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i realllly want to be tattooed and i have for years, but i have pretty bad anxiety. im afraid of pain, but im also afraid of permanence and choosing the wrong placement or choosing the wrong thing. did you ever worry about that, and do you have any advice? love you

in my life i’ve had two tattoos that lead to an anxiety attack, and I can tell you they were awful experiences that I wouldn’t want to relive for any reason. After the dust settles, I can say that i always recover, but I also never know when they’re going to happen, and like I said, I would do anything in the world to make sure i never relive the experence. I’ve also been in high levels of pain, where I mentally shame myself into never getting tattooed again. A few years ago I was hospitalised, and the entire time I kept repeating to myself, “I never want to feel this again, I never want to feel this again, I never want to feel this again,” meaning, I never want to subject myself to voluntary pain. 
then two years later I got my scarification.
So I don’t know. 
You risk SO much knowing that you are subject to panic attacks and anxiety, and I don’t have any good advice other than, you roll the dice and put yourself at so much risk. 
I have dozens of tattoos and body mods that never triggered anything, but it’s the two that did, and the pain I couldn’t withstand that keep me afraid of something else happening again, but I DO keep that fear very dormant in my thoughts, and plan to continue to get tattooed. 


i wake up and i think of you and all of your mannerisms and your smile. i wake up and i wonder what you’re dreaming of and somewhere inside me, i wish you dream of me.

i wait for you to text me and i wonder what’s the next dumb thing you’re gonna say. i can’t help but blush when i notice that there’s not a day where you don’t tell me you love me.

you make me smile and laugh and i shake my head as i wonder what goes on in your head. you make me feel loved and appreciated and supported. you make me fall in love all over again.

one day

we’ll lie together under the stars. you’ll ask me what it’s like to live with them, high in the sky. i’ll tell you that living with the stars is like living with you, that i never feel alone with you and that you make me feel warm.

you’ll blush and whisper that i’m a sap and i’ll say that you love it. i know you will agree with me. i’m an hopeless romantic and you speak my language in i love yous.

that day

the stars will look down at us and smile. they’ll shine and tell each other, look at our bright children, holding galaxies in their hearts, constellations tattooed on their bodies and nebulae in their ribs.

—  oh, katelin. we’re star crossed lovers.

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I feel like you shouldn't start dating with a 3+ year gap until you're at least in your 20s? Like I'm 17 right now and I can't even fathom dating a 14 or 20-year old what the hell (and my cousin's (17) boyfriend is turning 20 soon-ish I just don't understand why they're together he's in college and she's not even out of high school)

yeah, but ultimately the responsibility not to date younger people falls on the older person

there tends to be a difference in how we think about an age gap depending on the side we find ourselves on

typically, a 13yo will feel mature enough to hang out with older people and won’t see as much wrong with it, whereas as an older teenager you look at someone “just” two years younger and think “that is a child

it’s the older one’s responsibility to stay away from dating minors/people way younger and of their peers to draw attention to it


well, what do we have here? our third task! i know you’re all just as excited as i am about having another task and i’ve got to admit, this is one of my favorite tasks yet! the title of this task is ‘the soundtrack of my life’ and if you’ve not already figured it out yet, our third task will be involving music, so whip out your best soundtracks! for this task, you’ll be selecting at least ten songs that are relevant to your character. whether the song be something that describes them, a song that they just happen to really like, a song that summarizes a chapter in their life, a song that explains a relationship they have or whatever. any song that’s relevant to your character(s) is good! feel free to choose over ten songs! there’s no limit or maximum number that you can have, just that minimum of at least ten. if your muse is extra high, you’re feeling ambitious or you’re just interested in doing a little bit more, we do have a little bonus for this task. in addition to then ten or more songs that you select for your character(s), you have the option of including why the song is relevant to them / why it’s on the soundtrack of their life and/or their favorite / most fitting lyrics from the song. the task is being posted on MARCH 27th and is open to be completed on MARCH 27th. we’d ideally like to see this task completed by APRIL 15th, but that is a bit flexible for those who are on hiatus and/or join the group past that date. if you’ve yet to complete task one and two, please do so! it’s super important that you participate in those. and as always, have fun! if you have any questions, shoot us a message. :) 

So can we like…start normalizing the idea that not everyone dates or has their first boyfriend/girlfriend in junior high or high school?

There are plenty of people who go into college with little to no dating experience. There are tons of people who go into college having not had their first kiss yet. It’s not wrong; everyone experiences things at a different pace, and that’s okay. Don’t feel pressured into doing things you’re not comfortable with at the time just because you feel like you have to fill some sort of “quota.”

Back in high school during my jr year I went on this art field trip, long story short. At the end of the trip, the artist gave us some life advice and it went something like “always give it 3 days, if you’re feeling down the first day let it flow into the 3rd day and something will change” now I’m 22 and I still hold onto that. It’s all mental. Nothing can ever stay the same.

Why INFPs think of themselves as “frauds.”

When you’re an INFP, your biggest insecurity is that you have nothing to say.

