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gotta be careful about what you tell an alien who’s just found out he’s an alien

a doodle comic that got totally outta hand bc man reigen makes such a cool agent

MIB AU setup from this post  

HUFFLEPUFF: “You will fall in love with your friends. Deep, passionate love. You will create a second family with them, a kind of tribe that makes you feel less vulnerable. Sometimes our families can’t love us all the time. Sometimes we’re born into families who don’t know how to love us properly. They do as much as they can but the rest is up to our friends. They can love you all the time, without judgement. At least the good ones can.” –Ryan O’Connell (The People You Will Fall In Love With In Your 20s)


Yuzuru teased his coach with the expression “I know, I know, I know!” when Brian told him to just skate around and not jump anymore. What I love about Yuzuru is that his face is so animated, you can tell his feelings right away. 

Our boy is a little devil, poor his coach. Brian looks like: “KID!! UGHH! I am done!” The gif is from @eggplantgifs

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I’m going to scream.

This is seriously an amazing au. I feel the need to write for it and make cool prompts and hnnnnnnng.

But in all seriousness, this is my dream as a Fanfiction author. Well-thought out with a detailed background, it makes for a good pre-layout, much like an actual show/book would. It also has essential dynamics(Changing, Life, the whole ice scenario) that create a solid backbone for authors. With how it’s written, I could clearly see details and feel any artist wanting to create fanart for this AU could easily do it(but then again I’m not an artist so who am I to say).

It has so much potential that I can’t put it into words! It’s just so well thought out and beautiful and I seriously can’t wait to see more of it. Hell, I may even write a couple drabbles based off of it! With credit of course. An AU like this has potential for authors and artists alike to practice scenes they may not be used to writing, mainly high-action, face-paced scenes or incredibly dangerous stealth scenes.

I know I’ve gone on for so long, but I love AUs like this and I’m incredibly happy that Yuri!!! On Ice has one like it. I’ve roleplayed and written a few AUs for this series, but none have truly caught my attention like this one.

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I was way to into that…I may have to write a fic version of this because i got to the end and was like ‘awwwwwww it’s over??’ I need more!!! Permission to attempt a fic version?

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I want to read this, so interesting *___________* Someone write this!!     

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holy fuck i would read the shit out of this                

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Thank you all so, so much for liking my Inferno AU, especially @the-fan-garbage-can for writing out such an incredibly detailed review ;A; Nothing can be more satisfying than people loving my world building, honestly my favorite part of creating, and especially on an original AU like this one because it means you still connected with it. I’m deeply flattered and incredibly humbled, thank you so, so much! It makes me incredibly happy to have shared something that means something to you ;A;

But if at all possible, and you may feel I am selfish for wanting this, but I would sincerely appreciate if people could hold off on writing fics for this particular AU. (simply vaguely inspired by the aesthetic and want to do your own thing inspired by but not set in this AU? Please go right ahead, credit for inspiration would be appreciated)

The reason why I request this is because this is literally just the initial post, testing the waters, a background synopsis and image aesthetic introduction, a prologue if you will to the main show, a comic series I hope to illustrate. I have intentionally and carefully omitted and glossed over many plot-essential details in the synopsis because they will be revealed in the main plot, or are part of a plot twist. Many details included in the synopsis may seem random or unimportant now, but may tie into important things in the actual story. Many things may also intentionally be confusing because they are meant to be shown in visual form (like the Medals). Other massive parts of world building are purely visual and will never be directly acknowledged in writing, but I hope that some people who pay close attention will catch them, and this may have a pretty big impact on how you perceive the AU setting as a whole.

The point is, the entire synopsis text is a very selective snippet of information meant to provide context for my main comics. It does not at all give you the full picture, nor is it meant to, because then what would be the point of the story? ^ ^; I spent a very long time planning this, not only alone but also with a friend, and I present what I do to you now for a reason.

Again, I am incredibly flattered that people feel inspired and want to read more, and I do understand personal preference and perhaps people would prefer a text-only fic where my comic-format story telling may be unsatisfactory. But please understand that it can feel a bit…well, demotivating and pressuring when I know that people are rapidly using my synopsis for their own stories, not because I am offended that it inspires creativity, but because I’ve very carefully planned this out combined with how time consuming comic-drawing can be. I do not want to feel like I am competing with others to tell my plot twists first. So if at all possible, I would like to request that I get to tell my own story first, the story that the post was created for.

If for some reason you do not wish to grant my request, please understand my wanting to not see your posts, not because I am not interested or do not respect your creativity, but because of the reasons I stated above.

Thank you very much for your understanding, and I sincerely hope that you will support and encourage me in finishing this AU. m(_ _)m

You attack those like me
The fairer sex, we’re called
You try to control our bodies
When they do not belong to you at all
You take away our funding
You take away our rights
We marched around the world
To show we’re ready for the fight
Women will not be silenced

You blame us for all your problems
Which is, in the least, unjust
We came for jobs, safety, freedom
Now just look at us
We are attacked for our heritage
In this “haven of diversity”
But now we see White matters more
In the grim face of adversity
Immigrants will not be silenced

Our community has been long hated
They call it a “disease”
We’re called dirty, filthy, unholy
By those praying on their knees
You can’t shock away our feelings
Because we feel only love
And there’s no room in politics
For your creator, up above
The LGBTQ community will not be silenced

We’re called terrorists for how we look
Without a real reason why
Our hijab seem to frighten you
You never meet my eye
We are refugees, in need of help
We reached out for your hand
Just to have ours slapped away
“We can’t trust you. You’re banned.”
Muslims will not be silenced

There are many more like us
We are not ashamed of who we are
We will fight against oppressors
And show our battle scars
We have fought for many years
Against your white, male biased
But no matter how loud you yell over us
We will not be silenced

I’m not a writer by any means and if this is awful (or in some way offensive) I will absolutely take it down but I had some late night feelings about our new administration.

Hey, Superhuman.

Next time you start to feel incapable and unintelligent, remember this;
Our mind can process 126 pieces of information every second.
You, my friend, are anything BUT unintelligent.
You have the heart of a burning fire and the mind of a super-human.

You’re amazing.

sshh he sleep

((this just in; 2017 will be the year of svt because performance team decided to drop a legit mv for highlight. god bless this wonderful babies uvu))


because of the recent shortage of gays in space, I was motivated to draw one of my favourite Space Gays, Steve Cortez, whom I love very much

Today is the first day of spring
It was sixty six degrees and
The sun kissed me
We took off our shoes and ran
In the grass not yet green enough
To stain our socks

Can you feel it over there?
Is it warm? Can you swim in it?
Did you feel Gaia opening her eyes?
Is it coming up sunny
And spinning on your fingers?
Did the dandelions greet you
In that chorus of yellow
Who could ever call those weeds

I heard a song I thought of you
In study hall today
I was sitting by the window
Dreaming of train tracks
Feeling of spring

—  March 20th