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The app BoosterBuddy can help you keep track of whether you've taken your medication yet... you can have it give you reminders for it too, and you can have multiple times of medication-taking set into the calendar/reminder system.

Thank you! I’ll go check it out right now.

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What if Fushimi somehow lost his memory while undercover in JUNGLE? How would Munakata and S4/HOMRA react to this?

That would be an interesting scenario because if this really is all Munakata’s Cunning Plan it is now promptly kinda fucked, since Fushimi doesn’t remember being in Scepter 4 at all. Maybe the Greens start suspecting Fushimi’s loyalty so they bring in some Strain with the power to wipe memories and use it to make Fushimi think he’s always been a part of jungle and he doesn’t remember Munakata or Yata or anyone except as his enemies. So he gets sent out onto the front lines to fight against the other clans and Yata immediately tries to confront him, wanting to know why Fushimi betrayed them. Fushimi just tells him to stop talking about stupid things because Fushimi has no idea what he’s talking about. Yata’s super confused and hurt, thinking that maybe Fushimi really has betrayed them and that’s why he’s treating Yata like a stranger. Munakata possibly tries to intervene because it is time for Cunning Plan to take effect, except Fushimi just looks at him blankly too and Munakata’s eyes narrow because he can tell that something is definitely wrong. If Anna’s there maybe she’s the one who figures it out, she looks at Fushimi through one of her marbles and says how something is blank in Saruhiko’s mind and Munakata realizes that Fushimi’s been mind-wiped.

So after that it’s probably a double mission, stop the Greens and try to get Fushimi’s memory back. Assuming this isn’t like happening during the final battle and there’s enough downtime to do some research Munakata probably tries to find out if there are any reports about Strains with memory-altering powers since he figures that’s the only way Fushimi could have lost his memory. Meanwhile Yata’s just trying everything he can to find Fushimi because he thinks that maybe if he tries to remind Fushimi of their past he can jog Fushimi’s memory somehow. The two of them cross paths and Fushimi starts to fight Yata as an enemy while Yata keeps yelling at him, like don’t you remember we used to be friends and maybe he even shows Fushimi his Homra mark and tells him to look at his own chest, at his burned Homra mark and asks him if he remembers what that is, how they used to be partners and had their marks in the same place. Fushimi’s all confused because he did see the mark but maybe the Greens made up some excuse for its existence and he didn’t really think of anything beyond that because he didn’t recognize the symbol. And he starts getting this pounding headache while Yata keeps trying to talk to him, feeling like something about this is familiar while not being able to fully grasp it and finally Fushimi has to retreat because he can’t take it anymore. He asks Hisui about it later and Hisui and Yukari and everyone try to convince him that it’s just the Red clan trying to play mind tricks on him, that he’s always been a member of the Greens, but later on as he’s preparing to take a bath Fushimi finds himself touching the burn scar on his chest and thinking back on Yata’s words. And maybe in that moment he calls up his Red powers and his Blue ones and he sort of stumbles back as he realizes that Yata was telling him the truth.

SW Print Giveaway Contest!

Hey you guys, I’m doing a giveaway contest for my Star Wars stuff!  That one Organa-Solo family piece is up to almost 4,000 notes already (which is just totally crazy awesome and unheard of for my stuff) and it’s May the 4th so I figured it’s a perfect time for a giveaway!

SO!  I’ve got 8.5x11 prints of aforementioned illustration, as well as that little Rey one:

1st place randomly chosen winner will receive both prints, and I’ll pick a couple of runner ups too that can choose which one of the prints they want.  Sweet deal!  Here are the official rules:

1. Reblog and/or Like this post but only once each from the same username (though if you have multiple blogs you can reblog from those too, I won’t know any better) for a total of two entries

2. Must be following me to win!  This is a thanks to my followers who liked/reblogged the piece initially as well as to all the new followers I’ve gotten recently, so I would love for one of you guys to win and not some random non-follower

3. Deadline to enter is two weeks from now on Wednesday, May 18th at midnight Jersey time (ET) and the winner will be announced at some point after that

4. Participants must have their ask box open so that I can contact the randomly chosen winner for their mailing address

5. Doesn’t matter where you live, I’ll mail to anywhere—as long as you’ve got a legit mailing address somewhere in this great big world and a mailman can reach you it’ll get there

Thanks so much, and best of luck to everybody!  Happy Star Wars Day!