you can have some of my love


My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?



That was my first reaction.

But I love how Odin, even after seeing Ava set fire and do some crazy stuff is relativity chill. He apologizes for abandoning her (finally) and is like “ Is this because of me?” I thought that was cute. We even get our first look at Pedri in almost a year and he’s menacing as ever. I like how Ava slurs her words like she’s having a hangover off her power. Hopefully Odin will bridal carry Ava to the nearest ship and off to his home planet so we can finally get to know more about Odin. Michelle’s art is beautiful as ever and I love the colorist she brought on, makes each panel more dynamic. 

I’m also in hard Flaming Arrow shipping mode.

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What are your 10 top favorite blog, that you like to reblog the most? (If you don't want to answer this q, to not hurt any one feelings. I understand) I'm just curious cause I love your blog bro' and I'm stoked to be following you. So I hope you say my blog, if not it's cool.

i can only say your blog if i’ve spoken to you, follow you back, or have some typa acquaintanceship with u. but off the top of my head…

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Hello Violet! I was wondering if you have a Top 10 or something like that of basic crystals? Soon I think I'm going to buy my first crystals and I'm not sure which ones buy first. I don't have a lot of money to buy many. Thanks in advance!

Hey! I can certainly give you some suggestions.

Firstly, don’t just get some crystals because people online say they’re good dude! Look around the store, pick the crystals up, see which ones you are drawn to and which you instantly fall in love with. If you see one that you have a connection with right away but it’s not one of the “popular” crystals, don’t be afraid to buy it. They are very personal things and what doesn’t work for others might just work for you! For example, my favourite crystals of all time are malachite and moonstone. Neither see much love as the likes of rose quartz or fluorite, but they’re still my babies :) You like that shiny rock? You get that shiny rock.

I won’t list 10 just for the sake of listing 10, but I will mention the first ones that come to mind :)

Clear Quartz is the big daddy of crystals for most people. This is because it is used to focus and magnify power, as well as absorb it depending on what you’re doing with it. It is also because it can be used as a substitute to pretty much any other crystal, making it perfect for beginners. All you have to do is program it with your desired intent. (Which is very easy so don’t be intimidated by that) Think of clear quartz like a focus in a laser pointer.

Amethyst is an amazing crystal for healing work. Most use it to bring calm and combat anxiety, stress or depression. Very good for combating addictions like smoking or even drugs. Many also use it to cure migraines. It can be used to aid disturbed sleep by placing a piece under your pillow.

Selenite is fantastic for work of divination. It is a tool with which many use to strengthen their psychic and mental abilities. It’s used for work with guides, spirits, angels and loved ones. I’ve personally used it a lot in rituals involving moon magic and intuition. It’s very effective in helping you achieve new levels of perspective as you strengthen and expand your mind.

Amber is technically not a crystal but worth a mention. It is made from the fossilized resin from coniferous trees that grew millions of years ago. It’s fantastic for past life and astral travel work, brings prosperity and a sense of confidence in challenging environments (work, school, etc) If Amethyst is the crystal that soothes your stress and depression, think of Amber as the force that then increases your self worth and gives you the drive to go on.

Onyx is a great go to for work involving protection, absorbing negative energy, warding off nightmares and being a great tool in magical defense. I was often told by an ex partner of mine that when she wore her onyx necklace at night and felt people stare at her, she would focus on it and they would noticeably lose interest and look away. Nice little crystal if you’re nervous about travelling. I actually prefer obsidian for the same purposes but again, obsidian is not a crystal; it’s volcanic glass. Still mighty strong though ;)

Honourable Mentions:

  • Rose Quartz
  • Fluorite
  • Labradorite
  • Blue Lace Agate
  • Tigers Eye
  • Aquamarine
  • Kyanite
  • Aventurine
  • Malachite
  • ‘holey’ stones

Crystals to avoid:

Sadly in many crystal shops, fake crystals are sold. Most of them are just glass that’s been dyed or heated until it discolours. Here are some of the most commonly faked crystals that i’d advise against buying when a beginner until you are able to distinguish the fake from the real OR know that your store is super legit.

