you can feel the high res

My baby’s fly like a jet stream, high above the whole scene:

You’re so gorgeous, I can’t say anything to your face… cuz look at your face:

They’re burning all the witches even if you aren’t one:

I did something bad, why’s it feel so good? RA DI DI DI DI DI DA DAH DA DAH:

I once was poison ivy but now I’m your daisy:

I’m spilling wine in the bathtub:

End Game (feat. Ed sheeran and :

Only bought this dress so you could take it off, take it off:

Yeah we were dancing, dancing with our hands tied, hands tied:

If he spends my change, then he had it coming


ATTENTION ALL FANS: Middle Earthians, Tolkienites, Ringers, and Tolkiendils alike!!!

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As we all now know, it has recently been announced that Amazon has bought the rights to LOTR with the intention of making a television show based on events prior to The Fellowship of the Ring. 

Now from what I understand, there are a lot of different opinions regarding whether or not this is a good idea. Some of us are feeling…

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While others feel like…

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And if you’re like me, then you’re probably feeling this…

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Regardless of our different opinions, I think we can all agree that we are very much on high alert right now. Why’s that you ask?

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Actually yes! Yes we are, because we still don’t know if this is a genuine attempt to make an honest story worthy of Tolkien’s approval, or just some money grabbing scheme to outdo Game of Thrones. Worst of all, we literally know nothing [Jon Snow] about what the show is even supposed to be about. Is it set pre or post the events of The Hobbit? Who does the story follow? How much source material will they be using? What sort of “artistic embellishments” will they be taking on the canon? How much will they change? WILL IT STILL FEEL LIKE THE MIDDLE EARTH WE ALL KNOW AND LOVE!?!?!?


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These are the sorts of things we worry about as fans, and with good reason too. See, when it comes to adapting books onto the screen, the film/tv industry has kind of been lacking as of late… Sadly our fandom knows this all too well…

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…and that is why we are afraid.

But Wait!

Not all is lost. There is still one important deciding factor that we need to consider here. US! That’s right, us; because thanks to Amazon, our fandom has re-awoken! And we come with HOPE

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;) See what I did there?

Now listen up, because here’s where we come into the mix. We as fans need to GET INVOLVED with this project, and we need to be adamant. We need to let Amazon and the whole world know that if they’re gonna do this, they gotta do it right, and that means CONSULTING WITH US - THE FANS! You know, the people who they are making these stories for?

Yeah, us. We want in.

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This is where #ConsultTheFans comes into play. Let’s see if we can spread this hashtag all over the internet until the message is made perfectly clear that we need to be a part of making this show, if not all of us then at least enough to keep the writers in line. You know, in case they decide to get a little too creative with the show and the already existing canon of the books and films.

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As a current film and drama student at university, I especially want to be a part of this project, and I’ll sign up for whatever job they have open - because I really don’t like the idea of leaving nasty corporations unsupervised with my precious fandom - Gollum! Gollum!

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Now to make myself clear I DON’T WANT TO TELL ANYONE HOW TO DO THEIR JOB. This is Amazon’s property, and I will respect that, but it is also our fandom (something we fans are particularly protective about). Just like the dwarves, elves, and men of Middle Earth, I’m sure we can all be civil with each other in order to strive for a common goal: A Great Story.

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Throwing all of my earlier hostilities aside, I do hope that #ConsultTheFans can encourage us all (Amazon included) to turn this dead horse into a re-living classic. In all honesty, I will feel a little more at ease if we can just achieve the following:

  1. Avoid turning this Middle Earth show into a Westeros Themed Wonderland complete with R-rated violence and sexual content. As someone who has been watching the movies since they were four, this bothers me - because if the show is going happen, then I want it to be a show that I could potentially watch with my future kid(s), the same way my brother and I grew up watching the movies with our parents.
  2. Avoid using the series as an excuse to spew out not-so-subtle political statements directed towards issues in today’s society. Well, I suppose it’s not as if Tolkien hated allegory right? OH WAIT! The reason his books are still timeless classics today is because their lack or allegory allows for various readers from different decades to be able to find content in it that they can relate back to their own lives and societal situations (it is not outdated that way). I shall thank you Amazon to do the same with this new show of yours. You don’t have to make it to prove any points, just make it to be good, and the points will prove themselves.

