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10 Things An Otaku will have done at some point in their life (but probably won’t admit)

1) You searched for a very specific type of fanfiction, read all of them and once you ran out decided “Hey let’s make my own!” Either it flopped, you got bored and gave up or you never did

2) You originally set up a tumblr account with the sole purpose of browsing through the anime tags to find fanart of your favourite ships. Don’t even try and deny it

3) You’ve wanted to go to an anime convention but you live in a really rural area where there never is any/you broke af. So instead, you watch live videos and imagine yourself being there *cries*

4) Becoming so engrossed in a manga or anime that you debate skipping sleep because you ‘just need to finish one more chapter/episode’

5) Hearing someone in public mentioning an anime you like but feeling too awkward to walk over and ask. Perhaps you’ll never know if that one dude in Starbucks liked Tokyo Ghoul

6) At some point you drew your own fanart, but were too afraid to put it up online because let’s be honest here- the Internet can be a bit of an intimidating place sometimes

7) You’ve tried to encourage your friends to watch anime in the wackiest of ways. Some methods include the sending of memes, quotes from an anime of your choice, blasting a soundtrack or opening in their home *cough cough BNHA opening 1* and last but not least- BUZZFEED QUIZZES

8) You are waiting in anticipation for a new season of an anime to come out that hasn’t been updated in years (looking at you Noragami) Clinging onto hope, you pray that one day soon it will come true and in the meantime rewatch the heck out of the episodes you do have [At least 2018 looks like a pretty good year for releases]

9) You’ve turned down going out with a friend/family member or just socialising in general so that you can have an anime marathon day in your bedroom-with snacks of course

10) Anime has become such a major part of your life that you literally can’t imagine what it was like before you started watching it. ‘My favourite hobby used to be cycling? Are you sure?’

Active Larries

So further to the big boycott list that we periodically reblog, someone wondered a couple of weeks ago whether all the Larries on the list were still active as we’ve seen such a drop in some of the big ones. I’ve found myself with a bit of time on my hands after meeting a deadline earlier in the month, so I thought I’d go through the list and see what I could find. Lucky me getting to click on all those toxic blogs!

16meets18 - this redirects to, still active, has blogged today
2tiedships2 - active, has blogged today, is a prolific gifmaker but ~weirdly~ enough only makes gifs of Louis from nine hundred years ago
aaronexplainsitall (was aaronbutterfield) - Aaron flounced off Tumblr soon after Louis’ promo started at the beginning of the summer, then wrote this post in August about how he wasn’t going to blog about 1D anymore, has actually blogged about 1D since then, but is pretty inactive. One of the London bloggers who all appear to have dropped off Tumblr 
aboutchopsuey - fairly inactive, the front page of the blog has posts dating back 2 months, dropped off when Louis’ promo started in July 
alw4ys-you (was summer5tars) - on permanent hiatus, last blog is dated 3 months ago. Says they’re on hiatus due to anon hate and needing a fresh start, may have got a new name  
anchoredlou - hasn’t blogged since the end of August 
annalarrie - is the artist for all those fucking rainbow bear drawings that pop up, so may be a sideblog for someone else? I’m not sure. The latest post has tags about how the Azoffs aren’t saving Louis or Harry and how Jeff’s friendship with Harry is a stunt, so that’s how they’re looking 
annulloamato (was thendowncamethelightning) - no longer at this URL, anyone know where they went? 
ashavahishta - hasn’t blogged in a month but that’s not that unusual for Asha, she may be back. Has been really inactive since like February.
astolenchild - now afireforaheart, it redirects though. Still active, reblogging foetus gifs a lot 
bakagamieru - still active, is also a Ziam and has a hilarious post on the front page making some leaps of logic between Liam saying he likes the song Englishman in New York and shading/hinting at his true sexuality 
bananastagram - still Larrying
beautlouis - is now thelovejandles, hasn’t posted in three weeks but one of her tags says “hospital queue” so may well be in hospital (and if so, I hope she’s okay) 
beccasafan - still Larrying, still active 
betterstllbemywindingwheel - still active 
birdonahotdog - still active 
bitofbanter - was active earlier in the week 
blouehjob - now at deepindeniall, still active 
bluemetgreen - still active 
boyfriendsofficial - is no longer at this url 
britishhusbands - still active
bromanceshmomance - still active, although I think she had a bit of a hiatus? 
bulletproofhalo - we discovered this week that BPH has links to Rolling Stone and can make them write articles about the covers Harry plays, but can’t make them investigate Hollywood’s Baby Faking scandl! Gosh. 
bunboyfriend - still Larrying 
buscandoelparaiso - still Larrying, being particularly gross about Briana deleting photos 
business-direction - still pretending to be nice, still a gross Larrie underneath 
certainthingshappened - not there anymore 
claudiyah - hasn’t blogged since August so possibly gone 
claudiyah-art - ah, the above blogger’s fanart tumblr. Hasn’t posted anything 1D related since the beginning of August, may have moved on 
cliffordnlouis - not there 
conscious–ramblings (yeah, 2 hyphens, fam) - had a hiatus for about six weeks I think, just after Louis’ promo started, pleading mental health issues. Has posted a bit, but isn’t completely back. I feel like her powers are diminished since Aaron and Verily went AWOL. 
coolbreeeze - was actively Larrying this week 
curlyhairedcuntandboobear - still has the mantra “THERE IS NO BABY” in their header, where very clearly there is now A baby, regardless of who he belongs to 
dailydoseofziam - still Larrying, still Ziaming 
daysundercover - still Larrying, also reblogging foetus pictures from 900 years ago 
diggingandfluff - Fluff bowed out a few weeks ago didn’t she? Iftheresnolove made sure to post a message from her that said she was still a Larrie, but I’m not altogether convinced. Fluff always seemed the most likely to actually have music industry connections, I wonder if she finally saw the light 
directionereg - still Larrying 
droppedmyburrito - hasn’t been active for a couple of weeks, but was still Larrying then 
droppingtheveilofmaya - oh, still one of the most disgusting humans I’ve ever come across. Tends to get very angry when anyone casts doubt upon all her industry connections 
dunkirknews - now appears to be a spam blog? 
elceeu2morrow - still Larrying 
evenstarsinthesky - still active 
everythingstylinson - still Larrying, posting manips of Louis being on stage with Harry cos that’s not creepy at all 
felicitetomlinsondaily - Fizzy update blog so generally stays away from Larry stuff but I’m sure bigger brains than mine can say why they’re on this list? 
ferninism - is still friends with a lot of Larries, but hasn’t actually posted anything Larry related in quite a while. Still one to blacklist though. 
fireprooof - still active, still Larrying 
fluffyyorkshirepudding - are you kidding me that this woman is 49 years old. Still Larrying, has a wild story in her tags today about Harry glaring at Briana at a show two years ago 
freddieismyqueen - hasn’t posted on Tumblr in almost a year, since November 2016, but I’m sure I saw some Larrie this week talking about a new YouTube video from her, so she’s still out there 
fuckyeahlouis - gone, no longer there 
gaynkles (was lcighade) - no overtly Larry posts that I can see, but, well, they’ve still got that URL 
gaysilk - still Larrying 
gemma-daily - like the Fizzy update blog, I don’t know how they’re a Larrie, but yeah they’re still updating on Gemma 
genderneutralsongs - hasn’t posted since May 
geneticistlarrie - still active 
gigglelou - still Larrying 
goodmorningtoyouuniverse - still active 
happy1days - still active 
happytinylou - still active 
haroldslovebites - still active 
harryandlouisarehappilystrong - still Larrying 
harrysdimplesarethedeathofme - doesn’t appear to have posted about Louis in a while, although I can’t be bothered going back overly far. Is still friends with Larries as proven by the blogroll linked. 
heterophobiclouis (was worththewhiletweet) - still a Larrie 
iamlouistomlinson - still Larrying 
idareyoutotakealook - still Larrying 
iftheresnolove - still gross and disgusting, not even going to say anymore. Still updating her spreadsheets of lies 
intenselouis - still active 
investigatewsrm - redirects to investigaterainbows, still a Larrie 
itsastorm - still Larrying 
itwilltoteshappen - still active, can’t be bothered going far enough back to find any Louis content though 
jhoappreciationblog - is now password protected 
jimmytfallon - still active 
justinjaymie - one of the absolute worst Larries, I hate even going on this blog 
just-kind-of-happened - hasn’t posted in a week but that might be normal 
kindofsharethat - still Larrying
knightchanges - still gross 
lads-laddylads - still terrible, although she seems to be an outlier in the fandom now. She’s had some harassment recently about being straight and writing gay fanfic, and just seems to have some unpopular opinions. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ducks out soon 
lapelosa - has been missing for a lot of the year. Looks like Angela finally gave up fighting the Big Gay War! 
larrienation - used to be kaylornation, so it looks like they’ve got form in other tinhat fandoms too. Lovely 
larryalbum - still a Larrie 
larryappreciation - not a lot of Larry content but still has the URL so 
larryftdua (was vansandburberry) - still Larrying 
larryownsthisass - empty tumblr now 
lattebiscotti - still Larrying, writing posts about how Harry will be “MIA” when Louis is doing pro, they just know it! 
lawyerlarrie - still Larrying, still pretending to be a feminist 
laynefaire - still Larrying 
legohousedea - still Larrying, insisting Louis is wearing a nod to Freddie Mercury when wearing a shirt with a lighhtning bolt on 
lesbianslovelouis - of course she’s still active, the day she gives up I’m throwing a fucking party. Got EVEN CREEPIER in the last few months and has Barbie dolls to act out her creepy fantasies 
lhrry - still Larrying 
lhrryart - fanart blog of above blog, not particularly active this year 
loneozner - still Larrying 
lornasaurusrex - still Larrying 
lostjams - still active 
lottiesource (was lottie-source) - like the other updates accounts for the girls, I don’t know about this one being a Larrie blog, but it is still active 
louisandthedagger - still using the tag “my gay son” to refer to Louis so you know 
louisbravado - still active 
louisea - calling Camilla a trash bag so you know still Larrying 
louissbbtomlinson (was veteranlarrie) - still a Larrie 
loumos (was anchoredlou) - has been to a meet up of several Larries mentioned here (bulletproofhalo, srslycris, anchoredlou, firstmatesheera, olieolieoxnfree, too-old-for-this-ship) recently 
lsanchor - sideblog of janree, appears active 
lucystarkid - currently convinced it’s not Harry’s decision to play the Victoria’s Secret show, so yeah, still Larrying 
lululawrence - still active 
m3llybaby - hasn’t been active since Harry’s Dunkirk promo a couple of months ago 
mellygrant - somewhat active, second post says that she’s been on and off. Appears to be a Ziam tinhat too 
miss-you-sweetcheeks - not very active but sidebar still says they’re a Larrie 
nerds4life - still active 
nsfwtomlinson - still active, says Harry is a gay icon so I’m going to say still a Larrie 
oiiiioiiii - still active 
onmykneesforlarry - sideblog for nauticallyrics, apparently. Hasn’t been active since last December (NB nauticallyrics is definitely still a Larrie)
oopstatt - still active 
organictm - …interestingly, has this post calling out Big Larries…. still definitely a Larrie though 
ot5alwaysinmyheart - still Larrying 
otpwhatever - still active, can’t be bothered to find any Larry on there as it’s not recent 
pass-the-pencil - still active 
paynespider - still a Larrie, also hates Taylor Swift 
paynoisbatman - still active 
perfectionlouis - still Larrying 
proudoflou - still active, nothing overtly Larry on the front page currently 
quietasides - still active 
quirkyharry - nothing at this URL 
rainbowbears - nothing here either 
saracha33 - still active, still gross 
seahorseharry - still a Larrie 
seasurfacefullofclouds - still a Larrie 
sexatoxbridge - extremely sadly still Larrying 
shadyshit91 - one of the worst of the current crop. I feel like she slid into a power vacuum left by Verily, Aaron, Lapelosa etc, and is revelling in it. Also the author of the masterpost about how much Freddie looks like Brett and “is a Clark”. Totally disgusting human 
since-he-was-eighteen - now at pinkhalo, still a Larrie 
srslycris - lol of course she’s still here she likes the power 
sslarrybullship - using the tag “Harry is an LGBT icon” so 
sslarrysettingsail - flounced two months ago during Louis’ promo 
stephaniesoteriou - hasn’t been on Tumblr since last December, but this is th woman who writes for Yahoo, right? I dunno how recently she’s done that 
straightguysdont2 - still active 
stylinsin (was m-rmaid) - still Larrying, thinks the Victoria’s Secret show is a cover for something else 
suitsdirection - still active 
tdoj - nothing here now 
tellmethisisnotlove - of course Gabi is still active, she’s another one I’ll throw a party for when she leaves 
that-regular-chick - flounced in th middle of August 
thetommmo - still active 
theirstoryofevents - still a Larrie 
thembutterflies (was areyougoodwithyourhands/nelligans/handslows) - still active 
thetomlinsondaily - still active 
thesparkleboots - now at styles2017, but that says it’s a saved account with no posts 
thestylinsoncrew - password protected 
thisiskatsblog - is part of Rainbow Direction 
thispigeonisntgivingup - still a Larrie 
thosedamnbears - still active 
tmlinsons - inactive most of the year, not been seen since April 
tmlnsn - still a Larrie 
tomlinsins - not found at this URL 
tomlinsoz - redirects to louistomlivson, but that blog is on hiatus 
tommosgun - still active, reblogging foetus gifs 
tommosloueh - posted recently but before that hadn’t been active in a while 
tommosmiddlefinger - may have flounced today! Gosh 
tommosnips - nothing at this URL 
twopoppies - still Larrying 
unintentionalarry - flounced at the end of June, has a new URL which isn’t given 
urfookinjob - still active 
verily-i-say - Vee flounced at the beginning of the summer, but was back briefly in the middle of September. Not been seen since then so let’s hope she’s fucked off again. One of the worst; Vee is the originator of the “let’s make out like Briana had sex with her stepdad” grossness 
wankingloueh - now thegayankle, which is active 
waitingforthatday - still active 
watchyourattitude - still Larrying 
wellingtontat - is now theageofhaquarius, still a Larry 
whimsicule - hasn’t posted anything Larry in aaaages 
whisperedlouis - still active 
whiteknightonasteed - still active 
withoutacuppateaaa - thankfully, this horrendously disgusting Larrie hasn’t posted since December 2016 
yeezydoodles - still active 
youfuckingloosah - status: dark Larrie 
zenlikejen - still active, still gross 
zourry - still, most definitely, a Larrie 

