you can find me crying in that corner

Lyrics written by Namjoon

Because he didn’t only write “I’mma beat that p*ssy like you never ever felt before”

-“Having tight schedules Even tough i’m tired,I smile
Cause in a family called bangtan i’m a not an only child”
-Unpack Your Bags

-”I can be assigned to many places,
But why can’t I find the real me anywhere?”-
So 4 More

-”I don’t know whether I’ve lost the way
or whether from the beginning I was lost
even when I’m with someone, one corner of my heart is lonely”

-”This sea is too deep
Still, I’m lucky
Because even if I cry, no one would know”
-Whalien 52

-“Never be late to do what you wanna do right now
Because at one point of someday,
Everything you did
Would be exactly what you will be” -

-”Thank you for letting me be me
For helping me fly
For giving me wings
For straightening me out
For waking me from being suffocated
For waking me from a dream which was all I was living in" -SAVE ME

-”I just wanted to succeed
the words I tediously heard from others were only that
I thought I could catch the mirage known as happiness
but the me in front of my desk wasn’t happy even for a moment
Without my mom knowing, I put a sheet of white paper between the pages of my workbook
My identity that I wrote down matched to the drum and bass”

-“The grown-ups confess
That we have it so easy
They say that we are happier than our portion
Then how do you explain my unhappiness?
There’s no conversation topics beside studying
Outside, there are so many kids like me,
Living the life of a puppet
Who will take responsibility?”

-”Life isn’t about living along but living through
As you live through, you’ll disappear some day
If you keep spacing out, you’ll be swept away,
if you ain’t no got the guts, trust”

-”I empty my drink but it gets filled with loneliness […]
All I did was color you in my white, blank paper
But then I realized, it already became a finished picture”
-Hold me tight

-”Hey you, who’s looking over the Han River
If we bump into each other while passing, would it be fate?
Or maybe we bumped into each other in our past life
Maybe we bumped into each other countless times”

-”My mother said the sea is blue
She said to let out your voice as far as you can
But what to do, it’s so dark and there are only different whales
speaking entirely different words”
-Whalien 52

-”The media and adults say we don’t have willpower
condemning us like stocks
Why are they killing us before we can even try
Why are you hanging your head and accepting it already?” -Dope

-”Life is more beautiful knowing that we’ve taken a loan on death
Even light is treasured more when there’s darkness
The sunshine appears after we’ve passed through the storm”

-”Let’s be happy, let’s be happy
Even if we live with these heavy words in our mouths every day
To be honest, I still don’t know
Why am I often lonely”

-“I’m living to understand the world, 
But why hasn’t this world tried to understand me”

-”Back then I thought this was a big place
But my ambition grew too big
That big house became too small now”

-“In the darkness,
People look happier than the day
Everyone else knows where they’re supposed to be
But only I walk without purpose”

-”Outside was a whole battlefield so I bring out the chopper
Every night inside me I quietly fight with myself
My heart pounds, my colleagues stab me in the back
While saying that I became a moron after joining a company”

-”It’s just one life
Who are you living for?
My heart stopped when I was nine or ten
Put your hand on your heart
and ask what you dream was
What is really was”

*This was Sarah for you daily Namnam appreciation

(cred to Lynn and papercrowns!)

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What did you think of Yoongi's mic drop?

FIRST!!!! This look is EVERYTHING! Yoongi needs an award ceremony just for himself called S.U.G.A: Super Ultra Gorgeous Artist. Where he will compete with himself in different concepts. And you will find me in the corner crying not knowing who to vote for …

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AND when he started rapping after Hoseok I legit SCREAMED. Wasn’t that transaction SO cool. Can’t Sope (Suga+Jhope) just make an album together?

Originally posted by jeonstyle

He also did this “I am walking over your grave cutely” dance

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BUT BUT BUT when he dropped the mic I was like “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HE DID NOT”.  These cool parts can only look super cool if it’s Suga. Recall the end of ‘Fire’ too?

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Anyway I didn’t think much. I was busy dying. Sarry!


“ You taught me the courage of stars before you left.
         How light carries on endlessly, even after death. “


April’s Featured Game: ARCADEA

GENRE: Fantasy, Adventure, Puzzle
SUMMARY: In the world of Arcadea, people can accomplish their dreams. How? Through video games of course! Everybody who lives in Arcadea has a special arcade machine they can visit in their dreams that lets them fulfill their strongest wishes. Whether it’s to go on an adventure, or make friends, or fall in love, or solve a mystery, or completely start a new life, there’s a game made just for them..
The game follows Maisie, a new arrival to Arcadea. She’s not very interested in all this gaming stuff; her only goal is to find an important person. But along the way, she can’t help but be roped into other people’s problems. She also can’t help that the arcade machines seem to glitch around her. A lot.

Our Interview With The Dev Team Below The Cut!

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Okay angsty Lams situation

oohh my favorite, headcanon time

-After Alex’s wedding, Laurens gets super drunk


-He raises a glass to Alex and makes snarky remarks about how he’ll never see freedom again with Eliza and Alex just sits there laughing awkwardly and wondering what in the hell is up with his best friend

-Alex shoos him away so he can talk in private with Burr, so Laf and Herc pull him away and John immediately starts crying to them and they have to calm him down quick so he doesn’t make a big scene on Alex’s big day

-a few hours later John finds Alex again and pulls him away from Eliza and to the corner of the room where they can talk alone

-Alex is still weirded out by his friends behavior and is like “Hey, Jacky, maybe you should head home, you’re pretty out of it” and John just starts crying. 

-”Don’t you dare call me Jacky right now,” John mutters, “not now.”

-Alex is so confused. He’s a bit tipsy himself and high off of love for his new wife and he’s like, “John, you’re acting weird; let me find you a ride home.” 

-”I saved every letter you wrote me,” John whimpers pathetically and Alex’s heart stops. All at once he realizes why John is so upset and why he’s gotten so drunk he’s stumbling. His face goes pale and he grabs both of Johns arms.”No. John, no.”

-”From the moment I read them I knew you were mine,” he sobs and Alex’s heart breaks into a thousand shards. “Shh, hey, Jacky, shhh,” he tries to calm John down but John just sobs out a quiet “you said you were mine,” in response, hitting Alex’s chest with two open hands before collapsing into his arms and mumbling “I thought you were mine..”

was this too angsty I don’t know i’m tired

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sterek + #6 or 15 for the prompts please??