So how ‘bout it Amazon? Can we work together as a team? Can we get along and be friends? Can we join forces and make a show that can be looked back on with pride and love? As the dwarves like to say: “we are at your service.”

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Spread the word!

“You know what the best feeling ever is? 
Its the end of the party when almost everyone has gone home and it’s 2am and you’re sat on the sofa with your closest friends and you’re high on friendship and buzzed off the alcohol. You’re sleepy but not tired and secrets just roll off your tongue. There’s no judgement, just the peace and comfort of knowing you’re with your friends and right in that moment everything is okay, responsibilities can wait. That’s what happiness is; 2am, drunk, high and just vibing with the family you chose.”

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I sent her a message two weeks ago and told her that I was pregnant and how happy I was building a family with the love of my life. When I met her yesterday she pulled me into a hug and said "oh my god you're not showing at all" and I couldn't help but burst into tears. She immediately knew that something was wrong but I tried to act like those were just happy tears. She then hugged me again and I couldn't help but tell her that my doctor told me that there's a high chance that I will miscarry

and she just hugged me even closer and then asked me If I know why and if there’s any chance that we can do something about this. I said that I feel absolutely lost and hopeless because I had a miscarriage before and Taylor just looked into my eyes and grabbed my hand and said that she will make sure that I get a second opinion from a doctor who’s an expert and that she’ll promise me to try everything to help us save our “little angel” (that’s what she called my baby a few times).  and then she hugged me again and said how important it is for me to stay positive and have happy thoughts. And then she asked me all about what it’s like to be pregnant and If I feel sick or weird and how my husband reacted and everything. I said that my husband has some trouble dealing with my mood swings and she literally said “well, I’m not pregnant and my man has to deal with that already” lol She just really made me laugh and cheered me up and MADE ME be positive. And today, I just got an email with the address of a doctor ( Of course, I won’t say any names) and some possible date’s that I get to choose. I was overwhelmed because she didn’t just keep her word but when I asked for financial infos about this specialist I learned that “everything is being taken care of”… I’m speechless and thankful and even though everything about this is so private, I felt the deep need to share this story. I cannot even start to say how thankful I am for Taylor and how considerate and kind she is. She knows me and my story and I will never be able to thank her enough for doing everything to help me save my “little angel”. She, herself, is an angel and it makes me happy to know that she has found her own happiness. I hope everyone reading this will think twice from now on before judging Taylor or anything she does. I will never forget that she has done this for me and I will forever be thankful. Thank you for sharing this, Shay!

oh……my………god…….this woman is literally AN ANGEL!!! first of all, i’m so sorry for what you’ve been through and i’m sure everything will turn out for the better, but also wow, THIS IS WHO TAYLOR SWIFT IS! This is literally the best fan interaction i have heard and i really hope people understand her personality more rather than judge her. i’m so happy that she managed to get you advice and help, hopefully everything will turn out positive! Thank you so much for sharing this, you are very brave!

also the  “well, I’m not pregnant and my man has to deal with that already” hahahahaha this woman omg i love her so much

ADHD problems

Having to set an alarms for everything just in case you forget

Feeling constantly bored even when you’re doing something

Low self esteem

Knows you’re smart but the grades don’t correlate

Wonders why I can’t keep friendships

Getting Angry when being told what to do in a bossy tone

Having to be really early to everything because you fear you’ll be late

Working really hard on an assignment for weeks to only get a pass and other students did it in a night and get a high distinction

Being randomly sad

Finding out something good and being overtly happy

Accidentally saying something inappropriate

Not wanting to do anything out of fear that people will think you’re seeking “attention”

Not wanting to make friends due to people finding you “annoying”

Having a really messy house then randomly cleaning everything to a tee

Unable to save any money as have the urge to spend it

Unable to listen to a song without skipping it

Unable to read a book without doing something then coming back to it.