Phew! And don’t worry haters, I still had time today to paint my kitchen, do som washing, watch a film, make a shepherd’s pie, AND spend time with my significant other! 

Thank you everyone for helping me reach the 300 followers milestone! As a gift, I’d like to present you with some of my tips :)

Recently, I met a group of very motivational people, and they gave me tips on how I could manage my time better. I obviously took notes and thanked them so much because it definitely helped me out a lot.

Note: These tips won’t apply to all people as it is mostly focused on junior students (I’m a junior, so it might not be as helpful for the students in uni/college??)

It is a common thing for all students to have struggles with organising their time (especially me– why am I giving tips; wtf??), so I present to you: how to sort out your time!! 

What I’m going to cover:

  • Finding time to do work
  • How you can beat procrastination
  • Homework
  • Revision
  • Assignments + Exams

Be prepared, because this is an immense post. *Looks down* Yeah, it seems like I’m about to jump down a cliff made of tips. 

Keep reading

Track and Fuck

In the haze of the afternoon I can feel my uniform shirt starts to cling on to my back in places as it was soaked with my sweat. I was wondering what I am doing here. It was the annual national school games season and it was the first time our school’s track and field athletic went into the finals. Our overly excited principal got the entire school down to support our student athletic. I was constantly drinking up as the heat was unbearable. I can’t wait for the race to be over.

Everyone left the stadium after the prize presentation ceremony and awaits for the bus back to school. It was then, when I felt a pressure sensation radiating from my bladder. I needed to pee , all the drinking earlier must had contributed to it. I excused myself from my class and ran towards the nearest toilet.

The toilet was packed with the student supporters from Raffles. All of the cubicles and urinals were occupied. The pressure in my bladder increased and I needed to release myself badly. I remembered that there’s another toilet near level two and it was away from the main entrance, there shouldn’t be much people using it. I ran out of the toilet and make my way to the toilet.

I make my way to the second floor toilet, holding my bladder that was about to burst soon! Upon arrival, the toilet was rather empty, I quickly head to the nearest urinal and relived myself. I went to the sink to wash my hands once I was done. While washing my hands, I heard some weird noises. It sounded like a combination of heavy breathing and moaning sound, I decided to find out where the sound was coming from. I looked around the toilet, the sound was coming from the last cubicle in the toilet. I was uncertain if I should go near but curiosity got me. I carefully walked towards the last cubicle, making sure that I will not arouse any suspicion.

As I went closer, I noticed the sound getting more intense, the cubicle door was locked. Someone was in there, I was very curious to find out what’s going on in there. I went into the cubicle next to it and peep into next door to see what’s happening in there. I saw a guy in dark green singlet sitting on the toilet seat. As I took a closer look, I could recognised that he was one of Raffles’s track and field student athletic. He was half naked with his tights pulled down to his knees. He was holding his phone with one hand, and jerking himself with the other hand. With earpiece plugged in, this Raffles boy was completely unaware of the surrounding. I took a look at what he was watching on his phone and to my disbelief he was watching some gay porn on his phone.

I could not believe my eyes, the scene in front of me was indescribably erotic. I took out my phone and went straight to camera mode, I wanted to record the scene down. I must have been too eger to record the scene down that I forgotten to switch to video mode before pressing the button. Bright flash started beaming out of my phone as it captured image of the scene in front of me. The Raffles boy was completely caught off guard as the bright gleaming flash blinded his eyes.

“WTF!” the Raffles boy yelled out as he recovered from the shock and caught me in act. He quickly pulled up his tights while tucking his hardon in. He unlocked the cubicle door and dashed out towards me. I was panicking and didn’t knew what to do as I stood there awaiting for my doom.

The Raffles boy pushed through the door of the cubicle door I was in and snatched my phone away before pushing me off. I fell onto the toilet seat still shaking from fear.

He went into the gallery on my phone and saw his photo. He was blushing from embarrassment as he started swiping through my gallery to see if there’s any more pictures of him taken. That’s when he discovered photos of naked men on my phone. Those were images I gathered from tumblr, mostly gay porn. My secrets were laid bare in front of this Raffles boy.

“I… am sorry… I am… so so so sorry…” I stuttered as I tried my best to apologize. My hands were trembling as I gathered myself to say those words.

“Hey! Hey! It’s ok… Calm down… It’s ok alright… I forgive you, just calm down first.” The Raffles boy said, his voice sounded angelic and calming but that was not enough to calm me down. I was still shaking from fear as I kept on apologizing. I was about to burst into tears.

Upon seeing that, the Raffles boy went up to me and gave a tight hug. He whispered into my ears. “Hush … shh… it’s ok…”

I found comfort in his touch as he huddled beside me. I could smell him as his sweaty scent starts to invade my senses. I hugged him back. I could feel the wetness from his sweaty singlet but I wasn’t bothered by it at all, all I wanted to was to find comfort in his arms.

“It’s ok.. I am not gonna hurt you” the Raffles boy said as he gave me a few pat on my back assuring me. I recovered from the shock and started to gather myself.

“Here you go, don’t do it again alright.” The Raffles boy said as he returned my phone back.

“I am sorry, I just can’t control myself. The scene of you wanking is just too hot ” I said remorsefully as I confessed my feelings to him.

“Haha, well I don’t usually masturbate in public but it’s been weeks since I last released myself due to the competition and I can’t control myself too. So we are even now.” The Raffles boy replied as he stifled a grin.

“Haha ermm… so now what?” I asked

“Nothing , you are free to go.” He replied.

I was relieved that he let me off so easily, a few minutes ago I was still panicking with thoughts of what will happen to me. I should really get going before he changes his mind but a part of me wanted to stay. I stood there rooted to the ground, my body was unwilling to leave this Raffles boy.

“Don’t want to go is it? Don’t go then you got to help me out already.” The Raffles boy chuckled as he joking delivered that statement.

Somehow his words ignited the courage within me, I went up to him and planted my lips on his. He was caught by surprise at first but his raging hormones took over him. He pulled me closer to him, at first his kiss was small and gentle but then it grew bigger and more intense. He tasted tentatively with his tongue as he traced it across the bottom of my lip. The caress of his lips was so soft. Soon we started swallowing each other making the kisses even more intense. I let out a moan and so did he while his warm breath traveled into my face.

Our hands were busily fondling with each other’s body. I can feel his toned abs underneath the thin singlet he was wearing. He was playing with my nipples as he playful pinch them underneath my school uniform, every touch was intensifying. Lust completely delved into me as I got down on my knees, kneeling in front of the Raffles boy. I pulled his tights down as his manhood sprigged to life. In front of me was a 7inch cut dick waiting to be sucked. I didn’t managed to get a good view of it just now but oh boy he’s 7inch dick is beautiful, with just the right amount of veins popping out.

I looked up at the Raffles boy as he grabbed hold of his manhood and gave my face a few smacks with it before placing his shaft at my lips. I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around his shaft. I moved and started going to town on his dick. I was slobbering in it, I used my tongue, deep throated right off the bat. He was moaning in ecstasy as he gripped hold of my head pushing his dick deeper into my mouth. I was gagging as his 7inch dick hits the back of my throat.

“You like the taste of my dick huh?” The Raffles boy said as he continued fucking my mouth. His moaning started to get intensified as I could feel his dick twitching in my mouth. I knew he was close but I wanted to spend more time with him. I stopped sucking him and moved on to licking his balls instead. He probably knew I wanted more as he gave me the cheeky look with a grin on his face. It didn’t took him long to pop the question. “Can I fuck you” he asked as I nodded my head.

I got up as he guided me to turn my body around with my back facing him. He reached out to my school pants and unbuckled them before pulling them down to my knees. He grabbed my dick with my underwear still on as he felt the percum at the tip of my dick. 

“So horny huh?” He whispered into my ears as he pulled my undies down. I bent myself over with my hands holding on to the toilet bowl’s water tank as I prepared myself with what’s about to come.

Shortly after I felt a warm sensation around my butt crack. It felt warm and wet, it was definitely not a dick, the feeling was a little ticklish and very much pleasurable. I could tell that the Raffles boy’s face was very near my ass as I can feel him exhaling, it was then that I figured out he was rimming me. He was exploring my ass with his tongue as he moves around my butt crack sending shivers all around my body. I was moaning uncontrollably as the sensation felt so good especially when he was near my boyhole.

He gave my ass a few slaps before he spat on his hands. Using his saliva he lubed up his shaft and my boyhole. I was all prepared to receive this Raffles boy.

He slipped two fingers into me, preparing my boyhole for his 7inch shaft while constantly reminding me to relax myself. Once he felt that I was loose enough to take his manhood, he removed his fingers from my boyhole and spat more saliva on his hands before rubbing them onto his shaft.

“I am going in.” The raffles boy warned.

“Yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard” I begged. I was leaking badly from all the rimming and fingering earlier, I just want this Raffles boy’s manhood in my boyhole so badly.

He placed his dick at my butt crack before positioning it at my boyhole. He entered my boyhole stretching it wide with his 7inch shaft. I was moaning out loud, both from the pain and pleasure he was giving me. He covered my mouth with his hands to muffled the moaning sound as I was making too much noise. Soon his entire 7inch shaft was in as he continued pushing deeper into my boyhole hitting my prostate. He remained in that position for a while, soon the pain had subsided and I was feeling more pleasure instead. The Raffles boy started thrusting in and out out my boyhole. Everytime he goes in, he will make sure that he went in deep and hard hitting my prostrate. He was penetrating and fucking me till a point of no return. It didn’t took him long to stimulate me enough to made me auto cum. I cummed as I unload shots after shots of cum all over the toilet seat.

