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Touka’s death at the hands of Juuzou?

So someone in the comments of chapter 130 on Manga Stream pointed this out and I thought it was interesting enough to go into more detail and make a post about it.

So this person pointed to the poem that Ishida wrote for Suzuya’s birthday last year. You can find the translation here and the original here.

The poem talks about having to make a choice between killing a cat or a dog. It seems as though he’s forced into killing one of them since he says this.

Please die quickly, please die quickly…
(I looked away so that I wouldn’t see the face of suffering.)

Then this.

Ever since that day, that thin, huge cat (or dog)
(I held in my hands a strangely swollen stomach containing a rotting womb.)

This line most likely implies that the animal he killed was pregnant (hence the reference to the animal’s stomach being “strangely swollen” and the “rotting womb” which might also reference the possibility of Touka’s womb absorbing her baby), and this could possibly foreshadow Touka’s (and her baby’s) death at the hands of Juuzou.

Also the fact that the animal is described as thin could reference the fact that there’s been a serious scarcity of food for ghouls underground, plus, with Touka trying to survive off human food, I can imagine she’s probably quite malnourished.

The “rotting womb” part of the poem also seems to link to the line in Touka’s poem where it says “her womb smelled like it was burnt”, plus, the first line of that poem seems to imply that her child may possibly die.

The children who were meant to be born, died.

If we want to make further links to Touka being the cat, in chapter 123 when Mutsuki is fighting Touka, he continuously calls her a cat over and over again.

All this seems to point to the implication that Suzuya may be forced to make a decision between killing Touka (the cat) and perhaps Kaneki (the dog). Since Suzuya has connections with Kaneki, it would make sense for him to choose to kill Touka since he doesn’t really have any sort of relationship with her.

It can also be noted that this illustration of Juuzou holding a knife with what seems to be blood spattered across his clothes was posted not too long after the illustration of Touka with blood on her belly.

Touka’s poem also includes a line which seems to reference the fact that her future has gone dark, and the path that she was advancing on, towards giving birth and having a family with Kaneki, is gone.

The path that I should’ve advanced in is gone and darkness pulled onto the horizon that lay right beneath it.

In chapter 130, Touka marked down the 28th of December as the date that I assume she is expecting the child. This date is also Ishida’s birthday. This leads me to Ishida’s own birthday illustration from last year; the one that seems to have everyone worried and puzzled.

Touka is dressed entirely in black and there appears to be some sort of cemetery in the background. Perhaps she is holding her baby, or rather, her lifeless baby, since the rest of the image seems to heavily reference death.

That’s a really depressing picture to draw for your own birthday, Ishida :/

This kind of scenario would make sense if we consider what’s been happening in recent chapters. Kichimura and Mutsuki are trying to lure Kaneki out with Yoriko’s death sentence so that they have a chance to kill him, and now that Touka found the letter informing Kaneki of Yoriko’s scheduled execution, it would make sense for her to want to do something about it. If Touka goes off to save Yoriko and Kaneki finds out, no doubt he’ll go after her, and this could lead the both of them to Furuta. If they get captured, it’s possible they could be put into a situation where one of them has to die, and perhaps Suzuya will be the one forced to kill one of them, most likely by Furuta since Suzuya has been one of the people who have shown to be obviously sceptical of Furuta.

However, it is also important to look at the ending of Juuzou’s poem.

(Would it have been better if I just killed them both?)
(Or perhaps, I…?)

Shortly after, the answer started overflowing. I choked.
Was going to die anyway.

Suzuya seems to contemplate on whether it would have been better for him to have killed them both, perhaps after the discovery that the woman he killed had been pregnant, leading to the realisation that she was obviously important to Kaneki. However, he then says that this question isn’t important for him to consider anymore because he is going to die anyway.

