you can fist bump me whenever you want

“Mumma will be right back.” You cooed, gently poking Y/S/N’s nose before reaching over and adjusting him in his high seat so he wouldn’t squirm too much. “Harry, can you watch him for a second? I need to get his food.” 

“Mhm.” Harry smiled, taking your seat and laughing lightly when Y/S/N gurgled and began reaching for him. “Look a’ those chompers! Mumma told me you can start having solids next week.” Harry took ahold of Y/S/N’s tiny hand, pressing kisses to his fist before reaching over and wiping his drooling mouth with the bib. “I can finally let yeh try some avocado. You always watch me whenever I have guacamole.” Harry hummed thoughtfully, reaching over and taking a sip of his water, the wedge of lemon bumping against his nose. And then a lightbulb appeared at the top of his head. Now, you had told Harry several times not to let the baby try lemons, or hot sauce, or whatever else was supposedly ‘funny’ on the internet - What? You didn’t want Y/S/N choking or anything. 

“Hey, if you were a baby, would you prefer creamy vegetables with chicken, or garden vegetables with brown rice and beef?” You poked your head out of the kitchen while staring at the two jars in your hands. It was strange how they made baby food sound delicious, but the reality of the situation was that all baby food tasted like puke. 

“Garden vegetables sound good t’ me.” Harry shrugged, turning back quickly when you disappeared and shoving his fingers into the glass to retrieve the lemon. “How does a nice little appetizer sound?” Harry cooed, Y/S/N gurgling and opening his mouth up for Harry when he waved the lemon in front of his face. “I quite like lemons - your mother hates them.” 

“Alright, here we g- Harry!” You gasped, realizing that Y/S/N was chewing and sucking away at a wedge of lemon. 

“Look a’ his face!” Harry mimicked Y/S/N, scrunching his face up before bursting out into laughter. You couldn’t help but laugh along, rolling your eyes playfully before digging your fingers into Y/S/N’s mouth and pulling the lemon out. 

“This is why I can’t leave you alone with our child.” 


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