I Guess the sight of me auto cumming was too much for him to handle as he increased his pace and thrust me even harder.

“Ah fuckkkk, I am cumming in you” The Raffles boy moaned as his body started twitching before he unloaded massive shorts of his man load in me. I can feel his warm cum filling up my entire boyhole, some of his shots went deep in.

Both of us was catching our breaths as our body was recovering from the massive ejaculation. The raffles boy was still in me as his dick starts to turn flaccid. Shortly I started feeling something warm in me. The Raffles boy was pissing in my boyhole. Warm jets of pee was flowing into me as he emptied his bladder into me.

“That’s for taking my photo!” The Raffles boy joked before pulling out his already soft dick once he’s done.

I turned around and sat on the toilet bowl to empty my bowel. Warm flow of the Raffles boy’s urine mixed with cum flowed out of my boyhole. The Raffles boy helped me to wipe my ass clean once I was done. The both of us got dress and left the cubical.

That night when I reached home, I saw the image of the Raffles boy still in my phone, did he leave it on purpose ?

Part 2 :

© nottiboyjc

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any organization, actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Image used are sourced from the net and have no relation to the story. If the above image belongs to you and you want it to be removed, kindly message me to do so.

I hope you enjoyed my story. A little introduction about myself, I am a local JC student who likes writing notti school related stories. Writing alone is a lonely journey, if you enjoyed my stories please help to reblog and share them. Feel free to give me any feedback or ideas for future stories to cum. I do hope to reach out to students who are currently studying too. If you are a student and enjoys reading my stories, send me a picture of you in school, it could be a notti image of you in school uniform or any photos taken in school and who knows you might receive something special in your inbox. Be with me in my journey to cum. Also, if you enjoyed reading my stories and would like to show a token of appreciation$$, pm me to find out how you can do so. Happy cumming :)

Please practice safe sex and use condom :P

Assignments, final projects, try-outs, mock weeks, finals, college applications, these are what senior year is made of. Naturally, it’s the period of time when you most feel the urge to jump off a cliff. From the first week of school, I could already see the differences senior year brought to my school mates. People were starting to realize that they had to receive great marks, they had to get accepted into good colleges, they had to do this and that as ways to an accomplished future.

Over the years of being a high school student, every time there was a free period, or just any studying-free moment at school, we would watch movies, gossip, or simply be on our phones for hours. Now in every free periods, my classmates would take out these heavy-ass books that can be used comfortably as pillows and actually study. Or re-write their notes. Or revise a subject for next week’s quiz. Anything to keep them working (just curious, do these symptoms apply to all senior year students around the world?).

Since junior year were pretty traumatizing for me (thanks to student government), I had been planning all holiday to give my 110% for senior year. Long story short, I hit it off since day 1 and came out alive six months later. Although it resulted in me spending 3 days sleeping in after end-of-term exams were over, I’m really happy for having been very productive this entire term. I know there’s still 6 months left and the worst parts are yet to come, so I decided to share a few tips exclusively coming from someone *glares at myself* who did remarkably awful the previous year and somehow found a way to crawl back from death

1.       Know Where You’re Going

Getting to the very last year of high school, this is the MOST important part of surviving. Without having your long-term goal, it would be like taking down hundreds of obstacles without having a destination in mind. You don’t know where you’re going, but more monsters keep showing up on your path. Trust me, you’ll eventually get tired and stop trying midway. Losing motivation when you’re in the most vital part of your study can’t be a good thing.

Do research on the degrees you’re interested in taking, from their passing grades to job prospects. Make sure you actually enjoy the subjects needed for those degrees. For example, if you can’t stand Biology, better if you don’t consider attending medical school, and the same goes to other subjects as well.

2.       Maintain Productivity

The amount of school work you’re getting can be overwhelming, that is why you have to do them as soon as possible to prevent them from piling up. You don’t have to finish them all in one day, it’s impossible and careless. At least try to do them bits by bits until the night before due when you can go over what you’ve done and fix a few imperfections or cross-check your answers. Try doing this to multiple assignments instead of focusing on one or two assignments the entire week.

I usually bring unfinished assignments to school so I can get to work when I have free time, usually before after-school extras, or while waiting for an extra course. This way instead of going on Tumblr for hours, I’ll be figuring out math problems and (hopefully) have the homework done by ½ when the course starts.

3.       Gather Motivation

Take a look at that magnificent building, I will build tens of those once I become an architect. Have you seen the latest VSxBalmain collection? I’ll someday be working alongside Olivier Rousting .

It’s very important to keep being productive and use every free time wisely. While you’re at it, make sure to keep your motivate-o-meter at high level. Motivation and inspiration can come from anyone, anywhere and it doesn’t even have to come from anything relevant to your life goals. I usually get a boost of motivation after watching a couple videos of my favorite Youtubers (which has no correlation whatsoever to being an engineer), and I recently  got a huge inspo from reading Crazy Rich Asians. It seriously motivated me to work my ass off and be rich.

4.       Don’t Stop ‘til You’re Proud

Catch up on things you don’t fully understand. If you had a problem with certain subjects or materials, find the answers right away, don’t wait until the day before quizzes or mock tests when you will desperately need answers. Ask teachers, your friends, or our most trusty friend the internet. You can also download several applications to help you study, like Khan Academy and other similar apps. Once you put one problem out of sight, it will become easier for you to put more aside . This is what happened to me last year, I had problems understanding Chem but I refused to actually figure them out, thinking I would learn the materials later. 10 laters later, I got a 7 for end-of-semester test while my classmates received 9s and 8s.

So you have studied for this particular test and still got a bad mark. Shit happens honey, tough it up. Even while I’m writing this, I fully understand that the theory of ‘picking-yourself-up’ is much easier said than done. Give yourself some time to breathe, and start with “okay, where did I go wrong?”. Figure out the errors to make sure you’re not doing them the second time. Consider it this way: the subject has betrayed you and you’re getting a revenge. I planted this idea the very first day of senior year, the thought has driven me to never quit trying. It’s almost like Elle Woods to Warner, but instead it’s me and Physics.

5.       Get A Rest.

Senior year doesn’t mean you lose all hope of going on shopping sprees, watching the latest movies, or taking care of your Tumblr blog. If anything, I’ve watched more movies with my friends this year than I did previous years, simply because we have little time to relax so we made the most of one when we had the chance to. As long as you keep track on your to-do-list, stay discipline on your schedule, a little catch up on KUWTK won’t hurt.

Don’t push yourself to the point of falling down. Read books, paint, dance, even play games (Mobile Legend is the hype these days it’s getting annoying), anything to keep you sane and motivated. Never let the pressure of GPAs and prestigious colleges take positivity away from you.

6.       Don’t Over-Rest.

Yes, hun, I was just telling you to enjoy your senior year and now I’m telling you to not over-relax your way. Maintain a schedule, make agreements with yourself and stick to it. “At 8pm I will start on Math homework, and the rest is for tomorrow”. “I will work my butts off from 8 to 10 am then I can go on Tumblr”. “I will start on my History papers and take a rest after 2 pages”.

I’m not telling you to work 24/7 because that’s not healthy, I’m ALSO not telling you to spend all your weekend in bed and procrastinate because it would defeat the whole purpose of learning to be productive. Once you let yourself procrastinate, It’ll be easier for you to do it for the second, third, and fourth time.  Sometimes you just need to gather your will, get up and face those text books.

Well, there you go. These are all the things I have been doing to not only survive, but to do well in high school. I have been doing all these tips religiously for the past 6 months, it’s almost impossible not to feel tired or even want to just cut it off. But studying routinely makes me feel in control of what’s happening currently, what’s going to happen next, what I want to be doing in the future. So get up and let’s kick asses together.

The Remix (M)

“This studio is soundproof, be as loud as you can Baby, we need those moans for the next song.”

GENRE: Filthy smut, fuckboy Lee Jooheon
(y’all be warned, he’s really not nice lmao)

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40 tips for incoming college freshmen
  1. “I’ll sign up for morning class because I tookclasses in the morning in high school.” NO DON’T DO THAT YOU’RE GOING TO WANTTO KILL YOURSELF
  2. If you can,try to spread your schedule so it’s 9-5. It’ll get you used to functioning atthose hours.
  3. Go to seminars. Pick up on some random shit. Impress people with random shit. But don’t be cocky.
  4. There’s literally no popularity so you really don’t have to fucking deal with cliques or anything just find your group and branch out and go from there.
  5. If you’re drinking:
    2. Have a cup of water (or a bit of Gatorade) between every drink. You’ll never get a hangover.
    3. Don’t be fucking loud. Everyone hates the loud drunk and you’ll get the cops called on you and that’s bad shit.
    4. Don’t mix your liquor with other liquor and oh my God don’t mix it with anything else like drugs that’s just asking for a crisis.
    5. If your buddy is in a really bad place call 911. Don’t be that douchebag who thinks that someone can sleep it off.
  7. College is for expanding your mind. Talk to friends about their majors. Attend their events or art shows. Talk to someone you met about their religion. Take an English class on Lord of the Rings. Learn things you wouldn’t normally learn in high school.
  8. Love might come. It might not. Don’t worry about it and it won’t be a problem. You’re young.
  9. Don’t be the douchebag who plays acoustic guitar in the lounge.
  10. Have fun because you’re spending a fuckton of money to be there but do your homework.
  11. There’s a general rule of college that if you were sitting in that seat for over two weeks, that is your seat. Not many if any professors have seating arrangements but switching seats will fuck everyone up.
  12. Get there early and stay late. As soon as you get home you will not want to do shit. Stay on campus and do some homework while you’re in the environment.
  13. SIT UP FRONT. The best way to start understanding something is to listen to someone talk about it and you can’t do that from the back of the class trying to listen over everyone whispering to each other. LISTENING WILL MAKE HOMEWORK SO MUCH EASIER. 
  14. Be childish, but be respectful. Have a massive snowball fight across campus, but don’t aim for anyone not taking part. 
  15. SHUT THE FUCK UP IN THE LIBRARY. Some people work there, some people sleep there. It is a quiet space. 
  16. Don’t be afraid to talk to professors. They are not there to flunk you. They would rather you pass than not.
  18. Get involved. It will help you make friends, give you new skills to learn, and even help you get a leg up in the work place if you know the right people.
  19. Take time for yourself—buy a planner, figure out when your best study hours are, figure out WHERE you study best, and figure out how much time you need to complete an assignment—AND THEN make sure to pencil in an hour for video games, some time to watch a TV show, or time to just lay on your floor and blow bubbles. Whatever you like. Don’t forget about YOU.
  20. SLEEP. EAT. DRINK WATER. Don’t die. Caffeine =/= sleep. I cannot emphasize that this much.
  21. COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR INSTRUCTORS! If you’re sick, shoot an e-mail and say “Hey, I’m sick today. Can I set up a time to talk to you about what I missed?” If you’ve got a good opportunity (scholarships, to go to another country, to check out a cool lecture, etc.) let your prof know ahead of time. If you just need time to work on projects, all it takes is an e-mail. We understand. I gave a student a free skip day because he e-mailed me and said “Hey, look, I have two massive tests and a project due and I need the time to study.” And THAT IS OKAY
  22. Before signing up for classes, look on “" and see if the teachers at your campus are included. There may be two or more teachers for the same course, and you want to try and pick the good/easy one. Who your professor is can have a great affect on what grade you make, even for the “same” class. 
  23. Look for a facebook group for your “graduating class” set up, which is a good way to make friends and find people with similar interests (particularly for introverts). 
  24. Look for a facebook group for your “graduating class” set up, which is a good way to make friends and find people with similar interests (particularly for introverts). 
  25. If no one else does it, make a google doc of the exam reviews and post it on the class facebook page. That way everyone contributes to the review. 200 brains are most definitely better than 1. 
  26. During lectures, unless Internet is required, TURN IT OFF. If it’s on, you WILL end up on tumblr or some other site, and you will miss important shit. 
  27. For the love of God, pay attention to your syllabus. Sometimes assignments are listed there, and that’s the only place it’ll be mentioned. Also, if it says to do a reading by a specific date, DO THE READING BY THAT DATE. Otherwise you will get behind, and you will have 200+ pages of textbooks to read in one night before the test, and you will cry.
  28. Yes you actually need to do the readings. Yes it is a lot. Yes it will suck. Do it anyways. 
  29. If you are used to getting all A’s, do not cry when you get a B. Take it from someone who killed herself for two years to maintain a 4.0, it feels like the end of the world when your GPA drops, but it’s not. You’ll be okay. Just breathe and do your best. Your best is good enough.
  30. Try to make sure you leave an open hour around midday so that you have time to get food in you. A lot of people forget to do this. If you have to have back to back classes, check your syllabus or with your teacher—some midday classes allow you to bring in a drink and a snack. Some will even allow you a full meal.
  31. If you can get an online/pdf copy of the book without busting the bank, DO IT. Sometimes there are even annotated versions online. This can make notetaking a shitton easier, because you can highlight printed-out versions of the book and they won’t dock you on the money back. Sometimes professors move through their lecture too fast for you to write stuff down. Shrugging off that old ‘don’t ruin your books’ rule you had in high school may be your only hope.
  32. UNLESS YOU NEED THEM OR REALLY WANT TO KEEP THEM TRY TO SELL BACK YOUR BOOKS—maybe even offer them online to incoming students. You won’t get nearly the worth of them but someone after you will thank you a million times over for providing a used copy. If you take good notes, you can sometimes buy/sell those as well. A lot of professors teach literally the same class every time.
  33. IF YOUR PROFESSOR PUTS NOTES ONLINE GET THEM. GET THEM NOW. TRUST ME. YOU WANT THOSE NOTES. Bring them in with you if it’s possible to get them before class.
  34. Keep change on hand. Always.
  35. The Best Way To Make Friends:
    1. Bring a printer with you to college and offer to print people’s stuff for half of what the school does or for free if you can afford it.
    2. Carry around small candies with you and offer them to people while waiting outside of class. If you are the ‘candy person’ this gives you an in for starting conversations.
    3. Buy a jumbo pack of chalk and find an open sidewalk on a free day. Write the words ‘Come draw with me?’ and begin doodling.
    4. Have a pack of cards.
  36. If you go onto campus and you can’t find what you’re looking for, and you are afraid to go up to someone and ask, find an open, well-populated area, hold your schedule/map in hand, and walk in circles for a few minutes, looking up and around in obvious confusion. Other students know this body language well. Someone will stop and point you in the right direction. (if you are worried that the person’s directions are a joke or faulty, wait for them to leave and take up the stance again; if the directions match-up the second time, they’re legit; do not allow a person to ‘show you the way’ unless EVERY STEP is along an obvious walkway, just in case)
  37. For those of you who fear assault, most campuses aren’t much for small blades or mace. Carry a pocket air horn or a hand bag of those little pop-rock fireworks unless you can get a concealed weapons permit.
  38. Make friends with transfer kids. Chances are, they won’t be able to live in the dorms and it’ll be ten times harder for them to meet people since they have to drive to and from campus. It’s also fun hearing about their experiences before the college you both go to. 
  39. Make friends with an older student. I’m talking about students who have families and full-time jobs. You can learn a lot from them, and they honestly have the best stories. They’re often the smartest and the most dedicated, so they make great study buddies. 
  40. Your teachers are people! Joke around with them, talk to them a bit during break. Make sure they at least recognize you as “that dude with the god-awful puns during break”. In my experience, professors are even more willing to bend over backwards to help the students they know. (But also, in general? They want you to learn! If there’s a way they can easily help, there’s a really good possibility they’ll do it!

