius

  • excellent hair, probably in the top ten

  • also you have the cutest laugh! I love making you laugh just so I can hear it I’m so creepy omg

  • did I mention how good at writing you are? every character you write has such a strong and unique voice it’s incredible

  • you’re just so sweet and nice and you make everyone so happy

  • also I love how much you love horses

  • A+++ person