“I’d kill for a coffee … literally.”

Stiles slumped into the seat, throwing his head back and groaned, “I’d kill for a coffee … literally.”

Around him, the coffee shop was bustling with life. From baristas racing to finish orders and take new ones to customers chatting. The decorations from Christmas were still up even four days after, giving Stiles the biggest ache for a day off.

From where he was rapidly typing away across from Stiles, Derek muttered, “He does this every day.”

Stiles straightened himself immediately and jerked his head to the side, narrowing his eyes at Derek, “What’s that supposed to mean? Huh?”

“I’m just saying,” he clarified, glancing up and shrugging his shoulders quickly, “you do tend to say the same thing every single time you finish your shift, muttering about someone’s unnecessarily complicated order or yelling at the cashier.”

Stiles huffed, “It’s the torture of being a barista, I swear. Der, customer service is a terrible job prospect. You should be grateful that you never have to deal with it.”

“Trust me, I am.”

Stiles leaned forward with his hands on the table, “So, whatcha workin’ on there? Is it your new novel? Can I read some? Did you finally end up writing a chapter? Did you finally name a character after me? If I find out that Scott gets a character named after him and I don’t, I’m going to cry.”

Derek stopped typing and stared at him, a smile itching to form at the corners of his mouth. He looked slightly amused, maybe even—dare he say it—fond. “Scott gets a character because he’s my cousin. You are Scott’s friend.”

“Is that all I am?” Stiles tried to make sure his voice stayed light and airy, but he wasn’t sure if he succeeded. Sure, he was related to his best friend—nay, his bro—but that didn’t mean that Derek didn’t mean something to Stiles. In fact, though he may deny this to anyone who ever asked, Stiles had been harbouring a massive crush on Derek since the day that he walked in, hair windblown, head-to-toe clad in leather with his glasses on. And it got worse when all Stiles could feel was heat pooling into his stomach when he saw that Derek wore henleys and sweaters under all that leather.

“No, you’re also a pain in my ass,” Derek replied, his fingers already speeding away on the keyboard.

“Hilarious, Derek, didn’t know you could make jokes.” Stiles looked away towards a couple on a date on the other side of the store.

“Of course, didn’t you know that I was planning on being a comedian? Writing is just something I do for fun.”

Stiles turned to face Derek again, arching a single brow.

“Stiles, you’re one of my closest friends, alright? I don’t just make jokes or socialize with just anyone. I’ve stayed up watching you throw up both into a toilet and onto me. I’ve seen you inhale cake. You’re a pain in the ass, but you’re one of my pains in the ass. And besides, I never said you weren’t in the novel; it’s not my fault that you jump to conclusions way too often,” Derek smirked.

Stiles couldn’t help but grin widely, a small blush beginning to crawl up onto his face. Derek called him one of his closest friends. “Ooh, getting all sappy there, aren’t we, Mr. Hale?”

Derek glared. Stiles would’ve been terrified if he didn’t know how much of a softie Derek truly was. “Don’t make me write you sonnets.”

“Can you?!” Imagine that, Derek Hale writing Stiles Stilinski sonnets and poetically performing them outside of his window.

“No. For that you have to date me.”

Derek was flirting. With him. Derek was flirting with him—in his own weird way, of course. “Fine, pick me up at six tonight, Hale. With a sonnet.” Stiles winked.

Derek smiled back at him, soft and warm. Stiles hoped, quite desperately may he add, that his heart would slow the fuck down and let him just melt into a puddle.

“It’s a date.”

|| rivalry ||

[request prompt: can u do a peter x reader where they “"hate each other”“ and one day he finds her crying and u can take it from there pls!!]

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Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include…

-meeting him for the first time on the Hogwarts Express
-hating him for the first two years you know each other
-despite being in Slytherin and her in Gryffindor, Hermione Granger is a close friend
-ranting about Draco to Hermione
-she finds it amusing
-“and today! you won’t believe it, he kept pestering me in DADA and i got detention! so now instead of-”
-“if i didn’t know any better, i’d think that you’d have a crush on him, Y/N”
-“fuck off”
-gradually becoming better friends with him in your third year
-not knowing why you suddenly don’t hate him
-trading insults and sarcastic comments with each other legit ALL THE TIME
-“if i got a Galleon every time you said something smart, Y/L/N, i would be poorer than Weasley”
-“go bother someone else, Malfoy”
-secretly loving it
-Professor McGonagall giving Draco detention for attempting to jinx Potter and Weasley
-defending him even though you know he’s wrong
-“but, Professor, he didn’t actually do anything!”
-“well now you have detention with him”
-being the saltiest people in the entire school
-by fourth year, you’re best friends
-everyone lowkey ships the both of y'all
-you two just saying you’re friends
-Draco gets super nervous when he asks you to the Yule Ball
-“wow, Malfoy, i didn’t think you could get so flustered”
-“just say you’ll go”
-“of course i will”
-you look stunning when you get to the ball
-Draco not being able to talk
-“uhhhh, hello??? Draco?”
-*clears throat* “yeah, sorry…i was…umm…”
-“okay then”
-you both have an amazing night and that’s when he realizes he has feelings for you
-he asks you out at the beginning of fifth year
-you being completely shocked when he does, even though you both have feelings for each other
-“of course, Draco”
-being the power couple of the school
-everyone is jealous of you two
-him always wrapping his arm around your waist
-always wearing his scarf because it just smells like him
-him always kissing your neck
-you love it
-he doesn’t seem like it, but he loves cuddling
-the two of you sleeping on the couch in the common room
-snape knows but pretends he doesn’t *wink wink*
-snape telling all of the other teachers about it
-all the teachers gossip and ship y'all
-snape is more invested in your relationship than the both of you combined
-Draco is literally the most jealous boyfriend ever
-whenever someone flirts with you, he suddenly appears and scares them off
-rolling your eyes and saying, “was that necessary?”
-“they need to know you’re mine, love”
-“you’re so dramatic”
-him calling you “love” and “darling”
-he always shows you off
-Draco thinks that you’re the one
-Draco inviting you to stay with him for Christmas to meet his parents because yours are visiting your sister in Scotland
-being completely flustered, but agreeing
-Narcissa falls completely in love with you, she thinks you are perfect for her son
-being best friends with her and her telling you embarrassing Draco stories
-getting off on a good foot with Lucius bc you’re a Slytherin and pure-blooded
-not having all the same views as Lucius, but him starting to liking you after a while
-Draco meeting your parents over the summer
-them loving him because he’s, quote, “incredibly charming”
-in sixth year, Draco comes back incredibly moody and distant
-you wondering what’s wrong
-it’s been a couple of months and she decides to confront him about it
-going to the dungeons when you hear loud sobbing coming from the prefects’ bathroom
-walking inside and finding Draco in the corner on the ground, sobbing
-being totally confused but then seeing the Dark Mark on his arm
-“oh, oh. why didn’t you tell me, babe? i can help you”
-“no, you deserve someone better. someone who isn’t a Death Eater. a monster”
-hugging and comforting him as you’re both crying on the ground
-both of you reassuring the other that you’ll be there for each other for the rest of your lives…