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Love Yourself: The Notes

Okay, so guess who finally wrote the LY theory?
So, I have some things to say before you come to the part with the actual theory.
Please make sure to read everything because it is important:
First of all, I’m really sorry that it took so long. You see, a lot happened this past month… I was in London for the first time! :D It was a trip with my school (right after BTS’ comeback) and I stayed there for a week. London was freaking beautiful and exciting but I got very sick :’) So sick that I was taken to the hospital ^^’ After I came back , I didn’t go to school for quite some time and now the most stressful time of the school year started :’) So I barely have time for anything (including sleep)… which is also why I haven’t been on Tumblr that often.
But thankfully we have a 1-week-holiday (lol “holiday”, I need to study for all the 2736 exams after this week) and I decided to sit down and just focus on the theory until it is finished and then continue studying.

Now, before I start, there is also some stuff I need to say concerning not only Love Yourself but also WINGS etc:
You see, I started writing the theory once WINGS was released because before that I did not have enough… material? (like videos etc, I think you get me) and I couldn’t say anything for sure.
Like, I can interpret one scene and move forward with that interpretation to connect everything else but once BTS drops something new, everything (the interpretation + connection) can change. That can be frustrating sometimes because it confuses you. That’s why to avoid that I waited until I had more and when WINGS came out I sat down and wrote the theory.
But I can’t do that with Love Yourself because I have people waiting for what I have to say. Which is completely understandable. Apart from that I would feel bad if I kept y’all waiting for too long :D
So I decided to just write what I think is going on.
BUT you guys need to know that there definitely will be some changes regarding my Love Yourself theory in the future. Because even though BTS did release quite a lot that helped me create a theory, there still are “holes”. Like, a lot of important things (= dates, events and people) are not mentioned and because of that we have those certain “holes” in the theory, where I have no idea what happened. I tried to connect it all by assuming some stuff, but if BTS drops something that “fills out those holes” and proves my assumptions to be wrong, I will need to change a few things.
What BTS gave us is just the start of the LY theory/concept, we will definitely see more in the future. And with what I have now, this theory is the only thing that made sense to me and I believe that I will have to change certain things in the future but once that happens, I will make sure to explain it to all of you :D

Also: Based on my knowledge and on the things BTS dropped concerning LY, this comeback hasn’t got much to do with the theory and with LY. For now anyways. I don’t know if that is going to change in the future.

LASTLY: You need to read the HYYH, WINGS and YNWA theory for this to make sense!!!! 

Let’s GO GO:
I will start with that one note BTS posted on Instagram

This note is about the day they had a fight and about what Jin is doing now (Now = June 13th).
Whenever Jin was reminded of the others, he was also reminded of the fight they had because he says:

So basically, each time he “assumed” the boys’ existence, he remembered that fight that happened on that night.
Why was it a fight?

lol its preeeettty obvious that it was a fight
(It might seem as if I am pointing out the obvious but sometimes doing this helps understanding everything better)
Okay so, of course everyone can interpret this in a different way and apart from that, there is still a lot we don’t know about this fight, that’s why I can’t say anything for sure. Like there are some things I want to say, things that could have happened, but there is no proof. It doesn’t have to be right, so I will wait until I know for sure.
But anyways, it is obvious that both V and Jin are angry at each other, we don’t know about the other boys though. Based off this text, it seems as if V ran away after Jin hit him which concluded into Jin running after him. After not being able to find him, Jin runs back to see that no one is here. That means that the boys & V left Jin behind.
The reason why they did that to Jin is either because of him hitting V or because Jin did something wrong (which concluded into this fight) and all of them are angry at him.

Moving on:

So basically, for the boys to be happy again (being together etc) Jin has to be brave and face himself completely. (this could mean a lot of things: apologizing for hitting V, he or something he did can be the reason why they split. But now, it’s not the time yet. (Why? – you’ll see soon)


by “that day” he is talking about the fight. That wind blew on the day the boys fought and split up. => the wind = bad time/bad things happening
And now that wind is back again.

Now look at this: 

That wind is blowing meaning that something bad is happening/going to happen.
Jin is talking about a picture. 

That picture is supposed to represent their happiness, the good times, the time when they were still together.
But then the picture starts shaking because of that humid wind.
Meaning that something bad is going to happen/is happening which puts their happy times “at risk” (= pic shaking). That something is the phone call because:

So basically, Jin just finds out that Jungkook was in a car accident. That’s why: happy times are “at risk” because Jungkook is hurt. Hurt but not dead.

But we once again have a car accident.
Until now in my theory we’ve had two different endings. The WINGS one (bad) and the YNWA (good) one. (I kind of consider HYYH as the “base theory” since it’s a part of both endings.)
There might be two endings, but both endings are not perfect. There are still people who die, people who suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts and relationships/bonds that are destroyed.
In WINGS, Jin had relationship problems and committed suicide, V killed his dad and committed suicide, Jungkook got in an accident and died and the “special pairs” (=> Suga + Jk, etc) split up.
In the second ending YNWA, V didn’t kill anyone and was saved and the boys stayed together – the only ones missing were JK and Jin because even in YNWA, they were dead.  
Jin still had problems and committed suicide and Jungkook still died in that car accident. So, the only thing that is different in YNWA is the fact that the boys (that are alive) did not choose the evil path and that they are together.
Let me explain:
To make it clearer, I decided to use my amazing paint skills (Do you see how hard I try???):

Imagine that WINGS and YNWA are two different stories. We have WINGS – the first and original story and then we have YNWA – a second story. 
Until a certain point are WINGS and YNWA the same story – they share the same events, people and relationships – but because of that one certain point they start to be different. 

Because of the fact that the boys decided to stay together, they were able to choose the good path – and from that certain point on, YNWA and WINGS started to be different. From that point on we have to different stories.  
You can also draw it like this:

So because the first and original story (WINGS) has a bad ending, we get an extra story: YNWA. And YNWA has a “good” ending because of that certain “turning” point, where it starts to differ itself from the original story WINGS. So, instead of V killing his dad and then himself, we have V surviving and choosing to stay with the boys. (= Instead of boys turning evil, we have boys staying good and together)
But what about Jin and Jungkook?
Jin’s and Jungkook’s death, for example, belong to the part before that “one point”, meaning they are included in both YNWA and WINGS. That’s why in both stories, they die.

Now the question is: In how far is YNWA the good ending, if Jin and Jungkook are still dead?
Of course, compared to WINGS, YNWA is amazing, but can’t it get better?
Can’t there be another way – another story – where all of them are alive and happy?
What if you set that “turning point” earlier – before everything started?

And this is where Love Yourself comes in.
In YNWA, the turning point was before the boys chose evil, so that the ending is better than WINGS.
Now, it is way earlier.
Remember how this whole mess started in the first place?
Jin’s relationship with the girl. It was the trigger for Jin’s depression and suicidal thoughts. It all started with that relationship.
So, this time we set the “turning point” before that relationship. Now we have this:

We’re all the way back to the beginning, back to when everyone was together and happy.
Everything should be fine now, right?
Lol nah.
Let’s compare WINGS/YNWA with LY:
WINGS/YNWA started like this:
All of them were together but Jin’s “relationship with that girl was not good, which triggered his depression. The suicidal thoughts kept following him and his only source of happiness were the boys. Though soon, Jin committed suicide and the boys were left alone. They all tried to cope with the situation and that’s how those special bonds (special partners) developed. But in the end, they still drifted apart and became evil OR they stayed together and chose good.

Now, what happens in Love Yourself?
(What I will say now is not 100% true because, as already explained, I do not have enough videos, notes, etc to prove it. These are mainly facts combined with my assumptions, that’s why I won’t go into too much detail with this summary, you’ll see everything later on when I explain the HR anyway.)
Having gone back all the way, we’re at the time all of them were together. But somehow, first Jin and the boys drift apart and then the six boys also start to “assume each other’s existence” (=drift apart). Meaning that the boys don’t have their special partner. 

Now, we will continue with the notes that were published with the album.
The notes are very important for the theory, without them, there would still be a lot that can’t be explained. So, I made sure to include them as well and I tried to explain everything that was mentioned in the notes :’)

The notes have dates on them, meaning that there is a certain order. At first, we’re gonna look at the notes of each member individually and at the end, we’ll look at them chronologically. I will also add the events with the dates from the Highlight Reel, but I will explain them later on.
Also: I used the translated version of the notes since I do not know Korean. The translations with the pink background belong to @snowflake_dee (Twitter) and she was okay with me using them for my theory! :D

Let’s start with                                     V

YEAR 10 / DEC 29:

I think this one is pretty clear: V’s dad abused him. I already mentioned that in the HYYH/WINGS/YNWA theory and this note is just further proof. 

