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I hate that i cant apologize to people without feeling annoying and manipulative or obsessive. Like, I know what i did was not okay or i know that they're stressed and im not helping, etc, but i cant say anything without feeling like im guilt tripping them or something and it drives me insane because i just want to apologize :•(

Try and plan out an apology. Start with “I want to apologise, but i understand if now isn’t the best time. I can wait for whenever you’re ready.” When you do apologise, just be straight forward, and avoid any excuses. Simply stating what you did, how it effected them, and that it was wrong is enough. Say that you take responsibility and want to make it up to them. If you just do it like this, there won’t be any guilt tripping

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How do I stop comparing myself to others and feeling like I'm not enough?

That’s a hard one! It’s something I think we all struggle with. I know I do at least from time to time, it’s hard not to when you do youtube. I feel like I’m not doing enough with youtube and I see what others are doing and it makes me feel worse about it.

What I usually try to do is reaffirm the accomplishments I have done or try to reaffirm my belief in myself. That what I’m doing is good in its own right and try to eliminate the though of what others are doing in comparison to myself. I look to you guys and to my friends for support and validation in times of need.

Another good method is to use what others are doing to try motivate you to do more and try harder. It’s easy to sit back and think “Man they’re doing it all and have so many interesting things going on” and let that defeat you but sometimes it’s good to use that as a drive in yourself to do more. 

Time isn’t going to wait for any of us. Our time is right now to do what we can and what we want so we should use that time the best we can. It’s not easy and sometimes it feels damn near impossible but anything can be done if you set your mind to it. 

Ten eclipse tips

1. Never look directly at the sun. This makes the sun uncomfortable, and may be interpreted as an attempt to establish dominance. The sun almost never attacks unless eye contact is made first. Always practice sun safety!

2. Similarly, do not try to photograph the eclipse. Solar eclipses have no reflections, cannot be viewed in mirrors, and require a constant supply of blood. As a consequence, they are unphotographable and you should probably avoid them after dark.

3. If you are still planning to use your camera during the eclipse, we recommend using a delayed-release timer. This should give you enough time to flee to a safe distance. Remeber to etch your camera body with your name so that you can identify the remains afterwards. A silver memory card is also a must if you insist on retrieving the pictures, although we cannot think why you would want to.

4. Plan your trip to the area of totality beforehand. Choose an area that has viable escape routes, is not downwind of any volcanoes, and contains no graves. Note that this includes fossils: be sure to check ahead of time!

5. Never watch the eclipse whilst driving. You should only drive away from eclipses, which, as previously noted, will not be discernable in the rear-view mirror. If you do look behind you whilst fleeing an eclipse, the eclipse may not be allowed to return to Earth and you may end up being torn apart by either maenads or eclipse hunters of the future.

6. No matter how exciting your picnic plans may be, never bisect a piece of raw meat inside a circle of salt at the moment of greatest darkness.

7. During the eclipse, birds may get confused and wander off. If you encounter any disorientated birds, treat them kindly and give them directions back to the sky. It may also start raining men. This is not normal and should be reported to the authorities.

8. Make sure to look at your shadow during the eclipse. I mean, when did you last look at your shadow? Really look? The poor thing is feeling neglected and goodness knows they get anxious during periods of partial darkness. Give it a little hug if you can and make sure it knows you’re thinking of it.

9. Look out for light beaming through the canyons of the moon. If you can record these points on a moon map, you too may be able to cash in on the lunar light-mining revolution which is soon to come. In the future years of darkness you will be very glad you did this.

10. After viewing the eclipse, you may feel a chill hollow at the very heart of your being, as though the circle of darkness had sucked a portion of your soul away with it. But be honest: this is how you felt before the eclipse, isn’t it? We find it reassuring to know that experimental theologians have comprehensively debunked the soul-extraction eclipse theory. That awful absence most likely comes from creeping nightwalkers or the things without lanterns instead.


As of: August 22, 2017


Netflix and chill?

“I’m coming over for cuddles and kisses.”

“I’m living every girls dream.”


“I can make an exception for you.” (Halloween)

“Chillin’ by the fire.”

Date Night

“I don’t care if I get sick.”

“Chivalry is dead, but you’re still kinda cute.”

“I miss you so much.”

“I can’t believe I’m letting you do this.”

“But you’re so cute when you’re sleeping.”

“No hints, sorry.” (Christmas)

“Morning beautiful.”

“Yeah, it is my business.”

“Be the strong girl that I know you are.”

“I believe in you, and you should believe in yourself.”

“Baby Food Challenge.”

“I’m so glad I can finally call you mine.”

“I’m catching feelings.”

“I love every inch of your body.”

“I need to know that you’re okay.”


“I don’t like when we fight.”

“I hope you’re not mad at me.”

Day of Filming

“Come with us.”

“I have a huge surprise.”

“Please prove them wrong.”

“Happy New Year.”

“This is gonna be a long night.”

Late Night Dance Party

“Thank you for being here.”

“I love you so much already.”

First Date (Preference)

“It’s time for us to take the next step.”

“I cherish our friendship more than anything.”

“Any time would’ve been a good time.”

“I promise they’ll love you.”

“You should smile more.”

“I could really use a cuddle.”

“Babe, is everything okay?”

“I just wanted us to have a lazy day together.”

“How can you love something so broken?”

“Boyfriend buys my clothes.”

“You haven’t told him yet?”

“Can anything else go wrong tonight?”

“I told you to be careful.”

“I can’t wait to fill this house with memories.”

“You wanna take a drive with me?”

“You’re gonna have another me to deal with.”

“I can’t wait for you two to find out.”


“You’re the best, you know that?”

“I’m here for you always. You know that.”


“Who’s tryna get bit?” (Halloween)

“You should probably stay a couple more days.”

 “Don’t tease me like that.”

“I’ve gotta mark my territory.”

“But you know I like to spoil you.”

“C’mon, let’s go.”

Dear John

“Everyone is Going to Love You.” (Christmas)

“You didn’t tell me you were twins.”

“It’s just a movie.”

“It’s like you don’t even know who I am.”

Night of Relaxation

“I think it’s time to confirm everything.”

“I’m ready when you are.”

“Were you out with another guy?”

“You shouldn’t be scared to tell me things.”

“Girlfriend vs. Brother Challenge”

“I just couldn’t stop thinking about her.”

“I am so blessed I get to call you mine.”

“Are we having twins?”

“You like him, don’t you?”

Grayson fights your ex

“It was her boyfriend.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“Happy birthday babe.”

“I made a mistake.”

“Back off my girl.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Merry Christmas baby.”

“I just wanna cuddle right now.”

Valentine’s Day Road Trip

Rainy Day

First Date (Preference)

Tea Time

Shower Sex (Preference)

Best Friends (Preference)

“You’re not a burden.”


Hawaiian Vacation

Traveling (Preference)


“Do you forgive me?”

“Our fans ship us.”

“You’re stuck with me.”

“You need a vacation.”

“I can’t believe I’m going to Coachella.”

Target Adventure

“You had a boy over?”

“I wanna be more than friends.”

“I’ll always appreciate your company.”

Never Have I Ever

“Admit it, you like him.”

“I love you.”

“You really didn’t think I would miss your graduation, did you?”

“Clothes. Off, now.”

“I needed to clear my head.”

“You love me too much.”

“I have something I wanna show you.”

“I wasn’t settling.”

“I gotta take care of my girl.”

“I saw a shooting star and thought of you.”

“Boyfriend Does My Makeup” Challenge

“I wish you were my prince.”

“I’m coming over to take care of you.”

“They’ll love you.”


“Messy Trivia Challenge”

The Dizzy Challenge

“Which one would you choose?”

What’s in My Pants Challenge

“You’re better off without him.”

Night Drive

Summary: In which you help Bucky combat a sleepless night by going on a night drive.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,366

A/N: Oh hey, it’s me. I guess I’m back.