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Cheating Rfa boys please! Angst angst angst omg and mc becomes stone hearted afterwards

Ask and you shall receive~

◉ Yoosung

  • He said he was staying late with a study group at the library
  • You carefully packed some of the dinner you just finished cooking into a small tupperware container to bring to him
  • He’d been a little distant lately, and you knew it must be the stress of his studies
  • So why not surprise him by bringing some food to keep him going?
  • He always loved your cooking
  • It was one surefire way to get a smile out of him
  • You were surprised to see the library this busy at night.
  • Lots of students hustling around with their faces pressed in their books
  • Out of the crowd you finally spotted him sitting at a table
  • The smile fading from your face as you drew closer. He was sitting cheerfully with another girl.
  • Their hands together, fingers intertwined on the table top.
  • Then Yoosung leaned in and kissed her
  • Your heart stopped
  • And your feet were still moving although you weren’t paying attention to where they were taking you
  • You ran into a book cart and fell
  • Dropping the tupperware and spilling the food
    • “Ouch!”
  • Yoosung looked up to see you on the ground trying desperately to pick up the food
  • Your hands were shaking and it was hard to see through the tears
    • “MC?!” Yoosung ran towards you
  • You wiped your eyes and stood up to meet him
    • “I thought you might be hungry…” you felt the tears begin to stream down your face again
    • “MC I…I-I’m so sorry-”
  • You shoved the food at him and ran off, leaving him standing there speechless
  • Packing was a blur for you
  • But what hurt the most was that Yoosung hadn’t even bothered to come home right away
  • You had enough time to look over the place twice and make sure you didn’t miss anything
  • And now you stood outside with your bags in hand
  • The door opened to reveal Saeyoung
  • You broke down and dropped your things at the sight of him
    • “Woah! It’s going to be okay…” he hugged you, “let’s get you inside. Don’t worry, I’ll grab the bags okay? Then you can tell me everything.”
  • You followed him inside

◉ Jumin

  • ‘I’m sorry, I have to work late tonight’
  • That’s what he texted you
  • But standing there now in the doorway to his office
  • Watching him kissing a woman as she sat on his desk
  • You could see that wasn’t true
    • “Really swamped with work tonight, I see,” you clutched your phone in your hand and your eyes were beginning to swell with tears
  • Both of them jumped
  • And the woman hopped from the desk and ran past you
    • “MC, what are you doing here?” he straightened his tie as he turned to you
    • “Watching you cheat on me, apparently,” you spat back
  • He tried to approach you but you took a few steps back
    • “Don’t even try to touch me,” you warned
    • “This was nothing. Just me closing a business deal, that’s all-” he tried to explain
    • “You’re really something else, Jumin Han,” you were crying now against your will, “well don’t worry. This is the last time I will ever interrupt a ‘deal’ again. Goodbye, Jumin.”
  • You wiped your cheeks and turned heel with a sniffle
    • “MC get back here so we can talk about this”
    • “No! You don’t get to order me around. Not anymore. Don’t look for me at the penthouse, I’m never going back. Don’t try and find me.”
  • You held in your emotions until you were fully out of the building
  • And let yourself sob once you made it around the corner
  • You didn’t know where you would go
  • But your only care at the moment was getting the image of them together out of your mind

◉ Zen

  • Some of the cast were snickering
  • You had shown up to his rehearsal with iced coffees to surprise him
    • “He’s in his dressing room,” one girl finally spoke up
    • “But he might be a little pre-occupied…” another guy laughed and got elbowed
    • “That’s his girlfriend, right?” another one whispered
  • You were feeling a little uncomfortable
  • But thanked them anyway and hesitantly made your way to his dressing room
  • You wished you hadn’t
  • You opened the door to see Zen and another actress, both of them had their shirts off and were kissing heavily
  • Your heart sank at the sight and you froze
    • “Can we help you?” the girl broke this kiss to talk to you
  • You couldn’t speak
  • And when Zen made eye contact with you, you ran
  • And Zen trailed after you
    • “Wait! C-Come back! I know this looks bad-” he called
  • But you kept on walking, trying to stop crying
  • The rest of the cast were now grouped around to watch what was going on
    • She came on to me! What was I supposed to do?” he cried
  • You stopped in your tracks and turned to face him
  • You had pulled the lid from the coffees and threw them on him
  • The whole cast was a chorus of “oOooooOOOoo”
    • “You’re an asshole!” you sobbed
  • Zen was now dripping wet with a blank face
    • “An ASSHOLE! And I’ll never forgive you for this. Have a good life, Hyun. We’re through.”
  • You erased all of the photos of him in your phone
  • Grabbed all of your things from the apartment
  • And ripped yourself out of all of the couples photos around your place
  • And from then on
  • Anytime you saw his face on a magazine you turned it around on the stand