YEAR 22 / MAY 22:

Now, this is one of the confusing notes, where I can’t explain everything. Because:
- We don’t know who exactly called V. It can be Namjoon or Hoseok (or maybe someone else?).
- “I passed by hyung…” – Which one?
- What were they talking about?
It seems as if V gets angry because of that phone call. And that could mean a lot of things but it’s useless to mention them now if I can’t say anything for sure. That’s why, I am going to wait until I know more.
It’s not just this note where I can only “state the obvious” and not say more because as said before, there are way too many “holes” and this note is the perfect example for that.

22 / JUN 18: V meets the girl (=> Highlight Reel)
22 / JUN 25:

After meeting the girl for the first time, V and her start to get to know each other. I don’t think that I need to say anything else about this note since it’s pretty obvious.


19 / MAR 2:

He enters the school. I am assuming that this is how they all met. (Jimin also entered this school during this year, that’s why I think that they all met like this.)
It also seems as if Jin and his dad don’t get along.

22 / APRIL 11

Here again we have the sea and forest, I think this is the same place that V was talking about on MAY 22 YEAR 22. That sea where they always met up etc is seen in the Prologue.
“I was honestly alone”, meaning that on APRIL 11 they had already drifted apart/fought with Jin, which is why he is alone right now.
“2 years and 10 months ago… That day, we were sitting side by side” He’s talking about YEAR 19 around June => YEAR 19 MARCH 2 they met. Meaning that it was the time they had gotten closer and had been going to that place. Back then they were still together but now Jin and the boys aren’t talking anymore.  
“I was always tired and I had nothing, but we were together” => “You can smile as long as we are together”
In WINGS/YNWA we had “You can smile as long as we are together” because Jin was depressed and the boys were his only source of happiness.
And now we have “I was always tired and I had nothing, but we were together” which indicates that before meeting the boys Jin wasn’t the happiest guy. This could be because of his relationship with his father or there could be another reason as well.

Since YNWA starts with the boys accepting and staying together and LY starts before Jin is in that relationship, the fact that Jin wasn’t happy before meeting the boys has to be included in all the three stories WINGS, YNWA and LY.

Everything that happens before the LY turning point has to be included in all of the stories. For example, the fact that V was abused. It is something that has been going on since his childhood (=> way before the LY turning point) that’s why it has to be included everywhere. Just like the fact that Jin wasn’t the happiest before he met the boys.
Once again, Jin is taking pictures. Remember why he always did that in WINGS + YNWA?
He had the camera with him because he wanted to capture every moment with the boys since he could only be happy with them.
But now, after he takes the picture, he sees that the boys are not here with him and that he is completely alone. Basically, it’s too late to “capture” the moment because its already over.
The next paragraph is about him driving somewhere/being on his way back from the sea. He passes the school they went together. Then he sees the gas station where Namjoon works =>

22 / JUNE 13:
Already explained at the beginning.

22 / JULY 11: He meets the girl (=> Highlight Reel)

22 / AUG 15:

Now, this is where it gets interesting but also sad.
He coincidentally finds the flower shop (=> didn’t expect to get out but did, something catching his attention => didn’t purposely find the shop, it was a coincidence
= sounds a lot like “fate”)
He’s looking for a rare flower. That flower being Smeraldo.
Now, if you go to @ktaebwi you’ll see the story of Smeraldo. Those are actually something like “blog posts” where the owner of a Smeraldo shop writes stuff. I would definitely recommend reading it.
But if you don’t want to, that’s okay as well because I will mention/summarize the most important things concerning BTS.

The story of Smeraldo:
So basically, there was a man in a village in Italy and he hid himself in an old castle. Then one day, a girl appears and keeps stealing flowers from his garden. Later, the man finds out that the girl had been stealing them to sell them since she was poor. He wanted to help her but didn’t because he thought that she would be scared of his appearance. That man (who had fallen in love with her) wanted to “make” a special flower so that she could earn a lot of money. He did that and waited for her to come but she didn’t because she had died.  

And Jin wants that flower, he wants to give it to the girl to make her happy and become a good person.
And now, look at what the owner of that shop writes:

This all means that the flower shop Jin was talking about in his note from AUGUST 15 YEAR 22, is this one right here.
Meaning that the 15th is being described by two people, one being Jin and the other one being that shop owner.
The owner also says: 

The owner is talking about the girl he had fallen for but couldn’t manage to confess and in the end, the girl died. 

Just like in the story of Smeraldo.
“I want to see you with a good expression. I want to become a good person.”
And Jin wants to give the girl the flowers as well. (More to that later)

22 / AUG 30: He gets ready for the date with the girl. 

And he also takes the flowers
(=> Highlight Reel)

More to that in the Highlight Reel explanation.


19 / AUG 30: 

YEAR 19 => the year the boys met
Since Jimin is sick, he has to go to the hospital very often and has to change school. After changing once again, he comes to this school where he meets the other boys. While walking home with Jhope, Jimin is suddenly terrified and worries about “until when these days will last”. 

 20 / SEP 28: 

More than one year later. 
It’s a special day because Jimin lies for the first time and says, “I don’t remember anything.”
Now, this note is one of the ?????? ones :’)

Why exactly does he have no hope?
What does he pretend to not remember?
Why does he do that?
I have some ideas but once again, it would be useless to mention them right now.

22 / MAY 31: Jimin filming Jhope and the girl (=> Highlight Reel)

22 / JUL 3:

He’s practising the dance while watching the video of Hoseok and the girl
“Understanding” =  Jhope’s passion for dancing and “wanting something on a whim” = Jimin greed to learn that dance (maybe because he sees Jhope as a role model)
Also: Another translator says this:  

So, Jimin is trying hard to be acknowledged etc.


20 / MAY 15:

(This also belongs to another translator) 

About a year since he met the boys.
He says that he is going to move and that he isn’t sure whether or not he can meet the boys again.
“You need to survive” was also in WINGS/YNWA. There he used it to remind himself that he cannot give up after Jin’s death and that he needs to survive to stay by the boys’ side. And I think here in LY, it’s because he thinks that he is going to be separated from the boys and that pains him.
“We’ll meet again.”

22 / APRIL 11:

This is on the same day Jin when he went to the sea again and remembered the old times. Jin was all alone because he and the boys had stopped talking and Jin only “assumed Namjoon’s existence” when he saw the light from the gas station.
Jin and the rest aren’t in touch anymore.
But as can be seen in this note, the others are still talking to each other (V, Namjoon, Suga and Jhope)
V got caught by the police while writing graffiti. Nams and Hobi see the bruises on his back and are surprised. Now, these bruises could be from his father or someone else.

22 / JUN 6: Rapmon and the girl (=> Highlight Reel)

22 / JUN 30:

About two months later.
It seems as if Namjoon never really manages to actually talk to her. I mean, from what we have seen, he is never talking to her or making a move. He’s just watching her from afar.


20 / JUN 25:

JUN 15 YEAR 20 Suga stops coming to school
Almost 4 years ago, Yoongi’s mother died in a fire and the piano she used to play also burned. He still has one piano key and he lives with his father now. It’s not easy to follow the rules or live in this quiet house but Yoongi does not have the courage to live alone.
He throws away the key and abandons the piano.
Now, we already know that later on, Jungkook becomes Suga’s piano. But before Jungkook, Yoongi had his mother. His mother was his original piano, but after she died, Yoongi abandoned the piano

22 / APRIL 7:

Suga’s short film. Many scenes from it are described here but this isn’t the “real story behind his short film” or anything like that.

What I am trying to say is that this note does not describe the video and is not the story behind that short film.
What this note tells us is that a drunk Yoongi was walking around until he heard the piano sound. (Btw if you forgot it would be better for you to re-read what I already wrote about the piano in the First Love short film explanation) There was also the sound of something burning, so the piano combined with the night air and flames probably reminded him of his mother’s death. He sees the fire powder, meaning that he is probably remembering the night his mother died (since she died in a fire).
“at the sound of bad piano playing” he hears the piano playing and closes his eyes. Since he associates the piano with not only his dreams/happiness etc, but also his mother, he starts to think about her. He starts to think about her death that’s why “The heat of the fire was strong, and the sound of the piano and the night air and odour faded away.” Because his mother died in a fire.
Him recalling his memories is interrupted when a car passes by and forces him to open his eyes.
Then realises that the piano stopped, just like how it had also “stopped” after his mother died.
That’s why: “The fire powder flashed to the darkness. For a long time, I watched it in a daze. Heat rushed up to my face.” This could indicate the night of the fire while it was being extinguished. Then suddenly he hears the piano again and is kind of scared (=> “The nightmares of my childhood” => memories of his mom that might be painful since she died.)
He runs to the shop to see who’s playing the piano

(This belongs to another translator)  
He notices that there is someone sitting in front of the piano and Yoongi is once again reminded of his mother. 

This really is sad 

So he sees Jungkook. After Suga dropped out of school, he didn’t see Jungkook anymore. But now he meets him again.
And this is when Jungkook starts to become Suga’s piano. When Suga was younger it was his mother but after she died he abandoned the piano and now he meets “his piano” again. Because as we already know, Jungkook is the one who always helps Suga and supports him, he is the one that cares about Suga and makes him happy.

Anyways, now back to the main stuff:
Why do we see some of these scenes in the short film as well?
It is impossible to “assume” that this note is the “real story behind the short film” because in the sf Jungkook is dead but in this note he is not.
So, what is the connection between this note and Suga’s short film?
In this note, Suga follows the piano sound because he is reminded of his mother (who was his piano) but when he arrives there he sees Jungkook and not his mother.
In the short film, Suga follows the whistle because he is reminded of Jungkook (who had become his piano) but when he arrives there he sees a burning piano and a car crashed into the shop.
So, in this note we see how Suga meets Jungkook and in the short film we see how Suga finds out that Jungkook died (just like how his mother had died).

Basically, in the short film from WINGS, Suga expected to see Jungkook by the piano (just like how he had suddenly found him while he was grieving over his mother’s death) but instead he sees the car and the burning piano, meaning that there is no Jungkook anymore because he is dead as well.
:’) B a s i c a l l y  :’) BigHit turned that one scene that was supposed to be somewhat nice (the note:  Jungkook becoming Suga’s piano)  into a horrible scene where Suga’s world is destroyed once again by losing someone he loves (Jungkook).


22 / MAY 25: Suga and the girl – the lighter scene (=> Highlight Reel)

22 / JUN 8:

Now, here it sounds like Yoongi just found out something bad => “My heart feels heavy”, “After confirming the news” etc
But what’s noticeable is that the girl is next to him.  
Even on May 25th – a month after meeting “his piano” Jungkook who, according to WINGS, is supposed to help him cheer up, “protect” him from his evil desires and represent his hope and dreams - Suga suddenly is only seen with the girl. (in the Highlight Reel)
The piano is there, Suga is there but no Jungkook. Instead we have the girl. A girl that keeps him from harming himself with a cigarette.
But isn’t Jungkook supposed to be the one doing something like that? Since he is his “piano” and all? I know a cigarette might seem like something small, but it’s not just about that, it’s about the principle. In the end, that girl was still the one who stopped him from doing something bad. But wasn’t that always Jungkook’s job?
It seems as if Jungkook is suddenly replaced by that girl.
Why?  Isn’t Jungkook Suga’s “special partner” (=> remember I NEED U)?
Remember what I said at the beginning:

So Suga and Jungkook aren’t together anymore because of the “fight” they all had.
After the split up, the “special partners” were shown as girl + boy instead of our original ones (original one => Suga + Jungkook)
But why were the special partners “replaced” and not completely left out of this concept?