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The screaming starts late that night. Or maybe it starts early that morning; it’s too dark outside your window to be sure of the time.

Rubbing the sleep out of your eyes is easier said than done. Your slumber had been a deep one, as the fatigue from two sleepless nights in a row had caught up to you. Once your head hit the pillow, you were convinced nothing could possibly wake you up.

Nothing except the sound of Bucky’s screams in the room down the hall from yours.

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1. For months and months and months, you will debate if you should try harder or just give up on the past three years of your life
2. You know you deserve better but think, “Maybe I won’t find it, maybe I don’t deserve better”
3. You do
4. You were not happy, just comfortable
5. You should have left
6. When your feelings were made invalid- you should have left
7. When he poked fun at your insecurities day after day until you didn’t find yourself beautiful anymore- you should have left
8. When he condescendingly told you over and over to “Maybe pick a healthier choice” at the market- you should have left
9. When you were upset with him for something he said or did, yet somehow it was always your fault- you should have left
10. When you put his happiness before your own, but so did he- you should have left
11. When you exhausted all of your efforts into making him happy, and got little in return- you should have left
12. When he did not make an effort with your family or friends- you should have left
13. When he only found you beautiful with the lights off- you should have left
14. When you even thought you might be settling- you should have left
15. Everyone will tell you to leave, you will even tell yourself to leave, but it is so much harder than you ever thought it could be
16. Because you know you should leave
17. But you will not be able to go through with it the first time
18. You will get to his house and he will look so good and it will get to you- like always
19. The apologies and the “I promise I’ll try harder” ‘s will get to you – like always
20. The look on his face knowing you might actually leave this time, you might actually walk away, will get to you- like always
21. You will suddenly remember all of the amazing memories that you have shared and you will think “Am I really making the right decision?” – like always
22. You will hug him so tight and your heart will break when you realize this could be it
23. But this time you stop
24. And this time you leave
25. And this time you don’t go back, you don’t turn around, you don’t call him when you get home and say, “Hey, I’m really sorry, I made a mistake. Come back.” – like always
26. And this time, this last time, you will feel like you left a piece of yourself at his house in his basement; the same basement where you shared so many firsts and so many laughs and so many memories
27. And you will walk in your front door, right past where he first told you that he loved you and you will feel empty inside
28. And you will tell your parents and they will look at you like you could burst at any second because this time it’s different and this time it’s real and this time it happened
29. And your friends and family will be shocked that “you are taking it so well”
30. But they won’t know how nauseous you get every time he is brought up
31. They won’t know that your heart physically aches
32. They won’t know that you will cry on the bathroom floor until you can’t breathe anymore
33. And they won’t know that you will break down when his brother posts a video with his voice in it
34. The voice that convinced you so many times to stay
35. The voice that you aren’t even sure you recognize anymore
36. You were finally strong enough to say enough is enough, you don’t deserve this. But was it the right choice? Did you mess up?
37. You can’t imagine him with anyone else
38. You will be forced to put everything he gave you into a box because you can’t bear to look at in anymore
39. But you can’t get rid of it
40. You can’t just throw away three years
41. Like he did
42. You will text him a month later and he won’t want to talk to you and it will make you not want to be here anymore
43. You will laugh with your friends, but that night you will cry yourself to sleep
44. You will breakdown in the middle of Target because someone is wearing the same cologne as him
45. You won’t be able to drive past his house for months without crying
46. You will search for a distraction, in any place you can, because feeling nothing is better than feeling this
47. You will delete his number from your phone so he doesn’t hate you when you accidentally drunk text him
48. You will wait until four in the morning to go to sleep when you are dead tired because you won’t want to be left alone with your mind
49. You will feel like you are on the verge of tears for months at a time
50. You will look at old pictures months later and not recognize them or yourself; everything is different
51. “I wanted it to me you and me”
52. You will feel like this is never going to end
53. Because no one ever tells you how to leave
—  Anonymous, ​What no one told me about leaving
Of Snowstorms and Men (Bucky AU Oneshot)

Characters: reader x Bucky, OC Tara (mentioned)

Request of sorts from this post by @whothehellisbella , summary/prompt by @novaya-model:

Hot single dad hires a broke babysitter who happens to need a date to their ex’s wedding and the two get stuck in a snow storm on the drive up there and have to cuddle in the small, tight backseat to keep warm

Warnings: mild swearing? Mentions of cheating and sexy times.

 Word Count: 3.2k (yikes. heh.)

Tags are at the bottom. Permanent list is CLOSED I’M SORRY. 

A/N: Holy crap, you guys. I haven’t written so much so fast in a really really long time. Like, 3k in 2 hours. Whoa. I’m a slow writer usually. I saw Bella’s post though and my fingers just started flying!! This is basically just a huge jumble of tropes and I really hope you like it. Any feedback and comments are appreciated! Love you guys!! 

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Three Weeks Ago:

“No offense I hope, but…you seem a bit older than most of the other applicants,” said the man who sat before you.

“None taken, I promise. Trust me, I never thought I’d be applying for a nanny job in my late 20s because I can’t get a job even with a Master’s degree,” you replied, laughing nervously.

“Understood,” he nodded. “So, what makes you a good fit for this position, Ms. (Y/L/N)?” he asked, tapping a pen lazily on your resume before him.

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Dating Ethan Dolan Would Include

the daddy video today was so weird but im happy that my main lane would b a good dad ; )

  • watching you do your makeup
  • awwww he’d be so interested and insist that you didn’t need any bc you’re beeeauuttiful
  • yelling at him when he injures himself bc lets b real,, it happens pretty often
  • the eye rolls jeeeez
  • and he reasons that he’s a #sAvaGE
  • bc cameron gets pretty annoyed when she has to film for the boys,, a lot of the time u do
  • “gaawwddd (y/n) you don’t know how to work a camera?”
  • omg, u would get to witness ethan after a workout
  • and he’s all sweaty
  • and probs handsy ;;;;;;)
  • when he’s thinking too much he’ll lay his head in your lap
  • or lay across your lap and sigh until u give him a little massage
  • he sometimes will blabber away about his problems
  • and other times he’ll just close his eyes and enjoy your touch
  • sticking his ugly ass feet in your face
  • i feel like he’s a big cheek kisser
  • like when you’re just minding your own business, he’ll do it to try and get your attention or to make you feel better if you are having a bad day
  • when you’re giving him the silent treatment or just being sassy, he’ll pick you up and carry you over his shoulder to the bedroom
  • he would JOKINGLY make ‘daddy’ jokes with u which u end in you blushing sm omg
  • he has no problem embarrassing you in public btw
  • he also doesn’t mind showing a little pda
  • cheek kisses
  • forehead kisses
  • shoulder kisses
  • small hugs
  • and hand holding
  • when he kisses you he likes to place his palm right below your ear, having his thumb on your cheek
  • he’s a pretty passionate kisser
  • sometimes he would forget that he’s all muscle and jump on you
  • he can wrap his arms alllllll the way around you so that he could grab his elbows (if that makes sense??)
  • he likes to be the big spoon
  • but if he’s having trouble with anything he likes to feel your arms wrap around him when he’s falling asleep
  • any time any where legit
  • in public
  • at his moms house
  • in front of grayson
  • you would often playfully punch or slap him bc somehow this boy’s hands are on your body all. the. time.
  • grayson would be so annoyed w you two
  • omg
  • he would groan and leave the room
  • i feel like ethan would want a girl who could keep up with him, so that means;; sosososoossooso many hikes and drives to random places
  • sometimes you have to camp out in his truck bc y’all drove too far away from home
  • watching the sunsets and sun rises together
  • and looking at the stars
  • hand on your thigh or intertwined with yours when he’s driving his truck
  • getting that cheesy ass smile all the time
  • he would be so scared to tell u that he loved you
  • like so scared
  • more scary than going up on stage at the teen choice awards
  • he almost cried when he told u bc he was so scared
  • but you giggled first and so did he
  • lmk if y’all want a part 2 because i could go on forever looooool

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Fault - 2

(Part 1)


“Bucky had never been held responsible for what he’d done, but you, oh god, everything that had happened had been your fault, and Bucky knew it too.”