  • Citrine
  • Anything with unnaturally strong colours (Obnoxious pinks and blues)
  • Ametrine (9 times out of 10 it’s just burnt amethyst)
  • Check this link for more info, and look at the comments to see what others said on the matter :)

I could list so many more crystals and bore you all day but this should be ok for now! Other people feel free to add what crystals you loved when you were starting out x)

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hi there! im asking my fave batfam blogs for blog recs and why you like them? i want to find more batfam blogs to follow, if it's not too much to ask? if not it's totally okay!

Hey! Thanks for asking, and thanks for saying I’m a fav <3 I always love to talk up the blogs I enjoy seeing on my dash. They are for the most part 100% gen blogs and all great to follow:

@audreycritter- Audrey is the greatest. She’s an incredible writer and an all around great person. She’s great to talk to and so nice. Her blog is always uplifting and fun.

@whore4batfam Stell is amazing. She produces some of the best batfam content you can find, and is really funny. 

@oh-mother-of-darkness - I have been following her since before I started a batblog. She’s so sweet and writes some of the funniest/heart wrenching stories you’ll find about the batfam.

@ autumnhobbit - Produces some just really really great stories. Like make you cry then want to read them again stories. Also lots of other great batfam content. : )

@komadoriwonder- Super fun, super nice, and has shared some really really great stories. I always love seeing Koma on my dash.

@fuyunoakegata- When I need some quality batfam content or am missing some Dick Grayson on my blog I always find my way to her blog.  

@kaylabeemarie- Literally creates the greatest Batfam art on the planet. I stare at their work for HOURS after I find it.

@unpretty- She makes great Batfam content and is so funny. I love seeing her on my dash

Some other Blogs I love to see, but don’t know very well are:

Blogs who reblog/post great stuff include: @litnerdhood,@redhoodie, @bamboozledimagines, @batdad, @holyheadcanonsbatman, @arabian-batboy

Writers who I don’t know well yet but I love their stuff: @dove-among-bats, @lysical, @tantalum-cobalt

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What do you do when you get to the point where you hate everything you write?

Honestly? Stop writing. 

Take a break from writing. Look at things that you love, that make you excited about life. I know that, for me, reading Tolkien’s works and watching movies with great stories like Midnight in Paris and Moulin Rouge always get me excited about writing. 

Then look at yourself. Are you writing to be famous? To make other people happy? Do you feel like you should have made more progress than you have? What has changed from when you loved writing to know? Have you made your story too difficult or complicated that it feels like homework instead of fun? 

I recommend reading over the old stuff that you wrote when you loved writing. Don’t allow yourself to judge what you’ve written, because we all learn as we write. For me, my middle school writing is awful, but I can see what I loved about writing in it. 

Just take some time to yourself and let yourself feel that excitement that you used to feel about writing. If you have something more specific that you are struggling with about it, then feel free to message us again and we can give more specific advice. I’m sorry that you’re going through them. I’ve been there and it’s awful. But you CAN GET THROUGH IT FRIEND. 

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have more questions.


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My Lycanroc (Midnight Form) Elvira loves intimidating my boyfriend and his Pokemon. He says when I'm not at home Elvira growls and leers at him but she's always so sweet and cuddly when I am home. What can I do to foster some good behavior in my sweet Elvira?

Tough love time. When you two are together with Elvira, ignore her. Do not pet her. Do not pay attention to her. Don’t even feed her when he’s around. Instead, your boyfriend will be the new source of attention and care. Have him give her a simple command (like “sit” or “down”). When she does it, she gets pets, treats, and praise from him only. Eventually, she will look to him as a positive equal to you, instead of someone she can push around without repercussions. Once she does, both of you can give her attention again.