The “special partner concept” is just two people getting closer because they both need someone to talk to. Imagine the boys’ situation in WINGS - you can’t be completely alone and stay sane. Look at what happened to V when he thought that Namjoon wasn’t going to help him and that he was all alone now – he committed suicide because the guilt and everything else was too much to bear on his own.
Those pairs are there, so that the boys have someone to talk to and share their problems with. In Wings, they helped each other the best they could. Because Jin was their friend, they all understood each other’s pain, which is why they were each other’s partner (Suga and Jungkook for ex.)
But in Love Yourself, the problem is not that they all lose one friend, but that they all drift apart from each other. Their broken friendship is the problem, so how can they be partners?
That is why we have the girls. Now that the boys cannot go to their friends, they get to know someone else. Now instead of Suga and Jungkook we have: Suga + girl, Jungkook + girl
So, WINGS, YNWA and LY have that in common. In all three storylines we have the “special partner concept”.

Now you might wonder but what about Jimin and Jhope??? They’re still together and have one girl??
But I’ll come back to this later


20 / JUN 25:

This is on the same day as Yoongi deciding to abandon the piano.
Here Jungkook says that he asked Namjoon but on MAY 15 Year 20 Namjoon said that he is not sure if he can meet the boys again. The fact that they are together here could mean that Namjoon was able to stay with the boys.
JUN 11 = 2 weeks ago - JUN 15 Suga stops coming to school
Basically it’s just that Yoongi and Jungkook were together and then suddenly the teacher walks in and Jungkook gets hurt in some way. Then Suga stands up to protect him and Jungkook believes that that was the reason why Suga is not coming/was expelled.

22 / APRIL 11:

This is the same day as: Namjoon getting V out of police + Jin going to the sea alone and remembering the old times.
So, we now know that Jungkook was also abused :’) In his solo Begin he said that before he met the boys, he had nothing and wasn’t good with emotions. Maybe it’s because he was abused? And even now, he got into trouble with those bullies.
Okay so:
April 7 JK and Suga meeting again
April 11th Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon and V are together.  
So, while Jungkook was getting hit, Suga was with the others and Jin was alone remembering the old times => where is Jimin? We don’t know.


YEAR 20 / SEP 15:

This is the day Jimin was admitted to the hospital (Meaning that Jimin’s note from the 28th is about 2 weeks after he was admitted).
It looks like Jimin often has seizures.
Hobi notices that Jimin’s mom doesn’t want him here. Then we find out that Jhope was in an orphanage for 10 years (In the Highlight Reel, we see how Jhope’s mother left him.)
After being admitted on the 15th, Jimin stops coming to school. 

YEAR 21 / FEB 25:

About 5 months after Jimin was admitted to the hospital.
forcing to smile + medicine + believes that he can be happy while dancing => mental illness (more to that in the HR)

YEAR 22 / MAY 31:

This is a bit confusing, but with the Highlight Reel it will be easier to explain.  

Now, I will show you the chronological order of the notes (+ some dates from the HR)

YEAR 10 DEC 29 V Abuse

YEAR 19 MARCH 2 they were all together

YEAR 20 MAY 15 Namjoon worrying about having to leave the boys

YEAR 20 JUNE 15 Suga stops coming to school

YEAR 20 JUNE 25 Suga abandoning the piano

YEAR 20 JUNE 25 JK wondering if Suga is going to come back to school etc

YEAR 20 AUGUST 30 Jimin worrying (until when will these memories last?)

YEAR 20 SEP 15 Jimin seizure + Hoseok hospital

YEAR 20 SEP 28 Jimin in the hospital since Sep 15 + lying that he can’t remember

YEAR 21 FEB 25 Jhope dancing + Jhope’s mental illness

YEAR 22 APRIL 7 Suga and JK meeting after almost 2 years(finding his piano)

YEAR 22 APRIL 11  
- Jin is not with them – he is at the sea and misses them and after that he passes by Namjoon’s gas station
- RM, Suga, V and Jhope are still together
- Jungkook gets hit

YEAR 22 MAY 22 V phone call + anger

Highlight Reel Start -

YEAR 22 MAY 25 Suga and the girl  

YEAR 22 MAY 31 Jimin recording Jhope and the girl + The girl reminds Hobi of his mom => remembers past

YEAR 22 JUNE 6 Rapmon and the girl on the bridge

YEAR 22 JUNE 8 Suga finding out some bad news

YEAR 22 JUNE 13 Jin gets the call from Hobi

YEAR 22 JUNE 14 Jungkook + wheelchair

YEAR 22 JUNE 18 V meets the girl in the supermarket

YEAR 22 JUNE 25 V and the girl start talking

YEAR 22 JUNE 30 Namjoon + girl

YEAR 22 JULY 3 Jimin watching the video he recorded

YEAR 22 JULY 11 Jin picks up the notebook

YEAR 22 AUGUST 15 Jin goes to the shop

YEAR 22 AUGUST 30 Jin (+ flowers) on his way to meet the girl => car accident

These are all the dates that we know of.
So, these were all the notes! 

The notes:
Jin’s note from JUNE 13th
You get the other notes with the album!

All of that above belongs to BigHit Entertainment.
This whole theory is about BTS and their music videos, short films, solos, lyrics. The pictures of the boys are ALL FROM THE MUSIC VIDEOS/HIGHLIGHT REEL. I do not own them.
I will only explain their meanings and connections.

Since I don’t know Korean, I used the translated version of the notes.
The ones with the pink background belong to @snowflake_dee (Twitter).
Apart from that, the translation of the Smeraldo flower/blog is from @ktaebwi

I decided to make an extra post for the Highlight Reel because otherwise this post would be waaay too long. 

If you finished reading this and understand everything, then go ahead and read about the Highlight Reel!

Bill Skarsgård x Reader Imagine

Bill Skarsgård x Reader

Prompt: Reader went with friends to visit Hollywood only to end up lost A.F. Until someone who you would never expect to be Bill Skarsgård! Comes and helps you.

Warning: None

Note: I noticed there is like no Bill Skarsgård x Reader imagines on Tumblr (not including his characters). Well there’s maybe like 2 or 3 but I wanted to add one of my own cuz I’m fan girl trash. But you can come join the fan trash party! I have serious issues XD! And thus this fanfic was born! Go ahead and read my fellow trash friends! ;3!

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Come to Hollywood, they said.

It would be fun, they said.

You’ll meet a lot of awesome celebrities, they lied!

You were basically screwed over right now. You and your bestest friends decided to go on a trip to Hollywood, the plane ride wasn’t the smoothest ride ever but as soon as you saw the Hollywood sign you knew you were gonna have fun.


You were so f'ing lost. 

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little-dreamy-bird  asked:

Hello, I'm a 15 year old girl living in Germany, my dream is it to become an animator (preferebly in 2D animation) but I don't really know how. I want to attend a school for it but most of them are expensive, private academies. How is it possible to become an animator? Are there certain things I can do to achieve this dream and is it even worth it in the long run? I can't really imagine doing something else so I really need to figure this out.

On art school:

I would say, when it comes to going to school, you’re going to have to figure it out on your own. This is one of those big decisions that you’ll have to make in your life. I would say thinking about it is good, but that you still have plenty of time to decide.

There are advantages and disadvantages to going to art school. Advantages are that some formal training can help you learn terminology and learn from instructors in ways you don’t even realize you need to learn and simply won’t learn from videos or online tutorials. They can point you to things you didn’t think about because they’re people, not an algorithm, and they can take a much more personal approach to helping.

Another thing that helps about going to art school is that you have a lots of peers around you that are interested in the same subjects as you, learning the same things as you, and come from a variety of places and backgrounds that you aren’t aware of. It’s a very eye opening experience. This was something I never fully understood until I went to college. These people become your friends, your teachers, and your connections to more opportunities later in life. I’m 30 and I’m still hanging out with and learning of new jobs and opportunities from people I met in college more than a decade ago.

All that said, college is expensive as hell. Going to college can give you mountains of debt. It can put a damper on all kinds of things you might like to do at some point, such as buying a house, starting a family, or saving for your future. Now, you’re in Germany, so I don’t know the rules there, but in the US it’s huge albatross around people’s necks, especially because they can’t even refinance.

Some people also just don’t work well in a formal environment. That age is an age full of self discovery and you don’t think it will be helpful to go to school, don’t feel like you HAVE to go to school. I know people who went to school and dropped out and have quite successful artistic careers. It’s not a career killer if you don’t go, however, you’ll be missing out on all the stuff I mentioned above and will have to work doubly hard to make sure your work is good and that you’re meeting the right people who will help you out in your career. The life of a freelancer, especially in the beginning of your career, is very difficult to say the least. Either way, I know plenty of people, regardless of whether they went to school or not, who didn’t achieve much in the way of financial success until their late 20’s up to mid 30’s.

The fact is, you said “I can’t really imagine doing something else” and I totally get that. I was and am in the same place. There’s just a thing inside of you that drives you toward art and it’s something that your parents and other peers probably don’t really understand, so you don’t have anywhere to look for help or guidance. I get it.

I would say it IS worth it in the long run. As far as anyone can know for absolute certain, there’s no life after this one, so I better make sure that I enjoy what I’m doing the majority of my day because someday I’ll die and that’s it. The end. If I didn’t enjoy my life and at least do what I can to help other people enjoy theirs, then it was a complete waste of time.

So here are some things you can actively do right now to help for the future that don’t include college:

1) Draw from life.

Draw the world around around you and the people you see. Draw your friends. I guarantee you’ll love that you have drawings of your friends in the future, probably even just a few months in the future.

2) Pick up a drawing program.

It IS an investment, but it’s an investment in your future. Learning this stuff before you enter the adult world will give you a leg up on other people. I was learning photoshop and 3D animation programs when I was a teenager (which at the time was EXTREMELY unusual) and it definitely helped me in the rest of my life as my learning was already ahead of most people. Programs you can start exploring now: Photoshop, Maya (free for the student edition), Toonboom, After Effects, Flash/Adobe Animate, and Illustrator. I would even check out Unity, Unreal Engine, and Gamemaker because a lot of modern day animation is in video games, not just on TV or in movies. You’re also still a student, so you might be able to get those programs cheaper than normal.

Again, all you need to do is be a little familiar with these programs, you don’t need to be an expert. Hell I probably only know about 15% of photoshop’s capabilities but because of my familiarity with it I can easily look up anything I need to if there’s a situation that calls for it.

3) Draw some more.

Seriously, you can have all the fancy programs and equipment in the world, but if you don’t have the basics of drawing down, they’re all worthless. People think they can buy their way into making good art, but time is the only currency. Make art all! Post it online! Try to find people who can help you in your art! You should always be exploring art, trying new styles, etc. Live and breathe the stuff, even if no one is there to help or guide you. This is what drives you as a person right? So let that drive take you wherever it takes you and don’t step away from it.

4) Stop drawing!

This is my top piece of advice for all artists: actively seek out new experiences. Anytime someone says “do you wanna try ____?” say YES. Try new food, go to a weird tourist trap, move to another country, stay in a hostel and talk to people you wouldn’t normally talk to. It takes active effort to do things that are outside your comfort zone. As soon as you feel that tug in your gut saying “No” ask yourself why? Most of the time it’s just fear of looking foolish because you’ve never done it before. But what if it’s something you turn out to like? You should try it, just in case.

The reason I say to do this, and how it connects to your work, is that if you don’t have a wide variety of experiences to draw from, no one will care about your work because there’s nothing novel there for them to be interested in. Experience are inspiration and they’re what connect all people. For your art to have something to say to someone, it has to come from somewhere. Art is putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and seeing things from a different perspective and connecting it to your own experiences. So what do you have to offer? If it’s just the experiences of sitting in front of a cintiq and drawing? That is incredibly boring and, frankly, rather depressing. Go out and explore the world.

Hope that all helps in some way!

Attention: cuteness overload ahead

GUYS!!!! Basically I’m really close to my godfather‘s son (who’s 9 years old), but I hadn’t seen him in a while so I went to his house today with a friend of mine to see him and he has a little brother who has a lot (trust me a lot of energy) and so Leo (the older one) put shake it off because his little brother loves it and I started freaking. Out.