Word Count: 1251
Warnings: Injury, angst

There are bright lights when you come to, blinding. That’s the first thing you notice.

The second is the pain, hitting you like a brick to the chest then spreading agonizingly quickly, like fire, to every inch of your body.

The third is that you’re moving. Fast.

“Stop–” You cough, hacking up your lungs as blood coats your lips. Bucky throws you a worried glance through the rear-view mirror, and then you’re moving faster.

Stop the car!” The words are just out of your mouth before your body convulses in on itself, sending you into another coughing fit, eyes daring to shut again because of the pain. The car jerks swiftly to the right, then jolts to a stop. In the backseat, you gasp for air.

The door above your head opens and cold air rushes in, stinging your face. It’s wet outside, but the sky is clearing up and there’s a couple stars shining, and you’re trying to focus on them in hopes that it’ll distract you from the pain. Then Bucky’s face appears in your line of sight, eyebrows pulled together, and his mouth is moving, saying the same thing over and over until you can finally make out his words. “What happened? What’s wrong?”

And truth be told? You’ve been wondering the exact same thing. There’s panic ebbing its way into your veins, coiling in your stomach and threatening to slip past your lips in cries for help, but you can only just manage to whisper between coughs.

You want to say something, but suddenly there’s a hand on your arm and every single nerve in your body tenses and there are alarms – sirens – going off in your head, the word danger flashing in an angry red in your mind. “Stop! Stop! Don’t touch me!”

The hand is gone as fast as it came, and Bucky’s alarmed face is in front of you again, eyes wide. He takes you in for a moment, barely concealed panic behind his blue eyes, before his expression falls into a neutral. “Look Y/N. Everything that happened back at the tower? We can deal with it later, okay? Just let me get you help first.”

You want to scream. Nothing makes sense. Nothing around you makes any sense at all, and the word ‘help’ is so foreign it sounds more like a threat than a promise of safety.

Your actions are slowed down by the wounds all over your body, and with your mind equally as hazy, you don’t get time to respond before the door slams shut. You flinch.

The front door opens and Bucky sits down and then he’s driving again, and you’re in and out of consciousness, trying to figure out a way to get out of the car but knowing that in your state, there’s no way you could manage.

“I have to–” you breathe sharply as the car swerves to the left. “Tell you something. Bucky, listen–”

There’s another sharp turn to the right this time. Your body lurches forward and the seat belt suddenly feels like a knife to the stomach, cutting into the exposed, bloody skin. It hurts, god, it hurts so much that you can barely focus on anything around you. Tears cloud your vision, and your eyes roll to the back of your head.

They know, Bucky. They know and they’re going to come back.

The words never slip past your lips.

“Look, I just–”

“You better get out of here before I blast your punk ass out.”

This is the second time you wake up to bright lights, and it takes a few blinks to clear your vision. This time, there’s no pain. Instead, it feels like you’re floating on a cloud, and everything around you is a different, calm kind of hazy. It feels kind of nice for once, until–


The arguing around you comes to a stop, and the constant hum of machines fills the room. Tony, casually leaning against the wall with a bag of dried blueberries in his hand, pushes off when he sees you awake. He throws a glance at the other man in the room , sporting a black and purple bruise around his left eye, and your breath hitches in your throat as you’re hit with an overwhelming sense of familiarity. There’s a thump in your chest, reflected by the quickened pace of the heartbeat monitor, and you shift backwards on the

The man looks at you, opens his mouth to say something, then stops at a cutting look from Tony. He closes his mouth, throws you one last glance, then shuffles out the door.

“How you feelin’, kid?” Tony asks as he walks to the side of your bed.

“Like shit.”

He laughs, and you can tell that he wants to say more, that there’s words caught on the tip of his tongue, but he bites them back with a lopsided grin and settles for a hair-ruffle instead. You’re too tired to swat him away.

The door swings open, and this time a nurse and doctor walk in. Routine procedure, now that you’re awake, they tell you. A couple broken ribs, a concussion, broken leg, four stitches across the forehead, twelve staples near the abdomen, and the list goes on. Then come the questions, which gain a few weird looks from Tony and a ton of scribbles from the nurse.

“You’ve been in a medically induced coma for the past week to aid in reducing the swelling of your brain,” the doctor says. You stare at him and he continues, “But you are showing symptoms of post-traumatic amnesia. It’s transient, so don’t stress about it. You received a lot of head trauma, so it’s expected. Your memories should return shortly; don’t try to force them back by thinking too hard, that’ll only hurt your head.”

You nod, trying to process the information. There’s this feeling that you can’t shake off, that you know something important that you have to tell someone, but you can’t figure it out and now you know why.

“We need to complete a few more tests, so you’ll be in here for the next couple days, but once that’s done, you’re free to go.” You nod again, and the doctor fixes some equipment around the room before leaving with the nurse trailing behind him.

Tony plops down in the plastic chair beside your bed. “Amnesia, huh?” You sigh in response.

“Okay, so, I was totally cool about the situation, but Capsicle? Think New York City, twenty-ten, fresh-out-of-the-ice. Guy was the most scared I’d ever seen.” A chuckle escapes your lips, followed by a groan of pain, and Tony only smiles.

“Get some rest, kid,” he says as he gets up to leave. “I’m gonna grab something to eat.”

And he’s almost at the door when the question that’s been bugging you can’t stay in your head any longer.

“Tee,” you croak, voice raspy and mouth parched. He pauses and turns to look at you, eyebrows raised in question. “Who was that guy you were talking to?”

Tony stiffens for a moment, eyes hardening and not meeting your gaze. Then he smiles, “No one you need to worry about right now, Y/N. Get some sleep.” He leaves the room.

For someone who had been asleep for the past week, you’re pretty tired. So you close your eyes, sinking into the pillow as sleep overtakes your body.

You dream of the man’s blue eyes and metal arm.

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a/n: get some tissues this is nearly 3000 words of pure emotion and sadness and angst

Slamming the door closed on your car, you carefully walked up the path to your sister’s bridal shower, large gift box in hand. You had flown home from Shawn’s tour to get ready for your return to university, and you made it back in time to go to her shower.

Thankfully, the door had been opened so you didn’t have to worry about balancing the gift in one hand. It wasn’t even that impressive of a gift, it was just a blender. But, it wasn’t a cheap blender, so you didn’t dare loosen your grip as you walked down the hall, until you dropped it on the table with the rest of the gifts.

“Hey! Glad you could make it!” Your sister’s best friend smiled, hugging you.

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anonymous asked:

Thank you for the seduction headcanons! Can you do yandere headcanons for the S and M bros too? I hope you're almost done with school!

Thank you! I’m done school now so I finally have time to write. :’) Hope you like this!

Warning: All of the diaboys are freakishly possessive and all have the potential to be yandere. This contains possessive, abusive, and violent themes. If you’re uncomfortable with that, then don’t read this.



  • Ayato will get angry if you don’t sleep beside him, regardless of the reason. If you’re not beside him when he wakes up he’ll go ballistic, and be struck with fear. Ayato will frantically search the house for you.
  • He adores any attention and praise you can give him. If he sees you caring for anyone other than him he will hastily take you away from the individual. Ayato will litter your body with his fang marks and kisses in a fit of jealousy.
  • When he’s skipping class he prefers to sneak into your own classes and watch you from the shadows.