If you ever feel like you’re being followed

Do not keep your head down and walk faster or run, predators are more likely to go after those who seem weak and afraid and if you do that, they’ll know you’re on to them and take the opportunity to attack. Hold your head up high and stay aware of your surroundings meaning, take the earphones out and place your phone in your pocket. If you’re holding anything like bags, place them in your hands in a way where you can drop them easily and attack. Just quickly if you don’t know how to professionally defend yourself. A kick, a scratch, a punch, etc and always go for the weak spots of course. In between the legs, eyes, neck then run as fast as you can to some place where there are other people around but if they get you, scream from the top of your lungs and try to bite them as hard as you can.

the signs as ppl i know

aries: soooo fiesty. road rage as hell. life of the party and can definitely out drink you. probably super innocent before high school.

taurus: seem extremely stable on the outside, but hide a LOT of emotions. they can make great friends as long as they care enough about you to keep you around.

gemini: not as bad as people make them out to be!!! a lil fake but can be SO NICE and caring at times.

cancer: lil emotional babies. feel everything so strongly. when they love, they LOVE. but when they’re mad, stay away.

leo: a lil cocky, great sense of humor, can be kind of annoying.

virgo: super clean freaks. everything has to be perfect or they go nuts. the most anxious people i know.

libra: EXTREMELY kind hearted and loving. will take care of you always, just don’t get on their bad side… then they can turn nasty.

scorpio: super intense. very sexual. love cigarettes. probably have an addiction of some kind. never met one that wasn’t too much for me lol

sagittarius: my favorite sign. always down for an adventure and a laugh. not the best to talk to about your emotions. it’s not that they don’t understand, they’re just a lot better at being fun than being serious.

capricorn: so quiet, usually quirky as hell. hard to break through their shell, but once you do it’s SO worth it. they are lovable little beans.

aquarius: the sign i know least about, but the one aquarius i know has a sweet heart.

pisces: my other favorite sign. these are the most creative and hilarious people i know. they are hard to be friends with though because they are extremely independent.

I often feel like photographers don’t take enough advantage of the spectacular face of Benedict and it annoys me

that’s why I always seek for pictures like this one, where the lightening is so subtile that it literally sculpts his features

You can feel that the guy (or women of course, sorry I don’t know who took these promo Pics for Season 3 in the cafe at night)  aimed for absolute perfection

The result is, it also conveys  all of the complexity of  Sherlock’s feelings here, looking both so soft and hard, so focus and thoughtful…

that’s why I wanted to paint it

Thanks for watching !

And this is a call for help, because it’ll save me the search, ah ah  :

 if you got a particular picture of anyone in ‘Sherlock’ that you’d like me to paint, just let me know ( it has to be High Res if possible, no blurr !)

 Please  tell me why you like it (it’s a boost that I  know of people’s feelings when I’m working !)

Bye and Hugs  


the slytherin common room is like a palace. the students hold court there, discuss schemes and ambitions and scandals, at home in such a regal setting yet always with a slight edge stemming from the awareness that outside these walls–outside this dignified, fierce, protective slytherin family–there is an ugly, real, vicious world waiting to tear them apart. but no fear; the slytherins will be there with their experience and cunning honed in their very own fortress to glide through the storm, calm and cool and untouched. these students love each other boundlessly, and this is where they prepare each other for the road ahead.

if the slytherins have a palace, then the hufflepuff common room is like a cozy cottage. somehow, the cushions are fluffier, the fireplace warmer, the sofas squishier, and the atmosphere homier than anywhere else the puffs have ever been. they readily welcome all, the ambience of the room bright and cheery and open. you can feel the love and support in that room–the frankness different from the slytherins’ to be sure–not better or worse, just different with its in-your-face bounce. the hufflepuff common room is shelter in a storm, a reprieve from an exhausting journey, a re-charging station brimming with smuggled food and unending comfort. 