He then comes to me and asks me if I knew Taylor Swift and I tell him oh yeah I’m a huge fan of hers, she actually invited me to her house (just casually ya know) and at first he laughed it off and said “yeah sure” and then I showed him the picture and he was so shocked😂 he was like “do you have her phone number?!?” And I’m like no but she wanted to meet me and I explained him how good to people and pure Taylor was and I told him that if he were to be somebody’s fan I would strongly suggest Taylor form personal experience 😂😂 so I told him about the secret session and how she follows me on tumblr and how lucky I felt and he was looking at me like he had just seen god alive😂😭

Furthermore, I asked him if he wanted to say something to Taylor and I would try to make her see it, so he rushed to his room and did this (it’s so adorable it actually hurts)

When I was done and I was dying of an overload of cuteness, he said “I’m going to keep it so that I can remember her everyday” and I SWEAR LAST TIME I SAW HIM WE WERE LISTENING TO 1989 AND I HAD JUST INTRODUCED HIM TO HER AND NOW HE HAS DONE A PRESENTATION ON BAD BLOOD FOR SCHOOL AND ALL THIS TIME HE WAS FANGIRLING WHILE I HAD NO IDEA I AM SO SO PROUD

I told him that I’d try to make Taylor see it, and he said that he wanted to thank you, @taylorswift , for helping me find happiness (😭😭😭😭😭) and that he loved you so much and I promised him that I’d come by to give him reputation as his Christmas present and he was so excited about it he was literally jumping eveywhere and then we were jamming to Shake It Off and Bad Blood and LWYMMD (it was adorable bc he hid the part when she’s a zombie) and this is me asking him if he loves Taylor (😭😭😭😭😭)

So!! @taylorswift I’ll be posting videos of us soon, and I promised him that I’d try as hard as I can to make you see this, so here I am! I love you so much, and so does he. Thank you for being the amazing person that you are❤️

Like I’m Dyin’

Rockstar Dean/Demon!Dean Winchester x Reader 

Small town singer Dean Winchester suddenly becomes a Vegas rockstar. Will his girlfriend be able to get back the simple man he once was?

Warnings: ANGST, double dose of SMUT, breath play, fluff, feels, alcohol, demeaning language, a moment of non-con which is resolved, angsty ending. 

A/N: This is for @bulletscrossbowpie’s AU Challenge/Rockstar. Also @mrs-squirrel-chester’s Album Challenge: D.D. by The Weeknd. I figured this was my chance to combine my fav version of Dean with my fav version of Jensen. So I give you, Rockstar Demon!Dean in leather. WC: 6238 On AO3

Gifs aren’t mine, but the concert pic in the aesthetic is from @stardustandmelancholy and the gifs/videos are from Tumblr and YouTube.

Hyattsville was a small town in western Kansas, known for it’s ‘biggest hay bale in America’ tourist trap and a former high school beauty queen turned national news anchor. I met the Winchester brothers one evening when I was getting coffee at a shop in town. They were singing at open mic night- the younger brother playing guitar as the older brother sang. He had an amazing, sultry voice that sent shivers down my arms. And the fact that he was absolutely gorgeous didn’t hurt either.

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Of Old Memories And Future Moments

Surprise! A wild phanfic has appeared! I was watching PINOF8 when suddenly I had a moment of inspiration so I wrote this oneshot. Hope you like it!

summary: “Rummage inside Phil’s bedside drawer‘‘ it said. Oh no. What would have happened if Dan had found something more interesting than a lip-balm inside Phil’s bedside drawer?

word count: 2.6k

no trigger warnings

They had been filming Phil Is Not On Fire 8 for some time when…

’‘Wait a minute, wait a minute,” Dan said, pulling Phil aside so he could read the screen better “Rummage inside Phil’s bedside drawer, okay!” he exclaimed, rapidly moving towards it while Phil repeatedly saying “no” and trying to stop his friend.

Dan opened it and found a lip-balm which he picked up and exageratedly spoke to Phil, “How pale are you?”

Phil didn’t even have time to respond before Dan threw the lip-balm inside the drawer again and searched for something more he could show to the camera.

The black haired boy was still, not even daring to move a muscle. He wanted to stop Dan before he found something he didn’t really want him to see but it was too late.

“Phil, why…?” Dan looked at him, two pieces of a ripped photo on his hands, which he slowly put together to properly see the picture.

It was a photo of them back in 2012, before everything went down. It was a selfie of both of them, happily smiling at the camera while Dan’s hand squeezed both of their faces together. He remembers it well.

They had been a surprisingly warm Autumn day and they had been sightseeing London for hours when they stopped in Hyde Park for a rest, the sun was setting and not many people where there, only a few birds tweets could be heard. They sat under a tree, their thights touching while their backs were resting against the tree trunk, a pile of orange and red leaves around them.

“Let’s take a selfie to remember this day…” Dan said, taking the pocket size digital camera they had been carrying around all day.

Phil leaned a bit closer so he could fit into the frame, not really wanting to invade Dan’s personal space. Even though they had been together for a few years, he knew Dan didn’t like getting his personal space invaded, and he respected it.

“Phil, don’t be silly, get closer!” Dan laughed at him, one of his hands reaching his cheek to squish their faces together, not a centimetre left between them. Phil felt relieved and he finally allowed himself to smile properly before a flashing light blinded him.

He didn’t even have time to change his pose when he saw another flash of light, this time Dan’s lips on his cheek, giving him a peck.

“I really want to print these two, I really like them… what do you think Phil?” Dan’s voice brough him back to earth, shaking his head a bit and looking at the camera screen. They really were good photos.

“Yeah, I like them too. We look so happy, you make me so happy…” Phil whispered, giving Dan a peck on the cheek as the brown haired had done a few moments ago.

“You make me happy too…” Dan told him before kissing him hard against the tree trunk. Their kiss only ended when the last sun rays soaking their faces faded away, letting them know that the day was over even if they didn’t want it to end.

“Dan…” Phil’s timid voice brought him back to the moment they were now. Dan looked at him and then back at the picture which he still had in his hands, sad and hurtful memories clouding his mind now. His eyes were starting to water, not really wanting to recall the horrible argument that lead them to their break-up back in 2012, and how Dan had ripped that picture…

It was to much. The pressure was to much. After the “Valentine’s Video” had leaked a few days ago Dan couldn’t handle the comments he was receiving. He couldn’t imagine this was happening. And yes, in his mind it was all Phil’s fault, even though deep down he knew it wasn’t but he didn’t have anyone else to blame that’s why he was screaming at him right now. 

“Why did you even film that stupid video?” his voice sounded around the living room while he paced around.

Phil didn’t even respond, to scared to confront Dan, so he just shrugged his shoulders, making him smaller in the sofa seat.

“You knew I wasn’t ready to come out, and yet you outed us with that video! What made you think you had the right to do that, eh?” Dan’s face was red, he was angrier that he had ever been.

This time Phil tried to defend himself, “Because you are my boyfriend and I wanted to thank you and show how much I love you, that’s why I made the video and it leaked because of a YouTube glitch, it wasn’t my fault!”

Dan wasn’t listening as he was too angry to think clearly, he was still conviced Phil had made this all happen.

“Well, it’s a strange way to show how much you love me, making a video of pure bullshit so everyone can know what a happy couple we are when we aren’t!” Dan said, grabbing the photo of them squeezing their faces together that was resting in the bookshelf and shoving it into Phil’s face before ripping it in half and throwing the pieces onto the floor.

Phil’s face fell as soon as he saw Dan ripping the picture. He looked at the pieces that were now lying on the floor before speaking up “Are you not happy with me?”

“What?” Phil’s question took him surprisedly, he didn’t expect to hear that from the blue eyed.  

“Are you not happy with me? I don’t want to be the one who makes unhappy, you don’t deserve that…” Phil spoke, his timid voice was loud enough so Dan could hear it.

“Damnit Phil! No, I’m not happy! I told you I was but no, I’m not and I don’t think I have ever been” Dan lied, still angered about the video thing, wanting to hurt Phil as much as he had hurt him, even though it was not the same.

Phil let a tear slide down his cheek and quickly cleaned it with his hand, hoping Dan didn’t notice. And he was right, because Dan keept screaming at him.

“I tried to be happy but you just keep doing things that made me wonder why do I like you! This was the last straw Phil… We should break up.” Dan’s last words were almost quiet, he didn’t meant to voice those word. They were a lie. But his brain  and his anger weren’t cooperating.

Phil lifted his head and looked at his brown eyes, “let me fix this, you are my best friend too, I cannot lose you Dan…” he pleaded him, taking a few steps forward and trying to grab his hands, but thinking it twice about it Phil retracted them to he side.

Dan considered what Phil was asking him. He didn’t really want to lose his best friend either. So he took a deep breath and responded “let me think about it, and yes, you are gonna fix this because if you don’t we are done.”

And with that Dan left the room, letting Phil sat back down on the sofa with his head buried in his hands before picking up the ripped picture and saving it in his bedside drawer, where he knew Dan would never find it.

Dan remembers now how Phil had stayed days and nights trying to take down every single video and hurtful comment that he could find, trying to fix it. To fix them. He also recalls Phil’s voice, asking for forgiveness and trying to get back together, but Dan couldn’t handle it. Not anymore. He was still angry at Phil, angry at himself, for being insecure, for not trusting him enough  .So, not really wanting to lose Phil he agreed to stay as friends until today.

“Dan…” the blue eyed’s voice brought him back to reality, fixing his gaze in the clear blue orbs that were watering. Oh no.

“Why did you save it? After I hurt you so much why did you?” Dan questioned him. Phil didn’t know that he had lied all those years ago and he decided he was going to tell him, but he needed to hear Phil’s statement first.

“Yeah, you are right, you hurt me with your words but I hurt you too. You said I made you unhappy, but I kept staring at that picture and I knew our smiles were real. We were happy. I didn’t know what I did to make you so miserable so I’m sorry for whatever I did…” Phil took a breath before continuing, “I saved the picture because deep down I knew I had made you happy at some point in our relationship, the laughs and smiles of that day couldn’t be fake, I know they weren’t. So that’s why it was in my bedside drawer, because everytime I feel down, even though it hurts, I look at and compare it to many of the photos I see of you on Tumblr to see if you have the same smile as you did. And you have it. You have the same smile and I realized that even though we are not together you are happy and that’s what matters.”

Dan was crying, he didn’t expect those words from Phil. He hadn’t done anything wrong, and he still was beating himself up because Dan had lied all those years ago. He just wanted Dan to be happy, and Dan hadn’t done anything to thank him.

“Phil no,” Dan said, leaving the picture on the bed and hugging his friend, who circled his arms around his waist, bringing him in a much needed hug. “Phil, I’m sorry and you are gonna hate me for this but I lied to you all those years ago.”

“What?” Phil whispered, trying to untangle from the hug but Dan didn’t let him.

“I lied to you. I was happy with you. You made me happy. I lied because I was hurt. After the video leaked and I read all those comments I was angry and I wanted to hurt you too. I knew it wasn’t your fault but I was still a kid and I didn’t know how to react… I was in such a bad place with uni and then this, it had been all too much to handle and I eneded up balming you and hurting you. I’m sorry Phil, I’m so sorry.” Dan was fully sobbing now, his face buried on Phil’s neck, whiskers smugged.

Phil was silently crying too, not really making any noise so Dan wouldn’t have to worry about him either. Dan was right. He had been a kid when all of that happened, and even though their relationship had been strong the pressure of fame and the comments had hurt, leading Dan to break their relationship so he didn’t had to deal with all of it. He had been in a bad place then, but Phil understood everything now.

“Dan, shhh Dan… I don’t hate you. I could never hate you.” Phil tried to calm him down, but it didn’t seem to be doing much. “I understand now why you did what you did. I understand. I’m sorry too.”

“But Phil you have nothing to be sor…” Dan tried to explain himself but the blue eyed didn’t let him.

“No, Dan, don’t try to excuse me” Phil grabbed Dan’s head and made him look into his eyes, “you have grown so much since that happened, we both have. I made mistakes too, I hurt you too, and we have learnt from them…”

“I’m glad our friendship was strong enough so I wouldn’t lose you.” Dan whispered to Phil, hanging his head down and picking the discarded photo again, putting the pieces together to look at the picture again. He wasn’t crying anymore, but some of the tears left fell onto the picture.