◉ Saeyoung

  • You didn’t normally look at his phone
  • But it was buzzing and he was in the other room
  • You figured it was Yoosung asking to come over and game
  • But it wasn’t
  • And your hand started shaking
  • Tears were dotting the screen as you looked down at the text messages
  • Saeyoung came out to see you crying
    • “Hey what’s the matter?” he sounded concerned
    • “I miss you so much, babe. I keep thinking about the other night-” you choked as you read it out loud to him, “who is this?” you looked up with tearful eyes
    • “Shit…” was all he could manage
  • You dropped the phone
    • “The other night. Like, when you told me you had to work late and wouldn’t be home? That night? And you kissed me when you came home…” your voice trailed, “I think I’m going to be sick”
  • You stood up from the couch
    • “I’m so sorry. Please, I don’t know how this all ended up happening…I just-what are you doing?”
  • You had brushed past him and made your way to the bedroom
  • Quickly throwing your essentials into a small suitcase
  • The clothes you couldn’t be without
  • The box of personal items you held dear
  • All the while Saeyoung was staring at you
  • Not sure what to say or do
  • Throwing on a coat you walked past him once more without even a glance
  • Stopping for a moment and feeling in your pocket
    • “There,” you threw your phone at his feet, “now you can’t trace me, right?”
  • You pulled the door open
    • “Please…I’m begging you. Don’t do this. Just give me a chance to explain,” he cried
    • “No. I don’t want to hear it,” your voice was cold and you turned to face him with tear-stained cheeks, “and I never want to see you again, Saeyoung.”
  • And with that you walked away
Go Away Penny

Angsty drabble of Reader x Pennywise where reader makes a big mistake

Often when the two of you argued, it would result in one or the other huffing and puffing for a few days until someone apologized. You always got into dumb arguments with him, mostly because Pennywise loved to push your buttons. He’d purposely cause you to go overboard and yell at him and you would do the same as seeing him riled up was adorable and frightening- yes frightening because you ever knew if he’d actually kill you one day.

You had come home to the creaky floors, the oozing walls, the broken glass and you were content. Despite the raggidy, torn down house, you loved it more than your own as if it were your home away from home.

Pennywise, however, wasn’t home. He hadn’t come for a few days and you were starting to get annoyed. Must he insist on leaving without saying anything? He knew it upset and worried you! You groaned and decided to fix yourself up a nice lunch. Perhaps he’d walk, or crawl, in that door any moment.

Hours passed and still no sign of your lover, you grew anxious and aggravated. When the familiar song of bells were heard, you ran to the door. “Pennywise?” You called out, “Pennywise where are you?” A drop in temperature formed behind you, causing you to slowly turn around and gasp, even after recognizing the it’s face.

“Where have you been?”


“For almost a week? Without saying anything?”

“Why does it matter”, he giggled. He could see the red tones in your face rise while he carefully backed away. You snatched him by his collar, nearly choking him, and meeting him face to face. “I thought we agreed that we’d tell each other where we are?” Pennywise did not like that at all- being forcefully grabbed against his will, he clicked his tongue and suddenly you were against the wall under his grip. “Do not FUCKING touch me!” You spat, struggling to remove the strong grip from your throat with both hands. Your feet dangled and your hands wrapped around the single gloved one which covered your neck, pushing away as tears fell.

“You don’t talk to ME like that, little one. You’re in MY house, remember that. You’re nothing but a pet and so help me, I will kill you in this moment..” Pennywise’s voice was deep. There was no more playful tone hiding anymore, not even the small jingles could make you laugh. For once, you were truly scared of the man before you, the man that you loved. Before you managed to go unconscious, he dropped you and you hit the floor. You were so frustrated, upset, heated- you wanted nothing more than some space right now.

Broken eyes stared into fiery ones, Pennywise wasn’t going to back down any time soon. You gently rubbed your throat, feeling as though the hand was still suffocating. “Go..”


GO! GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE AND LEAVE ME ALONE. IF YOU CARED ABOUT ME YOU WOULDN’T TREAT ME LIKE THIS. Just leave me alone please.. I need some time to think..”

Pennywise was taken back. He hadn’t realized how far this argument had gone- he stared down at you for a few seconds, hand reaching out to your shoulder before you slapped it away. “Now.” The clown had slowly faded out while you focused somewhere else, not saying another word. Over the next few days, you managed to calm down. Pennywise terrified you a bit, and perhaps you had over done it by kicking him out, but as soon as you’d see him you were going to kiss him. Kiss him and tell him how much you love him.

Only you won’t. Because days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months. There’s no more missing Derry children and it isn’t until the crime rate goes down that you realize the fact that Pennywise was no longer coming back. “How could you be so careless. So stupid??” You questioned yourself every day. It was merely another dispute that would’ve worked itself out on its own, but instead, you got heated and kicked him out- not knowing that day would’ve been his last.

You sat on the curb as the sun retired for the day, sniffling and wiping away the tears. You couldn’t help it as they overflowed onto the gravel. “Stupid.. stupid stupid stupid.. I didn’t even get to say.. that I love you..” you mumbled quietly, nudging away another tear. Eventually your eyes could no longer take it, the puffiness had become irritated by the constant rubbing of your sleeve and it burned- the same for your nose and you weren’t sure how many times you had wiped off any excess boogers.

As you made your way home, you looked over at the empty storm drain, and suddenly your tears were attempting to push their way through. You kept walking. You passed a few more before you couldn’t bare it anymore and you found yourself on all fours. “H-hey baby.. if.. If you’re down there, I just. I just want to say I’m sorry. For everything and that I love you and miss you.. I hope you sleep well… I’ll uh. I’m not sure where I’ll be, actually.. but if you still are interested, I’m sure you’ll know where to find me… I’m sorry Pennywise.. I hope one day you can bring yourself to forgive me..” you choked out the last sentence, covering your mouth incase he heard you cry.

You waited for a moment and picked yourself up, finally heading home until someting from the corner of your eye caught your attention. A red balloon was loose, and drifted pass and you smile brightly, looking back towards the drain you had just spoken to. “I love you..” you whispered

Remain Nameless (1/3)

Title: Remain Nameless (AU)
Pairing: 240/Touka, Reaper/Touka
Word Count: 2,328
Rating: PG-13…for now. 
Warnings: Lots of self harm references/tendencies, physical abuse, and smut.
Premise: Set in an AU setting where Touka is actually at CCG and she is given permission to tend to 240. This story is how 240 and Touka deal with the pain they’re both going through. 
Note: It might be a 3 parter.


He has a name, but they call him number 240. They refuse to tell him who he really is. They leave him to suffer every day and every night. And it goes on for days. Then weeks. Will it go on for longer? Knowing how things work around here, she’s certain they will keep him prisoner.

He doesn’t eat. He doesn’t sleep. He doesn’t do anything but fall deeper into a pit of agony.