You perceive most people as insightful, intelligent and interesting, while you are a dullard who can’t even string three words together. It’s not just that you’re shy — you feel like there’s something mentally WRONG with you.

I felt this way for decades, but I got over it by thinking about it this way. The reason everyone else’s stories are so fascinating is because YOU are the one processing them. YOU are connecting dots in your brain that make what you hear much more “involving” than the same story processed through a non-infp mind. In other words, you’re too imaginative for your own good.

Conversely, you have incredibly high standards for what constitutes a worthy conversation and what doesn’t. Comments about yourself, for example, seem egotistical and pointless. How you day is going? Who cares!!

So you LIMIT your options SEVERELY when communicating with another person, and tend to choose the words that end the conversation because you don’t want people to find out you’re an imposter.

Yeah, that’s the main thought that goes through your head, right? You’re stupid and incapable (handicapped, maybe?) and nobody has found out yet. But oddly enough, nobody seems to notice. Nobody has EVER told you that you are dumb. Weird, isn’t it?

That’s because you’re not dumb. You simply have impossibly high standards. You’re an INFP, remember.

Like I said, I struggled with this for decades. I was an “imposter” for decades, yet I STILL manage to be “successful,” despite judging myself as a “fraud” all those years ago.

That’s because I’m NOT a fraud, and neither are you. Once I realized this, I also realized that I DID have useful things to say. This post, hopefully, is one of them.

So don’t harsh on yourself, and please let me know if this helps. You see, I still appreciate verification that I’m not a fraud, even when I know it’s not true.

Have a great day, INFP.

It’s No Fucking Problem.

Your Pal,
Space Monkey

hey, shoutout to non-passing trans boys/mlm who:

-constantly have to deal with being misgendered

-have long hair!! (either bc theyre in the closet or by choice)

-have big hips/a large chest and feel like they can never pass

-are unable to transition currently (either because of financial or family situations)

-feel like they’ll never be seen as a man

-have high pitched “feminine” voices!

-get told theyre just straight girls

-feel like theyll never be accepted

-are scared theyll never find a boy who loves them

I promise that things will get better for you!! you’re just as much of a boy as any cis dude, and in time you will be able to transition and you will find a boy who loves you!!!


High neck jersey                                                                                       Male, Top tap, 6 swatches

If it doesn’t fit well to your sim’s body(If the neck poking out or smth)             then stretch your sim’s shoulder as big as you can.

If there is any problem, let me know :) 

  • do not re upload other sites.
  • do not re-edit include Mesh without my permission.
  • Feel free to recolor without mesh included.


  • Mrs. Weasley: FRED! GEORGE! WHERE ARE YOU!?!
  • Fred: Don't fret mother we were just working on our new invention.
  • George: We're making a potion that can simulate the "high" feeling of muggle drugs.
  • Fred: We want to see what Snape would look like stoned.
  • Mrs. Weasley: ...
  • George: ...
  • Fred: ...
  • Mrs. Weasley: When I die I want you two to lower my coffin into the ground yourselves so you can let me down one last time.
Hamilton Characters as Things Said in Choir(Warning my choir is really salty)
  • Hamilton: [beatboxing in background] I will pitch slap you so hard- maybe then you'll be on the right key and good enough to compete with me-
  • Laurens: Oh I don't mind, I've been in a closet this long, what's a few more minutes gonna do?
  • Lafayette: Scold me like one of your French girls
  • Angelica: I wanna be nice to you, but then you start talking and I change my mind
  • Eliza: My feelings may be hurt but my voice is still turnt
  • Peggy: I may be low but my notes are high
  • Maria: Hmmm okay I'm hot you're not, but you can still help me cool down
  • Washington: I just wanted to sing a song, but now I'm a freaking bed to midgets
  • Jefferson: Wow, your outfit is so sharp it made your voice sharp too good job hun
  • Madison: Guys the band is one upping us just by existing let's just end it now and cry about it together
  • Burr: Don't touch me, I might catch your inability to sing in the right key

for all the aces/ace spectrum folks who are in their 20s and
-have never been in a relationship or even on a date
-haven’t had their first kiss
-get scoffed at because of that
-are told that they’ll “change their minds” when they meet “the right person”
-secretly worry that those people (parents, strangers, friends, etc) are right
-secretly worry that they’re not really ace
-have watched all their friends from high school be in happy relationships
-have gone to friends’ weddings and are not sure how to feel about that
-don’t mind the idea of a relationship but worry that they won’t find someone who respects that they are ace/ace spectrum

you are real. you are wonderful. you can find love and romantic relationships and respect. and I’m writing this down so I don’t forget it. because I feel all of this. a lot.

Good things about ADHD:

-hyperfocusing lets you forget your anxiety and have fun with something you enjoy without getting distracted for literally hours

-you’re always making yourself laugh bc of some dumb meme you just remembered

-your brain is a constant source of entertainment bc it never shuts up

-you tend to be pretty creative

-it’s pure bliss when you’re super interested in something

-when you’re motivated you can get so much done in one day bc of an overflow of energy

-people think you’re funny

Bad things about ADHD:

-hyperfocusing means you completely lose track of time and suddenly you haven’t eaten for six hours so you feel terrible and also you’ve forgotten to feed the cat and do the dishes and study and

-you forget everything. EVERYTHING.