Suzuya’s death could come at the hands of a distressed and enraged Kaneki upon witnessing the murder of Touka and his unborn child, wanting to avenge their deaths.

strawberry + banana ▹ jk | M

❝hello! i’m a new writer and this will be my first scenario on tumblr. it’ll be an altered request (that you can find the original for here) but i hope you like it all the same ;; i’ll be posting more soon though so please send in requests! ◉◡◉❞

jungkook | smut | enemies to lovers au | one thousand words | request

“I was being fucking sarcastic.”

“I know, mosquito. It’s one of your many charms and why I’m the only person who can stand to be around you.

"You can’t stand me, though.”

“I was being sarcastic.”

warnings: smut | graphic language | jk being annoying

gif credit: here.

“Hey there, mosquito tits.”

“Hey yourself, bubble butt.”

This was a common exchange between the two of you—from mortal enemies to best friends. It started when you were paired together for a science project. Not the best idea on your teacher’s part because his favorite class was lunch.

Lunch wasn’t even a class.

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Draw snipes and driver (who is best oc) comparing their vehicles!thanks!

idk if they’d ever get competitive about vehicles since they probably don’t get to talk much, but i could def see her at the very least interested in it!! (Driver already knows her car is superior)

Driver is @tf2humbug‘s 10th class oc, you can find more about Driver here!

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So like for some reason I can't find the bnha ovas on kissanime? Do you have any links that lead to the ovas?

Hello! The first ova is called “Jump Festa 2016 Special″ and you can find it here on kissanime, or check our resources page for more links ;’D
The second ova is titled “Training of the Dead” and hasn’t been subbed yet but you can watch on dailymotion or download the raws here. Have fun!~

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lets talk about colors. it appears as if for the most part you pick, i don't wanna say muted but for lack of a better word muted color. and let your line work cover the shadows. do you do this on a layer underneath the lines? or just like?....wth how you do that?

Alright well. I’m gonna do a very short and general step-by-step of how I usually work. This is by no means a tutorial. I’ll eventually make a video tutorial when I can afford it. First, off, I work with Photoshop CC, using custom brushes I’ve collected/modified over the years. You can find them here. I start with the line work. The line work is basically the sketch refined. I don’t have them separate, I begin with the sketch and refine it until I have the line work together. I work the shadows with the lines on the same layer, they’re not separate.

After that I add the flat colors on a layer underneath. After the flat colors come the little highlights. I use the same brush but in Linear Dodge (Add) mode.

After color’s all set, I merge lines and color and refine the piece a little bit, painting details over it where needed. Then on a separate layer I work the background. Most of these commissions end up as basically those two layers.

Aaand that’s it. I hope this covers your doubts a little bit. I know it’s not very thorough but I promise I’ll make something more detailed in the future, and I still dare say take whatever I say in that future tutorial with a grain of salt. I’m always trying new things, new brushes, new layouts and new ways to color, and you should do the same. Never be satisfied, especially with what other people tell you. 

Sanvers Week Fic Round-Up

What a week! This was a big challenge to smash out but I absolutely loved it. Many thanks to @queercapwriting for their organisation and encouragement, and to everyone who contributed works. Also thanks to @all-the-gay-feels who was a huge support as always.

As of this week I’m now up over 200 followers, so a big hello and thank you to everyone who’s new!

You can find all my stories on AO3 here or tumblr here.

Day 1 - Intimacy

Declaration of War - After interrogating Rick Malverne, Maggie is reminded of an old trauma and struggles with how to tell Alex.

Day 2 - Nerd Girlfriends

Of all the stars, the fairest - Alex plans a date for the first time, treating Maggie to a night out at the science museum.

Day 3 - You’re Drunk

Pride - In the wake of coming out, Alex struggles with internalised homophobia and finding that the queer community isn’t exactly what she thought it was, but Maggie helps her find her pride.

Day 4 - Hogwarts AU

Spellbound - Slytherin prefect Alex has been selected for the Triwizard Tournament, and finds herself getting close to Maggie as they try to prepare for each challenge.

Day 5 - Domestic

Beautiful Boy - Alex and Maggie try desperately to cope once they learn that their unborn child needs surgery and may not survive.