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I have 16 requests from the other night still in my inbox friends. Going through them slowly. :D I’m just going to comment on some and people can… do what they want. As in, write them if you want. Or add them to the kink meme doc (some news about that coming soon…) if you are really invested in them happening - if I just comment on them that means I’m not planning on writing them, at least not any time in the near future. Because I can’t possibly write all of this stuff myself.


I love this idea. And I feel like it could be a really long thing. Like so much plot and development and stuff going on. And tension, oooh the sexual tension. Would they still be mates? Would she turn fae? How? Their dynamic would be so different. Think about all the things they had to go through before they got together. So clearly she would be around Rhys a lot, maybe like… his chambermaid. And conveniently she would probably be wearing some sort of restraints. And probably hate him, like way worse than she did in ACOTAR. But damn is he hot. Enemies to lovers. Probably dubcon because… slavery. Which would definitely be for a certain type of writer, which I am not certain I am.

But then if we want to go for straight feels maybe they could do that too. It could go a couple of directions, depending on… when/how/if she gets made. And if they were mates still, then… maybe he would feel Conflicted about her being his slave. I bet she would assume he’s going to take advantage of her because of his position. And so she would be all full of fire and fuck off you hot bastard.

Or it could just be a quick one-shot where she’s like “fuck off you hot prick you stand for everything I hate, oh actually I meant fuck me because… you’re a hot prick.”

I feel like Rhys & Co would be still trying to fight against the whole slavery of humans thing. So maybe they could work together, she could be part of the resistance and then she realizes that hey, he is, too, so maybe he’s not as bad as she thought, and then of course one of them gets hurt one day while trying to do something… resistance-y. And cue the feels and smut. Because that always works.

This is one of the shorter suggestions you sent me but it has SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

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okay so my grandparents had to put down one of their dogs today, and i loved that pupper with all of my heart. so in other words i am emotionally wrecked™ and really need some comfort and extreme fluff fics and have scoured the blog for some, can you give me some pointers or anything you've read lately? i just need to get something else on my mind :^/ thank you guys in advance n i love y'all 💕

Oh my gosh I’m sorry that sounds like an emotionally exhausting day. I hope these fics help you out

It’s No Coincidence by IsabellaJack

The kids immediately scream, “Trick-or-Treat” before they see who opens the door.

The strange resident looks between the two kids, then at the adults, and his eyes widen in horror.

“It’s October already?”

Okay, Bucky thinks. This guy is probably high.

Let In the Sun by PR Zed (przed) 

The thing was, even in the middle of a war, things weren’t always a raging shitstorm. The Howlies weren’t always on the frontlines or, worse, behind them. They didn’t always have Hydra attacking them with weapons straight out of a Buck Rogers serial. There weren’t always Nazi panzer divisions threatening to flank their position.

There were calm days, restful days. There were days like this…

Two golden days in the long friendship of Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.

Love and Cherish by wearing_tearing 

“This is the best idea.” Steve grins, lap overrun by eager wiggly puppies, hands busy trying to pet all six of them at the same time.

“They tend to happen every once in a while,” Bucky teases, quickly getting distracted by a wet tongue lapping at his cheek and a cold nose trying to burrow under his shirt.

Welcome to Oblivious, Population: Two by leveragehunters (Monkeygreen)

Steve is a wedding photographer in need of an assistant. Bucky is unemployed and in need of a job. Sam and Natasha, in what turns out to be a successful attempt to solve both problems, arrange an introduction.

In a moment of frustrated brilliance, Bucky sets Steve on the path to incredible popularity and the two of them–and their relationship–on the path to complete obliviousness.

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Do we have to agree with you because you have BPD and you don't like ppl who don't agree with you ? ? Or do you think we have to be honest ?