He’s consumed by nightmares that tear away at his mind, his insides feel like they’re ripping apart, and there’s so much pain all he does is create even more pain. It’s all he knows now.

He claws at his eyes every night. His nails are ripped off his body from scratching at the door and floor, leaving streaks of blood everywhere. And when they grow back, it’s repeated.

He screams. He wails. And he’s ignored.

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yozoraarashi  asked:

65. with EraserMight for the numbered prompt list if you don't mind that pairing and if you are inspired. Thanks for sharing your writing with us! I love your writing so much that you got me into the BnHA fandom when you started writing for it.

65: “I wish you could see yourself the way I see you.”


After the media circus that is All Might’s reveal comes to a semi-final close, Shouta finds his fellow teacher in the break room, looking more exhausted than both of them combined. Even coffee, when presented, barely puts a dent in it. Shouta’s tempted, for the first time in his life, to bundle All Might up and shove him in a closet for a few hours of good, uninterrupted rest. He’d even be willing to let the man use his (incredibly comfortable) sleeping bag, if that helped.

“Don’t even think about it,” Midnight murmurs to him as he passes her on the way in. “I already offered to put him to sleep for a couple of hours, and he refused. I doubt you’ll get anywhere with a man that stubborn. Mic tried, too. Had him about halfway unconscious until Blood King came in.”

Ah, that explains the glaring Mic is doing, which looks more like it belongs on his own face than the cheery radio host. “I’ll handle it,” he tells her, which earns him a snort.

“Good luck with that,” she says, and leaves the room. 

Shouta approaches All Might’s stubborn refusal to rest the same way he’d approach a student’s stubborn refusal to rest. Which is to say, with all the tact and subtlety afforded to someone of his rank and station.

“You’re being incredibly stupid.”

All Might stares at him. Mic stares at him, and then cackles and ducks behind his computer when Toshinori turns to stare at him in mute betrayal. 

“I’m fine, honestly. I don’t know what Midnight told you–”

“She told me you were being incredibly stupid by refusing her help, and then when Mic got you halfway to sleep, refused to go back to sleep. What exactly are you waiting on? A sign from above? Does God himself need to come down here and tell you to take a nap already, you’ve done enough?”

Toshinori grits his teeth. “It’s not enough. Sensei is still out there, the villains are becoming unruly, and my student–”

“Is currently in class with Midnight, and will be in class for the next four hours, at least. After that, he and the rest that decided to pull the dunderheaded stunt of attempting to rescue Bakugou will be in remedial training with me, so add another three hours to that. In short, you have more than enough time to take to get some decent rest, you’re just refusing to do so out of stubborn idiocy.”

“You’re being quite the villain right now, you know.”

“Oh yes, you’ve caught on to my evil scheme quite effectively, All Might. Here I am, the Ultimate Evil in disguise as a school teacher, and my evil plan is ensuring you get at least eight hours of decent, uninterrupted sleep. Yes, me and my mildly inconvenient plot will defeat you. You might even go so far as to call it dastardly,” Aizawa says, dry as dust. “Quick, someone call the heroes, you might actually need backup with this one.”

Mic’s cry-laughing in the corner, and doing his best to be quiet about it. It’s not working because he’s wheezing like he’s dying, but at least he isn’t roaring. 

 Toshinori’s cheeks have flared a dark red in embarrassment. “They might need me for something.”

“Then they can find anyone else to help them. And if the press come whining at our doors, we’ll turn them out as we always do. You have no excuse to push yourself this hard. You passed on the torch - we all witnessed it.”

And hadn’t that been a shock. On live TV no less, watching his colleague point to the camera, and tell Izuku Midoriya in front of a crowd of millions, “You’re next.”

It at least explained the somber attitude Izuku had when he’d returned to school that morning. He’d been spaced out for a good portion of the class, something that normally would have gotten him in quite a bit of trouble, but today was one of those days Shouta was feeling generous about people’s feelings, so he let the kid have a day to gather his thoughts. 

“That doesn’t mean they don’t need me.”

Shouta resists the urge to slap the man. Barely. “The only thing that needs you right now is this sleeping bag and this pillow, and that janitor closet two classrooms down. Here, let me show you where true evil lurks. If we go together we just might have a chance of beating it with the power of Nyquil and sleep exhaustion.”

“You’re teasing me,” All Might mutters, but at last he stands. “Somehow our positions have become reversed. I’m not entirely sure I like this.”

“Yes well, I wouldn’t have to do this if you’d stop treating yourself like nothing.” 

“That’s pretty much all I am at this point.”

Shouta barely resists the urge to snap out I wish you could see yourself like I see you. Because All Might is not nothing, especially not how. And maybe if he saw himself as Shouta and the rest of the school saw him, he might stop with the self-flagellation long enough to actually try to do better.

But that’s an argument for another day. Instead, he opens the closet door, shoves Might inside, and follows him in, shutting it behind him. 

“You’re staying?” Might asks, apparently not realizing that until just now. 

“If I leave chances are you’ll just sneak right back out. So this is the only way, short of barring the door, I can make sure you get the sleep you deserve. There’s a cot over there. Get to it.”

Toshinori slowly lowers himself down, looking at Aizawa like he’s a wild animal fixing to rip his face off. Shouta rolls his eyes, nestles down in a corner, and shuts his eyes. He listens to the sound of his sleeping bag opening and closing again, the creak of old worn hinges as the cot shifts beneath Toshinori’s body, and finally the thump of a head hitting the pillow. 

“…good night,” Toshinori mumbles quietly, clearly thinking Aizawa is already asleep. Honestly, he’s just like the kids sometimes. Too gullible and naive for his own good. Still, he’s got a good heart.

When Aizawa opens his eyes two minutes later, Toshinori is dead to the world, snoring softly into the pillow. He smirks, and nestles further back in the corner.

“Sleep well, idiot.”

  • You are more than your anxiety, you are bigger than your panic attacks.
  • Don’t be sorry for being human or for feeling too much. Your feelings are valid.
  • Sometimes, opening up your anxiety to someone who understands can lessen the weight of what you are feeling.
  • Being okay doesn’t take overnight so please be patient with yourself.
  • It’s okay to lock yourself up inside the four corners of your room. Solitude is okay.
  • It won’t make you less of a person if you cry. Shed a tear if you think it helps.
  • Cliche as it can be but believe me when I say that there is a rainbow after the rain.
  • Don’t feel bad if you say sorry too much. 
  • This too shall pass and everything will be okay and you will find your place like how the stars found theirs.
  • Read self-help books, write more, step by step learn how to love yourself more.
  • One day, the planets will align and you will be okay.