  • He doesn’t really look like it at first glance, but he is the type to kill any potential love rivals if he feels threatened enough. Expect Laito to lock you up in the dungeon for a few days afterwards.
  • Laito is observant of his s/o’s mannerisms and habits. Once Laito starts to grow romantic interest in his s/o he will make sure he knows everything about them. From their hobbies, to their daily schedules.
  • Laito is well known for being a voyeur, and gains sexual pleasure from watching his lovers play around with other individuals. However, he will never let his s/o partake in that. He would erupt with jealousy and end up killing the people who dared to touch you.


  • It doesn’t matter where, if Kanato isn’t given the attention he wants from you, he will cry in an effort to gain your attention. If that doesn’t get him the amount of attention he wants, he will drag you to someplace secluded and forcefully suck your blood.
  • If provoked enough, he will kill anyone who poses a threat to your relationship. If the threat were to escalate, he would lock you up in his room. That way, you’re able to focus your entire being on him, and him alone.
  • Kanato was very deprived of affection while growing up. When he starts to develop romantic feelings for you, albeit unhealthy, he will grasp onto any bits of affection you can give him. It’s not long before his attachment for you escalates to dangerous heights, and he’s driving away anyone who can disrupt your relationship.


  • He’s very subtle with his affections. However, should you get too close to any potential rivals, he will become exceedingly jealous. Shu would drag you to his room to punish you. He would call you derogatory names, whilst harshly sucking your blood.
  • Shu will not directly engage with possible rivals, as he finds it far too troublesome to actually kill them. Instead, he’ll hover around you constantly, making sure his presence will alert others to back off.
  • Eventually, he would find hovering around you all the time to be tiresome. If he wants to keep you all to himself he might as well just lock you up.


  • At first, Reiji is very subtle with his affections. However, as time goes on he begins to grow more and more possessive of you. He will start to place strict rules on you and greatly limit your freedom. 
  • If you’re getting too close to someone for his liking, he will drug your tea with poison, or whip you as punishment.
  • Should you ever show too much affection to another man, Reiji will kill you.


  • Subaru is very direct, and upfront with his affections towards you. He despises whenever guys get too close to you and is the one who will react the most violently out of his brothers. If he doesn’t kill them, he’ll have beaten them within an inch of their life.
  • Oddly, Subaru always seems to be there whenever you are in need of help. Unbeknownst to you, Subaru is always watching you from the shadows. He makes sure to chase away any possible threats, and will help you when needed.
  • If Subaru ever killed you in a fit of jealous rage, his mind would slowly crumble to insanity. At first, he would deny himself of ever killing you. He would talk to and show affection to your corpse, completely disregarding the fact that he killed you. Eventually he would crack and kill himself out of despair.



  • Once Ruki’s affection for you has escalated to dangerous levels, he’ll throw you in the dungeon immediately. That way, no one but him has the ability to see, and talk to you. You’re his livestock and he has the right to do whatever he wants with you.
  • Ruki already has an initial distrust for women, but it’s tenfold when it comes to you. He is paranoid that you’ll leave him one day, so he makes sure that his familiars are always watching you 24/7.
  • Ruki is very dominant, and controlling towards you. Similar to Reiji, he sets strict rules that greatly limit your freedom. Expect severe punishments should you choose not to follow them.


  • Kou would be so manipulative towards you. He’s the type of person who would manipulate everyone around you into disliking you. That way, everyone else is out of the way and he’ll be the only person you can look towards for support and comfort.
  • If he ever saw you with another man, regardless of the reason, he would go into a jealous frenzy on the spot. Kou would forcefully take you away and would do everything in his power to ruin the life of the man you were with.
  • If you were to not reciprocate his affections for you, Kou would lock you up in a dungeon. However, he would treat you with love and care in a desperate attempt to get you to like him. If you continued to not return his love for you, he would kill you in anger and then himself.


  • Yuma would be extremely possessive, and would harm anyone who tried to get near you. Out of his brothers, he is the one who will react the most violently. If he is provoked enough, he may even harm you.
  • If you ever tried to run away from him, he would either lock you up in his room, or kill you. If he were to choose the latter, he would pay no heed to the fact that he killed you. He would treat your dead corpse with love and tenderness, similar to how he treats his plants.
  • He can get very irritable if you’re not near him at all times. His familiars have the ability to keep an eye on you, but he prefers doing it himself.


  • Azusa would lock you up in his room, making it impossible for you to ever escape. However, unlike some of the others, he would take good care of you, and would never try to purposely harm you.
  • He would be very clingy towards you as well. You would never have any time alone as Azusa is always with you.
  • Azusa would never try to kill any possible love rivals. To him, pain is the greatest pleasure. He would never give that to anyone but you. But why is it that you’re always trying to avoid him whenever he wants to give you pain, to give you pleasure? He just doesn’t understand…


  • ❝ Why have enemies when you can have friends? ❞
  • ❝ I thought you’d be taller and would have a beard. ❞
  • ❝ I see you’re trying to get me to do something razzle-dazzle with that sword.
  • ❝ There’s an army of you, there’s only one of me.
  • ❝ I’ve talked, I’m happy to talk, but there is no way… that I am fighting.
  • ❝ Hang that up, don’t want it getting creased. ❞
  • ❝ It should be clear by now that whatever you and your friends think I am, I am not it. ❞
  • ❝ It’s all yours, son. Though I warn you, it’s got quite a bite.
  • ❝ You wanted to know what gave me such drive? It was you.
  • ❝ I am here now because of you. You created me. And for that, I bless you.
  • ❝ You’re no longer dealing with the man you previously met. ❞
  • ❝ You’re no longer a myth. You’re starting to mean something. ❞
  • ❝ You are resisting the sword. The sword isn’t resisting you.
  • ❝ You want him to think big? Give him something big to think about. ❞
  • ❝ They’re fighting in your name.
  • ❝ How do you get money from a Viking? ❞
  • ❝ You have won, [ NAME ]. You have won. Now, play with me.
  • ❝ When people fear you, it is the most intoxicated position a man can possess. ❞
  • ❝ You know what happens now. You’re quickly becoming a legend. ❞
  • ❝ This lot’s been trying that for years. Good luck doing that for them. ❞
  • ❝ And once you finish it, how are you supposed to get to the middle? ❞
  • ❝ Let me show you what your uncle will do if you do not accept.
  • ❝ The sword is yours now, son. Take it.
  • ❝ Long live the King! Long live the King! ❞
  • ❝ I’m a little old for finger-wagging and speeches. ❞
  • ❝ Can you just get around to telling me exactly what it is you want?
  • ❝ It’s quite dangerous being one of you lot, isn’t it? ❞
  • ❝ You’re good with animals, aren’t you? ❞
  • ❝ Never met one of you in the flesh. I thought you’d be taller… 
  • ❝ You have to break his old self completely, wear him down. ❞
  • ❝ You’re playing with fire, [ NAME ]. ❞
  • ❝ I’m not killing the king before he’s even become one! ❞
  • ❝ Pick it up. Pick it up with both hands.
  • ❝ If you want that sword so much, your lordship, you can keep it… ❞
  • ❝ Now, that would have hurt a lot more if I’d left the ring on. ❞
  • ❝ It was [ NAME ] who murdered your father ❞
  • ❝ Did you see everything you needed to see? ❞
  • ❝ I need you to do as I tell you. I need to get you and the boy away from here. ❞
  • ❝ You sharpened the blade. You created me.
  • ❝ Why has the water dropped? Why does the sword reveal itself now? ❞
  • ❝ As your power increases, so do to the forces that will oppose you. ❞
  • ❝ The born king will come. It is inevitable. ❞
  • ❝ You felt it, didn’t you, my power? ❞
  • ❝ I’ve never had any power or any desire to achieve it. ❞
  • ❝ Don’t worry. You will soon understand what all the fuss is about. ❞
  • ❝ What you didn’t account for is what you can do with this sword. ❞
  • ❝ You wanted the prophecy, this is your prophecy. ❞
  • ❝ The man who pulled sword from stone, behold, your born king! ❞
  • ❝ Because for the first time, there is something you don’t know. ❞
  • ❝ What gave you such drive? you felt if, the power, didn’t you? ❞
  • ❝ I’m not getting drawn into this mess! ❞
  • ❝ There are rumors, the legend of the sword, of a king other than yourself. ❞
  • ❝ Listen to me, I need you to do as I tell you. 
  • ❝ If I go down, you follow him. If he goes down, you follow me. ❞
  • ❝ Did you see everything you needed to see? ❞
  • ❝ Are you scared? You should be. ❞
  • ❝ You make sense of the devil. ❞
  • ❝ You put me in that brothel. You cut me on the streets. ❞
  • ❝ But doesn’t it make the palace burn well?
  • ❝ No, I mean I’m sorry. You’ve made a mistake. ❞
  • ❝ I’ll step off this throne and you can deal with me as the man you previously met. ❞
  • ❝ Well, now that’s out the way, let’s eat.
  • ❝ I understand there’s been a change in the leadership. ❞
  • ❝ I am confident that you will still honor the agreement made. ❞
  • ❝ I’m prepared to extend the deadline by a week. ❞
  • ❝ We’ve been wondering what you were doing in here. ❞
  • ❝ I like it. What is it? ❞
  • ❝ I’m not getting drawn into this mess. There’s an army of you. ❞