Day 6 - Smut

Tonight, Alive -  Alex and Maggie spend the night before their first anniversary on a deserted beach with a fire and a bottle of wine - need I say more?

Bonus cheeky gifset ; )

Day 7 - Soulmates AU

Here to Help You Heal - Alex and Maggie experience a phenomenon where they have nightmares of their soulmate’s darkest memories.

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do you have any evak fics youd recommend???

oooo always a spiffy question! OKAY so actually a couple that i recced a few weeks ago are still ongoing and I am still loving them… so HERE you can find some.

And I’m going to add some new ones tht I’ve found, if you dont mind :P

Paint me a picture (with your true colors) 

thirty days of skam fic by @milominderbindered (this one is a series but each one is so well written!!)

wild and fluorescent, come home to my heart by @bechnaesun (this is only a chapter in but i mean it’s cz… so.. you know it’ll be pretty ace.

take me to the stars by @westiris (I am such a sucker for well written hate to love)

And as always, what kind of a tumblr writer would i be is if i didn’t hoe my own works out?

You can find my full length fics rightttt HERE

Artists Birthdays

Here you can find KHH rappers/singers/idols date of birth. This is not only for fans who might have just gotten into KKH but for everyone else. Thank you for all your support.


Olltii- 2nd, 1996
Iron- 8th, 1992
San E- 23rd, 1985
Giriboy-24th, 1991
Paloalto- 24th, 1984
The Quiett- 29th, 1985


J-Hope- 18, 1994
Sik-K- 26th, 1994
CJamm- 28th, 1993


Simon D-  9th, 1984
Jooyoung- 9th, 1991
Suga- 9, 1993
Okasian- 11th, 1987
Dok2- 28th, 1990
Mino- 30, 1993
Yongguk- 31, 1990


Hanhae- 7th, 1990
Zion.T- 13th, 1989
Jay Park- 25th, 1987


Crush- 3rd, 1992
Taewoon- 11, 1990


#Gun- 26th, 1994


Rap Monster- 12th, 1994
Beenzino- 12th, 1987
Zico- 14th, 1992


Jooheon- 6th, 1994
Swings-14th, 1986
Sanchez- 17th, 1986
B.I- 22nd, 1996


Dean- 10, 1992
DinDin- 20th, 1991


Gray- 8th, 1986
Vasco-18th, 1980
Verbal Jint- 19th, 1980
Bobby- 21, 1995
Loco- 25th, 1989

Admin Ana

Monsta x Reaction to s/o calling them oppa for the 1st time

Alrighty, my other babies Monsta x deserve some love too! So I have decided to do a couple of reactions for them.This is inspired by the BTS one which you can find here!

I am working on the requests I have as well, but there was no MX so here is one for all you lovelies out there!


You were high, on sugar of all things. “Stop with the cola will you y/n?” I.M scolded you. “Yah I am older than you, respect me” you told him. He stuck out his tongue. “Shownu OPPA!!” you yelled. Changkyun choked on his drink, since it was the first time you called him that. Shownu’s jaw dropped to the floor. He smiled to himself shyly. “Oppa, tell him to respect me” you whined to him. I.M shook his head. While you two argued, Shownu stood there with a smile on his face the word “oppa” repeating in his brain.


It was Friday night and you were watching your fav movie. You were so immersed in it that you didnt notice the couch dip beside you. Wonho sat next to you. He gently brushed your hair aside, and softly kissed your neck. “Not now.. oppa” you said. He stopped mid action and just stared at you. You did not even look at him. But a smile graced his lips, and he gently turned your head towards him “Say that again” he whispered while his lips ghosted over yours. In an equally low voice you whispered oppa, and the moment that word left your mouth, he dipped his head gave you a kiss, making you giggle. “You have created a lot of trouble for yourself, you know that?” he winked, making you playfully push him away.