— Of self-help and road to healing  / 9:38 pm

Hide and Seek

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine… ten!

“Ready or not, here I come!”

Hide and Seek has always been my favorite game. I love playing it with my mommy, sometimes she seeks, but it’s best when she hides. She sometimes hides in the most fun areas, like under the kitchen sink or behind the couch. When I’d jump out and shout ‘I found you!’ she’d laugh and gather me into her arms, blowing raspberries onto my tummy and making me laugh so much I couldn’t breathe.

Lately though, it’s been getting hard to find her.

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In Which You Rescue Rocket (Guardians of the Galaxy Fluff)

As requested by anon: can you do a fluff of rocket raccoon please

This turned out to be a tricky prompt…I tried my hardest, I swear! Also credit goes to the gif maker.

The man you called your father was twisted in the worst of ways. Emotion was a foreign concept to him, and you were pretty sure that he was physically born without a heart. It was the only explanation for the things he did and the way he so off-handedly justified himself by saying that it was all “for science”. But you knew better. You knew that experimenting with the actual lives of others couldn’t possibly benefit any sort of legitimate research question or theory. Everything he did, he did out of selfish curiosity.

You’d lost count of the amount of poor souls that had come through his lab. Most of them started as animals. Cute, innocent animals that you’d learned to stop growing attached to, as they never lasted past one or two of his experiments. At least until he came along.

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anonymous asked:

RFA + Saeran and V comforting MC who is scared of needles/vaccines. I have to get the flu shot soon, but I'm terrified of needles and practically have to be tricked or coaxed into going to the doctors.

I wrote this one a little earlier because I feel you anonny! I have an infection in my toe so when I went to the doctor’s, he poked around my cuticle and then gave me a shot and it freaking hurt ;-; So be strong anonny and all those who fear shots, you can do it!! Thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • When Yoosung told you that he scheduled the two of you to get your vaccines and saw you crying in the corner, he knew something was wrong
  • After finding out about your fear of needles, he tried his best to help you overcome your fear
  • He tried bringing you into the veterinarian clinic and see how animals got shots but it just made you fear needles more
  • So when it was time for the two of you to get your vaccines, Yoosung held your hand the entire time
  • Even when the nurse left to get the vaccines, Yoosung continued to hold you hand and reassured you that everything was going to be okay
  • You squeezed the life out of Yoosung’s hand when you got your shot but realized that it wasn’t that bad since Yoosung was with you
  • Yoosung took care of you for the rest of the day, saying how proud he was of you for being so brave


  • When Zen found you hyperventilating on the bed when he came home from rehearsals, he immedialty knew why
  • After calming you down, he guessed that the doctor called you saying that you needed to get a shot and with you being terrified of them, you didn’t take it very well
  • You confirmed Zen’s suspicions, telling him that you’ll take the risk of it getting your shot
  • But Zen wanted you to be healthy so he suggested dressing up as a doctor and doing a fake scene with you to help calm your nerves
  • It ended up with you kneeing Zen in the stomach as soon as he got close to you with a fake needle
  • So when the day of your doctor’s appointment arrived, Zen practically dragged you there
  • He coaxed you with sweet words before, during, and after you got your shot, making it not so bad
  • Zen doted on you for the next few days, saying how truly proud he was of you for facing your fear


  • Jaehee completely understood your fear of getting shots, it was something that she always had a hatred for as well
  • She got through it because she forced herself to but she wanted to try and find a way to help ease you into getting your vaccines
  • So Jaehee secretly scheduled a doctor’s appointment for you to get your shots
  • On the drive to the clinic, you chatted happily away until you saw Jaehee pull into the hospital’s parking lot
  • You refused to leave the car so Jaehee had to drag you to the hospital
  • The entire time you were shaking like a leaf, especially when the nurse left to you the shot ready
  • Jaehee distracted you by talking to you and before you knew it, the shot was over
  • She congratulated you on being so brave while you pouted because of her sneaky tactics
  • Jaehee made it up to you by spending the rest of the day tending to your needs for facing your fear


  • Jumin’s eyes went wide when you told him that you skipped going to your doctor’s appointment because you were suppose to get your shots updated
  • This man is fearless when it comes to needles so he’s taken aback when he hears of your phobia
  • Your health is one of his number one priorities but he doesn’t want you to feel anxious either
  • So Jumin searches for a doctor that you feel comfortable getting your vaccines from
  • He basically sets up little interviews with doctors and nurses but you always reject each one
  • Jumin has a suspicion that you’re purposely declining the practitioners so that you don’t have to get your shots
  • You finally agree to go as long as Jumin is with you but seeing the needle makes you shake with nerves
  • So Jumin starts kissing you, quite roughly, to help distract you from the shot and it actually worked
  • Jumin smirks and straightened his tie, he always knew that his kisses were the best


  • Seven was going through your medical records and noticed that you were due for some vaccines
  • He set up an appointment at the doctor’s for you, got his car keys and told you to follow him
  • Seven wasn’t expecting you to lock yourself in your bedroom when he told you that you needed to update your shots
  • You cursed yourself for not blocking the door since Seven easily unlocked the door
  • When you told him your fear of needles, Seven jumped up and dragged you to the car
  • The entire car ride and hospital visit, Seven told you stupid jokes and weird stories
  • He was at the climax of a story when the nurse gave you your shot, you were so focused on his story that you didn’t even feel the shot
  • Seven would always come up with random stories to tell you during your doctor’s visit to keep you calm because it would always be the Defender of Justice’s duty to keep you happy


  • V was confused when you gave him the silent treatment and stormed off after telling you that you needed to get some shots at the doctor’s
  • He found you sulking and crying in bed with the comforter laid over your head
  • You felt him gently pat your back as he asked you what was wrong, his voice full of concern
  • V wasn’t expecting you to grab and shake his shoulders, exclaiming that you were terrified of getting shots
  • This boy will give you so much comfort and encouragement that when it’s time for you to go to the doctor’s, you feel much less nervous
  • Although V could tell that you were still nervous so he let you squeeze his hand while you got your shot and when it was over, he gushed at how brave and strong you were
  • V truly wants you to be healthy so he’ll give you all the encouragement you need, plus he’ll always offer his hand to be squeezed, even if he losses feeling in it