the ravenclaw common room is like a roman atrium, open, airy, and embracing the sky with all its endless possibilities. it is florence blooming during its renaissance, chock filled with creativity, knowledge, and curiosity, the high turrets mirroring the soaring dreams of the students. here they study, work, and review, but also paint, sing, debate, and experiment. the ravens have no limits, no judgment or boundaries, only acceptance and empathy in shared thirst for wisdom. competition for grades is fierce to be sure, but personal ambition never impedes camaraderie and mutual discovery. books are swapped, new portraits revealed, and essays edited by peers. the ravenclaw room nurtures, growing curiosities, sparking new interests, encouraging deeper understanding.

the gryffindor common room is like an artist’s loft, overflowing with windows and half finished paintings and heart. gryffindors do not hide, or don identities or masks or veils; they are just as transparent and candid and true to themselves inside the tower and out. these lions are brave enough to care, and their ferocious love pervades their home base. like the slytherins, they know the true battle never ends; for the gryffindors, there will always be more justice to pursue, more weak to protect, more fights to be won. red is fierce, fiery, bold, burning bright and everlasting, the color of vanquished enemies and flowing sunrises and sunsets. this gallery holds a striking portrait of courage, of opening up to the possibility of wounds willingly, an arsenal of strength for the brutal, pounding battle ahead.

and the great hall–why, the great hall is where all these stunning qualities meet, in a glorious clash of colors, vibrant and unforgettable, melding together to form a place of unity, a haven for all–hogwarts.

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Sandy's blog has inspired me to ask: what is your all-time favorite photo of Ben? (Just one. Control yourself, Steph) 😉

OH NONNY. I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THIS. I have had the same absolute fave pic for a few years, though I get the tinglies when I see some others! Can I cheat like Sandy and give more than one?? Please???

SCREW IT NONNY I CAN’T HELP MYSELF. You’re getting my top ten!!

(@yorkiepug​ I’m sorry I made fun of you, it is hard)

1. Okay, my all time fave pic is this one. 

THIS ONE RIGHT HERE. Gingerbatch? CHECK. FRECKLES?? CHECK. ADORABLE SMILE????? CHECK!!! BEAUTIFUL HANDS????? AKDLSFHALKSHDF CHECK!!!!!  EYES THAT END YOU???? FUCK ME, CHECK!!!! It’s only missing his nose crinkle!! Seriously, I love this pic SO MUCH. SO SO MUCH. IT’s the freckles. I have a thing for freckles, and I love that whoever photographed this, let his natural freckles show rather than hide them. It’s such a natural-looking photo, and it makes me happy so MUCH every time I see it! Honestly, this photo waters my crops. Even in my worst S.A.D. moments, this pic really lifts my spirits. I’m still trying to find a high res version of this pic so that I can make a beautiful print of it. Seriously, you guys have NO idea how much this pic just makes me feel so happy.

2. My fave photoshoot of his is the Vanity Fair 2016 Shoot… OH YOU KNOW WHICH ONE.

THIS ONE RIGHT HERE. That hip sliver does things to my tummy. Like FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUDGEMUFFINS, I can’t even swear with this photo because it’s so pure and beautiful. UGH he’s so SOFT and beautiful in this and it makes me so happy. Oh and this is the shoot that gave us this:

Just… that sucking motion is doing things to me. Moving on.


Just OMG THIS PIC. THIS FUCKING PIC and the loose curl. I love that fucking untameable curl. This is such a lovely pic of him, and it makes me so, so happy. His lips and eyes are SO beautiful and just that damned curl just is in every photo from this shoot and it makes me so happy. I love that fucking curl like it’s my child and it makes me sad that Ben doesn’t.

4. The Star Trek Into Darkness Shoot

I FUCKING LOVE THIS PHOTO. Just this hoodie and jacket combo REALLY REALLY suits him, and his cheekbones are SO BEAUTIFUL in this one. GUUUUUUHHH. 


OMG this photo makes me SO happy. I love this one SO MUCH. The goofy eyebrow and face, while wearing a suit. Ben is SO SILLY, I wish he let himself be this silly all the time. This photo is so precious!!