You were gushing to your friend about Minhyuk since you had recently started dating. “Minhyuk oppa is so cute” you squealed to your friend. Unbeknownst to you, Minhyuk was standing in the doorway of your room, and he was just watching you. The minute you said oppa, a smile appeared on his face. It was the cutest thing for him. When you hung up, he coughed in order to get your attention. “So… why have you never called me oppa before?” he asked. “I didn't think you would like it” you mumbled. “Please say it more often” he hugged you tightly, almost knocking the air out of you.


Kihyun decided to take a shower after coming back from work. He opened the door to the washroom, and as soon as he stepped foot inside, flour fell on him. You came up from behind him and started laughing. “Y/N” he yelled. You laughed and ran away. He chased you around the house. He was about to throw flour on you as payback, when you said “Oppa sorry” and shielded yourself. He stopped mid air. “What did you say?” he asked. “Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry and a million times more sorry” you replied. “No before that. You said oppa” he replied. “Yea..” you mumbled. “You are lucky. That word just saved your life” he replied, while dusting off the flour, and trying to suppress the smile that threatened to break out. 


Hyungwon and you were having dinner, when suddenly your eyes fell on a spider. “OPPA!” you screamed. He choked on his food. “What?!” he asked alarmed. “Spider..” you pointed behind him. He turned around and chuckled. He took a broom and guided the spider out into the backyard. You were still scared, so you hugged him tight. He wrapped one arm around your waist, while with the other hand he gently patted your head. “Its okay, oppa is here” he smiled widely. Oppa, he kept on mouthing to himself and smiling while hugging. He was so giddy it was hard for him to stop, but he didn’t show it.


Jooheon was was in the studio practicing with the boys, when you entered with food. The smell of the food made them stop, and they all crowded around you to get whatever they ordered. Jooheon was last. He came up to you and smiled, his dimples making him look years and years younger. “Here you go oppa” you handed him his food. He looked at you shocked. The food dropped to the floor, because he was way too surprised to take it from you. “Did you just call me… oppa?” he questioned. You nodded. “Jagi!” he would hug you tightly, in excitement. “I was wondering when I would hear that, so thank you” he smiled brightly while swaying you side to side in his arms.


“I heard it” he yelled, when he heard you mumble oppa. “Y/n, I heard it. Dont pretend you didnt say it” he pointed his finger at you playfully. “Say what? Get your ears checked babe” you feigned innocence. “You are lying. I heard you say oppa! say it again” he bothered you. When you didnt, a tickle attack ensued. :Okay..okay fine. Oppa please stop” you said while trying to catch your breath. “You have to call me that everyday from now. From now on my name is oppa for you, not changkyun, or I.M, or anything else. Just oppa. Got it?” he asked you. When you nodded, he finally stopped his attack, and helped you up.

**excuse spelling/grammar errors**

Hope you guys like this one! Have a good day :)



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Do u have the link to the full episode when Eric nam asked jimin if he was cheating?? I tried some links that a friend sended to me but it won't work, if u have a the link please post it. Thank you anyways xx

It was After School Club After Show Ep68. You can find the full ep HERE. He says it around 23:36

GAAAAAAAAAAH he was such a fetus SO CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!

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wanna one/produce 101; masterlist.

yo, welcome to my wanna one/produce 101 masterlist! here you can find scenarios, imagines, reactions. feel free to request anything! please dont be shyshyshy my loves :)//no TEXTS OR SNAPS.


P.S i wont do all 101 members,, please keep that in mind! but feel free to also request anyone else (i will not do the members who have been eliminated in the first and second eliminations round- SORRY. these people listed are the imagines i’ll likely do, but ofc i will do whatever yall ask)

- /// -


= angst

= smut

= light/slight smut (mainly imagining the smut yourself cliffhanger sorta thing)

= fluff

= completed (series)

= hiatus

bold = personal favourites/public favourites

i+s = imagines (series)

r = reactions

s = scenarios

mtl = most to least


bae jinyoung

[i+s] ex’s and shows ♔ [1]

yoon jisung

ha sungwoon

hwang minhyun

ong seongwoo

kim jaehwan

kang daniel

park jihoon

park woojin

lee daehwi

lai guanlin

yoo seonho

jung sewoon

kim samuel

takada kenta

ahn hyungseob

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Where can I watch ikon dome tour 2017 eng sub. And also the tour DVD that was of 2016/2017 I can't seem to find them. Please help me out. Thank you x

You can find download links here (mega and google drive):

For the japan tour dvd, I’ll try to upload the videos soon & I’m currently looking for people who can sub and translate them! I’ll post as soon as I have them!