  • Saeran completely understood your fear of needles
  • He was injected with all kinds of harmful drugs when he was in Mint Eye so he had a fear of needles as well
  • But Saeran knows that you need your vaccines to keep you healthy, so he’ll help you conquer your fear and maybe help his own in the process
  • You were a nervous wreck the entire ride to the hospital so Saeran played music loudly and held your hand during the drive, even if you scolded him for not being safe
  • He cringed and shuttered when he entered the familiar sterile building, but you smiled and tugged him along to the doctor’s office
  • Saeran glared at the doctor, saying that if he gave you more shots than needed he would make him pay
  • You held onto Saeran’s arm for dear life as you were given your shots, he smoothed your hair soothingly as he told you how well you did
  • Saeran would never enter a hospital again unless you were with him and vice versa, it was one of the many unique things in the two of your relationship

Feather For Your Thoughts?

Sunmary: I took a post from @the-adopted-jim and made it into a short story. Idk I wanted to post something odd. (And sad. Hope you don’t mind, @sassy-in-glasses and @splatoon-jim but I’m tagging you. My first second person perspective, would like some feedback!)

Characters: Damien the Mayor, Darkiplier, the District Attorney (Y/N)



You look at the brilliant falcon feather Damien was holding. It’s gorgeous, perfectly formed without a single crease. It’s a gift to him from you, and you’re quite pleased with yourself, considering how much he likes it.

“It’s remarkable,” He says, eyes catching the sun and gleaming. “Beautiful, too. How did you get this? Hopefully not by killing the poor thing.”

You shake your head, and he looks relieved.

“I will keep it with me always, old friend. Thank you for thinking of me when you found it.” His smile is wide, and it reaches his eyes. It’s a simple gift, and yet, he loves it so much. Knowing you’ve made your friend so happy is all you’d ever need.

But alas, the moment passes, and you and he carry on, discussing current events and the upcoming party at Mark’s manor.


Damien had control of your body now. There’s three of you in there; Damien, Celine and yourself. But he’s taking control. Your presence in your own mind is being shadowed, and molding with the others to build a new being. Still, Damien is the one in control. You watch through your own eyes as Damien changes your body to match his own, and his own suit. He hesitates, before reaching into an inside pocket. He pulls out the falcon feather, and it’s the last thing you see before you are drowned in thoughts that aren’t your own, going dormant in the recesses of your own mind.


You aren’t the person Dark remembers, but he seems to think you are. You are new, and for the most part he treats you as such. Occassionally, you catch him calling you ‘old friend’, but you’ve gotten used to that, considering Wilford does the same thing. You aren’t sure why.

Today, Dark is stalking you. You hear him before you see him, the high pitched ringing filling the space. When you do see him, with his red and blue aura extended around him, you run. Dark, no matter how kind he acts, is still dangerous. Friends or not, he might kill you, if he sees fit.

He does catch you. Of course he catches you, he is something outside of this reality. He pins you to the wall, and there’s a frantic, searching nature to his cold, black eyes.

“Where is it?” He hisses. “A feather. A falcon feather, where is it! I know you took it. I can’t find it. Tell me now.” The angrier he gets, the more distorted his voice becomes. You can’t think straight.

Then you see it, a corner sticking out of his pocket. You point it out with shaky hands, and he drops you to the ground. He pulls it out of his pocket, and stares at it for a long moment. The aura recedes, the ringing stops, and you can finally breathe.

Once you’ve caught your breath, you notice Dark is crying. Silent tears slide down his gray cheeks, and his hands quiver. The feather bobbles back and forth. Although he did just try to kill you, you feel moved.

You pull him in for a hug, and he stays, crying on your shoulder. “One day,” He chokes up quietly. “One day, things will go back to normal. And you’ll go free, I swear. I swear. We’ll all go back to normal. I just need more time.”

You don’t know what he means. You don’t ask. You let him cry and comfort him as he does.

William Nylander - Cheating Prank

Originally posted by motoleafs

heyy ♥ i love your writing ♥ and I was wondering can you make a william nylander x reader imagine in which he pranked reader on 1st april about him cheating on her but she thinks it’s serious and she start crying and stuff and he wants explain that was only a joke but she leaves his house and she just doesn’t want anything with him anymore and stuff? Thank you so much in advance I’m like in love with your blog ♥ (sorry for my english)

Author’s Note: Never apologizes for you’re English, love. <3 <3 <3 I’ve seen one of these video’s on Instagram and I have to say they are mean. :(  Enjoy! -Julianne

There was nothing funny about what he did to you, however, if it had happen to someone else you might have found it funny, but not now.

It had been a very long day at work and when you pulled into your driveway all you wanted was to curl up in bed with you in William’s arms. You noticed Mitch’s car on the street, but when you got in the house there was no sign of the loud goofball. What was there was a candlelit dinner table. You smiled to yourself as you made your way to the table.

“William.” You said to yourself.

You got closer to the table and noticed that the plates were already used. But it was the wine glass that made you see red. You picked the glass up and saw a shade of neon pink on the edge. You looked down at the ground and saw a white lacy bra, and it wasn’t your size. You made your way up the stairs, wine glass sit in hand.

Half way up the stairs you heard a sounds. You stopped to get a better listen, but could really make the sound out. You started walking again. You took a breath before opening the bedroom door open.

“You fucking asshole!” You screamed.

William whipped around He was naked and the clothes next to the bed showed you just what he was doing. William bite his lip like he was trying not to laugh. Fucking asshole cheat on you in your bed, and then starts to laugh!

“Y/N. It’s-ow fuck!” William said ducking.

You slammed the bedroom door and ran to your car before William had the time to catch you. You started driving to the only place you knew you could go.

William’s P.O.V.

“Dude, she is maaddd.” Mitch giggled like a schoolgirl as he moved from his spot in the corner.

“Can you clean up for me, while I go find her?” I asked Mitch while I placed my shirt back on.

“Yeah, sure man. But if you don’t make it back, I’ll assume she killed you.” He joked as he handed me my phone.