What kind of a fucking question is this

Listen just bc I’m mentally ill doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to my every whim. The kind of people who do pull that sort of shit to get away w being an asshole just bc they have a mental illness are nasty and need to see that what they’re doing is extremely toxic. Please for the love of god don’t ever think you have to side with me just bc of my bpd. Doesn’t mean you can be a dick either but I’m not gonna throw some hissy fit if someone doesn’t agree w me. Worst I do is I’m a very block happy person just bc I’m aware that I’m in control of what I choose to view and deal w in social media. And if I don’t like you then I’ll just block you easy peasy.

I would also like to add that if anyone ever and I mean EVER guilt trips you into siding with them even if it means forcing you to lie about how you feel on a topic then that person needs to get the fuck out of your life. I’ve dealt w people like that on more than one occasion and I can honestly say no one deserves to deal w that kind of manipulation.

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What are some of your favorite fics? Do you prefer canon verse or au? Maybe we can rec some that you haven't read, ones where the girls are written as in character as possible.

in love and war and politics by @centuriesofexistence, I absolutely love this fic.

Six by @lingeringlilies

all of our lives (flash before my eyes) and honestly everything by @geralehane

(my) Destruction Within Your Mouth by KL Morgan

The Journey to Us by @girl-with-a-quill

The End of Fear (Is Where We Begin) by @proudlyunicorn

I would love to read a good canon verse fic, fix-it fic or maybe even a political marriage one. I have nothing against au stories though, as long as they’re well written.

Follow Forever!

Oh my gosh, you guys. I legit love all of you. You guys are so amazing. I can’t believe you guys have actually stuck with me and my weird response times. I haven’t been that active lately because my therapy has been really intense (but now it’s the weekend I’ll have some free time :D) 

But guys, seriously. I have made so many new friends here, and I’m so grateful for each and every one of you. Each of you are so kind, and you’re all AMAZING  writers! I’m honestly so lucky to have you guys. Oh no, I’m rambling. I’m gonna cut myself off here and get to the tagging so I don’t bore you guy. <3<3

This is super long so I’m gonna have to put this under a read more! 

Keep reading

So, I’ve finally had some time to start watching Jack’s playthrough of Night in the Woods.
It’s a really charming game! I’m not through it yet, maybe about halfway there, but I had to draw these two!
Mae and Gregg are by far my favourites. I love all of the characters bUT THESE TWO 😍😍

So have some rushed art the dweebs.
Like I said, I’ve yet to finish this game, so please don’t spoil anything for me!
If you can, try to refrain from talking about the game’s plot in the comments!
Thank you so much ❤

So today I was talking to my friend who watches/watched both Psych and Supernatural. She told me she ships Shus (Shawn and Gus) the same as she ships Destiel (Dean and Cas). So I wanted to show her their relationships are not the same, but how they act very differently.

This is some GIFS I have compiled of the two ships for you all to show the difference.

Now just this one because I love this so much:

There you go, Shus vs Destiel. Thank you and good night.

You can ship what you like I don’t care just wanted to show how different their relationships are.


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I love that list you made for anon with anxiety. I don't have anxiety but those are dates I could take myself on. Any self date ideas aside from those?

self dates ❤️

one of my favorite things to do when i lived closer to one was go to a farmers market every now and then. it’s almost better when you go alone? like you can take all the time you want walking by all the different stalls. i would always leave with some sort of souvenir. strawberries. flowers. pastries.

i’ve also gone to a couple of concerts by myself before and it’s so freeing? you can dance and scream and sing as much as you want without thinking about what your friends/date is going to think. it’s fun!

also thrift stores are really fun to go to alone for basically the same reasons as farmers markets. find some really cheap treasures. spend an hour trying on all the clothes you like but wouldn’t normally wear.