SSS My Favorite Mistake, Chapter 8 - Inertia

This chapter is done and betaed. I just want to give it another read over. Since I don’t want to rush it, I’ll post it tomorrow.

Meanwhile, here’s a little snippet from the upcoming chapter. I posted something earlier this week as a joke for @mega-aulover and @everlarkingjoshifer (Rachel’s answer to my snippet is amazing! You can find it here)

Remember, beta’d but still subject to change. An extra special hug to @eala-musings and @akai-echo who have really been great about talking plot points through with me. I don’t know where I’d be without you!


She felt her fury overtake her, though she couldn’t be sure who she was really angry with - herself, Peeta, Gale, the situation, life? But she was livid and she was doing nothing to contain it. “You know, I wasn’t the one who gave you the brilliant advice to tangle your life up in this way. I know what I need to do. But please don’t act like what you have to offer is in any way equivalent to what Gale would give me. He would do anything for me. He’s done nothing wrong here.”

“But you don’t love him. And you were stringing him along way before I came along,” Peeta said.

Katniss narrowed her eyes at him. “Maybe. But I’ve never cheated on him before. So, please with the life advice.”  She grabbed her bow holder and her backpack and slung them both clumsily over her shoulder, the tip of her bow in particular smacking her hard on the cheek. Peeta said nothing as he followed her to the door, helping her pull open the heavy, metal thing. As she made to fly through, though, he caught her hand, forcing her to look his way.

“You’re right. I’m the last person to give relationship advice. My life is a clusterfuck.” He brought a hand up to her cheek, his thumb rubbing a magnetic path over her lips. “But I swear to you, I want to do more than pass the time with you. You are the only thing my mind keeps returning to, over and over. Seeing you, even for a few hours, and talking to you is the highlight of my week. There are some things I can’t give you.” He bent to leave a feather-like kiss on her cheek, whispering the last words in her ear. “But there are other things that only I can do for you. Remember that when he’s tempting you away with some lame, colorless version of happily ever after.”

She turned until her nose was just brushing his. “I’m trying to do right by him, not because of you or even because of me but because he didn’t ask for this.” She made to turn away but stopped, looking him straight in the eye again. “And if your life is such shit, why don’t you do something about it?”

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What exactly is Sex Mens about? Is it NSFW? What's the plot? (lol I'm too deep I need to know it all)

To start it off, its a webcomic done by the same author and artist as for Nanbaka. 

Our main characters are: Takumi, Jyunpei, Kai and Subaru 

and our sadistic gaylord bdsm fanatic Saiha

Well, as my points of view on the series, it has changed alot by getting some help from my friend John who has raw translated 5 chapters as for now and still works on them, and i find it even more interesting! The plot… is alittle hard to explain, since there are still things i dont know much about. You can find the raw translations here if you decide you want to check it out 

If you´re talking about smut and such. No, the main series is NOT NSFW (apart from a shit ton of beating, blood, some boobs, Takumi taking a bath and Jyunpei and Saiha interrupting him and so on) and Saiha himself ( trust me, you´ll understand soon ) 

There are a total of 53 Chapters which you can find here, and also, a series on Pixiv done by Shou that goes alittle further then the manga that has more NSFW content in it, aswell as there are more artwork by the author. You can check them out here if you want to 

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Hey Blarf! I love your story so so so so much! May I ask which make-up do you use fpr Sabrina in the latest pictures, Where they lie on the ground ? ( eyeshadow and lipstick :) ) thank you so so much an have a nice day :D

thank you :)

she’s not wearing eyeshadow but you can find her lipstick here!