uhhh im late but i had these saved anyways

you’ve had three mugs of herbal tea while sitting by your tiny fireplace and you still feel so lost and sad but then you look at the window and you notice there’s a light snow outside and suddenly you understand you’re just in the rough patch of your own indie film.

you’re completely irrevocably in love with your best friend but he likes a girl you guys know except he actually loves you too but thinks you’re not gay and things go horribly until you talk it all out and realize it’ll all be alright.

you see some person on the street and you know that you will NEVER see them again but there is something so momentarily startling about them that you imagine an entire life with them but then somebody bumps into you while getting on the subway train and you keep moving.

when you’re moody as fuck and you can’t tell if you wanna be happy or if you wanna curse the world and tell it to fuck right off so you manage to do both while you drive your car with the windows down and scream the words to every song.

when you and your gay girlfriend are sitting on your balcony in an urban area but you have flowers all over the place so it feels like a small forest and you make eye contact while she’s reading her book and you’re checking your phone and it’s so clear you’re in love.

love is fleeting and maybe you’ll never say that you love each other out loud but you both know its true, right here and right now, so you’ll keep living life and moving forward with each other during the late night drives and midday fist fights at arby’s you keep getting in with strangers.

you’re an 18th century lesbian vampire and you’re so tired of living until you meet this really weird girl but you think you would do anything for her and her ragtag group of friends if it means you can look at the smile on her face again.

you woke up one day and realized that you never actually did any of the things that you always wanted to in those books you keep stacked in your dusty library of an apartment and you decide that now is your time so you pack your bags buy a ticket and end up in a new country to do everything you’ve always wanted for a month.

Near Dead End

Request:  I heard your doing request for baby driver!! I was wondering when you are free if you can do an imagine with Baby? You can pick the prompt but can it be a little bit angsty and more fluff. Thanks so much !!

A/N: This got a hella ton angstier than I meant it to, I’m sorry. But I actually really like how it turned out??? I don’t know, please try to send me some feedback! 

White lights and beeping machines filled Baby’s senses as he woke up. His vision was blurry as he sat up, not understanding the tubes in his arms that weighed him down. Groaning, he also realized his tinnitus was worse, the ringing he heard growing louder. Fantastic.

As his vision began to clear, he took a good look at the room around him. He was in a hospital bed surrounded by machines. A drip was attached to the tube that was inserted into the vein near the junction of his elbow. That must’ve been what weighed him down a minute ago. Everything was starting to make sense to him, except why he was here. He didn’t remember a thing.

Observing around him, he saw a call button on the night stand by his bed. It was placed rather far, he noted, as he stretched his entire upper half to reach it. Just barely, he clicked the edge of the red button. He faintly heard shuffling out his door.

Within seconds, three nurses and one doctor walked in, all seemingly fascinated by his consciousness.

“Miles?” the doctor asked. He was a middle-aged man, gray peeking out of his brunette hair. “Miles, do you feel okay?”

Baby barely heard the man through the ringing. He nodded, looking at the nurses while the changed his IV. He watched them before turning back to the doctor and asking, “Why am I here?”

The older man sighed as if it was a long story and sat on the edge of Baby’s bed. “You were in a rather bad car accident. In a run from the police, you’d lost control of the car and flew over a median. Your car flipped three times, Miles.”

“Was there anyone else in the car with me?” Baby immediately asked. The doctor hadn’t even answered and he already felt guilt eating at him.

“Two other men, but they were both released to the police a week ago.”

Baby began to calm down before he realized what he said. “Wait, a week ago? How long have I been here?”

“You’ve been in a comatose state for 23 days.”

Dread instantly filled him. He had been in a coma for a little over three weeks. Joe probably had no idea where he was, he had no one to care for him. And Y/N, she was probably worried sick. He had to get to her someh-

He broke out of his thought as he heard Styrofoam and cardboard clatter to the floor. Looking up, there you stood, wide eyed, cheap coffee spilt on the hospital floor. You both made eye contact. Slowly, you began to walk towards the bed, not believing your eyes. Then a smile started to form on your face and tears began to fall.

“Baby, you’re awake. I can’t believe you’re awake.” You instantly shot forward and hugged him, forcing him to let out a grunt. He must’ve had bruising everywhere because the hug really hit him. But nonetheless, he hugged you back tightly. You sat like that for a few minutes until you slowly pulled away. Your eyes still stayed on him.

Baby noticed that the doctor and nurses had left the room. And the ringing had stopped ever since you came in.

Baby didn’t even notice he was smiling until you said, “For someone who almost died, you seem kind of happy.”

He continued to grin as he took your hand. “You’re here.”

She slowly slid her hand away. “Yeah, well I had to get to Doc to find out where you were.” She wasn’t even looking at him anymore. “Oh, and don’t worry about Joe, I’ve been taking care of him.”

“I’m sorr-“

You cut him off, standing up from the bed. “’Sorry’ isn’t actually going to cut it this time, Baby. It’s not just you when you’re out on that road, you have people to take care of. You can’t just drive recklessly and think you’re the only one getting hurt. Joe needs you, I need you. When you drive, we might as well be in the backseat.”

“I’ll drive safer.”

“You say that every time!” You felt close to hysterics, angry tears streaming down your cheeks. “But you lied. You weren’t safe, and you almost got yourself killed. If you were going any faster, you wouldn’t even be here right now for me to yell at.” Finally sitting back on the bed, you grabbed his hand tightly. “Please find a way out, Baby, please. I don’t want the next time I see you to be in a morgue.”

The room fell silent as you both just stared at each other. Baby raised a shaky hand to your face and wiped away some smeared mascara. You looked like a mess. He had worried you enough to be this way. “I can promise you that you’ll never have to do that. I’ll find a way to stop driving for Doc. I’ll search for any way out that I can. Because you’re-“ The words caught in his throat as he got choked up, his own eyes welling with tears. “You’re right. I was reckless, I’m sorry. I wasn’t thinking. And I never want you to go through what you just went through ever again.”

You wrapped your arms around his shoulders and cried into his neck. He held you with all he had, lifting you so that you were lying next to him.

“I love you so much, Baby,” you mumbled into his skin.

He buried his nose into your hair and shut his eyes. “I love you, too. I’m not going anywhere.”


The world around you fades as Rick spreads your legs wide open for him. He’s still fully clothed as he bends over your naked body and ties your wrists to the headboard with a pair of cuffs. Small goosebumps building on your arm as the cold metal touches your skin and he leans down, hovering his lips over yours.
“Blue.” You whisper, staring submissive to his half open mouth.