-your brain is a constant source of pain bc it never shuts up

-RSD is literally the worst thing that’s ever happened

-the lows are just as big as the highs so depression is very deep

-when you’re not interested in something it’s torture bc boredom is torture

-when you’re not motivated or interested it’s incredibly hard to get anything done

-when your family/friends/anyone doesn’t take ADHD seriously and doesn’t understand how much you actually suffer

( this is obviously just my own personal experiences )

Astral Travel 🚀🌌

My personal method of astral travel.

  1. Get some sleep prior so that you don’t accidentally doze off
  2. Wear comfortable clothing
  3. Turn off or dim the lights in your room as much as possible, although this can still be performed in a fully lit room if you want
  4. Lay down in a comfortable position - I usually lay flat on my back in bed with something covering my eyes as to not let any light slip through
  5. Choose a soundtrack or playlist consisting of ambient music and binaural beats (this is my favorite - to be listened to with headphones for the best results)
    1. The music and binaural beats help to get you to a relaxed, meditative, trance-like state without consciously trying too hard
  6. Once you reach that state, you should feel somewhat of a “body high” or a tingly sensation all over your body
  7. At this point, try to visualize the room you’re in and your surroundings as if you were actually standing there looking around and not laying down in a bed
  8. When you can do this successfully, it’s time to actually travel elsewhere: visualize yourself walking around your room, and eventually ending up somewhere totally different - I always “fly” or “float” to my destination but how you get there is up to you - I personally like to go to space, but you can literally go anywhere you want
  9. I would recommend creating an “astral sanctuary” or “astral temple” when you reach your destination - this is basically your home base for when you decide to astral travel back to that place
    1. This requires more visualization to actually manifest something that was not there before - your sanctuary can be as low-key or extravagant as you want
    2. Practice placing items and altering the surroundings in your astral sanctuary 
  10. Once your sanctuary is created and you have a safe place to return to, it’s time to explore your surroundings - this can take as long as you want, there’s no time limit just so long as you’re responsible with it and aren’t missing out on any real-life priorities or appointments 
  11. To re-enter your body, you must try to “snap out of it” and visualize traveling back to your physical body - I always end up repeatedly saying something like “it’s time to go home now” until I feel like I am becoming more conscious and aware of myself 
  12. You might be pretty exhausted after astral traveling, so it’s a good idea to have some water and a snack on hand for when you return 

Good luck! ✨🌟

“Just do what I’m doing,” Alicia says, fighting to keep herself from laughing.

“I am!” Bob’s looking at her with eyebrows raised so high he looks like the ‘after’ photo of a botox catastrophe. “I feel like I’m doing exactly what you’re doing.”

“That can’t feel natural. Relax your face. You’re supposed to look surprised, not horrified.”

Whatever gene gives hockey players their talent must feed off their acting abilities; she’s worked with a few in her day and none of them could manage more than some stiff lines delivered with blank stares. It doesn’t seem to get better with practice, at least not in Bob’s case.

The doorbell rings and they both stand quickly, giving each other reassuring looks before making their way to the front door.

Jack stands in the doorway with Eric, and Alicia pretends not to notice their hands linked together until the timing is right.

“Maman, Papa, you know I said I wanted to introduce you to someone special?”

“Of course we remember Eric, dear,” Alicia says fondly.

“We’re dating.”

Alicia schools her expression into a practiced look of polite surprise, and pinches Bob as his cue to do the same.

“Uh, Dad? What’s wrong with your face?”

you know, it’s crazy. for the longest time i was so jealous of your cups, your bed, your socks, the drugs you consumed, and even god. some of the most simplistic things. although now, i have something new to be jealous of. something much more complex.
i am no longer jealous of the cups you drink out of because now you’re sharing your drinks with her and your lips are touching hers. i am no longer jealous of your bed as for you’re intertwining your legs with hers and she’s the one who keeps you safe at night. i am no longer jealous of your socks because now she locks her soft hands with yours while walking through crowded places and is there with you every step of the way. i am no longer jealous of the drugs you consume because now you’re doing drugs with her, getting high, and even then she can still manage to make you feel higher than the drugs. i am no longer jealous of the god in the sky as for now she’s the one knowing all the integrate parts of you. you know, it’s crazy. now i’m dealing with something much more complicated.

do you ever love a fictional character so much that your chest gets tight and you let out little squeaks and you’re all curled into a ball over their mere existence?? only to remember that they exist in a world that’s completely different from your own??

yeah that feeling sucks

A boy won’t make things better
He won’t make you love yourself
He won’t fix you
It may seem like it at first
You’re on such a high
That nothing else matters
You start to like yourself
And think you’re fixed
And it will last awhile
Until those feelings,
start to creep back in
Because you can’t depend on someone to fix you
And to love yourself
You need to do those things on your own
—  Chapters from my life