Your P.O.V.

“Shit, I told them not to do it.” Auston said as he pulled your crying self in for a hug.

“You knew he was cheating!” You yelled. Auston smiled. “Why does everyone feel the need to smile! It’s not fucking funny!”

“I’m smiling because he wasn’t cheating.” He said pulling away from you.

“Then, why were there girl girls and the lipstick and he was on top of he-”

“It was a prank.” He cut you off.


“The clothes were from the girl that I last bought home, and the “girl” was a bunch of pillow’s” He said looking down at you. “Mitch, was hiding in the room the whole time, taping it all.”

“Fucking assholes!” You said feeling the anger leave your body. “That wasn’t funny!”

“I know.”

“Y/N!” William said as he walked in the house. “It was a jok-”

“A mean joke! You and Mitch are such assholes.” You said as you ran into William’s arms.

“I’m sorry, I saw a video online and it looked funny. I really I’m sorry.” He said grabbing your face in his hands. “I’m sorry.” He said once again placing a kiss on your lips.

“I have one question?” You said.

“What is it babygirl?” He smiled.

“Who, made the lipstain?”

William giggled. “Mitch.”

“One more question?” You said. “Do you have pictures.” You laughed along with Auston.

“Even better, I have a video!” William laughed as he pulled his phone out of his pocket.


Requested imagine •3 Zach

Hello could you do a imagine that the reader is a new student and tries to find a class room but fails end ends up in the gymnasium and finds Zach on the bleachers crying because his girlfriend broke up with him so the reader comforts him and Zach starts to like her and his ex girlfriend gets jealous and tries to get him back. thank you <3

“Ugh a newbie again” you thought to yourself as you packed your new locker in the empty hallway, looking down at your timetable you noticed you had biology first period, “now where did that old women say again?” You thought trying to remember the directions she gave you even though you knew full well you’d zoned out and didn’t listen.

You walked around aimlessly until you got to the end of a corridor and saw a door, walking through it you decided it was either a biology class or someone would be on the other side to direct you the right way. After opening the door to find an empty gymnasium you sighed and dropped your bag but you heard a sniffle and a cough, you peeked round the corner to see a tall muscly boy crying on the bleachers, your first instinct was to run away but he intrigued you, and before you knew it you found yourself climbing the steps “are you okay?…sorry stupid question” you asked then mumbled the rest, his head shot up and he wiped his face “um sorry I’m fine” he sniffed stuffing things into his bag “if you need to talk to someone, it can be me. I’m new, you’re literally the first kid I’ve seen so it’s not like I can embarrass you and tell everyone you were crying” you said realising it sounded a lot more comforting in your head, he moved his bag and patted the seat and you sat next to him “I’m Y/N” you said extending your hand “zach” he coughed but didn’t shake your hand. “Whatever had you so upset it can’t be as bad as the morning I had, I dropped my pancake and the cat ate it!” You exclaimed making him let out a big laugh “im sorry I don’t wanna bore you” zach said wiping his face again “you won’t be, I’m lost so I’d be worse off wandering around the school” you smiled at him “my girlfriend broke up with me, because I’ve been slacking at basketball, she’s embarrassed to be with me” he sighed and let out a sob at the end “oh my god what a bitch! You shouted by accident “I’m sorry I didn’t mean that” you said “she meant a lot to me, I thought we were perfect together” he said “I know you’re hurting but she doesn’t sound worth the tears, Zach, you can do so much better and deserve someone who will love you for you and not your reputation” you said and realised he was staring at you “thank you Y/N I didn’t think about it like that” he smiled and stood up “so where are you trying to find?” He asked “biology?” You asked and his smile turned into a grin “I have biology too! I’ll walk you there” He nearly shouted excitedly.

You talked about anything and everything on the way to biology and to your disappointment you arrived at the class, you expected to take your seat then probably never see the jock again “sit next to me?” He asked interrupting your thoughts “that would be great, id rather not sit next to a stranger” you said nervously and he walked you over to a table.

Over the next two weeks you and Zach became lab partners, jokingly calling yourselves lab buddies but you really wished it was more, he’d nod to you in the hallways at school and you’d often catch him looking at you across the cafeteria, by now you were close friends with Hannah Baker. “He so likes you!” She giggled across the table and looked at your confused face “zach!” She exclaimed “oh yeah we’re biology buddies” you said and she laughed “he like likes you!!” She said as you glanced over at him and noticed a girl practically sitting on his lap, the same girl you thought you helped him get over “maybe not” you mumbled and Hannah turned round “ugh she’s so desperate, he looks disgusted by her presence” she laughed but you didn’t believe her.

You had biology next and as usual had a great time with zach, laughing, joking and telling each other life stories. On your way out of the class you overheard his ex talking to her other cheerleader friends “I cannot believe that slut! Does she think she can just move here and take my seat then my boyfriend!” Your heart sank as you left the class, did zach lie to you? Was he still dating her? You walked towards your locker in a daydream and bumped into someone dropping all your things “hey clumsy!” You looked up and it was Zach, you picked up your things and grumbled then walked past him “Y/N!” He shouted after you, you kept walking until you felt him grab your arm “Y/N what have I done?” He asked looking hurt “I’ve spent weeks helping you get over her and you’re still dating her?” He looked confused “what are you talking about? We haven’t talked since the day she broke up with me!” He stated “well she seems to think I’m here exclusively to steal you from her, her boyfriend she was clear about that part!” You shouted “she’s jealous Y/N!” He sighed and leaned against the lockers “of what?” You asked “of you obviously, she can’t bear the fact that I’ve fallen hard in love with you and she’s got no chance ever again” he blurted then squeezed his eyes together regretting what he said as you just stared, shocked.

You stood in silence for what seemed like forever until he finally opened his eyes “I guess that’s my deepest secret out in the open, it was nice being friends Y/N sorry for ruining everything” he said as you crashed your lips to his shocked at yourself and Zach grabbed your waist and kissed back hard. You pulled away and looked at each other and smiled “or…we could go to the crestmont?” He suggested with a grin on his face and you nodded dumping your stuff in your locker and walking out of school with Zach.

Zach walked you to his car, opened the door for you and fastened your seatbelt, he placed a kiss on your forehead before closing the door and getting in the drivers side.