AAAAAWWWWWWW I love when he looks at the camera under his eyes. He looks so innocent and precious. This one especially is so lovely.


Ben’s inability to grow facial hair is so precious, so when we get pics of his with his actual facial hair, it’s so BEAUTIFUL because his natural hair colour can be seen and it makes me happy. AND said natural hair colour makes his eyes SO SO green and I LOVE IT.


FUCK THIS PHOTO. THIS ONE CURED MY ROSACEA (I wish it really did, but FUCK gosh). He’s SO precious, and I LOVE those crinkles SO MUCH. When he’s smiling genuinely, his WHOLE FACE just crinkles and scrunches and it makes me so happy.


ASDFADF This photo is so Lovely. Not sure if it’s an actual photoshoot or one that caught him unawares, but his stretch right on his tiptoes and the reveal of his tummy just makes me happy. AND JEANS. GAWD I love jeans on this man. Please, more photos of Ben in jeans.

10. The OUT Photo Shoot. 

BUT THIS ONE ESPECIALLY. THAT FUCKING SWEATER. That hole is driving me crazy and all I want to do is rip off his shirt.

Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED Talk, I nearly died searching my 2,000+ photos of Ben on my hard drive. :| I’m not creepy or anything.

the way allistics think of special interests, specifically the way they present this thinking in popular media, is pretty much a premium sample of how they think about autistic people in general re: the “high functioning/low functioning” mindset

computers/science/math autistics are the high functioners whose special interests revolve around something neurotypical society views as useful.

you can find these tv autistics being portrayed as Eccentric Misunderstood Geniuses on like every tv crime drama. also the writers will conveniently never use the actual word autistic. if they’re feeling daring they might say “on the spectrum” or use some euphemism like “he’s just…. Different” with an audible capital D.

trains autistics (and the rarer pop culture autistics that occasionally make an appearance) are the low functioners. even when the knowledge they possess is absolutely staggering it doesn’t matter because allistics don’t value this knowledge.

you can recognize this brand of tv autistic because they’re often presented in the light of “oh if only they would stop focusing on this useless thing and just Connect with their peers instead”.

tl;dr autistics in media essentially can usually be put into one of two equally shitty trope boxes and it all comes down to functioning labels and, beneath that, the essential allistic philosophy that autistic people’s worth is determined solely by how valuable we are to neurotypical society and how easily the Undesirable parts of ourselves can be swept under the rug. fuckin sweet.

Got7 reaction to s/o having high pain tolerance.

Anonymous said:Got7 reaction to their s/o having a weirdly high pain tolerance please! (Like they can accidentally cut their finger while cooking and not really feel it or they can get hit by something really hard and hardly react)


JB: You two are secretly dating, only the members know about the relationship. Let’s say your solo artist, and you were invited to be a co-host on weekly idol for the group Got7. A game was set up, you plus got7 participated, the loser had to get thumped on the forehead, by a chosen person to do the thumping. You lost and of course the boys picked JB to do the thumping. It was a very loud, hard thump, but you didn’t make a sound or flinch. Others: “That didn’t hurt? it sounded painful.” You: “Nah, If I wanted it to hurt, I could’ve thumped my self”

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Jinyoung: Both of you are playing around. Him: *Slightly shoves you* You: *Shoves back harder than him* Him: *Shoves back…too hard causing you to hit the wall* “Ah! I didn’t mean-” You: *laughs…..then SHOVE THE FUCK OUTTA HIM* Him: *GIF*

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Jackson: It was you, him, and some friends playing a game of bowling. Your turn was up, when you went to reach for the ball, you dropped it on your foot. Like any normal ass person, he thought you were gonna shout out crying or cursing, but instead you just picked the ball back up and continued to bowl. Came back to sit down like…..a fucking heavy ass bowling ball ain’t just fall on yo foot.