“You will never lose me. I promise you that,” Phil said, picking up one of the photo’s pieces and lookng at it, “Even if neither of us would want to admit it we needed each other, even as friends, even if we eneded up not speaking for weeks I was reassured that you were still in the flat.” the blue eyed said, knowing Dan felt the same.

Even if they hadn’t spoken for weeks he was glad Dan was in the other room, it was a sign that neither of them was ready to let the other go, that they still needed each other, even if it was a few feet away.

“Wait here…” Phil stood up, leaving Dan confusedly sitting on the bed, but before he could say anything Phil came back with a roll of sticky tape.

Without a word, Phil took the two ripped pieces of the photo and tapped them together, making it whole again. He lifted it and gave it to Dan, “here, for you.”

Dan was deeply touched by Phil’s gesture, but he couldn’t accept it, he had damaged that photo and with that their relationship and Phil had fixed it again for him. He wanted to bitterly laugh at the metaphor, to be honest.

“Phil, I can’t… I ripped it in the first place, I don’t deserve to have it back.” Dan told him, handing it back to him but Phil put his hands behind his back making it impossible to give it to him.

“No, no, it is a ’'no return” gift, now you will have to keep it forever!“ Phil said, a smile on his face.

The blue eyed’s silly antics made Dan laugh and even though he could leave the picture just there, he couldn’t bare himself  to do that.

’'Thank you” Dan sincerely said, looking onto Phil’s eyes and triying to communicate with his gaze what he couldn’t with his words, hoping Phil would understand. Not just for the picture, but for understanding, for forgiving him, for being such a good friend… even if Dan still loved him like he had done years back. He never stopped to be honest.

“No need to thank me, there is nothing sticky tape and a truthful conversation cannot fix.” And with that Phil winked at him, grabbing the sharpie from the nightstand and drawing the whiskers back again in Dan’s face, who smiled widely at him at the gesture.

“Now c'mon, we still have a few questions to answer.” Phil said trying to grab the phone that was on the other side but before he could do it Dan tackled him onto the bed, landing on top of him, grabbing the sharpie from his hand and lifting it to Phil’s face, “yours are smudged too, you spork!”

They both laughed and Dan started his work. Phil didn’t even realize he had his eyes closed when instead of a sharpie he felt a pair of chapped lips on his, making slowly move them, enjoying and remembering the sweet sensation of Dan’s lips he had missed so much.

Once the kiss ended, Dan looked at him, scared of his reaction.

“You know? You laugh at me for having lip-balm on the bedside drawer, but if you plan on kissing me again I suggest you start using some!” Phil told him jokingly, making Dan release a breath he had been holding before hitting him on the chest before burying his head on the crook of Phil’s neck.

“I hate you.” Dan whispered into his ear.

“I hate you too.” Phil responded, before hugging Dan a bit closer, just the sound of their breaths in the room.

Phil Is Not On Fire 8 could wait.

The Bros on Tumblr, a Ignoct and Promptio headcanon. 

Credit to @lhugbereth, as previously mentioned, for a lot of the good stuff. 

Prompto gets a tumblr first, when he stumbles across it while looking for fanart of one of his favorite games (Ultimate Utopia) one day. He’s so inspired by what he sees that he starts an account and starts posting and churning out his own art at a borderline alarming pace.

His name is ChocoboHo4life.

He has a sideblog for his photography, ChocoboHo4Landscapes.

He’s of the opinion he’s not very good but he finds himself drowning in followers, requests, and the like. He chalks it up to all the porn he draws.

His specialty is pierced and tattooed Baras with twinks, from a a variety of fandoms. He’s infamous for shipping the tall, dark, handsome bodyguard and blond perky archer from Ultimate Utopia.  

The wish fulfillment is, he knows, a bit pathetic.

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It has chapters that you’ve probably already seen on tumblr like HOW TO BE HAPPIER and it is a very cute pocket-size and full color and basically beautiful.

ALANIS MORISSETTE (LIKE LITERALLY THE ALANIS MORISSETTE) said “All of Adam J. Kurtz’s words are filled with wit, warmth, wonder and wisdom” and I swear to god when she DMed me this blurb I fucking died and my soul left my body and now I am a ghost person.

TarcherPerigee will donate $1 for every book ordered before 10/3/17 to the Tegan and Sara Foundation, working for economic justice, health, and representation for LGBTQ girls and women.

OH AND BY THE WAY IT’S ONLY $8.56 ON AMAZON RIGHT NOW EIGHT DOLLARS AND FIFTY SIX CENTS I DON’T UNDERSTAND HOW BUT IT IS VERY INEXPENSIVE FOR AN ENTIRE FUCKING BOOK THAT I LITERALLY HAND WROTE. If you live outside of the USA it’s also on every other bookseller website including BookDepository, where it is $12.53 with free shipping to every country in the world.

You can also visit to find ordering links for like 12 other websites, plus EVENTS (RUPAUL’S DRAG CON NYC, Baltimore, New Orleans, Portland, Mexico City, Las Vegas, more soon) and other details.

This is probably the biggest deal thing I’ve ever made and your pre-order actually matters so fucking much so please if you have ever liked any of my work, my posts, my Instagram, my pins, my dumb videos, my ten years of growing into “an artist and author” on this tumblr, if you have ever seen me and been like “wow I can’t believe his dumb shit turned into a career that’s pretty cool congrats to u dude-i-don’t-know,” please PREORDER THIS BOOK.
BORN TO BE A STAR — JOEY CLAIRE, MAID OF LIGHT – optimisticDuelist – Medium
MAID: One who makes Light, or makes through Light — for themselves. LIGHT: Power, Fortune, Enlightenment, Knowledge, Ideas, Importance…
By optimisticDuelist

Here’s a post on Joey’s Hero Title–The MAID of LIGHT!–and how understanding it strengthens our reading of Joey’s struggles with neglect and loneliness, her STRIFES, her skills and abilities, and more! We even look at some interesting foreshadowing for where her arc may be going in the next Acts!

(Credit to @thricequeen and @dahniwitchoflight for providing key details that feed into my own speculation, btw! Thanks a ton, peeps)

Classpecting has so far been a hugely underappreciated part of Hiveswap’s narrative, and I’d like to change that. This post is also a focused introduction on Classpects in general, and should ideally be perfectly easy to follow if you’re a new Hiveswap fan with no exposure to the system from Homestuck! 

I do have to warn, however, that there will be Homestuck Spoilers in this essay. So heads up about that! Now, on to some bad news. I have similar Classpect essays brainstormed for Xefros Tritoh and Jude Harley.
But alas, it may be a while before I can write those. 

As excited as I am to post this, it comes with an announcement I wish I wasn’t making. If you enjoy this essay and want to know more about future content from me, please read on.

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Hey everyone, so I have seen a lot of talk about people feeling left out or unloved or favorites being played or people saying they’ll never be noticed or meet Taylor. Just overall a whole load of negativity and it has been bothering me a lot - not only because I know you how you feel, but also because I know we’re wrong and there isn’t enough support and positivity going around on this website. 

So I have decided to type out a giant text post regarding the way I feel about all of this, and I think some of you may find it really helpful or comforting, and some of you may brush it off.. and that’s fine as well. I just have a lot of thoughts right now, so I’m putting them into words.

1 - I’m going to start with a blanket statement that I’m sure a lot of you that are feeling upset or left out are tired of hearing but i promise this statement is true: Taylor Swift loves each and every one of us who love and support her. She does. End of story.

2 - I feel like giving up all the time, she’ll never notice me or want to meet me because I don’t post that many selfies and I don’t talk about my everyday life as often as some do, I am too insecure to post funny videos or to do a live stream on instagram. But when my anxiety settles and I take a look around - that is not what Taylor is looking for. Does it attract her attention sometimes? Yep, of course it does. But so do posts about her music, posts about how much we love her, stories of what she’s done for us, dad jokes related to her or just general freak outs when she releases a new single, a new video or even just an AT&T commercial that’s 30 seconds long.

3 - It is so easy to feel small and feel like she will never notice you because there are just too many of us - and while the fact that there are a ton of us is true, it doesn’t mean she won’t ever find you and it does not mean that it’s never going to be your time, there are people I know - mutuals, that had never been noticed by Taylor and had been here for years and randomly one day Taylor started liking all their stuff, all the time. I realize that I don’t know Taylor personally but if I know anything about the women that I have spent over the last decade dedicated to - it’s that she truly loves us and goes out of her way to find us and make sure we all feel special and loved, and she tries on a daily basis to find new blogs that have been out there rooting for her - so please just be patient - it is NOT because she hates the stuff you post or thinks your weird or doesn’t like you or just ignores you, it’s not! We’re all funny, we’re all witty, we’re all beautiful, we’re all fangirls and we all love Taylor - we all post a million things every day that she would like if she saw it. So just be patient, she’ll see it one day.

4. Meeting Taylor may seem impossible now, and I am going in and out of feeling that way myself. So your feelings are completely valid and absolutely one hundred and ten percent understandable and normal to feel. BUT, please try and keep an open mind and stay positive about it. I obviously can’t sit here and say every single last one of her hardcore and casual fans will meet Taylor, because there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of people that like Taylor Swift. But I CAN say that those of us out here going the extra mile, those of us who have been here for long haul, those of us out here with blogs dedicated to her and living the swift lifestyle will get our day. And I swear to you - I know it in my gut - Taylor is out there trying to figure out how she’s going to make it happen. Also, Taylor isn’t going anywhere anytime soon - there is time, be patient. 

5. Seeing people meet Taylor can be hard, because jealousy is a real and perfectly normal emotion especially when it comes to something you’ve dreamed of for so long and seeing so many other people get this can make you feel so small. And then you start to feel selfish and it’s an endless battle because you don’t want to be jealous. So start with this thought process: Those fans have wanted to meet Taylor just as much as you do, and they too at one point said to themselves “she’ll never notice me, she’ll never want to meet me” but look at them now! So try to be happy for them, because they have lived out one of their dreams by getting to meet her, and that is such a beautiful thing to happen to anyone, it really is! Even though it makes me a little jealous and sad - honestly, I LOVE seeing my mutuals and even people i’ve never spoken to meet Taylor, because of first of all you have photographic evidence of people meeting the one person they’ve always wanted to meet - the person that saved their lives or made them chase their dreams or feel brave enough to fal in love, and everyone deserves the chance to hug and thank Taylor for all those beautiful things. I think about how happy I would be if that were me, and then I realize THAT’S how happy those fans are, and that is such an amazing thing to see people so happy. Just try to embrace it, try to be happy for them even if its hard sometimes. But also, realize that it is okay to have moments of sadness and doubt, but don’t let it consume you because your time will come. 

6 - Think about it this way - the more people that get to go to sessions and meet Taylor and get noticed or whatever it may be, the more room there is for you to get your chance! So be excited that people are meeting her! It means you’re one step closer to having your moment with Taylor. Seeing that she’s out there actively trying to meet as many people as possible, even if it isnt you right that moment, means that she is doing her best and WANTS to meet us. ALL OF US. 

7 - Remember to be thankful - remember that Taylor does not have to do any of this. Sometimes I think this fandom as a whole, myself included at times, gets spoiled with the fact that Taylor does all of these things for us - packages, over the top tours, ticket programs so we don’t lose tickets to scalpers, meet and greets before and after her concert, welcome us into her home, joining live streams, reblogging and commenting and liking tumblr posts, following us on social media… no other celebrity does that, because they do not have to. Taylor literally owes us nothing and yet she gives us everything. So try to stay humble and remember that… try to remember that this fandom as a whole is so blessed to begin with that Taylor is so good to us… that even if you don’t get noticed anytime soon or don’t get invited to meet her.. we still have been given so much by Taylor and she does the best that she can. 

8 - I can’t speak for Taylor but I feel like it hurts her when she sees negative posts about her not liking us or not noticing us or never going to want to meet us because we aren’t good enough. She loves all of us and you know better. You know she doesn’t want to make any of us feel left out or hurt or isolated or not good enough… she’d include every single of us if she could at one time. We just have to wait for our time. Patience is key.

I don’t know if anything I said helped, or made sense or if anyone even read this far (hi, thank you if you did) but I just really wanted to get that out there… incase anyone needed to see it.