“Blue, what?”

“Blue, officer.”
Another shiver runs down your spine as he gives an approving hum before kissing you tenderly. Slow, almost lazily he moves his lips while grabbing your cunt. Your eyes widen before you quickly close them, suppressing the urge to grind against his hand.
Warm, silky juice builds on your inner labia, soon moistens his fingers as he conquers your mouth with his tongue. You whimper as he teases your aching core with his middle finger before pushing it deep in your body.
“Oh… oh god, officer. Please.” You plead as he pulls back, watching you from darkened piercing blue eyes.


Not able to give an answer you start buckling and grinding against the finger, moaning as he twirls his finger. A cry in pleasure leaving your throat as he reaches your sensitive spot and keeps the angle for a moment before pulling out. You let out a desperate noise while he licks your juices away.
“Delicious.” He mumbles and sits up to get out of his plaid.
Biting your lips you watch him how he unzips his pants and pulls it down in a quick movement, gasping relieved as his cock springs free. Needily you somehow try to reach out for him while he thinks about what doing next with you.
“Officer, please. Pl..”
You get cut off as the door opens and a shriek in panic escapes your throat while Rick tries to cover you.

“Well that’s some nasty shit I was looking for.”

“Get out.” Rick growls, but eyes still widen like yours.
Blushing you look at Negan to see what he’s doing next, noticing the bulge which slowly builds as he stares back at you. Unwittingly you lick the lips as an unapproved picture running through your mind how they’re both taking you.
“I’m not fucking sure if I should do that.” Negan chuckles. “Your girl seems to want that thick, meaty dick of mine.”
“Is that true?” Rick asks, grabbing your dripping pussy.
“Ye-yes, officer.”
“You wanted him before?” Roughly he slides two fingers in you, letting you jolt.
“No-no. Officer.”
“You’re some kinky shit, Grimes.” Negan snickers, clearly aroused from your doing.
“My girl, my rules.” Rick says and the taller man nods, starting to undress himself.

Rick’s fingers doesn’t leave your cunt as Negan kneels down next to your head, his half hard cock prodding against your cheek.
“Straddle her.” Rick orders as a new torrent of juice leaking his hand.
“Shit Rick, you’re sure?” Negan asks and does what he said. “Don’t wanna make her fucking choke.”
“She’ll be ok.”
Your chest is caged between Negan’s legs, letting you feel how he trembles in excitement as you lift up the head to lick over his length.
It gives you an erotic thrill to see the Saviors leader this dominant and submissive at the same time while you not know what Rick will do next. He’s still not moving and it’s driving you insane that you don’t get the satisfaction you need so badly.

“Wave with your right hand when you want us to stop.”

“Yes officer.” You respond after pulling back from Negan’s dick for a second.
“Heh, can she call me daddy?” Negan looks back, giving an disappointed sigh as Rick probably shook his head. “She’ll stay silent any-fucking-way with her mouth full.”

It’s like his sentence just gave the start signal as Rick grabs your hip with one hand to bury himself in you while Negan shoves his dick down your throat.
With widen watering eyes you start gagging as firework explodes in your lower belly and you’re clenching around Rick. But instead of giving you time to enjoy the orgasm they continuing to thrust in you.
Their groans mix in a symphony of sins.
Negan’s balls smacking against your chin whenever he fills you until the hilt, his hand finding the way in your hair to hold you in position.
“Naughty girl.” Rick growls, slapping your thighs. “Creaming all over my cock.”
“Is it weird that your dirty talk turn me the fuck on?” Negan chuckles breathlessly and even Rick snorts a short laughter.
You whimper from the feeling of being overstimulated, but trying the best to twirl your tongue around the shaft and sucking his thick cockhead.
“She’s a damn pro, A with an asterisk.” Negan groans now deeply. “You trained her well.”
As he’s twitching you’re hollowing the cheeks to suck harder while your tongue massages the frenulum and it has the desired effect. His upper body falls forward and with a harsh groan he grabs the headboard, letting you do all the work while he just enjoys.

Rick hums in approve with your doing and slows down his pace, circling his hips while giving your clit some lazy rubs. You start relaxing under the soft touches and soon your pussy stops squeezing around him and he’s going back to quickens his pace.
Negan above you hisses quietly as you drag your teeth over the pulsing vein and he pounds faster until he comes with a shamelessly loud groan. Warm semen spills over your tongue, down the throat and you swallowing the salty mass before licking him clean. Satisfied Negan pulls out of your mouth, giving your cheek a gentle squeeze and getting from you. But instead of leaving the room after he got in his pants, Negan sits down next to you on an armchair.

Rick’s hovering you again, making a grab for your right breast to twirl the nipple between his index and middle finger while continuing to penetrate you. His body covering half of yours as he leans down to bite your earlobe.
“You liked how he tasted?”
“Ye-yes, officer. Oh..oh god, please.” You whimper as he stills his hips, deep burying in you.
“Would you like to have us both again? Here..” He’s giving you a hard slam before sliding out to press the tip of his cock against your ass. “.. and here?”
“Yes, yes! Officer.”
You’re arching against the cuffs, wrists for sure reddened from the movements as he let go of your ass to give you the final thrust.
It feels like someone knocked the wind out of you as your pussy starts clenching again until it aches. The screams and whines which needs so desperately leave your mouth are muffled by Rick’s hand who has troubles to keep his own orgasm under control. His wet forehead pressing in the crook of your neck, mixing your sweat together.
From somewhere, far away from this place of pure bliss, you hear Negan’s voice. But you can’t concentrate on what he’s saying, instead you’re watching through half closed eyes how he takes off the cuffs and carefully kisses the wounded skin.
“You ok?” He asks and you give him a small nod, still everywhere else than in this bedroom.
“Al-fucking-right, see ya in a week.” Negan winks at you and takes the rest of his clothes before leaving the room.
As you look back at Rick, you can clearly see that a plan builds in his head and you’d be an important part of it…

A Bit of A Sillier Editorial (A.K.A I wanna laugh at 40K people trying to fit inside a sedan.)

So, you’re a good, law abiding, non heretical member of the Holy Imperium of Man, and you want to take a drive, but you may have been drinking too much, the question is 


I’ll be covering a few races, the primarchs, and maybe a god or two

Sanguinius: You fucking let that fabulous angel boy drive you. He won’t even allow you to waste your own gas money, he’ll summon some gorgeous solid gold chariot pulled by giant eagles, and while your flying to your destination he’s nursing your drunkeness back to a state of normalcy. Let him drive you always.

Guilliman: If you let him drive your car, you’re radio will be either set to a military frequency or classics, either way, do not touch that dial. Every traffic law will be obeyed to the T, and anyone caught not doing the same will be pulled over by Guilliman and punished exactly the way they should be according to Imperium laws. It’ll probably be boring, but you’ll live. Plus he might share war stories, so that’s always fun. Wouldn’t be my first choice, but sure, let him drive you.

Horus: Pre heresy Horus will be waiting outside with a car that isn’t yours with dimmed glass so the sun doesn’t bother your eyes you drunk. He’ll allow you to pick the radio station no matter what you like, you can even bring your CDs. The car itself is super nice, and he knows when you want to talk and when you want to sing along to the music. Its a nice, if short trip. Let him drive you but don’t get too attached to him. Post heresy Horus is a pile of dust, and therefore cannot drive.

Mortarion: For the love of all that is holy do not let him drive. If he shows up in his 99% rust pickup truck, do not get in, you will get tetanus. If he gets in your car, there is a good chance it will disintegrate before you reach your destination. However, if it does make it, and you do find yourself enjoying his company, he will actually be a fairly pleasant driver. He doesn’t follow all of the laws, but you will endure. The radio has either a plethora of various death and black metal CDs in it, or he’s using an MP3 player. Either way, if you don’t like your music loud, angry, and fast, you won’t enjoy the music. Conversations will either be fucking depressing as all hell, or some sort of fascinating rambling about chemical reactions and how to improve your endurance. Don’t let him rive you, but if forced, hope for the best.