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Stanley and Lefou are definitely the overly mushy gross lovey dovey couple..... They have the sickeningly sweet nicknames and they cuddle all the time and Stanley kisses Lefou's cheeks alot and Lefou calls him gorgeous in like any context and everyone around them is like "pls y'all ENOUGH" (sometimes they'll be even more cutesy just to make people groan)


Like they’re just minding their own business being all cute in their own lil bubble of love, and some negative asshole is just like “ugggghhhh can you guys just dial it down like jesus i’m trying to eat here” Then they get that Look. Then all of a sudden its “OH MY LOVE HOW COULD I POSSIBLY EXPRESS MY PASSION FOR YOUR BEAUTIFUL LIPS? LET ME RECITE AN EPIC POEM IN YOUR HONOR!” 

Then of course the waitress is just like “you just couldn’t keep your mouth shut could you?” as Shakespear is being violently recited in the background

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Hi there it's goat anon back at it again. Thanks to Guardian I have bacon feelz. Can you recommend the goat some good Byun Bacon fics? Goat thanks you in advance

Oooooo of course, goat anon! Below are a few I’ve really enjoyed with Baekhyun ~ also @smuttyfairy has a pretty comprehensive recommendations page for EXO (including Baekhyun) here

Mellifluous - @suho-mochi​ 

All’s Fair - @3kpop2jagi1 

I Give Up - @soobadnoonecanstopher 

Send My Love (To Your New lover) - @yeol-stole-my-soul 

Chemistry - @xiustories (on AFF right now, since poor juls is still re-building)

Gameplay - @noonatrash 

Happy reading! 💕

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Guy, friend, pal, your forgetting to write a love letter from Kakyoin. This needs to be fixed, my man.

Okay! time to hop back on and get some more love letters finished! these are going to be hella short so I’m sorry but I really want to get back into the regular swing of writing requests and that! ^^ @missmehphistos

- Ghost


To think that so many months have been able to pass by in what feels like such a short amount of time, I can hardly believe it myself were I not reminded of the events that took place during this time. I understand that you won’t be able to come visit me at the hospital for a few days in light of being needed by the Speedwagon Foundation but that doesn’t mean that we have to remain completely apart from one another; apologies if my writing seems a tad illegible this is the first time I’ve been able to pick up a pen and put it to paper since…the battle with DIO.

I still hear the nurses and doctors whispering to one another about their ‘miracle patient’ who ‘managed to survive when everyone was sure he would succumb to his injuries’ and to be honest I could almost laugh at how the rumors and tales seem to spread like wild fire through this place, if you could hear them now I’m sure you’d think I were a celebrity with how often they talk about me (although it irks me when they think I can’t hear them when they gossip right outside of my room - with the door open no less)

…No matter what I do I cannot rid ever rid you from my mind, not that I would ever want to of course but whenever you come to my thoughts the first and foremost memory which comes forth is when I first regained consciousness. At first I was sure that I had died, after all being used as a human hole puncher leaves little room for doubt about how little my chances of survival were; but when my sight adjusted and I spotted you, stood so diligently but my side I somehow knew exactly what had really happened. I doubt I will ever allow myself to forget the expression which crossed your face once you realized I was awake - an expression of utter relief only marred by the fresh wave of tears which rolled down your cheeks as you desperately clutched to my hand, as if at any moment you would lose me again. I wanted so badly to be the one to wipe those tears away, to pull you against me and run my hands along your back as I whispered words of comfort; but alas my injuries hardly allowed me to move, only permitting me to feebly return your grip and run my thumb along the top of your hand as the only way of providing comfort. 

I’m sure that I can’t even begin to repay you for staying by my side through every step of my recovery - through every night where doubt, frustration and uselessness ran rampant in my head; I promise you that the moment I can finally walk through those hospital doors I will spend every day of my life showing you the love and support which you have so generously graced me with as we move towards the future and put these events as far behind us as we can.

Hopefully the foundation can have this sent to you as soon as they can, and I can’t wait to see you again, but until then I will gladly wait for you to come back love.

Best wishes - Noriaki 

Hope this turned out okay! ^^