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There’s only one member that Yoongi doesn’t get mad at when they mess with him.

There’s only one member that’s able to tear down that stoic and serious wall Yoongi has up, causing him to be relaxed, carefree, and goofy.

There’s only one member that causes Yoongi to genuinely smile a pure, sweet, and loving smile and have the purest of laughs.

That member is Jung Hoseok.

  • Chuuya: Hey, are you still pissed?
  • Akutagawa: Do you think this voodoo doll looks enough like man-tiger to actually work?

you know, I was going to let it go, but this person has commented three goddamn times now on my fic that they “hate big sis cass” and I’m going to stab them if they say anything more 


sorry you don’t like it, I didn’t force you to read this fic and comment on it, can you please shut the fuck up? I get it, you didn’t like it, you’re pretty sure that it’s not canon. you’re now in a thread with others complaining about how non-canon this whole thing is

well, I explicitly stated in the author’s note that I was drawing from Lysical’s fics (and later in the series I might draw on the half-siblings via lady shiva theory put out by Lysical and a few others, just because I fucking like that, like I like the idea of big sis cass), and seriously, whoever-the-fuck-you-are, it’s fanfiction. let me live my goddamn life and write the big sis cass I dream of. 

  • Voltron Fandom: *arguing over whether Keith was hatched from an egg or actually born (or whatever the toesies team stand for)*
  • Me, an intellectual: Keith came out of something and now he's alive and I love him for it.

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Eldarya is unbalanced. Leiftan fell for Erika and decides he's going to sacrifice himself in hope that everything goes back to normal."Just please never forget me" she never known, since she thought he run away after Chrome confessed everything


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Willam annoys me because he wants to put on this persona that nothing bothers him yet everything bothers him. Like pick a character and stick with it.

It’s really transparent when someone actually cares. If someone doesn’t actually care about something they wouldn’t pay any attention to it. I mean really… Willam has plenty of fans and a successful drag career. What does it matter if someone has a negative opinion about you?? Willam has diarrhea of the mouth on social media though and it’s honestly annoyingly pathetic at this point.

Blizzard, I could write you a two page essay on why there needs to be more neon skins.

  • Lance: *talking to Keith excitedly*
  • Keith: *listening while gazing fondly at him*
  • Lance: ... I'm sorry. I'm rambling aren't I? People say I talk too much. Just tell me if I start to get annoying.
  • Keith: You're not annoying and I love listening to you. Talk all you want.
  • Keith inwardly: I'm going to fucking murder whoever told this beautiful boy that he talks too much
Highlight Reel - Seokjin's Narration


起 : The Beginning

“Some moments become more vivid with the passage of time. Many encouters and farewells existed for this moment. A moment that made me believe no matter which alley, which crossroad I walk through, it’ll lead to this place in the end.”

承 : The Elucidation

“The sound of cicadas that chirred like showers ends in an instant. In the abrupt silence, I realize how beautiful the world is. Just the fact that you are in it makes all the difference. Even if all of these moments are just a lie, I still want to remain here.”

“Why is it that the happiest moments suddenly usher in great fear?”

轉 : The Twist

“Looking back, I have already knew it. That underneath the sparkling world before my eyes lay my deception. That everything was a dream to be crumbled away with a breath of wind. I turned away, eluded, closed my eyes. I was scared, scared of not being loved for who I am.”

結 : The Conclusion

“If we can rewind time, where should we go back to? Once we reach that place, can we correct all the errors and mistakes, and can we then become happy?”

“There are places that can’t be reached no matter how many seasons repeat. In the end, what we have to face is breaking through yet another storm. Loving without fear. Hesitancy and farewell. Living as who I am.”

hey not to be annoying but if this new album has love songs don’t act like it’s bts’ first time doing love songs and be mad??? they’ve had so many love songs in the past, in their older music…….i need u is literally speaking to a girl…..anyways just something to remember for those of you acting like bts is doing romantic concepts for the first time

On Hiveswap

I think it’s very important that Joey was sent to Xefros and Dammek was sent to Jude.

It’s been stated a few times that Joey was bullied by the others at school and never really had any friends. She sees that same thing in Xefros- except his only friend is the Billy that hurts him. Xefros is probably Dammek’s only friend as well.

Likewise, Jude is stated to have a clique of friends that allow Joey to hang with them. Joey’s shown to even be a bit jealous of them. Jude’s success in healthy relationships, and just how supportive he is, will be important in his interactions with Dammek- showing him how friendships and healthy relationships are, and even making him realize how shitty he’s been to Xefros.

Because in the end, Dammek is a protagonist in a 10+ game. This won’t end awfully- at least, I’m hoping not. I think Xefros and Dammek’s relationship is going to be repaired, along with Jude and Joey’s.

On the flip side, the trolls are important to Jude and Joey’s development too.

Joey’s shown to be jealous of not only Jude’s friendships, but Jude’s confidence as well. She’s been partnered up with a troll who has VERY little confidence in himself, making it so that she has to be the one to step up and lead, while also helping Xefros grow to be more independent and confident. Having a friend and more confidence in herself will help amend Joey’s relationship with Jude.

Jude’s paranoia over his conspiracies is shown to get on Joey’s nerves. He may have been right this time, but this behavior can still be harmful towards Jude and his relationships with others in the future. But, if Jude’s paranoid, then I don’t even know how to describe Dammek. Dammek’s paranoia-inspired cruelty will show Jude the worst parts of his behavior, and will help him learn to trust others besides himself and his sister, letting him open himself up to reparations.

Homestuck has always dealt with dysfunctional relationships- on both sides of them, and how people’s behaviors can create these situations and obscure them. This is a new iteration of that- this will be a story of change for the better.