Lorgar: Lorgar shows up at your house ready to use your own car. Once in he makes sure your comfortable, then puts the radio to some sort of religious station. He’ll talk your ear off about the emperor, and you probably won’t get to say much. The ride itself is pretty relaxing, but nothing to exciting. Yeah sure, let him drive you.

Angron: NO. DO NOT. IF YOU ASK ANGRON TO DRIVE YOU ONE OF THREE THINGS HAPPENS. Either he shows up to your house, breaks your car in half and beats you to death with the two halves, shows up, gets in your car, loses his shit half way through and tears the engine block through the dashboard and beats you to death with it, or he shows up in some giant ass monster truck that is blaring thrash metal at a sound so loud your house’ windows shatter. You will die no matter what. Do not even try to call Angron about getting a ride.

Jaghatai Khan: Do you like breaking every speed limit, running red lights, stop signs, and making it to your destination in two minutes even if its 500 miles away? If yes, Let The Khan drive. If not, do not, under any circumstances, tell him you even THINK you want to go for a drive. If he shows up with his bike, you will literally see the universe move slower than you are, you will probably be vaporized by the wind blowing past you. If you take your car, he has somehow already modified it so that its top speed is 5000 miles per second. You will go around the planet 50 times, listening to thrash and speed metal while screaming that you’re going to crash. Unless you are crazy, never mention ANYTHING to do with driving in his general vicinity.

Magnus: Pre heresy Magnus doesn’t have his own car, but he happily drives yours for you. You CAN listen to your own music, but Magnus reaaally wants to show off this new band he just found that has Psykers using  the warp for instruments instead of traditional instruments. Let him play that band. Do it. Don’t you make him feel any worse than he already does. I don’t care if you hate how it sounds you tell him its amazing god damnit. If you guys talk, it will be the most amazing conversation you’ve ever had. You will be able to chat about literally anything, and he can talk about it just as passionately. Let that big red boy drive you forever. Post Heresy Magnus tries to fit in your car, only barely manages, and half way through fucks up your shocks. He offers to fix them at some point and in the meantime teleport the both of you via the warp. Don’t let him drive, you will be eaten by a daemon.

Fulgrim: N O. Fulgrim is going to be high on something no matter what. He will drive you both into a tree and he’ll somehow survive while your dead. There is no good outcome, do not call him for a ride.

Lion El’Jonson: If you manage to get a hold if him, he’ll simply either say yes or no, nothing more. He’ll arrive exactly five minutes later, and will use his own car. The radio has been removed. He says nothing. He takes the quickest route possible and drops you off saying nothing. Let him drive you, it’ll just be overly silent.

Leman Russ: For all that is holy, do NOT. Either you have to ride on a giant fucking wolf, and are in constant fear it will eat you, a fucking tank that will eventually lead you both into battle, or he will get in your car, stink it up to high fucking hell, leave blood and hair everywhere and OH GOD IS THAT FENRISIAN ALE ON HIS BREATH?! If you do somehow manage to survive, the radio station will have viking metal. Because of fucking course it will.

Rogal Dorn: If you call Rogal Dorn for a ride, one of two things will happen. He will show up at your doorstep with an entire military escort, your ride is that giant fucking armored tank.You will make it, but you won’t enjoy it. OR he will show up, silently modify your car into a Fucking APC, and then drive you. If you take your car, no, if he uses his own, go ahead, you’ll be safe no matter what happens along the ride.

Konrad Curze: When you call Konrad for a ride, there will be no sound on the other side of the phone except for breathing. When you hang up and turn around he will be right behind you. He doesn’t have a key. You never gave him a key. You also never gave him your address. He points to your car, he walked there that quick. He never speaks a single word. The radio is utterly silent. If you speak, you die. If anyone even so much as goes a fraction over the speed limit, or breaks any traffic laws, they will be mercilessly pursued, drug out of their cars, and torn apart and strung up on their hood. You will witness at least 5 deaths, need immediate therapy, and will likely have to change addresses, and names. Do not ask for a ride.

Perturabo: Will scream at you the entire time, tell you why his car is much better than both yours AND Dorn’s and will eventually drive to Dorn to rub that in. You will be forgotten, and never arrive at your destination. If the radio plays anything, it will be the edgiest, most emo “crying linkin park lyrics into my pillow” music you have ever heard. Don’t associate with Perturabo to begin with.

Alpharius Omegon: You don’t actually have his phone number. You thought you did, but you don’t. Weird.

Ferrus Manus: If you ask for a ride, you will be told to wait. If you listen, you can hear him working on your car. When he calls back to say he’s ready, you’ll come outside to find your car perfected. It may not be pretty, but this car is the pinnacle of efficiency. The radio is your choice, he doesn’t mind. Go ahead, ask him for a ride, you’ll get a kickass car out of it.

Corvus Corax: When you ask for a ride, he’ll show up, not in a car, not ready to drive your own, but with a jetpack. You’re going flying. If you hate heights, no, if you don’t mind, go ahead, you’ll get where you need to be fast.

Vulkan: You didn’t even call Vulkan, he just knew you’d need a ride. So he showed up in the nicest car he could find, has the temperature set perfectly, the windows are tinted just right, your favorite band is playing at the exact right volume and he drives the path you like the most. You never asked for any of this, he just did it. The one downside is that the engine may spontaneously combust. Vulkan swears he has no idea why that happened. Let him drive you, he will be amazing.

Da Orkz: When you call the ork, he tells you he’ll be there by half past nug. You don’t know what nug is, but okay. When you finally go outside, you’ll find your car completely disassembled and reassembled into a Trukk. When you start driving you’ll think you’re going to die, and in fairness you probably will. The radio is set to either speed, thrash, or heavy metal, most likely the latter. If you survive, he’ll want teef as payment, and will happily punch your face for them. Do not ask for a ride.

Tau: The Tau show up exactly when they say they will, in a hybrid. They take the most practical route, obey every law, and don’t really speak much. It won’t be a fun ride, but it won’t be bad.  Let the blue vagina face drive you.

Khorne: Khorne reaches through the phone line, strangles you and then beats you with the phone. Why would you ever think that was a good idea.

Tzeentch: When you call Tzeentch you somehow end up agreeing to drive him. Just as planned. Don’t bother trying to fight it, it will happen no matter what you try.

Slaanesh: Slaanesh doesn’t even answer the phone. They can’t hear it over the orgy currently happening. Either way, they’d be too high to drive, and you’d probably end up having sex in the back seat anyways.

Nurgle: Nurgle gives you a roguh time of when he will be over. Shows up a bit later, but that’s alright, he’s got that lovable grin plastered on his face and he’s wearing that ridiculous Hawaiian shirt. He picks you up in his old as all fuck sedan that barely works. Your drive will be a bit smelly, but that’s alright, Papa is great company either way. It’s a slow drive, but that’s what you wanted anyways. The radio is set to something relaxing. You may contract super cancer, but its a small price to pay to hang out with that swell guy. Let Nurgle drive you around no matter what.

BONUS ABBADON: Abbadon agrees to drive you, in fact he hypes it up as the greatest car ride ever. It will never fail, it will be the single best few minutes of your life. When he shows up he has no arms. He says he has no idea how this could have happened. Why are you even talking to Failbaddon in the first place?

Character Profiles

This is an extensive character profile sheet that I use. Feel free to use it all you want. You can tailor this for your story, adding or removing bits that don’t apply. I definitely adjust it, depending on the story.

Character Basics

Character Name: What is your characters name?

Alias(es): Does your character have any aliases s/he goes by?

Gender: Is your character female? Male? Gender-fluid? Non-Gender?