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Mark: He couldn’t open a jar up. It was tightly on and when he tried it hurt his fingers. You two were having a conversation, you started to get annoyed by his grunts of frustration from trying to open the jar, so you took it from him and just with one twist, it was open. You: *hands jar back* “Now, like I was saying” Him: “…….You know I opened most of it for you right?”

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Youngjae: You were cooking a meal from a cookbook and you thought you were doing everything so right. But your finished product did not come out right at all it looked like a piece of shit. You: “I don’t understand what I did wrong……….FUCK I FORGOT TO ADD MILK” *Bangs head on wall hard asf* Him: *GIF* what the fuck……..

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Bambam: You and him played the warhead challenge, loser had to buy everyone dinner tonight. He couldn’t even go with 2 in his mouth, you already had 7 in yours, and was still getting more. He just gave up, he knew damn well playing with yo ass, he wasn’t getting anywhere.

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Yugyeom: He can’t believe you just broke a thick ass piece of wood with your baby ass hands like it was nothing. If that don’t hurt you, he thought, then imagine the strength that comes with that high ass pain tolerance.

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1candy12  asked:

How do you deal with people stealing your art I want to post my art but Im too protective of my art I tried once but I always got the feeling in the back of my head that someone will steal it and the thought of it makes me mad

don’t post high res images (aka anything big enough to print and resell – stick to 72dpi and smaller than 1k-2k pixels) and watermark errything!! it may also be worthwhile to officially register a copyright for your work. this will help against truly harmful theft where people try to profit off your stuff, or missed exposure from someone reposting your work without credit. unfortunately you can never be 100% safe from theft or lack of attribution, aside from not posting your work anywhere at all…so for work that’s very personal, you’ll have to weigh whether posting is worth the risk to you

if someone does steal your art, many sites will let you report the theft, although some require you to fill out paperwork proving you’re the original creator of the work. if there’s a way to directly contact the person who’s posting or selling your work, give it a shot, but be professional about it – they may not even know the art is stolen or just weren’t aware of the etiquette involved when posting someone else’s work. if the theft is really bad, aka a big company is mass producing copies of your art for sale and there are serious damages involved, you can hire a lawyer

other than that, just try to be chill about the theft that doesn’t really matter. pick your battles and save most of your efforts for working on your art and presence. it’s definitely a shame that more people don’t respect all the hard work and expertise that goes into art, but don’t let the fear of theft stop you from creating things you love!!

Dark Nights (Part 5)

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Summary: Dean is recovering after going after the Alphas and gets a chance to have some calm time with the reader for once…

Dark Nights Masterlist

Pairing: Alpha!Dean x Omega!Reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language

A/N: A little bit of softer side with the boys…

Keep reading

i’ve posted about 90 high-res screenshots of various places around skyhold, mostly focusing on solas’ rotunda and his murals, but with some detail shots also of dorian’s nook, vivienne’s nook, the inquisitor’s quarters, and the main hall (with the free marches decor).

feel free to use for any purpose idgaf. if you want to see something else let me know i don’t mind screencapping stuff. i have a complete collection so i can change the decor too.

props to bioware’s art department, there are so many gorgeous little details that most players will never ever see, like all the stained glass patterns. or for instance: did you ever notice those little mabari heads carved in the beam underneath solas’ desk? looks like it was made in ferelden.


- Commission info -  

Sooo… for the first time I’m opening commissions// I wanted to do this for some time but never rlly got to it… so yea let’s get to it: 

  •  If you’re interested in commissioning me, contact me via (no asks please!) 
  • Email subject must be “ Commission (insert username/url)” 
  • In the email/message clarify the type you want, I work with visual descriptions mainly// (the more of references you send the better/), same goes for prefered poses, and a short description of the character (what are they like, or what show they are from,..) 
  • please mention possible deadlines (birthday/christmas gifts, etc.)  
  • I have the right to refuse a request for any reason
  • All payments are in USD and through Paypal and only via invoice/   
  • After I’m done with the sketch I’ll let you know and you can make changes to the sketch in that time. When you aprove the sketch I’ll send you an invoice through your Paypal email. I’ll continue working on the commission after once the price has been paid. 
  • once I’m done with your drawing I will send you a high-res file of the image (usually 200dpi / up to 2000px) 
  • I will probably upload your requested drawing on social media (here on tumblr). if you’re not okay with that, please let me know beforehand! (If you’ll be okay with it please add your URL so I can tag you in the finished picture/) 
  • you can ask for more WIP images of your commission aswell //   
  • feel free to ask questions// 

 for more examples of my art see my art tag

I will draw: 