Age: What is your characters physical age?

Sexuality: Is your character heterosexual? Homosexual? Asexual?

Ethnicity: Is your character of a specific ethnicity?

Race: Is your character of a different race? Or are they just human?

Birthday:  When was your character born?

Birthplace: Where were they born?

Location: Where do they live now?

Horoscope: Do you know your characters horoscope? Is it the western, Chinese, or an original?

Character Physical Appearance

Eyes: What color are their eyes?

Hair: And what about their hair?

Height: How tall are they?

Build: What is their body-type?

Complexion: What is your characters skin tone?

Tattoo(s): Do they have tattoos?

Piercing(s): Any piercings?

Special Feature(s): Does your character have a peg leg or any other kind of special characteristics?

Clothing Style: Does your character prefer dresses to pants?

Character Personality

Character Traits: Using adjectives, list a few words to describe your character.

Extensive Personality: Write a paragraph or two describing your character’s personality

FlawsWhat imperfections does your character’s personality have?

Ambitions & Dreams: Does your character have any hopes or dreams?

Fears: Everyone is afraid of something. What’s your character afraid of?

Hobbies: What does your character do in their spare time?

Likes: Does your character have something specific they like or love?

Dislikes: What does your character hate?

Favorite food: This can go in likes, but if you want to split it up you can.

Least favorite food: Same goes for this.

Motivation: What is driving your character through this story?

Character General

Family: Does your character have any family or are they an orphan?  Do they belong to a tribe?

Relationship(s): Do they have a partner? A close friend?

Pet(s): Does your character have a companion? What’s their name?

Job: Does your character work or is he jobless?

Weapon(s): Does your character use any weapons? What type? Do those weapons have names?

Magical Abilitie(s): Any special abilities? Telekinetic? Fireballs? Mind-reading?

Vehicle(s): Does your character have a car? An airplane?

Theme Song: This is for funsies, but sometimes it helps to think of a song that encompasses your character

Character Biography

Take the time to write a few paragraphs of your characters past. You can make it as long or short as you want, it’s just to give you an idea of who your character is and where they come from.

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm new to witchcraft - well, not new new but I digress - and I was wondering something. I seem to have trouble centering and grounding. I just don't know how to go about doing either. I've researched taken the time to really feel out the energies around me but I never really feel like I accomplish either. I've done shield and a few spells and they've worked and I hadn't done centering or grounding. Is that unusual or bad? I dunno. I'm in the closet with no guidance or even a library. Help.

Originally posted by dinsintegration

Before you meditate, or do other spiritual work such as energy healings, divination or magick, you should prepare and protect yourself. You do this by grounding yourself, centering your energies, and shielding yourself from unwanted influences.


Centering is simply returning all of your scattered energies to home base. Usually throughout the day, you have little energy tendrils out doing things while you are attending to business. Perhaps you are writing a report, but one ‘eye’ is on the clock, because you have a meeting coming up, and a fragment of your attention is thinking about your children, since one was sniffling this morning, and you also have a fraction of your mind drafting a letter of resignation you know you’ll never send.

To center yourself, call in all your scattered bits of attention and focus, and bring them into your body’s space. You are mentally compacting yourself around your mental or ‘spiritual center of gravity’. People have different concepts of where their spiritual center physically is.  Mine is at my apex, just below the notch of my sternum.  Some people locate it at their heart chakra or their solar plexus chakra. Pull your energies into a tight ball at the location where they seem to want to be at rest–if you aren’t centered, you might feel 'psychically top-heavy’, as if you were prone to topple over.

Pay attention to your breathing while you call in all your forces; imagine yourself inhaling white cleansing energy and exhaling dark, dusty 'busy-ness’ and futile wheel-spinning. This process can take 10-15 minutes while you’re first learning it, but once you learn the 'centered’ feeling, you can center yourself with a few breaths at any time, even while driving your car or walking into that important meeting.


Grounding connects you to the energy of the earth, and is important in healing and magickal works since it prevents you from depleting your own body’s energy. Simply put, you connect to the earth by imagining you are connected to the earth. Sounds silly, but it works. Here’s how you do it:

Imagine you are standing in your bare feet on the ground. (It doesn’t matter if you’re in your cubicle in a high rise or even flying somewhere on a plane.) Your feet are planted firmly on the bare earth, and by an exercise of your will, you send roots into the earth. As you inhale, you draw energy up through your new 'roots’, and as you exhale, you send your roots even further into the earth. Do this for several minutes–you should definitely feel a change in the state of your feeling of 'aliveness’.

A great stone for grounding is hematite.  When learning to ground, have some on hand.  But there is a forewarning for hematite: where or carry it too much or too often, and you may become too rooted.


Shielding is the process of protecting yourself from the energetic influences around you, and is something you can do independent of grounding, centering, meditating or anything else.

Have you ever experienced a day when you were full of vague, directionless anger? Or a strange hope inappropriate to your current circumstances? Before you schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist, see if shielding makes these intrusive emotions cease–you may be taking on the energies of people around you, complete with their own imprimatur of hope, fear, anger or whatnot.

Shielding is a skill that you can use independent of grounding and centering, and when you are going into highly charged situations (a court room, a job review or interview, a family argument), shielding is a vital step in keeping your energies separate from all the swirling energies around you.

Shielding, like grounding and centering, is a visualizing process, and everyone evolves their own special shielding ritual. While grounded, draw up energy into your being. Use this energy to form a protective barrier between yourself and the negative vibes of those around you, or random free-floating energies. You can visualize a transparent plexi-glass egg around you–the good intentions and friendly emotions around you are free to pass through your shield, but all bad stuff gets deflected. Some people make shields that reflect negativity back to the source, but this, while perhaps satisfying to one’s sense of fair play, still leaves too much negative energy in the atmosphere. Set your shields to 'ground out’ any negative energy that impinges on it, and let it flow harmlessly into the earth, where it can be neutralized and recycled into good energy.

Hope this helps, darling!

To the heartbroken

I want you to know that although you feel empty, and cold and lost, that there are a lot of people who love and care for you. People who want to make sure you’re okay. Friends who want to try and lift your spirit in any way they can. Family members who want to help you through this painful time. Online friends who want to help.

You are wonderful and whole. Just as you are. And I know that me saying this won’t fill that hole in your heart or the punch you feel in your stomach. But it’s all true. Every word of it.

I know you feel lost and alone. I know there are times at night, or when you wake up in the morning, or when you’re driving somewhere, when all you can think about is the pain you are experiencing.

But you will live through this pain, and you will grow from it. No, it’s not easy. Yes, it does hurt. And yes, it is very real. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get through this.

Reach out to your loved ones - your friends, your family, the people who care about you. I know the love you feel from them isn’t the love that you are missing right now but it will help you in the long run. And I assure you, they love you just as much, if not more, than the person you’re thinking about right now.

Heartbreak can be absolutely crushing. But you don’t have to suffer alone and in silence. Let your emotions out. Let your tears fall. And feel yourself grow through the pain.

You’ll get there eventually. I promise you.

Dear Future Wife,
I’m still hustling hard right now. I’m not where I want to be but I’m getting there. Slowly but surely I’m making moves. I’m learning new things though. I know money is important but it isn’t everything. Time with people you love is probably top 3 if not the most important. Working on my bank account is cool and everything but it’s just a tool to make happy memories. Like we drive the Benz and Beamer during the weekdays for work but we take roadtrips in the Range Rover on weekends. Maybe we could have kids one day but I’d honestly love 2 dogs (maybe 5) and a cat. We could vacation in Finland, Thailand, Bora Bora or wherever you want. We hustle most of the time but we do it so we can attain the cash flow and make time to create incredible memories together. My thoughts are kinda jumbled sometimes but I hope this all makes sense to you Future Wifey. In any case, I can’t wait to see you and I love you.
—  T H E K H O O L H A U S