  • OC’s, fanart, portraits, nudity
  • animals, anthros, pokemon 
  • simple backgrounds or transparent background
  • monsters, body horror (after disscussion)  
  • blood (in a smaller amounts) 

I will NOT draw: 

  • porn, fetishes, hate art/ offensive art (pedophilia, incest, etc.) 
  • robots, vehicles 
  • gore (srry not in this house..) 
  • stuff I’m not comfortable with  

 For now I have open 5 slots (might update this later on tho/) 

  1. -OPEN- 
  2. -OPEN- 
  3. -OPEN- 
  4. -OPEN- 
  5. -OPEN-

I’ll try to do them as fast as I can, but be avare that I might take some time too (for family related stuff or other work I have to do). if I am unable to continue working on your commission you will receive either a refund or a special offer for the art you commissioned. 

 Thank you for following me and supporting me// ❤❤❤

spell to soothe borderline personality disorder symptoms

bpd can be a nasty mess to handle sometimes. when your emotions are to high, you’re splitting on someone dear to you, or you’re trying to overcome black and white thinking, it can feel impossible to escape. here is a spell i put together to help ease your symptoms.

choose any of these ingredients:

  • amethyst (cleansing, expanding the mind)
  • ametrine (optimism, depression)
  • chrysoprase (anxiety, depression, mental health)
  • moon water (intent, calming, emotional)
  • lavender (anxiety, calming)
  • chamomile (anxiety, calming)
  • biotite (rationality, understanding)
  • rose quartz (love, self love)
  • smoky quartz (supports coping with stress and trauma, absorbs negativity)
  • clear quartz (stand in for any crystal)
  • selenite (mental clarity, powerful cleansing and charging crystal)
  • sunstone (depression, stress, fears)
  • citrine (focus, depression)
  • blue lace agate (anxiety, emotional healing, calming)
  • rosemary (anxiety, depression, calming)
  • mugwort (anxiety, calming)
  • rose oil (anxiety, calming)
  • salt (protection, carrier)
  • vetiver oil (calming, balancing)
  • ylang ylang oil (calming, steadies the mind, clears negativity)
  • basil (steadies the mind, happiness)
  • dried orange peel (focus)
  • red jasper (steadies and clears the mind)

cast a circle. this can easily be done by imagining a pure, white circle of energy spreading out from inside you; a personal protective shield. next, within a black or light blue sachet bag, piece of fabric, or a clear jar, mix your chosen ingredients. put them together carefully, thinking of your intent as you go. if using fabric for a sachet, you can either anoint your bag with your chosen oil(s) or water, or mix a drop into your salt to carry the liquid. be careful when handling essential oils.

once you finish mixing your ingredients, close the bag or jar and press a kiss to it. then, repeat (or write, or sign) these words up to three times:

“by the power inside me,

and my intent inside this [bag/jar],

wash away the intensity of my emotions,

balance my heart,

and take care of my mind.”

additional possible ending:

“so mote it be.”

once you’ve finished, tuck your sachet or spell jar away in a place where you’ll see or be around it often. you may choose to seal your jar with black or blue wax for extra strength. eat something small to replenish your energy, meditate for a few minutes, or do something you enjoy. give yourself a pat on the back, you deserve it. ✨

Of course my kick-off for this brand new blog should be a Ned!

I tried to give this painting a little bit of an old photograph feeling and fuse realism with a more stylised approach. I’m pretty happy with the discoveries I made technique and brush wise and how he turned out eventually. Expect more Ned, he’s really high on my favorites list.

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